BGN Radio #42: Taking Stock of Free Agency


You're listening to BT and radio. Why would you listen to any other eagles test with John Stolnis in randomly gal? Hello, bleeding, green nation and welcome back to BGN radio. This is episode number forty two. I'm John Stolnis from bleeding green nation dot com. You can follow me on Twitter at John Stolnis. You know, we are still in the middle of the free agency period and things of died down. We're now into the second wave of regency. But that doesn't mean there aren't a lot of things to talk about the eagles had another busy week since we spoke last. However, they are still woefully short at one particular position. We'll get into that will take a look at some of the draft prospects that are coming into Philadelphia for a visit with team officials Vegas's out with some of their early odds for Super Bowl Super Bowl contenders. And the eagles make an interesting proposal having to do with the Cowboys and thanksgiving, so we're gonna get into all of that here over the next hour or so and joining me to do that as he does every week. Is the man who runs bleeding green nation dot com may he forever reign Brandon Lee gallon. You can follow him on Twitter at Brandon gallon Biel g how you doing buddy. John terrible news for you. I know now see that's that is no way to start off a podcast. I have like I mean, how would you like walked tell me the terrible news. Tell me the terrible news. I'm going to be playing running back for the goes this year. I mean, someone they called me up, and it's not going to be pretty I'm six foot nine that's just way too tall running back. Even if that didn't matter I'm just not very fast at all. So it's it's not going to be good for the eagles this year. Too tall to be running back to tall to be a defensive end really tall to play football b l g I mean there on the field. You can be six foot nine and be successful thing. I could be like a red zone tight end specialists kind of deal. Okay. Okay. Walk it all, but you know, I I think I could get a jump ball at some point. That's probably about it. Well, we are going to get into the running back situation here and just minutes because. They might be calling you at some point. If they don't get this position addressed here either through trade or free agency or with the draft coming up here. We'll get into all that coming up because that is a big topic of concern among eagles fans, but we're going to start off episode forty two year with some of the moves the eagles did make this week. And we'll take them in chronological order starting with the most recent. And that of course is the eagles announcing that they are bringing back Vinnie carry to a one year deal worth two and a quarter million dollars. It could go up to three and a half million dollars with incentives. The thirty year old was with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year after spending the first six years of his career with the hometown eagles grew up in eagles fan as you all well know was part of the Super Bowl championship team at twenty two sex in six seasons with the eagles. And last year for Tampa B L G kind of down year for him started seven games had just two and a half sacks fifteen solo tackles, but was dealing with an injury for much of the season. I don't know. I know this has been talked about us once free agency started that. It was likely that Tampa would release Vinny curry and that if that happened the eagles would swoop in and swoop in they did. So what grade do you give the Vinny curry signing? What do you think about it? So I guess I'm going to like a B follow be makes about sense for him. Maybe even a little low, maybe be plus I think it's a solid move. They needed more depth at defensive end after trading Michael Bennett and with the Chris long situation up in the air. And really that's kinda maybe it's funny. Maybe not everyone. But for me, at least that's kind of what I think about the most when I think about this resigning. I'm not even thinking about Vinnie so much. I'm thinking about okay? What happens now with Chris Law as we've talked about here has been very specific about how he's going to be watching the defensive end room, and how crowded a gets to make his decision on if he wants to come back or not. And I've kinda felt like that. You'll weren't gonna resign. Vinny curry not because they wouldn't be interested in him as much as just like they were kind of leaving that spot open. For Chris long. That was my thinking. Now, I don't think signing even carry definitely means Chris long won't be back. But you know, my thinking before is that spot was being saved for him. And now, it's not so much. So I don't know a hundred this don't know for sure where that stands I would love to have Chris back. But while we kinda just wait on that one. 'cause they're still, you know, they pushed one of the things in his contract back think till after the draft allows the eagles to to go forward to not have to make that commitment right now. So we'll see how the Chris long thinks shakes out in short. But for now I like with eagles kinda have shaping up here defensive end. I mean, you have Brannon Graham Derek Burnett as you're likely starters in two thousand nineteen those were your stars for the most part in two thousand eighteen prior to darker Burnett getting hurt Vinny curry imagine, you know, is going to have a significant role at third or fourth defensive in off the bench. And I think that's good. I think Vinny curry had an underrated season in two thousand seventeen if you look back at it. It was his best overall career by in terms of you know, how? Football focus graded him out in you know, take that for what it's worth. But you know, you look at him in their rankings ranked tenth overall in run stop percentage in that kind of masses up with the test to member Vinny. Curry can always had that like a bad rap as a head run defender. Yeah. Like really changed in two thousand seventeen. I remember there's a player to a game where he would dislike someone try to run to the edge running back try to run out to the ED's in many this. They're like stop them in their tracks. I almost feel like he became a better run defender than a pass rusher. At that point which is weird because it used to be the opposite for him earlier on his career, but even in two thousand seventeen he still ranked thirty fifth out of a hundred nine teen edge rushers in pressure rate. So, you know, you look at those numbers in two thousand seventeen in there, really good. And he's coming back to this system. He's no longer playing in Tampa Bay defense that allowed the most points in the league last year, and he's also not going to be dealing with the injury. Hopefully now is a little bit older. I don't know if he's giving you the time of production. Xactly that you got from him in two thousand seventeen by think he's going to be closer to that than he was when he was struggling with the buccaneers last year. Look, you're only paying two point five million for this guy. If you look at the other contracts or addresses out there guys who got more than him like Marcus golden, no signed for one year three point seven five million with the giants. You know, you look at shack bear one year four million with the buccaneers Bruce Irvin. Who's thirty one a little bit older than Vinnie signed one year four million dollars with the with the Panthers. So like that's pretty good value. The reports are that buzney turned down offers for more money with other teams come back to Philly. And I think that's true. I mean, he's obviously needles fan. We already know that story by now. And he just genuinely sounded like he's thrilled to be back. I was listening to him today on the conference call and he just said like these guys are