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Welcome addition of E._S._P._N.. F._C.. Yes we are all pretty in pink today. It's coincidence Bryan Bryan Stevie Nikko and myself we also welcome sing low to the show. They say lots to talk about regarding going on Lower League. I suppose we would be rude not to start with name on the possibility of him returning to Barcelona. What's the latest well? I think the thing that's significant about this really is the over the last three or four days is how public this has become now. We've known for a while. The boss have been made aware of his desire to return. We've known for a while that his father his entourage has been manipulating all maneuvering to try and encourage Basler and speed. They're ready for this and I think what's changed over the last few days isn't so much the scenario itself except that by definition it changes from Erin Woods as the fact that this has become so probably and indeed I think more than anything else the clear willingness of Power Sandra man to sell him if the right offer comes in now big problems of course what counts as the right offer power Sandra Manley and other said the other day in that interview with La Parisienne he was very clear in saying we don't think the bus and have the money for this and to be honest. He's broadly speaking true also answer that said that you've got lots of coming out and saying why didn't one name when we've got ballet who my opinions are much better player. Those quotes seem very very strange of this seems very very strange. I think basically this you have to look at this. In the context of how this happened and this didn't happen through some fantastic kind of planning strategy from Boston this happened because it became an opportunity so in other words you've got as you said we we've bought them out. He was asked about this. I'm not sure how many months ago now and said that I was the better player was recently pushed on that and of course right now he has neymar whiting and he has them belay or in the club so right now he was in a position where he was forced to back his previous opinion which isn't necessarily to say that he believes it is not necessarily to say that he won't go for for Neymar. If this becomes a possibility buckles he had to say that in that scenario. I think yet another ingredient in a whole series of things that the dunk quite fit together but sort of doing the fundamental key to understanding all of this is that this is something that has become a possibility rather than something that was planned for and consciously sought a tough question Russian. I know said but percentage wise when we start the new season. Where do we put this name are being in Barcelona shirt but I think we have some of the ingredients there now for this? I I think we have some of the very important ones he wants to go. I think I don't know if they thought they could make it happen. They would take this now because it's an opportunity and because it's exciting and strip away over the other stuff and I think it is worth reminding ourselves that Neymar is a brilliant footballer so I would say that if they can find a way of making this happen which is difficult yeah this this could happen so if you WANNA present age sixty percent sixty five percent that he goes to Barcelona and of course there's another factor that we've discussed and that is a surname and congressman reason as well who is going to go to fossil and come come what may know said well look what happened with Greece men of courses that boss on chased him some of they didn't get him some with emboss N._F._l.. They shouldn't go back to him. Because AH pleased I felt the way that Greece said No. We've of course that famous documentary called the decision which is all about the decision. They feel that they shouldn't have gone back but then when Greenman made it clear in sometime in the in the early spring back into February maybe march according to our let's go for gin at least the he wanted to go back they. Let's let's pick this up again because there's a recognition that Grease Manila really really good and this again tells you the whole scenario of name was not one they plan for if they had planned and genuinely when you thought the name or could happen that point when Grossman says listen. Can we kind of pick this up again that it said well yeah it may be but you are second choice. We've gotten somewhere else I and and so there are loads of questions put in very simple terms and you've you've asked the question the why why do you put all these players on the pitch. You've got them ballet. You've got Grease Mun. You've got name. Are you've got messy. You've got Louis Orth. I think are really should be adding in continue but you do have coutinho. Probably we shouldn't be adding Malcolm but you do have now. This number of players don't fit on the pitch together but said grease. Mun is more likely to happen the Neymar is that fair the only thing that's the thing that is slowing up greenman now and again again this fits with the name our scenario is that Barcelona who knew that his buyout clause came down from two hundred million to one hundred twenty million on the first of July have tried to find another way of paying for him why because that Buyout clause one hundred and twenty million wallets clear you pay that money upfront there now in a position where not only left to play for Greece men but they think there's a chance they might have to pay for Namer so they're saying truck. Let's combat should look. Can we negotiate this and of course Athletico is saying well. No that's these biochemicals. You didn't inform us. We consider the hostile bid so you have to pay that amount of money so right now and I must admit this very phrase makes me giggle every time I hear it's Boston opera