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Leaving Neverland | 3/4/19


Pat, gray is here on the blaze radio network. Welcome to Monday, great to be here and be alive. All that all that all of it so much more on Monday morning knowing that the workweek is just beginning. And as it just begins. It'll be over just that quickly. Lazy seriously mazing how fast time goes by? But welcome triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three horribly devastating tornadoes. We're waking up to what? Twenty three people killed in tornadoes. Lots of homes destroyed tore through central Alabama, also Georgian Louisiana, South Carolina, South Carolina, thirty six tornados in total over four states, so twenty three dead dozens hurt and a lot of lives just up rooted, really sad. And they're thinking that when the search resumes at daybreak they could find some more victims. So keep them in your prayers specially legality Alabama. Yep. So our thoughts and prayers go to everybody affected for speedy recovery. 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It's great for contemplation spiritual restoration by one wonder bible for thirty nine ninety nine plus five ninety nine shipping and handling and get an optional. Second wonder bible for fifty percents off with free shipping and handling. Wonder bible makes a great gift for any family member in need of spiritual restoration to order yours. You can go to one just call one eight hundred five five eight forty one twenty two or you can go online at wonder bible dot com. Wonder bible dot com again, one eight hundred five five eight forty one twenty two or go to wonder buydell dot com to order yours. It's Pat gray unleashed on the lake. It is. Welcome Greek Debbie with us, triple eight nine hundred thirty three Ninety-three anybody else. See the Michael Jackson documentary last night. I did not. Wow. Is that disturbing really? Oh, really? I bought it. I mean, I believe so. Yep. Yep. Bids. They're pretty compelling, and they're pretty believable. And what they went through. If if he did all those things just what a sick sick twisted bastard. He was. Especially since he. You know, he professed to be all all the back to Chitwan let it cheetan. Two of your cheating a little too never heard it. You do what kind of frequent seated hurt children all of them fairly most of them. Yeah. Many of them certainly many accusations. So for one of them met Michael at five, and I think then the abuse started at seven seven years old on Wade Robson the other one James safe. Chuck started at ten went to fourteen and I mean, my wife, and I gasped over and over and over at the descriptions, I mean, it's it's horrific Riddick. And the parents, you know, the parents were on the show as well and interviewed. And you can kind of see how they. They didn't think anything of it. Here's the biggest star in the world. I don't I don't know. How you don't think anything of it? But when you hear them say it, you think well, yeah. I mean, it's Michael Jackson. Right. We'll stay in. Can you can you stand my room? No. But you know, you can certainly stand ours. And you guys can see again in the morning. Under supervision. But now, they I guess when all that began they were pretty close. And and they just believed he was kind gentle and sweet and loving. And so it wasn't a problem for these young boys to spend the night with them. And they both said as soon as they did it. It was on. And then he used his manipulation on them to keep them quiet about it for a long long time. So this was this was something. I did not see the documentary, but just listening to you describe it. It sounds like not only did he do this. But it was almost sounds like it was premeditated every time. Yeah. Yeah. He picked up boys along the way, appearances, concerts, and whatever and then just kinda groomed him. Sick. I mean, really sick and twisted. And again, you know, it's hard being too. When you think back the at the guy and watching him perform and listening to his music, you just wouldn't. You just wouldn't believe it. He he was so Connick he was especially in the eighties. I mean star in the world that was a part of America. Yeah. And just kind of like the Bill Cosby stuff. You know, you look back and you're just J Simpson. Yes. My goodness. Yeah. So I mean, I guess tonight. They're going to talk about how. Yeah, we we lied. But you can already see the stage was set for them to lie and protect him any told them, you know, everybody finds out you're gonna go to jail for for the rest of your life, so ally, wait the kid is going to go to jail, and that's what he told them. They'll make go to jail for the rest of their lives. And life would be over for for both of them. So I mean that kind of brainwashing. It's understandable that they lied under oath especially back in the early nineties when they were still kids. Well, and I mean, he did according to these two guys a lot lot of stuff to him in just really despicable in horrifying. I mean, it is like I read this from one of the reviews of the documentary before side, and they called it an actual it's a horror movie, and it really is. It really is. It's toy faint. But really, I mean truly horrifying. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Also worth mentioning we got a new bingo board we had a winner last week. And we started we start a new one every Monday, we got good and plenty close. Okay. Is this pen, by the way at the top of Pat Twitter page at pedal unleashed, you can download it there. Mhm? Zac, hacked off rustling papers. Confirmed doesn't count as a demonstrate exactly megaphone chant. Certain genocide qua. That for a while. No, no. I don't give a rat's anus. I'm gonna get me a beer gotta say like Elizabeth Warren does I'm gonna go. Oh, yeah. Okay. This is mega country Kim Jong UN fat little dish come on, Phil. And whoever. Are you gonna pay for it? Just do always puzzled by people who say how you're gonna pay for it. Yeah. Just do then in the middle here the middle square. Always from last Friday where we got the call from Judy oh Twitter was so on fire with that stuff yourself this weekend. Everybody was playing great. We'll get into that. In a second here. Great now. Judy took things a little too literally. Yeah, we're playing the Alex Jones stuff accusing Glenn of running a CIA FBI substation here. And she thought we were admitting it to it. And so we're explained to her that we weren't. We weren't sarcasm confused. Judy a little bit perhaps. And so we started explaining jokes tour the rest of the day, and then it kind of caught on on Twitter. So anyway, the middle square setter square joke is explained Judy that pro- probably won't be difficult to to to get a check Mark on that one key suggest good, Ben. Pat beat Ted Cruz at foosball. You gotta mix it a foosball reference. Bernie's this land is your land patsies along with his bumper music. Unless you want people to die. Leakages? Oh leakages reference in here. Do not think that word means what you think it means. Pat describes a pet peeve footage. She said that. Wow. Wow. Okay. Well, there's one right there gains. We marked out off. Movie trailer voice Justice hoax with the music. With. Again, just a demonstration. Yeah. But it'd be something like this. And good. Golly. Thank you. Just too much for your efforts yet again now. The fun. We had a judy's expense over the weekend. Kind of ballooned into something fairly phenomenal out of control. People tweeted out a lot of stuff just to muck and Futch got in on the on the fun. This week has been funny as hell hell is not actually funny. Judy. From muffler squish when they say more, Pat gray unleashed is just around the quarter. The don't mean you have to actually leave wherever you're listening from and go around a corner. Okay. All right. From saves eighty four. I wonder if Judy really thought Pat was sending the home version of Bora trivia to people. Well, yeah, that's true. I really was. Yeah. The full now. Sorry from patriotic pudding. You weren't kidding. We met her. So briefly yet, I think she'll live on for years to come. That is not to say, you're actually immortal. Judy just to be clear. That's the other thing is it all weekend people were catching up with the podcast. And they're like, I don't understand what this Judy is. I'm gonna have to catch up. Oh, I get it. Now. So good from real thug loaf. Maybe while we're doing shows for Judy. We should wish fathers a happy Father's Day to remember that cholera patents to. That's a great. Call was literally because I was screening day for patents to in this guy. It was the two days before mother's day was the Friday show, and you guys were talking about moms and playing some montage or something. And then he was pissed that we weren't doing weren't you doing this for dads, which I'm sure it's Father's Day coming up. I don't care. I wanna talk to these guys. They're not doing enough for fathers. What was his name Bill or something? I