CIPYD 74: Portuguese Water Dogs


Is there a dog Anna car out of bar on the street? That's a dog that we really want to. Hey, can I. You're you're. Doll with Rene and Allegra. Welcome to can I pick your dog. I'm Allegra Ringo dog owner Rene coober a Doug launder on the boards is our producer, Alexis Preston. And this is the podcast for unapologetic doglovers. Alexa. Allegra elects. Okay. Yes. Well, just listen. I'm just I'm just over the moon with excitement for the holidays almost there. Oh, it's Tuesday. Christmas Sunday, Senator Senator. I don't know where always one of those. This comes out on the twentieth. Okay. I have not done much shopping guarantee. Okay. Yeah. Ready research. I'm pretty excited. Now dispossess you'll get a stocking. Middle one stocking the grandchild in my family does she have little stocking with her name on Ella. Moms has of course, she does. What about what about oldest stitchers which Switzer's which what I said? I think he probably will this. This is my first year with him. I think he probably will think mommy, switch. Switch gives us talking. Tenderly adams. I think what. And all this like he's getting your soccer of everybody's gonna have is talking on Alexa of Mike. Do your cats. Have stockings. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. She nodded with like don't ask questions know, the answers. Yeah. Obviously, what are we doing here? I like to tell you, we're recording this guess Allegra. Guess. We brand new podcast equipment. Thank you. Doug Bakke, which means that we can record at Alexis house was the first time I've ever been here. And her cats are amazing three is switching this all Cappon. It's today's the day it happened. All right. It's cats from here on out pretty great. I wouldn't say I would argue. They're kind of dog cats very they greeted us both at the door. Great. You allegra. First of all first of all they're gonna matter for the cats. But I'm also mad because they're indoor cats or I parked car. Clem immediately jumped on my windshield. And scared the visuals, I it was very scary. But then I was like, oh, it's clam. I realize that like so fast. But I was like what of psycho jokes windshield scary. I think that is a perfect welcoming committee right there. Now, she'll quite quite we're gonna jump on the windshield. Make sure they feel welcome. I mean, I get it. Now. I get it. Yeah. It's perfect. And that's next to ever friend over going to greet him. So have your car. I think will go over. Well. Can't forget I said all surprise also aired I'll scream next time. Okay. But we will talk about dogs a little bit a little bit. Okay. Whatever sweet sweet listeners got themselves into here. We have gotten ourselves into guys we have dogs this week as I understand it. You have documents and company dogs real dogs romance. It's good, psychological. Esther who? Oh this. Real thriller. Oh my God. Just a delusional. We'll get scarier. We'll give our words to describe it. Okay. Boy. The I'd stay tuned. If I were okay, guys. I haven't heard the story. I don't know the delusion slash psychological. Component of this is. I didn't say anything about it. Yeah. Let's make it thriller. Yeah. Two out of that down relevant to me. Okay. Really this. You also have a month minute on the water do now is this going to be another real like mind-bending crazy fillers? Well, you will tell you what I'll go ahead until you right now. I was looking at it in the pun versus. According me looks like Obama's dog. That's the winter because it is because that's. Doc. Guys ears. Well, that's still a thrill a minute to me. Thrilling Christmas suspicion that turns out. Well, is that it was on the scene? Seeing somebody times since I've been here. Sure. We're. What else? I also have some dog news. But the most popular dog names of twenty sixteen boys. Some interesting finds some not so surprising one. Okay, cool information overall, I'm genuinely interested in this interesting. I wasn't even thinking a little bit. I really. You're welcome. We also have a last minute guide to cheap but effective gifts the dog lover. I have a lot of strong opinions about buying gifts for dogs. Yes. And how she should be. Yes issue cheap. Yeah. Of course, they should be ideas. Okay. I'll let you know what dog Wolters want this holiday season. Do you can also let me know if I'm correct these are life, easy and cheap to buy. You know what I mean? 