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Crossfire: 2019 free agency


Well, here's the thing. Eric Eric got to pick his side of this argument. And I have a lot of regrets. To make a pace for already. I'm sorry. Everything. The Eric said was just true. Guys. Welcome to another episode of the falcons crossfire podcast. This podcast is not like are noble ones in this format. We picked various writers editors against each other on the variety of topics for today's podcast. We have the return of the Queen. I however is our reigning champion after suffering defeat at the hands of online Eka several weeks back. He demanded the rematch and in the subsequent battle. He took back. His throne is regular on the falcons live our weekly Facebook live show, and he is one of our fantastic writers at falcon dot com. He is. Of course, Eric Robinson. Eric, how're you doing? I'm doing great. I love the way you put that together, by the way that was. Awesome. Best internet arena. Word. I love that. That's great. Well, you you've got a battle. You've gotta battle coming up. I know the speaking of the clean has returned returning to take on Iraq is the woman with one million nicknames, which I will not read off here today. Is she is. Of course, my co host on the official alcoholic podcast. I am speaking, of course of the one the only Gina Matt online, Thomas Gina. How you doing? I'm doing great. David. Thanks. How are you? Oh, fantastic. I am looking forward to this. I've missed doing these podcasts. It is time free agency. Is here we were going to do a free. A free agency focus podcast today. This should be a lot of fun. So here's the format for those that do not remember the combatants will debate six topics tonight. Each side will get exactly sixty seconds to make their case after both sides have made their case a thirty second rebuttal will be allowed. There are no rules of decorum though, limits on that Hominum just good old fashioned in your face debate. You guys ready to begin? Yes. X one ready. Let's go. All right free agency addition of the falcons at crossfire podcast two thousand nineteen. Here we go first question, Eric you're going to be the one to start this one off given that you are defending champion this week number. One question will the falcons sign a free agent pass rusher during the first week of free agency? Again, this is the first week of free agency. I'm not talking about free agency happening in in August or September. We're talking about when the gates opened in March will the falcons in that the first seven day signed a free agent pass rusher. Eric you're saying that no they will not Gina will debate the other side, sir. You have sixty seconds to make your case go. Well, it's not really in their history to go into the pool early and free agency, and they have some priorities coming up this off season in Julio Jones. In grading Jared. And I think they wanna take care of those priorities. I go back to last season. You know, the how how the whole who Jones episode played out. I think they won't avoid that in. They won't avoid that were Grady as well who has been nothing but stellar for them us as being a fifth round draft. So I think the first week of free agency. They wanna go ahead. And you know, they have their ducks in a row. I think they wanna go ahead and take care to priorities on the team. I in Vinci's what happens. All right. Eric with the strong starting case, Gina you're saying that. Yes. The falcons want that they want that help getting to the opposing QB, you have sixty seconds to make your case. Let me preface this by saying we have all seen this falcons pass rush. And it's terrible. If this front office doesn't realize that that's really the most pressing issue facing the team has been pretty much for witty. I guess since John Abraham stopped being on the team, and they've never been able to fix it. If they don't realize now that Matt Ryan window is going to start closing and holy windows going to start closing. And so they've got to put the pieces around them. So that they have a complete enough team to win a Lombardi trophy. They've got to have figured that out by now. And so you look at all this cap space. They've cleared over the past few days with the releases of Brooks raid robber Alford and our beloved Matt Ryan, and I have to think obviously what Eric said is true. And I will concede that. Yes, they do have some priorities and extending wholly-owned extending gradient making sure that they have their key people in place. But they've also got to do something about this pass rush. And it's actually a very good free agency year for pass rusher. So I think that with this money that they freed up they can they're going to make it happen. All right. Just under the wire. Eric got thirty seconds to give us your rebuttal. Go. If you look at the the listing of the top edge rushers this year. I mean, you got guys like the Marcus Lawrence today on cloudy. So those guys are going to be expecting the big bucks, the