his brothers his teammates. Like, they're not just sense about football for him. Like, these are these are his best friends. So he's back. I think it makes sense for the eagles. You know? It's not like a home run move by any means by it's. Real solid move. I agree with that. And I think Vinny curry we heard was dealing with a high ankle sprain for much of last year. And that was one of the reasons why maybe he wasn't as productive. He was also playing in a different scheme, and maybe a scheme that didn't utilize him and to the best of his abilities. And now he comes back to Philadelphia in a scheme where we know especially in two thousand seventeen like you mentioned that he flourished, and we talk about Vinnie carry being being older. Thirty years old is is not ancient. I mean, he's younger than Michael Bennett who the team traded away Bennett was a far more productive player than Vinny. Curry was last year, obviously. And but I mean, I don't know that Bennett is necessarily going to have the same kind of season in two thousand nineteen given his age when you're talking about Chris long, Chris long is substantially older by at least a couple of years over Vinny curry, and I think that is you're right. That is one of the more interesting aspects of this signing is what it means for Chris long's career, and we know that he's been contemplating retirement and one of the things that has been. A major consideration for him as to whether or not to come back to Philadelphia is playing time how many snaps is he gonna get what percentage of snaps is going to be there for him with Brandon Graham coming back in with Derek Barnett, hopefully, healthy and ready to rock and roll and with any curry there, and you know, you're going to hopefully, get something out of maybe get some more playing time for Josh sweat this year because you spent a fourth-round or on him last season. Are we getting to a point here where the eagles? I know there's been a lot of Chris criticism. They're getting you know, they're old on the defensive line. But if you don't bring back Chris long, and you don't bring back Michael Bennett. You're actually seems to me getting younger along defensive line. So, you know, I'm not I'm not sure that I see exactly where Chris long fits on this defensive line right now. Because I don't think he's going to get the percentage of snaps. It is going to make him happy Bilgee. I hate that. That's a bummer because I think Chris long still really good player. And it almost makes me wonder if they would trade him at that point. Because I think he's still wants to play. Dist listening him in his interviews and really looking at his body of work last year. I don't think this is a guy that needs to retire. I think he's still wants to play. And maybe he does retire because he feels like, okay, I'm not gonna go through the whole thing of the making them trade me into all of that. And he's gonna retire. Maybe that's the case. But maybe he's gonna try to force the issue if he can if it makes sense if the can of get something back in return for him. And so I wonder if that's almost on the table now whether that you'll trade him or whether he retires they would save five point three million cap space. So that's kind of upside to not having Chris long Dak I'd rather have him back than the space to saying. That's the bonus you get in another thing, by the way to keep in mind. Vinny curry in why it's a big deal significant factor in signing him that he doesn't count towards their against their compact. I should say so since the the bucket cut him such just another another factor to the move kinda makes an extra bonus. But yeah, I don't know it's gonna happen here with. Was Chris long? I think bottom line, though, is with whatever happens out like still feel pretty good about this defensive line room. Like, don't you like you have yet wonder best in the NFL one of the best in the NFL? And I think it has a chance to be the best in the NFL because one of the other things we haven't talked about g is what if they spend their first round pick on an edge rusher. What if they spend one of their second round on an edge rusher that leaves even less playing time for Chris long? But probably makes it a stronger defensive unit. That's the other thing too. And that's probably why again, they push that deadline back after the Chaffetz. So they song to have what the deal is there. So we'll see how that goes. But yeah, I mean, even the is they have right now, let's say they don't even at anyone. And let's say Chris long isn't back like that. That would be the worst case scenario. So you have Brandon Graham endured Burnett. I'm really cited have BT back, man. Like, he's gonna be healthy this year. He was clearly not healthy last year off season surgery in may which is late for off-season surgery on his ankle. He didn't come into the season. He's ready to get after this year. Kinda get back to the level. He was before he was last year. Derek is going to be in his third year. He still only twenty two I think he's pretty young man. I know Benjamin his the biggest fan, but I think we saw some growth at a Derek Burnett last year before he got hurt. I think him being another year older in having more experience as we'll see him potentially take that step forward. Vinny. Curry is you know, what you're getting out of him probably in the scheme. He's going to be a solid player for this team. Josh wet. I think bringing back many curry is probably not a good move for him. Not only because he's probably going to be losing his jersey number seventy five. I just don't think he kinda showed enough in the I kind of go back to the fact that they were so thin offensive ended wins last year. Like Bennett was hurt. Guys were banged up. They're only down to three or so defensive ends and jobs loves to rotate is guys. Ideally, he has like four defensive in playing significant snaps, but even then they still didn't really trust Josh wet. And then he got hurt which is another issue with him. But you look at a guy like DeJean hall who they acquired late in the season. Any like barely played the only play like nano twenty five thirty snaps or so, but like he showed me a little bit of juice in those snaps the end small sample size. Not even a lactate the roster but using a former third round pick. I think that can do that sixteen. So I'm interested to see him the new the coaching staff praising Joe Oestmann this year in again, maybe that's nothing. Maybe nothing more than a practice squad player. But the point is like they have some guys that even beyond the starters. Like, there's still some intrigue with some of these guys, and I feel like shifting your attention a little bit and looking at not just the ends. But the way they can. Move there guys around Vinny. You can put him on the interior on third down in have him rush from there. And as point you know, distinct that makes the pass rush better to have a guy like that in any brand Balik Jackson, and you're upgrading your pass rushers in total. So, you know, even song doesn't come back. I would love to have him back. But even if he doesn't and even if you don't yet atop pass rusher in the draft, which they bury much Ken possibly. I just still think they have a really good unit here to work with y'all. I agree. I agree. I think it's gonna be a very good unit. That's one of the reasons that Jackson wanted to come to Philadelphia wanted to be a part of a a great defensive line because you know, he enough let your Cox in the middle is just gonna make those ends even better. So yeah, no doubt about it. I think eagles have top five defensive line heading into next season on paper. Anyway, one of the other moves the eagles made this week was to sign safety Andrews day ho and one of the things I've noticed