1011. Is Your Dog Laughing At You Behind Your Back?


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This is not your father's pet talk for that. Really ages me doesn't it? We we don't just talk about your dogs in your cats. We talk about your horses. Doctor Debbie will give advice on sugar gliders reindeer pigs turkeys tortoises, she talks about tortoise. I guess is is plural on tortoise toward I or is is like a family of tortoises like tortillas like we're not gonna call them toward Leaney. I would call Georgia's. Sure, okay. Let's see what else fish hamsters guavas flamingos. Capybaras is that what they call them yet? Can't be looks like the Jimmy looked like a cross between a potbelly pig in a very large Guinea pig. So whatever animal you have we're ready for you. And you don't necessarily have to have a problem with your animal. We'd just like to check in with you because we're a whole bunch of animal lovers here. Eight animal radio Lorie Brooks, of course in the newsroom full of BULLDOGS. She is a newsroom full of BULLDOGS. That's that's your thing. That's her bag is BULLDOGS. Doctor Debbie bring occasional didn't bring any dogs today. She just brought a cold in today. Yeah. You know? I just I knew I was getting to that. Whether it's a cold, or it's my seasonal allergies or combination thereof. I knew it was getting in the season when the pollens are all flying, and you know, just got rundown. That's all not sleeping. Well. And you know, I get it. You've been working tough you've been working hard. And in fact, it's been busy. Yeah. It's been really busy at work. And you know, we just kinda gotta do what you gotta do. What do you think are the top five busiest days for veterinary ins as a vet near you should be able to take a stab at this? This is research done by one plea the determine the top five days for veterinarians top five days at a busy. I mean, I would say any day right after a holiday. The day after the holiday anytime. You know, I guess, you know, a Halloween is definitely a big one. And then the fourth of July. That's another big one though or or the day after the fourth of July just from injuries. The other thing we've been seeing a lot of I would say is just with nice warm. Spring weather coming warm weather. It gets people out with your animals, and we've been seeing oodles of dogfights people, take them hiking. They take him to the dog park. They take them mocking. And just you know, everyone's excited to be out with your dogs. And maybe not always the most thoughtful about the situation getting into off leash or combinations thereof. You know, some, you know, sometimes it's dog parks. Sometimes it's dogs walking other times. Yeah, hiking we do a lot of hiking in the areas around our area. And know there's a lot of dogs off leash Moster will behave. But you know, it's when someone who. Likes the idea of taking their dog hiking and re really hasn't tested them. They they have not been acclimated to it. And you know, a poorly socialist pet in that situation can really set off a problem for other dogs that can't tolerate it and behave. Well that while you're right. The busiest day for veterinarians, according to womp, -ly, July second the fourth of July week July second just before July or at the second busiest is June first June fourth July, third and July ninth round out the top five and then with Labor Day is the sixth busiest day of the year and the day after Memorial Day the seventh busiest day of the year. Your results may vary depending on where you live in a more kind of environment your dogs judy's like signaling me you go to the phones. Right. Okay. So we're gonna go to is this. Dr w we're taking a call. Yes. Let's go for one for Dr Debbie right now. Hi, Veronica, how are you doing today? I'm fine. How are you? Very good. Where are you calling from? Actually, I'm in Virginia right now for Julius for lovers. That's up. They say have we were driving to North Carolina. We picked up your show. And I want to ask you a question have the whole team here for you? What's going on? Okay. So basically, my Maltese has she has cash wrecks, and we'd love to have them removed afr- far her, and she, but the problem is she has IBC's, and she's also a cushing's, you know, she speckling both disease. Got the double whammy. Yeah. Yes. It's it's very very tough for her. But she stabilize, you know, we have a good point in the medicine department. I took with a wise get there. But and there's no, you know, peaks. She's she's just very comfortable with whatever events have come up with. But we talk maybe this. Point we could proceed with removing the cash racks. Okay. So far one or two that's told us that they wouldn't recommend it. But I was just thinking maybe I would ask you. Yeah. So I think when we look at cataracts, and the the causes of those in dogs just for those aren't familiar some some dogs can acquire them with age with diabetic jogs. They're very pruned to developing cataracts in about three quarters of diabetic dogs will actually develop cataracts, sometimes very quickly after they're diagnosed with diabetes, sometimes it can be months or years later. Once we have established cataracts, we knew that those cataracts leak out proteins that can cause problems in the eye causing call you the Itis, inflammation, that can also lead to things like glaucoma and other I issues that can be problematic, especially in a pet that has a chronic condition like diabetes and cushing's. So it is certainly something I'd like to look at and consider cataract removal. If it's in the pet's best interest for their quality of life and eliminate one of the things, you know, for the pet owner to have to juggle as the lack of vision. So with cushing's. Z's, and you know, if those are well controlled than I'd say, technically, she would be a candidate for for surgery, but I'm not the veterinarian on the ground that is examining your pet. So I I would have to say, you know, I would value their hands on opinion as to whether or not she was a good candidate for that. But in general, if those conditions are well controlled than it would be something to consider her age. She's quite advanced in her age fourteen is certainly getting up there. And we always look at, you know, something like a major ice surgery, as you know, is this going to give us an improve quality life for a meaningful period of her life. And that is something I think between you and not the Malla gist to decide I to share a maybe a bit of hesitation in a fourteen year olds to say, you know, let's do cataract surgery just based on that age. And if I had that crystal ball and could say she'd lived sixteen and I say gosh now that'd be well worth putting her through them in the invest. In time. But if she doesn't live all that much longer than you know, we would hate for that to be kind of, you know, something we do at the very end of her her lifespan. Have you had her evaluated at an ophthalmology office? No, I have not. I just took the direction from two months. React. Okay. Insane now using fourth. So okay. Sure. They, you know, going under, you know, full anesthetic is. What they're recommending for her book with there being no turn of solution to have them removed because I know people have them removed. They just take some sensitive and relaxes, you know, they're relaxed under sedative, and then the cataract removed would that be something that would do for my dog? Unfortunately, not because with with people, you know, we can be reasoned with and told how to kind of behavior even with a sedative on board with dogs. We cannot have any kind of movement. It's such a delicate area. There's just it's just not something that can be risks to be done without general anesthesia, you know, as far as alternatives to surgery once she had cataracts, there's really not a whole lot once they're they're they're they're and we do more other things like trying to manage the inflammation from the counteract with topical anti inflammatory. If a pet doesn't yet. Have cataracts or is just in the early stages. There are some things that have been looked out to help delay the progression of cataracts. But once you're there. No, there's not really going to be anything else. But there are some supplements in there's one called occupy glow that's useful before of hat gets a cataract or even some retinal diseases, and that's been shown by ophthalmologists and FDA research to to help slow the progression. But unfortunately, I don't think that there's going to be a lot. They can offer short of surgical removal and just controlling any kind of inflammation that might be occurring related to those cataracts. But you know, you know, the best the best advice that I would say is you could set up a visit with a veterinary ophthalmologist and find out the realities on the surgery side. And if that's a no go in your veterinarians that no the internal medicine part of your pets say that's a no go to than than I think that would help to answer your questions they are. But I just had a dog. I think she was twelve years old the other day, and she just had her cataracts removed, and you know, that went wonderful for her. So, you know, every patient's different, but you know, certainly can't be considered. Well, Veronica, thank you so much for calling today. We appreciate you listening to animal radio the numbers one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five that number two Dr Debbie enjoy Villani for a first second third or even fourth opinion. 