125: The JonBenet Ramsey Email


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I eat everything so very skeptical when Emil kids services like we have so much variety love us. But hello fresh as Twenty-One very different very delicious meal options with a variety of ingredients, so I won't ever get bored. I'm very exciting job. Try the Thai pork spring roll in a bowl and I added some shrimp in there for my protein pack extra go to hellofresh.com and use code to get $90 off including free shipping. Can go to hellofresh.com and use code goes to get $90 off including free shipping. I am the girl Jon Benet Ramsey. I'm Jason Horton. I'm Rebecca Leber in this is Ghost Town. Thursday we interrupt all broadcasts stop your news sources. Stop your social media feeds. This is such a weird week. So we decided to do a weird episode. It's going to be where do I even begin with this? I received an email last week from a friend who works at a very a large entertainment news source, and she sends me this email and I am at work and I don't quite get it and she keeps texting me. Have you seen the email and I'm like what email is this? And I open up this email and I start to read it. I immediately so much Jason I get the email. I'm watching Nightmare on Elm Street Dream Warriors, and I'm looking at the email and the email is so strange dog. Kind of jarring. I thought I fell asleep and I was in a Nightmare on Elm Street cuz it really freaked me out. I know what this was. It's all chopped up. It's a lot of fun. It's a lot we're going to get into English. So this is from again A friend of mine who works at a major entertainment news source, and this email is to CBS. It's too old Cathedral don't know what that is KTLA we've done that Washington Post et cetera CNN all of those things and it starts dear News Channel's slash news stations. I am Jon Benet Ramsey all caps. Please read and forward, please. So again, it's like we're sharing this. Okay excerpt below if from my attached full note report at bottom of email. The kid of different different size font a different font the kidnappers and Margaret and Matthew McConaughey photos below. We're also threatening me and my parents John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey that my birth parents John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey would be hostage again in the United States once no longer hostage at Selena Toyota in Romania salt mine where they are still so we've got that and that's just from Jon Benet Ramsay at the email. I am the girl Jon Benet Ramsey, then she sends another email photo attachments reattached to email due to photos not visible sent email copy. I love you. And God loves you. God bless you and we have another email after that email do your news channels? I am Jon Benet Ramsey, please read and forward. I'm forwarding my email with all three of my boss audio reports attached to this email and my text report then there's a kind of forwarded text block with photos and we'll we'll start to go through these I have that you're going to hear this in real time because I have not downloaded the CIA and federal bureau investigative report don't know if you've seen that yet. I did not know I was kind of waiting for us too because we were going to do a another episode completely and this week is a strange week you're in it. Yeah, you know and we were gifted with this strange email and I thought, you know, respectfully we can at least talk about this because it seems like what this person wants and I think it just was a kind of a perfect storm for us. Yeah. I felt compelled to talk about. Yeah, and if you want some context we did a Christmas episode last year about Jon Benet Ramsey and off. Or death and all of the circumstances around it. This is again a departure from that a strange one, but one worth investigating think we got this sent. Well, we got a second because you know your friend know. Yeah. Well, it's interesting and knows this is the Wheelhouse. Yeah, that's our bread-and-butter. In fact, there was an episode was going to do for a bonus episode 4 patreon off and I got a tech it started from a text from my brother. Uh-huh. And then the episode came to me from that and it kind of vaguely include my mother is really strange. Oh my God, it's it's a very odd. We're getting gifts from the universe route be on patreon, Kampai the bonus episodes Early Access, like gotta do this early get bonus episodes Early Access ad free and then you'll get you'll hear that very strange episode. It's up now. Right now great. You're getting this week this week buckle up for some weirdness because we all are and why not have a little bit more to make you feel better cuz at least, you know us, you know, what to expect from us off at least. It's familiar weird, but let's get back to it. Okay, do your news channels and staff newspaper staff. Please read report and forward. I am Jon Benet Ramsey my parents John Ramsey and Patsy Ramsey are probably