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You're listening to the media, log cast network. Hello. Hello, welcome back friends. It is so good to see you all it is, may twenty second two thousand nineteen. And this, this is the a side live trap. I guess I have all of you out there having a lovely start to your week. We appreciate you so much for joining us today, and this is a bit of a weird one. I said that a couple of weeks ago, I'm going to have to start show. Again, if you have not heard, this is going to be my last episode of the sidelines chat podcast, I am leaving them may fighting after this week. I cannot really talk more about what's going on. But I felt there was no better man to join me on this Lascaux than my fellow Arizonan us, let me bring in Michael is for today. Joining me on today's program. He is my brother's an arm in the desert, these sharpest comic book mind in all of the MA space is a Celtics fan, but we'll forgive that just for today. Thank you so much for joy. In the program, Mr Jose Young's. What does that posing? Welcome to the side. I enjoyed that intro. Not often introduced as sharp county with minded individual. I like to think myself as that but respect, and it's a like you said a weird one for me. Like. It's a weird one for my first one because I'm gonna miss you. But that's do it. Yeah, I'm sorry for bringing you on for your debut on such a stationary platform. It's all good. My man so we're going to try to get through this. Try not to cry cry. I'm gonna try not to it's gonna be fine. But so we are coming off of another busy may weekend. Thank you so much for joining me, Jose. Let's have some fun today from Raphael does annuals to Michelle present Pereira, there was lots of like about UFC Rochester. Plus, we have low bobbers montage that car crash keeps rolling sage north Kelly gets broken face. Rashad. Evans ends up in the hall of fame. A stack of c two thirty eight is just ahead of us at a whole lot more today. But as we always say, this is your show. So we'll talk about whatever it is that you want us to talk about. You can ask us question on the fighting page below a question that gets three recommendations those will turn green and give priority. Or you can ask this question on Twitter using the hash taxi a cider chat rappers replay the. Show, your denote goes up all the usual places, and also remember them may fighting feed has been condensed into one, so we will look up 'em fighting an I tune Spotify. Soundcloud, Stitcher, wherever else you get your pods. You will get the hour on Monday. The euro bash fantastic. Euro, bash buck as pizza Caroline Tuesday, this fine program L Wednesday in the enemy beat on Thursdays. So go out and subscribe, because we want to be your friends. And also, we will talk about the future of this show at the end of this show, this show, will indeed continue without me as it should. And we'll talk about that at the end. But in the meantime, let's talk about some good stuff. Let's talk about some anime was talk about some happy stuff. You ready always baby over? Right. So let's do this. And this first question's coming from Jay DeLuca, and he wants to know about bare knuckle fighting championships press conference Krige. Hi, high Heenan Jose. What is your take on the circus of a press conference from Monday night with Malaysia? And Artem Lobov as a die hard MMA fan since the early two thousands. This was the most distasteful. A lot of adjectives here showcase promotion, I witnessed is likely that more brain cells were lost from simply doing the press conference video in comparison to a night out on the town, letting loose drinking few too many with friends Macy, wonder as the YouTube you if see guilty of causing this disaster in some way, PS Shaheen. I'm sorry to hear that. You'll even may fighting I look forward to your future news as your excellent, which do interested to hear your greatest memories on today's chat. I hope that this is not the end of may fighting dot com. It is certainly not the end of fighting dot com. We still have a fantastic team place here. And you guys are gonna continue to kill it. I know that deep within my heart. I know that you guys are gonna continue to kill and I'm excited to watch that. But let's answer this question. Jay DeLuca coming out hard against this low buffers Melanesia press conference. He does not seem to be a fan Jose this happened on Monday. What was your takeaway? Is this too much? No, it's definitely not too much. And it's. But at the same time, I don't I wasn't surprised with what happened. I mean we've seen Paul of Molin Ozzy throughout the whole build up before Mayweather McGregor. And then him and Connor gotten to that, that weird spat on like the welcoming thing that boxing always does when they roll out the red carpet front of the T mobile arena. Big basically got into it there. And then when Artem left and sign with bare knuckle boxing, right away within seconds out. Everyone was tweeting all Polly versus Artem it has to happen. And the con- cards, Polly's been calling out Connor this, and that absolutely did not surprise me. What happened? I don't think it's too far because this is like a legitimate feud like they don't like each other. I mean maybe is very Chris. Some of the stuff polymath model analogy was saying, like he's like, I'm gonna Pete in your mouth and stuff like that is a little. In Shakespearean is the word you're looking for while I don't let using Shakespearean in MMA, if I'm not talking about Tito Ortiz, but paulie Molin is a close second and. Or the reminded that reminded me of the Ken shamrock Tito, Ortiz press conference, when he's like, I'm gonna beat you into the living death at Ortiz, just like openly laughed in his face. It was just like that's going to be just etched in my mind forever. So I don't think it was too much, because at the end of the day, they're not throwing dollars through windows. They're not John McKay, jobs. I mean, I'd like to see how they act after the fight, or whoever wins if it ends the feud, if they go if the camps go at it or whatever, I don't know how bare knuckle boxing security is that especially down there in Florida. Well boxes urity is rumble Johnson. So I think they're doing fine. That's true. Like if he just picks them up like a like an upset father and just carries them away. I'd be down to see that, but I don't think it was too much. It was more comical and people are talking about it. I mean it's like we tweeted out videos clips of it, and they got a ton of re tweets and views and everything. So it's in the site guys. People are talking about it. I don't think it's. It's the Bank heard around the world of Polly montage, just like. Whack-a-mole Ling arts head with a microphone. I don't think that's too much, because at the end of the day, no one got arrested and brought to court for throwing something through a window, so it seems like you're on board. Of course, I've been on board since they announces. I mean that I fight with Artem and Jason. I didn't watch it alive because I was at a Red Sox game. But when I got back, I watched the highlights and then I ended up watching the whole thing, and I was like seeing Casey and Esther foam a fighting like tweeting about it. And they were like this is the greatest thing ever. So while must be also I went back and watched it, and I was like, oh, my God, like if Artem fights and Jason is more of a grappler, anyway. Like if Artem fought legitimate, like boxer in bare knuckle boxing, Ivy super interested because I wanted I would like to see how he does against someone like that. And Paul them on is you stepped up and there's a legitimate feud there. So I'm a hundred percent on board at men, I hate. I would love to argue with you and take some sort of moral high Brown and same above this. But I'm not, Nope. I'm not at all. I'm eating this up. And that's one thing that like says, Jay DeLuca is coming out Hartson in the most distasteful thing that I've ever seen in promotion, etc. It's just like. Were you not around last year? Like two thousand eighteen you can point out several examples just from between two men and you know, which to men I'm talking about a much more distasteful promotion than this. So I think the moralizing some degree, like let's just have fun, right. Like this is how I got into the sport was pride circus fights in just ridiculous. The attributes in all of this has been part of combat sports forever. Maybe the pe- in, in your mouth is taking it to some degree of too far. But it's also funny, right? Like it's just I think it's funny coming from. Someone who Poly's, not the biggest guy, and he has very New Jersey New York voice in. It's just funny hearing that sort of thing directed at a gentleman who is European who's, I dunno the whole every dynamic. Also ally enforce if you watch that whole press conference, I Paul him on analogy like you said, has that thick New Jersey accent? So that just adds to it, and then he's wearing like an old time. It gangster suit would like hat and like, don't point your finger at me while he's pointing his finger at Artem. It's at. And that's what I'm getting hours, just. It seems like Paul is very, very good at upsetting people, and it's you was trying to piss you off. He would be able to succeed at pissing you off is so thoroughly that it would be so frustrating. And it it's funny watching that bounce off of Artem. I will say I it's a guilty pleasure air love it. Let me ask you. Why does this feel like such guilty pleasure because it does like I tweeted out about earlier this week after that presser instead. I'm all in on this and I got a lot of people saying you should be better, Sean. Like why is this feeling guilty pleasure? Well, I don't think it's a guilty plea. I don't I don't like the phrase guilty pleasure, because if you like something you like it just like own it like you shouldn't feel guilty about enjoying a spectacle. And that's what it is. It's a spectacle, it's not like they're fighting for a championship for like the best, bare knuckle boxer in the world. Like they don't like each other. They're gonna talk trash, and they're gonna get in a fistfight it when I say fistfight like a legitimate fistfight like without gloves. They're just gonna throw down in a ring with a little bit of tape on their hands and that's how they're going to settle this blood feud. So I don't I wouldn't feel guilty about it. If you don't like it, just don't watch it. I, maybe the those pictures of Jason and Jason night and Artem Lobov after where their faces are just like all gashed up and a lot of and everything that to me was more jarring than the build up to this fight. I mean I saw that face like Jason's. Lip is split open his eyes swollen and every. One is it would it that to me was much more. I feel weird watching these people do this to their bodies rather than I don't like watching this because of what they're saying to each other. That's that's how I took. That's all I'm taking it. I think that's fair. Right. Because you just said you wanted to see what Artem would look like in bare knuckle fight against an actual boxer to me that feels like it feels like the result of this. Yes. Probably the most guilty pleasure of all because our improbably is going to get really messed up because he's boxing, a boxer. Yup. Yup. But he's saying all the right things man. He's like, maybe he's not it's different set situation. Bare knuckle is very different. The guard in terms of your defensive abilities is completely different in maybe that affects poly to some degree. Also, I will say, I mean, anytime you can just get someone Balkan somebody on the headlight that anything amid on that one hundred won't talk question before move on. And this is maybe the most outrageous, maybe this is sanctimony is in just outrageous in just is, is should not even be a question. But is that the biggest fight of June? Wow. Like, is that a silly question to ask you? It's not a silly question in it's because on having to think about it. It's not a bad question. So that's silly question to me. No. Because I do think there's, like very high level championship caliber fights, that's going to be happening in Chicago in the UFC. You see read is a great card, and there's this giant like, slobber knocker of a heavyweight main event in Minneapolis now that's probably for the number one contender, for the fight between Daniel, Cormet and see pay me. Oh. But so I would say, you're, you're I would say, no, but it's not a bad question. Like, I'm have to think of I sounds like that's a. I'm going to watch it. Like, we'll I is it the most entertaining fight probably. But I don't think it's the best fight. I didn't ask if it's the best fight there. It's step it could be the most entertaining for sure. But in my mind, there's actual high-calibre martial arts. I'm a little more excited for I think I agree with you. I say inky would be with me though. I think I agree with you. It's not out say it's not the biggest but I can tell you that just looking at the metrics, we have seen on videos in Trafford website, and everything, I think it will probably be the most viewed or traffic piece of combats more that comes out of June, which is. Effing ridiculous to say I it's and this is just an extension like we thought we moved on for may where the McGregor when that ended in what August twenty seventeen over and here we are in June twenty nineteen or whatever month. That is made twenty nineteen. We're still talking about it. That's not wrong or we're never going to escape. This is basically the unofficial sequel of the imagine if this was the Coleman event of Mayweather McGregor. I mean at some point do it man steer into the chaos steer into the cast like that. Let's keep going in this next one is another one from Jay DeLuca in as Jay DeLuca likes to do to me is extremely long one. I'm not gonna read all of this. That would take me a good five minutes. So I'm going to just summarize it as best. I can while skimming alley Adelaziz plead ignorant, ignorance, imail interview with Thomas, high Shaheen and Jose. So he's effectively asking about Luke had an interview in studio with Alli noted Emma may manager on Monday and. That Luke asked about Kabaeva ties along with ALI'S ties to Rams on Qadeer off and Ali deflected. What is the actual question here? All right. I'll read the last paragraph because that seems to be the question, although I'm not seeing question seems to be ran number go made half. Censorship, bore against concerts in theater that he deems as fill with some of his supporters sending death threats whoever could be doesn't approve of his teammates in him, mocking him in humiliating, homeless people see on social media his support, various children's mashes in Mantova may, along with his promotional merciless figures on social media. Begs to ask is Emma made media in many journalists aside from Korean does the Don does great work really doing their job in interviews. So what, what where is your where do you watch Luke's interview our Monday? What