Introducing: Running From COPS


Due to the graphic nature of this program. Viewer. Discretion is advise. Oh. In one thousand nine hundred eighty nine a new show popped up on prime time television. That was like nothing anyone had ever seen before. The concept. Follow real police officers with video cameras as they arrest real citizens. I would say that in the history of television is free grand statement. There is no simpler, better show than the format of cops. Cops was the first real reality show now thirty years and over a thousand episodes later, not only cop still on its everywhere on cable and syndication. It's on fifteen sometimes twenty times a day just this past week. It was on seventy times e constant drumbeat about policing in America. Or the last eighteen months we investigated cops. When I looked up I had their likes flashing ame- life notice not caused look like. Do they accurately portray the push -freshing policing? I don't think they endeavored to do that. I want from having five guys to twenty five guys overnight arresting six seven eight guys a month to arresting over three hundred people. I mean, it was crazy. We dug into how the producers make it. How much the police themselves control the content. How much say the suspects have and being on the show. Why are they working so closely with the camera crew why they have so much thorn in the told her you either sign this waiver you get a bond so yes, she signed away. But it was not volunteer. Nothing's volunteer. When he got hangups. I've talked to people who said they don't remember signing really say that bullshit know, what they're showing my face, the millions of people across the nation, and they're getting ratings, and I'm not giving a damn thing. Stick it up. Spit it out. I'm telling you right now, you're gonna you're going spit it out. Okay. Cops is just what it is. It says you can't question it. It is what it is. I can question it you can over intellectualize it. But you shouldn't. I'm Dan Tipper ski headlong season. Three running from cops premieres, April twenty third subscribe now in Stitcher. Spotify apple podcasts or wherever you listen.

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