'cause sometimes you're like, this is easy people. Like, no, it's not what are you going to come over the basket of everything you just listen. Are you kidding me? Get to let's. First of all, it's people. This is this okay. Okay. This week dog revelations relations exacerbates. Yeah. Okay. Now, Helen, we been podcasting. You're in half Helen Keller Govind steadily been defiant that I am team giant dog. Oh along time. Yeah. And I mean it okay hurt. I believe it. Okay. Now. I had some some experience today. Some bread leash. Just just did. Hey, this is French job walking because I'm dog walking right to this happened to me before this this type of thing I win when I was when I was a kid. Oh, I had not made it to theme park with one of those big giant swings? Swings up and then swings or like, a spaceship, or whatever it is. But it swings back and forth. And then it goes upside down over and around OSHA. So why profess that's my ride? That's my bed. Right. That all the live long day. That's my right. Got to theme park. Late that right. Oh, dear. Oh, what a stomach drop. They don't tell you about the stomach Dravo just looks fun. So did it based off information that I didn't have? Oh, sure. So today. Allegra I got to walk a dog named Tiga. K y g k it bull mastiff hundred ten on the ten on the tenant said it's going to be hard and ten pounds couldn't click on a fast enough. And there that's mine giant dog on it an in famous less warriors. Here's what I discovered I have looked pictures of dogs. I have pet giant dogs. If hug giant dogs like I have not walked in each. That's a huge muscular sue. And so now he. He was a gentleman with his gentlemen. So we had a lot of testosterone go. Okay. He's making the euphemisms like what is that? He can say what does that mean zoo? What is happening? Young lot of testosterone probably really well trained not. So those are those things you could probably amend with the bigger dog. But it's still was brought to the forefront that if if listen does it hundred ten pound dog outweigh me. Now, I still got you by thirty pounds. Put it's a tug of war that Georgia your body weight. Still that's still a big. Big dog, I want footage. But I think there was a good five feet were my feet were not on the ground just like running. And then it was on every romantic comedy of a girl who can't quite handle the big. Tyco we didn't wrap around one mailman. Just no meek you nothing. And then he dreamed the squirrel, and we stayed there for fifteen minutes. I can't move. I can't tag it just like per year. And we stay there to stay right there. We live here now. So now midway is this like when you registered to vote like you're like do I have to check in with somebody would be like, I guess, I'm just teen big dog. I don't vote in the dog prime. I'm sorry. This. Okay. All right. How young dog he's really young? I would put him at like three or four years. Yeah. Oh, interesting. Okay. Okay. So get so fully grown. Yeah. But in but definitely like a lot of energy still. I don't think this makes you not team big dog. I think this means like, look your immune information gathering stage. I believe you taught me that term. Yes. Yes. You didn't have the information, right? One big dog. I definitely agree with you walking dogs the whole other Cup of tea. I haven't even walked on that day. But just when I walked like a medium but muscular pit bull. I'm like, whoa. My body is starting not when I as now another thing that brought me comfort was remember fry from last week, fry was a weenie or ten pounds. Also trouble moving him. So the clip strip. Could willpower. Go to the gym don't you can have you can. Senior like lift something that's ten pounds. But maybe it's more. You be like this dog shit like all gonna go. You can live. But you can't make dog move. When he doesn't want to the the spiral that I went to let down you get a let down the people do get a bit of. I can't I've lied to everyone, and I do too because I still love them so much. But as far as like, the practicality of can't I walk this every day. I don't I I want to a want to. Yeah. Also. Okay. Let's let's look at this way. That's also one that's still still one dog say like Irish wolf hound may think is a less energetic. That's still huge because Leonard genyk. Yeah. I don't think it's going to have that massive pit bull energy that police around the block energy. I like that pitch another. Yes. Could I have a training montage yet with instead of boxing match at the end, I'm going to be I'm going to be able to walk. I love that push-ups and do some wind sprints. Just go for it. And we started with a medium dog. Bigger and bigger bigger. Get to jumping the Philadelphia museum is rocky. I don't know. There. I just I just didn't see what was at the top of so excited. Tear picture. I said we pay what about seven year old bay bog, perhaps it's calmer big Dong or she'll she'll work. Yeah. I don't know just been debt that contain all your strong. Thank god. I trained for this. Okay. All right with you. Okay. So here's the information. I have not quite up to par with Tiga lights rough. But gather some more evidence. Yeah. Maybe older, maybe go. Listen gastric. Definitely do a training. Montage, definitely training. Montage and know what you can start with a lazy dog lazy. God. Then work your way up like energetic big dog. No. Here's the question. We are gonna look again. God get support. Okay. Can we absolutely made a point of it to the owner who was home? And I was just like this guy. He's cool breaks. With the older. Like, hey to give you any trouble. He saw daughter day. He sold me flight because it's a nice house in Sherman oaks. So Tiga came out. He handed me the leash and me Tiga with full lane. A huge above guy. Like does he have the same trouble? Okay. So. To say, it was