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This episode of every little thing is brought to you by the makers of Hillshire snacking small plates of classy pack of Salami Cheese and toasted rounds Hillshire snacking. Just a little bit fancy. This episode of every little thing is brought to you. By the all-new Twenty Twenty Subaru outback. With eight point seven inches of ground clearance and standard x mode. It's designed to be the most capable adventurous outback. Ever learn more your local Subaru retailer or at Subaru Dot com slash outback. And for the last couple of weeks. While I've been stuck inside. I've been calling people who can't be people who are out working right now doing jobs you've heard of and some you probably haven't Lou. Hi It's Laura from Lt. Hey I want I can misspell any name. So do you mind spelling it for me so my name is Jacob skull the normal age as the OB and it may sound super boring? But I am a label printer service technician so if I go around to all of our local warehouses you know Amazon and pharmaceutical and medical companies. I go every week to a company that does arenavirus tests and shipping them out all over the country. Try I go in. And if things aren't printing right I figure out why or replace parts but my main job is just going through and cleaning everything to make sure it's still working correctly. How these last few weeks been for you. So it's it's interesting. I mean the only technicians actually leaving our office now because most places are closed down or not accepting visitors but I go to our customers. That are mission critical. I guess you could say. Are you worried for your own health? A little bit. Obviously everyone's a little freaked out but we've had to just kinda work like nothing's happening it's kind of crazy. I mean I'm just a trainer repair guy but it's I'm realizing how many people you know. They say essential workers how many people really are essential to keep the world running. It's weird to think that me going through it and wiping down at printer with some rubbing alcohol can help save lives. Anybody you WANNA give a shout out to. I think to me it's all the carriers and delivery drivers Fedex and you guys were male carriers. They're probably in more danger than a lot of people especially because they're touching everything Hello Hey it's Laura from every little thing high flora. I'm Megan and I deliver packages. Where am I finding you today? I am in Massachusetts Salem. What have you been delivering a lot of paper and Cape Cowl a lot of furniture being delivered? Everyone in a matter of a couple of weeks turned their home into an office I had a couple easels already today. He's he's old when you're delivering an Easel. Are you like understand their stuff? I'm also like Goddamn this have what's Morale Lake with you and your co workers I would say it's kind of low over also like we kind of have our own bartering systems like someone will bring in hand sanitizer and you give them gloves for. Yeah my friend She's been collecting bath and body. Hand sanitizer for years. So it's like got sparkles in it but I think it works. Now is now. Her moment she gave him. I gave her some Lysol Bites. Who I've down here. This is Kinda funny but also feels really sad to me it is. I mean you know management's doing what they can but there's nothing anywhere so we're all stepping in and helping out you know. Someone is boxing gloves at a store. They buy an extra box for the rest of us. You know but it's tough especially like in the morning when raw picking up our packages and stuff for the day and all they co workers are all talking to each other like I always leave the office and just have a panic attack like many like panic attack where we're just 'cause we feed on each other stress about being outside. Does it feel like you were? You've been drafted. It feels like every morning like I'm going into war. Does it yeah? It does that level of stress that is always there. 'cause you're outside and you're touching things all day and you have access to think constantly so your hand sanitizer. It's just training. I don't know how to explain it. It's like I don't know when I've messed up. Did I touched my face. Where can I go to wash? My hands is perfect and then like I got home and just exhausted like I'll work on normal a normal eight hour day. We'll feel like a thirteen hour day and then like today. I'm working ten hour day as going to feel it even longer than that. How do you feel about being out there? I slow inbetween. This is stupid. Why about here? I feel like I should be home. We should all be home to like. I have a lot of pride because it does stop. People need like I'm out here so the less people that need to be out here. You know need delivering. A package is better than everyone leaving their homes to go. Go Go to the store and get stuff but it's a sacrifice for you. Yeah yeah on. It does feel like a sacrifice but I feel better when I don't see as people outside. What can people do like people who are getting packages delivered? Like what can we do to make your life better? I think you have extra hand. Sanitizer like especially portable bottles loves. Maybe a snack too because