Katie and Barclays Give Unsolicited Advice, And An Update To A Story About A Story About Identifying As An Attack Helicopter


Katie all news is biased. One way or another sometimes it's unconscious by simply human nature and sometimes it's conscious like when i try to ignore news about your part of the country melting into the ocean because it's boring. The outcome is the same buys in the news. Impact how we see the world adding an online filter bubble so that makes has made getting the full story harder than ever crown news. The world's first news comparison platform has taken a different approach to improving the broken media ecosystem. Ground us gives you the ability to compare house verses with different biopsies or covering his story you can easily see if it's being spun to fit a political narrative. Their app also alerts you to any news blind spots on you may have stories that were only covered by one side of the political spectrum as a listener of blocking reported. You're likely hoping to move beyond regurgitated. Partisan hackery grab news enables you to do that for every story you read. It's a place for anyone who's tired of predictable. Mainstream narratives and interested in leaving their silos to see the fuller story. Learn more and try it for yourself by downloading the free ground news app or tried on the web at ground dot news slash block and reported. Again that's ground dot news slash blocked and reported jesse. Has it going any big plans for fourth of july katie. I am practically to messing with patriotism. How 'bout you god you just have to start the podcast. Fucking hager. warning jesse's using discussing terminology by flag is at full bass. When it comes to erica. My parents listen to this show. Jesse i take it. You're just sort of cowering inside away from the heat and stuff. You don't really like america. i don't really do holidays. I had somebody mentioned that it was a holiday weekend and until like now pretty much. I thought it was memorial day shit. I haven't bought a turkey. I do my only plan is to so it has been very hot and dry here in the pacific northwest is cool down but over the past weekend it was like one hundred and ten degrees just melting hot and it's been very dry. We generally june is called junior. It's gloomy wet and cold months but not this year. It's been super super dry. And you know we have a wildfire problem out here in the west so my plan for the fourth of july is to make myself a little badge and put on my yellow safety jacket and walk around confiscating fireworks for my neighbors from the city that you could do a like explosive gender review for america. So you can find you. Find out if america's boy or a girl it's a country. I am actually this weekend. If you're on the free she this will already be over by the time you hear this. I'm a groomsman for my friends wedding. So i'm helping to plan a bachelor weekend in virginia. That happens to fall on the fourth. This is just a group of my friend and some mutual friends and his friends. They're basically normies. Don't listen to podcast the activities. I planned i've included like we're going to sit around and make a list of our favorite youtube videos are our favorite instances of quote. Re tweeting stuff like that. I think it's like my friend asked me. He's like let's do outdoor stuff. Let's go for hikes. I don't think so. That's not my strong suit. This is great. This is like if jesse single planet theme park. Oh my god plot dude win. The blockchain reported empire has has swollen to eight times the size. We should totally have a theme park. And there'll be lots of indoor activities. So yeah i hope everyone has or had a good fourth. Remember that depending on your politics. America's either the greatest place on the earth or horrible dystopian laid shit hole. It's only one or the other nothing in the middle. Nothing in the middle allowed katie. What is the name of this podcast. That is and. I will repeat this terminology to mess with patriotism. This is black and reported. And i am a disgusted. Katie herzog to to message jesse siegel a new word. Or something. Plea i did i did. I tried to learn one new word every day. And then just use it a few times. It's from your ear boehner vocabulary list. Did you know the certain in you at tribes have twenty words for voters. That was a hate crime. You just did a hate crime on the fun. Very sub-tribes are very horny. Is what i'm saying all right so this week. We're to talk a little bit about our slate advice column you. I'm emphasizing this. You wanted to update everyone on. The nicole hated joe situation right. Yeah just a quick update and then we're gonna talk about what else we got we got. There is a a big follow up story about an interesting controversy from the sci-fi world involving a story about someone who's gender is attack helicopter. I will explain. Katie what should we start with. You want to do the barkley's thing to oh my god. Yeah maybe we should start with the barkley's thing did you listen to that yet. Dead so we'll drop it here. Gender identity gender expression sexual attraction sexuality. They're all different elements to who we are. Somebody can be transgender and gay transgender and by transgender and straight they may be transgender and feel feminine but express themselves in a masculine manner. That doesn't need to be a link between them where people go wrong. Is they think they need to understand it. You don't need to understand it but to be a better ally. There are three things that you need to do. You need to wise up. Stand up and show up. Wising up is about educating yourself and not expect to lgbt plus community to educate you standing up is about standing up for the community as if you're part of the community and showing up is about being visible in your allies ship. It's about saying i'm an ally and being proud to be an ally adding your pronouns to your email signatures social media sites and observing remembrance days like trans day of remembrance and sharing those on social media too. You don't need to be an expert but by helping yourself and educating yourself. You're helping others. You're saying i'm an ally. And i think about diversity and inclusion and that is the first step to brilliant ally ship katie. I just wanna say after. I listen to this. My heart swale with gratitude. That barclays a billion dollar multinational bake is giving me social justice advice. Who better right. But i really like about this. This clip is that it's the like lowest bar possible to being a good ally. it's just performance. I know. I know. I did a horrible job. Introducing this was posted to the barclays twitter. Feed i guess during private. Oh we're out of pride we're no longer susceptible to during katie