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He's with the SaaS squad to genome project, he showed several video clips of tall hairy creatures at a news conference in Dallas the footage was reportedly presented by an entrepreneur to promote an upcoming documentary. But some observers say that one of the clips has been around since two thousand five so again, we say is big foot real or isn't he real? I'm Stacey Cohan. Get more animal. Breaking news at more radio dot com. This has been an animal radio news briefs. Get more at animal radio dot pen. People say less is more at red barn. We think less is better. It's what you won't find that sets are natural premium put food apart. No byproducts, no, porn or soy, no fillers. Just the natural ingredients. You're pits. Need to live a healthy. Life eighty serve. Look at the label. We want you to read bar naturals pet food. Simply the best. Find it in your local pet. Specialty store red barn. Canned food for cats and dogs is grain and gluten free. Hi, Jamie Farr. You're listening to the radio network. Andy members spay and neuter your pets. Red barn studios. You're listening to animal radio. Here's Hal and Judy zardy. Has just informed me that kitty cleary the model and the actress and the filmmaker Katie clearly will be joining us before the show is out today. She loves her animals, doesn't she she does. She has a lot of animal does she is. She does are they just dogs or cats or we'll have to find out? Okay. That's on the way in just a few minutes right here on animal radio. I also see up on the big old greaseboard here that there's a call about dogs laughing. What is a greaseboard, by the way? It's this whiteboard. What am I in front of you? That's. I don't know why it's called the grease. Grease pens markers. The little markers. Right dry erase board. That's it. Okay. And pitcher chicken fat that you're like rubbing on this. Then I can use it to feed the dogs afterwards. Is it tree? So. Yeah. Doubles. Yes. It is double duty multifunctional studio here now. Okay. We got to go to the phones. Hopefully, you'll save us. Laurie is going to do a quick check of the news in about ten minutes. What are you working on for this hour, the one shot that you have to get even if you're an anti vaccine, or what shot do you need for your pet, and actually you should have all of their vaccines and the state with the most dogfights? Okay. That is on the way. I your calls one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five we go to Chuck. Hey, Chuck, what's up? Well, we have an old English sheepdog. She's approximately twelve twelve and a half years old about eighty five ninety pounds everything about her is great except her back hips. I believe they're slowly deteriorating are lakes, go sideways everywhere. But the way they're supposed to they're in a week. But yet if we lift her she can walk in and doer stuff and everything like that. And we do have Ron. Five buffered aspirin one in the morning afternoon in night. Then we have run believe flea pronounced posted Quin seal SE, Q U. I N is David Sam plus MSM who tablets each morning. We're just wondering, you know, we understand our age, and I it cetera. Just wondering if there's any other things we could be doing or medications, we'd be given her cetera. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. Now, I will tell you that aspirin isn't my favorite for dogs. Just because it has been shown pretty much even at normal everyday doses to cause little all in the stomach, even if it doesn't get sick from it. So there are some good prescription products that I would substitute for that just because they have less tendency for some of that tummy upset issues. But besides that definitely there's some things I would look at doing number one would be I would look at getting your baby on a fatty acid supplement because supplementing fatty acids or fish oils at higher doses as actually has anti inflammatory properties. So this is a nice natural thing that you can do I do like to look at the dosage of the fish oils. Not just the total. How many grams of fish oil, so different kinds of fish have different kinds of quantities of the different fatty acids. So you might talk to your veterinarian, but we do base this off of the components the EPA. In the D H A that are in the fish oil. And that's how we kind of calculate the dosage so you want to be a little bit more scientific than just throwing a fish oil tablet at ya. But I would imagine about a thousand almost two thousand milligrams of EPA DHA a day would be appropriate for your dog. So definitely I would add that in without a heartbeat. And then the next thing though, walking out with just kind of medication choice would be maybe looking at something else. That's a well tolerated pain reliever and older pets, and I have a almost fourteen year old labrador that we're dealing with a lot of mobility issues and she's on a couple of medicines. That can be helpful on top of what you're already doing. And one of them is a drug called tram Adele, and it's a pain medicine, and it's used in it's in the opioid type family, but kind of on the lower end. So we don't really get gorge out dogs on this medicine. That's one thing that you can add in a couple of times a day in that can add another kind of boost into her comfort or in place of that we can even use gabum Penton, which for people is actually commonly used for seizures. And and some other types of pain disorders, so. That's another alternative that we can do. In fact, one again, please. It's called gamma Penton. And both of those are like I said pretty well, tolerated low side effects, and you can Adam into your regimen that you're doing already so I would definitely look at doing that. And and then I always say keeping the baby and good weight is always goes a long way just to make sure that, you know, she's got her mobility, and we're not adding making it harder for her to get around. Okay. So yeah. Obviously, you're doing something you're doing something right there Chowk. Well, you've got her at what twelve years of age. That's you've done a lot for her to get to that point in the reality is with a lot of the sheepdogs is that yes, they do have problems with the hips, but they can even have problems with their lower spine. So some of the spinal issues may not be necessarily pain responsive type things, but you know, still I would you've all of this. Good try, and then really just be watchful for, you know, her mobility her ability to do her daily things potty and. And it sounds like you're, you know, you've got a good start, and you can add a few things in. Okay. Well, thank you very much time. And you have a wonderful day recalling Chuck one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five in this portion of animal radio is underwritten by embrace pet insurance providing nose to tail accident and coverage for your dog or cat. It could be customized fit your budget and your needs. Simply take your dog or cat to any events. Ability claim for me get reimbursed quickly, you can learn more at embrace pet insurance dot com to get a quote, thank you from brace for underwriting radio. You're listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. Hello. This is Jane Goodall on animal radio. And I just like everybody to realize that each day, you live you make some different on the planet, and you can choose what kind of different fuel going to make an hopefully everyday fight to make the world a little bit better for people on a most and for the environment. People say less is more at red barn. We think less is better. It's what you won't find that sets are natural premium pet food apart. No, byproducts, no, corn or soy, no fillers. Just a natural ingredients your pets need to live the healthy life. They deserve. Look at the label. We want you to read bar naturals. Petfood simply the best. Find it in your local pet. Specialty store. Dryer chicken rolled food as a meal or shredded as topper. This is an animal radio news update. Well, just as there are antibac- Sers who don't wanna vaccinate their children. There are people out there who don't want to vaccinate their pets either. And it's becoming a problem. However experts want you to know the bottom