with all of the signings this week B L G, and we'll get to that with the third signing in just a second is that they really seem to be targeting guys who had good two thousand. Seventeen and dropped off in two thousand eighteen because of injury and Syndey ho was certainly one of those guys so one year deal for the thirty two year old primarily run stopping safety at this point in his career. He's going to serve as the team's number three behind Malcolm Jenkins and Rodney McLeod Beal g the most important thing. He does he gives them a real depth piece. I mean, you're not going to have to deal with with Corey Graham anymore to not have to have him on the field. No matter what no matter what Syndey Hogue gives you as far as I know, he's not the strongest guy in pass coverage. But gotta be better than Corey Graham. Right. I mean anything's better than Corey Graham. Yes, I think he'll know where to be informed fifteen hopefully with the game on the line time. I would I would hope at the very least sorry to bring that up for everyone. But yeah. With the signing just the medically like this is what how Roseman does he fill the holes on the team before the draft comes up the eagles needed some kind of third safety, and they can still add one in the draft. If they want to. You don't wanna go into draft like having to get that guy. And if you don't get him then oh, well, you're locked late. So I think that's what you do Sunday. And I've just felt like the safety market had two guys on it. Like, so many safeties got onto the market this season some unexpectedly to where it just felt like too many veterans out there for the not to bring in a third guy at some point. And the got that guy in Sunday. How I don't know even if he's fully guaranteed to make the team again, they could draft a rookie. Maybe someone beats tensely the contract is reportedly for one point three million. I don't I'm not sure how much of that is guaranteed. If any will see I think solid signing again, it's you have to consider that. We don't know a hundred percent Friday McLeod will be ready for the start of the season. Like, I think there would be because he suffered a C L slash MC. L back in September still is only week three. So I think he is a good chance to be ready for week one. But maybe he misses a game to the desiccation. You can kinda put Sunday in their in have him. Hold down the fort for a little bit until. Musab tensely ready to get back. So I think that's the idea. I think the fact that they've had safety injuries past couple years. You know, they're trying to stress adding more depth at that position. And I think Cindy how gives them the flexibility they want to play they want to be able to do in terms of playing these sub packages such as the big nickel or their dime package. So it makes sense in that vein. And again, it doesn't really rule out them drafting a safety as high as the first round if they went into on sudden, four quality safety. So I just think, you know, it makes sense counts against their compact formula for now. But I don't think it's a huge deal. I think they can sensually still get four complex depending on who else signs elsewhere or again, if like Sunday ho struggles, or whatever they can cut him in he wouldn't count against the formula that point anymore. So we'll see how he does this off season. He just needs proving stay healthy. If does healthy does make this team. Like he is gonna knock the crap at a someone. He got crab knocked him by blood and don't think about that. But I mean, that's not him even sucking. That's a large, you know, that's in large part delegate plant being like two hundred fifty pound running back who's a beast. Right. Yeah. I think Sunday was gonna like seriously just not it might be eagles player. So that might be frustrating, by the way, just literate someone like I dunno Nigel, Adam he's he's gonna not the crap at someone this year. I don't know if it'll be an eagles player of the be an offensive player, but someone is gonna get hit art. Yeah. He played in just five games last year suffered a season ending groin injury against the eagles. But was graded forty fifth out of one hundred and one safeties last year by PF, but in two thousand seventeen was twentieth. Overall, according to PF grades. So again, a massive upgrade over Corey Graham, no matter how you shake it down. And then the last signing the eagles made this week was they re signed Ronald Darby to a one year eight and a half million dollar deal. He went out on the open market. Beal GD eagles lead. Them test free agency, he visited Kansas City. I usually think that when a player goes to visit another city, there's a really good chance. They're gonna sign there. But ultimately, he decided to come back to Philadelphia. Are you surprised that the eagles were able to get him back on a one year deal? Gee, I I'm not shocked. You know, I think we've been talking about we've been hearing some buzz that the really wanted him back around even said that in his interview with Ian, Rappaport said the US really wanted to keep him. And sure enough they did because they made him a pretty okay offer wasn't really great in the scope of going into free agency. There was talk that he was going to get like twelve million per year. Spot rack rejected. He could get like fifteen million or thirteen million something crazy. Of course that was considering injury. So to take that for what it's worth there. But yeah, I mean, he went on the visit in Kansas City. And there was some kind of buzz out there from some kind of radio hosts that he failed his physical which explains why he didn't sign with the villa at. Yeah thing and then it was so bizarre. I think. Was last Friday morning or last Thursday night that Antwan Odom who is former NFL defense alignment like randomly tweeted yoyos announce the Ronald Darby contract one year, eight point five million. And it was just like so out of the blue. It's like is this guy like the breaking news right now. So I wrote a story on that. And it was so it was so weird. Is that Aleph? Yeah, blues. Right. He had the exact the money money. I don't know if like they share agent that used to be agent or what I don't know. I don't see what allowed to action as they are. But anyway, so Antwan Odom forgetting that big scoop, and yeah, it's it's an interesting deal. Right. Because it's one year. It's only eight point tops out at eight point five. I think really it's only six point five in two million in incentives. So that's really interesting. You know, round RB was arguably the top cornerback on the market now the injury, obviously, her im-, but still he's only twenty five I think it's an interesting signing because I think it's probably the most controversial move eagles have. This off other than possibly the Michael Bennett trade, I think in terms of being the vice of a lot of people are kinda like why are we being around Darby back because the defense had success without him late last year, and we already have so many young corners. And I see that logic. I get it. That's how you feel. I'm not gonna begrudge you for feeling that way at the same time. I guess if I'm putting myself like if I'm putting myself in their shoes in seeing their perspective on this mound. Rby a twenty five year old talent, they traded a third round pick for in two thousand seventeen the you know, this guy they have some modest or some decent level of confidence in. I think either most physically gifted corner feel like from a raw talent perspective, he's their fastest Horner back when he's healthy. Clearly, I think he's had some games where you see him struggle in terms of mistake Ling or getting beat the titans game the buccaneers game from last year there, certainly some issues, but I also think back to a game like week one