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Views and opinions expressed on geeks or the influence that at the panelists and not of our sponsors, amazoNcom and Deepa, brittle discretion is advised. Added, John wick to vendors endgame. John wick into comic books in general. I fought the other day that the best way to add him to game of thrones was that scene with the mountain, where Peter for champion and instead of the dude from door, and you get John wick roll up like this. That would be the end of the series. Yeah. Because I mean yet mount would have been done especially especially down killed his dog. Yeah. It's over, there would have been. No that. See that's why you picked him because there was a feud, right? So there would have been no dancing around his body. It would have been like, you know, five may shots to the head, and you've been done the John to where he's talking to dude. And then very suddenly shoots him. They had it's not like this long diatribe conversation before shoots like that done. So that's a mountain getting straight. Worked quick. Then they would've taken out the, the also plates between the mountain and the hound. The brother few that we've been leading up to this whole time ball. So it's kind of like we wouldn't miss that on that, you know. Yeah. And I'm glad that the actually do cla game bowl, there would been riots. I think if they didn't, and it was pretty decent, but I still felt like it just got built up too much before it happened. It was solid through that a good job. It was solid, but also was being realistic, like what was gonna happen. I mean we know the hound is really fucking strong. Right. But he was not his brother strong. And like he put a he's only person I gave them out of fight really, but Maoist stone around like fucking puppet. It was really poetic in a way that, you know, the hound goes out. His biggest fear is fire. He's like fuck this boom, straight into the fire, but I did like that. Yes. Scimitar, Affi though. That was beautiful 'cause you have like drogue on in the background shooting flames. And the way that it was shy. It was that whole episode in the last episode was just so beautifully shot that was such an awesome. With the in the title of this episode, but spoilers. If you're listening to a game of thrones episode after the series finale and you're getting mad about spoilers what the fuck that expecting all season four well, tough guy like internet probably already ruined it for you so truth. Sorry. But yes, this is all spoilers. Yeah. Truth after truth is all the internet. I didn't get to watch that night. And I went to watch Monday night, and I just I Facebook and I saw a couple of those weren't spoilers. I'm like, oh, yeah. I'm done for the day. I just stayed. I mean stayed off the next day the people hosting shouldn't eat and get your petitions that to you that are by wanted to, you know, get the guys that started the show. And you know carried along the tire time you know. You know that you could change it now didn't like the right. Banks, you fucking right? It didn't like they respond. Basically, die thing says that the writers were totting dumb ass fans or something. Really writing this shit Vardon is a mastermind create is awesome world like in vain of token, and you're like bitching about how he tried to adapt into fucking failed. Now, basically, longtime film. I hate that fucking mean that I see everybody posting it's like the horse. It's like, you know, beautifully done seasons. One through four and five and six or seven is like a little kid drawing. What do you expect? He's not even finished with the books. I mean they don't have anything to go off there. I you know, I have my issues with their writing, but I also have issues with the fact it's not a fucking complete story like the books aren't even done. So I don't know what you expected from the writers to be able to finish this story themselves. Because I believe they started surpassing the books and season, indices and five. Yeah. Yeah. Season five started. I mean, we could ask which could have waited like you know, another six five or six years, the book be better. Enter by would've been fine with that. They would eventually it's been share of wait. We're not gonna let you wait any longer for this episode of geeks, the influence I tried to segue that the best I could do. We are talking about game of thrones series finale just finished. And there's a lot of feelings a lot of different opinions about how the series went as we're going to talking about the books a little bit. We're gonna be talking about the series or feelings about it of series and toll, so we're gonna definitely talking about end of it. But also just kind of feeling overall. The characters their story arcs everything on one fifty nine of the influence all things game. Thrones, welcome. Get. Michigan. Could say great. Would you wouldn't be a strong sessions using the confusing shoes anytime as choline? For where we of the green without being. Defeat. Just be not your worry. It means. Power. Reweighting for the weed. Crack your beer there you go. I would have been smooth if I didn't fucking call. Yeah. Yeah. Chop at Radia era. Go screwing it up right at the very beginning. Welcome everyone to this geeks unto the influence. I have a panel here to discuss with fervor our favorite dragon story. So cute little dragon show as the me, I think it was coup dragging incest, and murder. Oh. With me today as a panel of four of us, total to my right is one of the co host of beautiful disasters that just dropped to deuces of. Appreciate that. Yeah. Did you just call? My podcast shit. I don't know. Actually both episodes are Superfund, one of which because I'm on it. I was on the FDR American bad ass episode that just released. And also our one of our favorite panelists Murphy was on the what was the movie that Tammy and the t Rex Hammy and the TV Oli fuck. That's both of them are gold. Yeah, absolutely. So definitely check that out. Look disasters at U I, podcast dot com. Subscribe rate review their stuff. They're on their own stream now and you guys are gonna be releasing a lot more regularly, now I believe, as well. So stoked for that. So fuck you hunters here bitches next to fuck you hunter is a painless that we've had before but it's been a little little while since you've been on. I think we determined. It was the fantastic beasts facade. Yes. Last time you're on we got here, Audrey my God. He's just trying to your podcast name. So. Yeah. Yeah. No. Here you were on the first game of thrones episode which is not as archive. Now, we don't even have that on a regular feed that game of thrones episode because it was like fourteen something season. Five was, I think it was the middle of season, five or just ended. Yes. So. Oh, jeez along way since then, so happy to have you on. And you also have read the books as well. So we're going to get some insight from you on the book side of things as well. Next to her is my right hand man. I'm a left Mr. lowdown Brown macgyver. So guys sexual checklists, even forget my name. Yeah. I didn't forget her name misspoke. No, no. Oh, no, no, no. Gettable. Clearly. Them with them. Let them let them wallow in it over there. Yeah your best. Forgetful, mother fucker to my right being the host come who is the shit show. This episode Mike topic. It clearly. My brain hot melted. We're fucked for the next four months. It doesn't get cool rates may. I got a sunburn Friday time at all. This is not fat people, whether this is awful. Down the sun. I usually don't start sweating up until twenty minutes. I was sweating before we started. You don't have one of those umbrella hats, you can just put over your need to get one of those, hats Bilton fan that like the hats that are little umbrella that you just put up there. So I think I need that larger people where you being PC about it. I guess as a guarantee I would never have sex ever again. Yeah, totally totally. And if somebody thought that, that was a turn on, I don't want to have sex with you, then. Yeah. Super mini umbrellas. Mike, the hobbit the shit show of the shit show. I run the gigs under the influence network, and you can definitely check out this weekend. Two days after this episode releases we're going to be a galaxy con at the Richmond convention center. This show smack my pitch up beautiful disasters