a lot of the restaurants and stuff we eat a close. Yeah sealed snacks. That can be sanitized. Opinion I really appreciate you making time to chat right before a ten hour day. It'll be along but thank you for calling. Thank you for thinking of us. Thank you for doing what you're doing really look. I hope that you know it's one on behalf of any you know Hello Hey this is far from every little thing is. It really isn't happening. I can't believe it. Hi My name is Anne. And I'M A bus driver in Washington. Are you guys are still in service? Oh yeah definitely were Was a large reduction of ridership. But yeah like there's people that rely on the bus so I'm not really worried about my job at all actually have more work because alive. Divers are calling in so like when there were thirteen hours and yesterday I worked fifteen hours. They're gonNA break today to talk with you. How are you feeling right now? Like what is your mental state So I don't know so we yesterday last night as I was going out for my last bit of work We found out that one of our drivers passed away from the virus. I God I only knew the guy impasse things but that could have just as easily been me like you. You have so. It's like super shocking. So today has kind of been like I feel like I'm on a knife edge between. Oh this is completely fine. It's going to blow over and maybe I should grow a huge long beard and go live in the mountains by myself. You know. I'm so sorry yeah so I don't know how to feel to feel. I'm sorry no I I have no idea how to feel. Yeah Hey this is far from every little thing high flora. My Name is Lucy. I'm so I work at a pharmacy in Cortlandt. Are People still coming into the store? People are still coming into the store. We're really trying to push for chest. Delivery and pickup by corporate keeps sending US things about you know wearing this all together. We're year supporting our customers. And they need us to be president and calm but it's like how do you be present and calm with someone when you're worried that you're getting sick or that you're gonNa make them sick just all? Those decisions are coming from people who work in offices it just you feel so disposable. I mean I can't really lose my job but also I don't really WANNA lose my lungs either so What about with the customers? What's it like in the store honestly? It's really hard to be polite to people when they say they're just browsing. It's just so frustrating even people who are coming in and saying thank you for being here. I just want to tell them like. We'll you're welcome but if you weren't here I wouldn't be. I could be at home safe with my family but you needed to come out and buy a single bottle of calcium. What's the stupidest thing someone bar recently? A scarf so annoyed and she really didn't seem like she wanted to buy it. She's wearing it around the store conflict. You have to buy that. Now it's been around your neck by your face. You have to buy that or is this like a bottle of foundation. You'RE GONNA be your house for weeks. No one's going to even see your side. I really am grateful that you're making this show. You know like I think when I called my fat message. I think I probably sounded like cried as I was relieved at my wit's end and and so it was really Cathartic. Leave the message. You can use our help line for that anytime anytime you need to scream into the void. A three three ring. Yeltsi thank you. I'm pulling next time I call. It can be about something fun in stupid. I am looking forward to that day too. I have to say I. Who were you grateful to right now. Every parent who now has to become a teacher. All of a sudden and teachers always always teachers. This is Marsha. Hey it's floor from every little thing that's why that's sounds like a recording. I'm a living person it's wild it's nice to hear from you. Tamasha MEDEA and I'm a fifth grade teacher and South King County in Washington State. Okay so you. You're in a hot spot. Yeah I feel like you guys are sort of living in the future there. Yes March twelve was the day that we close squad for cove in nineteen but we kind of had like an idea that it would happen on the eleventh and so we all just like ran for the to copiers in the school and like made as many packets to send home with kids as possible. Do you feel like you have a different responsibility to your students right now. Or what is your responsibility to your students right now. Yeah I don't know I think really I feel more responsible. Honest to my students parents I teach fifth grade. So fifth graders are zillion. I'm really concerned about the parents And just making sure like a lot of the parents were like. I don't know how to explain this math. I don't know where to get more packets if my kid finishes the package but also there's just this obvious like stark equity issue of like so. Many of our students don't have Internet were don't have devices or don't have enough data on their cellphone plans to be able to access their cell phones. We also just had a homeless shelter opened in our schools boundary. And so you have a lot of students that were coming from the shelter and now. I'm like candy social. Do they have access Internet and devices