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The Paul finebaum show podcast is brought to you by the new Capital One saver card. Earn four percent cashback on dining and entertainment two percent on grocery stores and one percent on all other purchases. What's in your wallet? The pride passion. Then patron Torri of college. Football leaves here is the Paul finebaum show. Our three podcast. The third hour is live, and we are. Really happy. But but sad under the circumstances. So that he is here to a welcome. The president of the university of South Carolina. Also, the president of the SEC Dr Harris pesticides actress, thank you very much for being with us. And we've talked about doing this for a long time. But, but sadly, the circumstances are very tragic. Everyone has certainly followed the death of Samantha Justin the young student at USC who died a couple of weeks ago under very difficult circumstances. And I know this is a passion of yours and your colleagues, and we really appreciate you. Joining us to talk about it. Thank you, Paul good to be here. You know, eleven years in the presidency. You do see tragedies, and they're all they're all extremely important this one, however, people have told me, it could have been my daughter could have been my sister could have been me in fact, so we were we're going to do every everything we can't on her life. And I've promised her family too. To honor them by improving rideshare safety first for college students. But then for all people, and I think most people have followed the case mean she she got into a car and Columbia thinking, it was an Uber. And it was not correct. You know, it was not an Uber. Young lady said, you know, I'm going to go home to go home safely called Newburgh was waiting exactly where she should have been a car pulls up sees the young lady on the curb, you know, bent on doing harm. She opened the back door got in the back seat. He puts the childproof locks on and takes her way into tragedy into the night. And we've got an informed people everywhere you and me too, by the way who were vulnerable never to get into a car before asking what's my name. You know, it's so interesting. I I was telling a colleague about this yesterday. Are I would go to New York every week this year? And I and I literally walked down the. Terminal, and some guy said where you going I said, so I I got into his car on my thing. What did I just do? I who the person is. And you do that all the time report. So we're in with Uber, and lift and all these other services, you're just getting in cars, and you're in a hurry. You know in a case of a young woman dying to get home plate, and you really can't wait to go. And and plus let's face it in the university setting the kids are a little trusting, you know, they they they believe everybody's you know, good person the car pulls up. So we've really got to start with education. As as the president as such an important leader, not only in in that community, but in this region in academia as you as you digested and processed at I'm interested in. How you dealt with it in what? Lead you to where we are right now. Well, you Patricia and I had a tragedy on the first weekend. We were president and first lady eleven years ago is a horrible traffic accident, and we went and dealt with the family not knowing what to do. I mean, what is called for? And there's no rule book about that. This last time we went and visited with her strong family her parents, but also extended family and just brought our, you know, compassion to them. And frankly, we drew courage from them. They told us her story. Samantha was a wonderful student had been accepted to law school in Pennsylvania with with lot of scholarship money beloved by her students did a lot of community service. You hold their hand you give them a hug, but her dad looked at me and said, please don't ever forget her. And I said we're going to dedicate a lot of effort to never forgetting her. What I what I told him is that even when I ask an Uber driver. What's my name? And I expect him to say Harris, I'm going to be thinking. My name is Samantha. That's interesting, and and so touching on on so many fronts. So. A lot of people with you at the forefront. Have started initiatives of of number one informing people. Let's let's let's get to that. And try to help people a lot of young people watch the show, as you know, what what should they be aware of all people for that matter? Well, of course, well, of course, the license plate the color of the car the name of the driver. But the driver really needs to affirmative Lee prove to you that they know your name, but we were so pleased that Uber proactively contacted us. They came down to the university yesterday. We had a press conference. They're changing the very way that the technology works. So every Uber passenger about a minute before their cars to arrive. We'll get a safety reminder not to get in the car until they follow the safety practices, and they continue to investigate. How technology could be used to make make it safer, by the way, Paul not only for the user, but for the driver to because the. The bad guy, the bad person could be on the curb next time. So this is this is good for the driver for the legitimate. Uber driver as it is for the passenger. So what would be the the one takeaway that people should know as far as part of this initiative. Don't get in the car. Don't put your behind in the backseat until you are confident that a match is made