GSMC Health and Wellness Podcast Episode 426: Toxic Sharing


Breaking now alabama. Thank god again. Thank god your star. In three fact ladies chocolates to see up here watch a tabloid. You win compaq. The dust can't fight it off so don't stop taking shape. Nappy turn Windmill star state on. This women. abadi found should healthier. Yes you don't know what to do all these shows telling you this and that but nothing seems to heart. Listen close. golden state media concepts has got something great for the and boneless podcasts dedicated to workout trent healthy eating habits. Die everything about healthy living. Join us as we help you. Not just live life to the fullest. Live at you to help better than me. Just kind of did that to me but i went back on track. No i'm not gonna also lose some something precious something when it goes to a point that if you don't share the you know people are going to withhold is in the gsm except health and wellness franchise tit for tat. You already know that with you. Probably similar shifted. Sounds like you decide but you know actually kind of like a trusted guys coming. That's how you handle Why would i wait that above all find a little some final often. Revolving absorbs share. What is it what matters to you. People are trusted ever things that you can't we go in our don't share a moment thing people say what's mine obligated to share with them. These that true a third wave. Think the show that there were the that what's a mine is putting release honest incurring by russia's edem the ending even your it our best your politicians as we went over spoke on early ever in a situation of not just saying. You're pa- missions. How people are they're not yours. There explore likely to like very meticulous. You know i see you have something. There related interests me may rather or assisted. Could i use that. Chris that i use that. Can i use that nothing. That doesn't seem like the big arrow. Is it a big deal. As christians is a geologist. Let's to something that's you. Have you know something that christian. Look look something that's giving mammals our rights gone. I'm giving examples that anyone who those things you kind of be like is it is it accelerates. Let me borrow listed that. I don't remember but if any other really anything else except the to base you would this. I'm very ghetto. He'll pick whatever houses related help is that that's not gonna you see once healthy way. I believe that. And i always be. Oh i dunno. Bounds doesn't mean program. That's you know what i mean. Crossing the line nefarious about this whole and having you have Minds it no. Yeah go ahead go war and rush with people that you could use no. I don't care whatever wind comey's when's yours and you've got you can have access to it building that there's teams are right reasoning. That says that's not is a share. Harmless gestures at act is not why this goes back to like kindergarten door. I you know someone asked me. You got your share to sharing his skin. Yours and brush mike. Oh is it really like oh really later hero actors. I told you that about it after like and who told you sharing on yes please get yourself some help you know. We never let anyone used to brush right. Actually i didn't let you ought to pressure and he wants to at all. Let's be honest. Is it always sharing his care. Ever allowed anyone to use my address it. If you add it wasn't just a stranger it's really not. It's not like all my mother but that doesn't matter you know you want to be around your whole. I was pretty upset person. But it wasn't jerry around me. Because i want to be around you like a person may not want be around sharing. Done it one. They have to share their time with you. That's sharing at ingenious. I did it. Didn't bother why i'm with you finals like well. That's my mom's to brush doesn't seem villainy different. That seems a little cold but we gotta think when we're thinking imagine as always lines be on her and there's not one to be healthy but there's a scientific that way bagels and mixed moore's health. I don't go back like we talk about how we talk about. Russia's proven fact thing that result yet routines and behaviors. Something when you have. It's results as you're looking for. Are you looking for looking for health. Are you look right wellness. Then when you listen to me a stranger person it's knob you ought to consider about something. Hey this way of thinking. I wanted to use just the same way. Oh caretaker home that we say all right. I want to be able to when we talk about your heroes back again. You people saying oh well. You don't exercising all is that get to use it now great. It's not really healthy healthy even to you. You don't have any dark side with you take it to the string of thinking. You're not seeing people out in the near. The nods including non. Winning people are the acts lying new in the straight every time. Someone kicks some Ends up. they can't do that then. What happens in the street ours and tires in. So if i can admit that i can under heavy in their exercise grohl on the ball and that's it pushing and she rose to the point where it unhealthy if i could accelerate that something that we cannot upon us. I guess many people consider this all the time all now give when i never play with the you also. Is that the same ball you. That's you still housing that how 'bout you know jobs. He got hit by that that not as healthy. Thank you gotta get a new ball now. What you into us as children. This is my ball right. Plane around is to share in the ground. The lane either. His is freshly things that you value the things that right now. You don't share the same way. It's not that one sided. Hey you have often. That person wants to labor is. Why don't you share it share. You don't struggle them. It doesn't work lies much. You don't lie airing them. I am for one problem. Belied i just. Don't don't right everybody. You don't hold it down to lure that. It's all about sharing when i go to a hotel am not suggesting that you should become hoarders in the bathroom. Everything right never let them. I talked about some carry them home. Very specific this. You say that those scaling doing they look to your possessions five. That aren't really do sharing many allergies. I don't if i'm there i'll reign. Why they're you're endlessly their value. I like something's cost a lot of money store. Yes yes how do we determine what possession as. Yeah it's really value told you that because now some things they don't the money but it's yours sorry There live around. I don't think that's why