big contracts, and I don't think the falcons are in net in that situation where they will wanna give the markers Lawrence or today me on cloudy or even flower for that much a ton of money. I think they wanna take care of the guys in house verse five. All right about the wrap this up. Gene of you got thirty seconds. Go. Yes. So victims Lii was not good this year. And he's not really shown any signs of developing. And so I think that they that was kind of their long-term plan was Vic and tack and I think that tat can be good. If he has somebody better coming off the other edge. And so I think that they see that I think that they're going to want to maximize their investment in McKinley. And so that's why I think that they're going to take the steps to bring somebody right away in free agency who can actually make a difference on that offensive line and get pressure on quarterbacks. Excellent fantastic. Start already to free agency, which is just around the corner. Believe free agencies going to start in the middle of March. When the league year starts, which I think Gina Kripa from March fourteenth this year. Yep. So it's gonna be a fun time in the next month or so and frankly free agencies already started with the falcons with all the cuts we've already seen this week. So definitely making moves definitely something to keep an eye on. All right. Staying on the theme of the falcons free agency. And the trenches Gina you'll take this on. I the question is this will the falcon sign a free agent offensive lineman during the first week of free agency and very similar question. Just the other side of the line. Jimmy, you're saying though, they will not Eric you're saying, yes, they're gonna make that move. So Jimmy got sixty seconds to make your case. Now, if we like the biggest needs on the offensive line, you're looking really at both guards spots because ambulatory and his age, and I just think that they move on. And then also, you know, the right guard position was a liability. The share? They've not really figured that out since Chris chesser, I guess, and so I think that they won't sign any fragrant guards. Because I think that it's more practical to get a guard in the draft. You can get a guy who's very talented. You're gonna pay a lot less money. Get a guy in there on a rookie deal. And I think that you can really make it work and have somebody there for the foreseeable future right tackles the other glaring Nate. And I don't see them a dressing that regency either because white and free agency are going to command much higher heyday than I think the falcons are going to wanna pay with so many needs. They have to address this offseason so offensive lineman. I just don't see that happening right away. I think they might pick up guys kind of leftover guys later on to fill things out. But I don't think that they pick up somebody right away. Ray that the wire was at the buzzer did not you've got a minute to make your case. Or you're saying, yes, this is a position of outcomes will go in on early in free agency. You've got sixty seconds, sir. Go will before they even get to that point. I think what has to happen. First is cutting Ryan's writer, which I think the writing is pretty much on the wall. I think is pretty much heading that direction at some point. If you look at the free agency pool at office tackle is pretty much slim pickings at right tackle. But you have a couple of guys out there. John for Miami's twenty six zero twenty six years old. They're away the right tackle from Carolina who's been arguably their best office of Lima past couple seasons. So I think what they wanna do instead of probably having a rookie guy. A rookie face a blocking the end for Matt Ryan, I think you wanna get a proven veterinarian. I think they wanna go out and get a guy like John in the twenty six year old talented. Right. Tackle right now in Williams being the other right tackle that's out there in free agency who was Carolina's best office of women past couple seasons. I feel like they wanna get a proven veteran at that position and give met Ryan a pair of booking veteran tackles instead of possibly drafting rights Hackel. High inputting rookie at that position. All right, Gina. You've got thirty seconds to to make rebel go. Yeah. I mean, I just really think that the falcons are going to have to make the defensive line of priority the sheer, and so I think that they're going to have to be a little bit more judicious about those early days of free agency when everybody's paying an overpaying for some these bigger name guys. I just don't see them being willing to invest that kind of specially in a right tackle because today's right tackles, they have to go up against the von Miller and the Khalil Mack of the world defensive coordinator scheme around that. And so you've got to pay somebody to be good at it. And I don't think they're gonna wanna pay that much. All right. Yep. Eric thirty seconds to finish this out, sir. Go will you mentioned earlier Gina