Denise Linn - Cellular Healing


this is Denise Lynn and this. Meditation is called Cellular Regeneration. You do you begin this meditation. Take a moment to make sure your body is comfortable all cheque and make sure your spine is straight putting yourself in an open relaxed position. That's good and now take three very very deep breaths and with each exultation. Allow your shoulders drop. Allow those muscles in your forehead to relax and feel your entire body relaxing and letting go. I'll be quiet now as you take those three brats Oh that's good Every breath taking you deeper every sound taking you deeper. This is a meditation and to implement. Excellent health from the inside out from your cells for each cell has a consciousness. Aw and as you can influence and impact in a positive way the consciousness of your cells so this has a wonderful influence on your entire body auty one more very deep breath breathing in hold dick sale going even deeper than you are right now. Oh that's so good for this. Meditation imagined that you are very very small so small that you could sit on your own lip so in fact imagine now that you are sitting on your lip pure not Fischl. That's perfectly all right right. Just get a sense of how it would feel to sit on your lip. That's how small you are and now the mouth slightly opens and imagine that you're going inside inside your mouth. The teeth tongue just exploring there. See that piece of skin hanging at the back of your mouth. I'm going to have you imagine that you're running across the tongue grabbing a hold of swinging over that deep dark coal and then letting go like a child little ago of a road as they jump jump into the river on a warm summer afternoon go ahead now run run grab. It was a little slippery letting go and dropping in down down. You're going down the throat keep going. You're doing well. You've arrived in the stomach. What is that who it's lunch lunch or dinner or breakfast or something else as you continue to get smaller and smaller smaller and smaller Mar.. You're slipping out of the stomach. Eventually into the small intestine. Is You continue to get smaller and smaller. That's good that's excellent so small in fact that you can slip to that semi permeable formidable membrane in the small intestine and you find yourself slipping into a very very then fame. It's a blood vessel. It's so tiny that only one cell at a time can fit into it. So it's like a great streams as tiny blood vessel empties into another like a stream emptying into a creek that empties into a river. Pretty soon there cells all around you moving with great determination in this great river. You're a blood as you get smaller and smaller. There's one particular. Sal that you notice you find yourself moving up to that cell compared to you. It's so big and you find yourself slipping through that semi permeable membrane into the sell. What a vast store of light and energy and activity in the cell. It's quite remarkable as you continue to get Tinier and Tinier you find yourself moving into the nucleus Hello Tinier and Tinier and there is the DNA helix find find yourself scrambling up and down that Helix. There's anything you see that seems less than vibrant less than wondrous you can have a magic wand on her hands of light healing hands. Repair it to not give you a moment to do this make the DNA absolutely shit marina. Bright beautiful strong healthy and well if the cell is damaged when it splits you have to damaged cells what the Pacelle is vibrant and alive. When it splits you got to really vibrant cells has good. That's excellent and now you find yourself starting to get bigger. Fill the nucleus with light. Do know this this no matter what you were doing right now. Beneath conscious awareness profound positive healing benefits are occurring within you within each each and every cell in your body all in accordance with your highest good and now the light from the nucleus fills the entire cell. See Imagine that this shimmering and sparkling bright. It's so beautiful. Get bigger you notice the light from that one cell. How is influencing all the cells around it like a pebble trapped in the still pool wave after wave of lighten energy she as the DNA in every one of those cells. It's been healed or repaired and that light continues. It's getting bigger and bigger and bigger until your entire body is filled with the light until every every single cell is impacted by this light. Visualize it imagine it. That's excellent repairing healing balancing harmonizing. And there's an innate wisdom within you within your body knows exactly what is needed for you to be at your peak. Health and that innate nate wisdom is being activated. Now that's excellent and now see yourself itself. Visualize yourself in the future. Maybe you're going to work. Maybe it's a weekend and you're taking time with your family. See a yourself in the future absolutely radiant and vibrantly healthy. How do do you feel what are you doing. And now instead of just seen yourself in the future. Imagine that you are in the future. Imagine imagine how good it feels to have such excellent health. Make it real. Feel an even more as you can and feel it so it can be. Maybe you're exercising or dancing. Join kids grandkids. Parents make real. Who are you with. What are you doing and even more feel it even more as you can and see it as you can feel it so it is and so it can be made the creator with an all things bring you blessings and peace. It's me your guides Guardians Angels and those who've passed in dispirit walk chew side calling forth life for synergy from the stars. The heavens the Earth The sun into your body into your life and into yourselves so you have radiant vibrant health saying after me. I have radiant vibrant health. Every cell in my body is singing with light. Every cell in my body is singing with health. mm-hmm so be it and so it is so be it and so it is

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