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#A215 (antistrophe to antiwhite)


Hello words welcome to another episode of this podcast. We are still in the anti words words that start with A. N. T. I. Although they're not always using the actual anti prefix anti anti whatever we looks like we're going to go oh through It looks like the last anti word is the second to last word of this episode and for fun. We can just make it the very last word so everything is neat and tidy all right first word for this episode is anticipate drafty A. N. T. She I S. T. R. O. P. H. E. This is a noun from Circa fifteen fifty one a the repetition of words in reverse order. Could you please give me a description. No okay one be the repetition of a word or phrase at the end of successive successive clauses to a a returning movement in Greek coral dance exactly answering to a previous stroh F- S. T. The R. O. P. H. E. would it be strategy. I don't think so to be the part of coral song delivered during the antipathy Orphee anti-castro FIC- is an adjective anti straffic. Lee is an adverb next is anti style. All one word heard that second part is the word style like I have terrible style in my clothes. This is a noun from nineteen sixty four a style style of dress based on the rejection of current or established styles next we have anti symmetric. It's an adjective active from nineteen twenty-three relating to or being a relation as the quote is a subset of that implies equality of any two the quantities for which it holds in both directions as in the relation capital are is anti symmetric if a capital capital R. B. and B. Capital are a implies A. Equals B. So I think it's sane in that example if A. Equals B. Then a R. B. and B. R. A. Equal the same thing because our eagles are make sense. I guess next. We have antithesis A. N. T. I. T. H. E. S. I. S. This is a noun from fifteen twenty nine. One a one the rhetorical contrast rest of ideas by means of parallel arrangements of words clauses or sentences as in the quote action not words or the quote they promised I missed freedom and provided slavery. Obviously that wasn't an exact description that was in parentheses and whenever something is in parentheses. It's really just giving even a little bit more information sort of like a sub example within the definition. It's not an actual example that uses the word in it so again again this semi example is the quote action not words that is an example of an antithesis there is another a quote that I read they promised freedom and provided slavery one eight two we have these synonyms opposition and contrast as in the antithesis of prose and verse one be one the second of two opposing constituents of an antithesis one be to the direct opposite as in her temperament is the very antithesis of mine to the second stage of a dialectic active process. It looks like this is a Greek word it literally means opposition and that is from antidote to deny to oppose news and that is made by combining anti plus tiffany which means to set and there's more at the word do D. Next is antithetical. We'll also antipathetic. It's an adjective from fifteen eighty three one constituting or marked by antithesis to bean gene in direct and unequivocal opposition synonym says see the word opposite anti thessaly is an adverb next. We have anti Anti Thrombin A. N. T. I. T. H. R. O. M. B. I. N. It's a noun from Circa nineteen eleven any of a group of substances that inhibit blood clotting by inactivating thrombin next is anti thyroid A. N. T. I. I T. H. Y. R. O. ID. It's an adjective from nineteen o eight able to counteract excessive thyroid activity as is in anti thyroid drugs next we have anti toxic or anti toxic yeah. It's the Word T. O. X. I I see with anti in front of it. this is an adjective from circa eighteen ninety one counter acting toxins to bean gene or containing anti-toxins as in anti toxic serum and here we have anti toxin. It's a noun from circa eighteen ninety the same year an antibody that is capable of neutralizing the specific toxin as a specific causative agent of disease that stimulated stimulated its production in the body and is produced in animals for medical purposes by injecting a toxin or toxoid with these resulting assaulting serum being used to counter act the toxin in other individuals also an anti serum containing antitoxins next next. We have antitrust. It's an adjective from eighteen ninety. There's a lot of anti words that were coined around the same time of relating to two or being legislation against or opposition to trusts or combinations specifically consisting of laws to protect trade and commerce from unlawful restraints and monopolies of unfair business practices next is antitrust her. It's a noun from nineteen eighteen forty seven one who advocates or enforces antitrust provisions of the law next is Anti Tausif A. N. and T. I. T. U. S. S. I. V. E. IT's a noun from circa nineteen o nine a cough suppressant one that suppresses a cough anti-thai is also an adjective next is anti utopia. There's a hyphen between the words. This is a noun from nineteen sixty six one. We have the one definition of the word dystopia to a work describing an anti onto utopia anti utopian is an adjective or a noun another form is anti utopian. It is an adjective or a a noun next is anti Vennen A. N. T. I v. e. N. I. N. It's a noun from eighteen ninety five an antitoxin to a venom also an anti serum containing such antitoxin so it's an antitoxin to Venom V. V. E. N. O. M. A. R. Word is anti Vegan in V. E. N. I. N. so a change in letters there but we do you have an Anti Venom V. E. N. O. M. It's a noun from nineteen four and we just have the synonym anti-venom in what we just read Ed. We are almost there. People hold on tight next is anti vitamin and it does say the Brits would call it an anti vitamin but we say anti vitamin this is a noun from nineteen twenty seven a substance that makes a vitamin metabolic ineffective and here here we go with the last anti word and the last word of this episode Anti White A. N. T. W. H. I. T. E. It's it's an adjective from nineteen o six opposed or hostile to white people and if we go back a couple of pages of about nine or ten episodes we do have the opposite of this anti-black so I'm glad to see that at least there's some equality in this book really neither one is appropriate appropriate in my book My mental book in my head but you know obviously like I said before there are people who are anti white and anti black and antisemitic and so these are words that we have to live with that's why they're in the dictionary even though they might not make us feel very good so so I guess if I want to flip flop my words of the episode from being silly or interesting to more political I would pick anti white for this word of the episode. There's no specific reason other than that I guess it's sort of encapsulates in this moment all of the negative awards that are out there. I don't want people to think I'm being a proponent for one side or the other. I am not at all this. This word just happened to land in a place where I decided to be a little bit more political. Obviously anything that has to do with haight in in any form has to be taken with a grain of salt or it's very difficult to talk about which I can't really do in a short amount of time time and I know that I already talk about politics probably more than I should given. This is the

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