bet. You know, Matt Ryan is a very valuable commodity for them right now got championship window is closing. So why not provide as much as experience in as much established help that they've had an input that around. Matt Ryan, if you go back a past couple all seasons, you know, look at brand Fusco look at any Lavizzari looking going out free insane. Getting Alex Mack. They haven't shown track record of drafting Lyman high thing what they do. So they're going to get a veteran there. All right strong cases made by both our combatants as expected, and this is going to lead us into our third question. I think this was going to be pretty fun because it is going to involve in NFC south rival, and Eric you're going to be the one to comment on this first and just to relive this a little bit. The New Orleans Saints were the number one seed in the playoffs of two thousand nineteen and at home important. We saw whether the most agree GIS non penalties called in a playoff game ever when the quarterback for the Rams was face masks. And it wasn't called in. The Rams had the kick field goal. Clearly that had a huge impact on the outcome of the game. And subsequently ended with drew Brees throwing the reception in overtime. So. God. I hope there's a saints fan listening, and they are just like Ling over right now. Jeremy will be listening to it. And he'll be you know, not surprised that lead dived into the saints slammed or so early. She added petition to get rid of their early. He it now. All right. I do want to say. Oh, I did a little video last week with our Jay Chou from our Cowboys site and then burn buck Massar from our patriots site and RJ called the owner of the saints on Twitter, and I have never been so flattered by an evening. Been nicest thing you ever said to me. And I'm I'm about. And this part of the program. So let's go. So obviously drew Brees give credit where it's due. He has been in arguably one of the best quarterbacks in league his entire time in in the NFL. But he is gosh, how old is he? Now, he's we're going to do a quick Google certain, folks. He's on his forty. He turned forty in January. So he is he is up there and the saints will take a thirty three point five million cap hit if he is on the roster in two thousand nineteen thirty three point five million. That'll be one of the biggest cap hits for any player in the NFL in two thousand nineteen so Eric you're gonna give it to start us with this one. The question is this will the saints? Keep drew Brees around for two thousand nineteen user arguing that know that we have already seen the last season of drew Brees with New Orleans Saints. You have sixty seconds to make your case go well right now where they sit they only have about seven million dollars cap space. And of course, as you mentioned drew Brees is going to be taken up thirty three point five million of a cap hit next season. So either he's going to have to take a pay cut which I don't necessarily see him doing because he he did he. Put the team this division or they're going to have to let them go and turn the page. Keep in mind this team traded away to first round pick this year. So they're not able to go and get a possible franchise quarterback. I drew lot like rain. Like all their imprisonment right now. They also teddy Bridgewater as a free agent this off season. Maybe they wanna bring them back or petty Bridgewater sees a passer somewhere else. I don't know. I just don't see them paying him thirty three and a half million dollars next year. All right. This is a very very interesting because I know we're fans concern. Drew Brees has been a pain in the neck since he's been in the world's Gina you're arguing that he will continue to be a pain in that until nineteen. You have sixty seconds to make your case go. Yeah. I mean, I just don't see the saints moving on from breeze Loomis has been just a complete voted wizard with their cap the entire time that he has been the GM they've always been up against the cap. It's always been expected to be a problem every single year every year, he does some kind of dark magic. And makes it all work. And so I think that he will do that again. But see it's fantastic that drew Brees is going to stay around. Because if you look at stats last year he threw for well under four thousand yards his arm strength declining age is catching up with him. He's definitely slowing down. I think he's gonna come back. And I think he's not going to be grew reasoning. I think that he's going to be very mortal and very easy to be. And so it's going to be the best of over. They're probably going to have to restructure him to make it work because. Thirty three point five million dollar cap head as absolutely absurd not manageable. But I think that they will do it. Because also after if you look at how cranky saints fans of Ben about that loss. The Rams they can't afford to get rid of breeze to fans we'll just revolt. Most see every. Time is up and they'll sue people they'll have angry parades. Never