did you think overall that interview, I guess, in answer, Jade, Lucas question is Emma may media doing enough to pry into these sorts of topics while I love I thoroughly enjoyed the interview I like Luke did what wasn't combative? But he definitely wouldn't let Ali Abdalaziz like skirt around questions in. He would come after him like, well, that's, that's not in your fighters best interests. Like I remember him saying that like sternly at Elliott delicacies and I was glued to the, the, the interview the whole time. I mean I was gonna I was waiting for to come on 'cause I was gonna write up a little bit about that. And I think you wrote about Ali, and your ended up just like basically transcribing the whole thing, almost because it was so fascinating. So I, I thoroughly, I thought it was a fascinating interview to see Lugo after Ali in whether Ali answer the questions or not. It was very talent of how trying to skirt around things. And I don't really have a relationship with Elliot all outside of passing. Hello. How are you in? I would interview fighters during media day, but in terms of enemy media not doing their job. I think. It's hard to say because I think there's so few, I m is, was there was definitely a time where they were afraid of asking hard questions. I mean I remember being at, I think it was UC to twenty seven and someone brought up like tweets about Cody Garbrandt and he got mad at him and I league a little upset and there was like something there during media day. And I think people just got a little scared of asking the hard questions may because he's always standing right next to his like you've been immediate days, and he's always next to his fighters, and he's not coaching them, or telling them, what to say or anything, but he's just his presence is there and like Luke said, are you the most powerful manager in thousand question he asked him and I it was I t probably as he has, like a lot of champions. He has a lot of high caliber fighters in that could be very intimidating for some media members but journalists like Luke journals like Kareem who I think Kareem, not just a may. I think he's one. Of the best journalists in the world, not just in our sport. And I think he's though those type of journalists are doing their jobs, but they're just like you said, there's so few, but they're out there on their putting out, great work in saw, I would say the yet they're doing their job. But there's just not enough of out there Jada gone. Not really let you get cook. Softballs start off your eastern. Debut here. I'll push back a little bit on on. Maybe one thing that you said in that I'll is always hovering over his fighters, for media to add on. I don't really find that to be true. I mean he's generally in the room at media Debbie's cutters Megan's round stocking. Yeah. And the only ever found him to kind of just be hovering around a fighter is if they need translation help, that's fair. That is very fair. You've obviously been too much more media days than myself. And I just the want the more recent ones, I'm remembering are like UC to twenty seven when he basically just sat next to Cody Garbrandt, but I kind of had a sense that's because Cody didn't want to answer questions about pass tweets and then eventually he did address them later on. So maybe it's just what I'm like, what's coming to my mind recently if what I'm saying or especially to twenty seven none of his fighters worked out like they had the open workouts in all the alike. Henry in. Cody just refused into a workout in sponge, people very upset over it. So, but yes, you are right. He I guess he doesn't just hover there. But from what I've seen he's always around and that could be intimidating some people. Yeah, it's funny because this is I think the third time or something that we've been asked a question about a lien on this show. It's always more or less the same premise, which is why aren't more people pushing harder, I would push back on that to some degree. And you see you have guys like there are only so many outlets for people do have these type of interviews. Right. Whereas the hour or aerial show, or just something where it's live video show on you're doing this sort of interview, talk show, more or less. There's only so many. Outlets or just platforms where you can have even in that type of conversation. But I feel like people do push back on him to some degree. I mean he is he, he manages a lot of people, but I, I've had years and years and years of interactions with this guy in his never done anything malicious to me. Never I really find relationship to him. I think he gets a bad rap to some degree. But I also think it's saying, I think he just has people see what people hear all the noise from the outside, and he kind of has this intimidating or about him in, then when you interview is not this giant monster that people make out to be well to your face. Anyway, I get I only I'd only know him in passing. I don't have a relationship with them like you do in. The thing is man, like I get to some degree the levels of criticism form. But also, like you use even Luke talk about this as a manager, that dude is sick cesspool as all hell, in there is a reason for it. I mean if you all speak to any one of his fighters, they will go back for him. A thousand times out of one thousand he gets his fighters, the best opportunities available, and that's really all you can ask for from a manager. So I would put back to some degree to the criticism. They haven't made media when it comes to him. But also, I think there's some people's expectations are also maybe skewed to some degree. This is still a business of relationships, right? Like there looks interview is a great example of being a pushing back without being overly adversarial. Yeah. And he sat in Ali sat there and at the end Luke was like, I'm not trying to be competitive, and he's like, not just doing your job, and he eagle so gets I'm sure he expected, a lot of those questions to some sure you mentally prepared for it. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know that I have much more to add to this other. It is always fun. When you guys try to make me defend other people's actions. Like you guys always trying to make me either criticize or defend other people that I work with actions. And it's very, it's a weird thing. I don't know why you guys do that's me. But a dog I let's keep it moving this next one's coming from Matt the dunk. He's good give us around true or false. Are you ready for this? I'm always ready for Matt, the Don questions that we go. Cheers, Sean, Jose here goes around true false. You riot favor should stay retired. Now, you Ryo was also on the mayor is Monday. He said that he is very, very likely to earn may not likely, but he is very much considering coming out of retirement. True or false. You should stay retire. I don't like the word the phrase should I don't wanna tell anyone how to handle their career and it's not like he's, he's obviously a successful businessman he has gym. He's always kind of dabbling in these small businesses. So true or false. I don't wanna say whether he should or not. He doesn't need to come back. If. He doesn't want to. But if he wants to fight one more time, sacrimento, let me, why not sound like he's showing signs of long term brain damage like you see the Vanderlei Silva story that came out a few months ago. So should I don't like that. But he doesn't have to, I say true. I think he should stay retired. He's one of the few that, that had a really that walked out on top. Right. Like he walked out on a win in front of a crowd, and had that amazing sort of sendoff. Go live your life. I don't know. I don't I don't have any interest in seeing your. I come back and try to enter this bantamweight division. That is currently stocked. With absurd killers even do. He's a new father not to. Yeah. I mean he the game is passing by some degree. There is a lot of really young talented fighters in both thirty five and forty five. Now, I just don't wanna see your life every data. True false. The DA's versus Pettus, fight goes off without a hitch. I would just go ahead say true because I'm a will that into existence because I really wanna see it and I'll just say, I'll play devil's advocate though. I am on your side, and we've agreed on most things. Now all this play devil's advocate. All say false in who knows like I don't know of Diaz is even signed the contract yet. I mean you maybe verbally agreed to it. I don't know. But we still have a few a few months to go before something can go wrong. So I'll say false, just because I'm so jaded now that I don't think he's ever gonna fight until he's actually in the optic on like he weighs in still not confident. Capping on. That's not fair. What are the one things that you that are always said about the Diaz brothers? Never searched for sure. They never always show up. They make difficult along the way. But they always show up we go back to two thirty, you'll see two thirty. We're supposed to buy Dustin important that it was does import, but again, dust employees came out and said, there was a lot of Tom foolery back and forth, behind the scenes from both sides, where Diaz wanted to pull out. And then he pulled out in the DS pulled out anyway. So I don't know how much of that is true. It's, it's a lot of it is true. And I was just trying to get hits it which I which I get get paid like if you're getting fistfight another human being fight for your worth like get paid to do that. So but again, like I don't know. Like I'm sure he will show up, but I'm in my mind as jaded m may fan where I've been like we've had all like not even just all of these massive fights fall out, so close that I don't believe any of the these hyped fights are going to happen until they're in the oxygen. That's just where my head space is at right now. I can't believe you're putting bad Mojo on this next one. You have seized women featherweight division, still exists in two years. Yeah. That's a good question. I don't know. I'm gonna say false. They, I'll say false too. I don't know how long cyber is gonna fight for much longer in Amanda. Amanda, Nunez doesn't seem all that eager to jump back to one forty five especially because she has her fight with Holly home. And she's kinda hinted at how long she does. She might not fight much longer anytime soon than Megan Anderson, just lost at UC Rochester. And she was kind of one of the more popular featherweights out there and even she herself said, like they had that whole tough season to find some new feather way blood, and then the winner just dropped back down to bantamweight. So I just don't know. I don't know if I just don't know if there's enough talent to have the division specially of cyborg in Amanda hang it up. You national those names, you don't even mention the woman who just beat Megan Anderson, Felicia Spencer, Felicia Spencer, she, she called outside work cyborg, accepted it. So I mean but again, like is there enough to have an entire division because when cyborg was champion they were taking bantamweights and pulling them up to fight? Her often on oftentimes on short notice or pulling them from Invicta like Tanya from victims. Is there talented women out there? Yes. I just don't know if there's enough I just have to say that I appreciate the stones that Felisa fleeing has because how many people are out there, actually calling out precisely how many people can you, you can name that on one hand? Liz featherweights are there out there? You could probably name that on one hand to in the USC other than cats in Ghana. Amanda Nunez enough Alicia Spencer. I cannot remember anybody else calling out Harrison is kinda called, but she's obviously not in the but she said when cyborg, lost to amend Nunez that was kind of, like she lost her boogie woman in that. Really? That's not a column. I call. A call. It has me directly being, I wanna fight you Jose Young's and I wanted next week in, you know, downtown Arizona bar of your choice. Type of thing you smoke was that you don't want this smoke boy, I'll drive down there right now. He's calling me boy, my goodness. Hey, man. I'm I'm you respect your elders. Oh, yeah. Right. How tell me how Sputnik was live. I'm like one year old. Well, you know. So the rep is up, I will say, I think, as long as Chris, I board wants to be around the of N as long the of Sube wants to be around precise in the featherweight division will exist, just even in these one offs. Yeah. And I actually agree with that. It's is it when cyborg, retires? I think is one of the division closes. Yes. And so, I feel like maybe that won't that will be in two years. I don't know that we won't are actually say, I feel like that will be within the next two years so hundred percent see this division true or false sage north cut finds his way back to the UFC someday boss. I don't know how I don't I think he signed that big deal with one that knockout loss has the Cosmo Alexandria was so hard to watch, especially finding out about, like watching it when it happened. I was like, wow. That was a brutal, knockout. But then knowing what happened after it's hard to rewatch that highlight. And I don't know if you get specs the ac-, because I don't know how much he fights longer because that's like a career threatening injury where he's probably gonna be out for at least a year, maybe year and a half. I don't I don't know if long enough to get back to UC or if he's healthy enough, or if he wants to keep fighting. So I'm gonna say false. I'm going to say I don't know. I, I didn't understand that matchmaking from the beginning, I changed either because if you're one championship even vested in this guy, right? Like he's very young guy who can become somebody for you. And he very much seemed to fit in line with the whole one championship ethos of respect in indisciplined and honor. And all of this is the nicest person in the world for his first fight. You're going to match him up in a ring no less that he has nephews. Never competed in a ring in your match. Oh, in a ring against a ridiculously decorated kickboxer, who has won, like eight straight, Emma fights like. Like. It was an what? What's the weather like in sage we like he does have some submission victories by, like, as we've seen in the he likes to stand up and strike? He has like that wide stance and everything. So he he's gonna want, he if he had an option he's gonna want to keep the fight standing, so you give him a fighter that would also like to keep the fight standing, but he is such a high level kickboxer type fighter that rig in a ring with small gloves. I mean he he like Alexandra himself said, in an interview on our site that, like he didn't really take account. How small the gloves are or he's one punch like that's a wrap. And that's pretty much all he needed to do. And that was that was real hard to watch. And I don't know what the heck you want change. It was thinking that fight was short fight. And you could even see just the ringcraft experience from contact