hostage. I was abducted from them in Nineteen Ninety Six as the 1996 news media report vaguely revealed attached to this email in audio and text report is a couple of photos of the 1996 missing persons media report that was distorted by the 1996 serial killers serial rapists kidnappers and Intruders Matthew McConaughey and and Margaret Smith that fakes their Fame and stole movie scripts also to make believe they're acting earlier and all along that they were actually committed murder and kidnapping in Heist crimes photo attached here. So the first photo we have is the first Google search of Matthew McConaughey, it's you know the wage During then it says and has like four popular photos and has like the Facebook and Wikipedia then and Margaret Smith. Same thing her name its kind of that blue thing panel of photos. I woke is melanin sites toxicity victimized by intravenous medical fraud poisoning that the medical identity thieves used to harm my natural and genetic born light blue eyes, very light blonde hair and white skin. So then we have a still of a YouTube video of the unsolved mystery of JonBenet Ramsey, you know, it's a still video before you start then there's a clip from her Instagram which will get into a little bit later of hashtag. I am Jon Benet Ramsey. I didn't die on Christmas and it's it's a older photographs probably know what it's a pretty popular one of Jon Benet Ramsey and her mom Patsy Ramsey. Then she says photo of her Instagram Then we get to 6:13 2020 my CIA and federal bureau investigative report. When I was working at CineBistro in 2018 CineBistro at the Rotunda in Hampden, Baltimore City wage upper Charles Village area. Matthew McConaughey was constantly being a customer and Ann-Margret Olsson also my biological mother and my biological father Matthew McConaughey were also in Prosthetics. So many times has customers in the theater restaurant that I served at wager saying the restaurant theater job employment and then he bought Matthew McConaughey biological father went to 29th Street Tavern in Baltimore City and Remington area and Cheese Bar 29th each other and they gave me the fake last name Ramsey when I was little kid to pretend that. I was not their child. I was just just another blond white blood girl and then they melon's home. His name me and pretended that I was never Jon Benet. So there are three audio messages involved in this email. We listen to them and think it's fairly repetitive. But the gist of it is Matthew McConaughey and Anna Margaret Ann-Margret Olsson also, but I think that's something that should and Margaret. Okay, just like her actual last name versus just Ann-Margret bye-bye birdie style and Margaret, you know and love her Newsies perhaps if you're like me. Anyway, how's that? They're kind of Matthew McConaughey's biological father and Margaret is a cohort and they kind of raised her and then like kidnapped her and there was also some factual like rape involved in it, and we just it was kind of hard to find a clip. That was not super graphic because I don't think yeah, it's kind of necessary to you know wage. Mention that yeah, I mean listen, if you DM us will send you some info if you want all of this media you can have it. We're just only down for you were doing it down for you. So it's it's about her and again her being trapped by these by these two actors that aren't really actors again. She talks about her parents being her parents and nothing appears also sex work that she does and and dancing a dancer and and yeah exactly and and and being isolated and and just kind of things getting weird and it just feels very claustrophobic. I would say and fairly paranoid and then we get this very long text Memo which talks similarly about the same situation with Matthew McConaughey and and Margaret. I want to read a little a little clip from it to give you kind of a a tone. I oddly had never left my house, even though earlier I recalled leaving my house and lastly seeing someone outside my door as I was in the process of closing slash wage. My apartment door before the person at the bottom of the steps in front of the apartment 1B first floor slash basement-level apartment of the complex, which was down a small flight of only four or five steps. When a biological father Matthew McConaughey was standing there staring at me my food slash juice slash milk slash soda was consistently being roofied and mixed with tranquilizer. I was often unconscious in my bedroom and being trespassed by him and his friends and the time I saw him again in a different time also my apartment in my bedroom closet peering at me from the crack of the closet door without the closet light off on the light was off. So you gotta get a sense of of what Matthew McConaughey is a strange dude. I'm not saying there's any connection here the legitimacy of this or not. It's not for me to say I think it's somewhat a parent but also I like to kind of have an open mind just to respect this person