line truth here, and they say that is that your pets cannot get autism. And even if they could vaccines do not cause it the most common reasons that people give for not vaccinating their pet about twenty percent of the people surveyed said that pet vaccinations are not necessary, but consider this the most dangerous of all dog diseases by far is rabies, right, which is effectively a death sentence for a dog because it's incredibly contagious and any pet or animal that gets rabies is euthanized for some though vaccines other than the rabies vaccine, of course, tighter testing might be appropriate to determine if a vaccine can be skipped or maybe delayed and some vets are willing to admit. Stir vaccines except not including the rabies vaccine some vets will administer them in small doses. Say a fifth of a vaccine dose given weekly over five weeks. But if you have a small dog don't think that they can receive less amount of the vaccine, then a larger Dogwood as the experts point out. It is not a weight versus dose question it. It's like humans because when you go to the doctor your small child, and you you both get the same amount of vaccine. Yeah. That's a great story. It is. And you know, I actually we'll refuse to give a fractional dose on a vaccine because they are not labeled f efficacious at giving half of her third the dose. And how are we gonna know? If your pet is truly protected or not you just got in a false sense. You vaccinated a pet for disease that we may not protect them against and they still can reaction. So it's not like, you know, we're eliminating adverse event couldn't make the vaccine induced coma. And if you did. It five times wouldn't that increase? The odds of that. You know, that's a good point. In in cats are a little different any type of an injection can potentially cause an injection sites or coma. Vaccination? Certainly, there's the implications. There's a lot of issues here, we probably don't have time to go through all of them. But in the volume situation, there is really immunologically. There's no difference between a great Dane in Chihuahua. So we give them the same. Joe's immunologically, not doing that is not following the label directions on the product house bringing up a whole 'nother thing that there's other types of side effects with vaccinations that giving smaller doses of that doesn't necessarily mean that you're not gonna have a vaccine inducer coma. But there are other things that we look at like different components like minimizing the load of vaccines on a day or minimizing the components into cats vaccine. So we don't have maybe Kumbo vaccines, and we'll kind of minimize the number of agents within their sorry, and there's a lot of factors here. But I do think. This anti vaccination movement. It's really to the detriment of pets. And I we've been seeing distemper we haven't seen since I've been in practice pitcher twenty years. And now, we're seeing more canine distemper, again, we've been seeing feeling distemper harbor virus in its these are diseases that you know, we can control if you know, people vaccinate their pets pets, we're living close proximity. So it's really very important to maintain these vaccines. And we're seeing this with the human movement to up course. And the latest news that there's over one hundred cases of measles here in the US and in North America again because of anti vaccine, but in a what I'm one of those people that I'm not an anti vaccine. I'm not a provex hurt. I think there's a happy medium somewhere in there by getting the things for me think net. Absolutely. And that's the way I think not having a discussion in saying that you're opposed to something is kind of putting the blinders on and not really becoming educated on what? Health threats your could be under. So yeah, I think middle ground is always good. I'm Laurie Brooks. Get more breaking animal news anytime at animal radio dot com. This has been an animal radio news update. Get more at animal radio dot com. And. Okay. You should have this number written down somewhere. One eight six six four zero five eight four zero five call whenever you have a question about your animals, and this portion of animal radio is underwritten by Kensington books. Inspired by true stories of cats who've been caught stealing from humans the secret. Life of MAC by Melinda. Metz is the whole areas and heart warming novel about an adorable klepto kitty with a passion for thievery and a sideline in helping animals in his life. Find the love they deserve the secret. Life of MAC. Melinda. Metz is available everywhere. Books are sold and you can learn more at Kensington books dot com. Thank you Kensington for underwriting animal radio, good morning. Good afternoon. Debra how're you doing? I'm doing great. How are you? I have Dr Debbie here. What's going on with your cat dog? What I have a dog. I have a seven year old golden retriever. I've had her since she was probably about eight week. So but for this past year, we have been having really bad problems with her in ear infections. I've taken her to the doctor about, you know, maybe monthly they've put her on the antibiotics that year washes, and it'll improve while she's on the medication. But then as soon as she's awesome medication the symptoms. Come back again. So I finally did a ear culture on my own because I didn't recommend it. And it came back showing pseudomonas are original. Was sensitive to everything and then staff coagulate, which was only sensitive to vancomycin stuff of Olin and Augmentin and then also from gram negative rods. Currently got her on another course of antibiotics, I've changed her food four-time because they were thinking, maybe it might be allergy. We laid it. But you know, Phil miserable was that ear, and I'm just trying to figure out a solution to get this ear infection under control. All right. Couple of thoughts that I have right off the badge with chronic ear infections, very commonly. And especially if you've got a culture, and we've got some kind of crazy bugs in their them are one thing. I would do is. I would want to do a deep ear flush and examine the deep. Part of your baby's ear canals. A lot of times we kind of try to treat your infections by just squeezing appointments and putting washes in the ear, and it can be really challenging in dogs because they're canal is very different than ours are educating kind of poke your eardrums, and you can see everything very easily jobs. Have that Uram that goes down has a vertical part, and then a horizontal part, and you can't get down to the eardrum. Very well. So when we have a pet under anesthesia allows us to get all the garbage out exam in the eardrum because in some cases, we can actually have infection trapped down by the Iran or even behind the aerodrome. So doing it doing a deep your culture and flush would be important. So. That would be one thing as far as a step of being more aggressive rather than just treating the outer part of the year. Let's get down to the needy Negrete inside that year. Make sure cleaning as best we can that makes your home care more effective because you can apply things more directly to the air canal. You know, you have all this other garbage in the way. So that's one thought. And then definitely, you know, I I'm glad you called churn. And I would like to see that being done just to even measure how well this year is controlling has. I had where they'll shift their their population. So we may have completely say maybe yeast infection, and then it can shift completely to a 'Bacterial infection or two more resistant organisms so important, and then making sure we're using you know, other other avenues so Ohrel's plus topical for me are very important. So I I'd like to make sure we're tackling all bases there. Okay. And let's see in a retriever. I like the idea of food allergy making sure we're going with Hypo Ella. Genyk diets because that can really make a big difference for these guys. I see a ton of retrievers that they're number one. Sign of food allergies are chronic recurrent ear infections, so okay? Might be a matter of just looking at making sure we're using truly hypoallergenic diet. Okay. Either a hydrolysed protein diet or what we call a novel protein diet. So not so simple. As just saying I'm going to switch brands. We've okay, make sure we're sticking with those rows and kind of lengthy conversation about which different diets, but you can talk to your veterinarian about different foods that are both those groups that might be options for you group. Could you say again in his life? Hydrolysed protein diets. And that's basically where the proteins are still there say, you know, maybe it said she can based diet, but the proteins go through our processing. So they're kinda sneak by the immune receptors in the gut. So they don't cause the immune effects in the body. And then the