and father are all doing live, panels at the show. We've got our list of times and rooms for galaxy. Con at U podcast dot com or event page at on Facebook. So go check it out. Come see us do this shit live. It's usually interesting to say the least swerved check it out, and we've got some, some fun things to include for the for the live shows as well. So definitely check those out. And then go over to the Heimer building on Sunday doors at six show at seven four. Another booze clues this our third episode. We're going to be recording. So go to the dark room and check us out. You can be in the crowd as we investigate the world's most spirited headlines. On the last one. That's right. And we talked you give to be Nick age. That's gold said on there like we're doing booze clues. But he could easily been cocaine clues. I mean like its cage. Yeah. All right. So getting to thrones yet we want to talk about the controversy on the on the last episode. I get that out of the way, I think kind of. Kind of on everybody's? It's ridiculous. Is there anybody that signed that petition going around say to reduce season? They were doing a petition before the finale that's just picked up steam, sorry that you're dragging show, you know, Indian do way that you wanted to do. Firefly got one-season. Yeah. I'll e by friend nameless. But he pretty much said that if we're already spoiler alert that point of we're spoilers. He pretty much say that if John snow, the show didn't end with him on the throne that he takes back everything he ever said good about the show and my thing is so show that you've watched for years and years, because of being unpredictable and not going to direction you want. If it doesn't go the direction you want. Then fuck that show that doesn't make any fucking set. You could I could not have said it any better like the fact that John snow was the obvious choice for the throne was a guaranteed was not going to be the person on the throne hall. Misdirect. Yeah. Again, there's a lot of misdirection. I mean, I honestly didn't think that he would be on the throne, but I didn't expect brand. I think I I yelled at the TV I would just like what I wasn't. Stoked out brand. The more it went into the seasons, probably like episode three, I'm just like, you know, dude, I personally really want. John to be outcome of him on the throne, and then it was said, perfectly in little meeting. Brought Tyrian out and everything and I wasn't expecting brand. That was like the huge surprise for me. And I love being surprised by show that does has surprised me in the past a lot. But not like I don't like to the extent that they did with him. But also like he was right. That was the wheel need to be broken like the whole bloodline thing automatic grants. You write a passion to be the king, and he was the only person left to have the right as far as by that mentality to be king, but, like the whole introduction voting and all that stuff in, like how they laugh at we should create democracy. Old white men. Where where where we are? Yeah. Exactly close home. And also, the fact that, that guy shot down, but it did bring up the now, people will be voted in versus being automatically born into being Peter. That is not suited to be a leader. So that was really cool. He can't pass down kids. I mean that's the thing. I mean. Before I get to my other sausa- being like his dicta at work. Out. Had the same reaction when it happened. What the? Bucket out like that. Something we talked about after the meeting. Just because my legs don't work. Shit. Don't dig don't work. All right. But the other thing of, you know, saying, oh, brand has the who has the best. It's like you got aria she joined murder Colt and kill the knights king. And then sauna mice king. It was so nice. Humira friends. He just wanna make night in ice. Yeah. So yes, she killed the mates king, and then sauna everything that she went through John. He with. Reborn. He was came back from the dead. He's a fucking zombie. Now. They all have great sores oh brand. Got pushed out of a, because he saw these two people fucking. Oh, okay. That's a cool story king. I was a little bit disappointed with the kind of like impotent way that they treated John snow towards the end of the series. Like, what it started to remind me of is a little higher learning. John snow, is the Nazi where like at first Beninese. Yeah. That sounds like a good idea. I guess I'll do that. And then people like DNR is fucking evil. You should kill her. Sounds like a good idea. I think I'll do that. Just got pushed around in the end. They're like, yeah, you're going back to the Nightwatch dick for doing this stuff. I just followed. I just did what everyone told me to do now. I will say it looked like he was kinda kinda bitch out there till the very end of conversation Tyrian when it came up are your sisters going to do are the ability, and that was a turning point because up to that point like what can I do? Girlfriend, and she's, you know. Well, I mean your girlfriend's gonna fucking murder the last bits of your family. You might wanna like step up to the plate bitch. I mean. Yeah. Like seriously like that's and that's the turning point four. But I mean most of that conversation he's having what you're in. You're just like God damnit, he's I can do shit, you. Well, I think you could also see that conflicted with them when, you know, she's saying, her little conquering speech of how they're gonna conquer everything. She says from winter fell to Dohrn they go to him. He's just kind of like, hey, I don't I don't like that winter, we, we, we hold up different winter, Phil. I don't know about 'cause. I how how Di pretty. Like the two blood strand down her mouth and like everyone else has been gutted before. Like throwing spray coughing. Like in John's face. Yeah. No. She was like tool drips dribbles down. Really fuck this. I thought for a minute, they're gonna aria was gonna show up right after that. And they were gonna lift her up and do a wing Bernie's thing, where she walks out of the crowd, and says, I'm good. You should go and drag it just by the way in charge. Now, let's just walk around a little bit. Oh, speaking of aria that leads me up to I am a little bummed about they, they didn't touch into her Merckel side, sincere six and the season six, when that was when I wish you killed what fed what's his face is his sons right in the pies like that was the last time you saw utilize that. And there's tons of times could utilize getting a seven. I mean she literally takes out that whole house. So at the beginning seven six okay. Well, seven when lake six beginning of seven okay. That's what I meant. That's what I meant. He's like, let's drink. We've talking did it. We murdered children and women and they're like cool. I guess I'll drink and then everybody's dead. So it's like I feel like with how much was going on it with the story moved like that could have been utilized. You know, some when she was walking through the crowd with the hound. She could have looked like a very tiny Searcy or something. Somehow use that implement that really cool skill. Yeah. I mean, I feel like there was a lot with a plot that just kinda got pushed to the side, but I feel like her conversation with a hand at the very end though he saying, like, you know, I don't have anything else to live were, because my whole entire life is revenge. And I have no happiness, no joy, no love or anything. I mean, do you really want my life, and she just was kind of like a like I do have more to. And it was a very humanizing moment for her that she chose I guess, chose life rather than revenge in her. Listen, he was like, well, he's probably dead already. So with a fucker you gonna do now own fuck more. Pretty great. I'd like to do that again. Although she made a mistake, not going to Padre that night. Mistake that moment between her though, in the hound that, that was, what am I favor of the season? Just. Yeah. Like we're he's about leave it. She actually uses his Dame in, like thanks him. And like you have that moment where like he actually affected someone without, you know stabbed him. The face eight times. Or fear. That was the only thing you've ever done this scare people. I mean she had some of the best mode of the season, you know, I mean, obviously in the long night, you know, the not not today like oh, yeah. What are we