last year against will you Jones where if you. Look at Julio Jones numbers. It's not super pretty. But like if you go back on the film, he pretty much like kept him in the I think they don't win that game round Rb isn't going. So right. You know, we've seen him have that kind of number one quarterback potential there. And my guess that they're thinking is that they quarterback is not a position for them. They can easily just figure out right? It's not like, yeah. We've got this. No. That is not the case for the for very long time now. So I'm kind of thinking they're just trying to throw as much as they reasonably can at that position. And when you have the chance to bring Darby back at a pretty decent value. I think it makes sense to do that. And I think you kinda just figure it out. You have I don't know who the hell is starting at corner this year because you have round Rb you have Dylan mills you have avanti's of Sidney Jones you have received Douglas, you have on the bunk. There's so many options there, but I guess that's a bad thing. I think they're just gonna try to throw a bunch of stuff at that position in see what? Shakes out. And I don't think that's the worst approach given how they've really struggled to kinda find stability pointer over the years. Dennis specially how they how they value that position in this offense to its defensive line and its Cornerbacks and safeties man, I mean, that's that's why they're not doing a whole lot with linebacker. I mean, they're going to stick. It a lock in on those two areas of the defense. So yeah, I understand bringing Darby back and giving yourself as much depth at that position. As you can I'd like to see this group next year. Get a few more picks few more turnovers more interceptions here and there, but hopefully that comes a little bit more experience from some of the younger guys as well. The one thing I have noticed here. Belgian it's one of the things the eagles have in some circles been criticized for is are they sending too many older players here b l g I mean, we bring with curry and wisened day. Oh, and not so much with Darby Darby is like you mentioned still in his mid twenties. But the eagles bring it back, Brandon Graham. I mean, they've just they have invested in. Some players who are on the wrong side of thirty. What is your take on on the the thought that they're signing too many old players because for me, I see them signing old players. But I don't see a lot of long commitment to the old players that they're bringing in our Joe Gilio on the podcasts on the sudden. How did you replace? No. I'm saying I think questions out there. And he's one of the people that have asked that question for sure. Yeah. It's fair. I'm just kidding. I liked to. But he brought up that point. And I mean, it's fair in the sense that like, yeah, it's true. They're bringing in order guys. Is it really that abnormal? I don't think so look back to two thousand seventeen when they brought in Chris long and Patrick Robinson and Corey Graham and legare blunt and even during the season, they brought in L O B, those are all very much older guys. And they're building the core around these guys like they're not saying this is the core of the team. That's not what they're doing here. I think these are very much supplemental pieces, I write these are very much players who have proof. Even the instill play for the most part like Sean Jackson's gonna turn thirty three this year. Yeah. But guess what? He led the league in yards reception less season. So I'm not gonna choir him, just because of a number of his age that doesn't make sense. You know, you you have to look more into the age. Now, I get in theory. Like, you always wanna get younger. Yeah. And that's nice Zack Berman had a point out there. I'm really just shopping names, by the way in this pot down. Again. I don't nothing in fact, but you know, he made a fair point in that he said you could look at guys like Raanan, cloud and Brandon Brooks as ease of pieces you could be building around freezing. I don't think there's a fair example because the signings happened back in two thousand sixteen when heels had a lot more cap space to work with and they also didn't have a franchise quarterback contact looming on the horizon right now or the us are not signing those kind of core pieces there because they need to play the compet game in they draft picks because those are more valuable than ever especially because that's the way. You get young talent. And that's how you fit all in with your cap space. You need to be able to hit on these draft picks Kansas rely on building through free agency. Like that now for all the criticism that they're getting older who did people want them to sign out there that was younger. I don't understand you know, who the alternatives where were here, especially if you're signing. These guys are gonna be more expensively. That's just how it works part of the market inefficiency. If you will I think, or at least, I think, that's how the eagles view. It is you're getting these older guys. Yeah. But they're cheaper. I mean again, Vinny curry two point five million dollars. I think that's good value as opposed to what did you want them to do go out and signs Darius Smith or Trey flowers to like eighteen million a year, whatever they got. No, like, they don't have the cap space to reasonably do that mean if they really wanted to do it they could than they're they're being hamstrung elsewhere. So I think it's fine. I think in general again, you always wanna get younger. I think what this signifies in with all these older resigning is that you'll really see a window. To win this year into nineteen like they see that interesting that in the contracts, by the way to how they're like spreading all these cap hits out over the years like they're trying to lower this year's cap it as much as they can because they're willing to sacrifice a little bit in the future for this year. I think that's how they view it. I think that's why they're also bring in these older guys like, and I think that's fair this team that won the Super Bowl two years ago s we forget they see themselves in a position where they can win this year. I think that's how they should feel. Why not they were such a great team do dozen seventeen. They have the best quarterback in the division the best head coach in the division. You have reason to feel good about this team contending feel like so why not put all your chips into the middle? While you feel like you have this window. You wanna maximize it now as opposed to just I mean, you have to have some kind of I on the future that's any kind of general manager job. But I don't think they're sacrificing so much for the future that he can't balance that out with trying to win. Now, I making win that moves, and I think that's. Fine. We'll be coming up. We're going to take a look at the one position that the eagles really haven't addressed at all here. So far in free agency will dive into that next on BGN radio. I'm using colleges. Nate Sloan songwriter. Charlie harding. We're the hosts of switched on pop the podcast where Charlie and I breakdown pop hits to reveal how the music works. And why it matters. It's our job to help you find those moments within the music, whether you're a pop fanatic or a skeptic a teenager or an octogenarian non musician or professional composer every music lover. Will discover something you're opening in switched on pop. Yeah. And we think you'll have a lot of fun with us because you're going to get to hear from amazing guest musicians. Song writers producers journalists listen to switch on pop every week starting in March on the apple podcast app or wherever you get your podcasts. And we're back on BG and radio. Beal GD eagles have addressed defensive