vilely. Say how she really feels about. Lgbt people think i k- couches or gonna go on discount. Now they burn them right at the stroke of midnight. It's not. It's not very environmentally friendly for people who don't know what we're talking about. I ki- this week. Released a bunch of couches easier just art couches there unfortunately not for sale. That were inspired. By pride flags they notably left out the gay flag. That was like there was one for like a sexual which i got to say. I'm not sure that asexuality countess the sexual orientation as much as it's maybe like a hormonal issue anyway. They had factuals how their own couch but gays did not get a cow always fear that like we're going to stumble into what are low key. The most explosive areas of controversy. I do think asexuality is wanted him. So you think that asexuality is a orientation. Let's move let's move on. Let's move on. No no no i. Don't i think it's one of those things. Where what i've noticed from what i've dipped to toe into tumbler discourse on things like asexuality or people who are a romantic. Tell me if i'm wrong. I'm sure there are some people who do not have sexual attraction in other cases it sort of seems like it's like fifteen year olds figuring themselves out who maybe want to give like. It'll be like i whatever sexual. Because i only want to have sex with people who i feel an emotional connection to. It's like that's not really an identity orientation that's just how some people are wired. I mean the question is is not even is sexuality sexual orientation. it's should asexuality being included in the ever expanding. Lgbtq x. y. rambo acronym and my argument is no because this thing is the reason to have this. this like loose cl- coalition of sexual minorities is so that is political block. Because you have this thing in common in this thing in common is was at least oppression. And i'm not sure how asexually are oppressed in society interest. If you try to construct sort of a story of a sexual being oppressed you would really just circle back to like throughout history. A lot of people have been coerced sex for all sorts of reasons. The issue isn't bya sexual. It's like being a woman or not having power so you know what. I felt a little bit erased by the promotion because you know what flag was missing was the insult flag. That counts just has like a pattern of cheetos stains already on it. You know the other thing about this as somebody else pointed this out on twitter but these weren't actually couches. These were love seats. And why would you make a love seat for a sexual just half the size of a chair actually know what this sucks. But i know enough about this. That's considered offensive because a sexual is can be relationships just like everyone else. They just don't have sex now right. These are just called mary people. We ever even successfully introduced the first thing yet. We've already horribly offended a group okay. So barclays posted these videos for pride month. There was a lot the one you just heard is the longer version of those hosts on their website. And i don't know it's just like this very jumped out at me as very disturbing very twenty-first-century understanding of social justice where a is someone at a very powerful fairly evil country company. I mean in two thousand eighteen. These guys let me. Just read this from cnn so in two thousand eighteen barclays agreed to pay the united states. Two billion dollars for allegedly deceiving investors about the quality of mortgage mortgage deals that fueled the two thousand eight financial crisis now. Obviously that doesn't mean they're never allowed to speak about anything. It's just like a lot of people's noted this this this new thing where like the biggest most powerful institutions in the world are all mouthing the same words and what was interesting about the clip. Is she says you don't have to understand it. You just have to mouth long. Yeah absolutely i mean it is. It's totally performance. I'm checking right now. So we're recording this on on july first so the day after pride and i'm checking right now barclays twitter account to see if they have if they still have what the rainbow flag and their their their twitter image. They do not the clock it back to their normal logo of a steel boot. Skull of a poor person be convicted. Actually sort of an eagle is sort of reminiscent of a little sort of germany. Nineteen thirty six in the in the sidebar. However you have twitter you might also like other related brands and break comes up and they still have the rainbow flag so when it comes down to choosing your bank go at deutsche bank katie to be a better ally there three things you need to do. You need a wise upset up and show yeah and shot at barclays java barclays an open several accounts. So you can't really afford anyway. I don't know that jumped out at me. I don't like this sort of corporate activism thing. I think it's very bad. Fate jesse. It's it's over for another year. We we have eleven more months of of of corporations pandering for other causes besides gay shit very site about that all right. So what did you want to talk about. I you wanna do the sleeping or jay or well. Let's do a quick nicole. hannah jones. You did you notice how. I got her name. Correct yes yeah. You've been working with a coach on this. I have so. Let's do a quick update here. So the board of trustees at the university of north carolina voted on wednesday to grant her tenure and there was a little bit of drama at the meeting. Apparently it was a closed door meeting as the choices but some students showed up to protest and refuse to leave in shoot at the student. There's video floating around nicole. Hannah jones posted it of the students being forced like shoved out of the room. Which didn't certainly didn't look good but also they like they had to do the meeting so i don't know yes. This is so sorry. I'm being but like i do. Obviously this whole thing was political. I'm like twenty two directions. Because i want to be contrarian and and these sort of sainthood of her and the people treating this as in the broad category of stories about academic freedom. This is like the thing to be worried about annoyed me some mostly just responding to how annoying the people on her side. We're on twitter. Which is probably not the most mature way to approach issue. I totally feel you on this. Because part of this is because i think that her scholarship is over hyped and i don't think she's as good as her reputation would would would lead one to believe a bigger reason is because she's mean to my co host. Which is a job that i this is my job. I don't like it when people try to take over my job. She is mean to you she recently. What was this about. She