"Did Kip have this storm?"


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And a lot of it came late late last night not to in the morning late late much later than anybody thought it was going to be piling up. So we are closed until glad to know that for profit thing really worked out. Well, we didn't get we're not Niger was going to get back there and his past as short order taking orders right now hash brashly opened yesterday. We didn't have much business because everybody was home because nobody went out in that of snow. We still when we are open. We offer for the furloughed federal workers fifteen percent off their food in most cases, not happy hour circumstances. But in most cases, we do that. And I'm just going to go straight into the show quickly. Yes. You would say that. It's one hundred percent discount for people chatter today. Correct road only free. I've we're opening later. We have here right now. We don't have the ability to have breakfast. Gary Gary was driven explain who's here. Well, we'd love to give them breakfast. But we tough Brett Snyder from were DACA brewing company who you've probably mentioned on this before. And you've certainly met before. And Keith core. His head brewer at we're dacas here, and that has been the plan for some time is a huge little PTI fan. Great Keith listens while Hebrews in but they're not going to their nodding. So you can let the let him in. If he wants to watch the podcast. That's fine. So Keith has been wanting to come to the podcast for some time. And in fact, flew back from Florida last night in the water and the weather in the weather because for weeks, he's been planning to come. He hand picked this show. He wanted to come after the divisional playoffs. A good exciting show. Brought brought beer for the whole gang, of course, Shawn's here and high. Sean. So the plan all along was they were gonna come in. And Brett fortunately has Jeep otherwise I would not have been able to get here. We're going to get to the snowfall. This is very very local. I understand this is a national podcast stories about this is very very very very local. But we will get out of actually what we will start with though are the four games that led to the circumstance in which the the Rams will play in New Orleans next week and the patriots will play in Kansas City next week. We're going to go game by game. But we're gonna go backwards. Let's just go backwards because the most interesting game. Yeah. Was the saints game. The saints against the eagles was the most interesting game. Michael wilbon who will join us later steadfastly had the eagles winning that game. And Faust, Sean Jeffrey had not dropped that ball had not which led to an interception which sealed the game. They would have had a chance towards so simple. Yeah. That's that. They would have they would have had a chance in Jeffrey lay on the ground. Wilpon cursed him because we'll bond had that almo-. Well. That was pretty good game Philly that was you know, what that was. That was the Tommy Hearns Marvin Hagler fight because that was Philadelphia early on fourteen nothing Nick foles looks great. And then Nick foles threw an interception was at in the second quarter that shit. Agreed hatch on the radio interception. Threw interception and the saints were charged by that. And they went down the field, then fourteen seven and fourteen. Can't fake the punt. Over. Was a great. To their hill Hilton. He's he's he can do everything he has he's human amphetamine. Yeah. For head. Res not thrown the ball ten yards too short. He has a seventy five air touch on that that means wide open through two short. No wind indoors breeze. Not can't get it down there. Well, not what was he's not, Pat. My home. Is that Trevor Lawrence? So so the the eagles covered we'll get all the bedding things in a second. The eagles covered. They that was a really good game. That was terrible game the game before that was one of three bad games in a row culminated with the patriots against the chargers the patriots. And I remember saying this on TV the other day. That the most vulnerable team of the home team's was the New England Patriots because they had looked the worst heading into the playoffs of the Ford teams. They had they were the most vulnerable and the charges were eight and one on the road. And the only thing that I said beyond that was this patriots not gonna lose this game. They never lose this game. They just don't they are now twelve and one in that game that home game vision around their twelve and one with Bella chicken Brady, they have been to eight straight AFC championship games. It was seven nothing patriots. Then seven seven on an alarmingly wide open. Touchdown. And that was the end of the day. And then it was thirty five seven. It was an and was it. It would not have been thirty five seven. If not for a muffed. Kickoff was kickoff for punt muffed punt on punt. Yeah. And the patriots never let up and Bella chick. Never let up. And they didn't one time that kicked a field. They wanna kick any field goals. They will go on fourth all the time. They were going to bury the charges, which is by the way, smart and the Keita that game. They ran it. Very well, the key to that game for all of you people who think rob gronkowski's done. He may be done as a pass receiver. Plug Lyman kills chapel. So they ran Devlin and gronkowski at the charges and opened up hole after hole after hole and Philip rivers. Simply couldn't spun enough points. Couldn't create nuts down couldn't propagate the offense. That that game is one of those that if you're a gambling person, you you and you bet against the patriots freeze five minutes. You have to think what in. I believe Friday, just I think I said to on this various get it. Right. Four minutes into the second quarter. You're going to be saying to yourself. What was I think? Because I subscribe as you do the notion that the pats. Lose. They can lose that game lose stat of the week, which they mentioned which is Elon pretty good healthy. Yeah. For can't stay quarter Sony, Michelle they got a lot of pretty good players. So the stat of the week that you will hear as far as stats meaning nothing patriots have not won a playoff game on the road since two thousand six how many they had well, not not many on the road. One in Kansas City. And by the way, that of you wanna see that game. You wanna see Mahomes Brady? That's it this weekend was a was the biggest TV ratings win possible for next one hook. But both of these charges. I guess you could make some argument for, but it's essentially I mean, it is wanted to buy the seating. And got you've got the top two in both conference the charges scored and scored and scored, but it was they had no cheese over they had no chance his rivers final line. Didn't look terrible. But it was it was like Lamar Jackson last. What does it mean? It was like a bunch of right? When they weren't trying to stop them. Cowboys in the Rams Rams rental day. Two guys over one hundred Zeke Elliott didn't run for anything. It was seven six dollars. And that was it. And the Rams were better. The Rams the Rams are a better team than Dallas Cowboys g Henderson. Cut three times this year fat. Yeah. Hey, yeah. This was were