very short fight that it was because he was cutting off the ring. You can see Kate as sages having troubles really like figuring out where he was within the space is just like men. You guys really really set this kid up for. Incredible failure. And then when it happens, I want to ask you, because I know we're going to little along this one. Why did that one feel particularly bad to wash is it because a we know stage is a very young kid and getting a knockout like that early in your career is, is rough. Or is it be because he is such a nice guy that seen something happens. So devastating to someone who is really one of the few really just genuinely of insanely polite and nice people in this industry is it was is in one of those things is a combination of both because I agree with you seeing the aftermath of that nine hour surgery eight broke broken bones in his face like that hurt that hits me in a way that maybe a lot of these other knockouts adult of just feeling like, oh, Jesus Christ. What are we doing here? It's always gonna be the health for me. I mean that's like finding out what happened to him after I think that makes it worse, especially because he's so young. In his career. That's, that's Mike. Which is that, that's where it comes from me, like a knockout like that? So a young fighter could be career ending career-threatening like all of the above the him being overly nice and just being basically a golden retriever inside a human body like that to me, he could do he could have done the same thing to Cosmo for all we know. Like he could've landed at one punch and broke his face. So him being the nights skim the world is I'm sure to a lot of people at all. It's like watching your little brother, get hurt. And I get that. But to me, it's always gonna be this young prospects, entering the primers grew who still prime. He's twenty three years old, this primes probably like three years away, entering the primers three are still developing still learning was thrown into a wood Chipper. And now he's gonna lose probably year and a half of his career if he ever comes back. So it's always gonna be that to me. It's, it's just it's a it's super super disappointing. The especially for a fight. Who we thought was going to be the future of this sport? Also, not for nothing. How ethin- big is Cozma Alexander because think you'd see people keep saying that. And he actually he's competed in, in, in way classes, the same essays Zorka. And then when they, they had raised his hand, he didn't look that much bigger than sage north to, like, I saw a lot of people. I, I don't see it. I don't I don't think that's. I'm sorry. We're talking over each other. That's my full, but I'm just super Leary of, of the whole weight cut system over there at this point because it feels like they added that didn't look like say, I agree with you. I am very leery of it. But I don't think that fight in particular because if you look at cosmos, last fights, like he's fought in a lot of like catch weight fights at Bela, Tor, and other promotions where he's pretty much the same way class as sage north cut and standing next to each other. He doesn't look that much bigger. Maybe little taller lengthier, but not physically bigger than sage north got. So, yes, I am Leary. But that fight in particular. I don't I don't think that's I don't think there's much into that for that fight. That's fair. I just want to wrap this with the boat for a second time. Now I've said that weird, I'd never said. That was promotional malpractice to steal a phrase from the, the man who originated this program does the throw him in there against Alexander. What are you doing one and it, let's that was your goal to get him to lose. Maybe a hey, you know, look at this. We have better talent than the OC if your goal congrats. He did it. But otherwise, what are you guys do? All it costs had Cosmo a one championship fight before that. Or is that also is one debut because if that was his first one fights not like they built him up. I think he had what seven or six fights in ballot known. What had a few one championship like kickboxing fights? But I think that was the first one championship Emma may fight to one championship kickboxing fights, one of which was against Nikki wholesome. Which is just like so he, he basically went from find Nikki whole skin to, to say shortcut interesting. Okay. Maybe in the pros the cons, obviously outweigh the pros. But if he sees North Korea had just crumpled cosmology Andrey like we're saying, we're sitting here talking like, oh saves just want to get knocked out, one of the best kickboxer. No, we're not Cosmo Alexandria is one of those guys, but he's not like the super well-known crazy kickboxer like he's still very niche name. So the, the cost benefit ratio is just like he's best case sage goes out and scores. Crazy now. Get like you're saying, like, I don't know the people have blown up like hey man knocked out by sage north cut. I don't know if they're blowing them up blowing it up. But if I think if he knocked out, Cosmo, and everyone then looked in who Cosma was in. They realized how high Alber, and it's all that's all animated retrospective thinking like they're going to be like, oh stage knocked out this nobody and then people that watch kick box. And we like it wasn't really a nobody, and then who? Now I get what you're saying. It is all your, your whole premises projecting that the populists will do research after. Very fair. What are we? What are we talking about how right you, don't you don't want? You don't stink may fan sit in up in the wee hours tonight in research, one championship fighters. I know that the shit eating wild Mun deal phrase for my good friend, Ben folks, shitting wineman definitely will as we'll weed. But there is a large contingent that will not. Let's keep it moving, though. And K E sorry, Madonna wants to bark. Hey, buddy? Thanks. Good job. Thanks. Sorry about that. We dirty does less than one hundred fifty thousand pay per view of is true or false. Less because I in my mind it's probably going to be right around one fifty I mean that ESPN plus buying the pay per view to buckle that happens. That was a nightmare. I was it was it was the UFC two thirty seven or two thirty six was the first one. It's a nightmare for some people. But it is definitely not a nightmare for the UFC enjoying it. Oh, yeah. As for hundred percent, but in terms of total buys, I'm I think it's going to be right around the number. You said because I it's just so weird. It's it's annoying to buy papers. Now, I think. Yeah. I think I think true, it's going to do under. I think he'll probably do like one thirty one forty. I, I think this is sort of our new normal. And I've said skull times now, but you'll see two thirty nine we'll be the big one for me. What to you in set, the benchmark of, like, how high can we actually go with this sort of setup? And I have a question for you before, like a million, pay per view buys would be like the like the milestone that people would wanna hit. What do you think is the new milestone that people are gonna be shooting for now? I super curious to find that out like we're comes in with four hundred thousand pay per view buys on ESPN. Plus, that's a huge success. That is a monstrous success at this point, that's once a win to thirty nine happens in a couple of months, that'll be a really big interesting sort of just the in point of viewpoint of just okay. How how big can we get this without Conor McGregor because even let's say Conor comes in and does a SPN plus pay per view as gonna hit a million. I don't think no way. So that, that, that is when you truly find out. The ceiling of all of this. I, I don't know. I, I want to say that it's, it's six hundred seven hundred thousand but I have no concept of paper views right now. So, right. It's just a whole. It's a new world is a streaming world. We live in now now and then last two if co promotion was feasible, Greg hardy process, Jake Hager would be the fight to make for both men. Oh man. That's true. That's absolutely. Yeah. A hundred censure. I mean. Yup. Absolutely true. That who do you who do you think would win that fight? I think I think Jacksonville would Jake Hager. Yeah. I mean, that's what you I'd have to lean. I, I would like to see Jake Hager fight someone that's a little more physically intimidating inside a cage. But yeah, I tend to agree with you. How dare you criticize the legendary TJ? Listen, sir. I was in Rosemont Illinois for that fight. I interviewed TJ Jones I am. I am TJ tombstone Jones, sir while we're friends, so no. Or it's not true, TJ TJ was a great interview. But I in terms of I would like to see someone that can actually like, really push Jake Hager inside the cage, but I tend to agree with you, that I would favor him over Greg hardy, for sure. Yeah. It's that old adage of you. Inexperienced drivers inexperienced grappler, I think the grapplers gonna usually wins just going to you would think so. Yeah. And then last one, and this is unfair. ESPN will poach all the best talented MMA finding. False us every fight is still vigorously talented, Gordon skills, squatted out. We have the best Bataga for in all sports, Esther Lynn, got one of the best cameraman's Casey were Danny's grinding away. Alex is a machine Ghirmay in pizza or two of the best reporters in the business. They don't sleep. They just work in. We're gonna be just fine. Everybody. I was going to say you're going out on a limb. They're starting to name names, because once you're doing it for in a live context. You're gonna forget somebody, but you didn't. And so good for you. A man of the people, let's keep things going, man. And let's talk about this past weekend. This is from rival Lee was no about Charles Oliveira, great fighter. He says, how far did you think he can go willy ever, get a title shot, so Jose? This is one of the more interesting storylines. The come out of you'll you'll see Rochester. You got Charles L very continues to fly under the radar at one fifty five, but now he does. He has five straight wins at lightweight. All of them finishes is this man legitimate player here at one fifty five. Yeah, he absolutely is. But it also shows you how deep that division is where you can rattle off five straight wins in a bunch of stoppages, like holds the record for most performs the night, bonuses record for most submissions. And I don't think he's close to a title shot whatsoever. But it down the road. I think he absolutely could get that shot. They'll also doesn't it doesn't help that his obviously, he's not in featherweight anymore in you came up to one fifty five but it's still fresh in probably a lot of fans minds of his struggles with his. Wait issues in the past, and even in Milwaukee when I was when I was there, he, he had said that he still has unfinished business feather way. So a few months drop back down there that you might get a title shot sooner by at one fifty five. I don't know if he's close. But he's definitely in the mix. I like what you said there about people are still thinking about that, and people can't stop thinking about that because I agree with you a hundred percent. I think that's actually was holding back to a weird sort of out of the cage degree, right? Because he is still so closely associated as that guy who just could not make one forty five, which is could not accept that he could not make one forty five in even after winter, when fifty five initially like you said, even recently, he was still continues to talk about wanting to go back down to one forty five and I think he's doing himself. A disservice by even just continuing that conversation because right now the conversation around him should be here is this guy who is eight who came into the OC extraordinarily young. He was one of the youngest fighters in the debuted, and he has slowly come into his own in his now really blossom into a bona fide killer. I don't know why it takes him beating the Nick lengths into a pace for the third time for us to find. Have this conversation? But I'm glad we're finally having it because he definitely deserves to be here. And I think as just if he was shut down the forty five taught anytime he's asked about it and just say, this is my division now and making a title run. I feel like people will take him more seriously. Looking at his his resume. He doesn't have that big name at one fifty five. I mean. Yeah. Win over Jim Milic, Jim Miller has the record for most fights in the OC. But Jamila twenty twenty eight twenty nine is not the Jim Miller that headlines like the FOX card against ideas when DSP Jamila you got that title shot at can spend some Henderson. I think Charles Olivera like you said, like I need to, I need a legitimate opponent. Like a contender top ten top five fighter, and he took this fight against Nick, Lance. He said with the promise that he would get another big name after and there's a lot of names at one fifty five, and we just because you're not in the top ten like eleven through fifteen or probably not even probably their their killers to most division. So I think he just needs that big name. That a big marquee victory over a big name like Klay guede Jamila is again popular, but not contenders in twenty nineteen. Yeah, we'll, let's go. I'm Todd Vander were the host of prime time a new show from vox dot com this season we're tackling the American presidency on TV stories that capture the way television effects, and reflects politics and culture. We'll take a look at fictional presidents who've changed the way we think about the real Oval Office that isn't gentleman. The president of the United States morning. Everyone. Please take your seats and how real presidents US TV to further their own goals. What did you come here to plug? 