seeing? Let me erection. And I mean you look at the hound, and he's just he's the one that's like we're fucked fucked. And she's the one that's like motherfucker stand up and stopped being like we'd gotta take on the shit. Yeah. Yeah. Or, you know, when the whole thing at the battle of winter fell, and everything is on fire, and he's having this exiling attack and Barrick just is like, you know, yes, there's a lot still to fight for you think she's giving up so that his, he had one of the best arcs of this whole entire series one that wasn't dropped like Jamie. Agree agree. I loved down story, art. Yeah. The tar series I think that was one of the best complete arcs of any of the characters in the show. I think he had the best and the most complete because from the beginning of the series to how he went out, like boss. Yeah. He I think he's the only one I think, has the best closer of this whole series. I think the pairing of aria and him was perfect, because when he would roll up somewhere shit's going to start immediately aria was the stealth mode. So just having both of them kind of intersect, you know, like he came in. He was unlike disguised or anything like that. He was like your content killing you and that was it like, you know, aria mask or whatever. So I love how much said Khan in that, that show like every other seriously. Also, I do want to talk about fuck. Boy, McGee a little bit, Jamie. Conflicted about how they turned back on his redemption ark because on one end I feel like redeemable like his character is irredeemable for what he's done. So it's like okay, cool. So I don't have to fake feeling good. That he's improved fuck. You, you you've done too much to be redeemable through. So I was okay with him being just this broken fucking person. That's like hanging out in love and on his sister girlfriend. Well, the baby. Yeah. Grows incest, when the walls fell, and that's and that's actions wide. Probably one of the biggest issues. I actually had with the finale was like that whole scene of her writing all this extra shit in the goddamn book of nights and all that the song of ice and fire book. I'm like fuck that I fuck him he doesn't fuck, Jamie. We're watching it. I tried to not do too much commentary. But when she's right down I, I had to put, and he's got a small penis, and just like free rate. Sister. Yeah. From our like, what ever the fuck. She wanted. The burn book for mingles. Oh my. I'm sorry, but that was just so unnecessary because fuck, Jamie. Never never wanted. I feel good for Jamie any way throughout the entire series. I never did he lost his hand. He tried. He helped people with helping people doesn't make you a good person. He takes virginity literally like sorry, hip. Yeah. Play gotta play. Yeah. I mean because my girl is Brian so was like, heartbroken for her, because it was a lot for her admit that I'm very conflicted, though, because I enjoyed Jamie's arc so much. His I, I disagree. I feel like he was redeemable in a way. But then. I don't know. He just as soon as he's like men, baby. I'm not a good person and just fuck off back to serve. I was like that. I was so let down by because I did agree. I thought he had a really good Arken. I thought they dropped it. Yeah. It's like the classic as of like. Good. That's what he said. Shits bad. Good. Were they were going for? And I feel like they kind of missed it. There was a nuance to that scene that could have improved it a little bit that it was blessed so about him be like, well, now I got to get a taste. I'm done a put it more like that. He feels like he doesn't deserve that kind of life that he could have with her and feels like he's, he's he is redeem -able in his own mind. And so that's why leaves because it's doesn't want to bring her down with him if they put that term I feel better about the scene. I think now this is only for people that have actually watched all the breaking bad, but there's a scene last season with Walter white on the phone with his wife began, but it's almost kind of in the same vein. You know, so. And watch it right. Fuck it bringing up. So. Where it's like being asshole to save that person. Yeah. I mean I could see how probably were trying to do that, maybe. Right. But whenever no into the raiders say this is what we trying to fucking do with his character in those movies where you're trying to get the dog to go away. So they're being mean to just. Oh. Just call. I did like the fact that I mean in telling Bryanne his acts like he brought up brand, and it's like, and if you go back and watch that he gave to flexible. The fact he was pushed a fucking kid Alva, goddamn tower. Like when he does it it's just so I'm just trying to get back to my sister. I'm not they probably after that say he just did not give a fuck. It was terrible. And I actually went back and watched him like forgive them that I don't deserve to either die or suffer with for the rest of your life, you fucking pushed a kid out of a window and then he rapes his sister on the tomb of their dead child. Dark. Dark, and that kind of goes into the differences between the books and the show. I mean anytime e got your brother fucking near sisters. Still kinda gross. I mean, in the books, it's a little less. I don't know depends on the. Because it does like in the in the show, I was just like, did they really need to do in the show in the books, actually, it's very consensual. Even though is a key. It's system. At least it's consensual. Episode. It's consensual Icke. Now for other story, arcs actually geology for the two characters that, were that had the lease film time, but was nest ARC's arc a little bit longer in the book, and prayer to the show or, or breath or John, Brandon, those little more influential in the in the in the novels or do they get cut short his? Yeah. Yeah, he dies actually there's partway through the first book, if I remember, it's been awhile since I've read them, but he dies as not at the end of the first book at the I think, game thrones. Yeah. I book, yes, he dies halfway through or partway through that. And then it deals with the aftermath, so yeah. He he doesn't. He's just about his stories of the same show. Yeah. Okay. Okay. And Brad kind of the same too breath. Ian, John John snow. No Joan breath, Ian, like John breath. Robert Robert, Robert breath, bad who's. Now care. Real person. Waiting. Something and you got nothing. Now. The. Fiction ever. Okay with roads out here in the game. The game with you. Nobody wins. Let's just take a chair. Put a bunch of bikers phones, and family kinda just went like me at Stanford. And then you had the bastard son who didn't really. Yeah. Come on. Like they cut out on the 'cause like Genry takes over the ply of this character Edrich storm. And he's the one that Mel Sandra uses for the blood magic. So I forget what happens to you might row off, just like Kendra did in the books Genry goes off with the brotherhood without banners. So he's, he's fucked off somewhere else. He and several and he's just walking around for, like several books, but the shows to where you don't see a character for Tuesdays and you're fuck. That's right. You're live there. There's so many people to keep track house whiting showing with status so hard. Danis because actually does follow like Dana's. Yeah. And it's just the first few seasons like seasons one through five. They follow the books, I would say pretty close. I mean, there's a lot of story lines that got cut out like there's whole thing with Catlin star has actually resurrected by. Yeah. I heard about the high thorough so Barrick gives up his a million lives for Catlin start to be as this whole lady stone heart thing, she's killing like phrase, and everything. And that's where brianna and Jamie stories kind of and in the books, so who knows what's going on with them. But yeah, there's a lot of threads in the books that get dropped from the show and awfully I kind of appreciate that some of those were dropped because the books are so hard to flog through. I've heard the actually like the last thing was the last one, maybe the book forwards, a lot of Tyrian rowing rowing, in Rohe's on about for a long face. I actually character John conning tower dot. Not your nose this other and I can get into the whole. There's ice whole other subsets that turns into a college. Pretty I will say, I just talking to some of the book