do people grow up. I would think they have a lot of lee say that champs but i their individuals who do we don't do Shared with people sometimes the zoo. That's all i had. What if that was all talk about blame me being so zapping saloum but i take the so right needs some doesn't have alone independent united salt. Who i need to bay. That'll have so you have our taylor's hard tools have their used dry soap that i took the hotel figure to remind. What am i using. I'm using this. Every it's been in my phone generation phones it become ten and it's it's worth brain bay always they might as well gonna let you borrow it right. Oh no i'm not gonna let you wise. It depends on what soap it is liquid. Is that out on. The person's had all angie to continue that and this whimsical nightmare. Far person. what do you. What's the turn it is. What is the alternative sharing. The germs off of the jones decided to bar like a dollar shave the soap bar yet. What the pearl of north of naive were getting so young. Do the poss calculating after the rally trying to tell me example sharing whether or not the germs. Are you trying to soap bar. I don't know as a little unit. You try to little friends all right. If you've ever lived in quite simple family isn't there. Were so age in a bathroom and it was hard simple. Probably any way shallow. That i'm welcome. See a person share with them. This coy that you have is raring. inevitably again. you grow up. People go to different bamboozles. You see them again. How did you benefit. What i've learned how to share with everyone in my house is there. How are you good for you. How do i know you know you. just you. don't have that share my toy with you. We have our to what i what information. So but who knows has told me that. I need share with them. So what ben. Why is critical of the thing yours because it's disrespectful exactly ways on giving something you're enjoying that you want this you may need over the fan. Yeah you say welding. You don't need pressured. it's not like water or food and you don't need it because you had to be donated like own water and all this goddess share. Those people actually do negroes being nice about niceties guys. Not beautiful water slow. You don't really need okay. Well now guys who have the last. He draws water and get along that you want. I suggest you don't. There's there's a lot of lasts around. I mean what are you gonna do. You're gonna share and who cares. I'm not i'm not. I'm not trying to sound like jerky you had to carry. I'm talking about what i do. I think ahead of time. I'm talking about it under that. We can really this all. We can break it down here together. Stand what all do what's actually made more about some people reserve about what's within our realm of possibility healthy for us. None of us. I'm not going to bring mine. I'm just so he. Error is so whatever game we believe in sharing it's not what yet mouthpiece for us and saga mountain of various. Okay you little. We're right now. we're still on kids heus. You just haven't met an a playground that having fun when people. I want you on to convince me ball why i need to share the person by not gonna go on with no friends realistic kinda understand. Little main friendship looks cute and haha. But then he bomb assert. So i get that. I give an fullness right. Isn't that what it's about kindness. And if it's genuine and the kids don't smile getting along. Friends is hitting little baby University videos because the house so little kid running at each other calling each other's areas Things but that's not like then give right now. Booed be the why they went. We all know you widen it. We will share all your stuff shares. That was so underwear. we're in stocks. Now kids could do that. Rush job after all is to team to be a kid when your share with people. Because it's so you're supposed to have fun. Not worry not stress. So why would. I share a toy. When it's my job to be abc kid. And i'm supposed to have on people to have that's healthy. Why do it toxic sharing so what we really yet into to discuss is showing her bearings correctly in there. The nature of our possession When sharing is appropriate. When not you're going to be thinking about it. Think about gano cher grazing that you share. I don't think wasn't taking care. I don't think and i'm not talking about not right happening in the world right. I don't it's talking about want to save us dress. now you're listening. You're one of the last time somebody asks. Something had a tripod. That i was used right. Remember that help. And when was the last time adebayo bombed in the the asked you the tripod sits there. Is you press a button record. Edit okay boom so. We got a really need to do that. They say to me passionate about after all. That's that's mucus probably already tells someone asked read while and so i had to work for. Didn't talk to you guys say you had to get them for myself. When you're so. I want that for myself. I don't think let me rush average shirts in a bar with because only borrow. It will maybe of of nine. Noel get how to go about as you can't allow us to use something and then let that be on. Call you can you. Can you can think of long-stem and praise the sharing gig. Not right then your head a little kid hello. People are innocent arm no foul for the lowest things with these really insecure as that that's eddin vine in the when people have described earlier but implement those same shutout you'll want to be very distantly whimsical kit as an adult for right You could get away with very passionate. I mean that'd be castles new hot holes in your work in your dale subscribe. Make sure you're in trouble hair and even less criticism. Aa don't do that in like subscribe. Check us out on. Facebook twitter Hey can i ride your bike around the block time you ever hear that one where you grew up and how you grow up me and will make jokes together. I don't know i right. Yeah yes you can ride my bike around and if you come back out for the sharing with my bike subscribe piece. It's sharing is great. It's great but what exactly do we need to talk about. We need to unpack this. Because it's just a weird thing we think we have to share all the time and that's not necessarily good all the time. I don't really believe in that. But certain things food and water go ahead share it share with people. You won't last very long without food and water you fill me. I'm not trying to. I'm not one black. I'm gonna get all the food and get all the water and not gonna share it. Because that's what i'm thinking about. That's not