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How a secretive Swedish producer is behind many of the top ten hits of the past twenty years, and we'll uncover the ways that songwriters embed their political activism into today's most popular tracks, we'll show you the surprising musical similarities between Cardi B and Taylor swift and will even dive into the classical pass to hear how the Jonas brothers MIR Mozart's youthful party days. I'm songwriter, Charlie Harding, and I'm using colleges. Nate Sloan join us on a journey through the world popular music by subscri-. Robbing to switched on pop on apple podcasts Spotify or your favorite podcast app to get new episodes every Tuesday. This next question also has to deal with Charles Oliver. Let's jump to that. And this one's coming from Jugie forty seven eleven says, what's next for do Bronx? Firefight was regal finish as I said, a Dave Meltzer suggested just engage, you or rematch with Paul Felder. I say no to gate, she unsure about fell the rematch, perhaps Greg agilis be or bar. Boza van was his suggestions. What say you, what do you think writer Gillespie one hundred percent? I said that after the fight after his win against Nick, Lance. I mean, I think those are two guys that are making are on the rise making the run like Gregor Lassie is not a guy who's gonna talk back at you. But he's, he's a very dominant fighter. I believe is he still undefeated? Yeah. Yeah. He's still undefeated. Interesting character loves fishing. I would love to like interns of take the championships take the ranking stake, everything out of the equation. If we're talking about just high level, martial arts. I would love to see Charles olive varying Gregor Gillespie fight inside the octagon. I could not disagree with you more. All right. Could not agree with you. More to me that feels like a nothing fight for both of those men. Neither one of them gains anything from that flight right now, they're both in the exact same spot where they're sort of I've just pulled up the rabies down. Charles elevators now, eleven Gregor Glaspie is twelve we know the rankings so mean thing, but they are at least provide some level of context. They're both in this position where they're sort of outside the top ten on that periphery looking in and they're both on crazy. Streaks to me. They both deserve better than to just have another hold your place fight. I like Ed Zimbabwe from one of those guys. And I like honestly if Kevin Lee can come back to the lightweight, I would like him for one of the other one of those guys as well. Yeah. I mean again, like I said before lightweight is so deep that I would all I'm down and watch them fight any of them, but terms of like I get what you're saying. The hold me. Like, obviously the goal is to get the title shot. And those fights that you're bringing up we'll obviously get them closer to that end goal. While in terms of I, I want to see him fight Greg Gillespie. I would like to see him fight someone that is physically in their prime. That is a high level wrestler, go up against Charles Oliver, because Charles Oliver has some is this killer on the ground. But he has a lot of submission losses in Gregor Glaspie. I don't think he's obviously not fought anyone side, the octagon on Charles various level, on the ground and his he's so domino wrestling. I just wanna see them. I just want to see it because I want to see which one of them is the legitimate contender to push themselves into the top ten. Yeah. I mean that's fair. I certainly wouldn't oppose I wouldn't be ain't mad at they made that fight. But let's business question as a jumping off point to sort of talk about the rest of you of C Rochester, which was headlined by half field, though. Sanyo's really getting a really nice win over Kevin Lee seemed to be an important win for him. He said, you know, big, big weight came off his shoulders when he got his name called he was on a little bit of a slump. Now he is sort of back in this did that fight teach you a thing about either, man. Yeah. Totally it told me that failed us on ios is still a contender in Kevin lead still has some, some work to do whether it's cardio, or I don't wanna tell them I don't like telling fighters to change camps. I don't like when people tell fighters to Fanstone chains camps, but there's obviously questions out there where what he's lost twenty. Ferguson be at Zimbardo saga lost ally. King to in lost Hatfield, assign ios, Kevin Li like Charles Oliveira. He came into the UFC super young and like fought twenty. Ferguson. I think mitt maybe a little too soon. He was just kind of one of those insurance title-fights and he looked good in there. You have to wonder where's heads at specially I don't and I don't know. I don't want I can't speak for him, but that loss of Robert is really like he said it affected him a lot, not just as a coach, but he was like a father figure him. He moved to Vegas for him. And the, the, the loss of Robert falls. I don't know if he's completely moved on. And maybe that's always in his mind. I can. Speak for him. I, I don't know. But it showed me that, that he still has work to do, but he looked. It's not like he was just blown away. I mean he's he belongs in there with these killers. I mean he proved that on some meet hop failed Assange, Neal's a lot. It's always. It's always, what have you done for me, lately, and hot field, assign? Those being on a two fight losing skid and headline card. I'm sure I actually I'm not in strong positive fans brought up all he's washed up this and that, but, like, who did he lose to Colby comes Comorros Mun, the last the infant champion and the and the reigning champion? So it's not like he just losing to nobody's, he's losing to, and he beat Robin wall, like he that forty five signed combination against the octagon is one of the craziest highlights I've seen in recent memory. So it proved that hotwheel design is still a gentleman contender, Kevin Lee has what it takes to be in the top five, but he just still has some work to do you don't minute. I'm actually really glad you brought up the rubber follows point because I think that's something that gets lost. When we talk about Kevin Lee, especially with recently within the past six months to a year. I'm reminded when that conversation comes up of a story, I did several years ago on Shawn. Tompkins. It's in sort of the Shawn Tompkins team team Tompkins in that same style. Christopher Decky man. I'm blanking on the other one he fought Josie Aldea Mark communist yet. Markovna. It was those three guys in others as well. But they were three main guys. And, you know, in the over the course of doing that story, I got really involved with that team in talked to a lot of those guys in a lot of people around Shawn Tompkins quite a bit in one thing that came out that, my, my biggest takeaway from all of it was, we do not on the outside, understand, on the inside how deep in these relationships go in how big of a loss, something like that can feel like in in, I remember totally not all of their records, pre and post Shawn Tompkins being in their live in pre Shawn Tompkins they were all army, I guess, during Szanto talk. They were all in a winning ninety eight ninety percent of their fights in usually pretty, you know, pretty good fashion. And then once once he was the long. Here that percentage dropped to like twenty or thirty percent. It never bounced back for any of those guys at that point. I hope that we're not in a similar situation with Kevin Lee. But yeah, and I married very young, but it is such a tough thing to lose a figure like that in your life who so instrumental to all of this. Whereas your whole identity is wrapped up this and I can't remember who he fought but he can only had a fight in Brazil, and he got finished. And I remembered one of the stories after that was Robert FOSS was he didn't make the trip to Brazil, and Kevin Lee was like, I will never make that mistake, again, not bringing or not having Robert false in my corner, because he's like you said, so instrumental and he got finished in that fight in to this date, he was like that was one of the biggest mistake site. I had was going down there without him in the now that he can't bring now that he's gone. He doesn't have him his corner at all. It's I can't speak for him. But I, I don't know if he's I don't know if he's completely meant. Recovered from that loss. Plus, who is such a shocking loss, who was, so tragic when it happens. We'll let me ask you one question about this fight in. Maybe it's unfair question considering what we were just talking about. But I guess it just on a physical level. You take out any of the outside factors. Seems to be a pattern with Kevin Lee where he starts strong, and then he sort of gases to some degree in fades late invites. I want to ask you what it, what do you think is? He is still very young and he's very, very talented. It seems like he has all of the tools to put together to eventually be a champion. What do you feel like is limiting is ceiling right now more? Is it the lack of a division that he feels truly comfortable in? Or is it just the cardio? I think it's a little combination of both. I was coming into this welterweight won. The the number one question I had four. Kevin Lee was, I want to see how his cardio would be without that cut. I mean he looks like he like when he fought twenty Ferguson and he struggled to make the way. And then he had that staff infection is like, all kind of sats mine energy. And then I was like, oh, let's see how is after. And then you kind of ran through Edson bar, Bosa. So I was very curious how his his cardio would be in his new weight, and he fought a guy in hoffy L Tucson knows who has some of the best cardio in the entire. You have see. I don't know. Man, I, there's he definitely doesn't have a home. He didn't look. He didn't look big at welterweight. And I think it was you when you when you talk to dust Emporia, and he said, it took him a few fights to feel comfortable like to feel like a legitimate lightweight featherweight just a blown up feather way. Then maybe that's what happened to max when they fought. And maybe Kevin Lee needs a few more fights to really come into his to grow into his welterweight body. But I so I think it's a little combination of both stance of your question. That's fair. That's fair. One last guy I wanna highlight before we move on from Rochester. And you already know where I'm going with this, because you were there in Arizona when I could not stop talking about this man, the center Luc, gang he comes out here and he gets another finish because that's what he does. Visiting Lou gay gets finishes. He takes out Derrick Krantz short notes replacement is supposed to get new magnet which was finally, the ranked guys been looking for, for so long as with their Krantz homes out makes his debut in dot making your debut against the said they look at it is a tough ask lasted about four minutes, which is admirable. But Luca gets another TKO finish she is now nine in one in the off. See over his last ten all night of those are stoppages. He is a absurdly violent man. What do you do with him next? What, what does this man have to do to get some love Jose? How are you matching them up? Well visits gate that I mean that fight was when was pretty much how you expect an and talk about making your date. Like he's one of like, who I can't remember the Ponant he fought like his opponent is now in that group of, like, I think it was Darryl Horter, whoever he made his debut against Habib Norma made off on that Florida cards. So it's like, hey you wanna fight fighting, oh this undefeated Dagestani name Habibon? You saw how both of those fights ended but the center Luc gay, he called up Santa algal ponds abo. I know they're going to Uruguay. I like that fight. Whether makes sense, matchmaking wise, I don't like or ranking wise to get to the title. I'm sure there's better fights for both men, but vicinity Luke maye to me when people started, bringing it up was like, oh, maybe Santana ponds navy will, like maybe you should find some little higher ranked. He's been on the little longer, but we'll maybe not along long bike he just his resume is just maybe a little better because he's had those, those bigger winds, but essentially, locate convinced me they're going to Uruguay. They both have Latin America. Descent. They need a main event to send Santangelo ponds navy was already headlined, the Argentinian cards. She's knows how popular used on there. So he sold me on it. I think that's a fun fight again, whether it doesn't enough in terms of getting them closer to the title is different story. But I just think that's a, it's a fun fight and make sense for a fight when you're trying to break into the Uruguay market. Yeah. I, I will add that was sent yoga positing Bill right now is sort of in the Robbie Lawler, running. He could there's a chance he could get that fight. And there's a chance that, that actually ends up happening. So, but if that doesn't end up happening, I agree with you. I think that's absolutely. The fights, make Lou gay Navio Uruguay that feels right to me that is the heat if anybody has deserved a chance to prove themselves, it is essentially look it because I am on record saying if this may gets the opportunity I think he could. Absolutely be the breakthrough fighter of the year for this year. Yeah. I mean I always thought he was one of the more I want, calm, underrated by like on the rise. And then after that, that fight against prime Bahrain ah just concussion city, I was I got let's I'm on-board, John, you're the conductor. I'm on-board this the Sunday Lou gate train. You just I wish I wish that Neil magnified happened, man. And so now the win is a win is a win like getting a w on your record is always great. But again, it didn't. Answer any questions for me. But a win is a win. Yeah. Well, let's keep moving this next question is coming from Ken bear. I guess it's not really a question, but thanks for everything this row shoddy offer ever. Remember your piece on facing Aldo. It's still the high water Mark for the major lists might pigeon. Best of lead, sir, I really truly do appreciate that Ted bear. Hopefully I will be able to continue introducing pieces like that, for many years to come. But I appreciate that this next question's coming from. L. F. M W A, who says ESPN era floundering. Ratings are super low. He writes, especially when prelims are on the flagship, it seems like every event is a C slash C plus white card with one or two be plus a level matchups. Overall impressions on the ESPN era. Now that were almost halfway through the year. What say you hose it? While I I'm gonna take will the writings. I'm gonna take a different approach and I love this ESPN ever right now solely because especially is the pacing away. I was going that UC Rochester when like we wrapped up, and it was what like ten o'clock at night. Maybe nine thirty at night. I was like this is great because like eight o'clock at night on the FOX car. We still got a six five main car to go when you say we wrapped up, you mean like we working like the fights, ended leg at like eight or something like I don't know when the end but it felt like it. They ended. Absurdly right. And so I, I love the pacing. I love the pacing. Allot. I've people online, I don't like you go on Twitter. It seems like every time a new fights coming up. There's one there's another tweet and say, wow. This pacing is great. I, I can get behind this and feel so personally, maybe we'll selfishly I, I enjoy, I enjoy the youth, the ESPN era, a little more just because we're not sitting through all of these long comer. Breaks in were to get to these fights. And then when the fights do happen, you're just like all right. Then set another thirty minutes in the next fight. So I enjoy. I enjoy the PIN whether the streaming the streaming service in the ratings things, it's still it's new, it always takes a little while I, I would imagine to get to really find your footing in a new home, but I personally enjoyed the PIN era. Yeah, I would say that view of C in ESPN, I feel probably mutually. I can't say for sure, I'm not a thirty on this, but I would get surmise that both of the mutually are very, very happy with this. Because for