think it was. That was very Judy ask though. From Justin souls, if you wanna see judy's head explode play the sound bite of kittens board in the oven. Eight our kittens born in the oven, our biscuits clip. Got some Cuanto elects forces probably gotta find some caught LX man kit. Give birth to kittens in an oven can give birth of kittens in oven de don't make them biscuits. Judy. From general general Judy listening to the Judy show. Judy that doesn't mean it's your show. It's test. Pat, talking about your that was the title of Friday show, the Judy show. So maybe she was and I love I forgot I think it was actually general general Judy coffee girl 'em who sent out a memo or gift, I guess of Paddington bear at the station and all these people rushing by. And it's like this is everybody listens to Pat rushing to change their handle on Twitter to something to do with Judy all week. And everybody's name was something about Judy. From Festus mic crafty beaver. Festus MC crafty beaver. I really hope. Judy doesn't have Twitter for girl and Alex Jones general general tweets poor girl as in he feels bad for you Judy not that he thinks you don't actually have money. Oh, yeah. So I I so your your daughter actually got in on play. I play the Alex Jones segment from Thursday to set up the Judy call from Friday for my kids over the weekend. And then my youngest Z got in on the act and show picture Trudy. Yeah. There's there's Judy. What does she say? If a fork in the road, it could pop tyre tyre says fork in the road doesn't mean it's an actual fork Judy. The two areas to road split off. I'm raising smart, Alex. And I'm around ED's. Judy splayed, Nicole thirty seven with joints of an eighty year old. So I hear you. I also have the humor of nine year old. So I guess it all evens out and mean tweets of Helena responded, Judy Nicole does not mean that she stole marijuana cigarettes from an eighty year old nor did she have a transplant of joints from an eighty year old. Speaking of mean tweets of Helda, I guess it's pretty chilly. Somebody just tweeted us that it was what thirty one below. Yeah. So I St. Helena. Yes, I sit an image from my trial mama's morning it being twenty one degrees and people we know that it's much much colder parts of this great land. And Helena, just checked in where it's like you said thirty one below so. I won't complain too much. Somebody lied to us as actually twenty two below zero. According to what I'm saying to below zero. Or maybe they're talking chilled factor, which don't give you that chill factor stuff. We'll maybe maybe maybe where they live outside of its it's possible. Okay. It's possible. Then they should have been more specific they should have their GPS coordinates. Tell me exactly where it was thirty one below the high today. They'll whopping six so they got that going. Yeah. This is the kind of day that if you're listening in the state of Nebraska, it's a good day to go and get a runs where they in the wintertime. They sell it to you for the temperature. Eight AM is what you pay for a runs. What's runs a it's a sandwich that it's like a fast food place that you would love. And I'm sorry. The reference isn't you know? Yeah. You don't get it. So therefore, you're not interested immediately. He just does checks. All these people says there's weird Nebraska renovating. Nobody gets not just Twitter. It's just me that doesn't matter. 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Finally, it's a real solution for earwax build up use wax Rx dot com. Offer code radio. Great on. President trump. It the CPAC circuit over the weekend. On Saturday and had his longest speech in the history of his presidency. Probably as long as beach at his life, two hours, two minutes. Glenn long-winded? That's that's amazing. Anyway, here's a segment of it where he's a he's getting worked up a little bit. Not fair. This one flu. So I met general's general one general to general three I mean, these generals there's no person in Hollywood that could play the role. These guys are like perfect people. I said what's your name, sir? My name is raisin. What the hell confidant? I said raising like the fruit. He goes. Yes, sir. Raising what you let him Cain raising K. You. I said you. Raising cane's. I'm just made him a big star. Just like I did with badass when I said, we're gonna give you a new nickname cause chaos is not a nickname. So we changed his name. Call the mad dog, but it wasn't working too. Well, mad dog was what could do. Well. So what happened is I flew rack. I want to meet the people on the site because I learn more sometimes from soldiers what's going on. Then I do from generals. I do I hate to say I tell that to the generals. But I didn't have to go there. I didn't have to go there because I meet and I landed this airport. The most incredible thing we must have spent three billion dollars building. It's one of the reasons I don't wanna leave Iraq so fast. I said how well how do we leave this thing? So I have raised in Kane three other generals colonels sergeants. And I said bring the cameras I'm gonna make a movie, this is the most incredible thing, and I said to the generals, listen. We gotta get out. I wanna know why is it going to take two years to knock off two or three or four percent? Which is well, we had left it won't, sir. I said tell me why it won't it won't, sir. If we attack them in a different manner. We can do it much faster. Okay. General raising Cain. How fast, sir? We can. Have it totally finished in one week? I said what week I was told to here's one week. That's right, sir. We're only hitting from a temporary basis Syria. But if you gave us permission, we could hit him from the back from the side from all over from the base that you're right on right now, they won't know what the hell hit him. They will know what the hell hit him. So. I said why did my other generals? Tell me that. Why didn't they tell me that? I said, did you tell them that not our place to say it, sir? They come in from Washington, sir. We have to take orders. You're the first one to ask us our opinion. It's true. True, true, true, true back. And I said I'm going to get back to you soon. Raisin. I think you'll great. K? Okay. Wow fairly. That's. Daniel Kane who goes by the nickname raisin. But. Okay. I looked it up there. So still it's funny. It is funny. But. Wow. Was enjoying himself at CPAC yesterday very much. So. Yeah. He also he also mocked the green new deal, which was kind of fun. Harry is talking about the the new trees in big trouble folks because we have to get it back. And when I look at what's happening on the other side. I in courage. All right say. Got a problem with the systems day barely. Yeah. They're they're fixing the machine, right? Seems to be a little bit of an issue. It's a Monday morning. You know, machines have issues while warmth because well guess. Anyway, he he mocked the green new deal. He said he wants them to keep pushing the green new deal 'cause he's right about that is so ridiculous. You gotta believe that the American people are are going to understand how ludicrous the green new deal is and reject it. I hope. I'm just a little nervous that some of these extreme policies of the Democrats have are becoming okay with some of the American people decent portion of the American people. People seem to want handouts now, and they seem to want to fix this non existent problem is non catastrophic problem with Coney in measures spending one hundred trillion dollars on something that doesn't necessarily need to be fixed. So he he mocked at. And you know, the crowd aided up crowd loves pretty much everything you did. They were on board from the beginning. Do we have Tara set Meyer talking about this because very few people are willing to say anything anything negative about the president in this current environment? Because you get hammered for it. And it's interesting because the Republican party has just gone along with everything Donald Trump has said and done and pretty much everything that is a policy of the president's then becomes a policy of Republicans, even conservative Republicans who were never on board with some of these things, here's what here's what Tara set Meyer said wondering, what did this here CPAC tell you about where the Republican party is right now, it just re-confirmed the fact that the Republican party is completely bent. It's me in a corrosive way to Donald Trump's elk and someone who's been to probably I don't know over a dozen CPAC over. For my political career. And it was something I used to look forward to as a conservative because it was never a circus like this until the era of Donald Trump. It's really sunk in into a place of embarrassment. Watching Republicans clap like seals to that lunacy of a speech yesterday by the president of the United States is just disheartening and a lot of ways this is where the party's going. Wow. Pretty strong stuff from terrorists Meyer. Terek course at one time in