who's put all this together incentive out. Matthew McConaughey is a weird dude and okay. I'm just just just calling out you just Devil's Advocate in here is a strange dude. Okay. Okay. Now if this was somebody we didn't know I'm jumping around he's obviously and iconic figure of solve crime and culture if this was somebody else we didn't know we'd be like hm. Yes, a lot of information. So it's also like I mean, it's just taking it to the media, right? She there's not really like a directive. It's not like a rest Matthew McConaughey. It's not like please advocate for me. It's not there's no real birth. Around it, which again is complicated and you know, obviously there are some mental health issues folded into all this but then we went to because there was one of the pictures in the email was from her Instagram we go to her Instagram. I am the girl Jon Benet Ramsey and it's Jon Benet Ramsey. Her bio is pigmentation sites fraud is evil. I am Jon Benet. I said evil weird. Sorry pigmentation sites fraud is evil. I am Jon Benet Ramsey Google it. I did Google it. So that is open right in front of me. Google. Okay, and I did not find anything except for her Instagram handle. I tried to connect Jon Benet Ramsey to Matthew McConaughey. It's the only time and because they're both cultural figures. Yeah, they end up on the same block as like, you know as a footnote to each other, you know other, you know, if you hear some more stories you might like to see if a game Yeah this one and that's the only connection I made but I implore anyone who's got some free time and down time that wants to look into this further. Yes, please Be Our Guest give you any information you want because I'm really I want to she wanted to spread the word and I want to honor it. We're doing that. We're definitely do that. And again her Instagram. Just just to give you some nation of that. It's a lot of selfish love Starbucks love Starbucks iconography on there, but you're right. There's really no no discernible evidence that attaches her to if if this person is you know, like is Germany Ramsey whatever but I do want to remind everyone that there was that conspiracy theory about Katy Perry being Jon Benet Ramsey door that yeah, you want to do that after a little break. Yeah, like many of you I spent a lot of time at home so often to eat the same old thing day after day and it gets kind of boring to say the least. That's why hello fresh is perfect. Hello fresh offers. So many recipes to choose from each week to help you switch things up and spoiler alert their dog. Just there's something for everyone. There's low-calorie vegetarian and family friendly recipes as well. And they all have fresh high quality ingredients ninety percent of which come from local Growers to ensure the freshest recipe hellofresh offers contactless delivery to your doorstep for easy home cooking which cuts out stressful meal planning and grocery store trips. 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Go to hellofresh.com and use code goes to get $90 off including free shipping support for this podcast comes from State Farm with surprisingly great rates State Farm is the real deal when it comes to home and car insurance State Farm agents name is ready to help you personalize your insurance plan. So you can create a policy that fits your needs you can manage your coverage pay your bill or even file a claim right from your phone with a State Farm mobile app and you can always call one of the State Farm agents in neighborhoods across the country get a great rate without sacrificing great service when you want the real deal like a good neighbor statefarm is there okay. Hi. Hello. Hello? Hello. Oh boy, are you with us? So you okay what's happening in history? Right now? We're recording this from a couple of days ago. Yeah. It's very close though. Okay, you're listening to us. We Rebecca has been working hard working like a dog and I've just been waiting literally on waving like a dog eating chillies. We had some chilies beforehand. So we sustain ourselves to listen. We needed a nutritious dinner before we make art. What's better than Chili's Bloomin Onion and some chili sliders that were actually like incredibly delicious. I ate some things I could not tell you what they were know you gave me $500 like what do you think? I only know it was fried fried on Friday on Friday. We got a tub a trap plastic trough full of three different fried goods and you want to Mark. Yes, and I had a margarita in the car on the way home from Santa clarina. I didn't drink at all in the car. We got this in Santa Clarita cuz that's where I'm working right now. It's about like half hour north exactly. Exactly. And it's really I don't know if it's a closest Chili's but it's a very accessible. Chili's a lot of Chili's in in like proper Los Angeles proper. Yeah, there's not like chain restaurants. Yeah. I mean like like a Chili's type like thing. But so we needed something wholesome good of