readers that the red wedding still caught them off guard because Rob's wife for as not there when the red wedding happen, as opposed to the show where she gets stabbed in the baby like a billion times in the baby. Yes. Okay stabbed in the babies. Right. But that's, that's the one thing actually day fought with book readers, relax. Yeah, you know, you're expecting her to walk out and then shit to go down and. Yeah. And then there's sheet if I remember the books again Ray, she's actually often the north somewhere by the end of the books, like I forget, but yet and it's a whole different character. So, yeah, I could there's actually a really good YouTube series. It's all shift X. He goes really into depth about there is nothing but. When I hear this actually is, is this youtuber guy all shift X, and he goes into very long, just the theories of the books and all this stuff. What is the grand conspiracy of the north what they're doing and also going back around into, like, I think the kind of side story I forget the name of the book right now. But it's a whole thing of, like different countries and Esso's and these people of the world. It's really it's like a companion book to game thrown. Okay. Yeah. So this guy goes into all of this. Interest. Tell me in a soothing voice have to read accent. Oh, yeah. But so I'm I'm coming to the minimum point of view that I'm fifty fifty on it. I really liked the story arc. Or if I don't or character arc theon. So how we feel about his character right? It's like oh man. He was such a douche, and then you've got dick off and tortured. And he's more redeemable than Jamie. Okay. Yes. Yes. And that last battles with him was so a needed because clearly he was going to die. So showing him running slow motion fucking doing something like the one major thing. It is he saves Sanga that, that nothing else really that he did really count for anything. I mean, it was nicely stood by rant when the, you know, the white walkers and killed like his sister. But of course, the reason sister was captured with his yeah. I actually all my God. When brand hold them, like you're a good man. I was just like I knew it was. I knew and I started like bawling I was like not expecting theon to make me drink. Supreme because I was rewatching all the old episodes hor the season ours, the beginning of the final season. And I was like fuck the on fuck this asshole, and then got to that episode. Now, before we go to break, I do want to cover a couple of things that I heard exist in the book, but don't exist in the show, and I don't understand why there's a thing called motherfucking bear island, this giant bears, and then was like, ride them into fucking battle. What's. Bears. There's fucking battle bears. We didn't get that from the fun. Spiders, either the prequel. That's why there's also cannibal island two cannibal close by each other. Close to the wall animals on bears show producers. If you could do just a cannibal island versus bear island side series, I will, I will give you the money like all of my monies to make this will make like ten minutes of an episode. Just that's just need enough to Jack off to. But maybe that's idea for the prequels because that's suppose take thousands and thousands of years prior to what we see now. So it would make sense that comes into play. Maybe right. As are setting all this up, like, hey, we're on Birand. And then, you know, we'll get bit petition set up a head of time if we they don't. Totally worthless petitions are doing wonders saying, this is where we should be going with the reality of it. Just hey h. Really make a whole new show because I didn't like it like I mean they're already in pre production on season. Eight episode who season glue. Yeah. Sorry. Words, there's just all apologies playing like an instrumental version of all apologies playing the intro. Yeah. No. Campbell on bear island, like undid lady stone heart that's fucking shit. But understandably this show is so dense already without those elements added in you gotta cut stuff, even that good out of the story. But this could place stop on the first half of the influence, check out some information about some live events that we're doing in town, and we'll be back. We interrupt. Your regularly scheduled podcast for an announcement that will go your mind. 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I just close my eyes and had like a game of thrones version of Kyle with the guys next to them. And yeah, that was off, like, Mandalay pretty much. There was that Instagram thing video going around where it's got the hound singing on ukulele. And then Ormond comes in. You got a couple of nights shares. Very pineapple. Heavy this one's bears. This is this is pretty sweet. Yeah. Like the flavor of flavor. It's good. The one that I brought was grain Smith. Chai pineapple stout. And this is a five percent or so. It's a pretty sessional beer. Except like it is pretty sweet to go in the Ballmer and tell them what it's brewed with stout. Brewed with cocoa nibs and blended with masala Taichi at Taichi CHAI tea. He's got. Apple juice? Coconut, water and Gaba nectar. Wow. That's what Sweden's game from Nick coconut. That's that is so yeah. This is definitely a sweeter beer. Does not taste like beer at all. I know it's CHAI tea and pineapple basically getting with the cocoa nibs can definitely I think, yeah, during. Yeah. Said that is a little chocolate. Yeah. So it's actually a good choice for someone. That's not really big on the berry flavored beers kind of just a childish nattering on five percent. So you can definitely sip on this all day and not get too fucked up by it. Although, honestly, I feel like I would do one in probably wonder. Maybe two. Yeah. With the flavor like it's just it's so rich is what I'm trying to say. It's very, it's very flavorful now. The one you brought this is definitely more of us sitting out on a patio in the summer kind of approach to be here. This is delicious. Yes, this is triple crossings Valhalla, which is a good choice for this episode. I would say you like Paula. Yeah. Yeah. That was not intentional very Viking game of thrones. Though. I mean, the fucking Wilding base. Yeah. Pretty much Vikings giant hornet just poured through that. Twelve hundred walk around at the party with a giant fucking horn of AOL, his, I mean, giants milk. No, no. This is one hundred percent Citra WNBA. So by the Sicher, they mean that is type of hops the us, it's a Sicher hops. That's why it's really like drinking fucking orange juice. But with booze now like a screwdriver, because I hate vodka. But I'm just like the tofu of liquor. Just as it's so true, though. Yeah. I love this. I love this. They released it like actually three weeks ago, four weeks ago. And I happened to guy went there yesterday because they had some other releases didn't really care for those as much end up, leaving with any of the new releases. But I still have this on draft. And now they're offering crawlers. So I'm like, all right. Fuck it against on this. It's like velvet just so smooth and it's eight percent. So it'll it'll do it to you. Yeah. Those double up as will do that. And this is the juicy I over those Ono at setting. It's in the vein of New England. I PA for those that hate the piney resin west coast IP as you have been hitting them IP as a lot recently fucking love them. Yeah. Fucking hipster. Whatever do you know what I had yesterday had I had a fucking Christmas morning. So eat a dick who it was pretty hot for Christmas morning. Not at my house, degrees. Fuck you. Keep that shit like fifty in there. Degrees year round. Jeez, her enough. It's not about it much. Wouldn't here and I'm sweating to warm for me. Well, clearly me too. Yeah. I did. I must winning sweat. Chewing makes me swing fronts. Right. That's why. Oh fuck. All right. I'm back to ball, Swiss I care from Dr horrible along blog damp, boys. Yeah. All right. So, yeah. So that's all right. That's what we're drinking. Those are shares the evenings of check those out if you wanna get a taste of what we're drinking on next up, of course, is where we decide to do our own renditions of a scene from something we're talking about. So we're doing a scene from season. Seven episode five. The episode was called Eastwood on this making drunken scene. Murky. Dron couldn't see. Yeah. That's just almost involves. Do you have not worked out the, the parts for this just yet? But this is east watch. This is the famous scene that was discussed in the last season where SAM's family doesn't do. Well, no, it's a little upsetting. And for me, this was the turn where I realized that maybe DNR's fucking baby. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So this is halfway through are less than halfway through the seven season. They were and that wasn't even the first time that you saw some like I mean, she crucified people. So that's, that's a lot. I mean they were leave olders. Weren't. I'm really that. It was like just people that didn't want bend the fucking need. He's like okay well here getting burned. Yeah. It's a lot. So we're going to see and we need a DAS. Your girl. So then we need a Randall Harley. I can I can roll with that. Okay. And I know hunter you wanna be Tyrian right possible. Okay. So I'll be, I'll be hopefully I don't get trouble sticking dick dick dick on Tarpley some dick, Charlie unless you want to be the daddy, but I feel like I'm your daddy, so that we have a smooth silky of wisdom as to this. Use it to this, you know, anyway. It would also do the the narration as well. Because I don't think I've a lot be I don't really have a lot of lines. So y'all do as well. And I think we're good. So whenever DNR wants to do it. Okay, I'll start the nation. To Lancaster and Harley soldiers. Right. I know associates told you that I come to destroy our cities burned down your home's murder, you an orphan, your children that sir sealant or not me. I'm not hearing murder and all I want to destroy the wheel that has rolled over. Everyone both rich import to the benefit of no one, but the search Lancers of the world offer you a choice been the knee and join me together, we will leave the world, a better place than we found it or refuse DAT some deal in submission drug on roars and more men, follow leaving only a handful of others still standing step four out of my Lord. Randall approaches DNS. You will not kneel. Already have a Queen. My sister wasn't your Queen until recently, though, was she was she married, when she married, your rifle Queen destroyed house Tara about time. So it appears your early this somewhat flexible. Who is a choice in war? It would you about your sister? She was born in west arrose. She's lived here all life you on the other hand year. Murdered your own father, then Chozas appoint a phone invade. One would no ties to this land with an army of savages at ho- back, you will not trade, your own ah full your life respect perhaps, we could take the black yuck race. Whatever else he is. He is a true soldier. He'll be devil at the law valuables. All right. You're gonna shit to the wall. You are not my Queen. You will have to kill me to step back in your mouth. Who are you young whippersnapper? Dick Harley through the rain. Tirelessly. Ula, the future of your house. This was already what one great house from the world. Don't let it happen again. Bend the knee will now. Your grace, nothing scrubs Baldo sheds from a man's head like few weeks. It had dogs L. I said, what I said. I'm not here to put them in chains that becomes an oxygen auction. Many, we'll take it. I gave them a choice. They made it y'all grace, you start. Beheading entire families. I'm not beheading anyone grays. The old Randall tally, dick and tally denarius dome bone break of chains mother of dragons, whatever the titles. I have that missing. They usually says full me, I sent you to die direct Kanter Rogun incinerates them leaving behind nothing but to small piles of smoldering, armor and flesh all the remaining prisoners. Neil? Smokers looking Lami. I was trying to go for Mr. Magoo work for one sentiment like an old timer. Like warning the kids not to go up the mountain to the Cowboys. That's what I was trying to death coups. All right. So. Now back to allergies so amazing. Game of thrones German throws. In the game of Germans, who will be Germany ins this. Kantor. Gary in Seoul, the, the let's bring the golden. Company company. That's a whole thing with game of thrones. There's no good, guys. No bag is the, the star are pretty good pretty good. But then and this goes into I think the bells is John is just trying to keep the other the north army from attacking land. He's like, okay we have peace and then he sees his people, the north men. I think I forget, which character said it, but, you know, you put sore in their people's hands, and they just become like truly ugly people, and they see these people, these northerners suddenly become the bad guys, because they're raping and killing the women and children, you know all these civilians, and it's kind of, like, well, these northern houses aren't necessarily good. And then deniro's you know that's the whole thing is, she's not good. But she's not evil. Well, so I mean. I mean yes, she is in the end. But yeah, it's just there's a lot of moral gray area with a lot of these houses. You gotta think these guys from the north. They been through a by the season. They through a lot of shit how many fucking battles. You know, how many of their friends and other family members killed between whatever battle? That's happened. This point they're like. All right. Take my shit out on these people. So, like, in a matter of few years, they've gone from like. Pop stark, and then baby stark do and then and then it was being taken care of by Samsa for a little bit. And then John comes in, and then he takes the throne, and then he bends the knee to DNR DNR's. And now DNR that's like a couple years. What the fuck update Email on the shifts who's in charge. Yeah. Too many too many updates. Due to the software here. I'm just going to kill motherfucker. Did you just like semi a patch every once in a while too good? Fuck like temporary name tag. Hi. I'm your leader. They don't even get like the face plate. No. How much? Oh, no. Yeah. Baddest bitch. Land start leanna. Oh on more. Mont. Lena's mix. That was a kick ass fucking even she's. We got this guy, this guy. Now, you're telling me this Queen who the fuck knows from a kid who's, like, yeah. The smartest person people in that room Jack she James giant, the fucking, I, but before that you've got fucking before that you've got all these, like, old Roethlisberger's like we need to do that. She's like shut the fuck. I'm smarter than all y'all. We need to go with the studio, right? Her macer kind of leaned over and was trying to, you know, you should do that. She's that hand. She puts up in from, as I was like. Little bit. Yeah. John was back. He's like so this Queen or by meter and literally, she's the first ones like you. You were lower the Nord. I don't know what the what you are now like she was calling. Yeah. Italy a bitch you came, you came back. Is this like whipping boy for this Queen that I didn't approve of you? Yep. It's true. I love the hero death though. Needed. I knew it was probably gonna go I kind of figured, and but luckily, she's a giant. Going. Okay battle cry. When she just was like. Stamp getting crushed as rating. Brian ashes showdown ribs come out of her. Yeah. Which leads into deaths there have been some pretty significant crucial deaths. There's tone of there's tons of death in the series. But they're like poignant, well-done artistic, even if it is on the gratuitous side deaths. Right. You know. So what are some of their favorite deaths? I'm going to say the one that's just make everybody kind of tear up a little bit. And just say the simple senate's hold the door. I had my son catch up on it. And I was like anything happens. You want to message me about, and he got to the episode. And I just got a message said hold the door with a frowny face. I went. Yeah. I mean, like say the whole time he's holding the door literally like how God he gets the board. Fuck man. That's I mean. Yeah. Hit everybody. You one hundred percent. That was that was fucking hard. Kevin staying Shreeves death was absolutely crushed me. Well, I mean, we've got the entire red winning. Yeah. Didn't see that coming now having not read the books, I was like, oh. Stab do the baby. In the baby, the baby, and it happened so fast because you pick it up the tones and they change it and they're playing rains the cast. Yeah. And you see, you know, cats chart kind of putting two into together. Ed, before you can blink dudes over there stabbed her