van they've dressed defensive tackle. They've even dressed linebacker a little bit. They've dreaded cornerback. They've address safety. They've addressed wide receiver. They've addressed a little bit at offense on the offense of line bringing back Jason Peters. But the one position that they have not touched at all this season is the running back position. And it's one of the positions that we came into the offseason most interested in seeing the team in and so here, we sit on March twenty first and we're now into the second wave of free agency. And my question is why why haven't they addressed this position yet? I really wonder what it is. They're waiting for. There are some options out there as we've mentioned on previous podcast Spencer where TJ yelled in Jordan Howard do Johnson. Just some of the NFL players that are out there. You know? I wrote a piece this week for bleeding green Asian. About the possibility of the eagles taking Josh Jacobs in the first or second round in the history of the eagles drafting running backs in that position and the history of NFL teams taking running backs early in the draft. And you know, that's like every other position in the NFL. That's hit or miss in the draft. I'm just overall confused at what the eagles are accomplishing. You're running back because this to me is a position at it's a vitally important position on this team. They may not view it that way, but they need some some talent at running back in in order to help out. Carson Winston to help out the passing game. I mean, they're running under contract right now. Our when smollet Josh items done on free, Boston Stott. And who am I missing? It doesn't matter. It's not getting done. That's those are there five guys under contact right now. But I have to believe they understand this to like, it's not just us. I'm pretty sure, you know, they know they need to do something this position. And I almost feel like the delay in addressing this position. Hannah makes me feel like they have something planned. I don't know what it is. I look at the fact that Spencer ware left his visit with lions without a contract. So we could potentially still get him out of the fact that to die who visited the coats on Wednesday left his visit with colts without a contract. And again, you kind of look at what happened with Ronald Darby. He went to Kansas City visited didn't get a contract there. He came back couple of days later signed the Philly for pretty reasonable number. Maybe that'd be. Yeah. Can I make a prediction? They're bringing back. Jay, they're bring it. I I what's going down. Yep. I'm the way you get him back to the point of being willing to let someone visit another team the Darby is that lets you drive the price down because at that point. It ruins the player's leverage. Right. Because he can't the player. Can't be like, well, you know, I've other teams out there interested in me while the belly. Okay. Then why didn't the colts signed into a contract then? No. So they it gives us more leverage. So I'm trying to say when a player goes like that visits in they don't get a deal. So we saw Darby maybe it happens with Ajayi. But even if he resigned, I again, he's coming off a seal entry. So like you still need to do something there. Even if you bring him back like you might need. This item are resigned him end brand Spencer ware or something like that. Like you have to kind of throw some more options at that position. Still. And I think we will they're gonna do something in some kind of either trade or free agency. Do Johnson is still out there in rumors Adam capitalist talking about him this week on the radio when he was saying that there's a lot of interest there from one team in particular. He wouldn't say with team, but we all know Kaplan's pretty plugged in. When it comes to the eagles. So king connect the dots. There think it might be do Johnson, by the way, he said it would cost the fifth or sixth. So that's case op. Obviously be all over that. No doubt. Another tap one thing in what we're talking about the running back position apparently on their podcasts that they have him. Jeff Moster we're talking about how Josten gives is actually in play for the eagles pick at number twenty five like apparently they like him, and they said the to not be socked the took a running back which would be sacking to. They haven't done it in what thirty three thirty four years. Not since Keith Byars in night, young eighty six P L J. That's the last time. The eagles took a running back in the first round, man. So maybe that's in play to maybe I don't know. But we will all very much be interested to see what they do it. Just feels incomplete. You know what I mean? Like, you're looking at the offense, and you kinda wanna get fully excited about it. But it's hard because you're looking at the running that the center being like, oh, man like the is not over. They can still do stuff here. I'm not panicking. But it's just like, can you do something you can give us some kind of thing that kinda be at least excited about even irrationally at the like, you can't do that. Now. There's this nothing there. Now, there's that's true. And that's the thing is. Kind of thinking to ourselves. They got some options out there. You know? I do think I you know, the reason a giant makes more sense than Spencer ware or somebody like trading for Jordan Howard. Or I think trading for do Johnson makes all the sense in the world because he's a different type of player than a giant. And I think that would make the most sense you bring gybed on on a cheap one year deal. Again, another guy great two thousand seventeen who was hurt last year, and you can probably get him on a cheap one year prove at deal. So at the eagles did with Finney curry and with Syndey. Oh and with Ronald Darby this this off season. I think they can do that with a giant as well. Aja is a talented player, and you hope that Corey climent bounces back, and if you trade for Johnson, you've got your Darren sproles replacement, and so I think I think the eagle's even if I wouldn't feel one hundred percent confident in that in that group, I think the eagles would feel confident there, and I don't know enough about Josh Jacobs to say whether or not he should go number twenty five. I just know what I read what I read is that teams are all over the place. On him as to whether or not he's a first round talent. Or a second round talent in. I I can't say whether one is more right than the other. What I can say is the eagles have done enough in free agency that they don't have to reach for any particular position. And so if they really like Josh Jacobson, they know that he's not going to be there when they come around in the second round they've done enough in free agency. So that they can take a swing at Josh Jacobs at the running back position and not feel like they have to grab an address you're here or a defensive tackle or a safety or cornerback or anything like that. You know, that's one of the that's one of the good things about how they've approached free agency here so far this off season. So, you know, it's been they have not drafted a running back since Keith buyers in nineteen Eighty-six, and you know, the eagles history of drafting running backs has been hit or miss over the years, but they've been hit or miss at drafting every position. So as every other team the draft is a mystery. So, you know, Josh Jacobs's most likely the number one running back if you can get the number one running back off the board at number twenty five again, not having just. Seeing the little bit of tape on on on Jacobs that I've seen I probably would not hate that move. Because at least it would show me to they're wanting to add they're wanting to invest something significant at that position, which