novel protein diets are the other group and dance where we look at kind of exotic things like, you know, used to be lamb and rice used to be exotic in the eighties. Now, we look at things like duck venison, even kangaroo foods that the pet hasn't seen in their digestive very hasn't seen. So it's kind of novel to them, and maybe less likely for a dietary reaction and do that for maybe six eight weeks, and then we hope to see an improvement with some of those signs. And then the final thing that I'd say would be the homework is hey, haven't talked to you about would be maybe seen about screening her thyroid level because that's another ongoing condition that can we can commonly see your infections of. Tag along. And especially new retriever, I like to look for thyroid disease of it's very common, golden, retrievers, labrador retrievers, so might be worth a little blood stick and check that out. So I hope those are some good ideas for your Deborah. And you know, I I feel your pain I have a lab, but with some ear issues from time to time. So it is a bit of a chronic tackling and staying on top of things so wishes to address with her. With her veterinarian incorrectly. Having them screened for the thyroid very best wishes to you and your baby. Okay. Thank you. One. Eight six six four zero five four zero five year listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. If you've ever shared, your home and heart with a charmingly naughty animal who's always up to mischief you'll fall in love with macgyver. The matchmaking klepto kitty in the secret life of MAC by Melinda. Metz laria in heartwarming this possum, romantic comedy. We'll have you laughing out loud as MAC that thieving tabbies deals, your heart. The secret life of MAC by Melinda. Metz is on sale now everywhere books are sold. Visit Kensington books dot com. For more info, I'm Beth Dern on animal radio and adopt from your local shelter. Nita fix of the good stuff. Get more animal radio with the free animal radio app for iphone and Android. If you could see Judy right now screening all seventeen lines that we have here. Do you have a bunch of calls that up there for Dr Debbie and joy Volonte just a couple of minutes. Now, it looks chaotic. But I've got it all organized the callers know, who's in Keanu who's been waiting the longest there's a method to your madness is. Hi, elliot. How are you doing today? I'm doing all right. What's going on with your pet doctor? Debbie's right here. Okay. Well. Enhance your old Chihuahua. He's got a little bit of many ten in about an eighth exchange. But. All his life. He's still have been kinda thin and watery agree. Are I call it? Slimy. He got spoiled on people food, and I'm trying to get back on regular dog food. Used to be if you could let them go hungry enough. He would start eating dog food here can and he's been going up. Okay. Wow. We got a lot going on there Elliott. And when you say slimy poops, he's always been that way. I mean has that heavy varied his diet has he was that when he was on predominantly dog food. Yeah. It was actually we got him when he was telling me killed my son, Adam. And generally they started him on dog and people from day one. And I'm trying to get him to get back on regular, so but yes, food spin me pretty much his life. Okay. Really bothers me. When I hear that. He's always had some digestive disturbance. If he's always had loose poop and now intermittent vomiting. Gosh, I'm going to say that this is really a health problem. We're talking about and not so much just diet preference. Issue. The reason being is that we humans unknowingly create medical problems for our pets and a great way to do that is to feed table food, and I can tell you I had a good intention pet owner just the other day that prime rib to has pet, and wouldn't you know, vomiting and diarrhea ensued. It's not that it's a bad cut of meat. It's not that. It was undercooked is just dogs thrive. Best I just with her on a consistent stable diet. When we give them things that we eat. We're varying their diet from day to day in even from our our. So it's best to try to stick to that food. The first thing I'm going to say is with chronic digestive dister. Turbans. I am going to if he were here in my office. I would be doing fecal tests, and I would be doing blood work on him in parasite has because all of these things can cause chronic problems. And if we're not addressing that all of my recommendations for trying to get him to eat a certain food or just going to be worth as worthless. As a piece of paper. So that's very important. And if you haven't already done a good examination and concern with your veterinarian, I'm going to recommend that and come armed with poop sample in hand to you're veterinary visit for concern like it. It helps tremendously to have that poop information upfront and a visible for the veterinarian to look at. So that's your first part of your homework there now over the road, I'm gonna try and get home or somewhere out here on the road. Yes. Absolutely. My little baby. Absolutely. And you know, with traveling you that does open up a whole additional can of worms if you will as far as when it comes to things like parasites, and intestinal worms. So if you're traveling a lot all across the country, and he's going with Yama Suman. Okay. So this this fellow more than any other dog traveling pet needs to be on regular heart worm preventative in regular g worming for internal parasites. If you're not already on that that to kind of give you extra weight, they get him for the veterinarian 'cause we need to be doing that for his health and preventative care. Art one pill and haven't one hundred minute while I guess I should start doing that. You know, I get to. And then I guess if we could fast forward and say his health is good. And we're just looking at how do we get a picky eater to eat? There's a lot of tips there, and it's hard. If a human's complicate the situation by feeding from the table or feeding treats so some general strategies are to set the food down keep it down for about fifteen minutes, twenty minutes and then to remove it for picky eater. We that would be very important to set a mealtime strategy and get the pet in the mindset that this is when food is offered in this is when it goes away if he knows an hour later, you're going to give them something off the off of your plate. He's he's going to hold out for that. In dogs will go three days or more without eating just with the battle of wills and you have to kind of design your line in the sand for everyone. It's different for me. It's three days. And now, it's how long will go without a pet eating barring that they're in good health and everything else is fine. And you know, if you stick to that tough love, you can do it. Now, the other things you can do to increase the the dogs exercise more exercise more calories. You burn the more. You're going to eat on on Friday. It is true. And all of us people trying to lose weight that you don't want to hear that. But it does Rev your metabolism. So getting some daily exercises important, and then setting up substructure to the feeding time. So we're gonna talk about saying the time, but also certain bowls some pets prefer plates, some prefer bowl some just like to eat off of a dog, Matt. So you have to find what is best for your dog. What they like and to really reward the eating behavior. So that means we don't want to reward the lack of eating which many humans do where we we baby talk the dog. Oh, Dougie good Yogi, but they're not doing anything. Good. They're sitting there staring at a full bowl night eating. So you want your job when he's eating and hold back that phrase when he's not and can those diet strategies there, but I would say. That I think a good health exam, and maybe even a special diet for potential food allergies such might be in your doggies reality here, if we can get you lined up with your veterinarian, and then working on some of these behavioral tips, they're good luck with that, Elliot. One eight six six four zero five eight four zero five year listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five. Hi, this is Julie. Prepay ingram. Today's vote on of new story on Nick miles. Ford has completely redesigned you twenty twenty escape exterior design inspired by the sixth generation, Mustang and the Ford GT stands low wind out Longa and two hundred pounds lighter than the current model. Everyone in the lineup with powered by one or the other e Kobus engines all the all new hybrid powertrain targets estimated range of at least four hundred miles per tangles down the hybrid Taga being EPA estimate of five hundred and fifty miles to together your new vehicle L expert com. Celebrating the connection with our pets. This is animal radio featuring veterinarian, Dr Debbie white groomer Giovanni news director Lorie Brooks. And