and the baby. And then shits on like that fat her was death is probably the most Birlik. She's just sits there, watch as all of her children, and family die, and her, then she gets her Mon heart wrenching. Like she's sitting there like evening, or face is like, I'm done anyway. Like I can't survive this. I can't be alive knowing that this happened and just this, this wail that has just oh, cuts you to cord it. Does awesome acting for like. I didn't feel that one for a while. That was that was season three finale, right? A year. The last episode okay Arias, like come in her brother with, like, what is it? The. Yeah. Yeah. Which was so fucked up because she had trying to get there. And she's like, literally, a couple of miles away right before the wedding. Mike, take our time gets there. Right. Shit's going down, and like how it has to get the fuck out of there. Oh man. That was brutal one brutal death that I was actually very excited about young Joe free whole what can. There are few characters that are as deplorable as him I can think of like two other ones that are pretty much up there. Ramsay bolton. Yes, I'm gonna into Ramsay Bolton. Yeah. Joffrey was the first real like, truly evil character. That got his come up that I stood up out of my seat, and cheered when it happened, because little kid, and then he got replaced by Ramsey that, and you're like, oh now we've got a new ask worse. It was way worse way worse. I was just going to say real quick and just kind of a whole mix of it was high Sparrow. Like that was that was. I mean everyone got their shit with that like the fucking. Not galley list of like fifty people. Everyone got shit with that. Oh, ramsey. That was super satisfying, because it's also like this tormentor you know, an it's sauna she's the one who orchestrated his death, and as she wa-. She doesn't watch it so that I think because she's not a person who's the whole game and everything the brutal debts. She didn't need to see it. But just the smile on her face a satisfaction was like FEMA for you because she's like hearing it walking away. There's a Smirke like year. Yeah. Yeah. Starve your hounds. Guess what? Fucking each you. Yes. So good. So good. So I think a lot of characters have taken on like changes throughout the series but signs is pretty much one of the most play. She went from the most innocent, like, I'm going to marry the king to, like fucking Fiji. The hounds like like hardcore Schick. She's been through so much started with Jeffrey way, sort of what seeing you cut off? Yeah. Right in front of her. She was up there that's going to be kind of difficult process and not only that, then she marries that fucking prick. And then he takes out there too, so she can show her. Her father's got him spike. Yeah. He's just like, well, yeah, I got another you're gonna marry my Ramsey who does would they don't. I'm sure that books go into more detail what he acts. I go into this not actually saw Kneza in the book, but there's like all leaders like beastie -ality rape that he does. Yeah. Oh, god. Yeah. That's rough. To stomach, you know, 'cause I mean Ramsey is very seditious, dick and just fucking nuts in the show. But in the book a Yay. Dow played his tail play. Wow. Wow, this the closest to his to his level of sadism was Wayne just like ISA sausage and swings in front of the because I was fucked up. No. That's a whole level of fucked up right there, man. It's pretty that part is pretty ambiguous than the books. It's like they don't out light outlet outright. Say that because dick off, they just kind of insinuate it, but he played his sadism for the and for the show. Yeah, they damn. We can't do this on any television network is. If HBO's like. We show a lot of shit. Takashi cashing meek as addition to the masters of horse series and that came out. They were like we can't show this and it's HBO and they were like, yeah. Sorry. DVD. It's just Falko. Yeah. I have the DVD on the DVD. Blu. Ray watching whenever I won't. Yeah. Yeah, good for you. I need to get that collection. Got a lot of the episodes missing like a couple disc from C M the season two. But I've got all these night, which are the better ones already there. I stayed satisfying her, but just -tarian taking his dad. Yes. He's like, you know, you're not like no, I am. This is what you'd fuck do you kill motherfucker on the toilet seriously? What about what about? I never remember his name because, you know, the shadow too serious. Other Sunday just like committed suicide the same time. Hi, sarah. Was that was pretty satisfying, not in the kid killed himself because like seriously had, like, like, she she gave zero she did. All right. Whatever. The last shred of any humanity for hers, just like my kids, she just because I thought it was up all saying that would be like it would be more impactful for her. We'd see more impacts when that happened on the show. Oh fuck it was found out. It's like bitch really God damn. I think that's what it was was turning. The shame moment is really where, where that last little scrap of her giving any fucks was just gone. I mean, that's the thing is that she was pretty kind of shitty and sadistic beforehand. She's still then, and then you motivate her by walking down naked fucking having people throw everything and yelling. Shame any little bit of humanity that she had left in her done gone die. Yep. She's just doing the thing, but she got paid a million dollars, an episode to do in the last season, sit there and sit fucking wine from her tower and, and watch thousands of people get destroyed kind of giving her other days like yeah. Scorpions. They're all fucking done. She's like, we'll still have a chance in, like nobody wants to tell her the news like. No, the thing that we use to kill the dragons are all gone. We're not gonna fucking win this like they took a while to actually sink in, like yes, you're gonna die. Yeah. The only thing you have to use against this is done this. She took them all out which, I wanna talk about the scorpion like spears, they were shooting and also that she had to dragons, the last time she tried to pull some shit and like one gets murked super fucking hard, right through the neck and like fall ocean. And then the other one just she flies the fuck away, and she could've just like flown up. She could have gone around she literally like disappeared gone around and then come from the back and hit him real hard that even in the second time when she actually was successful. She still didn't do that. She just cold, cheetahs move like matrix style dragging fucking spears fear would have been a little happier. If they'd actually thrown a fuck ton of spears and hit him because it's like a spear, and they hit him a second time. And I was just thinking, like really throat. I understand. But I'm saying it would make more sense if you saw like thirty of them, and he just gets nailed in one spot as will block out this. Yeah. Exactly. As opposed to just like one guy creek shot tax like you know. Nice. Let put together Solomon. See, I feel like it was kind of uneven with the first time that she went up against those ships with two dragons versus when she went in just like fucking massacred thousands upon thousands of people also, who doesn't send scouts it because there was that whole thing there were flying drags who doesn't send scouts to look out, I. Yeah. Yeah. Still sell sailboats. They're not moving that fast. Not so exactly. Why not send like one of brands ravens be like? Yeah. Checkout dragging soon. See what's going on there before known that shit? It's in the book. So is that the ravens can only use for literally nothing? They served real purpose, and they don't do any good at all at any point whenever he sends them. This happens happens. Yeah. Zapping brain is basically, the watcher from the marvel comics where you see shit happening, but doesn't do a damn thing about it. And if. What about it seriously? Saying he knew about most of the shit just stood back. So he knew everything was going to happen. Yeah. Back in. Myself right into the kingship. Rough one arrived was a status as daughter. That was fucking. Yeah. That real rough. The mom that just let it fucking like lead up to that. That's what that's what broker you're talking earlier. And earlier seasons she lets her brother just have the same thing happened. She's like. Family's