they haven't shown that they've wanted to do that in the last decade, really. And it's the kind gesture is the kind of profile of a player who would be okay in the first round in terms of value. This isn't a guy who is just like a two down player easier north-south runner. He doesn't catch the ball. Basically. I'm trying to sail Europe blunt. It doesn't profile as that who isn't gonna be your three down running back as a guy who can only help you in certain phases. Like, no Josh teams that versatility where you can help you in multiple phases as a runner as a pass catcher. So I think that's the kind of guy who would kind of profile more as guy there would be okay. With in the first round, the example that I believe most of us was that eagles were willing to take Christian McCaffrey at pick number fourteen. If you made it they're back in. Two thousand seventeen and again, that's the same kinda guy a guy who can help you as receiver. I mean, that's the that's the big thing. Really? Honestly, if you're looking at a running back that high can this guy catch passes because it has to the premium resources should be going into the passing game. And if that can help and look we saw that you will rumored to be interested in levian bell. Ultimately, it didn't materialize. But that doesn't mean it didn't have interest. It's probably meant that the money didn't work out. But I think, you know, you're looking at that kind of player that would be really nice to have for Carson Wentz as a guy who can kinda just check down to in have that option in the passing game as opposed to really getting nothing out of year running backs in the game. So I think that's kind of something keep an eye on. I think that's just feel destination running back. They're missing. So maybe you get that in Josh Jacobs. Maybe that in the Duke Johnson that I that's something that definitely need to add to the offense is a pass catching running back and one of the nice things that we did see from Corey Clement at the end of the season. I feel like we got to see. A little bit of two thousand seventeen Clement late in the season. Whatever was going on with him. Whether he was dealing with an injury or whether he was just not all there this year. Whatever it happened to be I feel like he kind of came back towards the very end of the season. And we got a he started. We started seeing the flashes of the guy who could break tackles a guy who could be productive down near the goal line. A guy could catch the ball out of the backfield. And hopefully, adding him to the mix this year, a rejuvenated or a comment that's not injured dealing with some kind of problems. Whatever was going on can also add to that would like be like adding running back, frankly because he really was a non factor for most of the season this year. So I will be interesting to see what the eagles running back. They do need to do something real quick before we get to our next break. Beal g let's take a look at some of the draft prospects that are coming in for a visit here this over the next couple of weeks, you've got Oklahoma offensive tackle, Cody Ford, ole miss wide receiver AJ Brown Arkansas guard says. Center held a fro- hall TCU defensive end Eljay Collier Old Dominion defensive end. Otane zimmer? Michigan running back. Karen, hidden, Florida safety Chauncey, garner Johnson, Alabama state offensive tackle Titus Howard, any of those names or actually probably more to the point any of those positions really jump out at you. And I also seem in just tonight bright before the show here. Penn State quarterback money over warrior, so on two three four five six seven eight nine nine of their thirty almost a third have already been reported out there you're seeing off into Lyman, obviously with Cody Ford Titus Howard. I definitely think that's still on their radar. Even though you bring Jason Peters back. You know, if there's a there's an offensive tackle that you really love at twenty five you're gonna take him. You know, it doesn't matter. You have Jordan my ladder or whatever. Like, you're gonna take that guy in you're gonna right? Just hope it works out and have a plan for him. It's Cody Ford if it doesn't work out down the road, you know, his move over to guard at some point. So I don't even know Cody. What makes it to them, by the way has very possible? He doesn't the AJ. Brown was interesting. The that guy played a lot slot receiver for ole miss. And as we know heels are already paying the most money the most amount of money to their starting receivers in the NFL, especially having snag lower there at nine point four million. We've talked about nauseam in the slot. So I won't really interesting to me. I mean, even if it's not moving on from Laura this year, which I mean, I feel like they almost would the Jaffna guy like AJ Brown is probably like than selects said to me. He was like top thirty third somewhere. Thirty to fifty in that range in terms of picks. So pennsly- a day to guy for the eagles. You would think they have some kind of plan for him. But even if not Adler is still gonna be next off season. So that's something to keep in mind. You're still seeing them look into address yours in Collier in Zuma's. So these are not surprising positions overall. They don't necessarily need immediate starters. Again. I think how was. For the -ception really running back has done a nice job of kind of filling those immediate host, but time to setting themselves up to hopefully, you know, just be able to pick the quote unquote, best player available. If that's available to them when it relates to twenty five in and whatever, you know, all these other picks they have on day two. So you can't make too much visits because sometimes they're at least Howie Roseman has said in the past uses them, sometimes smokescreens, but they're looking into these prospects. So in easily they draft at least like one or two of these guys from the top thirty they bring in. So it's certainly worth keeping an eye on those names in remembering them come draft time. But for now, it's kinda just cursory information. I will up next. We're gonna get into a proposal that was made by the eagles. That was quickly taken off the table that has to do with the Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys hosting thanksgiving games. Very interesting stuff here, and we'll also get into step with some Vegas odds for the Super Bowl coming up this year. We'll do that next right here on GM radio. Hi, this is Jim. Check out our podcast step over. We'll be blowers podcast work for all of your Sixers needs player analysis. Game breakdowns who the coolest a headband and more subscribed liberty Bowers podcast feed on I tunes, Stitcher Spotify or ever you get your favorite podcasts. And check out the step over a podcast about Sixers basketball, mostly. And we're back on BG and radio. Gee, this was very interesting came down on Thursday proof football talk reported this that the eagles made a proposal to have the Detroit Lions Dallas Cowboys stop hosting every thanksgiving. And instead those two teams would have to play on the road on some thanksgiving. So alternate home in Rhode one year from the next and diga lls, however, then withdrew the the proposal presumably, according to pro football talk because it was not going to pass. But this is an interesting proposal, and it really kind of highlighted something that I never occurred to me before. And that is that the lions and the Cowboys really possess a huge advantage over the rest of the NFL in terms of playing Thursday night games on the road doesn't feel g manifested in Super Bowl wins for those teams to. Get the shots in where you can my man not recently. And in the case of lines, not at all. But seriously. Yeah, this is a I feel weird calling a major