pairing the money for that buyout clause now hopefully that gives conjures up images of them sitting there literally counting out the dollar bill. <music> all looking at looking around the back of the guy and I'm sure I had a five and knocking around here somewhere to try and get to that amount and that's genuinely problematic and so I suppose we would be foolish to have one hundred percent say this will happen but I just don't see how it can't happen now. Brian is something we've discussed a lot on the show in the you have all this quantity on the page. Can they all play together. Say the Grease and Neymar deal get done. I don't see how you look at mean. Swears your goal scorer. Certainly neymars going to play out left and then messing grease grease men can float around in different positions but you still have to have people to defend the you're not going to be able to tack with four and defend with six it. Just it doesn't make any sense. You know someone's going to have to sit. It becomes a big headache for the head coach. Yeah and you don't necessarily see this playing out well in the locker room with the players. You've got a a lot of big attitudes and rightfully so some really talented players. I it just seems odd that these purchases are basically very similar and they're incredibly expensive state. Do you think is one yeah. Thank you try and figure out you know when when you coach he's always complaining. They don't have enough talented players so you don't. Tom Don't talented players and we're talking about the best in the world here you know maybe Suarez as as a smidgen past these best but he's still a fantastic player so I think you try and make it what to begin with and if it doesn't then Brian says you're going to have a headache but I think he should try <HES> <hes> meanwhile we go from that to Lindelof as being a report into the interest in the move to pass this come from his agents said window deputy talking about the fact that a very big European club is after his client people putting soon to together and coming up with Barcelona and itunes soon coming up with Boston and just as putting two and two together. I'm thinking that still doesn't come up with enough money through these one we want one and ended the pitch and so and so of course the way in which I mean I don't know whether where we can stand the story up just yet but the way she feels plausible is precisely that look all the players at this end of the page. <hes> we get something cheaper now. I don't actually know how this will end up. Being I think we all looking at a scenario in which passed on the other end of the page having I think now admitted defeat in their in their attempt to get to get into the club announcing okay well. What we need is some scope plays preferably the ones that don't cost us too much preferably ones that don't necessarily get annoyed if they don't play don't start every game in particular? I mean obviously you're talking about where players fifteen in particular says no backup for Julia Alba but I think boss owner's policy at that end of the pitch is to effectively patio ravenous early to go and buy a player. That's going to stop this makes sense to you know what what says said make sense because that's what they're going to have to do. Oh and when do you ponder Oh you get experience. which Lindelof has he please? Country is played in the premier league but he's an average defender. You know there's a reason eight and lost over fifty goals last year and he played in those primarily Emily Games so he clearly is no Sunday as many ought to be standard but they won't. They won't have any money anyway to buy any other tapes of that in the late show Lindelof. Let's dish will find the style where he plays that you could see it. Fitting is good with the ball at his feet. physicality isn't a big issue for Barcelona. That's not going it'd be one thing that really stands out which sometimes it does in the primary where he gets. He gets bullied a bit but you think they could find if they really are looking for a central defender. Maybe somebody with a little bit better pedigree just to remind that we all with the right through the summer and for whatever reason if you miss a show maybe traveling since traveling on the west coast of America and all this family that will work on the website. Let's consider the secret life of the innermost nesting doll living most of her life in the dark inside the other nesting dolls. He has plenty of time to think if we could sadly she has no brain however when almost nesting doll here's the GEICO not only saves people money but also has been providing great service for over seventy five years. She thinks it's obvious you should switch because yes switching to geico is a no brainer pity the INA most nesting doll and her lot in life military was officially presented as around betrayed. Why didn't quite all go as he would've liked? Seattle dizzy spell during the press conference he was asked about his fellow countrymen Neymar and his future and you the answer leaving the end is too much the night before everyone got judge. Everyone usually used to wear a suit that huge. Ever since then as we talk about trade we obviously have to talk about without Gareth. Bale report suggesting that turned down a move to China Ramat must be desperate desperately to get rid of him him but at the moment yeah I'm this is the way that we that we anticipated it being the row matured. We're looking for for next strategy. I'm looking for a while geier files position from the very stall of of this whole process even before the season ended was I decided I don't want to go. I don't WANNA move anywhere. There's a number of reasons that WANNA call the he's not that keen to go the other is that they know caravels camp that they have to make it rummages responsibility