aid to. What's his face in California? Dana Rohrabacher, oh Brooker. You didn't know? Yeah. And then of course, she came to work for the blaze, and she was on that news program. We did for while. And that's when she was part of the as we learned. Yes, right, right. As all employees. Here are are, of course, clandestine agents for the CIA or the sometimes the NSA and every once in a while the NCWA and so. Definitely march. Yes. Time of year when I'm definitely a big. So but for participants at CPAC to clap like seals during the president's speech on Saturday. I mean, they kind of do they kind of did. And it didn't matter what he was saying they loved it. They loved it. And. You know, it's not like every policy of Donald Trump's is conservative or should be adopted by the Republican party. But everything is everything pretty much is that's the party. Now, that's the Republican party. All right here. He is making fun of the green new deal. We have our country's in big trouble folks because we have to get it back. And when I look at what's happening on the other side. I encourage it. I say, no, no, I think the new green deal, or whatever the hell, they call it. The green new deal. Right. Green new deal. I encourage it. I think I think it's really something that they should promote. They should work hard on. It's something our country needs desperately. They have to go out and get it. But I'll take the other side of that argument only because I mandated to I meant it, but they should stay with that argument. Never change. No planes. No energy. When the wind stops blowing. That's the end of your electric. Let's hurry. That is true the wind blowing today, I'd like to watch television. There was some fun stuff. So. Yeah. The wind's blowing or as we learned when it gets too cold. Yeah. That we had shut down the winter buns. Wow. And that's win. What had to step up to the plate nuclear in? Call coal fired. Power plants had to be fired back up every year. Millions of Americans make resolutions, we resolved to lose weight need healthy save money. Finding new job. Maybe you should make a resolution that could actually save your life. And resolve to take your firearms skills to the next level. You can do that with target pro. I target pro uses your smartphone and their app their app. Tracks is a caliber specific laser which fits into your firearm. Instead of the bullet that makes it safe, and it also shows you exactly where you're shots are landing on the target. It's completely safe. It comes with your caliber specifically targeting system and all the instructions so you can start training right away. 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Bree ready to happen. Awesome. Daniel Chapelle tweets twenty two below and Helena, did they issue a mega mugging warning several people with the same mindset there. And put it on a Ritz. It's putting putting putting Putin UTA Hooton like Vladimir Putin on a Ritz, it's cute if you can read it it's so cold here on the mean streets of helluva that even Judy is finally chilling out. Awesome. Now, Putin on the Ritz are really in Helena, really, actually, let's say that's the individual who was sending us pictures of like the mountain or whatever the the what do they call sleeping giant? Yeah. That was. Could be triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Here's what I don't like at CPAC. I don't like the chanting of the crowd when. You know, the locker up thing, isn't that a little old isn't that a little over apparently not because as the president was talking about Hillary. He was he was talking about how the, you know, the mainstream media mocked him and attacked him for. Saying sarcastically during the twenty sixteen campaign pretending that he wanted Russia to find her emails, the what thirty thousand that she she deleted. Here's that segment. If you tell joke, if you sir cast if you're having fun with the audience, if you're in live television with millions of people five thousand people in an arena, and if you say something like Russia, please if you can get us Hillary Clinton's emails. Lease. Corrodes? He just. A fan on that not a fan of it. I don't like the USA USA over and over again. I don't like the locker up. I just not into chance. Hold on. Uh-huh. If it's Al Sharpton. Well, it's different if he's doing the chant right, then then that that's more acceptable at the locker up the Boeing win certain people's name come up, and that kind of just don't I don't like it. Lose here. Did you plug done, but the on air light in here, the red light that tells us when we're on the air did that go off? No, it was just blinking light like some sort of horror flick while you were cooking there. What is this actually having happening on the air too? Or just us. We have any idea interesting. Good. Good start for a Monday house grade start. Yeah. Uh-huh. Perfect. I wouldn't change it thing. I've feeling new bingo square being mortar lies all hell breaks loose in this studio and everything goes wrong and Jeffries, not even here. What surprising? Normally this kind of stuff is when he's nearby. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three now on the other side of the equation. Bernie Sanders is talking about the green new deal in a somewhat different way than Donald Trump was talking about it. Here's what Bernie had to say about the green new deal. We're in synch today because I do want to talk about climate change Alexandrio Cossio Cortes worked worked with you. And she claimed that the looming threat of climate change that continues to exacerbate global conflicts has gotten so dire. That it is a legitimate question to ask whether it's moral for people to have children. Now does she have a point there? Or is that too radical? That's the norm asleep personal choice that every couple was going to have to make. But this is what I will say what will you say both say that I am that we have a president. We use the Stephen dollars the reality of climate trench, and in my own personal opinion. I talked to scientists all over the world if we do not get our act together and take on the fossil fuel industry and transform our energy system away from fossil fuel and energy efficiency, and sustainable energy. What's going to happen? The planet that we are going to be leaving our kids on our grandchildren is gaining seven grandchildren. Not even livable will become increasingly unhealthy habit uninhabitable. Given that there. Job to do is immediately immediate rest. The magnitude of the problem and transform our energy systems to save the planet. Now in terms of couples decisions they make that they had this couples make a lot of decisions in terms of whether they have kids often, it's economic there are other factors as well. The green new deal go too far. No, you cannot gotta be kidding. On your show of climate change future of the planet is at stake. Gosh. This is unbelievable. Yeah. Yeah. And it happens every day from these idiots every day. They're spewing this nonsense, and you can't go too far for climate change. Wow. Yeah. And notice how subdued that was a subdued Bernie's trying to whispering his answers a lot different than whoa. Well, gotta talk wolf. Oh my gosh. But no, you can't go too far on climate change that is six hundred fifty thousand dollars per household. Yeah. That's not too far. Don't worry about it. That's not too far. We've all got that money to spend. Boy, they ain't got that. In my pocket this morning. They are making their twenty twenty bed. I might spend that at seven eleven before you get home today. Six hundred and fifty thousand is nothing is nothing. That's in your pocket right now right now. So you right. Stop at seven eleven. It's a long walk from the car building bit at six hundred fifty thousand dollars per household. That is nothing embarrassed that this president does I'm embarrassed that these chicken Littles are running around screaming the sky is falling over and over and over and over again based on what? I don't even understand what where do you see a causE' of Cortes last week said, oh, you have to do is go outside. All you have to do is like is like go out like side out like side. That's all really. And then what? And then I can see that. It's you'll see it's either a lot warmer or a lot colder. And both them a mean the same thing. Weird. Strange must be great. We have it both ways on an issue. That's that's really convenient. At least they're not like elected to high offices. Oh, wait, wait, senators and congressmen. Now, we've got governor Jay Inslee who's big big time climate guy to run. It is it is his deal. And he made the announcement about a possible run. He's run. And he was talking about defeating climate changes will Jay in have stated you wanna make climate change the centerpiece, and let me ask it this way. Does that mean, you're every policy proposal in your mind has to be through the prism of of the impact on climate, right? Whether we're talking essentially, whether it's tax policy defense policy healthcare policy that the overarching impact on the climate should constantly be sort of in the front seat of your administration is that how to read your candidacy. So I believe. Developing cleaners your Konami defeating climate change has to be primary paramount obligation of the next administration. And I think rather than prison use a metaphor. I think I would think more of the toll pole in the tent because beating climate change is that just about the economy is the economy. It's not just about creating jobs is the number one reason, we're creating jobs clean, energy jobs or actually growing today. Twice as fast as the rest of the economy. It's not just about healthcare. It is healthcare. It is it's everything by the way. That's Jay Inslee, governor of Washington state who wants to be known as the climate candidate in twenty twenty. Well, good because like three percent of the nation is really super concerned about it. So he's got a good shot. Absolute got a really good shot. Ridiculous. It's insane. I mean, this thing is again, the Democrats have become so extreme that. JFK would not recognize these people. Bill Clinton doesn't recognize these people triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. 