recently accuse you of like fomenting the the the backlash critical race theory. It was very strange and then when when called. We talked about this on a patriot episode. We won't go much into it. But when called out on this when people including you including me including mcglesias astra two point to some evidence that you that you yourself have been you know a proponent of banning critical race theory in schools. She just ignored it and like left up this tweet or her. You know half a million followers accusing you of something that you haven't done. I don't think that shows very good due diligence or good reporting that said i also so the story subsequent reporting has shown that a major donor to the unc. School journalism named walter hussmann. Junior this journalism is named after him. He said arkansas newspaper publisher expressed his hesitation to have nicole. Hannah jones joined the faculty. The idea that somebody who has promised the school twenty six million dollars or something like that is going to leverage his donations over hiring decisions. I find that egregiously bad. This guy has said that he wasn't actually when he called to complain about or emailed to complain about nicole. Hannah jones is hiring that he wasn't trying to like leverage his his status as a donor. But that's kind of ridiculous like he does the school twenty six million dollars and he calls and makes a complain about a hiring decision. You know it's like very corrupt. And i i should say like my own my own qualms about her and i've read and enjoyed some work on segregated schools. Three is not just about like whatever dumb tweeted about me and as others have pointed out the whole sixty nineteen project thing all the vast majority of it is about her when it was a much bigger project and practically ended up but the is ironic that hurt so the essay that won the pulitzer was hers. Was this introductory essay. That has been it. Likes major parts of it have been questioned you know in. I don't know if deboned is the right word but have like major doubt has been cast on the whole premise of this essay. This is the one that won the pulitzer right. And my main gripe is there shoot like the revolutionary war being fought for slavery thing. I think it was like a really bad. And sloppy historical claiming and my main gripe is the way she responded to it. And if if anyone. I want to be fair if anyone has examples of nicole. Hannah jones like engaging with her critics or responding to criticism fairly. That's let me know. Let us know but like in my experience. She's not willing to be criticized without Not just doesn't react in a good way. And i think if you're gonna make like fairly radical historical claims like that you need to be willing to deal with with good faith criticism and i think a lot of it was good faith. There's also people who do hate are just because they're like they want america's like their big wonderful daddy and they can't stand the idea of its. It's good name being solely. That's a it is a common strain and conservative thought. This like rarely like immature nationalism. But a lot of the criticism was not that it was good all right so that probably wraps up this chapter of the nicole. Hannah jones controversy. Controversies whatever katie. Did you this slate. Advice column about spanish was something else was not. It was so this was shared on twitter. This week by lizzie. Wall reason magazine So we can blame her for bringing this to our attention and for people who are not familiar. Slates has about fifty or sixty advice columns and they are often hilarious. Unwittingly hilarious and i think this one falls into that category so i will read you the question here. This is to karen feeding. This is their Their parenting advice column and they often have oftentimes have different columnists like swap in and do a week or a day or whatever so the the the advice giver in this case is some named doyen richards dear care and feeding. My son is going into the seventh grade. This fall and apparently spanish is required for him and his current school. He can also take other languages but spanish is required. My son is white. And i do not think white people should speak spanish as cultural appropriation. In my eyes. Latin x people have been mocked for speaking spanish and to congratulate a white child for learning and speaking. It doesn't sit well with me. I would much prefer. He take french or latin but apparently there the district requires that students take it. I want to protest us but my wife has asked me not to into let it go. I took spanish when i was in school but it was a different time. And i definitely do not speak. It now have already told him. he's never just figured out of class. The only other option. I have is the put him in private school. But i'm not a fan of privatize education. Either is making sure he never speaks it out of class. A good enough solution or do i need to put my foot down with the school here. So my my theory is that it's a troll job at trauma what what's brilliant. I mean like as with all good. Trolling the white liberal meltdown. We're presently experiencing over race often does get like this crazy like if that was a robin dangelo book. You could believe that that was real. Well here's why. I think that it might be real one because people are fucking crazy and i think that people do really think shit like this but also the line about like the only other option i have is the put him in private school. But i'm not a fan of privatize education. It hits all the points there so you could put them in private school. But you need to virtue signal that you're not a fan of privatized education even though they're doing this even though the public school is doing is committing this. Hey cry by forcing your child to learn another language. Yeah all of that could also just be a talented troll would not like add a little true. But that's the thing about slate advice. Columns is you never know if they are real or if they are trolls and this goes back to like when emily offie who is just much better on every level would run them. Even some of the swansea ran you. Just you'd like is this person. Make this up. How do they know in this case. I forget the author's name but he did respond. Sorta like dude. What are you doing a man. Is that a man's name. I thought he mentioned it. Another response being a large african american. All you're right you're right. He does he does mention. Yeah that's right he mentions and the response that That he's a dad. He's a like a black father learning learning japanese. That's right very appropriate of this here in defense. So oftentimes the answers of slate advice. Columns are as insane as the questions and in this case he gave