stop talking. What are like no way? No way. The saints offers wants to deal with any of that. Eric said, no one will care in except for the people in New Orleans. Yes. As actually right. All right. You've got thirty seconds to close out your case or go. Again, we saw a downward spiral of drew Brees game last year towards the second half of the season. If you go back to Dallas Cowboys game from that point on he didn't look like as normal self. So I think he's really hit that wall. And he's hit that wall forty and you really wanna pay him thirty three and a half million dollars known as backup quarterback is probably lead knowing that you don't really have much assets in the draft to get a franchise quarterback Ornella. They're going to have to cut him loose, man. Ton. All right. Gina. Yes. Got thirty seconds. Closest when out. Slightly different direction because I would just like to say that the saints trash, and so I think that they will they will continue to be trash next year. They're going to bring back their expensive old ask quarterback who is not going to look like the same guy that he has been over the past several years and saints fans are gonna love it. And they're going to be all excited about Brees us, and then he's not going to be good. And so I think the year after this one drew Brees is probably gone, but this year drew Brees will still be with the New Orleans Saints. There. We have it on the saints halfway. In. Absolutely. A tad bit. Warning that if they do bring him back there's a lot of young faces. They're going to be losing free agency. Mark Ingram is a free agent this off season as well. So bringing them back as trim. It's an it's the light full my fingers are so crossed. I want them to bring him back. Gonna lose Lou waste right now. And as we just sit back and just watch it and just enjoy it. If lose lose for them, which makes it win win for us. I'm into it. It's almost like watching them through an interception in overtime. But. We're going to move on. We're. Yeah. Hey, two straight years of twenty eight to three sorry, folks. You will get no sympathy from the falcons fans we are halfway through our six questioned battle in the falcons across our podcast. So we're going to take a quick break. We will be right back. And we are back with the falcons crossbar podcasts. We're going to jump right into the last three questions Gina or fourth question. You're gonna lead us off with this one. Of course as a part of free agency. The falcons have some players who are no longer under contract, and some names that potentially they may wanna bring back for two thousand nineteen today. We're going to give you two options of these falcons free agents guys that were on the roster in two thousand eighteen the free agents to two thousand nineteen who do you think is more likely to be back with the falcons this upcoming season. Bruce urban or Brian Poole Jin, the you're saying that Bruce Irvin seems like the more likely to return to the falcons in two thousand nineteen Eric you're gonna take Brian pool. So Gina you've got sixty seconds to make your case for Bruce Irvin. Go. Yes. So I think that that the defensive line is an area that the. Falcons really need to retain what they have. You know, DEP doesn't issue in that unit. And so I think that bringing urban back and considering his, you know, relationship with Dan, Quinn and his fit in this particular defense on especially with Quinn taking a larger latest leadership role with the defense the season. I think that it just makes logical sense for urban to stay and as far as poll, you know, he'd did not have as good of a season last year. And I know that Atlanta's down a cornerback now with Robert Alford, but quarterback really was one of the spots where they were pretty stacked. They've already got the issue of Demonte, Casey. And what to do with him next year? I think that they've gotta find a way to keep them on the field considering what an impact player he was. And so I think in this case, it makes more sensitive let Brian poll walk and free up a little bit more space for Casey to get some more snaps and keep Bruce Irvin for them veteran, leadership and depth. All right Gina dropped out. Right at the end for last statement. But. Really, we got it. We got we got we got. I think writing last words over good. Eric, we're gonna do quality check you there, sir. All right. Then in that case, you've got sixty seconds to make your case for Brian bul go. Do you been paying into the press clippings lately, I think you seem Dan Quinn? Thomas mutual kinda sorta drop some hints here near that. They may be leaning towards bringing back big Beasley in God knows. I don't want that to happen. But it looks like is heading in that direction. They're going to find a way to keep them on team. If they do that ring back. Bruce Irvin is pretty much somewhat pointless because they're pretty much the same player on. And I think team is still going to be active in free agency and in the drafting getting