between you and them. And there are many ways to do that one of them though is to affirm that they know your name directly. Don't tell them your name. Right. And don't ask them. Are you John or you Hector whatever don't don't affirm that because if it's a bad person, he or she might say sure, that's who I am make sure that they utter your name. And then make sure that they tell you their name as well. There's certainly a lot more information about this initiative, and we will continue to pass that along. I it's it's rare to get you to talk to you in and realize there is a pretty strong turn here. Here to the next week. But I loot it to you being the president of the SEC. You're also announced that you were stepping down and read the other day that there the school is badly trying to replace you with a number of candidates, but I would like to have you reflect back on your years eleven in the SEC. I mentioned the Spurrier years where certainly quite extraordinary one national championship in women's basketball, the final four, and these are just the athletic side, indeed of things, but as the president of the SEC, the the meetings are coming up fairly soon in Dustin. What will if you can tell us what will be some of the topics? Well, of course, I meet with Commissioner Sankey all the time. I have thirteen other phenomenal colleagues. They're all wonderful people. I think the issues for this year center around student athlete wellbeing. They always do values and principles and playing the game. The right way, the SEC wants to be a leader in that when you dig deep. For of course, it's litigious environment with people, you know, suggesting that that that student athletes be given a lot more money. They're always issues of safety, of course, and not only concussion, but many many other issues as well fan safety metal detectors that that's becoming the reality. Now, working under king Alexander at LSU. We're initiating, you know, what will be required. Metal detection going both into football stadia and into basketball arenas. It's just the way of the world and many many other things like that selling alcohol at athletic events. And and I must say, frankly, the role of ESPN and the role of television everyone's moving into more of a digital a marketplace people at some level or dropping cable subscriptions, but they're not spending less money on watching athletics. They're just doing it on different platforms. So we're very concerned about that. And want to be part of the conversation. Yeah. It is fascinating. Because when when just network launched. Five years ago or with the first game, of course, coming from your stadium. Yes. I it it it. It was a breakthrough moment. And I know not to this is not to to Pat anyone on the on the back. But but that that move that was initiated by originally by Commissioner psyche. And ultimately before him Commissioner slide mitt changed a lot of the way schools individual schools can operate. Indeed, we share our revenue. I think your your viewership knows that one South Carolina, Winston basketball or Alabama. Let's Winston football. They really don't get more money than the other universities. We like it that way. We're one of the few conferences that don't have a buyout program. In other words, if the university wants to walk away from the conference. Yeah, you don't have to pay us. It's like, okay. Best wishes like we don't expect that by the way. And so is it a long time. Now. Now, we don't see it happening. The other thing I may have mentioned before is scheduling, I know your fans are very interesting, especially in inter divisional scheduling, it's a hot topic. And if I may say there's disagreements about that a lot of universities have what they'll call a natural or historical rival on the other side. We don't particularly we've got Texas. Am right now we had Arkansas before that? Those universities are a long long way from from South Carolina hard to get fans to travel there beautiful schools worthy schools love visiting them. But we'd we'd also like to visit some other universities and expand the fan and the player experienced that way. Not not everybody feels the same way. I'm really interested. We're talking to a lot of athletic directors. And they even though I know there are there are always factions. There's a younger group there's a older among president. So you don't really hear bickering? At the at the CEO presidential chance or level. What's it like when when all of you get into a room like like a brotherhood, and you know, it really is we get along. We we have the same problems. I had Samantha Joseph and they had a different problem. Greg always hosts the kind of the night before in a private. Hey guy is not a work session. You know, we talk we eat, and we you know, we develop that camaraderie, and then during the business meetings when we disagree. It's a is obviously professional, and that's how we move the the conference forward. And that front because we not to during bring you in any any other schools issues, but there's always something going on at some school. And and you forget that the president. I'll let you finish the sentence hires Bethlehem director, and that is supposed to be the person that hires. The next person doesn't always work that way. But, but how do you see that role because we it gets confused and blurred? Sometimes I think the president in AD need to be partnered up in my case with Ray, Tanner. Although I did hire him Eric Hyman before that I did not, you