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Welcome giants fans. You are listening to the Valentine's views podcast here on big blue radio part of the SP nation family of podcasts. I'm your host at Valentine on today's show we're going to talk a little bit about Cuyler Murray the Heisman Trophy winning quarterback who has declared for the two thousand nineteen NFL draft. We will also talk to big blue view contributor Jeff Roberts who has been working on a series called a date to remember for us at big view that series takes us through some of the great moments in giants history, and we'll be running through the Super Bowl. So we'll talk to Jeff about some of some of his experiences. Some of the folks he's gotten to talk to well, he's been doing those those stories for us. We will also talk a little bit about some of the other things we have. Going on at big blue view, some of what we have coming up. But first, let's let's begin today's show with some discussion of Cuyler Murray. There is of course, a lot of interest in the Oklahoma quarterback. A lot of curiosity regarding how the NFL will see Murray who is a slightly built quarterback. Maybe five foot nine maybe one hundred ninety one hundred ninety five pounds, maybe less than than that both in height and weight, we will see at the NFL combine, you know, if and when Murray gets there when he gets measured. We'll see what exactly his his height and weight turns out to be what we do know is that Keiler Murray is smaller it would appear than any modern NFL quarterback that that at least I can think of who has had. Success? He is smaller than drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints whose six foot maybe two ten he is smaller than Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. Who I believe is five ten or five eleven two hundred two hundred and five pounds somewhere in there. Yeah. The curiosity with Cuyler Murray is going to be how does the NFL see him? What general manager is going to be willing to take a chance on Cuyler Murray? I quite honestly, I've said it big blue view. I said it Tuesday morning in a posted big blue view. I think I've said it at other times as well. I do not believe that giants journal manager Dave Gettleman and head coach Pat Shurmur are going to hitch their wagon to to Cuyler Murray. I don't see the giants as the landing spot for Murray. Now that doesn't mean that Murray. In the draft. Doesn't impact the giants. It gives everyone who might be looking for a quarterback another choice. Adds another talented player to the depth pool. So it adds intrigue it adds possibilities in the end though. I just don't see Cuyler Murray as a New York giant. Dave Gettleman is a guy that's been in the NFL for thirty thirty five years something like that. He's a traditional type of general manager. I and even Pat Shurmur is a is a guy who he is a good offensive mind. But I don't see Dave Gettleman in Pat Shurmur as people who will basically stake their reputations and stake their ten years with the giants on a roll of the dice like Cuyler Murray. If and when the giants do draft a quarterback to replace ally. Manning to be the air apparent. Whatever happens with the ally over the next few weeks. Whatever happens with him going into the two thousand and nineteen season. I see them going much more you've for eight a more traditional type of quarterback with more traditional skills. Obviously, the mobility is going to be important. But I simply don't see them going for a guy who is this much of a change from what we traditionally see in the NFL. Yes, we have seen that smaller quarterbacks like breeze and like Wilson can be successful. But one of the things to remember is that neither of those guys was actually the first choice of the organizations, you know, that that really drafted them. When you go back to drew Brees. He was drafted by the San Diego Chargers who then basically replaced him with Philip rivers. Vers? You drew drew Brees? You know, went through a couple of stops in the NFL before he found his way to New Orleans, and you know. And has had the the marvelous career that he's had. So you know, he wasn't. He wasn't a guy that the chargers were willing to build around. He went to New Orleans and end his head like we said he's had tremendous success there. He's proven you know, that that he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time. If you remember Russell Wilson, I believe Wilson was a third round draft pick by the sea hawks who also at the time. I believe had signed. I think it was Brady Quinn to be the the quarterback there. And and Wilson beat him out. It wasn't you know that the Seahawks had drafted in planned to build around. Russell wilson. He earned that job. I simply can't see a team especially one like the giants. You know, going for Murray and building a franchise around him at this point obvious. They have a quarterback need. I just don't think that that. We will see Murray with the New York Giants. Obviously giants fans, that's my opinion. You know, not based on any inside information. It's just what I think is going to happen. We'll see what happens in a few months yet. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. It won't be the first time won't be the last time either. We'll just have to see how it all plays out Murray's entrance into the draft. And whether he actually plays in the NFL instead of playing major league baseball is obviously something that that brings a lot of intrigue to this off season to the NFL draft process. And we'll just see what happens. All right giants fans with that said, let's let's move on to our second topic of the day. I want to play for you the interview that I did with big blue view contributor Jeff Roberts about our date to remember series. So let's do that right now. Okay. Giants fans I'm joined now by big blue view contributor. Jeff roberts. Jeff spin working on a series for us that we're calling a date to remember which has been sort of a stroll through some of the the greatest games in giants history in Jeff joins us now to tell us what we've you know, what he's been doing. And and what he's got coming up. How you doing? Jeff good. Thanks for having. Hey, appreciate your your taking a few minutes. So you know, you, and I we started we started this series with just the idea that the. Giants haven't been in the playoffs