edge rusher. So with them wanting to still lean towards the younger option in Vic Beasley and with them. Still wanting to be active in getting some more edge rusher some more younger as rushers on the on the roster for the upcoming season. Think they may just urban thank him or you start versus. Right. Yep. Gina you've got thirty seconds for your rebuttal go. Okay. You know, if you'll think back to win white for any was on the team, and how his veteran influence on veasley really made a difference in this play that was the year that veasley actually led the league in sacks. He actually looked like viable edge rusher. And so I think that not bringing back the white was a mistake. And I think that the team might consider that as they look at who to keep an eye. Also, just think that with the depth that the elephants have in the secondary knowing that they're getting back down O'neil for sure and probably Ricardo Allen. I assume that he'll be ready to go next season. I just think that it makes sense to keep the that. They have a the off the offensive line the offensive line that whichever line. I don't know both lines. What? I'm really knocking park here. My structures to the jury to ignore the last five seconds of two. Speaking of guys just to be clear. The crossfire podcast is an interactive podcast. You guys now are responsible for determining who wins go to the falcons dot com. After listening to this podcast in cast your vote for you believe one this edition of crossfire, so Eric you get thirty seconds to close out your case, sir. Go. Was again. I mean, I think the team may wanna go younger here. I mean, we've already seen someone cuts that that has happened. So far with three with man, Brian with Robert offer all those guys are thirty in owner. So again, I think the team wants to go in a younger direction in again as much as I would like to see Vic Bazeley not falcons uniform next year. I think they're gonna find a way to make it happen is how wanna roster and I'm going to regret saying this time. All right. Time book bit both of our combatants on that round. Fantastic. Okay. We've got two more questions left, and these I think there's a pretty interesting for falcons fans. So we're gonna dive right into her fifth question, Eric you're gonna leave this off on this one and this has to do with wide receiver. So obviously the falcons have arguably the first couple of positions locked up with Julio Jones in Calvin Ridley. The question is for some guys who now potential free agents for the falcons, and that is Marvin hall and just in hardy both guys are now free agents in two thousand eighteen and the question is this of these two falcons wide receivers. Which one would you rather keep Eric you're saying give me Marvin hall, gene is going to defend just in wonderful hands. Hardy Eric you've got sixty. Seconds to make your case for Marvin hall. Go. Well, I'm really is going to be a case against just an hardy here. I don't what is he brought to the falcons four seasons on job pass three years. He's played in all sixteen games in four years in Atlanta. He's only has seventy six catches for seven hundred fifty one. What does he bring to the table for the Fouts? I he's we've seen. I think we might have seen the best of him when it comes to development. Yes. He has sure hands. I get it. But outside of that he's had countless games where he's provided. Absolutely nothing in the falcons don't necessarily know what they have in Marin all if they give him an expanded role. So why not go in at erection? You already covered solidly with Julio with Ridley with sue. So let's kinda shake things up a little bit in see all see if he can provide a tayla Gabriel type productive. Right. Gina guest, sixty seconds to pound the table for Justin hardy, go Lau. Well, here's the thing. Eric Eric pick his side of this argument. And I have a lot of regrets. To make party. I'm sorry everything. The Eric said was just true. But I will say hardy does have good hands. And maybe with a new special teams coordinator coming in. Maybe he can develop into a more valuable player in that phase of the game. And that would be great. Also, he does have four seasons of working with Matt Ryan and the rest of the offense. So the chemistry is already there a comfort level is already there. And so I think that he won't be very expensive. Because when you only have fourteen catches and two touchdowns in a season for one hundred thirty three yards that does not command you a high payday like they can resign him for that minimum and make it very easy. And then they've got a guy who already knows the scheme and the players his ready to go. All right. That's all I have to say early. I don't even. Done my level. Fantastic. Eric you've got thirty seconds for rebuttal. If you want one go, I don't need the entire thirty seconds. All I need to faculty. Rehired their cutter as an office coordinated all season in we know that he inputs vertical concepts into his office game. And just hardy does not