very apparent to the owner that this was going to be a wild thirty minutes for dog on. One hundred pound dog. Surprise when it's like, oh, it was kind of a lot for the worker. It's like that. Did I consider writing them at one point? It look great hard to catch to try to. I wouldn't I wouldn't he didn't have a settle. What was I gonna ridiculous? I Bareback right. A dog. That's crazy. We think it was very brave of you. Thank you. And thanks for the encouragement that helped a lot. I was tormented for it. But now, I feel better about it. We'll you know, what I think the number one signal is that you with no hesitation said you were going walk him. Again. I will be more like, oh, no Alexis, we need to intervene. If you were like, I can't. I just can't see them again. I'd be like, oh now Rene work down to the procure. Her. I feel like I in your heart. You still love big dogs huge dogs. Even do the photo. I will pull it up now that did matters. But I think you look at it and be like, okay. Dog had like my deal body like peer muscle. I see it will let me scroll through all the dogs. Thank all of this guy. He's real cute Cutie. Right. He's a little brindell guy. And the leaves looking at a squirrel, right? That's that's where we stayed for fifty minutes. Sure, squirrel. You're still there. Correct. You are. Removing. We're still wouldn't get a squirrel tree and not to be moved. All right. Well back with us. We hear what happened. Okay. Well, thank you for for walking me through this. Well, you know, what would he we'll keep tabs on the situation we won't let it get you a hand. Likes. Yes, we're time. It is what time against minute time Portuguese water dogs. If you meet a new breed and curiosity back. Learn about it. Seconds. They do. Links is Obama's dog. Why did I think of that till you told me tonight? I ought the same. The exact looks like it. And I also don't like, oh, what kind of dog is that. I think it was like, I know always black with a white belly and curly furred happy cheese wanted. That's what Bo is pretty cool. Yeah. Do you have your mind ready to time in your head blown? Oh, no the answer. Both his no don't south much of it. Okay. This really binding segment which has to be. Times boy time this lawyers came after us because we went over. I don't even think about it. Squid a nightmare. The time lawyer read done with them happy. Yeah. Still dealing with the paperwork. All right. Are you at AM your time begins? Now the Portuguese water dog upon first assessment. According to me looks like a black labrador with a white belly at white paws. He also looks like Bo Odom this dog Rixon because that's the breathe Bo is these guys may be the best swimmers that we have ever covered in minute. The Spanish armada used them to carry messages from one boat to another boat fishermen used them to chase fish into nets. And then to also bring in the nets to the boat and the same. Cisco giants use them to retrieve homerun bowls that would fly into the bay insane. The Portuguese water dog was developed over five hundred years ago along the coast of Portugal and was called the cowed Agua, which means dog of the water in Portuguese. These were bred to swim. They have webbed pas they have a waterproof coat and their tail is thick. It's the tip and thinner at the top. Which means it works like a rudder. But these are also great on. Land. They have the very gentle temperament and they make perfect family dog so long as they exercise everyday time one minute. Feels good eighty this is Christmas miracle fry lottery ticket was so charmed the dogs. Go get the baseballs. Stop it. Are they still doing this? I know 'cause they win. It said it said. Pacific bell field. I think it's eight. Yeah. I think used to be. Back. Bring back. Petition that petitions that we do. That is the coolest. Yeah. And I don't know why that's crazy. But to like hop in the water swim over message in a bottle to the next boat. That's so cool. It's no. Romantic idea of Senator with a message, a very cool story didn't elaborate passing notes of that like me circle. Yes. Or no. Swam for that for that. No, no time, he loves swimming does or petting him his angry job. So I also didn't think the rudder elementary. We've talked about habit. But I guess. A lot about how rudders work. That little dog that combined with its web. I love it. Yeah. That's very cool. Any so girly into way bellies. The two or three pictures. So has a white belly. Great need carry. Hey next week this Siberian huskies. Let's do excited do a bit. They're great in the gold. They are not. Don't. No, I don't want to say they hate it. I'm how loveline I'm rapper. I'm Michael eagle? And we are the host of tights and fights maximum funds newest podcast dedicated to all things wrestling. We'll be talking about Sasha banks, the women's revolution Sasha banks, the brand split and Sasha banks's wigs, and we'll also be talking about wrestler fashion. Some restaurants where when many close some Russ was enough clothes at all. And I'll be doing impressions of all your favorite wrestlers, new whips odes Thursdays on maximum fun. Where you