so even though it felt really good to like help people get set up and be a part of the solution? I also know that we're leaving behind like huge chunks of our students in that way. I feel very very trapped. Has This pandemic changed your view of your job No but I really surprised myself with much in the kids especially they were able to communicate with me. You Miss Them. Yeah I know I surprised myself. Like what do you miss? Miss being around that many young people like they are allowed to have a hard time. Not Talking talk a. Oh hiding and like so sweet. Yeah like what are the things that they do their big thing is? They're just so upset about things that are unfair and the world like they're flabbergasted by it. I remember we were talking about Racism and my students were like hold on. But why why would that happen? And they're just like really just like yelling. This is unfair to change things. I think eleven year olds because they still get to have a smaller world at their world is their family. And they're they're like we can fix it like we have wolves. We can't let kids take food out of the lunchroom. Then I'll just gets thrown away and so the kids are like unfair. We gotta fix it a lot of times. Believe in like pass around you know little signature papers like Marlon teaching and like yes. Yes off the petition. Going around the carpet. And it's you know something like stays the milk at first and They're just there's their conviction is so strong and conviction something that gives me a lot of hope getting through like something like I hope they hold onto that for all of our sakes. Yeah me too. I believe in them. I have a lot of faith in my class particular. Mike last got away. Who WOULD YOU WANNA give a shout out to a shadow of Chen's workers folks that like I realized are on the forefront and I'm just incredibly grateful for that Hi this is Justin. Hey Justin its flora from Lt High Flora. So I am a flight attendant I've been flying for about sixteen years. Okay so how has your job changed in the last few weeks It's almost like it's almost not the same job. It's it's very. There's a lot of Anxiety and fear greeting people is really strange to. I catch myself standing further into the Galley. I'm not as close to the door and used to invite people almost can't hear ways you're waiting for the restroom asked where they're going and I can't help but feel territorial of my space and I don't always know my co worker sitting on a junkie with them and you know or are they do. They have corona virus but there is a dramatic or they shutting viral. Things that me am. I GONNA get sick why. I don't really have a choice right now. What about the guy in Rhode Shoe that was hacking? Maybe he just has to your key and he's going to visit a family member or maybe my hunches rave and so I should just stay over here and this constant like mental mathematics or something in your head. That's really so much it is and we feel like I feel like I should say When we're at work if we're not on we might unravel a little bit. What do you mean by on Like I mean I keep my uniforms and indifferent closets and my regular closing always have because I think. Psychologically there's a piece of that job that you have to go into a different space in your head to stay on on stage kind of you know you're like a character and if I let myself get you far out of that role than the Ben I think. My fear is is palatable and anger. I worry that it could be visible. I don't want the customers to see that or my crew members. How will this change you? I think not taking the comfort of my surroundings for granted. Okay when you put hand sanitizer on then. You put gloves on and ties gloves. It's like I don't know like it's just it's crazy. It makes us like my home. Feel safe okay so like been narrating down into these like books about virology because my place to go and I'm anxious is education. I want to know everything about it. I want to take the mystery away. So it's not scary and it's working a little bit but I was looking at how long things survive and I come home and I think okay. Most of my services are probably good but the last three nights rain hotel rooms. And I don't know whether to call and I only have so many handy wipes you know. I keep thinking that like I won't take for granted giving my friend a hug. It's funny that you knew that. That makes me emotional. Because I. I think that's normally where I would go is not taking for granted. I haven't been able to have one really since I came back. And when I'm at work The only really the only social really get is with the very people that I'm afraid of so when I'm home I'm here and kind of walked in my my box. I come home. I'm supposed to follow the rules. And nightime land starts all over again because every time you get on a plane you'd have to start the exact again exactly. I don't have fourteen days. I don't even have seven days. You know so if I'm to abide by this physical distance I won't see my friends for months and facetime with my friends down the street once but I literally haven't seen anybody in over a week and it's like I put out of my mind because that was one of the hardest things I'm giving you a virtual hug right. Now thank you. I'm holding onto long. Thank you for. Thank you for doing what you do. Oh well is a privilege and it really is. I love my job and And everybody has been flora so sweet customers have been so lovely. 