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I don't know what I'm reading through the show say so that about I thought this was the same person who said it was thirty three below thirty one below. It says missing frontier town and the Donut hole. Okay. Frontier town is outside of Helen up in the mountains sound like a little higher elevation so much colder there. Yeah. Right. It's it's it's a balmy twenty one here in the twenty one above the w Metroplex. Yeah. We'll be counting blessings and that feels bitter cold to us. Yeah. Texas. It's alright it rarely gets to twenty twenty one twenty two degrees March to. Yeah. That's nasty cold for us. So you know, what the moral of the story is at groundhogs and dirty liar. Did he wrote it said six springtimes here? Right. Didn't he didn't see shadow could've sworn. He said that springtime. I don't know who cares. Yeah. I think he did. Our dogs now bunch of poser groundhog's out there, and they're also not good weather predictors. I I don't know if you're aware of that. They don't actually predict the weather what grant hog does it. Did you try to tell Judy Judy? The groundhog doesn't actually see or not see shadow, and then whisper it into the ear of some guy who picks him up and ask that doesn't. It's just a it's a ceremony Judy to Sarah ceremony. It's not a real forecast of of weather, and it's a pair Judy sacrificial ceremony for people like mayor de Blasio who just Chuck's the groundhog down on the ground and leaves it to die. Remember that remember that he just jumped out of his arms? He kinda threw him down. Oh, that's right. And then the poor thing died didn't it rain him ridge day or something. Yeah. Shortly thereafter. I'm telling you man, the groundhog died. Socialism kills your socialist. Mayor murdered. Exactly, right groundhog. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety. Three. I'd love to hear from anybody else. Who saw the Michael Jackson documentary last night, the first part of it. And I think the second part is tonight to part yet. It's four hours, and you had advice folks to prepare themselves for what they're going to here. Yeah. It's it's it's hard to get through because you're here in these two guys. One of them's forty now and the other thirty six talking about when they were seven to fourteen years old and being molested in a really graphic way. They they don't mince words on this. They talk about the real feelings. They talk about what actually happened, and they don't sugarcoat it at all. And so, yeah, it's it's tough to watch. And you see a lot of footage of Michael Jackson and them together you see his performances. Just remember from that time. How big he was. And how it seemed unlikely that he was this child molester. And I think the evidence that we've heard and seen as maybe changed. Our perception of that overtime, certainly has mine. But Vanity Fair, did you know because we can't prove it either way. Now, Michael Jackson's gone, he's not here to defend himself. His family is up in arms over this. At least brothers are and his nephew. But Vanity Fair did a list of ten undeniable things about the Michael Jackson sex abuse scandal. First of all there's notice Butte that it age thirty four Michael Jackson did infact sleep more than thirty nights in a row. More than thirty nights in a row in the same bed. With thirteen year old Jordi Chandler at the boy's house. With Chandler's mother present he also slept in the same bed with George Chandler at Chandler's father's house. Parents were divorced. These that's not even the same kid from the documentary last night. Wow. That's a different kid so far five boys. Michael Jackson shared beds with have accused him of abuse. Jordi Chandler, Jason Francia. Gavin are viso. Wade Robson Jimmy safe. Chuck Jackson had the same nickname for Chandler and our visa called him rubber called Robson little one and save Chuck apple head is not adorable. He paid twenty Jackson paid and this is undisputed to twenty five million dollars to settle the Chandler's lawsuit with eighteen million of that going to Jordi two and a half million each of his parents and the rest of lawyers. He said he paid that some to avoid a long drawn out fight. Michael Jackson suffered from the skin disease. Vitiligo, Jordan, Jordy Chandler drew a picture of the markings on the underside of his unit. Man unit. I am going to sugarcoat a little bit. The documentary. Does not his drawings were sealed in an envelope. A few months later investigators photographed is genitalia and it matched. Wow. There you go. That's staggering. So that's pretty clear evidence right there. The hallway leading dejected bedroom was a serious security zone covered by video and wired for sound. So the steps of anyone approaching. Would make ringing sounds to alert. Michael Jackson that somebody was coming Cree. He had an extensive collection of adult erotic material that he kept in a suitcase next to his bed as an embodied photos, while all kinds of forensic experts with experience in the secret service found the fingerprints of boys alongside Jackson's on the same pages and both of these guys last night on the documentary said he showed them porn repeatedly. Goes on share similar this. I mean, that's some pretty compelling evidence. In this stuff isn't even in dispute. This is stuff we know from the trials triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. So what was your impression if you saw this like to hear from it at triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. At Pat unleashed on Twitter, Pat, gray, ugly. Ed. Welcome to great Debbie with a triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Eddie Pat unleashed on Twitter. Where Caleb stuck tweets things along with the with his bumper music might be the best gore? Yet reminds me of the times he says I am after she says, Pat gray is here. A square one forward. How did she know? I mean, I'm always mazed. How did you know what a coincidence that? She happened to say it all of a sudden, I am on you. It's a little creepy. Isn't it? Maybe she's watching TV something, you know. Let's see from really care. How Judy is doing. Tweet judy. The mean streets have held out are not really mean. Streets are not people, and therefore cannot actually be mean. That's great. General general general Judy tweets? Trump has general raising Cain and general mad dog. But does he have a general general and Judy for Missouri? Maybe if a blanket on the machine it will actually help keep it warm. That's. See that's the equipment had to warm up. And we had all these technical things going on hopefully guys in the studio or something what you did Martin. You put a blanket on the board and that it right on. Okay. Cool from nobody important. No, Judy just because Bernie Sanders talked to Bill Nye about climate change. Doesn't mean Bernie talk to a scientist. Amen. Man. She I mean, it's pretty clear we do need to explain some of these things to Judy because she'd takes things a little too literally triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Now, if you saw the documentary last night, you were probably disturbed as I was. And as you try to sort of noodle out what happened back in the early nineties late eighties early nineties and remember how big a star. He was. And how shocking it was. When these details started coming out. And I think was I think most people didn't believe the kids. I think they mostly thought as a money grab. Until Jackson paid out twenty five million dollars to settle the Chandler case. And then it was well, wow. That's a lot of money to pay just silence. Somebody must have been something to that. But Vanity Fair did ten undeniable things about the situation