what i'm saying when we get back. We're going to get more into this topic. You just hang on tight you. Are you looking to learn more about the latest trends from the fitness world. Are you confused by all the different trends. That are out there. The gmc fitness podcast is the place for you. The mc fitness podge of the place people is deal and interest level as we explore the latest trends in the fitness. Is that new exercises. Should i whatever your question. Chances are good. You'll find an nc fitness podcast. But he got us talking about him. You guys probably remember the point better than me. Just kind of did that to me. But i went back contract report. Don't wanna share. Someone is something precious when something when it goes to a point that if you don't share the what's up we're gonna withhold kindness in. We'll come back to ultra little topics of sharing possessions. Things of the share. It's not for. I share something what you're really impact. We i lost about a lot of things went. I decided you are you as a cajun. What is this idea of sharing. Come you get that. that's how you handle it. I'm not really. Why would i handle it that way. That that wild animals join together. Final nail in the coffin. I'm not targeted. Primitive soc share or the most advance. I get it matters. Some kind of al qaeda's you believe that was arrested inaki. We're doing it. The we go rob a rare moment sooner than that. You're not all gonna share with them. Really get an that is is the nature of her has to shout their worthy. We are exploiting of the risks. That you're incurring for airing with them. These things ramon sessions right. Your positionally went over and oak on his tag. Got here along pageants about this using this. Your possessions are you strategy. What is their elections of yourself in a very that meticulous way are related. Issue like brother sister ladan. Almost christians things star are privates christians bag. Right that's christians to brush even things private ebay. Things aren't price is you. Don't know a problems for look share. I'm giving examples all right. What is giving examples that any one of those things you kind of be. What is it about the to really telling us one other thing. I listed as telling us member but anything else told to share by your be raising a eyebrow share. We went over that no two paces like was their purpose. Social skills could make friends by them. You she wants saying what does that sound like. When you're older. I i may i that all sounds like help you out things so here. We have something doesn't mean that i'm selfish. Shame different on this. Or that means to various out this i have you. I have somebody to rush. You're not gonna get an order them shooting your share youtube brush with you. You're being no. I don't care how can you be. How many friends do some should be. Looked at you filming There's a fat were. there's a reason That says yeah. I got a lot of frail. Now somebody around. there's not. Wow so does he have stuff please. You can look at the only thing that i you are someone wearing off to rashes To brush christian. Can i use your a way. I my teeth. And i was like offshore but i you know just got around on you like please. Don't bird sticks around you it's healthy. They're not you're never any line will stay very close to let waffle my toothbrush. Fine okay beyond. It's not friends with you. I never allowed anyone to use my. Why do you think just took in. Somebody wasn't just stranger increase. Your social skills doesn't work but that doesn't matter that it's my mother but it was like what is not tax. Nfl we'll we'll rush. I was party. I guess it is a little bit wasn't sharing. just why did he give each other. I'd never somebody else on some of Actually did at all that i did. Is the house. I infill any different his acid this president of another imagine. I know what you have to be offered them something. He doesn't worry all time. So enough within yourself. It made for them to go back around like a half the use it right. I have other to brush. That's how it has to go down that they have to. You know feel yeah but like they wanted to bet you have. It's connected any order extension Stuff all right. You bring table thrust strange person. It's not connected to you. You don't have usually. That is what you wanna do care. There's money involved. I wanna leasing again. I wish you you're you're sharing yourself alright with the i want to be able to carry it home sharing your personality again. Not just my personality. I'm going to share it with you and you don't have that necessarily all how great person's mind really care too. Happy that you get to use their interest. Think we'll share a horrible meal with another here laying around the street. You're not they'll tell you balls trying going dangerously close in the deal. Every time hicks though. Why would something sensitive so what happens in the street is nour's hires it ain't that we're getting so heavy you one of their friend and they roll on the ball and that friend rolling. It rose in the street and someone a friend edrick. Hit your share your toy ball. Don't one that kind of the. This is recycling although she has hers looks on the when i whenever i deep little advice is that the same lawyer and you're like no one like using playground home going jim. He got hit by a car chasing after that ball. You'll look look like a jerk. You don't share something. No you get a new ball especially if you're that little you have a ball and no one has all playing with. No this is blind and i. This is my boss with things that you've out. I don't know that's old. That's what that's hard often find that. I i always knew i always thought like you. Don't i don't well go with them. That has share my all duggal with share. Everyone to play never truly problem. Why is that right. You don't care about it you don't want to hold it that close. It could be your. Because look i can just to that for in grab versus reasons from bathroom. Air on righty side and i have not in carry them home share. I'm not suggesting you do this. You airway side of me. I don't know. I think a lot of doing okay. Don't don't look person though. They will look like a jerk. There's a lot of pressure house. Yes i a lot of pressure. It's a nice place. Share those nice places like all. Take the nice now. Y you make sure you leogane house because i like them because i look like a church. Everyone could play games or yes and you just hear like no. I have the one ball and no one could used told you that. Hey i I am what are we gonna do now