to find a way out for him because as soon as it becomes their responsibly and as soon soon as they start opening the door to this Raj more and make it more difficult so they need to be in a position where where Ashby rummages G._T.. To to look for this and Gareth by a will be in a position where he's not going to say yes to any old thing. I think he will want something early. Certainly this is the way the campus putting it wants the maintains his salary levels want something that maintains a decent football level and frankly there isn't really a club out there. The offer's all of the things right now that Rao Madrid do orbit there are clubs out there that offer one really important thing we do offer rituals gametime and a manager who actually wants in there and that's it. That's the balance what would you do because no one's going to pay his wages. So do you take. Do you do that just to continue playing football or we'll continue to Madrid and take the money what would you do. You know I remember having this conversation last year. When in fact that hit a new coach it was a new opportunity? I thought okay. This is the time you stay where you are. You prove yourself and now you're in a situation. That's quite obviously not good for him to actually gain some playing time so as a player I would look at it in the sense that I need to move right. I have plenty of money. I know listen. I know our careers are short but I I want to play. I'd want to prove myself again and put myself back in pedestal or in the limelight of people keep talking or talk about me as one of the best players and you can't do that on the bench so to me. This is a bit strange. I know it's money but I don't like it quickly. Say What do you think the problem is. We cannot will blow up. The plane was all about the money it's all the problem is gotTa. Bail is probably nine hundred million in the bank. That's where the problem is because he doesn't have to do them but don't you WANNA play football. We do want to play football but he's therapy. He's got three in front of it yeah. He's got plenty of money. He's going to take a peek up but that's surprising thing isn't it because he's he. He got to a point where he was taught about. Being one of the best when you're in that you've gotta push yourself and now he's not but because you've got so much money doesn't see that we anymore so great L. Lion Tiger and all that stuff it's true. Would you and you get once you go there. That's the test and it seems right now. He's feeling the test round what you're looking of course get rid of him. I know the players as well suggestions that Danny survivors could be on the way out said and there was a picture sure of him in a London telephone box which clearly means he's moving to talk them hawks. Oh time or also or Fulham Fulham could be put a that's what is one of the things the BIOS is actually being quite clear on this and I've quite enjoyed listening to him because because of his honesty he said immediately off the European under twenty one championships that he wanted to play football but they didn't want to leave Ramadan that was he was saying look. I want this to be alone because I think I can succeed at Real Madrid but I've been told very very clearly by then you're not part the plans despite the brilliance of his performances at under twenty one tournament which led a lot of people in Spain to say hang on. We need to rethink this ramjet cool stuff WANNA lose him. Permanent one option would be a sale with a with a buyback close but I think what we'll see is we'll see anyth- a BIOS very very keen to go to play on loan and return the following summer and say I'm good enough. I want a starting place in the Real Madrid team. Meanwhile it's interesting to think it was twelve months ago that Cristiano Renaldo made that move from Real Madrid to inventors and I suppose the question is after a year who was the most successful who has benefited most from that transfer. Eh Let's start with you. You take a look at the all to win the Champions League this year Ramage at eight to one eventers ten to one who reflecting on the last twelve months got the better the deal right so difficult to judge isn't it because you know Rinaldo went and of course he won the title in Italy and the one that won the league title into the umbrella one absolutely nothing having come off the back of three champions leagues in a row you would say well clearly Rinaldo but of course winning the title in Italy with events. That's kind kind of what happens so to what extent is this him. Being the person that propels extent is about school a lot of goals clearly play very very very well indeed and rummaging. I think have been massively damaged by Renault's departure but Real Madrid I think we're looking beyond one season and they were looking at this and saying at some stage we're going to have to confront the question of what we do. In towards a Renaldo Future. The amount of money was good and yet all of that you know what I kind of strip with these things I mean I'll give you these arguments but on stripping we'll. Okay well on last year. There's no doubt about it now that deal. There's no doubt about it. It damaged remedied enormously for an outage to depaw. He's there is the most definitely I mean you look at Real Madrid the goal difference they scored thirty one less goals than the numbers in front of you also gotTa look at it from the event. Aside and politics dollar had had really lost out on this to the only scored five goals last year was much less prominent in in fact of the build up the team getting the ball in the final third but all in all I mean you got to look at Real Madrid the fact that they're not they lose that many goals and not only that they'd never looked anywhere near the team. They were the year before and it's