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Discipline & Devotion {Part 1 of 3}


You're listening to the mindful minute meditations created for every day joy I'm Merrill Net Mama meditators and Co owner of sacred in West this podcast reported from my live Monday night meditation us where we have a brief discussion followed by twenty nine guided. Meditation isn't actually matter what your breath feels like it doesn't actually matter what you notice about your breath the whole in is if I can pay attention to something as subtle as my breath for a prolonged period of time I'm pretty good at concentrating tation series is titled Discipline and devotion the two aspects that are needed for a meditation practice. I mean I'm pretty good at staying in the present moment and that's the skill of being mindful so when we feel you only reason we call it to attention is to help hone our ability to concentrate that's it it does on the other hand they are emeged within the practice and every piece is both every piece is both and and when this when this series sort of I came to me in the tidal came to me I envisioned I think having we feel the breath which I think is a little confusing because also the instruction for mindfulness meditation is that we allow everything right so mindfulness traditionally is defined as being in the present moment without judgment and with Cassian being in the present moment without judgment and with compassion that's the whole definition there's nothing that says you can't ver- meditated before in any way shape or form you have probably very likely heard some teacher like myself say something like pay early right if you're doing that that can be in the present moment that's what you're feeling in this moment and it's not about ignoring that Shen so if we're in the present moment and ninety sirens go screaming by the studio tonight that's the present moment and if we're in the so we're starting today with the breath which I think is the perfect example of both because it's the discipline and the devotion of the practice so if you have a- and the breath so the breath is what is most often are anchor in a meditation practice and the think there's nothing that says you should feel a certain way it is just being in the present moment without judgment and with compassion isn't movement and all you're thinking about is the emails that you left unanswered today and you really should go home and deal with them before you go to bed cushal sleep better but then you have to get up so into the breath feel the breath notice the breath and then we just kind of drop off into silence and hang out there and you're supposed to just like endlessly God or shoving it off to the side and saying I'm GonNa think about it later or sh I'm not supposed to do that right now it's about all of that breath for half a second and then drift off to think about what you're going to eat for dinner after this class that's in the present moment for half a second now in the future about what I wanted to talk about what I realized was there's no dividing it up in that way it you can't say well the discipline is on one hand and the devotion yes that was on the discipline side of meditation and a class then about like the devotion side of meditation but then when I really sat down and started to and you might do that for you might walk down that path for a while right I'm really hungry what am I gonNa get for dinner maybe I'm going to stop at the grocery store now I got stuff at home I'll just cook when I get home right eventually I noticed that that's what I'm doing I come back into the present moment and over time as we practice we get better at coming back we're in future for a good minute they're going down that path and then you go away I'm supposed to be meditating I come back I feel the breath in the present moment I do that for faster and then over time as we practice we realized that we can feel the breath and thoughts can happen and Africa breath or a whole breath and then I think about the email my boss sent me this morning that really got under my skin and I sort of stew on that for a while and now I'm back in the past do the very thing that we need to survive without ever having to think about it at all no matter what and so this breath is ah discipline right it's the discipline of concentration of stained present of awareness angry I'm feeling the breath tire and feeling the breath I'm happy I'm feeling the breath we start to be able to just stay to stay present and also there's an element of devotion to breath because how magical that from the moment we're born until the moment we die we don't have to go anywhere right so we can be feeling the breath God that email really upset me today I'm feeling that you're tation feeling the breath I'm really I came across a a roomy quo perfectly in conjunction with this class and right we never have to spare a thought a second for our breath and it will continue for as long as our life continues wrote with every breath I plant the seeds of devotion I'm a farmer of the heart with every breath Jeff I plant the seeds of devotion I am a farmer of the heart and I've been sitting without for about a week that she doesn't need to practice love what she needs to practice is being clear minded and unframed because in those moments he's able to love unconditionally and somehow that statement and roomies words for me just came together this idea struck me it felt really rich and then I'm also reading a book by a Buddhist Meditation Teacher Her name is Sylvia Bornstein and she was writing I don't actually even remember what the chapter was about in all honesty but what jumped out at me in the chapter was she unafraid and so let me just speak to that unafraid in this very specific caveat because certainly there are people have the cue to pay attention to the breath but now you know it's not like with a grip I gotta feel every breath and if that's the case tonight or at any point for you in your practice just stop open your eyes don't worry about the breath you are this is what matters this is what means meditating it's simply a tool to say pay attention be here be clear minded and be ear and unafraid and then everything else is there it's already within us so we'll practice tonight and we'll experienced trauma around breath and certainly even without trauma sometimes somebody saying pay attention to your breath all the sudden you're like am I of being a farmer of the heart it's not about like let me work on my love skills let me work on my compassion skills it's can I be here and can I be clear does happen very frequently in meditation sometimes that you didn't realize you were supposed to pay attention to the breath and somehow it makes you feel like you might hyperventilate giving you put your hands on the ground just help yourself ground for a minute and just let go of the anchor for the time being once you feel a little bit steadier and a little on your lap perhaps palms face down and if it's comfortable for you you can let your eyes close if that doesn't feel safe today safer you can come back to it even if it's just for a second at a time that you're like let me see if I can pay attention to this breath and if that feels safe great you can do another one always you can take a soft gaze down towards the ground just allowing yourself to settle in a way that feels comfortable and alert take a moment to really consciously feel yourself sit down relaxing the full weight of your body into the cushions blankets or chairs beneath you lead can flow if you're listening at home today you can sit in a chair with your feet flat on the earth wherever you are you'll let your hands rest so let's try practice together yeah if

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