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Hour 1 - Jeff Passan (04-28-20)


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Dan Patrick dot com twitter handle at DP show and you can watch if you like on Youtube. Dot Com slash. The Dan Patrick show the big German at the home there with his sidekick is trustee robin his Batman Dylan. Who wants Scotus breakfast? Now he's doing graphics force. You move up quickly here on the Dan Patrick Show. Let me see. We're also part of the Fox Sports Radio Lineup. Three hundred sixty two radio affiliates around the country. Nba pushback state to reopen practice facilities. Yesterday they were looking for May I. Now they're gonNA look for. May eighth here. This is what I don't WanNa hear. And don't WanNa see the Commissioner Adam. Silver said this a couple of weeks ago. I'm not going to set arbitrary dates for us to return because what it does is it provides false hope also as a citizen. You think wow the. Nba's coming back. Maybe we've gotten through the worst of this pandemic. I think it gives us false. Hope there we all want the NBA to come back. I get nervous when we say you know what we're going to start college football on time. We don't know that we're going to have the Olympics next July. We don't know that it's nice to dream about it. But these people who are in these positions we tend to think they have more information than us and then you start to realize maybe they don't so may eighth right now and it's a lot for the league to figure out and you've got states have different rules competitive balances in issue if one state says. Hey you can come back in another state says No. You can't like the Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks. They would be at a decided disadvantage. Here you're gonNA limit four players in the facility at once. Players have to be twelve feet apart while on the court. That sounds like me when I was playing defense in highschool the NBA's not alone other leagues are going to face the same issues as they try to get back to business and for better for worse sports will be viable barometer of really how we're doing as a country we keep saying. We need sports to kick start the economy to kick start the economy with sports. You have fans going to sporting events we're not kick-starting economy here and I hope that we're not hinging all of our bets. The future on sports coming back that will kick start our economy. It's not easy. It's a chance for the leagues to China. By making smart and safe decisions here. Golf will come back. Golf's going to be the first sport to come back and I understand that you can do that. You can have robotic cameras you. Have you know social distancing already? You know you're gonNA walk separately Is there a way that you don't have to touch the pin when the ball goes in like? There's things that they still have to figure out here but golf could still come back and I think you can have events. You just won't have gallery there. You'RE GONNA come back for football. You're not gonNA come back for football. Fans Comeback Students won't be back but we're going to expect football players to come back as far as the. Nfl goes there already contingency plans of what they plan on doing? In are you going to move back the Super Bowl? Probably a couple of weeks and you're going to probably start the season a little bit later like these are just thoughts. These are these. Are Things being discussed right now and I take you back to whatever whatever. It was a month ago when I said that. They're looking at a twelve game schedule in the NFL. Like that might be best case scenario. You might look at. It is worse case scenario but that might be best case scenario where you have a twelve game schedule. The Sports Business Journal had a report detailed contingency plans possibly starting the NFL on October. Pushing the Super Bowl back to late February. I've was told that they wanted to do the Super Bowl on President's Day weekend because then that gave you that Monday off so you actually had a holiday for people with the Super Bowl so that might not be a crazy thing. You might eliminate the BI weeks here. There would be no pro bowl and but nobody would notice but the NFL is a big story and if they get to that point where they start making their contingency plans. The other leagues will follow. Jeff Passan who? I've great respect for works for the mothership. He said according to sources. We're having baseball in twenty twenty. Okay I don't know how we're having it because I can't say hey. Let's use all these tests for our athletes but to people who really need these test. Are they able to get those? You just can't sit there and go. Hey we get tested. Every single day we go in people who are still needing test. That's not a good look not a good look at all. Are we going to come up with a vaccine? I can't imagine fans going back without a vaccine and they say the vaccine according to the medical community is twelve to eighteen months out. That's why when we go. Hey everything's returning to normal. There is no normal anymore. This is different and how we adapt to. This is really important what we expect. It's like the draft. We adapted to it. We accepted it how we go to sporting events where we sit at sporting events when we come back from sporting events. It's going to be different. It's not going to be the same and may never