supposed to have a good defense, and they'd have had a good defense, but they were run through and you didn't expect that. I mean, you thought while they're going to go in the no they didn't. And the first game was terrible. Indianapolis and Kansas City lock did nothing. That was no game. Kansas city. Random Bali threw the ball. Pat, Mahomes was better than anybody was at twenty one nothing early on game at all right? Well, it's no game. At all, the only points only killed school was a blocked. Punt. Right. I mean, they blocked a punt and right on it do anything last quarter into luck got some scores and was driving for another score didn't see to get up to the Linus grant touchdown. That would that have affected the point spread. If they scored that. No they lost by eighteen. Yes. So I don't think so. That game less. So, but I was struck by more. So in the saints game, which is Mahomes to Kelsey was open virtually every single play. Great in the saints game. Breeze to people win that game. Breeze in Michael Thomas. He just throws to Michael Thomas on every important place. Third downs long second downs. He just been Michael Thomas's consulate and think Mike one hundred eighty something arts, and you know, that the eagles defense was like, I mean, take gained junior is not the guy usually you think beach, right. So he stopped Michael Thomas could not stop him to every single ties. I team all pro. I mean, that's why that's why he's Michael Thomas. It was really really it was nice to see Marshon Lattimore to fix picks picks. And I believe it was Marshon Lattimore was it not who you rushed mercilessly for like a month after the. The play. I was like. Him. Him that play certain. That's the worst play ever made. Yes. No. It's terrible. Other guy. Championship game yesterday. But interesting to see that guy. So let me go over the bedding. Carville sat this one out. He'll sit everyone out because he seventeen sixteen in one. This was the week of Jeff Ma Jeff Ma was two in one. He lost the New Orleans game. But he won the Kansas City game. And he won the LA Rams game. And he had talked about the fact that because in the last fifteen games underdogs had one fourteen the spreads were being debt in a way that made them on tenable. And he was right. He is now he's two in one. He's four two one in the playoffs. This is a separate category playoff numbers because it's going to separate category. Four two in one in the playoffs. He's forty four thirty five and one with a total of three games to go. Forty four thirty the Dallas Mavericks at soon seven sleepy town. Chuck win four Chuck is now two and seven in the playoffs, which is not good. Now, he's sixty to fifty six and three. So if you bet with him all. The way through gonna win money. You cannot lose money with Chuck Todd. But don't January Todd is taking that Tracy McGrady playoff. He can still get to the hall of fame. But it's the Tracy McGrady never been to the second round hit set out. Leaking Chuck's play record to the occupant of sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue for tweet. What we? Playoff sad. Yeah. We're out loud. Reginal was four and not bad for a monkey twenty five thirty one one can't get five hundred. Yes. But again in January has quite well. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Monkey seventy two in the playoffs. Seven. Concentrates what I what I talked to him. He said he was just resting during the regular season. Save himself the posies. He was saying bagging, Tom Brady jackets. So I watched I watch everything watch games. And I would say that that of everything that I saw the one. And I think this is to Chris point the one that you just shake your head and go. Wow. Is is the patriots Brady? Just just. Wow. Because they looked bad going into the playoffs. They look bad. How does thirty three for forty three tastes, you know, think? Yeah. When you say, they look bad. I mean, you're grading on a curve. Yes. Relatively speaking. But and now Brady apparently if you believe his post game. Oh to believe that everyone thinks they're terrible. Only Tom Brady's Tom Brady into an underdog. Dude. You have your the over dogging every guests each other. Do you think do what the what the eagles did last? Do you think anyone will come up with any torch passing storyline for the AFC championship that won't be? Okay. So let's take a break. And then we'll have Michael wilbon when we return. I am telling you Kornheiser. 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From Chicago from Chicago. Yes, any sent us this. This is lovely, isn't it? Yeah. He's done stuff with the guys from hitting the blowfish. Okay. Yeah. He's terrific. He said, hey, Dr Hoff happy new year. This might be a good lead in for will Bon I'm still sick over that bans law such a gut wrenching way too into game in terrific season. Keep up the good work and eat. It Cody Paci expressing Michael wilbon nicer, Cody parking. So so will on who had a very bad week not this week. But last week in terms of the NFL looked to have a really good and to this week. He had Philadelphia outright winning the game and describe your particular emotions as alshon Jeffery former. Bayer lay on the ground, by the way, let me just say that the Michael wilbon interviews brought to you by lows the new home of craftsman. So pick it up where else young Jeffrey's is laying on the ground force. It wasn't much different than it was the previous week when I was in Chicago at Soldier Field for the aforementioned, Cody parkey loss. Yeah. It was it was different. I vacillated. Philly down care about Philly. I'm gonna be. Because I thought the bears eagles winner was going to be the best team in the NFC about that team is going to get the Super Bowl. I was convinced that even I texted somebody that said, and I said Philly is going to hold New Orleans to twenty or twenty one point win this game. And they were gonna marching down the field. There were to like three turning points for the eagles. The the first one came when they should have been up twenty one nothing, but they could not pick up a football on a strip sack right of drew Brees when they were Ardy aboard team nothing Brandon Ingram. I mean, it was in his knocked it out who's in his hands that was huge, and they could not score then. And I just you know, I at fourteen nothing. My feeling was next score next gore wins game. And of course, releasing score. Get so I was I was just I hate I have nothing is by the way and nothing nothing. Like everybody else. I loved you breeze. I mean from what I know of them have nothing against the New Orleans Saints. I just I do have something against the obsession with. Points and scoring and passing. I just I hate it. I wanted the eagles to win that game. And be the best team NFC says they were the team to cut my team. So this is what it reminded me of what I said earlier Hagler and Hearns that the way Philadelphia jumped out was the way Hearn started that fight and that ended quickly by third round someone in the third round hag, which is not amount because her and said nothing left. I'm not saying the eagles had nothing left because they had something left. But that looked like it was going to be this. Unbelievable furious game