the correct answer. Which is like dude. It's possible to be to woke. There's nothing wrong with learning spanish. As long as your child doesn't like go around saying like i caramba or whatever like wearing a sombrero which. I don't didn't actually think it was necessary. The funny thing about this to me is that the this idea that it's cultural appropriation. In the first place as opposed to like being a good citizen the world and of your community and learning a language that people in your community probably speak like how is that not woke like trying to learn other people's languages that should be the woke position but according to this letter writer. That's not the woke position. It's cultural appropriation. I mean there is this ideology of basically woke segregation ism and we should maybe come up with a better name for that because like it's historically it pales in comparison to actual apartheid segregation ism. But but there's very neurotic people who really don't think we should do cultural dabbling there. People who will be mad that a white shaft makes a korean infused ish all these half of the dumb blowups going on in like food and the arts. Come down to this belief system. And it's very silly. And very neurotic. Ed totally as so in addition to being a hilarious possibly fake letter. This also gave me a reason to go back and read some of my favorite slate advice columns and it reminded me of a recent event that i really should have told you about as soon as it happened but i totally forgot so last year Before the pandemic. When i still had had a real job at the stranger there was a letter to the slate advice. Column how to do it. The column written by ridge jews wag the former or current. I'm not quite sure. Giselle gawker gated. This column was called. I'm a heterosexual woman. Who's politically opposed to heterosexuality. So this was in january. Twenty seven twenty twenty. And i saw this column and i wrote a column about it in the stranger so i i'll read you the question rich. I'm assists woman and kind of classic millennial sects pickle. I'm really repelled by heterosexuality politically personally. But i'm also really into dick. I've been thinking. Maybe i should look for by by curious. Gay dudes but. I'm not sure how best to do that. Rich what would you think of a woman being on grinder scruff. I do want to be respectful of gaiman spaces and not horn. And where. I'm not welcomed but i really would love to find a verse guy with queer politics. Who would who would be up for casually dating a woman. What do you think if you were me. Where would you look radical so riches answer to this was sort of like okay you can do it but be polite but i thought the whole thing was stupid so i wrote my own column. That must have been his slow news. Day wrote my own column and respond to this sort of like a a second opinion. An unsolicited second opinion. I'll read you a little bit of my call. So people can sort of get the tone assuming that the self-loathing heterosexual men actually exists. She doesn't specify what exactly it is about heterosexuality politically whatever that is that. You find repellent. Perhaps it's the mandatory sexual 's everyone knows the only way for women to get out of the missionary position in washing. The dishes is to either go gay or data man that's it. There's no other possibility but to get serious for a moment. I'm curious about why this woman thinks bisexual or vicarious dues are somehow inherently better than straight men. Does she think there's something about men fucking men that makes them more feminist more ethical and if so how she ever met one or has she ever heard him jeffrey dahmer. Ironically this letter writers actually stereotyping queer men as sin of the highest order because queer men are actually just as complex human and flawed. Is anyone else. Character is no more determined bisexuality that it is by collar and men on greider are no less likely to be good or bad than men. On tender or bubble there are however more likely to be gay into wonder. Why the hell she is on kreider so while this woman didn't ask for my advice. Here's my unsolicited opinion. If you really wanna be queer but can't keep up the dick. Find yourself a nice. No op trans lemon. And if that doesn't solve this classic millennial sex a big. There's always tender and bubble. I'm sort of surprised that got published in the stranger in twenty twenty. This must have been my editor must have been out for the day. I don't think that they would publish that now. Anyway so a couple weeks ago or a couple of months ago. I had of course totally forgotten about this. It was longtime ago and much has happened since january. Twenty twenty but a couple of months ago. I got a message on reddit. Jesse let me read this to. Hey i'm the odious slate rhetoric letter writer you covered in this piece. Just wanted to say that your take was one hundred percent accurate always being very shitty in very dumb should have accepted being straight and works on my own gender role anx instead of trying to drag queer people into my bullshit a lot earlier in my life. Good lord anyway belated. Thanks for the wake up. Call and sorry. I'm opting for the anonymous red. It means of contacting you like a coward. Just going this route. Because i am in fact a coward. That's a really good responser like she shows like that. She bloomed some self awareness. It she did. i wonder if she's a podcast listener. I will say. I have sort of changed my mind on this. My opinion on this now is that so grinder does have have like you can be a straight woman on the app. They make like they make concessions for that. There's a whole category. You can choose that. I still think it's like sort of dumb and counterproductive and you're probably not gonna get very far being heterosexual and on this app. That's primarily for gaming. But i no longer am so like appalled by this behavior calling in a classic millennial sects pickle is kind of funny but my feeling about it now sort of like you know what. It doesn't actually violate the apps rules and i guess. I become more of a libertarian. Because if the app like allows the business allows you to do this thing then. Who am i to say that you shouldn't do this thing. So we have both we have both evolved in the census so this was published her her. Classic millennial sects picou came to a satisfying conclusion. I should ask her if she's if she's got a husband our or boyfriend maybe a final. How dating life is going. She's dating a very misogynistic. Gay guy now. He makes her do all the cooking and cleaning. Okay so after getting this letter in reading the letter from slate. I dove into some other classic slate advice. Columns jesse i just want to want to choose a couple