ESPN the you have C is not a television investment as much as it's Istrian investment. So when you say the ratings on the for the prelims may be on ESPN regular aren't that great. There's still not terrible. But the big thing is, they're driving customers to ESPN. In their driving, a very, very targeted very large niche, Bates of Emma may to ESPN plus in, I think it's safe to say that the UFC has probably been one of the biggest. Biggest draws four ESPN place, as a streaming service, I would, I would, I would guess I would hazard a guess that Italy very large percentage of these PIN streaming service populace at this point, these percentage is a mammalian UFC friends. And I think that's a huge, huge win for the for ESPN and the U of C both. So I like you. I'm enjoying this so far. The pacing is certainly made our lives me in you in the rest of the media is really made our lives. A little easier on weekends, not having a stamp until God knows win for terrible fight cars, but I will add that, you know, this gentleman said, that seems like every event is a c c plus fight car with maybe one or two good fights. It's kind of been what we've been doing for years now, right? Yeah. I was going to be like, like, what's the difference between this year in the last seven years of the of the Foxtail, how quickly y'all forget how terrible so many of those FOX cars were just atrocious cards with maybe one or two fights. Yeah. And saying I what was the card it was? I can't remember where. But it was the Charles olive air. Max Holloway fight card. Where seems like every fight went to a decision on FOX like, and there was always the FOX pacing with a bunch of decisions, the whole time. I'm like. Charles Oliver, max hallway just wants. See fight. I love that fight, and then Charles like gets hurt in, like a minute. And I was like, oh, God. Like that's a me is like the pinnacle of just like. Just the FOX era, where that car is dragged and then the main event just had tomfoolery in at the end of it. Yeah. I would say, look back in the past if you think that these cards are weak because there's been a trend for a long time, and this is sort of what we deal with at this point. There was a reason. The oversaturation argument was such a big discussion along. All right. Next question's coming from MVP, U, K Michelle Pereira discuss. Yes. Yes. We will he writes, PS gutted this, you're leaving a fighting hope you'll continue to provide YouTube content going forward all the best foot future. Thank you for that. I really do appreciate it. I will continue to provide content of some form. But I cannot say what right now what's going on? But please follow me to it. It should be fun. I'll, but Michelle Pereira mind goodness Jose. I don't even know really where to start with this man in, in our slack. We have an EMMY finding slack where the whole team, sort of just converses throughout the day throughout these events. One of I won't name names. But somebody who is not watching event saw the Heil saw the, the last, maybe like four or five seconds in Sira, buddy said, no, my God, knockout of the year, one of the knock your best knockouts ear, and he posted instead, wisest bet one of the best night, it seems like a pretty cool, knockout. But I don't know that. It's anything crazy is just fine me and the answer. Would he got barraged with people basically saying that knockout is only one percent of really the actual performance in that? That's the truth man is, then knockout was cool, but more or less that was. Just like I don't know how long it lasted but for however long it lasted it was just several minutes of Michelle Pereira doing ridiculous shit that didn't seem like it should ever work in somehow it was very much working in everything he was doing was working in it felt if a weird if felt like a video game, it felt like a movie, I do not really understand it, it may be an I'm trying not to exaggerate and, and go into hyperbole here, but he might be one of the best see debuted I've ever seen. Tell me European shepherd is I don't know what the hell I watched still in. It's been several days, the best way, I would describe it is, if you and I played a UC video game, and I was so much better than you. But I owned an XBox and you own the PlayStation and we played on your PlayStation, and I was sitting there trying to figure out the controls. So I'm just hitting all of these crazy moves inside while you're just like watching me just do like these crazy backflips in. You're like, what are you doing? I'm the I'm trying to get the controls down. And then I figure it out. And then I connect with a flying me like straight punch combo, and that's a wrap. And I was like all that come and I just need to figure out the controls real quick. So it it was unreal. It was technical button mashing at its finest where he was throwing all this crazy stuff. It was highlight was very high high level just in. Like there was a purpose to it. That's what I was gonna say. It's not like it's just like fluff in, like he was just doing it to do it like every move he made there was, it was rhyme and reason behind it. And then it was just a culmination of this grant of this big dance a violent dance inside the octagon than it was. It's, it's gotta be up there for UFC debuts, especially because that entrance. He was crying his eyes out. Yeah. That's a good point. He was crying, his eyes out getting in then he turned the introductions. He was like break dancing like Dernley intros. And it was like who's this, this man cried? And then he's break dancing like, what, what is this? I'm like, oh, you must not read misfits on and may finding dot com because they he's been on their few times. He's, I believe he's the one that did the backflip like off the cage on, like seemed like a moon. So the whole time it was like this is I don't know if he wins. But this is gonna be a memorable fight. And then I didn't I did not expect it to end that way. I thought it was going to do some wine. Stuff. But I think you would finish deigning Roberts like that. That's the thing is Dany Robertson, a gay Robertson, tough guy. He's push over years, not walking. No one's walking over Dan providence. Like he is gonna get suck you into a war if you're going to beat him. And that's not what happened on Saturday. And I you mentioned the walkout from the walkout to then, the break, dancing, introduction to them, the ferocity that we saw with all the also the goofiness. Our friend Casey, our cameraman, Casey Cullum, wacky violent in. I think that's a really good way to the phrase that he is just wacky violent. I've never I mean you see this a lot of times with with guys wanna make they're making themselves. They're just doing shit just to do it in. It doesn't really feel like there's a purpose. If felt like every single move it he was making whether how regardless of how rages it was. It was so fluid in it was, so it didn't feel forced it felt kind of natural in a way that I didn't that didn't make sense. I was blown away by especially. Yeah. Robertson is dangerous. It's nothing to sneeze at. We'd go through errors of U of C aware, eventually ground, and pound is the big thing. And then you have jujitsu and then you have this fluid striking, and with the emergence of Johnny Walker and. Wow. You said his name a million times. And I've already heard Michelle Michelle Pereira. This is just the, the, the Arab dance inside the gone. And I am so here for it. I think is our buddy Ghirmay crews who said that this was pride. You would just mash those Johnny Walker. And all my God. Yes. A hundred percent you would regardless of weight classes like I'm kinda here for that injected inject that in some veins, last question on this is this is this like a legitimate thing like, is this somebody we should believe in target or is this just end up being a fun guy who wins, some of them maybe might Perry? Stop. I mean I know it's tough right now. What's your gut telling you? My gut is telling me. Because also I've got to say he's huge for that division. He was monstrous Sizemore, and I'm, I'm gonna it's hard and I'm going to compare it to a few sports. It's like when you get this hot pitching prospect or how batting prospects but you don't know anything about him, so you don't know how to approach him, so we'll have this initial success in the once you crack the code, and, you know, where in where if you're if it's a batter now, you know, where to pitch him or if it's like the when you get this running back or quarterback in the NFL where all of a sudden, the read option was really successful for one year with RG three and Colin Kaepernick. And then all of a sudden defense coordinators could scheme around it? And now you don't see anymore. Same as the wildcat when the dolphins did it especially because remember when the dolphins play the patriots and patriots had nothing for it. It's once you crack the code it doesn't work anymore. So I would I want to see a few more fights. A few more fights for. I can really answer that. But I'm he's a fun guy. I think someone eventually is gonna figure it out. It was a weird patriots thing to throw in there. But while you're doing there, but it's kinda hard to come at the goat who has six rings of this. He. So it seems like you're leaning more towards maybe. It's not flash in the pan. But not you don't think this is sustainable. No, I don't think I think he's, I don't think he's changed like it's key. That's who he is. I'm sure he's gonna fight like that. All the time. I he's just not gonna get flying knee knockouts every single fight. Yeah. I'll the we've said the same about Johnny Walker. And yet, he has done that in every single fights of are pretty high level competition. So maybe I'm gonna choose the believe Michelle Michelle Pereira. I think I think this could happen. I want it to happen, because I needed another person like this in my life if if a year or two from now we have, Johnny Walker Michelle Pereira dominating the sport. I'm here for that. The air of dance my friend, the era of dance, my friend. All right. Let's keep it moving this next wants from me, low of croton who says you have see calendar. Hi, guys. It used to be thought that if a fighter left the OC for another organization in subsequently lost that you've seen made the right decision in cutting and letting go that athlete recently we've seen. Sage in Eddie oath lose t- DJ even had a tough fight, though. He won the question. If fighters keep leaving the scene subsequently losing at what point does it start to look bad for the brand in what it means to be a you'll see caliber fighter, does there come a time when people start to view the other promotions as having equally talented fighters in as a result? Devalued the UC's best in the world brand. Thanks PS. Good luck, Sean. We will miss your life jet. Thank you so much for that. So if we keep seeing guys like sage Eddie come to these other promotions in lose is there a point where it starts to look bathrooms. That's a really interesting question that it would look bad for the of see. I had not thought of that at all. I'm sure it will look bad in the eyes of the quote unquote, casual fans. I never I hate that phrase, but I mean you saw that headline. I can't remember what Sida was, but it was like saves north guts. Suffers knocked out in, like minor league promote. Ocean and one in Riyadh roasted for that. Yeah, that's been and it was like one championship is not a minor league promotion. But if you and I have the most difficult man say has ever fought probably I mean, he fought like that dude Stockton down and snipe them with a hand grenade broke his face, and I'm sure the optics will look bad, because I know I know they're fighters whereas like, oh, what do you like I've talked to fires like, and like on the regional promotion, and they'll meet people that don't know what they do. And they go what do you do is like an may further? Oh you in the UFC and they go. No. I'm in like ballots or whatever. And they don't they don't know about. It's like this fan doesn't know what ballots. Whereas they know what you'll see is. So I'm sure the optics of these fans that don't know about one championships and ballots, the ballot towards exist. I'm sure we'll look bad. But it's a very interesting question that whether will look bad for you have see I, I, I don't know. I do not know. I think I, I agree. It's a very interesting question, and maybe not one that I had considered that much previously. But I. Also, I feel as though at this point, the UFC is Kleenex, right. You have yet Hugh chips. The you'll see is just it is such a well-known well-established name that, like you said, a lot of casual fans even referred to the sport as you have seen. I don't know. I think at this point it is relatively infallible like it would take something to a very crazy degree happening for you have see to maybe lose some standing in the sport in this world. Just because of the sort of the way this sport has been built up over the last ten years. So I don't know that it's gonna ever start looking bad on the U of C, if anything, I think it might will good for the AUSSIE for in the way that likes the New England Patriots to use your logic. Always let these veterans go maybe one or two years early where they still have maybe one or two years. Good good years left, but there then they fall off in the patriots aren't paying them crazy, money smother teams doing that for lesser performance. I think if anything. People may start to look at it like that. But also, I mean I don't know that like nobody's seeing any Alvarez lose. And then thinking less of Eddie Alvarez, really like these guys were leaving gay Garba Saucier, ROY McDonald in any hours. They already have their bonafides like they are already got it capital with a capital, g so I don't know that, that's like, I think, if anything you just now, people know who Cozma Alexander's right now, people go, who Timothy Nussey is sort of anything you just helping out. You know you have the other promotions to, to promote their own guys in maybe get some level of. Yeah. Some level of I think actually I just. I just, you know is the live show ranting a little bit. But some level of win deadspin does release a tweet like that of minor league promotion, you know stage north debut. They get barraged with people telling them that that's not a minor league promotion, whereas two years from now or two years ago. I don't think that happens whatsoever that people just allow that tweets assert flow into the either. Now, people see it and get upset about it. I think that's a win if anything one hundred percent in for all the sage north cuts. Eddie alvarez. You've had that suffer those, those knockouts early. You get the gay Gardner, sausage, barring McDonald's and Ryan, baiters who jumped to another promotion clean up the gold, invaders jam champion and other promotion. Now we're talking about how years ago beta versus DC we lost out on that. So it's a double edged sword for sure. Yeah. Alright. We have one question left from