be the same. But that's why I think patience is really important but when I see doctors and a quote fans may not be in stadiums until well into twenty twenty one. We can hope for this. We can say we're America. We get through this. We got to get through the pandemic first and then we get through to. Hey now we can go out and enjoy things that we took for granted like going to a sporting event. We all need it the the economy the country. We need it. We understand that. But you can't push up this timeframe and it's dangerous when we do it because I think it gives false security false hope and a false sense of invincibility. This program brought you by legalzoom. They made it easy to set up in the state plan without leaving your home. Take care of your family today. The right of state plan at LEGALZOOM DOT com not to get heavy to start out but that was what was on my mind when I started to read this with the NBA. And I applauded. Commissioner Adam silver when a month ago said. I'm not going to give you time frames and I said great. That's really smart. Look at all the time frames that we've blown through like we ran the stop sign. We didn't even didn't even stop. We didn't pause because we keep thinking we're America. We'll get this done we. Of course we're not going to stop playing sports. There's other things that we've stopped doing aside from. Stop playing sports. And that's where if we'd have the patience to say. Are we safe all? It takes one person one athlete. In here we go again imagine the NBA comes back. They got all these safety guidelines in place. One guy that's positive. Then you gotta Rudy Gobert situation again. Shut it all down baseball trying to come back. We're going to quarantine you. Hey you gotta in in this city for four months You gotta stay in that city. You'RE GONNA stay in Florida for that amount of time. I mean it's it's crazy really is I mean Mike. Trout said look my wife's pregnant. I'm going to be self quarantine. I can't even go to for the birth of my first child is a lot of things we're trying to think and we're doing it in real time. We're doing it in front of people whether it's on the radio or on TV WE'RE DISCUSSING. What if hypotheticals? I get it but it's dangerous when you have an arbitrary timeframe because then we think okay basketball's coming back. We may eighth. So let's say we give them a month so June eighth. We're probably playing basketball right. I would say probably not if you get basketball. Are you GonNa do basketball where we do a march madness like? They're all kinds of proposals on the table. In fact everything's on the table all of these leagues. Everything's on the table and we'll talk to Jeff Passan the ESPN BASEBALL INSIDER. Coming up in about twenty five minutes just to get his thoughts on. How is baseball going to pull this off? Gulf will come back before any other sport does. And that's going to be the first week in June. But you can practice social distancing when you're playing golf it's you and your caddy and you don't have to have anybody else out there. I get that you know I was told by somebody who covers Tennessee. Said Hey I know you brought up tennis. That you could have social distancing. What about the tennis balls? If you're holding onto it then your opponent holds onto like. There's there's things that you don't even think of because I thought well. Hey I'm on my side of the net. You're on your side of the net. We don't even have a ballboy out there he said. But you're still going to have. You're going to be touching the tennis balls in so where your opponent I said. I didn't think of that so every time we go. I got an idea. Here's my solution. And then you realize. There's going to be potholes in every one of these. I plead with these leagues. These commissioners patients really patients mclovin. Poll question do you have a bunch of light whole question because after that? Yeah you can lighten it up a little bit here. Well let's talk about Cam Newton if that's okay They released Vegas. Odds are where he might go. Which team of these in the I would you go to if you were cam? Newton I'll give you the Patriots. The Jaguars the steelers. The broncos bears the raiders and the Redskins. I would look at the Patriots first and foremost because if I'm Cam I'm going into compete for a starting job. He's not a backup quarterback Jameis. Winston needs to be a backup quarterback. I just don't think Cam's ego would allow him to be a great backup quarterback and by that I mean is he all in in helping the starting quarterback would he go to Jacksonville and say garden. Shoo I'm right here for you to make you better. I just don't see him. A Jacksonville would be another place that I have in go because he might if you let him compete for the starting job. Pittsburgh no broncos no raiders. No see I think the redskins are going to give Jelena Elena Haskins one more year and if they're one of the worst teams than maybe just in fields is going to be the guy they draft. That's just a feeling I have with that. If you go to the redskins with Ron Rivera then you you have to let cam compete for the job. And I can't imagine if he's healthy. That Cam would let Dwayne Haskins speedy amount. I would start with the Patriots because of the upside. You might be playing in a super bowl and you might have a chance to win that. Starting Job Jacksonville. If they give you a chance to compete