get your podcast. Dig. Dies. What are you Maria Bamford Jad album run? Dick, Cavite Phoebe Robinson, Dan, deacon W Kamau bell brook. Let's don't an Andrew w k heaven common. They've all been speakers and performers at past maximum cons. Every Mexican is a murderer's row of amazing stand up comedians thoughtful, cultural leaders in skilled artists, and maximum Khan and maximum east. Twenty seventeen will be no different. Visit maximum cone dot com for dates and more information and to grab your ticket before they're gone. Ringo. I understand you have dog news. Do I have a end of year seasonal at time for me to beep if every to be? Thank you. Juicers cancer without they have forget, he's got to get a beep. Boop. Just because it's the end of the year doesn't mean everything off the rails. Allegra come on. There's a system in place. Oh, where do we do? I am. So intrigued by this topic. Yeah. Tell me everything so Rover dot com released a list of the most popular dog names of twenty sixteen and then also just about general dog name trends. So some of these were kind of unsurprising and some of them were surprising to me. I think they're all super interesting going into it because they don't wanna change my mind after I hear the report at no me too. Number one for me Shariff rehear dog name. Oh, okay. Are you are you saying that your favorite or you think is the most oh gosh? To guess, I'm to guess. How about that? I I wanna name. That's not on that list is what I want to know, Doug, definitely safe definitely say, I think sheriff I've never been Duggan shift. I have not met a cat named share from the stool, it you from the cat, the cat and what not the Kathy name. That's really cute cat. We will start who's really great. He's actually fins cat. According to fend. According to share this damn dog has ruined his oh that is. So here's rescue. It's real Q and the sheriff Dan come around much anymore. Oh. The leeriness say he is an indoor outdoor cat same. So he they're starting to get along pretty well. So now share comes in then goes to the corner waits until sheriff has done eating. And then Finn is like, no, it's time to get you. And then he chases them out. And then I can't quite understand why that didn't pan out. Well for him this remarkable. Like my household being perhaps today's the day plays with me. It's like, so sad hilarious. This isn't the day. It's never been the those those. That said, yes. Okay. So let's see what should I start? So we have the top ten female dog names of the top ten male dog names. Let's go through quick. Okay. Here's female in order. Okay. Bella lucy. Daisy Lola Luna, Molly Sadie, Sophie Bailey. Megi sounds right family's gotten two of those. We had a Bailey we had a Molly you together. Now. But you Molly way back in the day ahead of your time me Tripoli's knows. Yeah. Although I did not run the numbers for like. Do you want to hear the name? Sure. Okay. Max, Charlie buddy. Coober Jack, rocky bear, Duke, Toby and Tucker. Excellent. There's all right out to ask. Yes. I had a bath. And help me max. Yeah. That's I think has been long standing, very frightening. It's great name wheel last week with. Do you think of is like a ubiquitous a good dog name Grigny? It always applies. Okay. I like, okay. So that's the those are the did classics. Also, those are the ones I don't think anyone's super surprise. She'll hear the trends that I thought were interesting, so Pokemon names and junk food name and names of quote, powerful women are up this year who yes, hokey moans going to be made the other two I can't L baseless on. I was like. I was like configure. Junk junk food nee examples they gave were taffy Twix and Milano interesting. Not a weird one. We can do so much better. Yeah. Taffy twits good belong to. I feel like only argue are not referencing. Something else is possibly. Yeah. That's gay. But I also want I wanted like tater chip. That is true something like live. We're gonna jump. Let's do. I know. Right. Well, okay. Here's a here's other Caissoti. That's a really good one bad. Brand names. I think about interesting. Yeah. I like I'll take. Yeah. Two dogs and share your your on notice. Your get him a puppy or cat. He's you hundred. You hunt sheriff. So cute funny. You're the have the names of like this is a prison in the old old Texas sheriff in his favorite snappy. Powerful women powerful women powerful women, the examples, they gave work one cushion. Typo say, okay, Eleanor Roosevelt's. Now, I don't know what they mean by this dogs are named Eleanor or the dogs are being named Eleanor Roosevelt into a Steinway down debt. Also, I don't know why in the world, I would think it would be specific to your life like margin accounting. Let's not specifically pulled full. It's all. Not like, can you also tell me that is powerful this March partial or not, I don't know. Okay. I really like that yet pretty great. Let me give you the last. I would say I would say piece of good news. This is related to the food names health food names are in decline. Excellent. If you met a dog, Nate kale. We'll okay. Here's the other