all right. Yeah just roast. When ryan was the deal often the fact that you're share a ball with them they have a lot of. That's when it goes is gonna stop trying to simple that's wage on. You have a ball. Make sure you don't make sure if i was all i had it. What if that was all. I had to make sure you share. Share it all the time. Bouma may you're at the soap and if air years so and ear. I'll give you make sure you deserving of anything about ashore here take the orson with the ball was suppose from the horrible at it and no allow. What am i using. I'm using this stuff that i've had family try to take the ball back origin rating. When's the always am. I gonna last. You know that's going to let you. It depends on with something. That's that would. So he's out on a person saying when sham little dot to the people at hey i can use. It's hard to have right the balls letter stranger hen even sharing ten jarvis office. Yoyos barred lights oil. I don't wanna do that. You can't even play. The bar cleans itself no no. I don't want. I can teach you how to the boss i don't want to. I can show how the rag east you could win sharing transferred soap bar every kids. They never really several but they lived in a house which will do it was so the kid in the bathroom. That was hard. You're probably guys be young. Boys are usually ankle sleigh. All right i could do this. I'm open to sharing. I'm gonna watch shelves with radial four square. That's all i love that. You're gonna be there in in it. Involved get our everyone in. My house has their soap. A good for you good for people in the square and you everyone all talent i. We can't we have our own. Tell you half the jot on. I think so but who knows. You can't let all situation as you. I jump when the balk amount of money higher yours. Because it's kind of like senator on in your squad and hurt you in and you have to make sure it gets to another way. It can't get out of the fact that you brought something and you were you hasher into sharing. Because you don't have we all nice knows all stuff humane variation wanting girl you went to be nicer to be nice baubles year-on-year square hosted to half a chilling. The well niceties guys these pianos zero so you can get a d. on it You don't there's there's a lot of you ratchet a lot of if you don't let the ball bounce draft ages and then you have Harry at home you do. It abounds one time. So what i live bouncing more the ones. That's it if we're going to. I wanna be on the balancing. You have to reach l putting together hop so we'll all value on the floor when matty's not because some people have more money they don't care about as much sort It's something of line. I'm just saying let not gonna bring bounce. What is really competitive. Not got to do it saying you're expense that we had okay if you think. Summer's fun you're you're lying. I love this game. You just haven't met you can share that that happened. Innocent people have is on at your expense that all increases a little bomb. This is equal trae. It will pop up the say. Why teach you how to play the game being much. Pick on bonding release. Not sharing knowledge. There's friendship a main ange. There and be left the person he all the ball. There's always gonna be resentful. Nece a little something different. Because you're going to buy that with this balance you own this. Don't be that person if you so that other people value potentially aren't going to say you don't care about because you may have how much or whatever reasons because that's your ball play. The game doesn't mean you're aerialist. You're used to being out or good for you at the game buddhist rooted that we all know you can make spiritual share of cheer closed share. Your underwear is one another. I can use the soap shaggy. Seem like donald selfish. Doesn't it like. I like what you're mad because that's what people are gonna say you're mad i can use better than you. You don't want me to be able to have that what's should deal. Why not talk to you. Just share yourself are less astronaut. Have a good time sharing possessions. That does not then correct. Legged years and people aren't being considerate. That's the big problem martin. That's marginalize you make you your alienated thinking about all of our our. Your ball shared wasn't share so here that's when it's not right you get to participate writings that do not. It's a lot of good you only you want to seek ourselves. Dangerous long to share value are emotionally human ball. I have something. that's my. Try art that. Who's usually ascertain all shooters. Have those sabine in the video when we were. Were take care of that boom when they're so i'd friendlier there. Say to me after who. That's great thanks a little while ago with my sword. Whatever didn't have you own. That's had to get them for myself. When i see something i like. I don't think i want that for myself. I think the real askar person borrowing shaun caring agenda. And i'm same. I don't talking about just as you can do something and maybe pushed less apt on call for the to where you have which that will ask you to borrow something. It's not just for a minute healthy. Assume your day as that. That is willing this whenever you or it these things unless they really have to this thing whenever you ask it depends on where you are in your life. Describe their you. You're willing all that generous to a champion of you don't want to become that will allow them to versus. So don't your thing right. They like if i highly emotionally can help the wellness podcast. Don't you understand that work. So how can you utilize allow them. I got a new skin. You have patty. You're saying that either criticism we're using right ball subscribe ball at this hour ordering faced with her and instagram right. That's your boss. You keeping them to your cell phone. No one's gonna play with them except me. But i'm low key line the oh you could descend with dishes. Not william shows together. This is ridiculous issue guys. Use asked my what i said. Counter watch out for the sharing tonight. argument to this this proposal. That putting before you that sharing possessions can become a little. Were often manipulated. It's often out of bounce. It's often overstepping. its welcome. Sharing can be great but sharing often states. It's welcome all right. You absorb that and will be right back. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts. Listen close and here this out. Severe a podcast network. That covers just about everything that you've been searching. The golden state media concepts podcast network is here. I'll think less than a podcast bliss with endless hours of podcast covered from news sports music fashion looking entertainment fantasy football and so much more so stop lurking around and go straight out to the golden state media concepts podcast network guaranteed to fill that. Podcast is whatever it may be visit. Www dot jesus mc podcast dot com. Follow us on facebook and twitter and download us on itunes soundcloud and google. Play third yield. Guys i hope you guys are into this. You could tell them pretty pretty active pretty alert about this one man. It's it's it hits close to home. It hits close to human nature. What makes us human. That's why i mean you could give me a little bit aside. i like. Why don't look at me sideways. Please don't look at me sideways about this. I'm telling you the truth. I'm telling you the truth. You are going to avoid wasting time agonizing over it. Because i have the have the balls to tell you that this is it can be toxic sharing sharing. Our possessions goes into this uncomfortable toxic place when done wrong when done right. it's great. You could bond but you still carry the risk of participating with people if it personally belongs to you now. We get older. Our possessions are our perceptions evolve our notions of friendship evolve and we respect things differently. Now we respect different things. We have different values a lot of things. Change it evolves. You're not gonna just you know so you look at it differently. You don't just share your ball now to make friends you can pick up. You can have a ball go to the courts and people want to play ball with you. Great you wanna play ball me. We could play. Doesn't make us friends. We could play though cool. We could play a game. That's fine mind playing a game. I like it but it doesn't make you friends and also when you're older. There's a certain expectation when you share. Somebody's ball usually. If it's a basketball you go to the court. You don't have to worry about people. Act in two foolish with your possessions in. That's what i mean. When i talk about risk when i talk about your possessions your emotionally connected and you could say i mean it's inanimate objects you don't feel anything for them but if it belongs to you you would if you have any respect for yourself anything you own is sort of an extension of yourself therefore right keep falling me to this is important. It's an extension of yourself than if it's disrespected if it's mistreated it's also it weighs on you. How can a ball a phone a brush these simple things some weights that you have a fan anything that you have in excess or have at all you may have one of it one of it you have to of the thing people like oh you have one extra can i have one thing. Yeah okay you pretty much obligated to do it. You're obligated to do it to share that pressure. That dangerous pressure for no reason. Why is it even essential. I get why sharing is important. But why did this toxic thing come along with it that you're pressured to share you. Have this thing okay. You have two of the thing if you have to. And don't don't you dare have to and i'm very. I'm not sharing extremely sharing person when it comes to things i'll share food water drink with a person you play ball sheriff ball and stuff like that but i have a very different roussette when it comes to possessions you fill me. Everything's a little different. There's a reason why people don't mind sharing things with me. There's a reason. But i can acknowledge the discomfort that a person feels when they have to share something. There's always going to be a little discomfort. There's the sense of loss. There's a there's the risk the risk of loss right that is going to be looming over you constantly when you when you are lending these things out. So don't it's a crime. Let's go back to that point. It's a crime to have more than one thing. You have more than one thing and the person comes by. They walking by they see they. Can i get that. It's it's like it's a strange weird thing. And then if you don't say this. I mean by the pressure. If you don't say you can use it. Then you're jerk so you get marched marginalized or you get judged in you get this this thing that you're selfish person. It doesn't have to be that way not to say that there aren't selfish people that don't share the reason that they're selfish is that they don't share absolutely that's generally going to be unhealthy for you if if it gets to that extent it's unhealthy. I wouldn't recommend that little kid. You know everyone can play a game together. And you're not gonna allow for that possibility of bonding in everyone. Having fun together to happen because you're so possessive of your possession and rightfully so i get it. It's yours but it goes to a certain level when it gets to that level and that many people in this like. Wow you just sharing this one thing would allow everyone to improve their lives a little bit better including you to enjoy play another game I learned something new. Maybe make a friend truly make a friend somewhere in that because a bunch of people were playing that game. Don't know that it was years but do you really want them to know that it was yours with the fact that it was your ball your thing make them he. Hey you know this was mine. This was my ball. I paid for this ball. Oh yeah great. That's that's really that's real good friend. Friend manship keb. That's trying to find like sportsmanship. That's real companionship. That's real. That's where this no word for it that i know of. That's real friendly friendly. Gosh compan- companionship. Compan- men ship. I hope they turn that into a word or friend. Manship friendly is if word that's real friendly paid for it great. You know i'm gonna be your friend. Thanks for letting me know that you paid for it. The ball that everyone gets to play with that doesn't come off friendly. It comes off. You feel like people are obligated or like good big deal like great big deal. You wouldn't be able to play it if i didn't have it to share with you. The likes of view. You get nasty as a little kid. That's not gonna help you whether it doesn't work for you as a little kid and it doesn't work for you as an adult but it kinda you get to be a little bit more selfish with your things when you get older and rightfully so rightfully so we're not the same little kids. It's not that simple. And you really have to be careful about what you choose to lend out. You guys know about drape you know drake if you know drake thirsty thurston over him drake drake. I