over the years one. He actually did sleep thirty nights in a row in the same bed with a thirteen year old. He's actually shared his bed with at least five boys that accused him of abuse. He did pay twenty five million to the Chandler family. In fact, he paid tens of millions to multiple families in it's been estimated that he may have spent up to two hundred million. That's not part of the story. But that's it's part of another story that I just read the other day up to it's possible. He spent two hundred million dollars to silence families. He suffered from the skin discoloration and Jordi Chandler drove a picture of the markings on his. Man unit and they matched the photographs that were taken. Anybody? Remember how upset he was? And you would be I guess if you were innocent you'd be upset that they're taking pictures of your genitalia. Actually took pictures of penis. Remember him saying humiliating? It was kinda frequent to that. Horrifying, and it would be. But the photo that they took matched the drawing of Jordi Chandler. Well, how did he know because he was abused? The hallway leading to Jackson's bedroom was filled with security measures to let people know to let Michael know that people were coming. He had an extensive collection of adult erotic material and fingerprints of him. And the boys were on it. According to the Netherlands staff, no one ever saw or knew of a woman spending the night with Michael Jackson include including his two spouses, Debbie. Rowe and Lisa Marie Presley. Neither of them spent the night with Michael Jackson. Row. The mother of two of Jackson's children made it clear to the Santa Barbara thirties. She never had sex with him. Obviously artificial insemination. That is amazing. Wow. And do you. Remember was it on the Grammy's when Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie kissed. And it was so awkward. It was like that was the first time it had ever happened. And it was on national TV to make a point to people. The number eight undeniable fact parents have boys Jackson shared beds with were courted and given all kinds of expensive gifts. Wade Robson's mother testified in two thousand five that she funneled wages through Jackson's company and was given a permanent resident visa Jimmy safes jokes. Parents got a house for Michael Jackson. Jordi Chandler's mother got a diamond bracelet. Jimmy safe. Chuck also showed off some of the jewelry that Michael gave him one of them. He gave him during a wedding ceremony that he held with Jimmy safe Jack at his house. Yeah, they did a wedding together married. This eleven year old boy. Had a Rolex rang. And a couple of other diamond rings that he gave him. Two of the fathers of those who've accused Jackson Jordi Chandler and Jimmy safe. Check committed suicide both were estranged from their sons at the time and in two thousand two documentary living with Michael Jackson Jackson told Martin Bashir. There was nothing wrong with sharing his bed with the boys also told that to Bradley from sixty minutes. I think we have that. In fact, right? Kind of shocking. Discovery on that. How would you characterize your relationship with this point? I've helped many many thousands cancer kids came your kids. This is one of many. Last trip worry kids sec- kits even kids with chicken pox. I've helped. With adults armor. Like like, you said in the documentary that that many children have slept in your bedroom. Here. Why can't you share your bed? The most loving thing to do is to share your bed with with someone. As we sit here today to you still think that it's acceptable to share your bed with of course, of course, why not pedophile? If you're gonna meet, Jack, the ripper gonna be a murder, it's not a good idea met. I'm not. That's how we raise. And I didn't see the bit. But the child even if I did this, okay? Wow. After you see the documentary that that interview is really hard to take. Wow. Floor. That's not even believable. No, it's not. I mean, I've never seen Michael Jackson's house on the inside. I would assume maybe there's another bedroom somewhere where unless it's just a little shack. I mean, he's only got twelve thousand square feet in Neverland. So maybe there's not another bedroom. He could have slept in. Yeah. Got to sleep and only twenty seven hundred acres of property. So where are you going to or are you gonna stay? There's no room. You got a twelve year old kid in there? It's you're pretty much going to a hotel for the night. It's amazing. Of course, why not gonna be a pedophile whipper, and you know. Seemingly he said that knowing full well, he did do that. He was that kind of person. That's just evil. That's just evil. No wonder he didn't like the Martin Bashir. Segment that he did. I remember I remember the Martin Bashir. Special pretty well. And one of the other things that didn't have anything to do with the abuse was his spending habits Martin went into into a store with Michael Jackson and just roll tape as he proceeded to buy virtually everything in the store. I mean, just that I'll take that in to those and three of days and all of that and this whole row. And I mean, he literally bought almost everything in the store. Michael. Do you want to save some money for some potential payoffs? Yeah. Yeah, he maybe should have. Because you remember he was in financial trouble. Here's a guy who signed a one billion dollar deal was Sony records. One billion dollars. And he was in financial trouble kind of gives you an idea of his spending. And and some of his habits. So. Amazing though, if you didn't see the documentary, and you have any interest in this. I recommend you know, if you can get through it because it is disturbing and that's HBO on HBO again tonight. Yeah. And I'm sure they'll play the first part of that again, pretty much tends to repeat certain episodes. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. And at Pat unleashed on Twitter. It. Senator warren. She's having a rough time is she's yeah. Things aren't going. Well, for her no matter where she goes. Or campaign is not off to the best of starts. Might be one way to put it. She was stocking about again on her native American heritage this thing it just won't leave her alone. And it shouldn't it should haunt her her entire campaign because she did put it down on was a college application. She wrote it down that she was native American and she was asked. Well, why would you do that? I don't even understand. Why would you do that? Here's Axelrod talking to her about that. I have to ask you about another family issue that you're probably sick of talking about. But this issue of your lineage, and the native American issue that has dogged juice since your first Senate race there been all kinds of reports about it including going through your hirings and asserting that. There was no favouritism pay to you. But the question that I I've never understood is why why why did you in nineteen Eighty-six fill out on your your law license or something and application America in. Why did you check check those boxers because obviously that's a very small part of of your of your lineage. You know, one thirty seconds or something. Why did you do? So. Grew up in a home. I learned about my family the same way most people were about their families, my mom, my dad, my aunts, and my uncles, and based on what I learned growing up, and the fact that I love my family decades ago, I sometimes identified as native American it's there. It never had anything to do with any job that I ever got that's been fully documented. The universities kind of fudge d- and used you for their own purposes ever had never had anything to do with my getting a job it. Even so even so I shouldn't have done it person. There are no you're not. Citizen of tribe. But but what I try to do is be a good friend native Americans. And that's why apple. I have housing Bill that fully funds housing on on tribal. Reservations, I think piece of what we do. She's gonna fund housing on tribal. Reservations where they took our my whole Cherokee nation, really? And they put us on that reservation. Now, she's gonna fund the housing there. After of course, they took away our way of life Tomahawk and the bone knife. You know, now they're rough go for your their English. They took away our native tongue dot they're stinking English or young. I tell you about the beads all the beads we made by hand. Yeah. What about nowadays those are made in Japan, even more nowadays, China, Singapore Malaysia Bangladesh, but it doesn't rhyme. So let's stick with Japan. We could work on that too. To a couple of minutes some lyrics, but in the Cherokee the Cherokee people Cherokee tribe, so proud to live and so proud to die and then a longtime Senator Warren, she's a friend. Not really, no, she's she said, I'm a friend. And I know she did. I gotta check out my heritage find out if I'm more Glenn is glens more native American than she is in by the way magic muffins are done now. So that's great. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three eighty three we get that. Chime about this time every day. Letting me know my magic muffins have been fully cooked tucked to him right out of the oven. And this building you, and I get the same from a radio meeting that we haven't been a part of or they haven't even conducted for years. Probably six years, I have gone to everyone. I can think of that would've put that into schedule. And nobody knows about ten find it get it. Grades. Hope is our. So every day you're going to hear my magic Muffin. Chime. In the meantime, let me tell you about a weight loss product that is really near and dear to us here in this building at this studio. It's rid us own which was launched by local company who produced a metabolite of olive oil and created a patented product that helps people control appetite and lose weight. It really is a huge help in keeping the weight off. Once you've lost it as well. There was a six year study, and it showed that when you lose weight your body thinks you're sick. And so it's slow down your metabolism to try to allow you to gain the weight back. Well rid us own speeds back up your metabolism. And it helps you control your appetite. It contains a patented ingredient that's been shown to boost metabolism and reduce appetite. And then burns fat as well. Now, you've probably seen surrogate zealous who looks great. She's been on reduce own for a long time now and absolutely loves. It keeps your mind off food all day long while she's here getting ready for the show. And for a limited time, we got a thirty percent off deal for listeners of this show. Go to radio dot com and enter the promo code Pat to get thirty percent off a three months apply reviews own dot com or ID U Z O N E dot com promo code Pat for thirty percent off three months supply. Gray is. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. You know, what Jason Witten? Oh, yes. Which we we talked about this guy was just not cut out for doing football analysis. He's just not a good color commentary color commentator. Quit ESPN and went back to the Dallas Cowboys. Good smart move. That's a great move by hand. I need him smarter. Smartest decision. He's ever made. Get off TV go back to football. And that's what he's doing. I guess he shocked everybody. And said he's not coming back to Monday night. Football such terrible broadcast with between him and Boettger Macfarlane's. And not. Oh my gosh. She's bad. And once again, my Joe, yeah. I don't mind tests much towards fine. He's fine. Yeah. He's not has a weak supporting cast. Yes. But yeah, you kind of like you with this show. Exactly, very very similar me Jeffey. You've gotta be like come on and carrying out of this go, but seriously Whitten was not cut out for this. And I like him I like Jason Witten a lot and I wanted to like him as a color commentator, but just couldn't use terrible. And he's only thirty six. He's probably got some good football left name. Hm? And you know, he he would never get out of the shadow at Tony Romo. Tony romo's. Just I mean, everybody's everybody's darling right now, and he should be because he's great. And so you got these two teammates. And you just start comparing him because they both rose to the top of their of the sports world instantly of sports broadcasting and one of them was belong there in the other really obviously didn't now if they could just get rid of booger McFarland. And bring in some decent. Help around tested tour. You know, maybe you could save the Monday night football broadcast, man. Is it bad? The point right now is terrible. All right. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three were just talking about Elizabeth Warren a few minutes ago. She was confronted in Iowa. Does all these candidates are going all over especially focusing on New Hampshire right now. And New Hampshire. They just did a bowl of the person. You would not vote for under any circumstances out of those candidates who are who have announced already. And she of course, was number one in New Hampshire, which is neighboring Massachusetts. She's got no shot here. Her time was I don't really even know when her time was because I didn't think she could win in two thousand sixteen. She certainly can't win. Now. She's not going to she's not going anywhere. Thirteen percent of New Hampshire voters said they wouldn't vote for under any circumstances. Second was Bernie Sanders on that list with I think eight percent if this New Hampshire voters or New Hampshire democrat voters did democrat Democrats for sure my gosh. Democrats Democrats don't nobody likes her. I think the native American thing really hurt her. And she's also terrible. Anyway, here she is confronted in Iowa for voting against the born alive abortion survivors Protection Act. He say. Is it? Shoot. Yeah. What about? But. Healthcare. I voted against it. Yeah. That's his point. She's the she voted against the born alive abortion survivor Protection Act. So if a baby is born alive from failed abortion, she voted against keeping the baby alive on then. She has the nerve to talk about babies healthcare. Yeah. Take care of the babies. Yeah. Golly, no, self awareness. And just just remember all five of the senators who are running for president voted against babies living. There's a war on babies right now in the democrat party. There's literally a war on infant children. And I don't understand it. I'm really at a loss for what they gain by this abortion fascination. It's worshiping at the altar of abortion. Is there really that much money in it is Planned Parenthood helping them that much? I. Meanwhile, in Texas, we've got a bunch of lawmakers that are pushing a heartbeat Bill. There's several laws that women seeking abortions have to navigate right now, including a twenty four hour waiting period between a mandatory ultrasound and the procedure and also the Texas heartbeat Bill which would ban abortion after heartbeat detection, except in the case of medical emergencies. That is a huge step for big, by the way, you mentioned Planned Parenthood. Somebody made a great point on Twitter. One of your listeners over the weekend. That said the left wants to get big money out of politics except for when it comes to Planned Parenthood. Exactly point. It's right. Every day. I tell you about my advertisers. And we ask you to purchase things from them. And we do that not just because we like the product, and we do, but we also think they might be used to you. And we choose to partner with certain companies because we're a family, we're a group of people who share common beliefs. So why do you buy certain things from certain companies or not for instance, all these cell phone companies AT and T Verizon, they're all supporting Planned Parenthood. They're all supporting. Gun legislation. So you really would be great. If you would consider patriot mobile veteran lead, and they donate to organizations that share your values and beliefs and right now unlimited talk and text plans start as low as twenty bucks a month. Go one eight hundred patriot visit them at patriot mobile dot com slash place and get free activation for up to two lines. Dribble. Nine hundred thirty three nine. Of course. Add Pat unleashed on Twitter. It has been an amazing winter hasn't it in February coldest February in Los Angeles in one hundred thirty two years. That's how long they've been record keeping records. So it might be coldest of all time. The average high in Los Angeles, California, sixty one degrees. They're not used to that. Plus, it snowed in some of the suburban area of that metropolitan area. Of course, climate change means global warming to these idiots LA snow never in Los Angeles. It's so weird. It's weirding climate change climate. It's cold cold. It went back to hot. And then it got so high cold what? What? That's the argument is I guess, I guess that's the argument also the largest county in California just banned mega solar farms now, that's pretty awesome. And earning on themselves. They banned the construction of large solar and wind farms on more than a million acres of land putt private land bending to the will of the residents who say they don't want renewable energy projects industrializing their communities. Why would you want that? You know, you got all these solar panels stretching out all these wind turbines stretching out, it's ugly. It's it's not a fish int-, yet solar and wind aren't to the place where we can replace the fossil fuels yet. It's just not there yet when it is. Or there's something better. I think we'll all embrace it. But the ban pass the San Bernardino county board of supervisors four to one putting up a serious barrier. For state lawmakers who passed a law requiring utility companies to produce sixty percent of their electric city from renewable energy sources by twenty thirty and one hundred percent from climate-friendly sources by twenty forty five those measures can't be enacted