this land, you know, maybe somebody could help us with that as maybe some political leaders we could believe in like our mayor's Brandon Gatos. Yeah been for something. That's right Ashley Madison who Jeanette link lover and oh you did a seal the deal drum roll or Governor Prius quit sucking weird with press what we were did some book stuff. We did we were on the Skylight booked podcast. That's right. That was fun. That was very fun. So check out the Skylight books podcast. Yeah. It's a good time and we were on Book Soup. That's right crowd is like a zoom call. Like how was Hoss? It was actually know a lot of people say that facetiously but I mean it it was a really supportive group and Book Soup even my wife was like that's really impressive but she's not anything and she's grew up in La she's like but she's like no that's like an it's an iconic store. Somebody pointed out that Mickey Cohen had a haberdash. It was his Haberdashery. Yeah, someone's giving us trivia as we were off and they were like challenging us about la knowledge as we were talking about. It was a good Double L a knowledge off. It was amazing. So check out books zoup.com. You can find on their YouTube or off, but in speaking of you here, I just put up a new video features Rebecca Rebecca a repackaged remastered Janis Joplin episode a little summary about Janis Joplin some of the audio from the nightwatchman or night clerk. Yeah. I'm talking him side of that terrifying I've remastered and did some fun Graphics actually from David Prager. That he does all the editing and shooting and stuff for me. So and then we take the tour of the room where on the ghost town podcast. I was just that people hate it. I hate us. Yeah straight up do not like us I think because we were so like we were joyful. I think they took it as because we weren't solemn. Okay, we weren't monotone thought we were disrespectful but we wouldn't be there. It was pretty excited me to to be disrespected. I would never do that. I would never disrespect I would never do that cuz it's just not cool. But I also love Janis shop. I love music. I love Los Angeles and we're not going to spend a lot of money to make fun. But I can under the people don't know us I can definitely understand that but there's a link in the show notes, or you can go to YouTube, It's Jason Horton. Give it a thumbs up. Maybe give it a nice, cuz I feel like we're going to get raked through the coals on that one. What is called? It's called the newest one. It's out now just came out Janis Joplin haunted dog. Whatever but it's a a repackage remastered with some extra stuff from our almost. No, two year two years ago. Two years ago did that. Yeah, that's insane. Yeah, and I think that's important too cuz it's such I think you like to play Devil's Advocate a little bit more than I do. But on this it's like it is such a fine line. Like we're obviously excited about these things. We always obviously want to be respectful of them too. And again people coming in cold to the podcast or two videos or whatever media like, sometimes it doesn't read, you know, like quite honest life or it seems disrespectful or it seems callous and we don't ever mean it to be that way. I also you know just from feedback that I've gotten I think people take the fact that somebody's speaking monotone and it's very grave and the music is really Stark that that equals empathy and yeah, that's not true. Yeah and it that doesn't mean it doesn't know but it could be like marketing wage. Exactly. I mean listen, it's it's it's entertainment. It's information. I think people confuse those things and they they see that like, well this this person's being very serious. They care more and I was like, yeah, that's it doesn't say the page still show past like the thing clearly wanted to think something like we're here doing this podcast. We've dedicated a large portion of Our Lives to studying to investigating to discussing these things. We are obviously very interested and invested and appreciative and respectful of these topics. But again, sometimes doesn't read or his strange but like again, we we I mean it and they're not people aren't always wrong when they criticize those Yeah-Oh. In fact a lot of time there Riley on like we were and back then, you know, we were early on and we learned a lot we have a lot more to learn and yeah life or anyone who's listening or or supporting us on patreon or just sharing episodes or if they picked up a book or you know what I mean? Yeah that we're super super thankful for that, but you can find that episode. There's a link on the Instagram. If you want to click it show it some love and beat people to it because once somebody posts something negative, I think people don't waste the time too. They just look maybe look at the video be like, oh, yeah. This looks like something and they just parrot that that's what I noticed. I was like, I'm getting a lot more comments than that on the ghost town podcast where I know