thing, though, still a lot of dogs named tail and get this. We really aren't there really are and they're largely in Portland, and there's Donald Keene wa and they're mostly in Los Angeles. That's the bad news. You guys that is about referees. Gotta realis- is cold pressed juice. Now, you don't I will say one health food name idealized hope. Oops. I think it's a funny name for a dog. But that was that on the list of decline. Okay. But I think this is this is the junk food good. We need it. We need. It. We serve it. Come on. Have we covered enough. Give us this. Yes. Pretty funny. This for you. But self care is has to happen. You just have to this point the boy, do I misunderstand that assignment L eat. Okay. Hey, just jobs now has a very reasonable eight servings per cake cake, and those are all for me starting sitting here does pastries Tepe. The available on entered or does kill him to be like to become a sponsor. Just cake. Last bit of dog news done name info. Okay. They had they had a learn your dog name name generator did it, and I was like, oh, this is just going to take a random native. Calculated. So you put in your first name and your birth year as we're talking person last. Okay. I wish was allowed to be crazy of his first name in birth year. Here's my my dog names disco. And here's why perfect. Thank you. I was coaches Doxa. You could may forgot about that will here's why Allegra was the two thousand one hundred seventy th most popular female name eighty six. My birth year disco is a two thousand one hundred seventy th. Today. We're people do this working they find this Tom on Rover Rover. So it's pretty fun. I do like like, hey that is accurate. I is a born if born a dog today, my name will be just great name. I wanna know your so do we'll come back and report that's that was listened. I think it's a two thousand sixteen. We're just about done wrap it up. Lists are coming out the best. What's the top? What's the bet? This segment right here to be this is Doug news. Yep. Exactly. It was my favorite dog news report year, remember any others. But for right now. It's my favorite. Thank you. Thank you. Yes. Have you welcome. I just realized I know the answer to this can have not dollar shopping in definitely not. Okay. Now. Are you looking to buy some gifts for dog people? You know, always. Okay. Here's what do you people? Tell you. What you want? We can't reduce. I am genuinely excited for this segment. I think newspaper surprise. Here's my pinch. Though. I I read a couple of different like cheap dog gift articles never cheap enough or easy enough. For me. Interesting. Don't good gifts the dog lover fifty dollars. Sure. Now, if you have one dog lover in your life, that's very feasible. But if you like us have a bazillion lovers. Look, I'm giving every. Fifty dollars. Dollars. You everyone fifty dog. I would argue you'll need to great. Listen these little proudly sponsored by things that cost fifty dollars, which I get. I that's a good point. Listen this list right here. You're about to get sponsor is this truth. That's true. Thank you the truth. You guys dot com. Truth dot com. No scared to look. Don't tell us. Okay. I'm gonna call this the last minute cheap holiday gift guide. Perfect for delivers the long title workshop it love it. This is their last episode before Christmas ranges, kinda sad are you? Yeah. I just love me to the season. And thing I think going to have a really unique opinion. Here wouldn't mind seeing next year has in store. Wrapping up this year. What that's crazy. That's what we call it in the industry. Take sure is unique in only you know, what Renee your controversial. But I like it. Okay. Big exciting thing about the holidays. This year. Hannukah begins on Christmas Eve goes new years. Coincides perfectly is. Yeah. What did we we have a head of us? No matter. What you celebrate those? We're having so much fun. Okay. So anyway, here that was extremely long. It was great. It was what should having so much fun. But it seemed like a mom who was trying to convince yourself that. It was love this great outing the time they were making memories. And we're having fun and you're going to teach at what time you. Yeah. Bases pitch. Yes. Little LED lights that you can live to your dog's leash or harness. Oh, good one. I'm Marie one. Thank you. Yeah. They're like seven dollars on Amazon, whatever. Dashiell like now that it gets dark earlier. It really has made it a lot easier safer. Plus, it looks really cute and funny because it just looks a little like these little bouncing. Adorable love it. That's great. That's a really gonna of Amazon Amazon there's much different colors, and you just like clip to elite. It's like super nothing's ever type presidents really's as perfect statue pink. Not because I like being a girl, but because it was a Jeep is culture. That way to. Yes. Thank you. All right. It wasn't a pitch. Homemade easy. Peanut butter. It's really Resnick. I think you, hey, the decision critic DEA so easy. You guys. It's like common Linnet out the statue. I was like I'm going to be one of those able dog treats and followed