Voice in Canada - Extend Timers by Voice


Hello and welcome to the flash briefing. It's tariff issue here with episode eight hundred end one. If you missed it. Yesterday there was a big one it was number eight hundred and I talked a little. The Voice Dan and we had Some special surprises there. So if you WANNA have a chance to listen to that you can go back and listen to it on the website at voice in candidates today. I want to give you a little tip something. That's quite practical. Most people when you ask them what they use. Lexi for the often say timers. Setting timers is one of the most common use cases for this. And certainly if you don't have to do that very simple you to say Lexi set a timer for ten minutes or whatever it is and you give it a name to so if you WanNa have to timers going you can say. Lexi said a pastime for ten minutes and then set a. I don't know something else. Time for whatever and the point is you can name them now. Here's the new bit of information is if you want to. You can extend the timers in the middle of a timer so you don't have to cancel it and then start a new one. So let's say you're cooking your pasta and you you said it for eight minutes and then close to the end you realize no. I want to cook it for a few more minutes. You can just simply say lexi extends the past a timer by two minutes and it will then do that. It will tell you. How much time is the total on the timer and away you go so it's pretty good function more intuitive now as far as being able to simply add some more time onto the timer. So there you go. That's helpful for you today tomorrow. Very special podcast. It's coming up this week. 'cause I'm trying something totally brand new. I'm hoping that you will enjoy it. And you'll be entertained by it We'll just put it this way. There are some drums involved. Okay so I hope you'll tune into that and I will talk to you tomorrow. Take BRIEF CAST DOT FM.

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