of these to read you. Please do so. This one is from Recently it's june twenty twenty one also the the advice columnists also and feeding but the advice giver in this in. This case is nicole chung. The letter writer writes my husband's closest friend from childhood his japanese-american and although he moved back to japan after college. They're still very close. He's our daughter's godfather and they think of him and his wife is another uncle and aunt were also called uncle antibi- his kids for our daughter's fifth birthday. They sent her a sweet gift box. Boxful of japanese candies stuff toy and a komodo in her size. It's absolutely gorgeous. But i'm hesitant to let her wear as much as she begged us to let her dress up and show it to her friends. I know how big of an issue cultural appropriation is. And i don't want her to think that somebody else's culture is a costume. She has a lot of anti-racist children's books and books about kids from other cultures celebrating holidays and traditions. And this could be a great way for us to talk about the problems of white people appropriating other cultures and using them costumes but also our friends have been asking her if she liked asking us if she liked her kimono. And i don't know what to tell them. I'll confess i don't wanna be thought of as another insensitive white lady who let her kids dress up as stereotypes of other cultures and that may be a part of what's holding you back from letting her where it so. I think an outside perspective might help. What do i do let her wear it or talk to her about why she can channel nicole chung for a second. How do you answer this question. There's a personality characteristics called neuroticism that is correlated with a lot of bad outcome. So you know. I mean it's just like it is the absolute dominance of of privileged white people in racial justice conversation. And they're stupid shitty made up problems. I mean if you put your kid in a komo kids dress up as things and these are from actual japanese people who want her to wear the cremona correct right. I mean yes. That's the part to me. That's so funny. Is i think that what she's doing is actually more offensive. Like somebody gives you a gift and instead of enjoying the gift in saying that you like the gap in using the gaps or whatever you put the gift in the box and say like no no no no harmful right well. I'll harmful also based on how these dynamics play out or how. I've seen them play out. I bet you anything. Average japanese person like in japan undefended the average quarter japanese twitter person. That's who would get mad about that. Now my dad went to. He went to college at the american university of beirut and so he has like a variety of like keep you like whatever like things that people wear in the arab world and my lazy halloween costume. When i was a kid was basically like putting a turban on like every other year which is actually probably not as problematic as there was when when we were in second grade. My sister dressed up as harvey gantt. Do you know who that is. Okay so harvey gave for people who don't know who's a politician in north carolina. Who ran against jesse helms. Who's a black man. She did not wear black phase but she had a like a picture of his face on a on a popsicle stick like a cardboard cutout picture of his face and she just suit. She actually won our second grade halloween costume podcast that year. I do not think. I do not think that that that that sort of costume would would garner such praise now know if memory serves that was the congressional race that generated in a timeless michael jordan quote. When he was asked why he didn't chime in on that against helms he said republicans buy sneakers to a job at barclays. This is the guiding principle of our podcast republicans. Download podcasts. do okay. So so that letter. Writer like maybe. It's the same person who's writing. Who's maybe there's just one slate letter writer who just like reposes the same question over and over again just like very concerned about cultural preparation all the all the stuff we've been hearing about incredible advances in machine learning and ai. It's all just going towards generating sort of realistic slate advice letters. Okay let's let's do one more. This one is also and feeding karen. Feeding is actually. I did not think the most egregiously stupid slate rutter letter. Slate advice call podcasts. That would be the not current. But last incarnation of dear prudence. However oh my another subject. Yep okay so this one. The letter answer the advice giver. This week is a woman named jamala limo limb limo. I'm not quite sure pronounce her name. Just lemieux dear karen feeding. We live in a very multicultural and socio economically diverse area in south florida. We are white. And both my husband. And i are while professionals are four and a half year old daughter who has grown up socializing with all types of children has a close friend who was black and one who is brazilian. There are two hispanic little girls at the preschool. That have made me niche comments to my child based on her race and appearance. They had told her that they don't like her because of her blonde hair and they won't be friends with her because she doesn't speak spanish. I reiterated to my daughter that she should be kind that all people are saying on the inside that we shouldn't judge people by their appearance this past week. She informed me that the girls have not now told her that they will only be friends with other girls who have dark skin. Not like skin like hers. We are only three weeks into the school year. But i'm thinking of emailing the teacher comments about skin color and hair color. Seem really wrong to me. If my child said she didn't want to be friends with a little spanish girl because her skin was to browner. Because her hair's block. I would certainly take. Action is a to soon reach out and if not what should i say okay. This is sign. Sad line blonde child. Can i just predict what what what happens here. I bet you anything. She's going to pick up on the like. Oh so you're saying it's reverse racism that that's anywhere near as bad. Jessie are you familiar with this. One does you know. Unfortunately we spend too much time on twitter. You internalize the stupid people's opinions. Yes okay so so the letter answer. There's sort of. There's sort of a long response here. So i'm just going to pick out a couple of pieces of it. Your mom who takes pride in surrounding her child with diverse neighbors a diverse circle of friends. So i trust you will take this seriously the hostility that hispanic or perhaps latin necks. Children have this late towards your daughter is inappropriate and must be addressed regardless of what