now from the red barn studios. Here your hosts Palais rooms and Judy Francis. If you're just now joining us good timing. An amazing our coming up we're gonna be talking to actress and model Katie cleary and just a few minutes right here on animal radio all throughout the show is giving you little tidbits from the one. We survey of animals they did a bunch of surveys about one of the busiest days. How much we spend on our animals we found out last hour that one of the top days for veterinarians is just before fourth of July. I figured now like a busy day most busy gays, and Dr Debbie says for her personally, it's just right after fourth of July, and I can understand that seems to make more sense to me before fourth of July would be all those people getting set it is and trying to get into your. There you go. Okay. And I guess people do go on vacation. So they go way earlier so there at that destination. So they're on the road traveling before him on the survey is the top busiest days for pet stores. Those are pretty easy, right? We can guess those right around the holidays around Christmas, December twenty second busiest days pet stores, and that's you know, right up against the holiday there. They they figure that last minute toys for the dogs, right? And the cats Creston pet owner the second is the week before Christmas the twenty first and then before Easter the day before Easter the middle of December and then March tenth for some strange. I don't know what that's what that's about. But your average pet store during that will make between two and three thousand dollars a day and the and the stores that make the most money what cities. Do you think they're in will Baltimore Maryland tops, the charts for the most that we spend pet store? I would've said LA would you act? California doesn't even show up in the top five Seattle Nashville, Lancaster, Pennsylvania and Richmond Virginia. And this. Of course, Seattle tech out there. Portland. Denver. We all spend a lot of money on our animals, and in fact, if you're listening right now, it's because you love your animals a little more than most people. Okay. We're gonna head to the phones and just a couple of seconds Lori. What are you working on for this hour while the centers for disease control has another? Another one pet warning about a pet that carry salmonella. Let's take a call for Dr Debbie. We have Joseph on the phone. Hey, Joseph welcome to animal radio. All right. Where you calling from. I in Cottonwood, California right now on the truck driver truck driver. Okay. Drive carefully. Please. What's going on? I'm parked. Good. Jack Russell, and he he's had a couple of times in the last few weeks where he's gotten up, and he started he start shaking, and he kinda I guess last night, and my wife said he fell over and couldn't get back up. And then it just went away for a minute or so and he was on. Okay. And has that been something? That's just been recently. That's come on. Or has he done that for a while? The first time. This happened was on New Year's Eve, and then it happened again the other night so twice and the first time we've ever noticed this. What does he do when he has this dec- actually lose control of his urine? Does he defecate or does? He just kind of fall over the well the first time he didn't fall over seconds on my wife said he did. But no, he doesn't nothing like that. No. You just kind of loses his balance and he's like shaky. Okay. In any kind of sociology to what he's doing right? Prior to this is he eating sleeping playing doing anything unusual right right before the episodes. Well, the first time he was in his dad. My daughter said he kind of jumped up out of his bad right before it happened. And the second time I said he was over by his bed. It might have been sleeping ball times. Okay. And at this point I'd say we may have a challenge determining exactly what is causing the episodes. But there's there's basically a couple main things number one would be that we could be actually having a form of seizure disorder because not every seizure looks like that typical epileptic seizure that you may be familiar with some seizures can be very mild for dogs where they can just have a trembling of one body part or they can even steer off into space. So something like this where he's kind of having company should of issues of having some trembling as well as kind of fallen down that would have to be high. List of concerns that we have a seizure and causes. A seizures can be all what everything from apple app, see to toxins to liver disorders to lead sugar issue. So can definitely a lot of causes within that diagnosis. Now. They're also pets that can have what we call syncopal episodes, and that can sometimes be from heart problems. So even if. Go ahead. One time when I was I after he started acting kinda shaky I kinda him up and know put my hand under his chest. I could feel his heart really racing. Is really pounding. You know, so it was like he was scared or something. Sure. Sore and the challenge with the heart related problems is that sometimes that can be a little harder to pick up. We might have to do something like an EKG or even an chest. X Ray or an older sound to find out a little bit more about that. But I think the big thing is that we do need to start getting some diagnostic test figure out what direction we're going because there are some pets that these episodes will get worse and worse more frequent in. We may need to get him on medication if we're dealing with a seizure type disorder if we're dealing more with a heart based problem diagnosis going to be key. Because the last thing we would want to do is give them an anti-seizure medicine if he's got heart and we've got a rhythm problem with his heart. So that that has a totally different kind of protest to things. So I think this is the time when I talk about getting him into the vents, and it's ideal. If we can get a pet that just has the episode, and we get him to the vet. When they're actually coming out of it. Because sometimes when blood work we're talking about that. That's when sometimes will pick up some different changes on lab work, or even with a heart, tracing that might not be there at other times can always ask them to do that right before you go to the vet. But it just works out to give us the most information. If we catch a pet when they're having one or coming out of one of these episodes. Thank you. Okay. And I certainly hope that we can get a handle on these things in. There are some situations where not everyone can do a lot of test. Do a lot of people probably say tax. You always talk about doing test. And I just don't have the money for it. I'd have to say that there's a lot of very simple things in the all basically start with a physical exam. So the doctors years is nose believe it or not the nose is very valuable in many cases can really help us make some of those determinations in panic what tests might be the most useful to to get that answer. And sometimes it's trying different things and trying different medications. So. Use that teamwork approach with your vet and you'll get to the bottom of things. So thank you for your call. And I heard a little guide. I hope he does. Well, love the little terriers material fan myself. Now, Dr Debbie and we're waiting for your call at one eight hundred sorry. Is this a blooper show? What's number? Remember, the number. I'm trying so hard one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five Kim over here. I just want to give your little hunt. Hey, Alan, welcome to the show. My name is Dr what's going on Ellen air? My mom autumn Amami today like back and mama's dot. Dog got something. I is a dog die. Died. In the dogs. I o in the jokes. I okay. And so what is the Dougie doing right now the dog like like try to like some of the dog guy. That's not getting now in my mom wondering what show she did to get out. Okay. So he's reading at the is scratching at the I. Yeah. Okay. In easy squinting in it holding it closed. Yeah. Okay. All right. The first thing I'm gonna tell you that anytime jog has squinting in the eye. That means there's paying their so there's discomfort. So my best recommendation is to get him evaluated by veterinarian because we wanna make sure he doesn't have any kind of regime on his I which would be termed a corneal ulcers. So that's the hard thing when you have a squinting, I you can have that from pain of any sort, but an ulcer can be very serious. So we don't want to delay that and do home care if we're in that level of discomfort. For the I now certainly in the short term the things I would do in any emergency kit for people at home with dogs when we're talking about is I want some contact saline rinse that you would use for your your family members that might have contacts you can use that as an eye. You're getting solution to loosen