bring that element to the game Marvin hall does he brings us be brings that ability to take top off. The defense thing cutter may see some more value in him. All right genus. Do you want to thirty seconds? No. I have nothing to add to this. I I really I'm just going to take the L on this one because I cannot. Justin hardy, I can't believe that you even made him an option. I david. That is a perfectly reasonable for spun. Flourishes wherever he goes. But I do not think that it will be here. Will you? Will you? You know, what I think you one the next question. I'm just gonna leave that. They're no going gonna say, I you, and I are breaking even on these last two because I position on the last one, and it's the easier case. Yes. On that note to wrap up this dish in the crossfire podcast. Obviously, we Gina mention little bit earlier we've had several cuts as far fact, I'm low key nervous that by the time this podcast actually hits. And you guys get to listen to that. There will be more cuts that will completely make some of this irrelevant. However with that said as of the time, we're recording which is unfit brewery, seventh at at eight thirty pm both of these players are still Atlanta Falcons as far as we know. And those players are Muhammad sue and Matt Bosscher now we have seen speculation amongst falcons fans that Bosscher could be a potential cut target is simply because of his cap hit in this being the back end of his contract. And we've also seen speculation that with sues cap hits. Rising on the back end of his contract and the drafting of Calvin Ridley the Sindhu could be a potential target to be cut. Obviously both of these guys are unlikely. But the question is this since we've seen now the rumors that both of these guys are potential cuts for the falcons at least in speculation in speculation only. Which one is more likely if we're going to pick between these two relatively unlikely players to be cut. Who'd we think is more likely than the other Jeanie, you're gonna say sununu is more likely cut the my Bosscher in Eric you're getting stuck with cut the cut the cut the punter. So. Yeah. Eric's really excited about that position. Ginny Gus six seconds to make your case on why Sindhu will be the more likely of these to be cut. Go. Well, it primarily comes down to money. He's got a seven point four million dollar cap at this year. And if they cut him they're only looking at two point eight million dead cab. And so I think that that in and of itself as motivation to move on from him if you factor in his age, he's been a very reliable receiver for us. I do not want to see either of these players cut. And I really hope that neither is. But I do think the of the two it's more likely to be some new you just look at the emergence of Calvin Ridley who developed very well as a rookie had really a stellar rookie season in general. And I think that he looks prepared the slide into that true number two receiver spot, and so it just kinda render sununu redundant and this offense. And so I think that if you look at Bausch play less your he wasn't as good. But if protection on special teams had been better he would have been better. I mean, he has been very consistent throughout his career. And I think that you can't take that for granted. So that is why I think that's the new as the more like. Kley target for to be cut. All right. Eric got sixty seconds to argue why the falcons need to get rid of Matt Bosscher go. Runner. We're not that valuable position and making draft upon her. Hey, look, plenty of draft picks this year. So maybe they can spend a date three pick on upon her. You know? You know, he does stand to make what two point five million this year. So again, they can say women money to you know, let go I don't know. I'm just making stuff at this this move, please. These laws. Questions are going to be a wash. You guys we have a new host on the crossfire podcast after two questions. Give. Placed by Corey dear God. No, that's not happening. Thirty seconds. Just say, it only makes sense. If you're looking at these two specific players to cut new and Knoblauch, I don't see why they would cut Bosscher. He's not even making that much money. He's a freedom punter for crying out loud. I mean, he's very good very reliable for the falcons over this whole time and sununu is an older veteran, and he has been great, and he has been reliable and has been a big part of the offense. But with his price, tag and all of the priorities falcons have this off season. I just think that he makes more logical sense. Eric anything to add to close out this edition of crossfire. Worl- keyword. Here is value is a passing league in what value does mamas in new bring to the falcons passing game. He was ranked in top ten last year in catches on Thursday on that resulted in first that so again, it brings a lot more team Bosh does can arm about upon or anywhere. They can pick one out of the stands for crying out loud. Yes, embarrassed is folks. Although I'm going to