the funding Chattan will head over to Twitter on this one's coming from Robb, Holland true or false, Sean will stay active as a podcast. I guess she's going to have to wait and see false Chuck will take over the a side. That is false. But we will discuss that more later on in the show. True or false, Kevin Lee will never fight for a title. What do you think hose it? Wow. Interesting. Honestly false. The you have C us so many random interim title fights than random last minute replacements, like he could be fighting on a card. And then in his division in the championship falls out on the main event, and they just pull them from the prelims to the main event. So I don't think anything's out of the realm of possibilities in the AFC at this point. I mean Joe Soto offer championship in is usually debut 'cause he was the only other bantamweight on the card. So I there's nothing out of the round the possibility that is very true. And so he's very young and you never know how this is going to play out. Maybe in two years, they do, do one sixty five and then maybe he's one of those guys. So I'd say falsely. Well, I think he will fight for title before. He's done. True or false Frankie Edgar retires after he loses to max. So this is jumping a couple steps forward. I don't I'm gonna say false. I don't I'm gonna say false. I, I don't have. I can't obviously I don't know what's going on in his brain. I don't know whereas head spaces at. But I mean Frank, he's lost James advice before. And we thought he would never fight like he'd never get back on his two losses to Benson his his law. His losses to Josie Aldo. I him get him in those two losses to Aldo. And then people thought, although would never lose to anyone not name's Connor after that thirteen second knockout, like we've had this conversation before we go always, Frankie ever going to get the featherweight get the UC, James toback. Like, yes, maybe you lose to max. I don't I can't it just my gut is he he's not gonna retire and I can't explain why I say absolutely false. I absolutely false. And I say that because break, you're, you're still has one more thing in his back pocket. You still has one thirty five. He's still is back pocket in. We have heard from a longtime for Mark Henry that, that's probably Frankie Eggers. Best division is the man who was champ at one fifty five. So that's always incredible to think about. But if things go poorly against max, I feel like we will still see Frankie. Edgar try to be one of those guys is a two division champion in go down to one thirty five and try to see if it can make he can make it happen down there and wouldn't that be something if he did, if you're I don't know any comparison for someone who would be champion at a division, and then two divisions lower. That's a pretty. That's a pretty wild accomplishment of is able to do it. So I think he's not going to retire until he exhaust all options to be able to get gold back in his life. Is he teammates Marla? Yes. If Marlin becomes a champion champion, though. And Frankie lose to max, do you think Frankie drops down? His teammate is the champion at one thirty five mean anything can happen in this sport. Right. You never know somebody's going to be the champion. So I, I don't think they would ever fight. In fact, I'm pretty pretty confident in saying that. But I could still see him making the move just in case more than most that's fair as very fair. All right. Let's keep it going. Next one is we will drew false. We will see the one twenty five men at one forty five wins divisions go before we see one sixty five for men. On YoM true. I think the fly which vins already on its last legs. It's champion is finding at one thirty five and like we said, I think cyborg, the featherweight division ends when cyborg, retires. I think we, we were in agreement, that's probably going to be either in two years, or somewhere in there and Dana's beating that into a horse where one sixty five isn't going to happen until he's gone from the USC. So I'll say true. I must say falls, but I think I it's true. I say true regarding the women one forty five. I think that, like we said earlier is probably can catch it on. How long cyborg wants to stay around? I have no idea what to think about one twenty five for men at this point, I have absolutely. No read on this flyway division at this point. It seems as though you ac- is half in half out can recently was talking about how he's gotten assurances from the UFC that division staying here. I hear other whispers about how it's not people getting cut left and right. I have genuinely no idea what's believe about this anymore. So I could see if you know you've seen man, they are not willing, they're not hesitant to do whatever they want to do. So if they wanna be half in and half out, I could see them being half in and half out on this division for several years. If that's what it takes before it finally just kinda shutters. And we still have that. What benefit as informing happening and that's at flyway and that's basically a number one contender's match on. Yeah. I bought again. I just I don't see one five happening for few years. So I'll still stick with my true still Mitro true or false, two thousand twenty the UFC adopts one's weight program false hundred percent fossil hundred percents hits that no way they they've been doing that for what twenty five years, the same thing. I don't think they're going to change anytime soon, also because they would have to do it in a way that has very different than one of see the way they do it. Oh, yeah. Because they're that level of non-transparency would not fly over here with all everything that would not fly whatsoever. You, you're not gonna let us see the weights, you're not going to let us see them way and you're not going to give us a list of the weights and would never fly over here at yet. So emphatically false online. Yeah. Same true or false Seattle Santos surprise is John Jones with a few big scares John edges amount, and a decision like Gustafsen one. Yeah true. I mean, I think he'll really I don't think he's getting I think he'll surprise them with something. I mean Jiagelo Santo decision though. I say false, I think John's dealt with big hitters like this. True in the sense that I think he's surprised as John would something. But I don't think it reaches a decision. So I think the first like Johnson like what is happening right now? This is a, a three headed chainsaw with limbs coming at me. And then he settles in finishes and later. But I think they're like taco Santos is so unpredictable in there. I think true to catch to surprising John with maybe one or two things. But in the end, I think John does finish them. What are the other two heads on that change, though on a hammer and because he has the hammer on his chest. Right. And a flaming sword. I don't know what it's go from. But I like it. True or false. This is wholly homes last title shot. Interesting. False. I don't think I I'll say false seems like Holly always going to be in that. On the I'll just say false. I like she's always like. It's hard for me to on thinking, but she's always going there. He's always one. Yes perfect. She's always right there. And when they need a championship fight. I mean, she fought cyborg, featherweight should never fought or feather way. Well, I guess she did fight. Technically the first featherweight champion, Durand me Germain Durant me like that was the first featherweight fight it, she lost Janet fighting again because the vacant title. So also, I'll say false because Holly's always in that title pitcher. I'll say falls, what I'm very hesitant with my full because she is thirty seven years old. True, she has a game very much predicated on fest, which sort of reactionary stuff. But she's also the, the number one contender into divisions. That's true. She does she did be Megan Anderson, that was a feather way people people kind of forget about that. She, she had her pick of basically. Do you wanna go for this other way town? Or you wanna go with his bitcoin title against the same person. So it doesn't really matter like when he wanted to do. But if this Anna newness fight, it's close this controversial in any way. I can see them running back at forty five and even after the Megan Anderson, fired her post by press. Calm someone was asked to go after that. Like do you want the feather way or the bans on makers you basically have the picking her answer was like forbade them was, like I want it all. So she wants all those titles. She's going to keep going for. So I'm gonna say false. Yeah. And then last one from starting to more from Robb Holland Charles Oliveira's the dark horse, the lightweight division. We already talked about this pretty extensively but I'm gonna say true. He's one of the dark horses. I think they're sat. But that like, like we both said that division is so deep in so talented, there's, there's multiple dark horses. Fisher yet, but he's definitely woman in the last Comoros moon doesn't rate as long as Tyron Woodley. But he will have more title defences. That's interesting. So more tiles, so basically more tile defenses in a shorter amount of time. Like he's just more active fighter is what he's saying. That's what I gotta that. Yeah. I mean, he's pretty active but he just had what he had near new surgery. I think or something like that. And he doesn't even have his first title defense until Tyron Woodley took that break between that was it Maya and was it till was at the long break you had. So he had a couple of breaks yet between my intil. Yeah, those about and then long between Kelvin and Robbie, but that was then he'd knocked out rod, then he was pretty active after that 'cause he fought Thomson twice. After that. But so he tired has from. Not right now, his tolerance over, but he ended up with three times offenses, and I guess four three and a half depending on what you want to count the draw. That's more of a tile retaining that really defense. But is about three three and a half timer fences you think tomorrow and get more. I reserve judgment until tomorrow has his first title defense, actually booked because we don't know when that's going to happen. That's fair. That's just in time line, you mean this, because for all we know he won't fight till December in. That's like months after he wanted. I'll go, I'll say falls doing drew, but I'll reserve judgment. Yeah. And then rob ads hate to see go Sean with all the best steak, he drove quality content smiley face. I really appreciate that rub. All right. Well, that's all from the fighting page. Let's move over Twitter now and you guys can ask wishing using the hashtag a sign. Let us see this, this is a good one. This is coming from her. Good buddy, Dan Shapiro out now LA. He writes that you have see two thirty eight has five women's MA fights Ballantyne of versus just got. I suggest war is versus answer off. Caroline, a couple Cambridge versus Grasso called a win versus chew Kagan in Angela hill versus a Chinese name, then I'm not going to try to pronounce because I will not get it, right. Is this the best lineup of women's fights on any single card in MMA history? Also, what are your top two show shot pieces? I think it's definitely the best in the UFC in like it's, it's obviously retrospective thinking, but. I think it was like those early Invicta cards like if you just look at all the names that blossomed into like these megastars like, I think it was Invicta. Two or three where like Carlos sparce, JoAnne. Calderwood. Teasha tours patrons on that car like those were the pre limp fights. And then, like, Jessica penny, I was in the main event, and so those early Invicta cards looking back had a ton of talent on them. But I think in the U of C four shirts, it's the best all women's not all whims. But like it's the best stretch of female fights on one card. And before you answer my two favorites on I'll shoddy pieces. I'll give. There's two I have two answers for differences. I think the best the best long form piece. I've ever read them was your Sean, Tom's piece for sure. I mean I read that and I was like, well I thought that was a game changer. Well, it was a game changer in how I viewed long long form writing a may was very I knew it was possible. But it was it was that was such that I still read that sometimes that was such a good piece in then furnace stouter reasons I was stuck in an airport on Christmas day in the only thing I had was my phone and I read your, I believe your inner. So that Silva sixteen came on Christmas styles reasons that one, and then I moved into an apartment and I had no internet, except for phone, and I believe it was your India diaries, so consecutive days. It was weird, though, the, the Anderson and India diaries for nostalgia reasons, but that. Sean, top speeds to me is still the gold standard of long form writing, another may. Minimum pushy, that appreciate that a lot. So. The question is this, the best line of women's fights, any single carbon in m a history? That's tough. I mean like you said the early Invicta cars were probably really good. Also, if you wanna go to school, some of the like old fashioned hook and shoot cars. We had me, she's young and all those really like true Trail Blazers back then in, in the midwest, those really good cards. Well, but Steph. Yeah, I think the best you've seen lineup for sure. Let me ask you among those five fights, Valentina, Jessica ice, Juarez answer off co located Grasso called her. What UK again angel hill versus again. Sorry, Chinese woman that I cannot pronounce. Which of those five is, is do you have your on the most touchdown Swart's against Phil. Against fill in the blank. I she's I had, I wrote the the breakthrough fighter of the year list. And she was like the loan, a one of the female fighters on it, and she she's, so she's so talented. I had she's been pegged. I remember when she won the ultimate fighter people are already kind of pegging her as a future title contender in this. She's only gone better and better and better and better. And she's winning dominantly so Tatiana Suarez versus blank. I'm always going to be the most interested in. Agreed agreed hundred percent. That's one hundred that's the number one contender fight for me. I cannot wait to see that one. Also, lent me, not answer off has been continued to surprise aren't saying wasn't she hinting at retirement at one point? And then she took a short notice that just Ryan with it should be like, does a pretty definitive wind. So I don't know. Man. I don't know what this, but I'm looking forward to that. Let's keep going looking for. Questions. This one's coming from AUSSIE fight fan says, hey guys, we are all sick of these sea level judges in MA. How about the you C hires fighters who are on the card to judge the fights pros. They know what they're looking at. They have experienced they get paid, they interact more with fans cons, none thoughts. That's an interesting idea. He says, how basically the of see hiring their fighters who may be around, but