by the eagles. And in fact, the interception help turn it around and the fake punt help turn it around. Right, right. Inability gathered the ball after the strip sack of threes. The interception all in fourteen nothing both. That's right. That's right. And then the, and then, you know, I I was saying, wow. Do you take? Penalty. You know, if if you are the eagles, you take the penalty and move them back. No, you don't. No, no. You don't know. Ten think you're about that. So although I'll say this about that will on and I agree with you. Charles Davis was making a big ruckus about that. It's like you say. Another chance, but especially on their own thirty. But you do you do have to understand the situation. Not that that was an easy conversion on fourth down. But you need to be prepared for that possibility to the game. Yeah. They've got a quarterback in the game. They got a wildcat guy in the game. And it's it's it's sports and one Payton's got a history with those gutsy so yeah, yeah. Sean Payton will make. So when you when you watch all of it, the first three games were nothing special. The fourth game was a good game. I three games are nothing special. But and I wanna get my chance to say this the notion that. The notion that the patriots even though they looked bad the last three or four weeks of the regular season, the notion that they would didn't you know, that they shouldn't be favored over the charges that the charges were going to have their way. This is just now not how it works in that game. Mike in New England. It doesn't work that right Sony. I'd like to have a stun gun. Go back all the idiots on television. Who were talking about what the charges could do the patriots? I mean, a real time. I'll miss it his junk for week, and I'm like charges won't even be able to stand up by the third quarter. And of course, they couldn't I was the most easily predictable situation. Just just why do people against Bella chicken Brady of win? When they do. It's so dumb. What got to me? And this is said all the time. I'm just not smart enough to know how it's gonna work. How Bella check is going to change things around. But Bella chick used Devlin as a blocking fullback, and he used gronkowski almost exclusively as a blocking tight, end and Sony. Michelle gained a million yards because that's what Mike that's what Bella check did against this team, which he thought probably was a little bit under-sized in terms of defense different next week. That's right. That's right. I it's listen people talk. About what? You know, what Kansas City can do and where the patriots voluble, and it's different because you're on the road. Yeah. Listen, I bet against him. Oh, you're not you're gonna tell by the way, both both games home team three point favorite over under fifty seven pick them, pick them tough. So you're you're going to you think New England will beat Kansas City in Kansas City. Wow. Only somebody I have sat in Kansas City. It when when the chiefs were favored when they were in thirteen and three seasons and the nymph. This was somebody different than in the team was coached by Marty. Schottenheimer who has a lot in common with Andy Reid, fine, fine, fine. Coach who could just not breakthrough in these big playoff games. And it was it was at least once maybe twice. It was John Elway was John Elway. And Dan Reeves in the end, they just couldn't beat them. And they were favored, and they had this that manager they had this advantage of that advantage. I guess the patriots there. Cool. Something and he's got a rookie quarterback. I don't case is a rookie. He's a rookie rookie quarterback. Yeah. He may be the greatest thing since like bread. Take care. It's like, you know, people. Six weeks ago thought that the Spurs had nothing they got nothing then done. They don't have a point guard. They don't have this. They don't have that traded. Tony parker. What they got pop. They got pop. These people have Bilgic I think don't check is more important to the equation and Brady Bill chick changes it from week to week to create his own Dr Frankenstein out of somebody else. Not quite as not quite as good. But yes, but Bella trick may see, you know, maybe that's speculation. I I don't think so. But maybe what about on the other side? What about with the Rams going to the saints? These teams that highly explosive offenses. But in the last say six weeks of play those offenses have been tamped down. They have down to they played defensive teams. I mean, right teams didn't know how to and neither one of them cares about playing in this came. So I you know, I I'm so disappointed in the NFC title game. Now, I'm NFC guy. Having lived all my life and into NFC cities. I just I don't even care about that game now. But I I don't know I guess the saints at home, I guess and now I can't be thirty five thirty three game. 'cause both of them won't care about the other side of the ball, the one the one thing that I saw in the game the Philadelphia game against the saints. Philadelphia's really a tough team they really physical. They were really tough last year. They got the same people. They're really tough. I'm not, and I know LA has Aaron Donald, but I'm not sure that the Rams are tough like that. And if you're not tough like that, then I think that Camara and Thomas, then then I think that they go for big numbers. What do you think? Mike. Yeah. Had to run the ball thirty five times next week. I just think that game is now it's just a show gain is just nothing. So the other game is the one you're involved in any other game. We'll do the game. It does it it needed it. I'm not seeing if because I'm from Chicago needed the bears or the eagles that's needed and needed that team you need to contract needed to be safe against bears or eagles Rams 'cause you need a tough guy team that would hit somebody in the mouth and al-shabaab Jeffrey ruined it L, Sean Jeffrey and Cody Parker early two thousand nineteen coats villa mean, good guy, or like, I will ask you this. You know, that's a lot of snow. We got yesterday relatively speaking. That's a big time. Snow what do you think? Greg Oden him. That's a big time. Snow really? Yeah. Forget went to the big time. Snow why got ten or eleven in my house. How about you inside? No, not in Saint let me repeat the question. Forgotten with the Binghamton. That's a big time. Binghamton now would have thirty or forty on the ground that's differently. But it's but it's but ten in a shot ten in shot willing to shot. It was two shots. It was Saturday and Sunday. It's a fair point. It was wasn't a shot. It was. Yeah. I got I got ten you know, I got out Chicago's have snowstorms of nine and ten all that often. They get a lot of little ones. They don't we looked this up a couple years ago. No, we looked at twenty a couple of twenty. Okay. The way DC gets an average of fifteen and a half inches of snow a year Binghamton eighty three we get a lot of fifty two or fifty seven something like that. I'll tell you what they get a lot. We give fifteen then let's let's see what how what happens in places like Chicago and Binghamton is this you reach kogo thirty six point in the year where it doesn't go to forty anymore. So whatever is there stays, and then there's layers added to its money on snow cleanup. Unlike this story problem our problem is it every year. It's knows him. 