in what once in in the last one hundred or so years, something like that. And you know, it's just nice to to look back on some of the better moments in giants history. Just tell folks a little bit about about what you've been doing with this. So far. Well, it's just basically been going back and trying to find some of the best wins that the huge playoff victories. That resonated. Whether people remember them, or whether they predated sort of their days fans, and sort of how those days have built into the the identity that is giants football in. What's been interesting thing is that the giants identity really hasn't changed from the nineteen fifties. Frank Gifford teams well into the, you know, the LT era eighties through to two thousand seven and two thousand eleven when a team built on a good pass rush. A good defense. Smart accurate quarterback. There really has been a fee running through all of these championship teams. And it's interesting to for me because it's it's a dark period right now. In in giants football. I think one playoff appearance in what is it seven years now? You know? But it's a reminder, you know, four Super Bowl titles. It's a reminder that that as giants fans they haven't had it all that bad. Well, it's cyclical coups. The giants were a dominant power in the nineteen fifties. And then struggled throughout the sixties and seventies until George Young and parcels came in the late seventies early eighties. So yet it is a dark period. But if you look across town at the jets. It's it's a heck of a history. Yeah. It's been it's been a dark period for a long long time over there. So. Yeah. So. Yeah. So so giants fans haven't, you know, giants fans have had it pretty good. Whether they want to realize that, you know, at at this point or not it's it's been a tough a tough stretch of a few years, and hopefully things are pointing up for the giants. But it's nice to to kind of, you know, stroll down memory lane a little bit and one of the cool things about this series. Is it's easy to to just go back and look at the dates and say, oh, hey, the giants did this on such and such date. But you know, you have had the the opportunity to talk to a few people. I think you've had the opportunity at this point to talk to Lawrence tines and talk to Carl banks, you know, about some of their memories of some of those games. Just you know, if you can share a little bit of of of what you found out talking to those guys, I think I've been that'd be great. We'll do. I mean, obviously, everyone knows Carl banks is if you're listening to this podcast. What's great about him? If he so intelligence, you get more than just this happened here Carcelle said this before the game one of my favorite date to remember that I've done so far was Carl basically. Describing how not only did the giants go out and expect to win. But defensively they expected to break their opponent down. I'll just mean physically. I mean, they wanted their opponents on the offensive line to quit. They wanted to actually spiritually beat them down. And then while plays going on before every snap. They would compare notes. Like, hey, my blogger he's giving up your guy. He's about to give. And it just showed you not only how good this team was. But how? Psychologically, tough. They've been built by parcels to really go out and just demolish teams. And the other thing I found interesting about that era was they were playing maybe in the most competitive age in the modern NFL you had the Montana forty Niners yet. The dick Buddy Ryan bears that great defense. You had the Redskins coach by Joe Gibbs who won numerous Super Bowl. So that time to read the giants were feasting on lesser competition. No, they weren't. Then. I think as we said you had the opportunity to talk to to Lawrence tines, who of course, made that that famous you know, two thousand and seven field goal in Green Bay. I'm actually I'm hoping to to be able to to read some of what he had to say about that game. What was great about Lawrence? Was it sort of came from the opposite perspective of Carl. And by that, I met, you know, we all remember that. Lawrence miss to potentially game winning field goal attempts in the fourth quarter of that two thousand seven title game. He was more or less the goat. If things didn't turn out as it were. And he describes which all right about when we get to that anniversary running onto the field. When that align manning pass phone complete to bring up fourth down because he didn't want Coughlin to decide to punt. He wasn't going to give them the chance. So he ran out there. And he describes the scene, which is is no, snapper. There's no holder. He's basically out there alone and staring at the sideline basically saying send them out send 'em out send him out. And of course, he makes the forty seven yard or the giants win in overtime. Pull off the huge upset go on to win the Super Bowl, but just a great anecdote from guy. Who we seem Cody Parker a couple of weeks ago the wind between being a hero. And a goat is very very thin. Sometimes. Yeah. I don't know about you. But I watched that game with Cody parkey, and I'm still shaking my head. You know, double joint for crying out loud. How does it feel goal? Hit hit the upright and the crossbar and not go in. What was great was crying about that? I talked to him right after that game. One of them's he mentioned was he is very conscious of the fact that if he had missed that chicken over time, he probably never would've played another NFL game. And he took with us apart. He because he understood that sometimes you can do things right. And the kicked just doesn't go straight. Or sometimes the snap is imperfect. As was the case with the jiggle he missed as the clock expired and regulation in two thousand seven title game. Instinct, just go off sometimes and they're out of your control. And sometimes they go, right? And for time the no seven and then again in the two thousand eleven title game again in overtime. He came through. And it's really interesting. Those two teams, you know. And and and I'm sure you know, as we go forward, you'll be talking more in the series about those two teams. What's so interesting is neither of those two teams were really what the eighties. You know, Parcells Carl banks teams were they weren't dominant teams that were expected to win titles and into me. I mean