you didn't listen to the episode. I think you're just seeing all those comments and you're like, okay. Well that must be now my opinion of it and maybe your opinion but at least watch the video to make that very very strong usually pretty like hurtful and not kind comment. It's not it's not constructive criticism is just like mean-spirited or angry or whatever such as like YouTube and all that for sure for sure. But yeah, I mean just like we're sitting here doing this like we mean, well not that anyone gives a fog out to you know, like obviously we're just putting shit out there and like whatever happens happens, but but yeah, it's it's interesting line that you know, and when we feel that it's sometimes too I do I personally feel like I am particularly gleeful in some things that we talked about or like a little bit naive or clueless and and I take full ownership of that. I think it's very important to say and also important thing is Jon Benet Ramsey. What's happening to her? Is she still alive in what form is it this woman that we got this email from or is it Katy Perry, which is the other predominant home, near ramzi Theory, which I think we talked about in the last episode. I can't quite remember he may have I mean it's not touched upon it under go on. Yeah, there's really not and also like I think we've stuck pretty much the hard facts of the murder case, but people are saying that Katy Perry is a grown-up Jean Benet Ramsey because they would be around the same age and they have similar if you look there's a lot of like Photo comparisons of money. Jon Benet Ramsey, which like You know Katy Perry. It's like oh an attractive white woman from roundish face around his features, you know, I don't know. Yeah, I mean again like I think the make up to like, I think it's very convenient Katie. There's all these different like make-up InStyle whenever that you can find one where like she's in a similar style to Jon Benet Ramsey, but I guess that lines up a little bit, you know, San Diego off Denver Colorado not super far. I forget of Katy Perry had ties to Colorado, but then you know, the performance aspect too is something and I think there's there's more points to that but that is really the only the only like widely-held conspiracy theory about Jon Benet Ramsey that doesn't have to do with her murder specifically read these hashtags on I am the girl took in Ramsey. I almost did but then we went off on a different tangent born blue-eyed blond and white that's interesting hashtag because in a different context off White supremacist, but I don't think that's the case here. She does talk in again in that long text thing about her white and these features a specific features. Yeah, so it's born black and blond and white is the first hashtag hashtag. I know I can live hashtag. I was stolen hashtag. I believe in heaven and health. I think the last one I don't know which ones are direct. I mean I'm assuming they're all direct like four. Her Focus her MO is to spread this awareness about who she is and there's a lot on I mean some of these pictures of her thoughts are very close up, but it's I'm like maybe yeah. No that's it was also mentioning that before I think her profile is kind of JonBenet. I'm sorry, I'll say it because she was she's like Courtney Love meets. Jon Benet. Yeah. I mean if she was like this Seventeen years old Courtney Love. Oh definitely. Yeah kind of definitely has like a nineties. Yeah, like a washed-out kind of grunge. But yeah, I see it. She also I was just looking at her stories loves Paris Hilton loves just Patsy Ramsey interestingly enough. Just just Mom I guess dad being Matthew McConaughey, perhaps and so why would you put that up dog? Her you know abuser and oppressor makes sense. I guess at twenty weeks ago was a very close up grainy photo of her and it's the caption is I am down near Ramsey and there are a lot of Instagram stores. So I implore anyone who can hear the sound of our voices if you can make some connections here. I'm really interested. I mean if she wants to get this word out there. Yeah. She said that a couple of times at the email said Hey listen to I don't want anyone else to know this we wouldn't be talking about. Yeah, even though it's kind of I'm still game a little bit. But yeah, I mean you're sending it to Thursday at once, you know people going to talk about it. But yeah, she she compels us to talk about it. Maybe this is something a little something we can all figure out together if there's someone to figure out there's one here. It looks like it's maybe from a long talk. We're we're venturing into Tick Tock territory. You know what I'm going to crank it up. Oh stuck in a really let's hear I would sounds I don't know what this is. This is not normally how long To do things. I like to really control everything that's going on. Let's see if this point it's super exciting. It's super exciting. Okay. So what are we seeing here? It says Steven isn't that great