'cause you said we get an average of fifteen. So it's not Florida it every year. Everyone is so surprised that shouldn't be God close it up close it down. Yesterday since PM I get out. I drove a couple of times yesterday. Just 'cause I was so angry at alshon Jeffery had to get in the car. And Dr wander little bit. And Matthew said that don't was out here that's the year. Matty, and I'm out here because I learned driver's, Ed. So when I was five years older than you are now, I could drive in this every day of my life. I learned how to drive took driver's Ed from September to February. So that means three months at least of snow when I was fifteen learning drive. And of course, they close his school at six o'clock, and he's cheering the back of the car. So you know, what I now got the place. This is I think as great as Washington is for ten months year, just spectacular just July. August, I hate. That's it. I just hate being here on the few days it snows. I can't stand it because people are so irresponsibly week about a few inches of snow. I blame out and move on clean it and go to work city of transparency. Thank you later. Guys. I'm glad you guys are. I'm glad you guys ale to the court Heuser buckets. 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Well, how do people send in their music and get it place and us amused by emailing it to jingles at Tony Kornheiser show dot com. So we're in the news portion of the show, which is Nigel portion go ahead. Yes. And before into the news, proper, I referred to that Gary to Taylor swift. I'm sorry. I just didn't let you last song. When I come up with something new, and maybe we could get on the show. She's an ice kid though. Robinson like Mr Tony white mean start off with the Grammy's. Unlike unlike the which were the Golden Globes rather which were last week and sort of came upon us suddenly now it's night. It's actually tonight. The Grammy's begin a month out the Grammy show you singers month out and prep you for when this thing is going to be different the Grammy's promote better used to like watching the Grammy. I don't. The honest Donahue any month gives you prep time in the band's. So like, it's like big bunny like, I'm employees, bad bad. Be sure I'm getting ready on that stuff did say invasion of privacy by Cardi B. What's your favorite album of last year by talked about that a live? Yes. Constantly drag this X zombies with the two big break last, Jim. College basketball of very exciting win for Chris cillizza Johnstown, we evil us can I? With with less than two seconds to go. I thought the game was over when I found out that Georgetown went into overtime. And then another overtime and then won. I was utterly stunned. I saw that Malinowski had fouled out he found out relatively early. He didn't do anything. So and point. And then and everybody was sad. And the other team had was guy. Erupt one happening there up one we missed by those bad miss, by the way, right on the court. And the guy jury conjoint freshman. Oh, he thinks he's better than good. Yeah. We'll you doing. Yeah. Unchanged channel the kid from gate city from where did you hit the shock? We pull up. I'd have court. Thanks it. Bank to go Buddha's. Well, in Chris I had I had already made notes at this is another close loss, Georgetown. And no they now by the way Marquette coming in tomorrow night. Marquette is good this year. So that scores fifty against ranked twenty if you thought that that was exciting and for you that was tremendously exciting. I have so little did you see Duke. Yes. Did you see the end of Duke? That was great at Florida state. That's the third best team. Does reddish. Design Williams to injury. Yes. Play the entire second half. Good news for the bad cats. How do we do we need to go undefeated this week? Weekly or the team in the in the nine member America east. I looked at the scores in the Sunday page prince doesn't play game on a weekend. We have nine teams. Yeah. So they played four four. We were the one. The university of Phoenix not we played Strayer and we lost. Were there any other scores that you are? Seventeen enough. They beat northwestern Handley at Michigan. There's seventeen they're really good. They're really good. Really good. They're really good. There's about five teams at a really good. Did you eventually Michigan state will be really good? Because always only score that. I was really surprised by was Louisville who is not killing Carolina North Carolina at North Carolina. And that's Kevin max for that's the Xavier coach who's now at Louisville. Okay. Mac not Kevin max first year. I mean, I was not Marlin MAC either. Now, I was stunned. They're twenty five points. I mean, not a good game. Louisville's a good program. But not this year allegedly killed them turps at a nice win. In the house there. That's the big transfer situation. If Loxley gets Jalen hurts, it means they won't be able to pass. But they'll belly can't. Now, they'll matriculate the ball up the field. They can do that. He's a great college quarterback. What else in Penn lost their Stony Brook? Princeton lose the Princeton at Princeton rat pen. Oh, this is at Penn. This time that's bad own two on the season. Oh, but they beat Villanova. They've got that Villanova win who who was the first loss to know. This was a they lost to Princeton about a week ago. When you say oh in two on the season. Oh into against Princeton, their home and home. They lost them both their first two conference game there against wow. But with the tournament now Toledo early in the year, seventy seven forty five. Are you looking at Penn's history? Monmouth beat him by two. Yeah. But how they do against Villanova. They beat. They beat Villanova here in New Mexico. You know? You know? I know he's not there anymore. But I mean, yeah. Sure. Okay. What would he got? Maybe he's to football. Mr Tony, Terrell Owens on the Twitter last night said, hey at real Jerry Jones about time for a coaching change. Don't you think to playoff wins and ten years? Garrett isn't the answer and never will be way to compete guys, hashtag real talk. And I think somebody tweet about him and said, it was our grapes. And he tweeted back into that yet. Maybe a little that set suck got rid of me. And had Jerry thinking, I was the problem. So what does he go you worthy problem? So what does it really since I left, then he writes in parentheses jeopardy? Tune. He's terrible person. He's terrible narcissist. He's a bad guy. He's a team killer. He's a great talent. And he's all of those other things to the fact he didn't go to Kenton for the hall of fame. At least he didn't. I thought when you started that it was yet another tweet about how he's ready to play something push on his drive south pal outside his house. Today's decision day for Kyla Murray. Whether he will play with the as you go into the NFL draft and play football, the as have been authorized to offer him significant more guaranteed money to choose to Gary if you call him he's five foot nine I think I played baseball. What if you never get to the majors, then where's your money? All right. Can I when you're