family, whatever. You know, but what she sees her daughter then? She's like, you know, this might be kinda fucked up like see, hurt just the she's clutching. She's trying to get to her daughter to, and then as holding her back, and I think, because she was such as eel it for the Lord of light the whole entire time, and she actually allow the time of the show, she hated Charene and she had that, and I forgot about this until I watched it again. She had those creepy dead babies in jars. Really? She wanted son. And all she got was a daughter who ended up with gray skin was deficient. So she's very dismissive. But when it came time it's like you can't this is my daughter. This is my child. You cannot burn her at the stake. And I think you know, next episode she's hanging from a tree. So clearly that just that was like the broadcast the breaking and it all was pointless fucking loses fucking battle in. So do you think it was like a joke between light, the requiems like watch maker, this dude kills oh, daughter for fucking nothing? We already know he's gonna wind squeeze buddy shit like yeah. Probably so. So here's the whole thing that happened. So we're getting towards the end. But before we conclude this episode on game of thrones. I definitely want to get into Tyrian a little here definitely. We definitely gotta talk about what is Georgia. Martin has mentioned is his favorite character, and is a favorite character. I'd say most of the people that watch the series, I love them. Peter is eight topnotch. Actor knocked it out of the park with this with this role that he initially didn't even want when it first started. And that's what I read is that he was though, only person, really that they had picked out specifically for that role everybody else, auditioned that they came to him as we want you for this role. Georgia Martin's, typically was like I want him. Everybody else had to addition, stuff like that he was one. They went we want you and he fucking God, damn not again. Yeah. And he acts with his eyes so much like he doesn't have to say anything, and you can just get the emotion just on his facial expression. And I know he didn't or niggly wanna do it, because he doesn't want to be pigeonholed in this role of always paying door, so but he did such a phenomenal job with it. That is something that I actually appreciate it about Peter clinch before game of thrones. I was a fan of his before this. Oh, yeah. Yeah. That a lot of the roles he took. It was just he was offered that happened to be a dwarf. It was never that, that was the character was dwarf like fruit was stationed agent has been staging mystic. Also, there was a lesser known series that he was on called threshold. Did one season and it was a sci-fi series in like the mid nineties. I want to say and he plays like rock and roll scientists that the parties fucking him in. He's, he's a loose cannon, then it's Peter clinch like we're in a fucking leather jacket and just being this like jackass like. Kind of self confident. But like then when his fan and he goes on could go do science. He does signs like real real good. So good real good. Good. So, so they're like, okay, well, I guess you can be a jackass because you're real good at science and it's got data from Star Trek in it as well shock. It's a fun series. But yeah he just the only mentioned that entire series of his stature, who's talking about people not taking him seriously. And he's like the rock and roll things just because I was there anyway, because and just kind of made a motion to himself, six. So why the fuck not I might as well just do what I want to do, and not worry about it, 'cause I'm already there and that, that's their rest of it was just could have been played by any actor of any size. And I love that. I love that indium. He was in. I mean, we surpassed obviously, the X men when she did a great job because there was no mention of his size in that comic. It's nothing to do with exam. So he he was perfect pick for that. And also he was in the show went off the rails and got shitty towards him. But at a certain point it was. Good, nip tuck. He was he was a character that came in and basically became like the adulterous love interest, not intentionally like dirty sneaky, but like he paid attention was it was very. Empathetic to how the main characters Sean, Sean. I think it was Sean. Yeah. He was the nanny hit. Yeah. They just had their second child, and so he came on and being the nanny was like, but he was like, really good with different style, the different types of learning and all that stuff like that. You know, the more obscure now it's pretty common actually where that type of off the rails, kind of learning as they see they see the results from a back when that show is coming out. It was definitely seen as like you know. You know. But anyway, so that came on there was like a weird thing with them like as far as like they didn't really do it. But they kind of phone love, kind of thing, but he did really, really good in that, like, as far as how he showed that he didn't want to hurt somebody's marriage, but he also really loved her. So he he's, he's awesome. He's a great actor. Well, I mean I, I read somewhere, he was in all, but, like, I think one maybe two does game of thrones. He was in every episode. Like, because it's because I mean, we're airy the show in this weird way interior was Joe Girardi Martin's favorite character. Yeah. So of course, he's going to be most of the episodes, and of course he's not gonna die at the end. That was the one character that was pretty sure was going to be okay was was Tyrian and for that character, I will say, I talk about a development where you have a character who has been shown his whole life. Jamie was the only that relationship with Jamie's character. Arc I did fucking love. Okay. Like how Jamie is always they've always been there? He's fridge others brothers even shitty. Jamie was he let him out? Same thing, tearing repaid the favor. But, like that's only person that Tyrian even said in his whole life. That's up forma didn't look at him like fucking freak. Right. Which was awesome. So not saying the rest is family did. So he was treated like ask, and he was this drunken piece of shit. Basically, the beginning who knew right from wrong and knew how to do the right thing. He just didn't give a fuck about doing it because everyone show him last episode like everything the last episode of that game of thrones like totally different person completely different parts of lily. And with his whole story, Archies always seen as like the most clever person. He knows how to play the game play the game, and he kinda fumbles a bit towards the end and sauna even says, like I used to think you're the most clever man and west row. So it kind of he's built up to be this all knowing guy. And it's just it shows that you can be the smartest person in west Rosa, no. How to play the game. But you can fuck up. He does. And but. His penance is being the hand forever. He's good at what he does. That's what's so devastating with the bells is that as Susie? Here's a bells. You see this like, finally, and then he sees what happens after that. And like he's just failed, and he's like I thought I knew I thought I had this direction and it's all for shit, and he pretty much he's responsible for bringing that whole army to king's landing killing all these people. He has a take responsibility for that. You know if it wasn't some of the moves he made to get her there. She would never kill all those people, and I do wanna make comment on not just him. But also John snow in that in that mode, that I'm sure most people listening in our panelists there's been some point in your life, where something that you genuinely believed in with all your heart turned out, not to be what you expected it to be, and it absolutely crushes you at a fundamental level, whether it be your, your beliefs or. Relationships or something that just completely fundamentally breaks you and you can see that in the faces of these characters where John snow Tyrian and a number of the other main characters are looking at the situation like this is the polar opposite of what we were supporting. And now we're we're all of a sudden the bad guys. We're the invaders where the terrible pieces of shit that burned women and children alive. We did because we supported this person allowed her the opportunity to do it, and just it all over their faces just completely. Favorite following orders. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. And like when Tyrian takes off his hand brooch. Just tosses it to the I thought he was a goner. I but yeah, you can just again with Peter. Dinka ges portrayal. You can just see that dig crush when he's inspecting all the burned bodies and everything just the look on his face, and just the anger when he throws down the hand pin. And I mean. Yeah. As breaking him John is just seeing what's happening in king's landing when she's burning everything is just the devastation because tearing even said like, you know, when she was originally, putting that pin on them. He's just like you know, this is something I can somebody, I finally. And he believed it with his whole heart, and that's why it was so devastating. So I love the final episode you open. Tyrian walking into king's landing, and it's just fucking devastated. Like he knew was happening. He sows happening, but he's walking through and he just absorbing just this dead city now just walked do walks by him. Has back is the choice of no music, which is perfect. And it was him it had to be that character to absorb like that. That's our audience point of view is through tearing at the beginning, but we'll say within the within the scene. So you're telling me that all seeing Jamie. Do stipulate ten feet? Like the right. Yeah, I'm sorry. Just looked to the right. There's a whole space with no rocks. Like they were like above a lot of rubble to so, like they did or didn't follow around them. And they're like, oh, well, let's go to the way, so we can get an even like Fred now down came down to little Brock's hit him on the head, and they should have been covered by castle. Lately? A gold hand here. He's like there something it was just like pretty pristine, the pile of Jurassic Park was bigger than this. That stood in literally anywhere else in that underground area. It would have been fun. It's like the people that have a rain cloud over their head just literally just over their head. It's that, but we are at the end of this episode of the influence all things game of thrones. Clearly, we could talk about this for several more hours to go over, but this is just a conversation about a show that we've come to know and love over ten years close to going to be hard, one to, like beat. Honestly, I don't I don't know. I said the other day naming this probably the last show where you're gonna get people get together to watch together the finale. Yeah. Correct. Or get a petition together to review the season. Well, you're still probably gonna have that for years years. But I mean like I saw with probably about six or seven friends and like, sure that doesn't usually happen anymore. No show that, that can happen in the future me, it was his Brennan's before this. When the when finally kicked back we would get together and watch Sam takes them like stranger things. You're not gonna have a watching party for the finale, because you just fucking watch it all out. Season. Two stranger things came out. We had a couple of friends come over and we marathon overnight and watched all, but the last two and then woke up in the morning and watched last two it's crazy. Knocked it out within twenty four hours. And we made chicken waffles, and like L this for it little eggo, waffles. Instead, it was great. But yeah game of thrones. It reminds me of when the first season of heroes came out. I watched that with friends like throughout the entire first season. It's one of those events it's, it's not just the show to its HBO. That with. In love. You don't please. I used to do that with the Walking Dead. Yeah. At the beginning. Anymore. No. Now is there like two main characters left, and neither one of them are in the comics, like, it's on the comics. Yeah. Thanks a lot. But no game of thrones was that show for a lot of people that the season finales on most seasons would get together and hang out with friends, and it was an event. You made a thing out of it, and people are going to be talking about this show for a very long time and analyzing there's like books coming out like analyzing the whole thing. So it's going to be a cultural phenomenon. Absolutely. Yeah. So we want to hear what you think about think about game of thrones, what you thought about the final episodes of game of thrones of the final season, your take on it. Whether you were deeply disappointed or actually genuinely enjoyed it. I'm kind of fifty fifty on it. They're parts that I don't like how rushed it felt with a lot of stuff in the last season. But on the same in it's way better than it could have been. Yeah. So am I completely content with the final season? No, I'm not. But I'm also not indexed it. I'm not asking them to do a redo know what it is. And it could be better could be worse. It's just one of those, you know, see. C plus maybe, maybe not be minus my ebook. I'm fifty fifty on it. But this just kinda makes I mean I feel like the books are never going to be finished. But I'm pretty content for now. Sure how it ended. But yet it just makes you on just be like okay is the story ever going to be finished? And I will read the books, whatever they come out. Yeah. I got to say, I'm probably a makes you mix between sixty forty and seventy thirty for being as far as being happy with it. Like I take into account all the qualms I've had with it and having not read the books look into what they could have done. My biggest thing is they, they didn't have to crush into six fuck, and episodes, man. You could've made like eight or nine eight or nine hour and a hand but their hour and a half that, but no, they were our fucking twelve and then there was other behind the scenes bullshit after fuck you. There was not an hour and a half. It was damning sorry, I've just say for me. For me. There are things that change, but I've witness worst finale, just crush me. Specifically, I can go into battle star where you take something that you never introduce in the final episode the final twenty minutes, that's when you do something that was a consistent, like, I was telling the other day, I was like, that's equivalent of the dragon start talking when various dis mom on. No that like that's without star. Did. All right. So you know what as much people bitch that kinda shit didn't happen drag it was bad ass. Words in the entire series is just a back door in showed a piece dragon turns into with. Dead Plum chick. We definitely want to hear your opinions on game of thrones. Good way to do that as actually hit up, our reap the spoilers page that we have, which is all heavy. And we've been using that a lot more lately for endgame for episode of games game of thrones. So join that conversation, so you're not blasted it on Facebook. And we're gonna be doing that for movies coming out. We're gonna be doing it for TV shows talking at openly about it. So to save spot. If you not to ruin stuff for people also rate and review gigs under the influence. Just go I tunes or any of your podcast apps. If they have a ratings or reviews, let the world know what you think about the influence good or bad. I mean, hopefully good but, you know, we will take that input into consideration deeply appreciate you listening. Every time we have an episode out, and we also appreciate you sharing this show with your friends. Word of mouth is the best advertisement that you can get. And so, I appreciate when our social media stuff is shared when I hear from people that their friend told them about the show. I love those moments. It's part of the reason why we. Keep doing this is those those moments. So thank you so much for listening. We'll check you out next time the next up, so dropping is galaxy. Con. Live galaxy conscio-, so definitely come out and see a live show. It's going to be great. We're doing it. Seven forty five believe on Friday night. So Friday, the thirty first of may, so come be part of the crowd. We're doing some dumb weird shit for the live show, so expected and trying not to cuss as much as humanly possible. Actually got some insight on that. So we can talk about. Okay. Cussing anyway, I am Mike. Thank you for listening and as always. Join us or dies. The fuck up hobbit hold adult. GUI podcast dot com.

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