say in Matt boxers defense in Casey's listening to this his one handed tackle of the Carolina running back Kenyan Barner last year will ever make him a legend in falcons Lor. So with him standing over him afterwards. I'll guys remember the jets game a few years ago where the one where. Putt broke. And he like washer knocked down a jets coach on the sideline and then jumped up John Rex Ryan, and I saw him at Sean Weatherspoon charity event. And he was sitting next me. And I was like can I ask you what you said DirecTV. Ryan, he said, no, ma'am. I don't think that I can repeat that in front of you. Boxer was cemented as living legend in my mind. So. Yeah. To be clear players, and I hope that they both stick around. In a believe Matt is in the punch years. He is still very young. He's in his early thirty. So. Falcons could very well. Hi, hang onto. But that topic is done. We're through the six questions for crossfire. We're going to wrap this thing up so Eric quantity till our listeners. What you've got going on where they can find you. You can find me on Twitter on the score. Eric underscore Robinson, working on my latest mock draft. I swear every night. I have in my mind thinking completed I'm going to next. The you know changes to it here. Now working with his things like two weeks almost some working on that. I also Kevin I we're we're Scott reports I'm Mina wanna be coming out probably around after the combine like to get my numbers and stuff from the combine it and Bill must got reports that way, but be on the lookout for that. Absolutely. Fantastic stuff. Coming up in the coming months for those who are obsessed with the draft. Eric and Kevin kill kill kill that coverage every year fantastic job. Both guys Gina remind our listeners where they can find you what you've got going on. You can find me at seeing the Thomas on Twitter where I am usually either. Posting pictures on my dog or making fun of saints fans for still being so mad online about. About everything. And last week. I was out covering the Super Bowl. And I did write and do a lot of fun things. They're covering the Rams. So like I watched this video with a bunch of Rams players that the Rams made in the mid eighties. It was like their answer the Super Bowl shuffle called Ramat s-, and this video is super eighties and the whole area. And so I talked to ram players made them watch the video with me. And that was a really fun thing that I got to do. So I yeah, I've been doing a bunch of fun stuff. You can find all the stuff that I did during the Super Bowl at SP nation dot com, and that's pretty much it. I'm still trying to catch up on rest from that. Because I am exhausted. That sounded like like an eighties title. Yeah. One of the lines is one thing I've learned as if he ram it. Just right. You can ram at all day and ram it all night. So it's. If we're being. That's amazing. Preser-? It is a national treasure. That's amazing. Everybody to seek out the article and read it and just we've got a couple of videos and their of as I was talking to players their reactions, and they are priceless. So it's really fun. I would definitely encourage you to seek that out. I also didn't interview with Judas misuse ter-. And with Martellus Bennett at this event for the Microsoft surface tablet, where Martellus Bennett hosted the panel and juju Smith Schuster was there. Drew Brees was there and drew his Brees played a digital radio. Super week is really weird. And I did a lot of fun things. So you should probably find those things and read them because they were hilarious. Absolutely. Yes. So as as always guys as mentioned earlier, the crossfire podcast is your podcast, you get to vote for the winner. Goto the fuck hauling dot com. Look for the article with this podcast and cast your vote for who you believe when the first four topics since both combatants. Agreed the last two were trash and so. On that note for Eric Robinson, and Gina Thomas. This is David Walker. Thank you guys for tuning into this week's crossfire podcast free. Agency addition, and we will talk with you next time. My name is Spencer home by name is days incurred. My name is Ryan nanny combined we've form the shutdown full stride. Keep telling you this now focused technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about lawn care disaster regional grocery stores. We love Tennessee Batman, homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh. Batman the hell of being drafted a group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion about coaches having contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this. The big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot and it escaped and it wind up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay village, it with if you wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcast Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts like this one full cast. It's not voltron on less is Tim.

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