with Gardner minhsiu The steelers. No broncos are set on their quarterback the bears got folds as well with Bisky. That's a little bit of a mess. The raiders with Mario and car go in there. That's a mess the redskins you could go in as long as you get that commitment from Ron Rivera to say cam we're going to let you compete for the job. Because the other places he would go in and they would say. Your job is a backup quarterback there yeah polling. I was going to throw out the redskins but then that may make sense for the redskins. They probably can't compete in this division. Even with Cam Newton. They would probably be at best like an eight team. And if you stick with Dwayne Haskins you find out what he is and if he's terrible you pick in the draft next year and all south. Yeah I think that would be the approach. I would have that. Ron Rivera is GonNa want his quarterback unless he goes man. I'm all in Dwayne Haskins. I don't know what that conversation was like when they said. Hey Daniel Snyder talking to Ron Rivera. You want to be our coach. Hey I'm not sold on the quarterback that you the owner handpicked for your team to take in the draft. I'm GONNA guess he's GonNa hate can. Can we give Dwayne another year? And let me see if we're going to make progress and then we can make that decision because if they had the second worst record in football which is a real possibility. Then are you on the clock for quarterback? You're not gonNA get the best quarterback in the draft because it feels like Jacksonville's going to be in that place but Cams GonNa get signed by somebody I just don't know if he if he's going to go in and say I'll be a backup quarterback. Yeah mclovin what about a situation like Pittsburgh where ban his thirty eight and then Cam consider your get healthier and then take over like Kinda like James might do in in New Orleans. I thought Pittsburgh was gonNA take a quarterback. I thought they were GonNa like Jalen hurts was going to be a quarterback that they would have taken in maybe they would have a with the eagles. It's now reported that the Eagles said. Hey we missed on Russell Wilson. We don't want to miss on another quarterback like that. That's why they took. Jalen hurts whether that's true or not in an amazing. How many teams we're GonNa Take Russell Wilson but I always say your chance it. You went through a couple of rounds and you had your chance everybody in yeah we. We knew we were hoping to get him. Like Dak. Prescott you know. We had a high grade ondeck breath when you had your chance. Everybody had their chance with that. Amick eleven people rip? The seahawks. Were saying they're geniuses? They did take him in the third round so they pass on him twice to Russell. Well I know you just have these. Gm's ago you know. I was thinking we were going to you know I was told that we couldn't. It's it. Feels like it's a little revisionist history there you can go back to the two thousand twelve draft leading up to it. Russell Wilson was considered a high end. Backup there looking at him as a really heavy player. Great scrambler an improviser. A guy who led to programs to pretty good heights. He was not considered a possible starter. You can go through. Everyone's draft profile. No no no. But it's funny how that works where you'd go really. Everybody knew this after the fact it. We're going to have this with this draft here. Somebody's going to say. Hey I told you Jordan. Love great pick by the packer. Now won't be me because I've I'm already on record as saying nope not a good pick by the packers. Yes seton. I remember at the time thinking man. I just hope Russell gets a chance what we liked him because we had him on the show. Yeah right exactly and that that was. I didn't have any crystal ball where I go. Russell Wilson's going to be a great pro. Like Kirk cousins. I thought all right you know we like him. Maybe you'll get a chance but I never was like you. GotTa Take Russell Wilson. He's a leader Kirk cousins. He's going to be a starter in the NFL we. I felt terrible for Kirk cousins when he got drafted by the Redskins. Because I came in on that Monday and I go. Oh my God. Our Guy got drafted by the redskins where they took our g three. Never GonNa play and Russell is in the same boat because they just spend a boatload of money on Matt Flynn you thought Oh coming in to be a backup for Matt Flynn the new direction of the franchise. Yeah mclovin I remember. You took to the big ten title game. Where KIRK COUSINS? Russell played and they were both throwing bombs left and right. I'm like wait. These guys are first round quarterbacks. Why are they throwing fifteen touchdowns every play? That was a great game. Great performance out of both of those guys. But you know we tend to root for guys that we have on when they're in college and then you follow them in the NFL but we had no idea you know. We're we're right there with everybody else but you start to hear this revisionist history and we'll probably hear that with jalen hurts. Somebody's GonNa say what a great pick or that wasn't a great pick or it could be somebody taken later in the draft. Where Jake Frahm? Yep You know we were going to take him in the sixth round. We thought we'd he'd fall right to you know okay. I hear you all. We'RE GOING TO SETTLE ON. A poll question. They're mclovin yeah. I'm going to put up that cabinet and Paul which team should sign