may have triggered it. However i'm curious to know if they have simply targeted her for looking different than they do or if there's something more complicated at hand you say you're in a culturally and economically diverse community which likely means an area that is undergoing gentrification. You also pointed out that your family as well to do which leads me to infer that these children may be from a somewhat somewhat different background and even if they do have upper middle class parents there are still some shop. Sharp contrast to how your respective families are experiencing south florida as well as america. Okay so let's just pause there for a second so this this assumption that because these these brown people live in south american and live in south florida that they are not upper middle class. I find that sort of odd because preschool daycare. These things are generally segregated by class. No katie i'm sure. A wealthy white person has their kid in like a bottom rung. Daycares section eight daycare for sure for sure. So that's that's first of all i like. I really appreciate the assumption that this is like. Gentrification must be happening because it south florida like this is this is one of the most diverse places in the country right and just this assumption like oh if you live in this place. You're you're living in diverse area. It must be gentrifying rather than just like oh you live in one of the most diverse regions of fucking america. Okay continuing between the likely changes in your neighborhood. And the increasingly open contempt for hispanic and latin x people that has been cooked soaked by the current presidential administration. There a strong possibility that these kids may have seen or heard or experienced some things that mike thanks them hostile towards urfi fearful fearful of white folks so i should say this was twenty nine eight and she's talking about donald trump not joe biden but to move on the girls may have heard their parents talk about rising rents pushing neighbors of a neighborhood that may be changing to serve a wealthier whiter population. They may have witnessed friends being mistreated by members of the maga- hat masses or some racists ass liberals they may even have seen loved ones harassed or detained by immigration enforcement agents then number of assumptions that she is making the pruitt's project. it's projecting. I mean if sorry but if a white person was like this is what the tino families think about it. Be fucking borderline racist. Yeah i was just going to say that. There's a word for this and it's racist so we're also these are these are these are preschool. Kids right so these are kids who are three or four years old. Do you think these three or four year olds are actually cognizant of like maga- hats kitty. Three your three year olds are mean. It's always for good reason okay. Three year olds are never just like meeting for no reason. Come on and this is. This is reminiscent of the other classic slate advice. Call my two year. Old isn't anti-racist enough. Do you know about that one. I think i read it once. I find these so difficult to get through because they just like. Make me mad and tired in this. One is unfortunately this really. I really wish that i could read it. But it's it's behind a paywall. I don't know why they would put this this classic letter behind a paywall but they did. And there's no fucking way joining slate plus so if anybody has has access to the classic slate column my two year old is an anti-racist enough please gas a pdf. Okay that's it. I don't think i had any more of these advice. Columns there are so many more anybody issues. If you're just like board you have nothing to do you did. The heroic work of gathering many of these will include links in the in the show notes. It was interesting to go back and read. I read a couple of old. Emily offi columns and then to compare those two to this late advice. Columnists of today is really a different world. Yeah i think that's understatement before you in the last segment housekeeping. You can always reach us at blah. Puerto podcast at gmail.com. We have a sub reddit. Reddit dot com slash are slash blockchain reported. Jesse did you see the fascinating conversation happening on our sub at right now about how someone posted about. How like four of her five girlfriends are now trans. I did see this. I was scared to talk about it. But this goes into your theory about the erasure. It's not a fucking theory. It's a it's an observation. Only when i show include to it in the show is basically she was basically saying. Oh this is posted by a butch lesbian right. Who's finding she can't find. No fam family likes what you're sorry and can't find bush's to date because they are all transitioning was at the just. Yeah that's the just in a lot of other people wait in. I love this. Because i've been talking about this for years and i think that people often think that i'm exaggerating the scope of this and i'm not like i am. I am talking about my own experience for sure but my observation. I've said i don't. I said this. Fucking a million times spike somewhere between a third and a half of the like former dykes that i know are now transfer. Non binary at least and that number is constantly going up so it was for me to like for someone else to validate that this is happening. Elsewhere was validating discussion. You could get a do at ready. Dot com slash monitor imported merged bar dot org and premium subscription right. Katie yes we have a premium subscription program if you go to patriot dot com slash blockchain reported for just five dollars a month. You can get ad free episodes of this podcast in addition to three extra episodes of this podcast every fucking month. We also do live chats. We do ask me anything. You get advance. Maybe we talk about that advance ticket sales to live show. It looks like we're going to a live show and we will likely be able to release some advanced tickets to that person. You also get the weekly free episodes early. Yeah so lots of good stuff there. Please come check it out. Patriot dot com slash blockchain reported. So this last bit this has been an interesting story unfolding for while i've written a little bit about sort of blow ups in the young adult fiction world. Some of this sort of social justice wars going on there. There was a really interesting flare up of this stuff in sifi in january of twenty. Twenty so in clark's world magazine which is a very highly regarded sifi publication january twenty twenty. They publish a story called is sexually identify as an attack helicopter. That's an author named isabel fall katie. Are you familiar with that. Line of text. Yes so basically. It's basically a way of making fun of