the team where the before Rinaldo had stayed though unless you unless you listen the fact that was gone yes last year was a disaster well. It was a disaster pasta yeah but it's kind of it's kind of balloon. The call was a we know the rebuilding the whole team. I mean I mean with with your which I mean. I've got all young players as well saying some defenders. I think the middle three you'll be great this year so I'm not I'm not so sure that event is this. You know yes. They wouldn't leave while there's a surprise but what did he do in the Champions League absolutely nothing so I don't see how this is harmed Real Madrid which is uh maybe they were nowhere near the Champions League certainly harmed him there but yeah I see your point about an aging team on sedan saw it and he wanted out yet but to me this just didn't it certainly hurt Real Madrid more but you vent. This became a different team with Rinaldo so it's not necessarily all for the good thing I'm just thinking so now event a saddled with with the Ouija Nelson hundred million you spent on on Cristiano Renaldo but but the bike say the team no needs completely rebuilt bring about star is it may be removed only reason these guys will chat terms comes to your in listen to did they have the money to rebuild the rest of the team. Well only time will tell Stephen speaking of time extra time is always available on our youtube channel always great to hear from you rang alleys birthday courses. I'll tell you what he's good. Cakes misfit will aw and it wasn't the other inside it was just the frosting goal scorer region Jay signed a new contract livable today and Steven. You're excited <hes> there was a question whether they should resign them when they said no because you know unless I don't think really is any better today than it was when he was twenty four no joy Liverpool's nineteen. I don't think he's any better today than it was then because he doesn't see the film enough he's come on and scored some important goals. Yes somebody want to check in. His actual. Plea is not good enough. It's not a high level that wouldn't if if caught wants to give me no arrests for example and you plea devote garrigue the level drops so far. I don't watch my problem Brian. I agree with them in that in that sense I mean let's let's be honest. He cannot play in the same way from you know can Liverpool has to actually play a little different style. His mobility isn't anywhere near as good as any size of big insulting the only the only way I can. I can say why this happened is because one they were unable to find anybody that that would be willing to I sit on the bench that would be happy to come in and play a bit part and also the fact that the Ivanka's are already understands the situation he understands the way the team plays he understands the players but if you're looking and saying this signings GonNa make Liverpool better and that's what it twenty four year old he's not getting a Games quite happy saying the contract is set by eight. Where else is he gonna go go? He's twenty four years of eased on any single in place just going to Champions League final. Are you telling me that you telling me that a a good site is not going to try and saying this guy well the way that you sell them well. We'll talk in talking about the best of the best. We're talking about a European champions that have to stay at that level yeah. I'm talking the boot the Bundesliga share we are you telling me that there's somebody there wouldn't be able to take him on and try and help them and bring his game on but again. Go Buy to start with. That's worrying at twenty. Four year old is quite happy to he's setting these bikes aid how much sentimentality play a part should should have Brian I do. I think that's part of it as a thank you and looking at all the other factors by a small. It's a small factor hope well the hope it's Asia minute because that should never come into it any stage. Maybe maybe later in the years but you're right now to twenty four so that done a reggie signed a new contract and for a lot more on all. All the latest news on the websites Zuni I'm breaking down. I wonder if he's talking about name all bracelet so the first of the quarter finals in the Africa Cup of nations that I send beating him by one goal to nail guy with the only goal of that game coming in the sixty nine th minute and joining them in the semi finals. We'll be Nigeria to one the final score in that game late. Drama William Cohen was the hero coming in at the five post score in the eighty nine th minutes heartbreak I on Africa Nigeria then through to the semi finals way to them. They ought to be not a gasket or two Nizmia the other quarter-final want we're also going to see massive gain between the Ivory Coast and Algeria. We'll end the show on a lovely note. Daniel Storage of course was robbed. Yesterday took the social media because somebody stole his dog. The dog is being returned. Listen to dogs. I would be mortified if somebody still winning big social media campaign. The dog has returned so yeah. I don't know the intricacies of the details of the return now. It got back to Daniel Storage but it's the most important thing it is the voice of uh we slept very much. I hope you don't need something like what we're going to say. You won't back just figure. Thank you very much into Brian. Child on the website broad took about his clarinet days extra time thank you as always I suppose. All your tweets boys in the senior. Louis sin is preparing American adventure West Coast with the family in and all they won't compulsive with yeah. I'm looking forward to there hasn't been enthusiasm. I was I was state was signed Jessica. I was hoping he would come along with us just to brighten up every day to do we need to do it was the there's only one thing you can do in