him. I mean I think there's a fair question if you're cam where would you go? But I don't know that he has all the choices I want to put up. Which team should sign him with the top six vegas odds because this is really a starter and the Vegas odds have the Patriots Number One? Yeah and WHO's number two? I don't have it in front of me. I think the JAGS number two. Yeah jags number. Two then. Steelers broncos bears radio and Redskins. Well steelers yeah. Yeah it like you said. They needed another quarterback in that chart. But he's he's not a he's not duck devlin like he's not Mason. Rudolph this is Cam Newton here because problem. He's going to be better than half the starters he goes into if he's healthy he's way better than a lot of these guys. But don't you want somebody who if I'm bringing you in and you are better than my starter. Then you've made my team better. You don't go kind of hope. He's not better than Gardner. Minhsiu I'd be looking at the bears which robiskie you can't possibly have Cam Newton backing up Mitchell trubisky. It doesn't make sense nick foles. Oh Yeah you're not bringing him in that now. If you didn't have nick foles and you brought in Cham Cham could win that job. The BEARS WANNA see Mitchell. Trubisky one more year. Then they're gonNa make a decision now. The fans of already made up their mind. But but there's a couple of quarterbacks here Gardner. Men's shoe gets one more chance this year. I think Baker Mayfield is on the clock in Cleveland because with with their draft with that talent. I don't know how great Stefanski is going to be as head coach but Baker Mayfield's running out of excuses here. The Cleveland Browns have talent and should should be a playoff too. So you're going to get that SAM. Darnold is this. Maybe his year. You get one more year after this before you go. I don't know if he's our franchise quarterback here Mario and Winston you know they got their chance. They prove that they weren't starting quarterbacks. Now they might get better learn and come back and having Ryan Tannehill resurgence. But that's the way the quarterbacking position is I take you. Can you start? Can I get that rookie contract? If so great now we build our team if not I got a two year window maybe three at the most. And then you say all right. You're not our future now. We gotTA draft another quarterback. Yeah polling. You're going to talk about two thousand twelve draft if you look at the career passing yardage for the two thousand twelve draft of quarterback taking. It's really fascinating Russell. Wilson's by far number one. Then it's cousins then it's Tannehill then lock who's done nick. Foles is in fifth in yardage first career and he's got a super bowl ring and MVP Robert Griffin. Who was a star is sixth and osweiler seventh? That's a fascinating draft. It just goes to show you. It's an inexact science when you take that when you drive that you got you got fourth round. Picks their third round picks there a number one overall. Nick foles was the third. Rg Three first round. Like it's it's really who you get with your offense coordinator the talent around you. It's not just the quarterback himself all right we'll take a break. We'll come back Talk a little bit more about the Bulls Documentary and when Michael Jordan decided that he was going to do the documentary the day that he decided to do the documentary. Just a coincidence or calculated by Michael. Twenty one after the hour thank you. This is the Dan Patrick Show. Thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast be sure to catch us. 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And I'll I'll have that for you coming up in a little bit. I WanNa make sure we have time for Jeff. Passan talk about this baseball stuff but Isaiah was on. Espn talking about this bill laimbeer the former NBA player with the bad boys. Your nickname was the bad boys. You don't apologize if you like. You're the you're a hells angels. And we're really sorry we might have done some bad things that you really the hells angels that the Pistons were the. Hells angels of basketball. They they took no prisoners. They made no apologies and the fact that they pass the blame onto the Celtics and said well. The Celtics did it to us. Maybe they did in maybe there. They were actually being truthful when they said we were not going to stay on the floor with the game not in question any longer and be engulfed by these Pistons fans. Maybe maybe maybe maybe I will say this though. Isaiah Thomas reportedly reached out to the Celtics and it might have been Kevin Mchale to ask him. How do we get past you? And I'm paraphrasing. Here he wanted to know because they kept running into the Celtics and they couldn't beat the Celtics and I say a wanted to know how to beat the Celtics and I think that he talked to Kevin Mikhail about this. And you'll see after that series is over. Isaiah is walking with Kevin Mikhail off the floor. So I don't know what Isaiah solve felt thought. But if I'm the bulls eye hold a grudge. Because if I'm Michael hold a grudge. It's Michael Like I'm not surprised with any of this. I mean Michael wasn't a good guy on the floor folks. He was a spectacular player. He wasn't a good guy. He would hold grudges whether it was with teammates or opponents. It wasn't easy to get along with his own agenda there but what he did on the basketball floor was what set him