in when you're in the NFL the NFL, I'll give the NFL ago. I'll give it a go. Yeah. See what I can get the rookie contract. I'll know in a year or two, and if I got and then you can always fall back easier to fall back on the baseball unless unless leg is broken. Of course, got baseball. You gotta believe in your abilities. Right. I mean as didn't pay him four and a half and willing to whatever it was nights those and then be willing to pay more. If they think that he's not a guy who will least make the majors Griffin. I mean, you got to believe in yourself. And I just think football. I mean, how many football story careers and all that. Well Brady, I mean, they're just tell you that that by and large your career in baseball is more lucrative, and it is longer with steps in a big time quarterback in for the most part, and I know exception of quarterbacks bit here too. But. Your life after sports is considerably as a baseball player as a football player. Now. You're right quarterbacks. Get Hitler say base, Michael I would say baseball, and you have to think the position he plays makes it a little bit tougher for the guaranteed QB money upfront. But there's going to be the fast track for him to get to the bigs the war. You would be what he get there faster than than than when he should because he's not quite ready. And then he has no staying power, and then he sort of lost in both those professional rats with Andy Murray stepping down from tennis. Up your -bility. So my take on this from a Redskin standpoint is I can now see rock-bottom, unfortunately, it's not behind me. It's a head of me. The Redskins customer declares to draft. The Redskins take him at fifteen and he says, no, thanks. I'm gonna play baseball that. And we'll be right bottom for the Redskins. From there. We can build up right Nigel. Are you doing the Bryce Harper story from USA today front runners? Five hour meeting with his wife and Boris yesterday. USA today reporting that they are the favorites to lend clear favorites to land break, I will be at least we want to see him. I won't like him. I won't Phillies is a real day. That is the street. Yeah. Did you watch to the Washington Wizards yesterday against Toronto down over twenty? Came back to. Great overtimes against a good. This is when they beat Milwaukee onto Toco did not play in that game. Right. Toronto had its play. Oh, yeah. They had Lowry. They had coli Leonard. Beal went for forty three fifteen and ten that's that's pretty impressive and wilpon and I had this conversation yesterday. Now, I know that the raptors beat the wizards in double overtime by one point. I was a Bacha hit a shot three. They down you hit a. And they had a shot at the end. But it they they they did not get the ball in as well as they should have. It wasn't clean. It was twice and open. I mean, okay Grachev green throws it to Otto a little low. But he's opened at the at the three point extent. It's very short very short. They're better. This is not possible. It's not possible to be better. Without your best player. They are better without John wall. They look for each other more without John wall, Bradley Beal is selfish buddy has to be in that situation. And it's paying off. They are better without John wall. John wall will come back. They will be worse. They're stuck with the sky for the rest of time. It's impossible for me to tell you how you can be better without your best. You think they're not? No, I think they they are better are better. No one could argue they are not better in the short term as they were last year without John will in the short term. The question is is it sustainable? I mean, not only were they better with John all the guy who replaced him yesterday shut to thirteen with had four point seven, two assists and thirty six minutes. It's not like last year Seto came in and sort of triple W he's up and down and Aretha yesterday one rebound away from a triple double. Which would have been the first time ever in wizards history. So I don't disagree with you that here currency better. Well, the ball moves it does. Yeah. The team. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. They're not a good team when he's out there. I also think I he see this learn from it. No no last year. No. No, I think his demeanor. They lost his pointed out his relationship with Beal. I think are problematic to his demeanor on the core is like all that stuff. What's clear when you have the team they have now is Bill is that alpha dog auto is a good second, Anna. And then you got a bunch and he got Thomas, Bryan, who's an active body. But everybody has a very clearly. Clearly defined set of roles. You know that if the game is tied. Beal is getting I sort of have a theory that Beal needs to be able to play without a conscience. And he can't when wall. Yes. Tangle did. Talk about playing without a conscious, and we don't need to go through all the NBA. But look harden is that I think the MVP right now heard was one for seventeen from three yesterday's one for seventeen. What else? The playing this. Well, without maybe the best play other than wool, and that's Dwight Howard. He comes back. Never game. Thomas Brian has been gold. There's no point Thomas. Bryan is good as imagine. When you only need them. Eighteen minutes of game after white Howard can play effectively hands. Samalikho happy trails. Mr Tony JD Gibbs oldest logical disease. He's been on yourself, but dealing with for years. I don't really weren't. Sure. How he got into? What was going on? Yeah. All right. So do your Florida. Oh, yeah. This is I thought it was Florida. It's actually from a Wichita falls in Texas State of Texas police received a co Friday morning at nine AM employees of a WalMart requested offers to banning woman from that store after she had reported been drinking wine from a Pringles can for several hours everybody while riding on an electric own. I wonder. Ninety electric car normally full people with handicaps. Wait. You don't know that she's not handicapped. That's true. No that I don't know that for fact, she just took a car started drinking wine from Pringles. Can I'm okay, we making something that you're just driving in that in that she's drinking like you see someone zooming around card. How do you know, it's wine in the Pringles? Can we have to go? Jay, say drinking the lines. And put it in the Pringles candidacy by the one of the two for one. I don't think she got the one at WalMart. I think that was a self supply way of Pringles can is not it's not that much. But it's it's. That great. You know? I don't think that you can get loaded completely loaded on one the warrants me. The WalMart employees told the police that she'd been riding around the store's parking lot since six thirty AM. Okay. Doorbuster. When officers arrived, they found the woman in a nearby restaurant at which point she was arrested just notified that she'd been barred what she do what what what would the recipe shrunk in public? But she wasn't disorderly card around drinking print can't go to that WalMart anymore. That's the side. Let's get outta here. We will come back with old guy radio and an old guy. We're gonna talk about the snow and we have conflicting opinions here. I'm Tony Kornheiser. This