the R._V.. At be able to fix the the author the author of the toilet me inside Oh right because if anyone without said that will cause a pro state this sounds very much command speaking from experience as this happened to you or is this just on the team boss at Liverpool opens the reason reason I've never done that because I want to deal with them right I can you also mentioned something about buying too many things that the shops and we need to stop what what was said sit nicely told his Elia the the mid a pie in the know going to use the toilet installed at McDonalds I did I did mention that since wife is anything like Mine Ainsley cost him a fortune cashew never go in any places buying so what she's like. I can't go into Utah. Okay use it and give them A. We've won't Cook High Brow. Soccer analysis is always hit parade. Where the thing you guys have done in your lives on a pupil I <hes> you know? Did you enjoy them. Absolutely we'll get remember matching that was plenty to be involved. Yes did the double decker bus have a bathroom author. I is extra time is often. I just went off the side drive. Did you ever do you ever pray for never want him. Oh U._S. Open Cup. No we did not have a parade and <hes> you know. I think it has to be something. Nothing comes to mind said what have you done this being parade worthy in your life. Nothing rained on the few rights but vise piece of the three deliberately cool we end of it. We've been guy we would change. We would drive all the way from San Francisco all the lights at Bristol so Steve can give us a parade. Have you arrested parade on university challenge. You could have had a parade. Just people frying rotten tomatoes at you after that. Yeah extraordinarily moments Almighty frying all that me try to help the next time right full said Malcolm's good player or mediocre player and benefit from move to the Premier League <hes> well. I think it would benefit fit from a move to anywhere where he plays. He plays regularly and I must admit no one is going to pretend that he's the greatest player of all time but I think on little we saw him at Bosso suggested that we he probably deserved for us. The same a bit more he probably hardly deserves a bit more game time and it seemed in which the manager gives them confidence the team which he plays with spicy in front of him to to run into. I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be a recent successful signing for someone probably not anyone in the prime minister of the of the kind of the the next three or maybe four teams but maybe just about anyone else yeah. This is from Brian Suit Bryant's favourite suit Mexico. We're that someone made it up account just for that jacket. You don't know the news a Delta the Blue Glitzy one yeah. Thank you yeah. I think my favorite suit he's aw talking about jacket or the WHO knows I have no idea what if just city manages livable saving what would change in the middle of the Fox would change the way the corbusier three in the middle basically what could be getting the ball giving it to the front three Hari and chase in law otwock whereas pep city. There's a lot more these look for a lot more football from clock win the Premier League with that city side. We'd have to see the probably the strongest squad so I would say yes what reason would win the Champions League because I'm like shoot he would he would live a pulse three in the middle actually played with three younger half. Wouldn't it be good the way that city right so maybe not but the outside backs remember poor Mary important and for but that's why he plays with the three in the middle of who'd you spill the walkers and then you've got the two-way guys going to help the front but his pet wouldn't play the Maui they wouldn't he wouldn't live the way they do. No one the right question. If say Stevie Brian and Dan started ban who would sing who will be the dancer. I'm which to what the drums guitar by the way you can invite Julianne. He would be a smooth hike man well we got him with this. Is there's only one lead singer of course and Madrid Madrid after the league final was belt could fit in the province of good tights to some skinny skinny pants senior lead singer. You gotTa have the attitude what lead singer with taste pretty much book. It's just one name the middle one name it was taste. Go back to the old days. Everybody van Halen wore tights. The whole group worksites you people that he fun yeah <hes> Stevie. What would you bring to the obviously we've seen you floss with I would've you would've usually single no question? I'd probably go into drums are the Bryan on guitar and said because he's a von the rule distraught Montijo he just piloted The v the terrible tragedy here is that Steve is read. My behind possible white could be remotely useful to this ban well if I can get across the half the U._S.. Then there may be drive at all busboy it. That's about as far as they go. You musical tool Brian Joe plan instruments played the clarinet for one day in school and the Tuck into playing playing something in my call my mom's like no no your brother already did this right mom. I really WANNA play the clarinet. The school played at once. I said I I'm not I'm not musical physical at all love to see him. In a clarinet Brian site played the piano see I would've loved to play the piano or guitar yeah one of those to be great great when he just let when you see one go already we big fingers shovels hand all the piano and we will be shown geezer given on everybody singing along the few beers on not too late stevie he could dedicate your evening to you know he could stop playing golf lessons Stevia to play. Thank you very much. I have a lovely trip said is going to be on again. No no no I am. I'm on next week from Madrid.

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