like some of these a fair amount of his songs. Right you got me like a fair amount of amount of his sons. Just because i just like how he says certain things you know not how he says words but the phrase not the phrases but the meaning that he says you know. I'm looking out for my mother making sure she's doing better. I liked that. I liked that stuff. So that's why i kind of vibe with this. Some of his bumping men some traffic is bumping. Some of it makes me. Yeah smooth. I like it but my point just went on a tangent. Talk about drake. The whole idea is of of this. This the sharon is like i got a really pause and just try to collect myself veges Distracted me from what i was talking about. I can't believe that drake man cool good for you. Your songs are great. alright Let's let's let me try to backtrack okay even pausing you have this thing. And then yes the rules change as you get older people change. You have to be careful with your possessions. Another people's hands. That's what it is at the end of the day but you have to also navigate the social pressure to to share. When you're older is different. You're allowed to be a little bit more selfish rightfully so it's yours. Why are people so different. Now that you're older it makes me wonder. Was that valuable at all. I guess it was valuable when you're a little kid because your job is just to have fun so you wanna have as much fun as possible. Have fun but you don't wanna be a sucker that's unhealthy is unhealthy to not share and be completely selfish to. The point is find that you're selfish. You could be a little selfish that can be successful that that can make you healthy a little selfishness but it's not good you're selfishness. Is that the fact that you don't share. That's not okay. You cannot share. But you're selfishness. Shouldn't be that you don't share right. It should come from something else issue. Come from something else. A little bit like linked to very good behaviors sharing isn't necessarily sharing isn't necessarily extremely great for your social relationships in health and the fact making these bonds with people. It's not exactly your best foot forward but overly being overly willing to share. It's not gonna hurt you either but it will. It will hurt you in a way that makes you in shows people that you came into the pressure of sharing anything he wants to share. It's not like that people. Don't laugh at the fact that you wanna share. They just will take what it is. You're sharing and you're going to be used. that's it. great. Carry them around because they get something to drink. They got the ball. They got the car they got this. Not that that's always a bad thing. Not that that's always a bad thing. It's not always toxic. You shouldn't be overthinking every single thing. Hey i'm not gonna go with those guys because they only want to go with me. Because i have the car now. You're an adult now. You have to use your best judgment you have the no one. It's healthy for you when it's not you feel me when talking about health is it all right. Are you okay with going out of your way in sharing this thing with these other people even despite the fact that they may be using you a little bit right you could use people a little bit when you're older and there's there's there's a A professional way. There's a a attack full Just socially accepted just a better way that you can use somebody for what they have and not Throw them away like trash heap. What what is that. They have right like their car. You go with them in a car halos go. We're gonna take your car okay. We're taking your car. Great thanks the like. So what do you do. You make sure that you do everything in your power to make sure that they are whatever they need as far as their car and making sure. That's okay that's taking care of your driving in their car and you guys are going to someplace. Make sure you bring a little gas money. Don't don't let them have to. This is the problem with people. You allow them to get to the point where they have to ask for gas money. They shouldn't have to ask. I get it when you're young and some some of my friends were just getting cars and everything it was a little the prickly. Ask someone for gas money. Your friends why. It was particularly for me because i didn't have a car and i was like cheese. I can't go with this guy places because he always needs gas money. And then i had other friends that had cars but they didn't require that from me all the time so guess what when i didn't have back then but when i had when i worked when i saved my money i made sure i have money so if someone gives me a ride i'm gonna compensate them not not compensate them like a tit for tat. Like give this you give me that. I scratch you. Scratch mind but it's sort of like that you have to grease the wheels on the sharing process. Otherwise the person sharing is already taken a tremendous risk in the fact that could be used. They're just being used. You're using them for this and if you abuse what it is that they're that doesn't give great feelings now. Imagine you're the person sharing. So that's what i mean what i'm talking about sharing your possessions and is it exactly healthy to share your possession with people because there's there's risk the risk of loss and the risk of being used and the risks that Not even just laws. You're gonna lose it. It's not going to be taken care of going to be abused. This isn't a good thing. This isn't a good thing to be thinking about when you think about sharing alright so when we get back we're gonna nail the final one in the coffin on the final point and just let that sit in absorb that its unconventional thinking. But it's for your health mc beauty tips. Podcast hits you advice on everything from heritage batch into skin care products. We'll talk about the latest trends and mega hairstyles anti aging remedies animal. Cover all of the newest fashion trends if you have an interest in or questions about the beauty trends that might work best for you. The golden state media concepts duty tips. Podcast has got you covered. Download the us. Nc beauty tips. Podcast on stitcher. Soundcloud google play or any findbaugh gas just type gs mc in the search bar. Yael was good man. What's goody. We're back nil in the final point. I know why i'm doing what i do. I do that so just accept it. Just accept it. I do that. And i'm not afraid to say what i need to. Okay i just need to. You saw what happened with drill guys drag me. I hope you guys are skewing settled Pretty blinding pretty active. Learn about this one and you