apart and the Pistons. Don't make apologies. You're the Pistons last thing I want to hear. And don't do a SOB story. We should feel sorry for you. Either you're the Pistons you know. This is mean spirited that we have to keep talking about this. Now you're the Pistons you earned it. They beat you. You don't WanNa shake their. Would I like to have seen them as sportsman? Yes I would but back. Then there was no sportsmanship. It's it was crazy TV. I wanted to mean something I wanted it to hurt. I wanted you to carry that grudge. I'm still angry over something that happened in my senior year. In High School to get into it. Oakwood lumberjacks of jerks. They played a box in one on me. Nobody could guard me one on one. I'm still angry over that. I'll carry it to my grave I will be on my if those Oakwood lumberjack. They probably love the fact that it's they're still in my head but they are. They're renting space in my head guarding me with a box in one shameful Bushley. Yeah Act We'll talk a little bit more about this. We'll hear from Isaiah and Bill Laimbeer. That'll be coming up Jeff Passan. Espn baseball insider caught my attention. Apparently we're GONNA have baseball this year. Jeff I'm all ears. When are we having baseball? Great question answers. I have no idea. Thanks for coming on Jeff. We'll talk to you later. That's been great. Thank you so much as always graphic. That's the latest plan. You know. It's funny the people that Major League Baseball What did they don't like talking about plans? Which is which is odd because to go forward. You need a plan right. You need to plan you need to have well laid out execute it. You need to understand that they're going to be flaws in it. They're gonNA be stumbles along the way no plan goes according to plan. And the fact that they haven't committed to one yet It's part of the process that they're going through right now now. I don't know if this is the right approach to take you know somewhat argue that you settle on a plan early and you do everything you can to make it work but I think that what baseball sees right now is the landscape that we don't understand. We have no idea what next week is going to be like. We have no idea what next month is going to be like. And because of that Their plan is to give themselves flexibility and work on all the details surrounding it. That will no matter what they choose whether it is going to A biosphere in Arizona or going to a three city hug plan where They have people stationed in Phoenix Metropolitan Area Dallas Metropolitan area and Tampa Saint Pete area or or doing a five city plan. Where you add Miami and Houston to the mix. No matter what they do they need to have testing for example and they need to have umpires in particular places and they need all these logistical things. And that's the stuff they're trying to take of now so when they do figure out what the best plan is they can execute it all right but you say in your quoted there will be baseball in twenty twenty. Yes and you. I do believe I do believe I do believe that and I believe that because I think all of the parties involved Are extremely motivated to have baseball in some form or fashion. I also think that because I maybe I'm trying to be optimistic this time. Where optimism is in short supply? But I'm not allowing that optimism to guide me to this place where baseball coming back is not realistic. I just I see the country reopening and I know that we're going to have stumbles along the way and I understand that that's part of it but I also think there's a recognition that getting back to to life like some form of what we had before corona virus is an imperative and that baseball is going to be a part of that. It's not going to be a part of that with fans in all likelihood But I think there's there's very There's a very reasonable way. That games can be played Under a variety of circumstances. And it's just a matter of baseball figuring out which one suits all of the parties involved us. I'm also wondering they'll how many games that like is there a if we can't get this many games in then we can't have a season is there. Is there an amount that they're they're looking at? If you had asked me that question two or three weeks ago I would've said yes. I think there's a sort of a point at which the season is not panel. I don't think that's the case anymore I think. Mlb Right now and the players are considering every possibility and and there was one in the column that I wrote yesterday but I just sort of like honestly what I was just sitting. There jumped up a tournament and and and it was based on the fact that An official said if you know something to the effect of give us sixty days we could put out a hell of a tournament and I think that that's true if you know. Would it be like a championship season? No but would it be something that could be different and compelling and still baseball like. That's that right there. Dan I think is what people in the sport banking on at this point that some baseball's better than baseball and in whatever format it takes. We're just going to embrace it. You Get one question for the commissioner and he'll answer what would it be? When's opening day? Good to talk to Jeff. Keep that optimistic column coming by the way. And and I. I'm curious to hear your take on this D. Do you think the optimism is is unwarranted and. Do you think there's