things that might be under the eyelids or any kind of particulates in can adjust or anything like that that might be in the eye. That's perfectly safe for dogs to use that now that being said, you can also use things like artificial tears that are also sold in contact contact lens. I'll refresh brand tiers of just one of types of tears that you can put in to help make the ice feel more comfortable, but that's a short term thing. If that babies is read squinting, and we're uncomfortable, you really need to get the baby into the veterinarian and very likely. We'd want to do something called a corneal stain in. And it's the type of a stained technique that we put this guy on the eye, and it helps to outline any kind of scratches or Olson's that could be on the surface of the I if we have something like that there's a certain certain type of treatment that needs to be done. So that's why it's important to see your veteran that kind of category of things indefinitely at this point. You said this is already the day later that the is he's still Swinton. Yeah. Yeah. So I'd say, you know, that would definitely be a time line that I get the baby to the veterinarian. I just don't like some situations where it's good. And there's a lot of tips you can do at home. But there's that point where we cross the line where we are. Maybe not doing the best buy them. If we're delaying the veterinarian, and I'd have to say this warrants a call to get the BBN. So tell your mom that I said. Oughta go, thanks for your thanks for your call, Allan. This portion of animal radio is underwritten in part by critter cops. I love these guys. There's a new way to find lost pets, and it's becoming pretty popular all over the USA. It's critter cops. You'll get huge media blast of thousands of people about your lost pet. They also offer specialized services for stolen pets. Check out. The new way to find lost pets and increase your chances of a reunion. Visit critter cops dot net. Critter cops dot net. And thanks could or cops for under writing animal radio. You're listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six zero five eight four zero five. Do you travel with your dog? Of course, my pets are part of our family me too. I take daisy with me everywhere. Right. Daisy. How do you find out what hotels, welcome you're wrong? I read Fido friendly, the traveling lifestyle magazine for you and your dog sounds perfect for planning our next Bakke Shen, right? Daisy. It is their motto is leave no dog behind and they have great hotel in destination reviews. Where can I find the magazine? Go online to fight. Oh, friendly dot com. I will for sure come on easy. We're off to find our next adventure. Red barn studios. You're listening to animal radio. Here's how Judy. Let's see we just had a call for Dr Debbie about panting dog it was and now in response we have Susan on the phone. Hi, susan. How are you? Good afternoon. I'm fine. Thank you where you calling from Indiana, Indiana. We'll thank you so much for listening. Of course, that's the hometown of our doctor, Debbie Whitworth, Indiana. Were you raised? Where I'm from Hammond, Indiana. Okay. Just up the road a piece. Like that up the road piece. Yeah. Stay everybody drives through my hometown. If you're going through the Illinois Indiana exchange, and there goes right by. Okay. So what's you had a comment about somebody that called in about their panting dog if you minutes ago what? Gentleman was talking about his dog panting. And didn't really know why it was panting because it wasn't hot and he had water and all that sort of thing. And I just was suggesting that I had heard probably a year or so ago a report of some research that had been done on dogs. Panting and suggested that not all panting is due to heat or stress or fear. But it can also be a form of laughter for dogs. There's a apparently some difference in the sound waves when they analyze them. And indeed it shows that not all Pantene is the same. Have you ever heard of this? Dr heard of it. It's kind of older news that I had heard about. But in certainly there's I think there's different context that we can look at it and win a pet is panting. And I would also kind of base that along with I think they were looking at shelter dogs that were they were assessing panting, and whether it was associated play. So when when I have a pet, that's they were trying to with the cause of the panting. I look at the whole picture, you know, what is the doing at that time if they're resting quietly. There's no interactions going on. There's no mental physical stimulation noises, and they're sitting there panting at rest it really makes me cause to challenge. Is there a medical cause for that versus a pet who's sitting while the families watching TV or they're playing with a toy and there panting and they have joyous look on their face, and they're a relaxed body posture? So. Yeah. I think there's certainly different things that jogs Jew in non verbal ways that we really don't understand. And we do our best to try to enter. Yeah. Well, what it had Kurd to me is it's been several years ago. And and previous dog, I had rescued airedale. And it was middle of winter later in the evenings use lying there living room, not hurting from anything that I would least was aware of or that she at any time thereafter, doctorate four, and she was painting. I thought you can't be hot. And you know, went through all that checklist of things. And so really couldn't figure out why she might be panting. Did you tell her a joke? No, maybe she was just looking at me. And that was enough. I don't know. But I I couldn't attribute her panting at that time to anything else. And then it was shortly thereafter that I heard this little research thing that had gone on. But so it was kind of interesting. This is the first time I've heard of it and Judy has just pulled up a web page here, which would include some audio. How cool is that? Okay. So we'll play a dog laughing here in a second. As soon as we get that audio up animal behavior is Patricia semen of Sierra Nevada college he did research on this. And she found that yes, indeed are capable of laughing and they typically do so when their plane, and oh look there's instructions here. How to make your dog laugh seriously? It there on the level really there on a level. We put a link to our website. Okay. We'll put a link over at animal radio dot pet on how to make your dogs laugh has a sense of humor. I know that. Yeah. So why couldn't she laughed? Sure. Sure. What can we play that audio of the dog laughing? Can we? That sounds like panting. To me that sounds like a dog. That's you know, ready to chase that next tennis ball just thrown in. So that's where you know. I can visually put that very different picture than geriatric dog laying on the floor. Panting while ruins like watching, you know dealer. No deal in the evening. Thank you for calling. Susan. We appreciate that toll free one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five to reach out to the dream team. Right now, see, I know lady buck has a sense of humor because when I tell her to go into crate, she looks at me and gets that looking I and then she falls over and placed in. She has a sense of humor. I think that's like an alarm clock on a hyperactive battery all of this was only TV folks actually probably good that it isn't one eight six six four five eight four oh five. This portion of edible radio is underwritten in part by Schmidt's naturals, smell seriously, amazing support Amel conservation Smith special edition lily of the valley, natural deodorant. It was created in collaboration with the Jane Goodall institute. Five percent of each purchase supports eatables. Learn more at Schmitz dot com. And thank you Schmitz for underwriting animal radio. And now an animal radio news brief I'm Stacey Coen for in a more radio. Mr. ad would have a lot to say on this matter a horse called Skopje. Bitta kid in the face and Connecticut cord has concluded that horses are naturally vicious species. And therefore Skopje's owners should have restrained. The horse who had never been anybody before to prevent the injury while horse owners and echoing enthusiasts are asking the state supreme court to overturn that decision classifying horses as vicious would make owning the animals uninsurable, and it would jeopardize the state's profitable horse industry. You know at horses are so far from vicious. They're scared of even a fly. I know my horses scared of like cats, visit seizes cat should jumps though sideways. Five hundred feet. That's and it scares me. They're probably going to overturn that. I think get more animal. Breaking news at am radio dot com. This has been an animal radio news briefs get more at animal radio dot pets. That's my dog. Annie, she's healthy now. But recently, she broke her leg, and I had to rush her to the