is the Tony Kornheiser show. This is so no sad. And it starts with their. We hope you enjoy your Sonos home. Sound system are play bass will put you at the center of all your favorite TV shows and movies, plus it plays music. So you can go from watching the game the blasting victory song, the Sonos one blends great, San with Amazon Alexis, so you can use your voice to control music, podcasts and more just ask we chose you to do this. That's me because we like how personality comes through on your podcast. We'd like to hear you talk about your personal experience with Sonos in your own voice. And engage with your listeners the way you would on any other topic. And so I will I have the Sonos system that Michael put in. I don't know if they know how you engage with your audience. Okay. Do you put in the system? Yes. And it's a lovely system. It is lovely. You install it, Michael. I did. Sonos play music and boy legs. How would you describe the quality of the Sonos system in very high quality, very high quality and the setup could not have been easier. Mr. Mr. cillizza. So and it says it says did you ever use voice control in your Sonos one day? Alexa for game scores of sports. No, no. I don't do that. And let me just give a personal story here. I am not one of the people who mixes technology. I don't mix anything last night at a fabulous dinner where Ron Elizabeth Elizabeth made. How would you describe that bred the best bread that I ever had? Did you bring us right now? Honestly. Yes. So the desert steep was a combination of peaches, and strawberries, I don't eat that. I don't eat peaches, peaches can't touch anything. They can't touch anything. So I'm just getting to the point that I don't talk to Alexa. The best is grabbing what he will not eat the baby boy, booties happily downing these peaches. Ann's plane. I don't mix food or technology. I don't do that. And it leads me to the baby. Boy, thank you for bringing the baby boy up virtually every time the baby boy comes over because he's now in the phase of walking around and touching and he's transporting and packing taking. Yes. Stuff from column and putting it over into column. The schemes hold puts his hands on the Sonos. He puts it on. And then suddenly instead of needing only number eight on sound you need number thirty seven on sound because what has Buzi done. He's just turned off your system. Yeah. So, and I I, of course, turn it back. Yes, he's unlinked the Sonal system from the TV speakers. So. Yeah. Trying to play both. So I would say to everybody out there who may not have a one and a half year old grandchild to learn more about Sonos home sound systems. Go to Sonos S O N O S O N dot com. That's Sonos dot com. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. This is an honor of Chris. Were doing this guy radio. This is supreme this is when van Ross is with the supreme. Oh, yeah. Will you explain why we're doing this song? Exactly. Yes. Because in nineteen seventy at the frontier hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, which that was fifty that was four ninety nine we're done years ago. And I believe the frontier was run by Moe green to check that certainly possible before that last massage the Supremes played the last concert with Diana Ross, and she introduces replacement Jean Terrell onstage. Sister of Tammi Terrell, Ernie Terrell. Oh know. On she would perform one more time and the twenty five TD special in nineteen three. But this really was the one with Michael Jackson, isn't it? I believe it is Billie Jean. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. But this is the last real nobody really remembers anything. But that with the Jackson Five at that. If you wondering where they go the dance moves, you know, the hand up like talked to them before the first TV televised performance of the single by Paul Williams. And Melvin Franklin. What you try this? So I said this is dedicated to Chris you explain why. Well, I mean, I did spend an afternoon with Diana Ross. That's actually an evening. I scare you phrase that. Yeah. Good point. I stayed at her house in college. I was dating a woman who was best friends with one of Diana's daughters. Not the actress story this Russia's another one. They went to Georgetown. And we went and stayed at her house in Greenwich, and it was lovely. I swam what she was. She was lovely and and very like a little bit a little remove. She wasn't like hanging out with me. But when I was very pleasant I played with her day had young boys. Young ish Suns at that point. Who were you know, are now I'm sure in their twenties beautiful home when you walk down the hallway to go to the boys game room, where they had arcade and stuff all of the gold records was real is that I was a dumb. Twenty any as holding up to paper, though. Yeah. I got those over under. Yeah. I didn't I was a young lad sing it all tour and later that woman became my third wife. Let us promise. This. I promise to talk about the snow in my tremendous anger, which will be blunted by my son who will say that. I'm stupid for doing these things, but let me just begin this way on Thursday Friday off, and I was going out to the beach, and I was going to to to see about the mold to see if the mold was remediated in my house and a word that I had gone a lot of decades without ever hearing. And then I heard it, and yes, the the house look great. There is no more mold inexpensive word. It's very expensive. It means to clean your house of mold to the tune of about twenty thousand. Okay. Twenty K. So. So you could have had mold removal for third of that. I was very needed remediation. Okay. I was very interested in when the snow would start on Saturday because I was going out Friday. I was going to come back on Saturday before the snow came back, and I was very before. The snow started falling, and I was very interested to how much snow we would get. And I watch Doug camera number one fan. Boy, Doug camera on channel four on Thursday with a sort of a hangdog look on his face saying that the threshold for sledding was three inches, and he wasn't sure we would get two three. He thought we'd get to three. But that was that. It was not going to be much of an event. I saw Melia Draper say this is not a big time event. Don't worry about it. There will be no school closings. It's just not a big deal. So I left confident on Friday morning went out to the beach that the snow would start at about three or four o'clock on Saturday. I'd be back long before that. And it was not going to be a big deal. When I got back the forecast. Had changed to four to six inches in the metro area four to six inches in the metro area. And that would have been okay total. But at my house yesterday at my house yesterday. I shoveled Ron came over and shoveled at about five to six inches at about ten o'clock in the morning yesterday and in the afternoon, and then there was a period of time with with light snow falling. No big deal in the afternoon. Twelve in three lights in the afternoons. When games were going on. I'm just going to tell you that. I think I got twelve inches of snow in my house. I really do and everything that was shoveled yesterday was worthless by last night and certainly worthless