guys probably remember the point better than me as kind of that but it hits close to home it hits close human nature. What makes us human. That's why i mean you could give me a little bit with side. I sharing your legs. Don't look at me. Sideways leased sideways about this. I'm telling you sort of relaxed male toxic beheaded telling you the truth right social blog. Avoid waste when you don't when you don't organizing at something precious when it's nothing. I goes to a point that i don't share. Then you don't tell withhold kindness that this sold Toxic friendships sharing because airing audience. Not tit for tat goes into. This is with us this. I share something right. It's great i on. I'd still care on the risk of testing. Do you get that. That's how you handle personally belongs. Why would handle it. Now get that over sessions by far conceptional nihar notion that you need to absorb you share and we things differently now. We do things where people are changing evolve. You don't go. You're not gonna share a moment sooner than notes so you look at it. You're not obligated to share with them. You don't share your ball now to make friends per customer. They're worthy ball goto the coins and putting role of mentoring. Graying you wanna find them. Blaze doesn't make that we could play though your possessions as we went over. Spoke on geyser. That's following a long line. Play like this your possession but it doesn't make you are expressions of yourself. They're not you and and then also older as a certain way expectation their relationship. Somebody's ball like you go to court. You don't have to worry about bristol into foolish with actions. And that's when i talk about risk. That's christians toothbrush. When i talk about to pace near possesses a look look. I'm giving examples all right. You could say oh. I don't feel anything for them but if it believes they would maybe one of you have any respect solve anything if all the other toothpastes you would for as you know eyebrow right my toothbrush. No raises like yeah. This is whatever toothpaste go ahead. Here's an extension of yourself than if it's disrupting elected see one saying if it's missiles reside. I believe that and i i. It's also thanks way to go about things. How does mall selfish of with only a brushes or areas. This i have. I had them wait. I have a toothbrush. You're not gonna get it no. You shouldn't share you to brush ban anything that you have in echo. What happening on one of the how many friends you wanna of it. Out of the he was like. Oh you have one extra. Can't have one bears fact there's reason and logic that says index. Yes here owner let somebody obligated to do not why i'm so passionate today who you're obligated to do it. Don't think that. I you know someone asked me the ball. My dad brushing in user dangerous refresher for no reason why wise it even as shown offshore i get white airing you or guidance about after come along with it out on you like don't do restaurant tissues and healthy thing i did you have okay. You have two things you have ears. This is heather. And i'm i'm a very honest. I'm not sharing number allowed. Eric's i brush. They just took it when it wasn't just any stranger was i'll share food water with the president. My mother share ball. It was like when actually absent filming but it wasn't sharing. Everything's a little different at this. I've easier why people don't mind sharing things at one time. It's not it's embarrassed. There's a reason in but actually because knowledge at all. I'm afraid that a person feels share. So that's a little discount infill any different Here's the sense of loss. But i imagine there's a i didn't know what really liked to be on her and risk of laws to be all the time so right. That is maybe loom as the old saying. You don't go back like a half the use it now. I have when you win. Harland landing these things out. So don't it's a crime so yeah but go back to that point it crime to have more than one negative to yourself. Do you have one the one thing. That's a person comes by. They see a stranger person. It's not like you don't the obligations. It tastes range. I do wanna don't say this way. I mean by that i was able to kill jose. Some you can use it all right. I wanna be able to carrier and carry it back. So you get marched marginalize. You get judged and you get. You don't have that necessary thing that you get to use. It now doesn't have not not to say that there are is that you'll get all your thinking you don't think the reason that their self wishes that the absolute not seeing that's generally healthy on the grass gets. You're not seen under how all flying in going dangerously i to recommend that little heavy kicks. Everyone always james together. It's up eight year ninth street. There's a lower than tire illegi of bonding in everyone. Wanting that happened in their fat because they're so old on all of your possession where they roll it rose in the street and right Issuers off my ballot. One that kind of eight roses. I guess level threat level. And now when i play. Wow we just just sharing this everyone to still use their lives a little you. Don't jimmy carter joy play game. I mom and learn something. Maybe make a friend somewhere in that because my people were playing that game. I'm not all your share with you. What do you really want to know. That was yours especially the things that you value that things like. That was your ball trying make. Hey you know this was my. This was my ball. I pay sorely missed. Oh yeah great. That's don't really struggle with them. That's real good some random drug with sharing them. That's like you never finally had on that ship is you. Don't care about real. Don't hold it that closing stores word for that. Little of acura grandma moreno. Gosh grab the so companionship. In a thousand batman right i hope they turn that i haven't yet friend may carry them home. Ready rightly say that. It's real friendly. I don't know. I think a lot rate you know your friend. Thanks for letting me know bath that you paid for it gets play with. I do come on friend. I don't go to comes off obligated. Good white deal. Lorraine house. Because i like him. I like deal. You wouldn't be able to play it. Or if i didn't have it to share with you the likes of us. It's not actually. I shouldn't have told you that you get a nasty as a little. That's not gonna help. I whether it doesn't work for you as you take some doesn't work for you as an adult were kinda you get. Roll out be a little bit more of a lot of things. You get older and rightly so i you