know, their lives are really hard. And I've got a I've got to be a have to have their back. And if they don't consult with me, and I don't know something. And then something breaks, I'm left, you know, not knowledgeable about that. But it is. But but then I'm not a micromanager, you know. It's his job to hire coaches. And frankly to fire coaches is it's his job to finish in the black every year. It's his job to build the facilities. But I think if you have a trust based relationship he'll know that he's got my back when he needs that. And of course, he's got mine as well. In terms of leading university. One one is big as broad and diverse as the university of South Carolina on a daily basis. What is the biggest challenge? Well, I think in this day of escalating tuition when you see young people like myself who were first generation college students in my case from New York immigrant parents who needed a public university to send their son to college and that becoming out of reach for people in what I'll call that middle class. That's a very big problem. That's a concern of mine. A passion of mine and number two the quality of the product. Are we training them? Both to be good citizens and good people in the workforce. Or are. They getting what they need is the liberal arts still the core of American higher education. I believe it is. But is it enough? I know you also have to make them skilled at being part of the of the digital world. We live in the business world and prepare them for a great career. So we were always focused on that. But athletics really is the front porch of the university. And I can't tell you. But that when a we had on eleven win season. Let's say with coach Spurrier, and then you go on and win the Capital One bowl or the outback bowl or you make the final four or with Don Staley you win at all how applications and enrollment spike immediately interesting. You would ask the young person. What are you thinking, you know, just because we want it last year? Now, you wanna go to my school? But that is the way it works. And so athletics is not only a, you know, it's not only a Saturday afternoon event that something that makes the alumni proud. They donate more, you get more applications, but but you've got to manage all of that all the time. Quite an extraordinary life. Well, lived in appreciate coming to talk about Samantha. And I know that's something dear to you. But we wish you well. I know you've got a lot more to do. Even though you're you're moving on from the presidency. But we really appreciate you coming by today. Thank you pull. Let me thank you for all you do. We'll I'll see you again in Destin. I know you'll broadcast from there. Well, it'll be an exciting time this year, you know, because you never that far away from the next football season. Of course, so go Gamecocks, but go SEC, thank you very much. Thank you, president of the SEC an the -versity of South Carolina. Dr Harris STD's, we appreciate him being here. We'll take a short break and back with the remaining moments of this program. Listening to about Paul finebaum show podcast motor back. Really great conversation with Dr pass jetties. Let's continue with more calls. And checking with an in Florida next, an thank you. Good afternoon. Get afternoon. First time caller, I was calling. I was a little set what he said about Stotts stricklin of Florida. If there were any bias as the gator fan, I could see being in a similar situation to Georgia's sometime soon, and I would want us to be selected and would set a precedent. If Georgia was selected to be you know in the play off. So I think that his explanation didn't make any sense. Talk about a straw, man theory that it's a thirteen person committee, and based on what I had heard it really wasn't that close. Oklahoma was the fourteen Georgia was considerably behind them. And a lot of people argued that will house state of all schools probably should have been in even though I didn't agree with that. But. I think sometimes when you hang around a certain mentality, you begin to disseminate that, and that's not unusual for our former guest. Thanks for the call. Mike is in Baton Rouge. You are next up. Good afternoon. You all wanted to pick your brain there for a second. Obviously, repeating your thanks to Dr Steve, you know. Solidifying students safety is probably one of the key important things that anybody at any college good could you know, try to benefit from but getting back to the athletics. Here. I wanted to pick your brain for a second in in my opinion. I went to Florida. But now I live in Baton Rouge. So I'm kind of a, you know, pilgrim and unholy land so to speak, but but I've noticed something the last couple of years, and and let's just take football and set that aside here for a second. When you talk about teams that are possibly building a rivalry. You wanna talk about teams that have this rich history and tradition of sports and excellence in that now like I said, take football aside and look at both LSU in Florida. I mean gymnastics one of those two teams almost winning the national championship every single year basketball and not necessarily so much for the to Florida does have a couple of championships in years past. And look what happened just this year alone. Florida ends up winning two out of three on the basketball court softball, very very similar one of those teams is always up for that. Baseball. Look what happened last night. I mean, Florida puts up fourteen on rent LSU. I'm