vet, thankfully, she's protected by embraced pen insurance. They covered her surgery and reimburse the clean quickly and brace offers one simple plan for unexpected accidents and illnesses that you can personalize to fit your budget to learn more. Visit embraced pet insurance dot com to get a free, quote, how he's underwritten by licensure of American modern insurance coverage, Saturday policy, terms and conditions. Visit embrace bed insurance dot com. For coverage details, this is an animal radio news update. And I'm Laurie Brooks the centers for disease control is once again issued a warning that recent cases of some Annella have been linked to pet hedgehogs which have gained a lot of popularity and the CDC is warning pet owners to take a lots of precautions to avoid infection. Because this time a total of seventeen people ranging in age from tude and ninety five across eleven states have fallen ill with salmonella. But a common supplier of these affected hedgehogs has not yet been identified the salmonella bacteria, by the way are found in a hedgehogs feces and can often end up on their bodies or in your in closures. So because of that and keeping that in mind, here's what the centers for disease control recommends. If you have hedgehog always always wash your hands thoroughly after handling, or if you handle anything that came from a hedgehogs enclosure, and if you did you should actually wash the hedgehogs enclosure down outside with soap and water but using a hose, but definitely outside. They say never snuggle or kiss ahead chug that would be hard. If you had a pet that you really love to not kiss it. But it could be dangerous because that can bring the salmonella germs directly to your face. And basically pretty much implanting that bacteria in your mouth into your system. Throw one more tip in it's free. You know, there's no charge for it. Keep your. Hedgehogs out of your mouth. That's that's another way to avoid the seminal. Just. Yeah. That's free. That's a free. We do without you. And if you have a hedgehog, I have cats in I admit, I Mike cats roam the counters if they want if you have a hedgehog don't let them on the counter anywhere that food is prepared or stored because that again will be infected with the salmonella. And then when you eat whatever was prepared on that surface year, just implanting it in your body. All right. The US agriculture department. This is good news. Sad story. But good news. They say they stopped their government program that literally injected diseases into cats before they were euthanized. The departments agricultural research service now says the topsoil plasmas experiments on cats and kittens have been quote discontinued and will not be reinstated. The protocol involved giving cats talks plasmas was basically they say so that scientists could study the food borne illness because cats it comes out to be that cats are the only host in which types of plasmas can complete its life cycle and produce eggs and all of that allowed researchers to obtain more information because you know, how it affects humans. But it's done. It's over now. A couple of North Carolina gotta cute puppy. And now, of course, the puppies famous because the puppy quickly appointed himself as the seeing eye puppy for their eleven year old golden retriever who have already lost both of his eyes because his block home of pain was so severe they named the puppy maverick. He came to their family back in January just a few months ago, while Charlie the older golden and now blind dog was not very excited to have a puppy in the house in the beginning. But that will change maverick the puppy soon appointed himself as Charlie's protector. The owner say that that when the two would play maverick the puppy would realize that Charlie had lost the toy that they were playing with and couldn't find it. So maverick would go and pick it up for him put it right back down in front of Charlie's face. So that he could re engage him in playtime, very cute. So they posted these on social media. And of course, everybody goes all and falls in love, including me, and they have their own page on Instagram. Now, I'm Laurie Brooks. Give more breaking animal news anytime always at animal radio dot com. This has been an animal video news update. Get more at animal radio dot com. Nita fixing good stuff. Get more animal radio with the free animal radio app for I phone and Android. Okay. We'll head back to the phones. Just a couple of seconds here at one eight six six four zero five eight four zero five during the commercial break. We were telling lady bug all kinds of jokes just to try to get her to laugh, and I think we need to go through the instructions here that we have for making them laugh because they are they are very real posted at the website. If you want to try to make your dog laugh. Detailed? You gotta laugh. I apparently. Okay. You know, what I'm not gonna argue with science here. I'm just going to post it over at the website. And and you try at home in fact, if you could get your dogs to laugh call us, especially if they're win. They're laughing videotape. It. On it video poetry phone immediately. When your dog is laughing and send it to us. Okay. Your voice at animal radio dot com. I see my dog is going to actually do an I roll. I do all of these anteks. I'll get that on video my dogs. Don't forget it. Joining us right now is Katie cleary. She's an amazing model you've seen her on America's next top model in the first season. Not only beauty but brains too. She's graduated college with a bachelor's degree in business and marketing she landed a role in deal or no deal a list, a resume CV that goes on for days. But her main passion is advocating for animal welfare issues that she joins us right now. Katie how you doing? Very good. Do you have a dog? I've got all the animals I've got nine cats and three dogs. Have you ever seen dogs or cats laugh before? Oh, yes. Oh, laugh at me. All the time. So funny. They really are especially Carly my first dog he just looks at me kind of had the head tells. And like, what are you doing is? They're they're they really are. I would imagine with so many animals that you're cleaning up. Oh, it's literally like three hours a day. I spend about like an hour and a half in the morning our happened night. So the kitty litter you name it. I mean, literally everything it's that they're they're not the cleanliness animals, but it's worth it. So worth it. So so. Do you have a partner or spouse? You know, what not right now not right now. But you never know. I was gonna ask wasn't enquiry. I'm a married, man. But I I was acquiring to see what they thought of your your menagerie of animals. I guess a lot of my friends are like, wow, twelve animals a lot. But yeah, I do have people helping me. So which is which is great my station and everything they all, you know, come by and watch the cats and the dogs and walk them. And you know, they really do a great job. So. Yeah. Into the animal welfare headfirst, you're you're doing all kinds of things. Yeah. About eleven twelve years old, and I would rescue kittens and bottle feed them, and we would you know, squirrels you name it birds that would fall from the nasty, you know, we would rebuild them and then re release the wild animals back into the wild. And then find fosters and forever homes for the kittens? So I grew up, you know, wrestling, and saving animals, and actually we had a vet family that growing up and family friend. So, you know, it was really convenient. So any injured animal we take directly to him. He would you know, rehab them. And then you know, we would do our part and then release them. So it was it was pretty amazing. I always knew I wanted to get involved in a welfare, I just didn't know what to pass it. So I started in entertainment at a really young age eleven twelve and then kind of in the middle of that I worked with on a campaign for World Wildlife Fund for tiger conservation. And at the time, it was only five thousand Tigers. And now there's only twenty five hundred Tigers left in the wild. So, you know, it's right now, or you know, you're or in the sixth mass extinction. So my my passions always been endangered species, and how to prevent extinction of dangerous machines and big. Cast and elephants and rhinos. So, you know, it's always been my passion, and you know, rather than being as well, just or veterinarian kind of you live entertainment as that platform to raise awareness random of welfare through legislation through films through my news network. You know, we work on a lot of issues. What's peace for animals, your organization, right? Yes. I started for animals in two thousand twelve and we've done myriad of campaigns. We've rescued farm animals rescue, you know, dogs from, you know, the sadly kill list shelters because you know, there's so many animals that are so