that wagon. But I have this recipe tweet it it's living on the cheap dot com. It's like, it's literally like water and flour dirt cheap. And they love them. That's perfect. I in loving hearing that you would like that. Because I think it'd be like cheap. They're not gonna dogs going crazy ties. Here's my thing. Definitely don't think that that's like cheap. I think it's a very sweet. And also, I think like like its dominance gonna love like a peanut butter treat. It doesn't matter if it costs five cents they're gonna go crazy for it to have a preference of the mold which makes this peanut buttery phone. Do you want to fire hydrant do you while boy, do we have all these often? Now. Thing I own I know own bone could cutters gives me for Christmas. But when I mean, he's actually for wanted them into balls smashed among your thing. I think probably like a more like. Cute person than me would make him into cute shaves and do that. And I would've cared. Put looks mesh Minna balls put an acute like gift bag calling a day, then kicks it. What does the dog doesn't care? You guys. Come on. It's fine. What are we Julie kid? All right. Thank you pitch. Yes, is well tell me what you think this this is maybe a little bit a little kid gift. But like a coupon book for like dogs dog washing. Like, here's like five, three walks or whatever. Yeah. It's a little little kid lake. But I would be thrilled. If someone's done here, I'll walk five times. Yeah. Or whatever I feel like real bozo. Giving that to you, really. But if it would feel great is a recipient than that's what matters to me. I understand that. I also feel like maybe like one hundred years to all to give people you are. So it wouldn't be so popular people didn't care for them. Right. Yeah. I coupon books. I have always never followed through ask somebody to follow through good point. That's that's the risk. But in point, but it's a cute idea. I like the okay here's amend that. I think that only like your really close friends who like you. Think they feel comfortable actually taking you up on it because I do agree with you. It's too easy to be like, well, that's an on gift. May I make an additional Tich? Yes. You got you got a coupon. Book you've got a stack of papers. Yes. Slip book of your dunk. That's very cute Chan draw. Can't withdrawing. Yeah. I was measuring. No, I'm gonna make it. I love a flip book I'm expecting to be perfect gets down. But we're not okay. I got the paper not gonna wait. What I'm gonna do? I'm gonna write your dog. If it's great. I love it to stash mattered or LED lights. I was like what is it? Understandably. Fish. What am I in my travels around the internet people were pitching a lot of expensive dog blankets short pitches. Give him anybody. What done? Doesn't matter. It's so cute ticket like this like forty dollar like one with bones or whatever filling dogs love microphones legates, the smellier the better the Greg. You can find this. Are. Truly think. Okay, being this crazy versatility. But like if you think use blanket best gift for ever. Okay. Thank you. They go crazy. But it is something to be said like, I think blankets, no matter. Whether it's whether it's in your house or not like him in the car, even I think, that's I think that's a really good on cue. Thank you said. Tree puzzles, always a really. Those not it was for the human hustle. It. Just added trip on like look man to you were doing good. It's okay. We'd had to have one that didn't hit put a piece of cake in the middle given to recall it again. Angrily? Wrong. Like, no think about it. The great cake Nash lifting. We got it like a calling. Also, cheat there's cheap good ones that have just like various ones that they have to move pieces around and do a certain thing to get a tree pretty cheap wage like our fun for the whole family specifically the dog and lemon cannot water bowls very handy. Interesting. Okay. Great last run opinions on Doug's saving money. Yes. And having a dog now for several years received. I know which gifts I'm like, oh, great. Like a great idea. I know I'm getting other dog lover perfect. Oh, yeah. You have the time. I know this is like December. Twentieth. Sonos, but FC tons of grape dog jewelry ashore, I don't know specific storage. But like if you just put in dog, jewelry, it's like a rabbit hole. My other dog socks. They're everywhere. You and I both owned multiple pairs of dog socks now. But I usually am honestly, that's all I have now is dog talks all the time. Yeah. When I will. I don't know why dogs are so cozy the ESI I know I know it's nine like I wearing solid colored socks and I like. I get bumped. This Hanes hero. Okay. That's okay. You can get dogs for dog owner or Doug went, right? Yes. Absolutely. What a good transition. Perfect circle. Perfect. Now, I can only speak for me. But here's here's what I take dog calendar. I'm great rich because little bit feels feel a little bit dumb pictures of other people's dogs in your house really wanna see that dog. Owes at just all your friends. If it's calendar new calendar. I gotta keep that. That's interesting. I also had