going to be baseball this year? I don't know Jeff and I just spent fifteen minutes starting to show where I don't like where we have these arbitrary dates where we go hey. Nba Facilities Opening Up may first and then they come back and say now. It's may eight. I think it's dangerous when we do this with our sports leagues because it trickles out to what we do every day. I think it gives us this false sense of. Hey things are getting better here. I don't know that and I think when we we want sports to come back it doesn't happen magically just because we stop our foot and say I want my sports back. It doesn't work that way. And I thought now the Commissioner Adam. Silver did the right thing a month ago when he said I'M NOT GONNA put out any dates there. And then he comes out and puts out a date of. May I now? It's May Eighth. I don't know if the NBA comes back. I've always thought all along that it wouldn't baseball. I could think maybe you get now. Truncated Sixty Game Season College. Football I think's going to be pushback. I think the NFL's going to push back a little bit. I I'm being. I want to be optimistic. I but I also have to be realistic. And that's if if we still have a second before break let me let me come in here and tell you why. I think the thing actually has been good. I think it's I think it has shown that these leagues can be judicious. If leaks were trying to get back at all costs they would be setting extraordinarily aggressive dates and trying to push for them. They would be bypassing public health protocols and standards they wouldn't have a meeting today with the White House and they're they're public health experts that they have hired the worst thing that could possibly happen to any league is for it to come back and have it fail and I think we have to understand that that is the great Emergency break here. That is going to prevent them from coming back before its time. Can they push? Can they talk about it and they give us hope? Can they give us? Optimism is yeah you know all of those things are true but I think when it's all said and done. The most important thing here is that the decisions are made in concert with health experts and not for poor reasons like Prophet. Like if we can get to that point. That's where I as a sports consumer end as a human being. Feel good about the way that this has been handled. I just don't like when we talk about jump starting the economy and we use sports because fans aren't going to be going to the games that's how you jump start. The economy in the world is sports. If we're going to bring back sports then bring it back. Don't bring it back while we're pushing the envelope so we got a jump. Start the economy. Here that's dangerous that's careless. That's reckless in my opinion. I think that sports can be part of it and I think we have to. You know I think one thing we have to understand now man is is just how different the new normal is going to be in how we have to adjust to these very weird states of affairs where people look at sports as something that can jump start the economy. I don't even know if it's jump. Start the economy so much as it is. Bring some semblance of normalcy back to life and It is a it is a hard thing for anyone to do but sports has always been that very unifying figure in this country and I think that's why People WanNa look at it because in a time of discomfort. What is sports if not comfort. Jeff thank you. We'll talk soon pleasures. My Buddy Jeff Pass. Espn baseball insider. I understand what he's saying. I just get back to just being realistic about all of this because sports is about hope dreams optimistic you you want to be passionate about it all of those things. We all want that. It just doesn't happen like that and Susan. A movie documentary. It's different. We'll take a break. We'll come back. We'll hear from Isaiah Thomas Bill Laimbeer on the apology tour following the Bulls documentary after this. Thanks for listening to the Dan. Patrick Show podcast be sure to catch. 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And it's the story of my search for the truth. This is somebody a CO production of them visible institute the Inner South and Topic Studios in association with Tender Foot. Tv available. Now this is somebody's child. Somebody deserves to know what happened. I deserve to know what happened to my son. Listen to somebody on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. A month before the draft. I don't think you had cam going number one overall. At least I don't remember that mclovin you remember if cam was a shoe in to be the number one overall pick in in twenty. F- kind of a sore subject. Oh that's right didn't you have? I had Blaine Gabbert up like it's going to be playing Gabrielle represented by CA. And then I got a note from all right. Y'All branch hang. It's Cam Newton in like March forgotten new already. Gone all the buttons sorry. The mocks had a lot of other quarterback. Jake Locker was one remember that year. That's when I liken this to you go into a bar at nine o'clock at night and you're surveying the situation if you're single and you go. Oh she's pretty and she's pretty and she's pretty that draft. It reminded me of the guy at one in the morning. Goes GOTTA get somebody here to go home with me? All take you and everybody went crazy. It's like Jake Locker's off the Board Blaine Gabbert off the