trans people like you say. Oh you're a woman. I'm an attack helicopter. Ha it goes back to like twenty. Fourteen is not an original joke. I don't think it's like somebody like whoever came up with that should do. Nf t for the first of the identifies attack as good idea so the title of the story is designed to be you know shocking to get people's attention because the subset of people who will know what this means will be offended by it. But it's like a really mind-blowing story it starts. I sexually identifies an attack helicopter. I lied according to. Us army technical manual zero the soldier as a system attack helicopters gender identity. Not a biological sex. My dog tags informed three three four nine say my body is an ex carry. Type semantic female. It's just it turns into this incredible story about the army. Basically coopting gender to make more efficient killing machines and i talked about. This person's identity is an attack helicopter their gunners identity. There's some sort of crazy war going on in the near future. Us include a link to the story. I just if you like sci fi. I don't have the vocabulary to explain why it's good. It's just it's really good now. Because of the title as soon as it went up people started saying it was transphobic and they started saying this is just like a reactionary. Try to troll people and not long after that and deal clark who runs. Clark world confirmed this rumor. That isabel fall was herself a trans woman but he also took the story line. And there's this long to me like pretty cowardly statement. He posted explaining his decision to take it off line. Let me explain one bit. That i read one bit that i find problematic own voices. Is this thing in fiction of like having gay characters written by gay people characters earned by trans people even with own voices authorship and own voices sensitivity reading it is still possible to miss something in this case we can see two groups of trans readers with directly opposing views. That are deeply rooted in their own experiences and perspectives in some cases. What made the story speak to. Som- is also what alienated others. Neither perspective is wrong but they appear to be incompatible with one another on some level knowing that this was a potentially controversial story we should have employed a broader range of sensitivity readers. So now it's not. You don't just eat one sensitive reader you need all of them in case someone somewhere finds a story hurtful. I'm they should have gotten a sensitivity reader who actually identifies as an attack helicopter. That would've fought solved it. I just. I couldn't really believe this because it's like neither perspective is wrong. Well i mean if you're going to pull a story off lied i'll be at this. Was that isabel falls. Feser falls request that sort of like a big deal. And i think just saying i'm offended by the subject of the story because it's something a reactionary person would say without factoring in what's actually the story like. That's just a plain misunderstanding. Fiction right yes it is of course like we judge these things by these new rules that somehow popped up in the last few years right rosette and we never accepted before that like if a racist character says something racist that means the authors raises which has literally been the reason. Young adult books have come under intense scrutiny and sometimes been canceled. There's a really good quote from contra points she she's very good trans youtube creator she did. I'll basically film length thing on canceling quote just because you were hurt by content. I made doesn't mean that that content is bad or that. I'm victimizing you in some way. She basically just points out that people are like people are traumatized. iran himself and creators can't really account for that. I don't know it's just like people. People get pissed off online can give themselves so much power. And i think that's a big part of the problem. My favorite response which i didn't know at the time. This was back. In january of twenty twenty n que jemison who's a highly claim sci-fi fantasy author who's frequently terrible person online cat rosenfield and i had a unfortunate run it with her she a series of tweets after the story was taken down quote. I'm glad the story was taken down quote. Not all art is good. Art sometimes causes harm than later quote. I haven't read this story. One of the most presently influential people in sci-fi publicly cheering for story being pulled down because it's harmful. This is her argument when she hasn't read it. And this is a story about by a completely unknown person trying to gain a foothold in the scifi world. It must suck to be a sci fi or fantasy or young adult right. How how do you possibly navigate this shitty full of just like people trying to destroy everyone else's work. Well so do we know that the author is completely unknown so this was written under a something of a pseudonym this is not the neon at the person that the author goes by all the available evidence suggests like this was someone who was. We'll get to why we know some of this in a minute but someone who was basically toying with coming out as trans publicly but was not a known figure in fi or anywhere else. Yeah okay was it possible that it was clark himself. You imagine that'd be. I don't know jesse single you. Are you having changed as as praises. So this week. Vox has an article by emily dandruff skew critic at large there. We've talked about it a little bit before. She was very opposed to the harper's letter and sent a note to her bosses. Saying that the fact. That matt iglesias her then colleague signed a letter made her feel less safe at. Vox again then. She posted this letter on twitter for everyone to see yes and then i along with everyone else made fun of it. I did a couple of times. And then she said that. I was the reason for a cavalcade of subsequent. Alleged death threats. It's always jesse singles. Always blame the james ju- anyway setting that aside. This is an interesting article. She wrote this basically explaining to people whose controversy she was able to get in touch with isabelle fall and the short version. Isabel fall destroyed her and she checked into a hospital with suicidal allegation. She is now just not gonna come out as trans because her sort of introduction to being trans online even under a pseudonym was so ugly. And it's an interesting piece. Because emily vanderbilt is clearly upset by what happens and clearly thinks what the internet did was horrible but she's also very committed to the idea that canceled culture. Whatever you wanna call. It is not a big deal. This is pretty court in that like vox. Universe ideology well and it's also hilarious dislike. The