these before and have lost them and moves with love it again is a dog breed book. Oh, so that on days like today can go look up a pit bull massive like. Oh, yeah. No there they pull that citrate trait. The don't want or no you can train them again. I can Google it. But just by having all at the rental, but they're in a book, tell me what you do is read a comprehensive like AKC encyclopedia. Every breed, and it's great there's pictures, it can sometimes categorized of like you want an apartment you while running dog, you want a big dog a little duck brand rate gift that I would never have thought you got time to shop the thrill. Yeah. I mean kind of recording. Yes. As if the release of episode now. Good one curious. Gosh, I guess piggy-bank money to buy. Just a dawn of that to do. Oh my God. Can you imagine? Can you imagine can't? I know. I'm Jim Linley. Would I couldn't handle it was that? What if I really truly your digress? Would you like mad or would, you know, of course? I'm going to do. I'm just curious if I really showed up with the dog if he'd be like. Liberty. If it were tiny tiny little yappy dog, it'd be like, oh, I just pimple nessa. I'll figure it out. And loves plus me. Okay. Great perfect. Doc, treating heart. Absolutely. Yeah. It just in the here's what I was thinking. I was like I got a feed them. Oh, this is difficult to and then I think the reason I'm walking a can't drop them off at a little date. Oh, sure. Fishers disc big so get to how do I take care of the best one hundred sixty pounds or Liz? Well, okay, orange alternative, really rich. Good can't yard. God runs around the yard use at eleven. We just got actions. Thank you for your great dog wonder ideas. Thank you for your dog, hammer ideas. Thank you perfect. I have I love it. Well, we holiday. Because we will because we'll have one four new years. It was still technically the holiday since all as far as will. You'll be able to come back about all these great dog gifts. He got. And guess what else? What January we'll straight into university month. Good time to be alive interleague Ringo. Perfect. We're talking on renew. Queant -ment ran new Mike's got these my express foo dog vaca-. Can you believe it? I'm gonna tell you a little bit about them. So the sponsor of sound equipment, which is amazing and Doug vacate is a place where you can find great local pet sitters will watch your dog in their home or yours of more information. You can go to dump they K dot com. Thank you. Hey, so great. We sound some good. That's a good. We we here. We'll find out. Nice. I would like to to please call our dog hotline at that. I think you can. It's a Google is male. Please leave us your victories and your dogs. Astor's of the phone number is three two three two five zero three three one five and this week that ends eight again, don't don't cry miss it. Three hundred three to five zero three three one five message under a minute. And we will do a little surprised thing with it. We can't tell you that. But well on its they're good people who've call ready made their good. I love it. Love it. Love you guys. Who else was great max fun? Next fun is fantastic. So many great podcasts on Mex Mex slowly turning into not only podcast network. But sort of a TV got throwing shade the gutter on TV show. We got Adam ruins everything. He's got his own TV show guy. Raynham just on TV show congratulates the key whose pump rockets checking out the checkout. Pop rocket wasn't doing before it becomes a big TV star. Oh my gosh. So cool. We would also like to say thank you to all of you for reading or viewing subscribing to us on. I choose a ton of you have done it already. And it's super nice it takes minute. But it really really helps us out a lot health. Other people. Find us helps people helps us about the reading. So thank you so much. And if you haven't done it, please head over to itunes rate review, and subscribe, and you guys wanna see your dogs and this way to do that is on social media. So if you could please tweet us pictures of your dogs, especially in the holidays, we got one opener imprison, we got one in doggy. Gama's? I'll get one set out cookies for Santa. We gotta see that. We got to see these this is on Twitter or Instagram at C, I P Y podcast or join our Facebook group where candidate your dog were closed group. So just put in candidature, Don asked me part of the group we will excited few unless Allegra you're about. That's right. No matt's. Nobody's bought Saab. Listen to it. Get final social medium shears pictures of your dogs, please. We also like to say thank you to page will them for our logo Aaron Hagan for our theme song Becca Murray for our dog Affi and Paul Gillian minute theme song and thanks to Alexis for just being the best hotter. Is your cat it seven work for me? That's okay. Okay. It's okay. Gave me a fun. Trick degree you going. Gosh. And that does it merry Christmas. Happy hannukah. Happy holidays pet your dog. I've had your holiday dog. Maximum fund dot org, comedy and culture, artists owned listener supported.

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