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One of 'em what's old producers where love has taken him okay so I was planning my engagement to my now wife and so we drove all the way up until like one of her favorite archaisms and I proposed to her right there. Why did you feel to go somewhere else? There's something about like the adventure like whenever I think of Milwaukee. I'm going to think of like my wife. Adventure that's at. Subaru is all about and with an available turbo charged engine and standard symmetrical all wheel drive. The Twenty Twenty Subaru Outback is built to be the most capable adventurous outback. Ever learn more at your local Subaru retailer or Subaru dot com slash outback. And Hello. Hey It's far from every little thing. Hey how's it going? My name is Caleb and I am a pizza. Delivery driver are so tell me how work has changed in the last couple of weeks. Has It been busy very busy? There's also a lot. More people working so forklifts pretty upbeat. Actually you send your message that you were benefiting and that felt weird Yeah so my benefit is to keep working and now that we have more employees have to us in the store on top of the lake. I'm getting to her. I'm really glad to hear that me too. That's been awhile since I've gotten taller. Which is insane. Actually that is heartening. That people are appreciating. What you're doing yeah. I'm appreciating all the appreciating so I'm not experiencing the things that a lot of people are do you feel like out of sync with other people. I don't really talk about it at all. I don't talk to my girlfriend about it. And she actually got laid off today too so I might talk less all bowl. I know there's people are seems like the majority of people are out of work and panicking Is there anyone you would want to shout out to the obvious grocery store clerks fellow? Hey It's flora for Mielke High Flora Name is Jane and I work at a traitor. Gyp Is in Columbia South Carolina. How's IT GOING It's a rollercoaster. I mean we had our busiest day that our stores ever had Friday the thirteenth. And that was. I believe the day that the president announced a state of emergency. And so that's when we started seeing like the real like hord shoppers. So we're trying to take as many precautions as we can. But it's also you know. It's hard to socially distance at a traitor. Gis have been to a trader. Joe's I know. Yeah if you didn't know this. A shopping cart is about three feet long so two shopping carts between you and everyone else. That's a hot tip. It is a helpful. Hint Guy Actually measured the carcass yesterday to be sure. What's the what's the hardest part been I mean we're all kind of resigned to the fact that we will eventually get sick kind of waiting for this thing to happen to you but not knowing when can't stop you said that at work you feel like you're a sponge. Yeah Your chest surrounded by two to look out for Mike. Loading a shelf with asparagus and have a person reaching over you wearing face masks. Can it is like being in this strange dream and it is something that you can just feel in the air things. -iety that it's constant constant. You're just kind of taking on this fear for people and you don't have to speak to anyone to know that they're scared. You know if you have someone come through your line. And they've got a cart full of eight bags of pasta and five jars of jam and has much toilet paper as they could grab. You know. They're scared obviously. They're scared the first week I was able to handle it and I didn't feel like it was Affecting me that much but it's hard not to absorb those energies. It's it's just a wild mix of emotions of I WANNA do my part and I want to help people and I want to be here to serve them in this necessary way of getting groceries to them but I also feel frustrated. That they're here. You know you you take one little cheat of like oh I just need to run to the store like I need to get out of my house but you're exposing yourself to to me and I don't necessarily have a choice about leaving my house. I can't work from home and that's why I don't like this whole like grocery store. Workers are heroes. I understand that we are necessary and important and I do think like this should awakened people to the fact that these jobs are essential and valuable but it wasn't a choice you know. It's just sort of like well. This is where I am. This is just how it shook out. Is there anyone you would wanna give a shout out to a man there? Such a chain of distribution that trader. Joe's the part of so. I know that there are people who are making these deliveries to the grocery stores that we're not talking about. Oh hello hi hi. Hi I'm GonNa Take Care of speakerphone. Aca okay that's bigger sound better. My Name is dawn Golden. I am a dispatcher. For Grocery Distribution What is grocery dispatcher? Do Okay worse sending the food to the grocery you know. We get shipments in and then we ship them out all the different stores