aren't on the car to judge divides. Are they still on the roster? He didn't say, but let's say, yes, I would I don't want fighter on the Rosser like judging car. I think you should be not even you should not be an employee of the you have C while or a contracts, the of see while you're judging event, and I do believe it was you that wrote this article a long time ago in enforced someone as Forrest Griffin this about, like, what do you think about judge fighters judging fights? And he was like, no and fatty. No, because fighters will judge based off of their style. I know he's he was like, I'm not like if a wrestler fights, a forest, Griffin's argument was he always favours guys with high volume in low power output, because that's his type of fighting where Matt, he's like me and Matt Hughes will never agree on a kick boxer versus a wrestler, if they fought their style. So for a long time, I was again, fighters should judge, but then Forrest Griffin was sown? Fatted with his no. And laid out all of these reasons why he definitely swayed me and forced not the best person to answer that question. Because maybe he just doesn't want to judge, but he I tend to agree with with his take on it. I'm curious what you have to say though. No, that's a great point. That is it really great point. I forgot that for that little comet from force because you're a hundred percent right. Black belt who spent his entire life on the MAC is going to be giving much more weight to, to grab it actions and things like that -fensive wrestling, while well guy, who's gave by his entire life is going to be much, giving much more credits jabs, and right of various stand up techniques. Also, I this is a bad idea for more reasons than that, because just also fighters have bias. He's mainly. This is a very, very small world, all of MA, everybody knows everybody to some degree in some fighters light some fires some fighters don't like some fighters. Some fighters used to be teammates with some fighters some fires. No people that used to be teammates with so fires. You're just coming going down a road where you have no way to have any real knowledge of, like, hey, what's disguised connection to this guy? Hit truly unbiased observer or is there may be something that happened seven years ago to one of his teammates that, like that sort of thing, like there's a very slippery slope there. That would if you're giving them the power to sway matches for people who are actually in the same promotion as say, even a guy who is a lightweight is judging the lightweight fight against contenders. Yeah. The he has his own stake in that at that point. So it just wouldn't work. It's a good idea. I mean, it's an interesting idea. I don't know if it's going to be, it's interesting. It wouldn't work. All right. Let's keep it moving. True or false. And this is coming from J stat five, four true or false, Frances knocks out, JD s than gets a title shot. True. Also true. I mean we we've talked we talked about, I think it was after it was after is knocked out of Kane you were like, I think Francis. Might be the best heavyweight in the world. But that was always if Dan of Cormet was gonna stick around or not. So also true Francis has looked was last two fights have have his last five combined to be two minutes like Curtis blades in. Is Kim glasses that I just said, so I'll say also true, whether I don't think it's another flash knockout, but I think he's just stronger faster harder hitter all around. So I'll say true. I true. Well, I say she was well, I think I think. I think for as will be changed by the end of the year. I'll say that. Ooh. So he was so. Do you think he fights steep a or, or Cormie? Or do you think he fights for vacant title? I think that regardless of what happens next with St. bay in Daniel is a good chance at dinner, retires would be fighting. It would be France's for probably St. bay or someone for the begging title or maybe steep. A winds. Then you go into the Francis rematch or maybe the winds. He goes into the Francis rematch by some point at the end of this year. Francis will be so undeniable that he will get that chance to fight for a title. I am a believer in what this man has become and it's, it's not like he's at this, like, yes, he deserved when he knocked over like he was clearly the number one contender like same for now. It's not like there's an argument against him. So get that towel shots. I like oh he's an ex he's not the flavor of the month. He earned that title shot if he beats radius, especially now that it's a main events, a five round fight. Yeah, yeah. Exactly. I agree with you. Let's keep going next questions coming from Natalie zen Mundi. Oh. Who was asked essays north suburbs. Such a severe facial injury. I wonder if he'll ever be cleared to fight, again, who else has had their face broken to so many pieces in return to the cage, I don't know about, as many pieces, I guess, I don't know specifics of their face breaking but cups wants certainly handed in this a lot earlier in his career with Joe's Aldo that, that it's miss. Double need that took how long maybe ten seconds, something like that, in the W, E C, and he certainly bounce back to have a really nice, really solid successful career. It's not a deck Nell by any stretch, and actually cub reached out on Twitter to Satit offering some words of encouragement after something like that. So that was very cool to see, but that's one that sticks out to me of getting his face broken still coming back and having a long career afterwards was that the was that how he got injured though. I always under the impression that it was a training injury that he when he broke his face like on the severity of sei's north cut. For. Oh, you're right. I think you're right. So in that. I don't know. I don't know. I don't I could totally be wrong but I know cub brogues face at least ones. Yeah. I believe there was a training but still that, that he was at the same after that shirt took him wild to get back from that Aldo one-term. You talk to him. In terms of. I can't think of anyone that's had that severe of a of an injury in the UFC. I know there's been fighters like Amir so dollar who've like when they fought. So in love with he was never the same. But that was like a prolonged like constant barrage of beating and he never physically recovered, but I can't scuff Swanson was the first thing that came to mind. And he, he ended up being like climbing way back in the contender ship. Yeah. Okay. We'll hey let's hit two more questions we were running low on time here, this order pretty long show, but I figure why not right. Screw this experts from Puerto boy. No good man at waterboy. No says one final true or false, RDA fights for the title, at least one more time. Thank you for the great context, Sean. True for the same reason its Kevin Lee nothing out of the round. The possibility in the when they're handing out tile shots again. Like not like to me you, if you're fighting on a card, like, I remember talking to Jose tours about this before you see twenty seven where he wanted to fight on the same card as Dmitri's Johnson Henderson ks. One of them got hurt in. He was the only flyweight on there, and that he just got pulled from the prelims up to the main event. So the us done it before. So I'm going to say I'll say he'll, he'll, he'll fight for title because again, nothing is out of the realm of possibility. So I'm assuming you're in this scenario that would be the one seventy I would imagine unless they make a one sixty five. I say false. I don't know how much more he has left in being this world high level class guy, but it'd be cool. It'd be cool was wrong. He's always been one of the good guys in the sport. He's always for a long time. One of those overlooks fighters of his era. Really? So it'd be cool to see him go out with one more title shot. I just. All right. Last question in this one's coming from Chris pool at Mabel Mabel bacon eight like that say eight so as we prepare ourselves for Shaheen less a side podcasts in you to please reflect on a moment from a fight week. You covered that has stood out in your memory. Thanks guys. All the best cheers. Of covering it together just individually I think is just individually he didn't say anything about together. So what's, what's one memory from five weeks for you one that stood out for me was, I was super young, and I'm sure you've gone through this before when you're young when you're new in the game, it's media days can be a little intimidating specially with all those scrums where you're trying to get your interviews and everything. And I wasn't doing video at the time, but I had, like my recorder, and they did one of those media days where it was. I believe it was for before Aldo McGregor. When they took all the fighters that weren't even on the card all the upcoming fights. So they had like it was like a month after Holly home knocked out Rhonda so like she was like there and they had TJ in Dominic in. Cats in Ghana was not chasm Gano may. I can't remember all the fighters there. But it's basically that weren't fighting the next day, and they were all not cutting weight. So they were much more lively and talkative and eighty nine no I was one ninety four. Oh, yeah. You're right. You're right. You're so and I was trying to interview Dimitrius Johnson as someone's gonna knock on my door. I now I was trying to redo meters Johnson. And I just couldn't like I kept trying to get my questions in and people just talk over me and someone do, again, into music John's was like, hey, this young man has been trying to ask me questions for the last five minutes, and it was like, and then I asked a question, and he was like, that was a good question, because I was writing this thing on like he fought in the WC and stuff. It was like all this WC fighters headlining the biggest card at the time. And I was trying to get all these WC fighters their, their takes on it. And it was like when you're new, and you're not you're still trying to build that confident. And like arguably the grace fire in the world, kind of, like reassures, you that you're doing, okay? Like you're gonna be like you're doing. You're not you're not an idiot. Beijing. Like that was like to me. I was like cool, like I can do this kind of moment, so that to me, that's the first one that really stuck out in the later that time I stopped at cruise and give it if you dodgers I asked down crews about the WC and he talked for like twenty five minutes while other reporters behind me we're like, oh my God. This kid get outta here. I was like, sorry, guys. Hey, you got your story. You probably got. I did. And so that was really the time I was like, all right. I can I can do this moment. That's cool. That was a really interesting week too because I was when they're doing the three events in three days that was a long week. Yeah. That was while I remember that we really restraint strongly that's cool. That Dimitrios did that for you on stage and I remember, I remember turning around and Chuck mendenhall. I looked at me and gave me a wink in thumbs up, and I was like, all right. I, I, I, I can do this stop being nervous to talk to people that stuff is needed, man like back in the day, a couple of different fighters. Do that for me when I was still really young starting out in its it. You're intimidated environment with athletes in you're young. You're young guy all these veteran reporters around. That's that's awesome. That's really cool story. Yeah. That was so that was really important to, like Mike in like it confirmed that I wanted to do this for a living. Yeah, I think my two might to memories of fight week that stand out really strongly. One of them is, you have C two hundred and I don't know that there was even a particular memory about that week. It was more so just three days stretch that started with this craziness in the middle of the night with John Jones popping in every Inle everything that's devolved from that we mean Ariel and Mark area who wanna Margaret money were actually doing an EMMY finding live chat, just like this one at the exact moment, when we found out that all of that happened in that actually in about five minutes, there's gonna be a press conference downstairs across the entire MGM like a run to basically. And we're casual clothes we had cut that live jet short in just sprint out there and go cover this weird press covers with data Cormet crying, John Jones, crying in Dana white, not having any idea. What was go? On. And then from that point on that whole week was just crazy. It was just nuts. There was one thing after another. I remember at that, that impromptu presser that you have CPR staff were around, sort of in their gym clothes, like they just come from spin class like everyone was beginning to weaken everyone was already totally thrown off in the next several days chaos. And then the event actually happens. And then literally twelve hours later, the of C soul throat this crazy figure, and I was at the summer league basketball just watching, like hard weeks over a midget enjoy. Some summer league basketball watch the young sons in halfway through I was actually I rarely ran into you have CPR that I know pretty well down there. We was washing the Suns together and halfway through. He looked at his phone, and he got ghost white in. He was just like I got a leap and it was just something's going on. And then, like, like five minutes later, I heard from somebody else said that sale. It happened in just the weirdest week I have ever experienced at if I weak ever. It was just chaos nonstop, so that's one that sticks out. And then I think the other one that always will stick out to me is you'll see one ninety six which was d McGregor to that was out one. To what think of it, which is the rematch in. I've covered a lot of Connor fights over the course of my life in those were always probably the most fun weeks that I've really had them road. But to, to was just a different level entirely. It was it was unbelievable environment to you were there. Right. I think I absolutely was we saw nights each other. Yeah. That's what I thought it was an unbelievable. Environment is really hard to describe somebody who isn't there. There's that big fight feel times of thousand and also the animosity between the two camps because it was very much like two different sizes, west coast, east coast type of thing. We did the preview show after the way ins. And so all of the, the Irish were rowdy as all hell after these way in super site. And we did a preview show amongst a sea of Irish in both myself I in the marker Mondays second pick, Nate d is to be Conor McGregor. We were incorrect, but we picked him amongst the sea of Irish and the whole preview shows just cast, it's only like seven minutes long, and at some point, we lose Mark in the crowd is carried back from the people and it was Ariel just it is. It is truest pro wrestling, Paul Heyman type of mode. He was just crushing it owning the stage. It was one of the coolest memories. I think I have from my week is just that preview show. In watching it afterwards and just cracking up in that was really such a wild week. I remember watching that happen. I'm like, I I'm curious if I'd see them after this ever again, or they just get carried into the ether, but that was because that was those Wayne's were in like a ballroom to weren't. They wasn't even in the arena. Yeah. That was a I remember entering that week. I've kept saying this is a big fight, but it doesn't feel like it, and then when I got to laws, Vegas, and after that, first press crumbs to the water bottle phone, and I was like, all right. This is this is madness right now. This is gonna be anarchy in the streets in will hundred percent. Right. So, yeah, that was a wildly for sure. That's a good call. Because I remember the entire first beginning of the week, the whole conversation was like, oh, this doesn't feel as big as thought it would. And then it soon as the water bottle thing happened is just like okay. And that fight card was great. I mean, you had rumble Johnson like sending two shares to like into the stands the Cody Garbrandt knocking out to came as gawky like faster than Tom Cruise in the yelling at him at the FOX desk, and then Harry getting a random call out for his UFC debut on a main card scoring phrase, I will say, I was the first ever person to interview Mike Perry in a UFC fight week because he was at media day. Your buddy, Mike Perry. All right. He was in his at media day and no one was talking to him at all. Like the media, they started. And everyone ransall all these fighters. And in my mind, I'm like, I'm gonna get all the fighters that no one is talking to now. And then when they switch, I'll get the fires that everyone wants at the end. So I- within the first thirty seconds immediately. I just walked up to Mike ferry seven minute interview memory have got crossed so that interview never saw the light of day. And then what did you say? Time is in teed a flat circle. 