deal. But f it's significant I mean because if like one game any single game in the NFL season could have huge ramifications like any one single game looking back on a season. And this came up by the way, like I looked into this on Thursday night. And I see that since there's in football began in two thousand six Cowboys have played just to Thursday rogue games just to on the road and neither of them were on short rest because they played previously on thanksgiving the week before. So they're playing on Thursday night on the road. But they're having a whole week to prepare the normally would Freni given game now by comparison in the same amount of time. The eagles have played five Thursday night away games on short rest in that same spam. Lonzo euro for the Cowboys and five for the. Eagle. That's wasn't that. And by the way, not fair. It's not fair. That's that's only for now. There's no way because of the Cowboys are gonna keep getting home games like this. It's probably gonna keep working out whether or not the hallways are not going to be playing road Thursday night games for the considerable future in the you'll probably will. So it's just it's BS. It's Bs even if it doesn't matter a ton, which I think it matters somewhat like the NFL should be aiming to make this kind of fair as possible. That's what you should be expecting. This should be a level playing field here. Definitely goal. Right. We want right for as much as they want parody. Right. I mean as much as possible like I'm not saying like, it seems reasonable to me that it would be some kind of level blame it shouldn't be zero versus five if it's like two versus five. That's like, okay. That's whatever. But like zero five just seems a little extreme. And I feel like the NFL should be doing a better job. Like, why can't we rotate Dallas? In Detroit playing home in the way. Why can't we do that? I think it would be disgruntled to putting the rest thing aside for a second. When is just be nice to have other cities host thanksgiving games. Like every once in a while. It'd be kind of new dynamic for other cities to get in on that while eastern keep the tradition alive of Dallas in the the lines playing every year. It's not like they're saying you have to end the tradition. The thing that I wonder about here is Teri Joan son, Steven Jones is on the league's competition committee. So I'm sure he is not exactly sad that yields withdrew this. And I guess we can talk about why they withdrew it. Yeah. I don't know. I'm guessing they did this exact thing with the jersey proposal back a couple years ago when they were trying to get third helmet law. Yeah. Yeah. They also through that. I guess it's because like the kind of just get a feel for it like exit poll, I guess you kind of say, hey, even of shot the past and it's like, no, no shot in hill. And I guess it's kinda like they just withdraw at that point. Because there's not even any kind of traction on it like maybe can't get anyone to even say that that would be interested. But I don't know why teams wouldn't be interested in passing this because it's clearly an advantage like you can debate how much of an advantage it is. But it isn't events to some extent in it's this unnecessary. Like there shouldn't there's no good reason that this should be an unfair advantage for other teams that the Cowboys have over them in it just is. No. And you're right. I mean, it hasn't been the difference between the Cowboys winning Super Bowls in the lines winning Super Bowls in the rest of the ladies Super Bowls. It's just it's just not fair. I mean, generally speaking these games that are played on thanksgiving are generally one by the better team. The lions do not typically win their thanksgiving games. In in recent memory over the last ten. In fifteen years since they started doing thanksgiving games way back in the day. The lions of been bad more often than they've been good and hosting that game has necessarily been anything special for them. The Cowboys again to have have not one Super Bowl in a longtime. So you're right. This isn't this isn't the difference between going to the playoffs and not going to the playoffs. But maybe last year it was maybe last year the Cowboys. I don't remember what they did on thanks giving whether they won or they lost on thanksgiving. But you know, they, you know, maybe if they if they have to play a role game on Thursday, maybe they maybe they have one fewer wind than they did last year. And maybe the eagles do in the NFC east in that situation. You know, it ultimately probably wouldn't have mattered in the grand scheme of things as far as the playoffs and all that stuff went. But you're right. You kinda wanna make it even when on and when at all possible, and it's just not fair that that that lines and the Cowboys don't have to play any short week Thursday night games. It's just not the rest of the NFL should have been totally on board with what the eagles were pitching here. And. I don't know why they weren't able to get that support. But maybe it's just one of those things it's tabled, and they'll take it up next year or a couple of years or something. I don't know. But it sure I think it should be addressed one of the thing. Beal before we wrap up west gate sportsbook has posted some opening odds for this year's and if the NFL divisions in the eagles open the season or open the the book for this off season as even money to win the NFC east with the Cowboys and five to four is the Redskins at eight one. The giants sixteen to one incidentally, only the cardinals have lower odds to win their division in the NFC in the giants b l j just a couple of these other numbers, and then I just want you to tell me if any of these things jump out at you bears open up as the favourite in the central at eight to five with the Vikings and Packers both at two to one of the saints. Have the best odds in the NFC south at four will at Fourtou eleven with the falcons at five to one Panthers at six to one. And if see west you've got the Rams as heavy favorites. One to two with the Seahawks five to two in the forty nine or seven to one. Dolphins of the worst odds to win their division in the NFL at forty two one. The patriots obviously open up at at at the top there. And you got the Browns opening up as the favorites in the AFC north at seven to five slightly head of the Steelers and ravens and the colts and chiefs easy odds openers in the south and west any of those teams any of those odds, raise an eyebrow. For UBL g the you'll Disley. I feel like there's so much reason the bet on them this year. I really do. I think people are sleeping on Carson Wentz. Which by they totally sleeping on Carson Wentz. Yardley the are under estimating Carson Wentz. By the way, if you have not already listened to the QB SCO show on leaning relations podcast feed. Go check that out with Mike who kissed in Moscow 'field breaking down Carson winces performance from the two thousand eighteen season. I think people are making the same estate John that people made back going into two thousand seventeen where for some reason in this is like a broader topic here. I guess I'm digging up like people are just so like against Carson Wentz. It feels like inherently like going into the draft. Everyone was hating him going into two thousand seventeen everyone's always tucked as a rookie. There's this so much hate for Carson Wentz. I don't get it. I don't get on me. How you look at that guy. Like, if you get to know that guy and look at his talent and say, oh, yeah. This is a guy I wanna bet against like, no. I don't I don't think that's the guy you want to bet against I'm not saying perfect. I'm not saying he doesn't have issues injury thing. Obviously, there's reason to be skeptical by distinct when you look at the whole