by this morning, and it was a big enough snow that it confounds the dog the dog can't find any place to make because the dog can't sniff. The dog has to stick its nose all the way down in the snow and still doesn't get any sense that it can really use. I believe that they were hopelessly hopelessly inadequate in their predictions. I believe that they had it wrong. All the way up to the end. They just continued to have it wrong and wrong and wrong. And I hope Melissa malay-. I hope she's happy. I hope she's happy doing snow angels. Yeah. I hope she got into work today with with whatever car they had to send for and as of yesterday at yesterday at noon or two or three the main roads were fine. And Michael, you think you think? I'm wrong in being this critical. I think you're correct in being critical. But you're misplacing the timeline. You should not be mentioning any forecast from Thursday or Friday at this point because it did shift a little bit later. I think you need to be a little heavier in your criticism of yesterday's forecast. After three pm we make the decision to come over to your house because they say there's one to two inches of snow remaining in the system at that point. We'd already had five to six we'd already taken care of the drive of the sidewalk will get into sidewalk etiquette after this. But there is another four to five inches after three P. I had to go back out, and there's still accumulating snow until nine when you're trying to. When you're trying to make travel plans even locally that to me is where the big misses. I don't think you can really hold much weight with what they're saying on Thursday because that does continue to change. And I do think you need to recognize capital weather gang still does it very good job. All the all the TV radio people. They just missed yesterday afternoon. There were there were there were two distinct events where I live. There was a five to six inch snowfall Saturday night into Sunday, which they essentially nailed I thought yes, they said one inch between seven p in about eleven to midnight. And then there was an there was about four hours of nothing. Clear roads, it was fine. And there wasn't a nother five where I live. I had eleven inches another five to six inches. Yes. They have that. Which was completely uncalled for as as recently as Sunday morning. They were saying a winter storm watch in effect through one or maybe it was four o'clock on Sunday. Then as the day went on that became six, and then it became eight and then at eight they were saying it was going to snow until midnight, which it extensively where I am did yesterday. So that I'm I'm kind of with Michael and kind of not I mean, I felt they were completely on the first one. In fact, I had exchanged with Kevin yesterday. I haven't seen it. I'm going to clean it up and read it to you briefly. But I said at ten ten I said, I wanna clean up when there's no more than two inches remaining. Because it'll just if you got cleaned. This is ten in the morning and in the morning yesterday. Please let meteorite I can do this. And she has I don't wanna miss the game. I wanted to get it done before the football. And he said it noon one two three more. Went out. So I went out and did it, and I was I was fine for a couple of hours it stopped. So it was at twelve fifteen. He sent me that at one fifty seven. I said, thanks all good at seven fifty three. I'm trying to think how much I can get away with saying here. But at some fifty three I'll just say something. Next. You freaking stink explanation point. I have shoveled twice since you texted me one two three more. Most recently at halftime of the second game. I now have three plus on the ground, and it's falling steadily where ten inches here. And I'm going to crush on Tony show tomorrow. And he wrote back we have over a foot where I am may have been a little bit off on that one. We'll sell a place. It's always about the banding. So he's on the bed, depending that's where it becomes irresponsible. So we're leaving your house and we'd felt totally comfortable driving over. And frankly, if you were smart and careful driving home was fine to as we're getting into the car. They shut down metro bus services because up and down Wisconsin avenue. One of the main north-south roads consonant Connecticut enjoyed blesses were slipping and getting stuck now, obviously, I'm not in a in a bus. But that's a big difference. Once you get above that threshold of the seven or eight that they thought there. I I. I was and remain in raged. This is ridiculous thing. It's not I went out in the morning like a good dolt and I- shoveled in there was a ton of snow at my house in Fairfax county. I then go out with my wife, we go to the mall with my kid because my other kid is at the wizards game we go to the mall. My the kid nothing is open. So now, I'm in raged even further nothing is open at the mall, the mall is open. But no, Stu no reason for noon. Yeah. There was no reason for that at noon yesterday. The roads crossing in front of my six years trying to get it to bogging. They were ready for that. I made like pre-treated roads. I was banging on the I was not happy. Solicits shovels. He does the single shovel with me track. I'm the house. It is a mathematical pattern. It looks like an editor drawing. It's very complicated. I go back out there. It's like five. I'm like, oh, it's picking up a little bit. I go back out there. And I I do the push because there's like an inch out there. Go back out there. Two hours later, there's another four inches. And I you know that movie the Christmas story where the dad goes in the fix the furnace. Yes. That type of situation words that no man should utter. I was so angry. Honey, you're the kids. It's not not. So and then today when I'm coming in here Virginia, I guess we don't plow their nothing, man. The rival. You see my I tend to be very critical of whether people all the time because I think they get it wrong more often than get it. Right. As a political dicator? I'm very careful of critique. Oh, Michael's position. Is it doesn't matter what they said on Thursday as long as what they said on Saturday or Friday was was apropos of the changing weather condition. I keep track of everything, and I got an you you can art that. But you're allowed to make changes to that forecast. The issue that you have is you're taking in too much data. You're looking at your phone, which is not giving you any reliable sense of what's going to be happening in your neighborhood is if it Sankara saying, you're saying Accu weather on my phone says, I'm gonna get gem. Plus, Nagla weather AccuWeather is always it gives you the percentage of how much snow is going to went up. It went up all day. It started out there to be. Maybe we should wait six inches or more. And then it was all the way up inclusive of ten or eleven inches and in my neighbor in the two zero one five I am convinced. I have at least ten and problem. It's eight to twelve no one had less than eight and a half. And I'll say this about forecasting because I spoke to Kevin into that conversation next weekend. He saying this big one big one, and this is not going to be gone. So that means it's that means them over until March. I hate the snow so much. Well, move say big one. Well, a foot and then cheap freeze situation one for ten or twelve days. So it doesn't go away. Even even try to Inter's here. What's great driving in today Assad dad show up in the four by four, thankfully, but all he all he had done this morning was do the quick ice grape, right? Where you're is gonna still three. Hey coming off hitting your. That guy. Okay. You with a foot of snow on your roof? No, not a foot because I don't know. Because you. It was the new snow from about sokaia clock on. All right. We will take a break. We'll have are we capable of doing you mail. Sean is fixed the printer fantastic, Sean did a great job, and we will have Email in jingle. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You'll listening to the Tony Kornheiser ship. Who's that is streghten from Seattle just one name so sting. Do you grandpa while I never made it to the whistling big leagues. I still enjoying doing it in my spare time, please accept my humble. Whistling addition. That's streghten streghten testing before we get to the mail bag. Let me take Michael wilbon for coming on the show today. Thank our sponsors Sonos. Casper mattresses and lows. Remember, listen and subscribe to new and archived episodes of the Tony Kornheiser show where every listen to podcast including apple podcast Spotify and Google play. If you listen to show tunes, please leave a review from Nick gun placid, New York, and it's cold up there, attach, please find my proposal for the mural chatter. I'm veiled start as soon as possible needed Cilicia. It's picture of crystallization in a pair of boxer shorts. It's it's. Stands pickles. We are. Ideas for murals. We are soliciting ideas for a number of tasteful nudes. If anyone Tony Beason in Cincinnati grandpa. Let me get straight you wanna free mural at the chatter based upon the following scenario. I'm not going to pay you. But when you die you'll receive total consciousness consciousness, so as an artist you got that going few, which is nice PSI still have some people in cyber have crushed you for soliciting for feet free mural versus Pang. I mean, there's until two. Yeah. Don't kill that. I just this is a chance to get you work. You need to know space too. It's not like you're going to be exploiting this personnel. Shakes come on from sully from Boston never reveal. I've got no ability to draw paint the mural myself. But I got an idea that maybe local artist could run with forty feet of crystallises sewn together, you mean, centipede style. So the trillion over and over again, Kevin Hampton Virginia longtime listener of the show since he SPN days. I just like to say a love the way the show has changed since she left radio slobber slobber golf, my dad died once golf slobber slobber Buzi. Well, it's really nice that he liked it bogged the frady's in Tucson Arizona as mentioned regarding the scathing Walpole review of imagine dragons, see below from Tom shales review of Kathy Lee Gifford Christmas special. No, he did this all the time. This is nine hundred ninety eight what's the difference between the twenty four hour flu in a Kathy Lee Gifford Christmas, special twenty three hours to catch either one if you could help it, but when CBS refuse to make this year's addition of the agonizing event available in the Vance TV critics one such critic instead of being grateful for the. Unintentional kindness was tempted to tune in any way to see how we're if things have improved. He should've known better big mistake, the special had more or Haarer than holiday glow and prove punishingly similar to previous efforts. In other words, it might have been called. I saw what you did last Christmas. From dog Quincy in crofton, Maryland. I wanted to let you know about a great deal. We have an empty table in our house about three feet by eight feet. And we're looking for local people who want to sit around and do a podcast wouldn't have to be much nothing like the process or anything. Just a good opportunity for local podcast. It's like you. There's no pay. But perhaps we could use this as a way to hone your skills at resetting the board trouble-shooting forced updates. What have you? We're giving away table space for you to do a podcast. You don't wanna miss out again, no peck. So okay. So this is about the mural everything is about the mural tone to it. That's okay. But I don't mind you mentioned that the process a lot of people have have the rookeries. Bron film about Rufus essentially draft Klaus the money didn't land in the account. What you can do about that. We're for Rufus, but we are kneeling Raul. I want to congratulate Nigel on Thursdays. Great throwback show because nothing brings back the style. Joe of listening to the five seventy AM show on a small transistor radio to a single ear. But then mono, podcast brilliant. Tom Maceio Boston late. Well, you work by way of new Hyde Park on Long Island two and a half years ago. I mailed you have to listen to you and solicit insult Prius and backpacks which owned at the time despite being a man over forty. I no longer on a Prius. Does that make me more of a man or the same amount of a man does he same amount from where sandals agus in Frederick, Maryland? Has anyone checked the browse about for Carmelo Anthony lick satellite leg Papa Theam? In paris. France on Thursdays podcast, you casually asked your son. What have I got a four wheel drive that serious what young people referred to as a baller few things are more one percent of the not even remembering everything, that's. In your garage is I don't have garage your inspiration all of us who aspire to someday successfully rise, the middle class respect respect tipping from Scott's lesson. Jer rights talk about a tilted Plainfield. You have a pro picking games, and he gets to pick which games he wants the bet week after week the Amador Chuck Todd the most difficult games to bet and Todd is winning. Then Maas says he's catching up during the playoffs. And I'm like Todd again gets the skip the games that are too hard. They're not even close Todd is the pro maybe Masha to meet the press and Todd bet the process come on, man. What are we doing PS, Chuck if you're looking for someone to talk on meet the press on climate, I am lesson Slesinger senior adviser for federal fares. If you're out of your bike, everyone is always do wear white. We're not gonna be this year. Still. She call. Not. Sure. Holding. You will may go your mom. Friday. Show. We should get allows. We have a wall. John about. Hello, ma'am. Beta back. Chips. Them. Foul. Stew without. Loaf? Numb. Now. Loss mum. Making. So oh, yeah. Wow. This guy stood up. Are you got to go the bathroom? Know. Peaceable is just so hard to buy a women's no. You have a endless days and just to explo-. That there was. That there was. It's bigly sky Nordic guy. I think I at gall yawn. And in single that is no doubt of Domo secrets Nomo say. There is. Saal? Shoe? Will love her shoe. And have faith that so round though, well-intentioned may be. But I think it so mad. Nominate someone will sing back. There is. Now. On a sound. On. Giles scare me Saab scene. How? Scaling over of tree. You have now.

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