sorry. Sixteen on a fourteenth ranked LSU team now at football to that. You know, obviously, you have two teams that are constantly going at it. And don't get me wrong. I know people wanna have, you know, people from Florida say well, Florida state's rival and people in LSU say, well, Alabama's rival well the last couple of years, they really haven't been a rivalry. But if you look at these T these teams on the football field the last couple of years have had had a little bit of quote unquote hatred about. Yeah. And only, you know, so I think in my mind, these two schools are starting to build a really really deep rivalry. And in my opinion. They could be one of the best in the SEC. Well, yeah, I mean, it it has been over time. But but I agree and you know being in Gainesville yesterday. Mike, I wondered about that. Because I even talked to Dan Mullen about who is your rivalry. Because he said when I was there with urban was Tennessee Spurrier you had to beat Tennessee, Georgia. Yeah. Joe Georgia's interesting, I it depends on. On which side of the fence, you're on with Georgia in terms of exactly who it means more with. But I been with hell I happen to work on a show with primarily Florida and LSU people you can figure out who they are. And there is always it's always going back and forth. Now add on top of that this year alone. The series is finally coming back to Baton Rouge and LSU decides to play Florida on their homecoming night. So I mean, if you wanna talk about a rivalry building. That's pretty much prime time placement right there. No doubt. Hey, mike. Thank you, very very much for the call. We will continue great conversation there with Dr pestis. We have a lot more to come. We talked about Nick Sabin hip surgery. It's Monday in case, you have your calendar connected. No live coverage though. More phone calls at eight five five two four two seven two eight five, but we are back here. Live in just a moment. To listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back. I'm really glad you are with us in Joel is in Georgia. Joe go right ahead. All I wanted to make a comment about the my grip of call Shera dog next to the letter, and I'm just really don't think his comments we're the same as a lot of Georgia fans feel about the situation. And it just kind of I think you shed a four light on the program and just giving bulletin board material to to other teams, and I know controversy sells, but you know, calling other people's character on the table, and well, listen, I called them on it, even though he didn't specifically say because he when you insinuate something. Even like that. You're you're you're suggesting it so I think, and that's okay, listen, you know, Mike Tyler say, whatever he wants we invited them on. But I'm also I feel like I have every right to jumped in. Sure, you're well, we had, you know, he posted another article on dog nation, and you know, ruffled some feathers with some fans, and the parents, of course, of of a popular ballplayer. You know? He wasn't at a a part of the practice that you know, the short period found that the media's allowed to be there. And you know, you just insinuated in a in an article, you know, something to the effect of checking the police blotter and the kid is not in any trouble. No problems whatsoever. And it was just an off color comment that just I don't know it just goes on. With with what he just said on on the air. Thank you very much. Joe? I do appreciate that. Listen, we invite people on to give their opinions. They're there representing their news organization not the fan base. Although sometimes those lines do get blurred. Mike is in Georgia. You're on the air. Mike. You know, I'm no big Mike Griffin fan. Then I kinda agree with the last caller. You know, I read all his articles on Doug nation and everything. And a lot of them were controversial. But I will say I think is unfair to have him characterized as a mercenary because he leaves one job, you know, to go to another job. And I mean by that. Well, not bring that up is there. I mean, there was I didn't specifically say what I mean there were a couple of times for four years ago, and he was clearly carrying Butch Jones water. Well, I agree. I agree. In fact, that's the first half of your interview your conversation with them today. You know, kinda made me worry about Georgia's chances this year because the last time I heard him bloviating over a team and a cut so much. It was Butch Jones. Mike, there's a bigger issue here. And I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on it. But when you nowadays in in in the writing world and in the digital world if you don't take. That side you may not be pleasing your bosses because there's very little room for the vanilla milk toasts writing or just a writing about what you what's happening. If you don't have an edge your bosses are not happy because all they and I I made a speech a couple years ago to the Associated Press sports editors meeting, and I made this very same point. I said you people here, and I meant by that the people that are in charge are the problem. It's not that. It's not the beat writers because you all you guys care about and women I should add because there are some certainly women leadership as well. People care about is getting clicks on the internet getting Twitter. Re tweets you don't care about quality and much speech. Did not go over very well. And I haven't been invited back. But that's okay. I'm glad I said it, and it's the I it's it's the