'cause now Mike parent higher basically linked forever through the magic of the internet. So it's, it's definitely come full circle. Yes. He's a big fan of your friendly. I'm in. I'll never live like if I that from known for that's what I'm known for Amen and someone who has very unfriendly hair. I am extremely jealous of your ability to have for me. I would trade you in a second. So, you know, I'll trade you my hair. If you can trade me, your wax poetic ability to put words on onto the onto paper, you find me a genie who can somehow get this done, and we'll do it deal. I'll trade you a couple banners. For the Suns guy. Then you didn't even need sweeten the deal, but it's already in. All right. Well, I think I've wasted enough time. I don't know that I can stretch this any longer. I don't wanna say goodbye, but I think I have to say goodbye. So at the end of our show, we do something called the promo, and you guys know where we talk about, whatever we want to talk about Jose, you're the guest of honor today. So would you like to go first short? I'll keep it short. Because I know you wanna do your thing in this all off the top of my head, and I kinda touched applying little before. But I've been getting a lot of tweets and messages saying, like oh, are you guys ok the health of the site going gonna be is still going to be around and were like, and I'm not promising that we're going to, like try to work hard like we're this isn't a promise to try to work hard. This is we're going to keep working hard. I mean, I think we have the hardest working staff in the business. Ester is to me, the best talk for in sports. Not just combat. Sports all sports. Casey, what? The best video for Dany than the mayo with Luke, absolutely. Fantastic. Combo one Danny. I work every day together. Alex is a machine. I can't say enough good things about his work ethic, where he'll just go work for hours. I'm like out. You've probably sleep. These are stuff to right. Oh my gosh. And then feeds E G are just holding it down on opposite ends of the world. So this is a we're going to continue to work hard, and I know it's weird coming from me, because I am the newest one on the staff and people don't like change. And I know like I have like a nose ring tattoos and all that stuff. So maybe I'm not your Cup of tea, but this is since I'm here and I'm saying this we're gonna keep working hard. I still think we're the best staff in the business. And yes, I'm very sad that we're losing Sean as a writer, but I'm very also super sad that we're losing one of my closer friends in the business because I've saved this for the end obviously. But, like Sean, and I went to Arizona state. We didn't know each other there, but we kind of gravitated towards each other because of that bonds. So it's weird that I worked we see each other and fight week. And every fight week you would be like just keep working hard. Because Sunday, I remember you telling me this at UFC I think it was one eighty nine which was McGregor Mundus. You're like 'cause you had your nights, soussan everything, and you were like someday. You're going to be here with me when you were doing your preview show, and I was like, I hope that happens someday, and I never like in the back of my mind. I was like, maybe it won't happen. But eventually I got here and I got to work with you for a few months, and it was so awesome to work with you. And I'm still obviously going to see you. And I'm super happy for wherever you're going. I'm bums that you are leaving because we're losing your work, and I'm not going to be able to interact with you every day because you're one of my closer friends in the game. But I'm happy that you're getting this. This opportunity that you're gonna have. So, but there may fighting train continues on and we're not going anywhere. So hopefully you get used to my face. Danny's face Alex face because we're all still going to be here, and it's weird. When you said you did that post show with you, Mark, and aerial, and now you're not you're all off on your own quest. So it's a little intimidating because I think the three of you, if you make like a list of the best in the game, you're right there on the shortlist. So as an intimidating quest that I'm on now to keep to, to. Live up to your guys standard. But I'm gonna do my best man. You're gonna kill it. I know you're gonna kill it and I know you guys are gonna kill it. Jose, trying to make me cry. You get a motion on waterworks. I'm I'm I didn't prepare anything maybe I should have. I'm gonna miss you guys miss you guys a lot. I know I'm going to start by saying, I agree on hundred or so everything you just said, this, this is hard for people who don't see behind the scenes to understand how hard this team works in how well run like just how slick this t- this operation is over the course of a fight week where there's so many things going on. And there's just so much demand for so many different posts in content social in, etc. And this team will worth like such a well oiled machine in you guys are to just continue to kill. I am excited for you guys to get bigger opportunities. Now to become to get your faces out there more, I am going to be very much a fan of 'em may fighting for life. I'm gonna watch in. Can't wait to see what you guys do with new, you're gonna crush it. I don't know. I'm gonna I guess we'll try to not get a motion will I do this. But I started this started with this company. About ten years ago. I was a of. Junior in college and St.. In, in a class. And I just kind of settled on, on writing English as a major bounced around several majors over until I finally just figured out. Maybe this is what I'm good at. And I was in a class in one of these times for the classes was reach out to someone who's who has a job with like, and see if you can just have an interview with it. Instead, I reached out to Espy nations is a gentleman named Seth Pollock, who running ran the Phoenix Suns website on Espy nation. And I said, you know, I, I love you guys aside him the sons I love your coverage do every with you. Did the interview with him? And then at the end of the interview he said, would you, would you like to be an interim with bright side of the sun or at the time it wasn't even bright side of the sun? It was going to be an era, Zona side. No longer exists espionage in Arizona, and I was overjoyed at the at the possibility in ended up doing it. And I realized in retrospect, it was just a way for them to get free work because I worked my ass off. And they just but it was it was cool. It was a really cool action into the to the business in that somehow lead to one opportunity which led to another opportunity, which elderly, let's make finding and when I came to fighting I mean I was. It was real to me to be part of a team that was so talented that you had been folks area wanting Luke Thomas all of these guys might she a penny oggi's of the game. Who really, you know, build this from the ground up, and it was surreal to me to work along, so many people call them co worker and is still surreal to me to this day, even every morning to be able to open my computer and see that on page in just know that I played some small part in this in that some hell, I got lucky enough to work with so many talented people, and that this company took a chance on a kid, who had really no actual qualifications other than he loves sports, and I forever, appreciated. I don't have words to say how much I appreciate it. Ten years in this company raised me company made me who I am today. I remember the day, I don't I don't want to do, but I remember the day, my dad. His own life. One of the first calls, I made was to our fearless leader Bryant Tucker. Because for some reason, I felt like I had to let him know that I would be able to work for a little bit in just that this team gave me so much support. When I really needed it the most I will I bleed the black, and yellow of Emma may fighting so much, and I feel like I always will, and I will forever. Like I said, be a fan of all of you and I just don't have proper were suits to thank you guys. So to try to do a quick rundown, a fake us. I hope I don't miss anybody this. All top of my head's risky. Like I said earlier, but I wanna thank aerial in lieu. My two of my mentors. My biggest mentors. I could not have asked for better mentors in this business to the best. And they will continue to be moving forward might she bent folks who gave me early encouragement is writers, and who I looked up to as riders in eventually lucky enough to call teammates. Those were the were the best in the game and they still are estrin Casey the greatest. Of all time the best at what they do in any sport. And I will rider die with forever. Congratulations. Again you to recently get married. It was guys Tommy so much over the course of the past ten years, Mark. One of my best friends in the space. Proud of what we're able to do. Man may cruise the best Daham journalists in all of Brazil. He always has been and he will continue to be he owns that beat. Like nobody else has an I say the same about PT Carol. He is the best damn journalists in all of Europe in he. No, he will continue kill it. And you guys subscribe to the euro bash podcast. If you have not ready, Chuck minute whole the best writer in the entire game. It was incredible honor to were in learn alongside him in just learn about the craft alongside him. He is our generation's, poet, he is just dependable of this of this space, when it comes to writing, Danny Alex, aka Lee, Jose jet is been honored to carry the site into this next era with all you guys like said, I know you're gonna kill it for years to come. I'm really excited to watch it in Brian Tucker, who, who is sort of the anonymous. Face to all of this. He doesn't get the headlines he doesn't get the recognition, but he is the captain of this ship in his support, your support, and belief in me has been invaluable man. You're the best boss I've ever had. It's been incredible working with you in all of you all of you out there. I'll be readers listeners supporters fans of Emily finding I do not get the opportunity to do this job for so long without you guys. And I do not properly have words to, to thank you for it. And I'm just still barely holding this together. So we'll wrap it up. But as. You pumping your fist over there. Fry. I genuinely do not have words to knowledge my gratefulness at how much support you guys have given throughout the years, the readers and listeners, fence may fighting, you guys really, are why we do this, why we're able to do this endeavor have your support for so long as meant so much to me. As Mark said in his era said before him. This is not good. Bye. It is just see later. And I will definitely see as later, I'm gonna miss now working with guys on the road made it's going to it's going to suck. I'm gonna miss now working with you guys daily basis, but I need to a rep the so before lose myself, so it's been fun. It's been fun. And I'm excited to see what you guys do this, because I know you're gonna absolutely could carry this tradition for it, and kill it for for years, and years, and years to come, and I can't wait to, to talk to you about it. Five years down the line, when you're the most famous men and women media. Wow. But yes, I guess we should also acknowledge the yet that I am leaving the show. So the future this show, the show will continue an absolutely will continue. This is your guys has shown so one person's departure does not change that. I give the show to you, Jose. This is yours. Do what you want with it. Readers listeners are wonderful. Hope you guys will give Jose chance like you gave market. I chance we were terrible at it for a long time, and I feel like we're still probably not very good at it. So Jose probably will be better than me. But again, to Jose says your, your, the captain of this ship now as long with the rest of the staff, and I know you're gonna take no pressure going from Luke to, and Sean, and now to me. No pressure, right. No pressure. You got this all again. I'm gonna do my absolute best to keep working hard for everyone that high. Hopefully, I know people don't like change. I'm sure you guys experienced it when you took it over from Luke, and I'm sure, I'm going to experience it initially, but I'm gonna work as hard as ever to keep the ship flowing. No, you will men and I'm gonna drive the Las Vegas with you in two days. Hey. These wrestling. So this is not goodbye just see later. But that is it for me. Thank you guys so much for everything. I really can't say that enough. This has been the side live chat podcast. My name is shown shoddy them is Jose young. This is let me ask you, Jose. I don't even know. Are you guys do a show next week? I plan on it. I mean note no days off. Right. Same time same place next week. I cannot wait to see a thank you so much. Once again, I love all. Podcast. My name is showing Shelly, that man is Jose Young's will see you. When we see that you guess they saw.

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