all the little mom and pop and big stores in northern California. It's just the constant rink. Go go go environment. It's an right now. It's Times hundred. I don't even take off my backpack. I'm just running around going. Where do you need what you need is? We're trying to keep everybody fed. You know we're all just one big dysfunctional family one of the supervisor. She's like the mom and she sees the leader of the shit show. Excuse my language but I call myself number two not in a pun sense. But I'm the backup per plate. You need help I got you. You know you need a day off I got you want man. We're going to catch it that that's just what it sounds like. You're you're not only dispatching groceries. You're dispatching support. Yeah sometimes you're Shriek. Sometimes you get bandaids or people flipping people vent his there. Anyone that you would wanNA give a shout out to just just my truck driver brothers and sisters in the thing about it is is like people. Don't appreciate the truck drivers at all. They don't realize like anything you buy has been probably touched by a truck driver at one way or another shoutout brothers Sisters Pico. Keep on truckin yellow. Hi this is Laura from every little thing. Is this rob are you doing just cruising down the road through? Iowa very hard Vogel is Dr h tractor trailer across country. What are you carrying right now? All in twenty one thousand bouncers. Cereal Salt Lake City or thousand frosted flakes and sixty thousand pounds of hosted oats How things changed over the last couple of weeks. It's gotten lighter on the roads of that. Say that I I came through Chicago on Sunday and usually you're in pretty decent traffic there even on a Sunday and there were times that I look out my windshield and looking my mirrors and not see a single vehicle and I Going Insane Direction. What was going through your mind when you didn't see anybody a mix of as very creepy and a God. There's nobody to cut the off our drives me crazy. So besides the roads being clear has anything else changed for you. Eating's a little more difficult Ready to eat meals in soft drinks. Sound like the boundaries and trump's out search shutdown and every place that I've been you buy a hotdog at a truck stop anymore has the conversation between truckers or a truck stops. Changed the vibe. A lot more broderie lately which is nice to see bathing to each other Friendlier Conversation Cd's are there. Are People talking about crony virus over the Yes people worried because I mean we run into people from all over. He go in and out of hot spots. I was in la Three weeks ago and then down to San Diego and then back to Mississippi from there and I've got a wife and three kids at home I don't want to bring it home to them and I can't bring that around my father. Also I've got to limit my exposure to him and that's really. What worries me? Do you feel like your perspective on your job has changed yes. It's real nice because honestly and it's not to prochet down people but honestly we get we get FRAPP GONE. I get told. I'm number one a lot of times with a hand gesture now that we are the purveyors of TV we are. We Are Essential. It was always the running line and driving that we make the country ospital would be out of the testing and grocery stores. Emp Within but This country I don't care who's warranty. I don't tell everybody you must stay indoors. I'M GONNA still be out here because her eight no disease it's GonNa make it for you. GotTa Savvy Attitude Mound Art. It's a great responsibility for drivers to keep this country. Is there anyone? You would wanNA give a shout out to just overlook evil unsung heroes of this country. Just it's it's their time to shine will say How should lt listener say? Thanks when they see a trucker on the road. Is it annoying to ask for a honk? Is the latest thing in our lives to see a little kid doing the even though I have harnessed just like your car on the steering wheel. I don't have no politician anymore. At that is the coolest thing even the most hardened truck driver gets a smile on his face when a kid asks for that off. I'm doing the Horn motion. Right now I WANNA thank everybody who called us. We heard from hundreds of you and we were so moved and inspired by your messages from all of us at Lt. Thank you and listeners. If you WANNA thank someone during this depp crazy time or shout somebody in particular on our show. Leave US voicemails and tell us who. You're grateful to right now. And why eight. Three Three Ring Lt. And of course we're also here to answer your burning questions. Please call with those two. We'll be back with next week. Every little thing was produced by phoebe. Flanagan Emily Forman a net heist and me floor Lichtman with help from Nicole basilica or he just caitlyn. Kenny are consulting editors. This episode was scored by Dr. Bobby Lord Emma Munger and Haley Shaw and mixed by Dr Hirsch Goodbye thanks to our sponsor the all new two thousand twenty Subaru Outback with eight point seven inches of ground clearance and standard x mode. It's designed to be the most capable adventurous outback. Ever learn more at Super Dot com slash out back.

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