board. I get started going wait. Why'd you everybody? Got Run on quarterbacks right now and none of those quarterbacks you know they were able to stick. Yeah Paulie. I've got four different mock drafts. Within two months of the two thousand eleven draft and none of them had Cam Newton go number the panthers a lot of them have gathered. Some of them had blamed Cam Newton dropping to the titans round seven or eight th pick which I think was locker correct. Locker went to Tennessee. Yeah he was ten th pick and maybe maybe that was his number now. I can't find a mock draft with Cam Newton number one unless you're talking about a week before the draft. Yes mclovin yet and the funny thing is I think Andy Dalton capper neck when in the second round that year and hit big and ponder failed like the second round. I might have the wrong but the second was really good that year to check and see I love Dolton coming out of college but only because of was at the Rose Bowl appearance when he when he faced Wisconsin and they he he actually was outsmarting. Wisconsin's defense there and I go. That guy looks like he's really good and I and I remember going. I like Dalton. I think more than any of the other quarterbacks in that draft Yeah Paul mclovin. Yeah I remember that because you're so excited to watch. Jj Dominant. Yeah about that. It's like this could be the. Jj Watt game and they were like they avoided him they were running at. It felt like they were running at. Jj Watt because that's the best way to go after a guy who has a great ability to pursue a play. You go at him so we can't run after you and I thought I came in after the game. I go Andy Dalton was crate and I thought man he and then you start to see. Well he's not a first round draft pick and I thought golly the bengals got a great traffic here they got Andy Dalton. I was right there with you with my man. Crush on Andy Dalton precise got his scoreboard by the way every day. He does this. The numbers are sixty seven and one. We need some hints here. By the way play of the day brought to you by legalzoom making easy to set up the right estate plan without leaving your home. Take care of your family today. The righty stay planet. Legalzoom DOT COM. All right todd hint just grant for sixty seven one. The clue is taken away and taking flight taken away and taking flight taking away taken away or taken taken away something was taken Liam Niessen. Not Quite likely I will find you. I will hunt you down and I will tell you this is taken away and these are this Dayton histories. Okay all right. I have one now. You've already told people that you're basically you're basing this off of this day in sports history not always but today that's one of the hints because he said it's been getting too hard. I'm trying to. I'm okay with it as long as it's something that you can figure out in your fair to people I think this is. I think this one is very reasonable. I already have one of them. Yeah yeah the other one taken away. That's a little trickier but I haven't. I haven't seen this team sports history and if I saw this team sports history. I'd probably be cheating but I guess you kind of have to. No one knows the top of the head everything that happened. Eight housing cheating. If you're somebody WHO's watching you're listening you to say this team sports history and you. I guess you can do that. But it'd be really amazing if you're able to the top of your head. No that's not how this works. People can take it away taken away. It's a good thing that we don't do this day in sports history show before this one because then that would that segment we do at the end of the show very this this day in sports history I yeah when polling the final segment of the show. This team sports history. Yes nine years ago when I started this sports history. I knew someday todd would do this. And do it earlier in the show so I better do okay. Very bright like that. He knew what was coming Mclovin did you settle a poll question. You got the results from the first hour. Who SHOULD SIGN CAM noon? The Patriots of the runaway winner with the Jaguars. Being second. Now get that. If I'M JACKSONVILLE I I'm I'm looking at already tanking. I do. I Want Cam Newton in there and I would say no now. He can help you this year because maybe he could beat out Gardner Menchu but this is all about next year with Trevor Lawrence mclovin. Same question for the Patriots. How do we know they're not tanking? I don't think he does that. I just don't especially after what just happened this off season that the Patriots aren't tanking it. That's just not in DNA. He's got too much pride where you know he's not GonNa go out there and go. Hey I don't have a product out. 'cause it's reflective of him because he's your GM and your coach inside like where you go. Hey you left me with nothing here. Doug marrone Jacksonville is going. We don't have anything here. A shut up. Doug we'll have something next year for you. Yeah for two. He wants to slip up at a press card. Say we're onto Trevor Lawrence plus one for fritzy today plus one coming up Bob Sag. It's GONNA stop by. We'll hear from bill laimbeer and Isaiah. Thomas is well are in the books. Dan Patrick Show. Here's something good is a new show from the Seneca Women podcast network and iheartradio each day. We aspire to bring you the good news. 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