that just makes it all that much more special. What's really interesting about that ad is those giants teams believe they were special and one of the factors in times mentioned this. But I covered the team in two thousand eleven working for a newspaper at the time. And I found this to they had such a closeness to come ran those teams, and it on that trying to paint a picture that all fifty three guys were best friends or anything like that. But there was a respect and a support. I remember when you when you were held out training camp in two thousand eleven and to a man the giants defended them, they weren't gonna turn this into a distraction. We we in the press corps thought it was a distraction, but they didn't. And I think that sort of foreshadowed the run later in the season. And you remember they were seven seven two games left. They looked like they were collapsing. And to a man they still believed, and they cruised a lot of people like me wrong. So, you know, we've been going through this series now for for a few weeks, you know, since since pretty much right around the holidays. Just roughly, you know, how much more do we have coming? Well, we have the best is yet to come literally by that. I mean, we've got all of the titled games, the eighty six ninety seven and eleven title games in super bowl's coming up in actually, those are the best stories Carl banks talking about he motivational tact. That Parcells took before the NFC cuddled game and ninety when the giants were huge underdogs to the forty Niners. You guys all remember that Phil Simms had broken his foot, and they were playing with the back of just Jeff Hostetler, excuse me. And no one really expected them to compete. We've got tines talking about his whole situation. Two thousand seven we have that incredible run in two thousand eleven just the best moments. And I think the moments that many fans were member. Those would be the stores that are still still to come. Jeff. I don't know. I don't know about everybody else. But I'm certainly looking forward to to reading those. Hey, I appreciate your your taking a few minutes. I need to pin you down on the question that that that everybody's asking when it comes to the giants these days, and it it, you know, it goes beyond our our series that we're working on here. You know? But but the question is where are you these days on on Eli manning? Well, I think there's two things that play here. And I think they both go in the same direction. And what I mean by that is again, I was on the being two thousand eleven I was not an Eli manning fan when I started I thought he was a big level quarterback best. Then I saw what he did. I saw those fourth quarter comebacks I saw throws that no quarterback. I've ever seen made consistently in big games. So I've been I would call myself a fan at working in the industry, but I'll certainly in a mire. I also think that if you're going to. Turn your franchise over to a quarterback which undoubtedly you have to do in today's NFL. It has to be the right guy. You you make a mistake and end up with tannehill or a Cutler, and you're sitting your franchise back ten years. And I think we can all agree that the quarterback of the future is not on the giants roster. So me, I'm going back to align next year. And I'm rolling the dice that you're going to get your quarterback of the future. And the next strapped? I don't I don't know that quarterback is in the stressed. So I know it's another year. I know giants fans don't wanna hear another mediocre to poor season. But again look across the river the jets for a long period of time. But the exception of a couple of AFC title game runs were mediocre six seven eight nine ten win team for the better part of the last two decades. And that's because they still haven't found until maybe this year that guy they they didn't have. Since you know, they didn't have any lie manning and. I understand that you law may not become breeding. But when I see a guy that led to teams to the Super Bowl two times bowl MVP. I think that speaks for itself. It's it's hard to throw that out the door pretty much. Jeff. Hey, I appreciate your spending a few minutes with us. Thank you very much looking forward to to read in the rest of these. So we'll let you go. And and thanks again for for spending some time with me. Thanks. Okay. Giants fans are thanks to Jeff for spending a few minutes with us and for doing that particular series for us a lot of fun. Interesting. Things have come out of that series. One of the things that I I love to remind people is the last few seasons have not been good for the giants. But there are four Super Bowl titles in their five Super Bowl appearances. There's a lot of great games. A lot of great memories in a lot of franchises or a lot of fan bases that would trade places with giants fans in a heartbeat considering all of the the great moments that the giants have had in their franchise history. So what things aren't nearly as bad as you may think they are giants fans and times aren't nearly as as dark in and as despondent as you may want to believe you've had it a lot. Better than fan bases than many of the fan bases across the NFL. So just just remember that as you're complaining, and as you're thinking about how bad things have been in recent years. Okay. Giant Smith's just a couple of other things. I wanted to mention were beginning to work our way through draft profiles at big blue view dot com. Please check out those were still working our way through position by position analyses of the two thousand eighteen season. We're trying to spin those forward looking at what might or might not happen or what needs to happen for the giants in two thousand and nineteen at those various positions. We hope you're keeping track of those stories and enjoying those as well. We'll be continuing to give you mock drafts profiles interviews as much coverage as we can of your giants going through the the off season and leading leading up to the. The draft this week is the east west shrine game. You know, please check out the the podcasts that Dan Zuta and Chris flung have been doing focusing largely on the NFL draft. All right. Giants fans. We thank you for listening, and we will talk to you again soon. Bye. Bye. Now. Hello. I'm Ashleigh Carmen. I'm Caitlyn Tiffany. 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