the UV rays of the Summer sun going to possibly lessen the chance of people getting the coronavirus me Shore. So that's a response to Steven. I don't know who Steven is. It's just a PO vehicle. You could see it on her Instagram. It's definitely odd but it's just odd enough that we're talking about it. Yeah, exactly and it's just not enough that like, I think we everyone can weigh in a similar place of us reacting and getting the information. I also think it's interesting her voice from what we've heard and from that too. It's very infantilized like it's like again keeping the Jon Benet Persona in a way that I think a lot of like, People with mental illness people have an abuse and I'm sometimes not often in certain cases will embody so I think that is an interesting part of it this one amateur from 2019. That's it's a relatively normal attractive good Instagram photo forever, you know better or worse. I I don't know but it says this is not my favorite shirt. I've actually never worn it anywhere. Hashtag sheep Mossimo clothing hashtag war wardrobe cons, hashtag my hashtag my color full purse umbrella, hashtag bathroom modeling kind of a normal post. You know, it's odd to see these mix of post of maybe somebody that is going back and forth from like like I'm just instinctively took something like typical not animal but typical and from there to something else but that email that was sent out is a pretty Intown email information wise I mean in will happy to send it to you, but if you see the tech like the the text file the wall of tastes like an unnatural amount of texts the way you're used to seeing text now on a on a computer. It's just a lot of data. Yeah, it definitely is it's I mean you can again piece together what her story is but I think it is harder to know what the underlying things about this woman are but I'm intrigued you're right. I mean, there's like a picture here of Welch's fruit and yogurt wage gummies where it's like I feel compelled to share this picture of these gummies that I'm really enjoying and then another post of Patsy and Jon Benet Ramsey. It's just switches so quickly from this kind of mundane normalcy to this identity that she has for herself. This photo is pretty weird home. It's just an axe. It's a big black X. Okay. Yeah, and it's a minute. Your enemy is a horse with inner rot. Hashtag problema a fatal hashtag XX. Was that the band x x isn't it the ban like sex as a band The xx the the x is for the eyes and the smiley face is one of those. I don't know but the same thing called The xx and I don't know if it's lyrics to that cuz if it's not it is kind of terrifying. Yeah, that's very terrifying. Maybe we can get some answers from what's up Steve. How's your friend Steve? Who is the only which looks normal from his Instagram account. His name is Stephen Douglas. I used to stay in my room and imagine that there was a camera on the wall and I used to really believe that I was putting on the television show. Okay, I do that now. I mean, that's not nobody's watching the television show that even my own imagination. Yeah. So like we got better things to do we have options next please but his account is private club. He looks like a relatively normal guy with a normal Instagram picture just to whatever but she's really the only person referenced in these Instagram photos wage. Now. Is this something we want to bother this dude about? I don't know. Maybe we should have people way in should we bother this dude? Yeah. Should we should we bother this do cuz he's the one that the voice you heard back. I mean, it's yeah. Yeah, it's just it's again. This is another thing that's why bother I don't really know know like politely say, you know without obviously making anyone laugh because again, this is not something we this is something that was the goal of it is exactly would probably on a high level not us. Probably CNN or something like that. Yeah, are the CNN of Warriors CNN baby now. Yeah. We're the CNN of fried Chili's food. That's right. That's right. Breaking breaking. Yeah. So again, I am Curious George This is again. We're talking with that line. Again that comes back words. Like what is the line? Is it enough that we're kind of talking about and exploring this in a respectful way. I hope and again I hope that comes out even though it is very like a long weekend very perversely fascinating or do we reach out to the sky and and get more information that maybe would be sensitive. But again, the only way we're even discussing this is because she has often get this out there which again I know that she may be suffering from mental illness. I understand that but maybe for us to get more context for this information than we got and if there's any truth to her story, even on a small level, I mean apparently she's doing this to get this word out. I mean she has a story. Yeah, we I, you know what? That story is totally If I could what?

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