sports editors, and it's the editors because that's what that's what rules the roost nowadays in the digital space. Are people clicking on your article? And I realize it's a business. But there's there also has to be some integrity. Does they're not. I thought there had to be let's talk to. I'm an nex when you speak of integrity. You think of I man from Montgomery? That's what is for. I meant. I meant integrity, man. Man. Dino, Paul was looking at TV there. And it said, you know, Nick from America's he he's begging people to call in to save show. Saint shows such kind of saves you gotta save the show. To be better. Yeah. Used to be better than another fellow that doesn't call anymore. He say same thing in it's up to certain people make bright call save show. It's not my job to say this show, my job knit from America's hashtag, Georgia. Whatever all the things you do with your little thing there. My job is for me to make a good call. And if your calls sucks, then it sucks, I can't help that my job NFL in. But you're talking only jump in one second. Sure sure you have called this show for how long twenty years longtime. You've had some great calls from not. So great calls and some really Nick is called in this show for five years, and he's never even had an average call. But he bakes his tweets to be on air. Yeah. Oh, put my tweet tweet a link from Nick. I mean, I don't wanna say he's the worst caller because to be the worst of anything that means you you have to stand out. He doesn't stand out. You know, I hear all these people talking about saving show and show sex, and this and that and the other, and you know, narrow mind is is you can't compete with a narrow mind. I mean, this is it's just never going to be highway. It's never going to create commerce for the city is never going to bring tax dollars. It's not going to bring audience. It's not going to be a strip centers malls. Mcdonald's is not gonna set up house there and Hardee's across the street and Paul finebaum. Probably don't even won't show on that narrow men low road because that's what you get with narrow thinking. Now, you've got a group of professionals there. John Mark yourself, and y'all got contracts you got will be greatly bait money, then when you were all making big money. Yeah. When you have co host you've got big co host important co host. And when you have guests bath is very knowledgeable pig. This is what they do for a living. And and for these people. To think somebody's got to save the show. Maybe these people that are talking all of this need to broaden their horizons and understand it's not all about this one school's quarterback to Nellis move on that narrow Mont stuff. You know, Paul big on the nets cycle operator. Nick, I figured out rated Donut. Yesterday. Are they going to do this and one little pop up tents like the head on sideline created all the miracles during the football game? Then guys go in there banged up. Looking looking like beetle Bailey and income in that red rate tackle sort snorkel again. And I'm thinking that's the place, but the problem with him look tense. There's not there's going to be so many people looking over each other's shoulders when they do a hit report stepped me more people in there than it was at John F Kennedy's autopsy you wait a minute. What are you doing? What do you know what you're doing get you see all in my glass and back and forth whipped? And right shifting. This is an important thing. And you know, that got a hand to stick up in power, somebody got hand somebody and it to me, I'll hope I'll be I'll hold you up Alabama. I'll stand in for your guy, and I'll keep you strong and great dislike me more than eagle amid grit cough. Harry is up next. Hello, harry. Welcome to the program. Any paul? Thank you for taking my call. I'm glad to get in because being spring break. My. Daughter was watching Paul the show. And then what a great guests to have on for young people to watch particularly her. But thank you other than of South Carolina. You know, we we never think of certain things that are going to be helpful in education on air popped up. Right. From say, I wanna thank you for that ball. Now. My my regular question that I had planned on asking before. I even saw the president. I didn't know he was even going to be on. Paul. This was asked to answer. Just let me know. But but I I don't know the answer. I'm just I just want your opinion when the would gets LSU, and and when when coach Wade goes how much of a chance the give Billy Kennedy if indeed even wants it if he did what chances the think he would have to get virtually none. That's what I thought you'd say. But I wanted to get it from EUPOL. But thank you again, great show, and you have a great Easter weekend. Thank you very much. Always great to hear from a Harry, we're up against a break still time for you to get in at eight five five two four to seven to eight. We appreciate you being with us realize this is a holiday series important holiday. Good friday. But we felt like we had to be here. Just so you could hear I'm in. We're back after this to listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast. Welcome back to the program. More of your calls at eight. I five to four two seven two eight five and Fred is up next in Texas. Hello. Take him a call brother as a Good Friday to you everybody who celebrating Passover tomorrow, we have a wonderful Passover. And then if the east of debate is sending this thing you have had a addict payment to this need really