lack of self awareness is hilarious. Because she's she's basically saying like. This person was unfairly unfairly pegged as being transphobic and had ruined her life. Where else has that happened. Jesse emily vanderbilt is never going to like brought in her mind and extend that extend that possibly to other people like potentially like mangla. Acs or jesse single or whoever so another thing she points to so you wrote a paywall walled sub stack about this about this conflict when this drama when it came out and she uses that as an mp by connor connor fritters in the atlantic as evidence of like this thing existed on like sci fi twitter and transmitter and then the media picked it up and then like that's what made it a problem. You're shit was behind a paywall for what it's worth. I didn't quite interpret it. I think she was just pointing out that. Like bless you see. Let's just see. Let's read it on. Most of the people i talked to for the story regardless of whether they initially criticized or appraise attack helicopter cited articles by established pundits including one in the atlantic supercharging. The discussion established pundits. Right there links to your paywall sub stack. How many of the people do you think that. Emily vander werff talked to for the story our subscribers paid subscribers to your sub stuck. Why would hope all of them katie. It's definitely you have a huge audience. Among hyper woke online friends of emily vander waves the part. That i really got to me was. I'm just gonna read this paragraph. it's very easy to do a paranoid reading on twitter says lee mandela phd. Candidate the university of kentucky blah blah blah. They were among the earliest advocates of attack helicopter. And they wrote a lengthy twitter thread collected as a blog post about paranoid versus repetitive. Readings of art. In response to clark's world. Polling the story. so this paranoid repaired of readings framework. I find very useful. Iran dwarf continues. The delineation between paranoid and repaired of readings originated in nineteen ninety-five with influential critic. Eve kosovsky sedgwick. A paranoia reading focuses on. What's wrong or problematic about a work of art. A repaired of reading seats out what might be nourishing or healing in a work of art. Even if the work is flawed importantly repaired of reading also tends to consider what might be nourishing or healing in a work of art for someone. Who isn't the reader. I don't wanna take everything back to the harper's letter but the harper's letter did not say anything. Anyone actually finds offensive. The reason this was a globe is because people including vanderbilt read it in a deeply paranoid way including one person who literally crossed out the words. Replace those words with things. Like i question trans people's rights to exist. You could not actually read the text unless you read in very paranoid way and come away thinking it was bad let alone so bad that you should contact your bosses over your colleague signing. Do you think that. Emily vendor worth like when she was writing this piece. She had any sort of shades of like m. i. hypocrite. I mean it's weird. She doesn't overall a good piece. And if i didn't know the author was enjoyed it more she doesn't pull punches. She's like people acted online. She also captures an important dynamic which is six gender people helped launch. This pylon against isabel fall. Because they're only sort of re tweeting. The paranoid takes from transgender people. If you're assist gender person you have no incentive to surface. Oh no. I think it's not that big a deal. I think the stories five but yeah so because she's committed to like not seeming to side with the cancel culture. People and i agree. That's about term but my argument along has just been like social media has made these pylons brutal and unfair and they target everyone you know. She ends the peace basically being like in some telling the story. We've robbed isabelle follower agency. She really she decided to cancel herself which is like not really. She says she would have. She was on the path coming out of the trans woman. If all these assholes on the internet had it destroyed her mental health. I think again. I do think it's interesting. People should read it all. Endorse it. But i think emily where is not sort of grappling with like. No this shit is really fucked up and it didn't exist twenty years ago. We should be able to talk about that. One thing that. I found interesting about this. Is that so isabel fall. Nobody knows what her who she is. Besides this name. She's nowhere online. And this experience i don't know what her and it almost feels weird to call her because she says in the piece like she's not transitioning so i don't know how how the author of the piece actually identifies now but we'll call her so this attacks like normally when you have an attack on your reputation online it's on your actual reputation. It's on jesse single it's katie. Here's on emily vanderbilt for whoever it's attached to your actual identity and so she still had this this like. She checked in checked herself into a mental hospital. Even though the name itself wasn't attached to her her reputation as her her prior reputation the name that she was known under yeah. I think it's complicated. But i do think like her goal. Maybe her goal was to eventually attach her real identity to fall. Because this story she eventually changed the title republished. It was nominated for a hugo which is a very big deal so this could be like under normal circumstances and this is someone. Who's who's in early thirties or early to mid thirties. This is like how you start. A career a sci fi writer so she also talks a little bit about. How just like she interpreted this as i wasn't successful enough at writing as a woman which triggered her dysphoric. I don't think that's a healthy way to look at it. 'cause people attacked everyone online for a million reasons. If anything being attacked as a good sign you are a woman. Well maybe isabel fall. Is actually emily banda worth. We'll never know. Whoa wow you really. There could be some to us here as always linked to all this stuff in the show notes. I highly recommend you read the short story itself and then i unlocked my own subject on at the time. And then there's emily vandieres follow up which is worth a read anything else this week. Katie i think that's how fourth of july or whatever this has been blocked reported. I'm jesse single. Remember do not adopt any political positions. That have not been preapproved by exxon mobil. And i'm caterers. And also remember if you need advice on parenting. Don't ask slate adblocker blocked and reported.

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