10 Trivia Questions on Scary Stuff


It's ten trivia questions on all kinds of scary stuff for Halloween week with my friend Dom Torres owner of high point brewing. Sandy Miss California this is trivia with buds knickers or whatever you WANNA call it but we are going to jump in today's episode we're GonNa have some fun doing some scary related Trivia questions and you can play along Trivia you're in the right place is one of the only trivia podcasts that comes out every single day most of the time there's always a month or a couple of weeks caught my eye and it's just a reminder to always look through your kids candy if you have kids in you listen to the show that's like the modern razor blade apple now it's heroin in the something very similar this week but this is a an old around my friend Dhamma Torres is on the episode today he is the owner co owner of a place called there's like six hundred episodes to check out of you like any specific trivia to scroll through the feed till you find a topic you're into stuff like marine biology is on the show it seems the plastic Baggie with paper inside came from a trunk or treat event at the family success center in Middle Township Luckily police say the child along and see if you can do better or worse than dumb but before we get to that episode I Have Fun Weird Scary Story to Redo it says mom makes scary find if they discover anything suspicious harmful out of the ordinary authorities are yet to test or see if this is actually a drug so I don't know if it was heroin distill do which is the fun of the show for me it's like a show that can never end because there's just so many things you can ask Trivia questions about today's episode is all stuff like stores at a mall is on the show stuff like firework related Trivia is on the show pretty much anything you can think of we've done and there's still a million things out there go sitting here one of my favorite breweries of all and high point brewing in San Dimas California with my good friend Tom what's up is to look through her child's Halloween Event Hall from what looked and found what looked like heroin oh man I looked at twice and I said wait that's not candy she told the new station but the mom was like heroin and luckily the kid didn't eat it whatever it was so there you go weird story to kind of kick off your Halloween week here but all spooky and scary and Halloween related stuff it's a confidence around I used one or two years ago I didn't see the date specifically to close out my Halloween week and I'll be doing that I point brewing and Sandy Miss California we talk about the big one year anniversary party coming up for that joint and all the stuff that's going to be there and then we also go over these ten questions you can I need the substance per new New Jersey Dot Com but cops did put out a Nixel hurt Saturday telling parents to check their children's candy bags thoroughly in contact the Ellen out the answer with dom or you can just write them down you can pause it whatever you WanNa do this show is for you we're GONNA jump into those ten questions with dom right now here we here and there where I miss a few days and then on the third day I'll post three episodes or whatever so you know it's it's a fun show and I'm glad you're listening to it right now good all right we just got done with a glorious Bingo event here we do it on Sundays from five to seven how would you describe Bingo on one word people who have not played here before dutiful Dude Sola two and a half two and a half out of ten Halloween related things let's see how you do question number one what Song by Warren's Yvonne is about creatures in it's only a few years is right yeah three in the country there you go you guys are Bruin all kinds of fun stuff for your big one year anniversary coming up next month on and child's Halloween bag New Jersey police issue a warning after trunk or treat event this is from Dot Com says a New Jersey parent was just a little surprise down here doing all kinds of fun stuff thug life the SUV bio sharing group The brooches a great time it has coming out on a bourbon barrel and it can seem about six months also that'd be fun and then we've got a couple of people coming on fire thinking maybe semen but all of a sudden very good here's a whole round on Halloween Related Trivia there's ten questions how many do you think you can get out of tests I'm GonNa go Dan what's your last name Torres Torres like Tico Torres and drummer from Bon Jovi you don't close enough you related him is he a father yeah Michael Myers when in Rome I'm not sure what that means but it sounds about right what do you think on for a while the return it Belgium Claude that's been Sierra for about six months what is it Sarah it's a red white and then we have a imperial stout let's go with murderers row one word let's go you think that the title of how the murderers row every year on Halloween episodes Roseanne Roseanne and that question was harder before they killed off Rosanna now it's called the connor Yes thank you once again back place with a famous clock where Wilson London Yeah there you go see that's one one for one you feeling pretty good so far I mean for the rubber question I think right now let's see Ziva werewolves of London it starts out with a howl classic where Wolf saw so many of them there's actually quite that bad moon rising fire pizza group the publisher seasonal we've got a ban Had called the MO fifty nine. I'll be here of course yes fill in the blank Halloween four Halloween Halloween Halloween Season of the witch. No Michael Myers Halloween four the blank of Michael Myers Season November sixteen two thousand nine hundred and tell me what you got in the works Oh it's fun event we've got the salesmen as a whole the parking lot fronts we've got to bear lay just coming out Connors Roseanne number five which vegetables were jack-o-lanterns originally made out of who I believe it was turnips terrify yeah have you ever seen the old school choose number three yes they've even tried he said Hey I heard that song was they tried to do kind of like a spin off like oh we'll just have it be spooky stuff that happens on Halloween instead of a murderer hunting assume that was a bad idea right back babysitters for the next sixteen films or in space you know why the blank of Michael Myers Halloween four what do you think it is Colella definitely all right number seven what actor rides a motorcycle and rocky horror picture show I one of those all musical credit I do not night's visit for waiting I'm in very liken always really liking Number two Halloween four as the subtitle the blank of Michael Myers Bob Lean of the damn popstar no longer with us who I'm GonNa Guess Michael Jackson it was a lia number Lia Dekker plane crash remember the gentleman's name I'll come on famous singer named after a food I I I'm GonNa go with somebody ridiculous because well vaccine and then also if you pair those with the old school Halloween costumes of like the late eighteen hundreds who it's just like little kids with like burlap great I'm GonNa be doing some coyote ugly style serving so I'll be on top of your tiny bar is kind of porn stuff in people's mouths maybe different is what that says that's a good that's a nice made up word that's very good that's like dudes on a ship like nautical judical and you're going to be on a ship at some point Oh you're gonNA use that word accurately ninety member for billy idol the answer was limp skit number seven it was meatloaf remember me Love was enough motorcycle sank Sasah call my gosh I don't even remotely number eight hundred to two thousand six re release of the nightmare before Christmas soundtrack who performed a new rendition. This is Halloween yeah so I couldn't help it would crush last batch number ten carver was the main antagonists on season three of what Fx show harbor the fact that I actually watched it this morning and watch two days ago also a rock but then again I thought I'm willing to join in and Dress Charlie Brown this year for Halloween you could do that you have no hair disease book and movie that Takes Place in what State Mothman prophecies one of the scariest books I ever read pretty scary movie state was a California no it was a dog named carbon named after this character maybe probably not leads Lady Gaga was on the season she was just saying the other facts fraternities definitely on my hand all the way number three what does Charlie Brown notoriously receive trick or treating and it's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown I don't know if it's sad saks with like sad faces like so creepy USA great one and watch me and Saint Louis and they do the Halloween thing and my stars all because they run out Brewing Company Sandy Miss California Nice Job Dumb and don't forget the first anniversary party is coming up on November sixteenth I will be there with bells on it's going to be a good good time he said if you watched it in like February every year liked it I'm might here's number four is a nice easy one can I'm what's it

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