the last three days about Dallas. You this meant this. Did that today that a new EP stat malignant, and it was whether he would come in, and, you know, make coach owner vers where the wheel way should be nervous. But I want to focus on coach. Who of course, his team won ten games last season. What do you think shit? Make coach nervous. If you just does what he supposed to do. Nothing. About the way. I don't know. It was your on that. Well, but I think I know him well enough to say what I'm about to say, I don't think he really gets nervous about anything. I mean, this guy has already beaten beaten the house. He's he's the head football coach at LSU. No one saw that coming. He was the interim coach given no chance of survival. Not only did he survive. He got a really good year last year. And he's expected to have a good year this year. And if he does and he'll get in trouble, just like any coach LSU will get in trouble after a bad year like any coat. Exactly. And I want to add. The theme that Iliad which made to take should be should be navy about annuity. Here's the fifth and you look at the staffing at she. Typically, if the Tiffany eighties enemy, and they have been in Mandalay, Nevada the Nevada. Yes. Fit into it. She leads the hand at one because coach wasn't asking for it. They Finally I think got the ten analysts just this past year. And I think that having a new AD could be the difference in terms of coach own that having a struggle to get the things that he needs to have the winning program. What I think you're right. I I'm we're not here to bury Joe Aleve. That's already happened. But we all know he didn't run a very good ship. Fred you you're closer to its an I am. There's. And it would it was almost like a tale of two city. And I think it was in your interview yesterday. I can't remember the gentleman's name. But he was talking about how Texas and them should have done more to keep woodwork. And he said that with is then half-yearly do you remember that? Yeah. And then she she tesla headed and you'll find it on Twitter, so joy leva and wildly wildly unpopular comes up. So that wasn't they weren't allowed to cheerleaders for Joe L. Look, he's always about the doors. I'm not gonna pile on any more than than it needs to be said, which is that they will questions about him running the program. But I'm saying this coast. Oh, I think it's going to be cited. And and I know we'll wave excited maybe for deeper reason. But have a great weekend, brother. I love you. And you are at Great America. Thank you very much. Really good to hear from you for the let's continue with more calls, and Joe is in Georgia Asia. Welcome to the program. Good afternoon. Hey, thanks for a second. My call what I wanted to tell you. I have two tickets to the first game that Georgia had ever played in hidden Sanford stadium and most of the Georgia fan have never seen those. I'm sorry. Joe haven't seen what I got to Georgia tickets that was played in Sanford stadium. Again, their first game in Sanford stadium. Okay. And I didn't know most of the Georgia people have never had a ticket like that. It was played in nineteen twenty nine. Oh my goodness. I bet you're right. I got him off of fellow. He didn't know what he had. I bought them for for twenty dollars. That's amazing. What do they look like? Well, they're are big. They're huge tickets that cost three dollars. They're huge pace board tickets ran and gold acted if if I had your Email. I I tell you what Joe let me put you on hold and we'll get we'll get it to you. Thank you very much. Okay. Mickey is in Louisville. Hey mickey. Hey, Paul sorry about the tragedy in South Carolina. Unfortunately, my question is about South Carolina's quite all right yesterday on your show. They did it tour of the new fifty million dollar and that South Carolina put in which all. Extras you want including a recording studio. Darius Rucker Serta. Okay. Several years ago Kentucky put in the wildcat law which wish for the basketball team. I me bright with all the extras and the NCWA rules. I do remember that they said they couldn't do it. They said they couldn't offer Ashley stuff that was not available right tooting body. So that is a I remember that that that's where they the players used to live and hang out. And you know, I don't know. I think what's going on. Now is it every I've been to pretty much all of them every one of these campuses have have new football facilities. But I'm pretty sure that they're on. They're not although at South Carolina may be but I think you get around it at the difference. I think it can Tuqiri was the players the players. Live there versus worked out there. Okay. Because I'm pretty sure that even that the football facility. I mean, how is it? The I was at the university of Florida weight room yesterday, and you had you had students athletes from from various sports working out. And now, I'm a man I'm imagining that the football facility at all. At at USC is not limited only to foot I could be wrong. But. Thirty five athletes. Okay. So. It's a great question though and making the wildcat lodge. That was I remember when that started that was that was a state of the art facility. No one had ever done any thing quite like hate to run. We we still have an hour to go. We'll talk more about the Texas AM search for Scott Woodward's replacement will also get to your phone calls, and you can call us now at eight five to four to seven to eight five.

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