adoptable. But a lot of people are frayed to go in shelters, as you know to rescue them. So, you know, we'll we'll pull them and then rehabilitate them and then find them at home. So we actually just did that a couple days ago with a husky at at the Downey shelter. So, you know, we do everything we do campaigns. We support legislation. We produced a film on that list. I'll give me shelter about animal welfare. And. Yeah. And then the second one we just finished called the are one. So it'll be the follow up to give me shelter. Hopefully, hopefully, it'll be on it looks if people wanna learn more about what you're doing. Is there a website how can people get your newsletter? Any of that information? News dot com. And in everyday we do a three to five articles, depending on you know, today, I think we have three up. There's one about the Russia releasing the blue whales hear about that one that were held captive and a couple of other ones about him a zoo and in Puerto Rico, so we we highlight, you know, worldwide partners around the world through a lot of anti poaching in Africa as well. And you know, Jean support anti-poaching on the ground actually, a women's coaching team in Zimbabwe. So that's one of our main partners. So you know, we kind of were all over all over the place all over the board. we highlight everything. Allow all the animals free roam of the house or they allowed embedded with you at night or do they really? Wow. Yeah. The cats are difficult though, the cats, you know, they're not turn. Also, they keep you up dogs. They're definitely right? By me, all the time. Well, thank you so much for spending time with us today. We appreciate it. Okay. The website piece for animals dot net. And that's the number four will put links everything you've heard on today's show over animal radio dot, Pat. We'll head back to the phones. Next year listening to animal radio phones are open at one eight six six zero five eight four zero five. The animal radio. Taking you to your animals affecting over dead. If you anywhere you wanna go. Today's automotive news story. I'm MC miles dealers had to relinquish their phones before seeing an early build of a two door Bronco and being told that a photo vision would also be offered the offroad lineup includes two and four door Broncos the baby Bronco and a new unibody pickup. According to sources with insight on Ford's product plans Bronco will be available in late twenty twenty as soon as three months off to the baby Bronco. Pickup is expected in twenty twenty one c o new comb. Our auto expert dot com. Check out animal radio highlights all the good stuff without the bla-bla-bla browse on over to animal radio dot pet. Oh, how cool is that? You can get doctor. Debbie's advice today without getting the cold. She has because you'll be on the phone with her hundreds of miles away. And. All of us in the studio will be sick next week poor girl. Well, you're around a lot of people. But you got a little head cold today is that what's happening. Yeah. Just a a little cold slash combo of allergies. So you know, I feel like one of those poor kitties that comes into my office with congested nose. And it's. And we're all sitting there going. Oh, yeah. They can't eat because they can't smell. Well. Yeah. I can agree to that. You know, nothing tastes good. 'cause when you can't breathe you can't smell. So it really helps me better understand dogs and cats when they have a lot of congestion and other just don't wanna eat that never stopped me. Well, could you please wear this mask for the rest of this show is that we'll be considering I have low Lysol wipe. So that's fine. Offended, but you so much that about you, very considerate. She's giver she really is there, which is that the hotline is that the hotline right now is ringing the bosses calling holy Moley. We've done something wrong. I think. Okay. We'd better go to the to the other phone primary. Hi, how are you? Calling from today. Love reading W E U R affiliate that. Dr Debbie right here. Come on over doctor, Debbie. Hi, I'm calling because I have a new rescue pup. And I even have what they call the brake brake fastball, and she just takes down chows down the food, and it's mall. Kibbles like, you would not believe. And I'm wondering what I can do to to stop that. 'cause I'm afraid it's not good for her. And I'm afraid she's gonna get. I I think I'm trying to think of the terminology when a dog ingest food, and they don't they don't shoot. Well, we do worry about blowed if he's really below the right word. No issue currently having any health problems with it or you're just being cautious in in being proactive. Well, I'm I'm being proactive about it. And I don't to be honest with you, I'm lifting her face even away from this because I'm afraid that she's going to throw up because she just injustice she she injustice like like she's never eaten before. One to one and a half. Okay. Initi- the I do have another dog. Yes. And not other dog is eight. Yes. Are they fed together in of the same bowl different bowls? They're fade out of different bowls. Absolutely. Yeah. All right. Well, the first thing I'll say is that there was definitely it's well recognized that sometimes pets that are adopted or that come from tough beginnings, Kim sometimes have issues with food when it comes to eating and eating it all very fast some of it. We don't know what experiences, you know, the had on the road of before. But it can can leave some impact mentally. So some some tips definitely that that vol- that you're referring to is kind of a cool bowl that some people make their own at home. But it's actually premade bowl. That has a lotta pigs. That's sit up from the bottom of the bowl. So the ideas that slows down how fast the pet can ingest the food from the bowl, some people will just overturn cups and put him inside the bowl, and you can do the same thing at home. But if we're still doing that behavior the other strategies that we can try now doesn't work for every tug some dogs. I will try to switch them over to free. Feeding are open feeding. Because part of the concern is that, oh, my God, this food is gonna be gone, and I'm not gonna have any. It only works for certain dogs. And I usually prefer it to be a single dog home because then we have less worry about resource competition each you're really fast. So the other dog can't get to it will the dog doesn't go anywhere near her bowl. She goes near the other. Sure. Sure. We have to recognize that she for whatever reason has concerns about that not being there when she gets back or that it's going to be taken away from her. So we need to do whatever we can to reassure her of that. So. A lot of times. I'll try to practice of quiet behaviors before feeding just to kinda help resume some control into decrease the pets hangs -iety. So something simple like saying. Okay. The food sitting in front of you. Let's practices sit or shake PA. And then you give a command. Okay. It's all right to eat. That helps to kind of connect the dog to say. All right. Everything's okay. The foods there and kind of diverge the mind, so that's one just training thing. But otherwise other strategies, we can go to giving food and other ways. So that she has to kinda work for it. There's a lot of different toys out there the conchords. The busy buddy toys where you can put the actual pets food inside toy items. And it gives them something to do gives them a little more time to ingest the food in a kind of makes it a little bit more interactive in funds. So when we also to kind of make mealtime stretch out a little bit and to make it a little bit more fun. I've had some folks hiding food in the house. You just got to watch for that. Really determined dog. Like, probably my labrador that would probably eat through furniture under carpet to get to the food. So okay. But I think that you know, that interest in patients and giving her a little extra time being watchful for your other dog. Because even if the other dog isn't physically going into that bowl, sometimes that psychological just few stress that the other dog might so you may consider feeding them separately just to kind of ease her mind. Thank you, very improve your Corey. Well, it has just blown by once again, it is time for us to get on out of here. We're all going to walk. Our animals are flamingos Guana 's all except Dr Debbie she's going home, and she's gonna go get some sleep poor girls. And if you want some good reading during the week checkout, Dr Debbie's books Yorkshire terriers, Shitsu pugs and many schnauzers all four separate books. How to be your dog's best friend than you could get links to those over at our website available radio dot pet. We'll see next week for more animal radio right here. Feeling better. We're going to pick up dog poop. This is. Network.

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