Should you really visit Vienna? Philippines booked for Feb.


Let's lead Ed Scott addicts and legs. The you was this. Mt And I am back again for another podcast. I just WANNA apologize to you guys. Things have been a little busy As you yeah no. I was in Vienna Austria and between cal. Coaching calls and lying up appointments in Interviews you guys saw my interview last night with a woman from Poland so I have been able to do the podcast but I'm here now. I'm here now in high spirits trying to be positive You know as you guys know the tragic news with with Kobe Bryant. I wasn't a fan of Kobe while I was in the nineties. Early in ninety ninety six. Two thousand own if you guys remember. NBA courtside with Kobe. Bryant only Tinto sixty four or you so played at like crazy but right I can respect our spectrum as a player. huges was never my favorite but Horrible horrible accident him in his daughter in everyone else on the on the on the helicopter just a very hor horrific. This is something you don't want to wake up to something you don't want to think about But that's life That's why I always tell you guys live life to the fullest Through traveling in inspiring others to do so. Follow your passion because you just never know so You know recipes Kelly. So let's let's get into the title of the video and as you guys know if you need a coaching call shoot me an email at consulting at smart financial dot Com and we can. We can book you in So this is two parts. I'm GonNa talk a little bit more about the Anna just a little bit After I sat on it for like a week. The Anna's not really a bad place. It's not horrible it. But it's not a premier location and I realized that I don't really like travelling that much in the cold. I'm just not. I'm not okay when I think going on vacation. I want to go somewhere warm. Unless I'm going to like Iceland or Denmark or something like that then I can tolerate it but the Anna was just which is very boring. They're boring not really much. There was there. There are some things to do You know there's there's a spy there you listen to classical the music there. There's a lot of you know I think Beethoven's from there I don't know it was just very Ho- home will go back not anytime soon. I go on a business trip or something. The Vienna just go back just to go. There's some there's so many other places places ago in in in Austria Saws Berg or innsbruck that a more mountainous and I would like have to go skiing. If I go back to Austria so I probably wouldn't go back to Vienna It just it just not really a dope spot at all. The the people like I said in the video the people are very nice. People are Nice. Customer Service was nice. The food was all right just running a meal. I wasn't blown own away by any of their cuisine there. The Thai restaurant with other Sushi restaurant limitation by Sushi restaurants. I am I consider myself a Sushi. Connoisseur facts the fact I am a Sushi Khanna sore and to tell if a Sushi. She restaurant is legit or not if they serve octopus if they don't serve octopus in is not a real Sushi restaurant period. Okay so you have to have if you're making a rainbow role end. There's no octopus. You how are you gonNa make a rainbow 'cause octopus purple okay. That's a real Rainbow Karol when it had octopus. I Love Octopus. Dip It in my In my house and horseradish ginger and stuff like that. Mixing it up but yet That's not a rules. That's not a real Sushi spot. Bre I so I was a little upset instead of that There's a lot of Sushi restaurants in Vienna That there was a lot of Sushi restaurants and and I look at their menus and none of them had octopus. Just get pissed off when I see stuff so yeah octopus. They don't have Period okay you gotTa have the whole Colored Rainbow. I'm not a fan of California rolls in your. Your stand arose in all that jazz okay. So that was kinda disappointment I don't know ages almost wasted trip but not quite a man. I'll I wouldn't have known unless I would have went. So Aw Activity Anna. I decided I was GONNA go. Initially I decided I was GonNa go to Denmark Copenhagen hanging out at a hostile hostile I was. I was set up for it. I was geared up ready to do it but talking to some friends the mind We had a little switch plants and and I'm going to decide I'm going to go to the Philippines. I'm going to the Philippines. I'm looking at I'm looking at going February fourteenth ish the February fourteenth to twenty six somewhere around there. So yeah I'm going to the Philippines and I'm literally on Philippine Gene Airlines Dot com looking at tickets. So we'RE GONNA WE'RE GONNA see what they can do for your boy so Yeah Philippine Airlines Baby I've been to the Philippine six times so I'm pretty well versed in the Philippines guys. I'm pretty I know Philippine Airlines lines quite well so Yet look out for me. I'm we'll be doing a lot I'm gonna I'M GONNA. I'm GONNA makeup because I did. I did the video on the Anna. It did it didn't do too hot. Which is fine okay? Sometimes we eat it as that's my that's my catalyse. Sometimes you just gotta eat it and That's what we're GONNA do but I I love the Philippines. I the only reason why I haven't been going for so long. It's because the Philippines especially like even Philippines Thailand. It's best when you go with someone you know. It is best when you go with someone that you're at your friends with so it just makes a trip so much better. So that's what we're going to do. I'm looking at tickets right now. Tickets are seven twelve hundred dollars. I'm not these hundred dollars but I'm not flying economy deathly flying economy. So we're GONNA I'M GONNA go flying out. It looks like I'm going to be flying out on a February thirteenth in coming back on the twenty. First which is Lenny. Time may see how many days is at around. How many days is at boots on the ground? So we're looking at bats I will arrive WHOA. That's not what I want. I'm not trying to leave it. No fucking eight o'clock at night only only got my goodness so a saying our leave at eight o'clock at night a fifty if the at night in get there at seven twenty five Friday which is which is all right and then I leave in get there at seven twenty five. I return seven twenty five at night. you got it. That's all I got this all got. WHOA that's not what I wanted? That is not what I want it. so yeah that's what we're looking at. This is very unfortunate. All right so yeah is going down in Manila Our will give you guys a further update as we get closer to the into the date to the time I get there. I'm trying to sort out these tickets. So yeah but yeah you guys. I'M GONNA. I'm GonNa Bring aphrodisiacs back because a lot of people have been asking me about worse. Alfred Amax who is one of my buddies who Avin traveling with the last time I went to the Philippines. I think it was with him but he won't be able to make it. He won't be able to make it this time. He wants to meet me in Brazil. I talked to him last night. So I'm GonNa do another livestream with him And we are going to to execute the mission here so I am going to let you guys go. I think the book these tickets I got a conference call a coaching. Call coming up I think the guy just email me back so Yeah that's what we're GONNA do. It was good talking to you guys in college. Aw mm-hmm

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