without the cooperation of local governments. I love it. And that's the biggest county in California rates, and they talk about how the jobs are temporary to build these farms, and they don't have to. I mean, it's a fail all around. Sure is. After struggling with heart disease for decades, by the way, renowned climate scientists Wallace Smith broker, he's he is known as the grandfather of climate science. And he just we lost him. We lost him. Tang. You've made it clear he was acutely aware of his own mortality. So when he sat down in front of a video camera to record a final message to his fellow scientists. The eighty seven year old researcher knew his days few. He is the one who popularized the term global warming. And who first described the critical role the world's oceans play in the climate. And yet an urgent message for forty of the world's top. Climate. Scientists humanity was not moving quickly enough to slow the production of carbon dioxide warming the earth he said if we're going to prevent the planet from warming up another couple degrees. We're going to have to go to geo engineering geo engineering the price of continued inaction. He said. Could be many more surprises in the greenhouse known as earth. We don't want many more surprises. I don't think that we we don't want that. That's that's pretty ominous. Nev- scary thought engineering the deliberate large scale manipulation of an environmental process that affects the earth's climate in an attempt to counteract the effects of global warming geo engineering anything engineering scares me. But yeah, let's anytime trying to mess with the climate and try to control things, you know, things are going to go radically wrong. I wonder if this guy had a chance to go on record about the green new deal. Bet he loved it. All he had to love that the best thing that ever happened to the green movement, right? Sure why which outdoors onboard because I don't know if you're aware of what's going on this earth on this planet with the warming. I mean, it's it's frightening to think two kilometers or so down there. These incredibly hot rock interior is extremely hot several million degrees and. Just a couple of kilometers down. Nobody knows how far down that is though couple of kilometers could be two inches could be two thousand miles. I don't know. Nobody knows how but there's some incredibly hot rocks to kilometers or so down. Most places there are these incredibly hot rocks 'cause interior of the earth is really several million degree or million to group. Hotter. Thir- of fun. Well, no wonder it's so hot on this planet. You got two million several million degree heat rising up from underneath us. And that's the we we're looking up should down a couple of kilometers. It could be an inch under the surface. We don't know. Nobody knows there's no way to tell. And by the way, Judy there actually is a way to tail we're just too lazy to find out. Okay. Just so, you know, but thanks for thanks for the questions about some of the ridiculous things. We say on the show. Do appreciate that. So he's the guy who came up with the phrase global warming this the the grandfather. Yes, breaker, breaker broker, whatever it is. How did he feel having that phrase that he worked so hard to coming up with replaced by climate change? Well, they had to make a mad because it has to fit the the cold weather as well as the hot. So he's a little hacked off came up with the term climate change. That's what I wanna find out. And then there don't forget climate weirding, weather, weather, weirding weirding whether weird climate change. So gotta have good alliteration. If you want to scare the public does seem so the moral of this story while you look that up. Let's go to Jim in Tennessee. Jim you're on the blaze. More Pat, how you doing good you? I know your big foreigner fan. So am I did you hear that Mick Jones, and Lou gram or getting together to work on music that they started twenty years ago before Lou left of and you're going to have new Ford and really no just in fact, we heard the opposite XM radio a couple weeks ago. We had the story that Lou Graham was retiring, did you did you see that? I didn't. I mean, literally two days ago, they say Nick said it's time it's been twenty years. Well, that'd be great. Maybe he was retiring from touring, maybe. But that's cool. Maybe that's that's cool. I'll have to look into that. Thanks, Jim for the for the heads up on that. We'll look into that. Matthew in Oklahoma? You're on the blaze high. Hey talking about oh. I think he's horrible as a car cutter until like thing. Back on my Cowboys. Cowboys. But I think he worked out better when he retires again as a panelist, you know, three or if we're talking type thing but non Kar tighter. That's that's just my thing. One of the one of those pre game shows, right or post. Yeah. Good at that time thing. Right. Yes. That would better suit him. Appreciate it takes Matthew. You know? I just think he was trying too hard. He had twenty Romo to live up to. And I think he was trying to be Tony Romo, and he isn't Tony Romo. So didn't work out that well, but yeah, maybe on a panel situation. I've got some four hundred news for you. All right. So Graham who left the band in two thousand three said he and bandleader Mick Jones worked on six or seven songs for new record before Graham left the group. He says they were pretty damn good. I still have the demos. I sent them to mic and he's excited about them too. So there is talk about him, and I work in other songs again. Oh, that'd be great. You gotta be working on them for some purpose. Right says so that you're excited about that. Make your Monday call her making Monday. Yes. All right. Yes. That's what we we live to please. Although if you've heard mix, Dr Liu Grimm's voice of late might not be as exciting as it would have been that ten or fifteen years, you could stand in for him sound just maybe just like him. Yeah. He thought so when I did the impression for them back in the early nineties. He was really pleased. Yeah, we loved it loved it. Fortunately when he came on. Glenn show when I was on Glenn show, and we talked about that. He didn't remember that particular instance. So that was that was a relief. That's. Thirty three ninety three. All right. Let me tell you about home tied lock because this is something you wanna have if you have a title if you have a mortgage if you've done a refi throw a major Bank. There's all kinds of data breaches that have exposed all of us, essentially, whether it be Facebook or chase Bank or CitiBank or whoever. Most of our information is had by scammers and they can use it to steal your home's title. And this is one of the fastest growing identity theft. Crimes in America. They forged your signature is a seller. They refile your home under a new name and take out loans against your home sticky with payments. So unlike credit card theft that could cost you a couple thousand dollars or whatever before the Bank, maybe finds out about it or or maybe lifelock finds out about it and alert you you can pretty well untangle that in a matter of moments and the Bank takes care of it and just wipes it off your record. Home title fraud is much more difficult because it involves hundreds of thousands of dollars. Sometimes sometimes they sell your house out from underneath you. And there's no Bank that can protect, you know, insurance program, and and lifelock doesn't cover this home Tytler does. You can check to see if you're already victim by going to home tied lock and register for your free title scan report that would normally cost one hundred dollars. They're gonna throw that in just for signing up. It's home tied LOC dot com. Get some peace of mind that you've got protection from title fraud, home, Tytler dot com. Dispatched gray unleashed. So Jay Inslee the climate candidate. Washington's governor he said, we're the first generation to feel this sting of climate change. What is that sting? I can never pin. Anybody down to exactly what that staying is my hands felt it this morning when I went out. It was twenty one degrees truck. Yeah. And in Helena, it's twenty two below that's the sting of climate change. It's cold. I kinda wanted to warm up a little bit. And he says we're the last who can do something about it. We went to the moon in created technologies that have changed the world. Our country's next mission must be to rise up to the most urgent challenge of our time defeating climate change, I'm running for president because I am the only candidate who will make defeating climate change our nation's number one priority. I don't I don't want it to be the nation's number one. I don't want it to be the priority at all. Yeah. Ensley is shaping every policy idea on this around global warming. So you gotta believe he's big on the green new deal. We have one administration left to restrain this Munster. He said when your house is on fire, you go grab the bucket, and you fight the