package, I just feel like you have to come back to this. This guy my betting against or is this guy I'm betting on. And to me is very simple guy. I'm betting on. When you look at the eagles odds here you look at that. They have the best quarterback in the NFC east, and they have by far the best head coach in the NFC east. We know Washington in the giants really aren't factors to me it really at all. And for the division title here. It's a two team race. And you haven't had a repeat winner in the east since two thousand four and I feel like the Cowboys overachieved a little bit last year in some regards. And by the way, also they had like incredible injury luck. Like, no one got hurt on that team for the most part. They didn't have to deal with nearly the same injuries that the eagles. Did. I just feel like things are turning back in the eagles direction. Feel they've had a good off season to this point the and I just feel like they're gonna win the division. So I would bet on them looking at these other ones guess on the stands out too much at the top of my head here. I I feel you know, needless podcast. So I'm saying say the the best bet here. But I really think that's true. I gotta say I know the Browns have made a lot of additions this off season. But it does seem weird to see them atop any kind of deficient as having the best odds to win the division. I and I know Pittsburgh lost a couple of really key players in lady on bell and Antonio Brown. But they didn't have bell at all last year in the running game was just fine. And so I'm not I'm not I'm still not convinced. I'm giving the AFC north to the Brown. Just yet. I think the ravens and Mitch did to see the ravens with Joe flacco now no longer plan quarterback for most of the season inch to see what that team does in two thousand nineteen here. But yeah, I agree with you. I think I think especially the point that the. Guys on the QB SCO show made in the points. You just made about Carson Wentz are one hundred percent true. I can't I really would just like for people to it's on YouTube. And I don't know if it's on their legally or not, but you can watch the the America's game video that the NFL NFL networks put out the NFS right that NFL films put out after you know, chronically eagles Super Bowl run. And just find the section where they talk about Carson Wentz. Find the portion where you hear players talking about Carson Wentz. And what he did that season. How much he meant to that team. Remember your emotions when he tore his when he ripped his knee apart at the end of the Rams game. And how you can go from feeling like that about a player to feeling the way. So many eagles fans feel about him. Now when he really didn't have a bad season last year. It just wasn't as amazing as the season before he definitely took a small step backward. Last. Ear and he was he he suffered from injuries last year. But this isn't a jerk either that you have to like, well, grit your teeth and root for because he's got so much talent. Not only does he have talent. Not only did he play pretty darn well while it recovering from a knee a massive knee injury. And then also hurting his back at some point last season. He actually played pretty well after that saints game. And like those guys at the on this cube go show we're talking about that saints game. I think did color. Everybody's perception of season last year and people forgot about the three games after that his last game of the year against the Cowboys in Dallas, he played really well played really, well and people just people forget about it. Because after they lost that Dallas game. Everybody just thought the season was over in Nick foles came in and magically one the Rams game. And somehow got them back into the playoffs and stole a game against the Chicago Bears in the wildcard round and all those stole a game in the divisional round against the saints. I mean, just the narrative of the whole season was. Was kind of skewed against Carson Winston. I think is going to have if you can stay healthy L G with a full offseason of working with his receivers of working at getting better getting into getting into the playbook. The last time Carson Wentz had a full off season to train as the starting quarterback in this offense. He had an MVP type season. So that's it. I like it. Budget? Let's do it any final. Yeah. Any final thoughts before we wrap up episode number forty two g and radio. Gee, I think we're gonna be talking about Carson Wentz. A lot obviously means the starting quarterback illegal. So of course, we are and contrary to some would say there's a lot of pressure on him in here in two thousand and nineteen and I'm I'm very much looking forward to this season. In a big reason as I've said before a big reason why is Carson Wentz? And honestly, I almost feel like I'm not gonna say don't stop doubting him. Like, no do keep doubting him. Because I like that almost I feel better. I think about Hartson when people are doubting him because every time that's happened. Once again, he's proven them wrong. So go ahead keep on downing him in a let him be the underdog. I think I'll take that. I'll take the in by the way, the people who do believe in him still usually those are the people I trust the most in those are the people who usually are. Right. Most of the time in have good opinions. The people who doubt him the most actually. The wrong a lot. So I guess. About what they have to. Obviously, we'll see how it goes. But as far as we go here now we've kinda hit a little bit of a lull. The first and second wave of free agency, you're kind of over maybe we're onto the third wave. Now. You know, we still wanna see what they do at running back. The draft is coming up in about a month. We'll have the NFL schedule release about a week before the draft. So I think we have NFL owners meetings coming up next week. So we have some things on here. Still. It's not going to be totally dead. We're going to be some things that pop up. You know, they could they could trade for Duke Johnson. Maybe by the time this podcast posted. Then is relevant went to emergency went to who knows something's up. But that's why you should be following a log with us year at bowling green, -ation dot com and the spot cast feed. Of course, if you haven't already somehow, I don't know what you're doing. But police have scribe leave a rating five stars, obviously in labor review. Tell us something you do like you don't like give Benjamin celek a belated happy birthday shout out. He is now thirteen years old. It's bigger. Yeah. Congratulations. Love you. So. Yeah. So for us. It would make us all very happy. We appreciate your support as always. And thank you for listening. We appreciate your support at bleeding green nation dot com. And on the podcasts that make up the bleeding green nation podcast feed? And folks that will do it for this episode of BGN radio of for Brandon league. And again, follow Brandon on Twitter at gown. You can follow me on Twitter at John Stolnis. Thanks everybody for tuning in. We'll talk to you all next time right here on radio. Price ago snake guys with shows so ice frozen a six. Get a ball today. Gene. My name is Spencer home by name is Jason card. My name is Ryan nanny combined. We form the shutdown full stran-. Keep telling you this forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We live Tennessee Batman homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh Batman, the hell of being trapped group, text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches, having huge contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay allegedly. If you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one the forecast, it's not. Neutron on it is.

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