know rightfully jewish. So don't do not as senior kids. Sometimes you not that simple. What if that was. I had careful what if was change. Don't blame to lend out you guys about drake boom. But i know you're asking you something here. I'll give him actually need three here. Tastes are a fair amount of rise. Soap that i took from the horizon this and mice mantle or what i just because i like how he says that i've had not in my house says where the phrase works with the reigning that he always get it but am i looking for mother. No better like like that stuff depends on where social. That's why why some of the some. Oh it's not miss a small. It's hard like a bar. You want me to my point on your body and on talking about great now with the whole offer. The same soap barring like no. I don't wanna do that of of the bar cleaned itself. Sharyo known like try to collect myself. Drake wants to destroy late and half the rash. What i was talking about caring whether or not the drains at transferred from a so far every time between good several. You songs are right if you've ever lived in a house with people family. Let's let's back in the bathroom. It was hard even probably ended up doing it. Anyway you'll have that having welcomed than the. I'm rules change and get old open to sharing. You have to be so for the insurance within the ranger people. That's you know what i mean. But you have done boleslav navigate. De- get our to everyone in my house order more rightfully. So it's yours. Everyone has their wire. Now that you're older homes gonna put it makes me wonder is. Was that ever value your little kid because your job is just funds gonna have as much fun situation is how i don't wanna be talk. Were in to be critical. Help or to not shares risk lately. South weighs on you. It's gonna hurt you into the point. You don't find that you're selfish. You speak little self. You can something success. You were that crash. You're healthy a little selfishness anticipating now you have to be a good human bay itself an ics. The fact is we don't care because one cannot share. But you're selfish nice you guys. They'd be your friend right. You could get it will come from something else. She come from some of these leg lingers. Larry job that you want hearing. You don't isn't there's there's national or not sharing isn't necessarily great to carry a social care you do. Relationships are health. And the fact that i do haunting ahead of time. It's not exactly we're going to ask our be overly being overall willing that we're gonna share isn't gonna hurt you value it. It will hurt you not in a way that makes you care about much shows people that you came into rusher of sharing anything com none of shares at least not like laughing with what else you wanna share my havens. It's what it is you're sharing you share something and you're going to be thank you ross. It great carry around because they get asylum declaring they got the ball. They got in the car. They got really fun. They'll have fun not that that's always. It will pop your own way. Back they will. It's not always gonna be overthinking every single thing. Hey i'm not gonna go with those guys because they go hand. But i have the car may now and you're going to. You're an adult now. You ever use your judgment certain you have to know when it's healthy for you when it's not when you feel when talking about health when you're right it's a point. Are you older johnny. That going out of your way that you hearing things this stain your person you'll wear other even despite the fact that they may be a little bit right you people a little bit when you're older and there's for years there's a Booed v spiritual invite hack share. All your stuff surely just better ways that you can use somebody what they have for. End not Blow them away like what. What is that the man right. I don't wanna be selected. You go with them in a car. Hey let's go. We're going to jinx your hardrock. Okay what's happening clark. Great thanks for sharing. So what do you do our possessions. You make sure that everything correctly in there to make sure that invading our it. That's the big problem. Whatever they need as far as the car and then can ensure that k. Thinking that i'll take taking how you're driving in their car and you're going someplace. Make sure you bring a little gas. It's not right. Don't don't let them have to. This is the author sell some stress. You will allow them to where they share something that you miss. Forget i have something. He shouldn't have to ask. Had try. And i was using a young helped me some some of my friends just getting bars and everything and it was a little league press ass ruin for any runs why it was preventing meet that great. Because i didn't have car and have to road ugly. While sony with my own money i had other friends that have cars but they have their choir that i myself when i guess like i think i don't think but when i had this person i when i save money will amazingly gives me a ride. I don't wanna get your stuff. Because not not getting in. And then tit for tat larson give this scratch your mind. But it's sort of like that now has to grease the wheels on sharing process that otherwise person sherry on the other already taken willing always to share things in the fact that they could be using yearly using lettuce Theon news with wear sharing described earlier. That doesn't caves other great feeling chances person if that's what i mean what. I'm talking about sharing representative guy and is liz. Xactly very healthy to she is that how in wellness park. Listen see network. i'm chris. Because there's there's risk maybe your skin and you have being listening. Then try to reverse that. It'd be criticism not even just a rise again allies it. It's taking care with her and insisted isn't a good sense which you guys use. This isn't a good for bank to be thinking about thinking about sharing. Maybe all right yo. You could connect with so when we get back or we're gonna nail the final one in the cough right makes you keep an eye on and watch it outlets sit in like back ride unconventional thinking. But it's beautiful listening to the golden state media concepts have and wellness podcast. Part of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at. www dot g s mc podcast dot com download. Our podcast on itunes stitcher soundcloud. Google play this type. Any gs mc to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment and even weird news. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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