fire, even though your lawn needs mowing, and you haven't answered the mail. Okay. That's the situation. We're in. This is a one time chance. He was also on with Chuck Todd and had some brilliant things to say, here's yours played that one earlier. Yeah. You wanna play that one? Again. We did. We did play clip. We played all. That's right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Where he basically just said everything healthcare. That's for. Climate change once right. I mean, obviously, right. He's he's right. Everything comes down to climate change because you go outside, and you just know now what they'll do is. They'll say well, look at the tornadoes that just happened. Tornadoes have always happened. They're going to continue to happen. No matter what you do with the climate change thing tornadoes in hurricanes will occasionally happens. Sometimes they'll be more of them sometimes less sometimes about the same number as they've always been. We'll hit about the average. There will be hot summers. There will be mild summers. Same with winter that will be mild winters and really cold winters. Lots of snow not much snow. It's always been thus. And it will always be because the weather and the climate on this planet are cyclical. Well, what about the the melting ice caps? Yeah. We'll they're melting in some spots. And it's expanding and others. It's the same as always been. Greenland melted. Gore said that by two thousand fourteen. The ice caps thump slumber month, according to Dr mouth lathi could be completely thumb fomer month completely gone. Well, is it twenty fourteen yet when when twenty fourteen comes around that's gonna be frightening. Well, maybe put that on your calendar that right in the middle of the show. No forget, I might be melted in twenty fourteen run for your lives. I am not looking forward to that. I am not either never that year gets because why then we'll see fish swimming in our streets on a sunny day. I just it's agonizing. That's an old square square. Don't to look for that one thing that is to shoot. Then we've got some hate crimes. Oh, more hate crimes. Really? They're piling up. Man. Hateful people. This one is from Lamar South Carolina. I have not heard of the mayor Lamar south Lamar South Carolina Darnell bird McPherson, made news early last month claiming to be hate crime victim when a yellowish substance was found on a pair of vehicles belonging to her and her husband. We are grateful the person or persons did not try to take our lives, but the culprits will be identified and prosecuted, according to bird McPherson. Whoa. Yeah. Love conquers hate and my husband, and I refuse to be intimidated by those who perpetuated this act of vandalism which I classify as an act of hatred. She gotta stand up to these. Hateful bullies right? Because they put some kind of yellow crap all over her car. That's not cool. Come on, not cool at all. I don't care. What your motivation is vandalism? Not cool. She originally thought the yellow substance. Was pollen. But she her husband and her neighbor took a closer look notice. The cars looked like someone had spray painted both their vehicles. Here's the problem though. Why what? Yeah. It was Paulin. How do we know perfect? 'cause I mean, well an incident report from the police department described the yellow substances having the consistency of a type of powder similar to pollen. So they and they tested it. And it was pollen pollen. So initially bees are responsible here. Well, Bs put it in the trees and the trees dropped it on the car. And so the hateful bees, I guess responsible. Hateful trees, the trees are more responsible than the bee's will be produce pollen. Right. The trees produce the pollen the Brennan the bees, but they get it on their little legs. And then they spread it around to flowers and stuff. I think there were calm. Compassi is you've got the trees crime on the Bs because how many bees have died fifty billion or something lately fifty billion Bs? I bet it's the same pollen hate that killed almost killed this wonderful mayor in South Carolina. So the so the plan fully she said, though, her lives were their lives were not taken by the spill, South Carolina. Police took time to test the powder substance out or substance fallen so pollen. So is. A sneeze attack. Yeah. Yeah. Is courtesy of pollen. Yes. So obviously, it'd be Pauling hate going on about a hate lot stinking hate in South Carolina. The world is over. Is completely over if she was not black. You know, the pollen would not have fallen on her car or the car of her husband. You know that fast where does pollen show up the most on darker vehicles. Okay. You don't notice it on the white vehicles because it's not happening. That's interesting. Isn't it? I've given up what a world what a world. Just completely just I'm done. I think it was extreme said stop the world. I wanna get off. Yeah. Go to Mars and become a slave hope anywhere. No, no the galaxy. I wanna find one. All right. Well, here's some good news gay 'cause we've done this poll with young people, and it's not promising. This is a little bit better fewer than one in five Americans view socialism favorably fewer than one in five K. This just millennials the poll found that eighteen percent of Americans have a positive view of socialism compared to fifty percent who view it negatively, which isn't nearly enough. But it's better than we've been here. Yeah. The poll found opposite perspectives on capitalism with fifty percent saying again, just fifty percent good. Golly. The. This system the economic system that has taken the world poverty level from ninety four percent. Ninety four percent poverty in eighteen thirty. No eighteen twenty. To a seventeen percent in two thousand eleven seventeen percent now. Seventeen percent. That is unbelievable. And fifty percent view it positively that is just ridiculous. Yep. Our education center, some just. The government indoctrinated centers that are spitting out these minds full of mush which. You're just said we just had a poll last week about how we had rabbi Lapin was on talking about how much the youth today. The young people view socialism favorably about fifty fifty on the millennials. And it gets us, folks. Like AFC office poll also found that only twenty five percent of Americans are enthusiastic or comfortable with a socialist becoming the next president twenty five percent. That's give it time. It's very because with each passing day. It's getting more. These generations getting worse who have been brainwashed. Become older and older in have the ability to vote and run for office. It's only gonna get worse yell ever. This is good news. Because it does if right now feels like it's. Completely upside down, and it isn't it isn't most Americans understand socialism is atrocious and capitalism saves lives. And makes us prosperous eighteen to fifty for socialism fifty to nineteen for capitalism, not where they should be. But at least it's better than probably anywhere else in the world. I would imagine. Triple eight nine hundred thirty three ninety three. Oh, speaking of which are poll over the weekend. Yes. That we launched on Friday who's the more hideous freshman, Representative speaking of socialists, Alexandria, Causey Cortes, Ilan, Omar or Rashida to leave at number one coming in at number one on our survey. Ilan Omar at fifty-six percent. Fifty six percent to twenty nine percent for. Oh, see and fifteen percent for Russia to Leib that's kind of surprise. 'cause see gets all the, you know, she gets more publicity than anybody and Ilana mar there was no wrong answer. And there's no wrong. That's very true. They're all three incredibly dangerous an incredibly stupid. And it's interesting because AFC still spinning tales about her home where she lives interesting. Yes. The kitchen she has seen cooking in in a video recently. And she posted it to Instagram matches the one in other cooking videos. She posted on November ninth in twenty seven. So how could she have moved to her new place two weeks ago, if she was apparently already living there last fall? Member. She said I can't even afford an apartment complex until I start on my congressional job. Her home base became a hot topic after the post revealed that despite her claim of having lived for years, her dad's condo residents of the building said, they never saw are there. The democrat duct post reporter who tried to get an answer. The next day. Her spokesperson Corbin Trent said, she continued to live in her late. Father's condo later that day. He repeatedly claimed she moved in mid February to another apartment, but according to the video evidence. Yeah, while yeah. She s lying. Corbin guy Trent said, you know, what I'm not sure when the move occurred. So I saw I don't know. Ask her tired of covering up relies just threw his hands of the essentially. All right. We'll see you tomorrow here on Pat leashed.

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