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Inside Sports Fantasy Football- NFL Draft Winners & Losers with Chris Lardieri!


We're back with another episode of inside Sports Fantasy Football. It's Jiro classroom. Mariah Bang at you hear from inside sports fantasy football game source. Pop Culture Cosmos and the Lakers fast-break truly appreciate everyone out there. Listening to Oliver Great shows and also watching. Us whenever you get a chance on any one of our youtube channels. Whether it's the pop culture cosmos game source or also Laker's fastbreak well the NFL draft has come and gone the virtual way that they did it. I mean there was a little bit hitches here and there but for the most part I think the NFL can safely say outside. Roger Goodell's basement. It was a big success and a lot of your ship. I think over six million at some point during the course of the first round R- actually watching the NFL draft so it has to be considered a big success but for some of the teams out. There it also was a big success and for some others. They're drafting skills. While I should just say they were a little bit left to be desired. Let's put it that way here today with me to talk about what went on with the NFL draft and how it may relate to even possibilities for fantasy understand road. Although for the most part you shouldn't be counting on rookies to come in and contribute in a big way anytime soon but still you never know. We're going to go ahead and give you some feelers out on that as well. It is my good friend. You can catch him all the time on inside sports on facebook also as well at Chris L. Sports on twitter or catch him even on his Lincoln pages while he's very active there somewhere. I gotta go a little bit more. Often it is my good friend it is. Chris. Od Area and Chris. Welcome back man a great three days for NFL fans. Galore GERALD GREAT TO BE BACK IN I agree. It was nice to have Not only a live. Sporting event per se but some football to analyze talk about and second gas and like you said Kind of getting a glimpse into the world of Roger Goodell's Homelife by his basement. Yeah that's not exactly the image. I wanted to see especially the way. He was trying to artificially get that. Virtual crowd for each team cited in pumped up the way he was doing it. He just seemed like a man out of character. I think he just should've just strayed away from that because he was not only not generating enthusiasm for the fan base. That was actually doing it themselves. He was providing somewhat of a little bit of an embarrassment for himself. So I duNNo. I mean he tried I give him a at least in a for effort but his ingratiating warmth did not come across during the draft process. I don't think he has ingratiating from what I hear from a lot of people out there but be that as it. May I WANNA say this? They could have chosen a better house for the police. Commissioner's they always have to do it and whatnot. But I think that would have been an even bigger success. Have they found right host for it but what they did get still is a very solid performance all the way around technical wise. It seemed to be pretty good outside of a young man. Actually dissing or ghosting an actual team trying to call him. That drafted him. That was pretty funny but outside of that. It seemed to be going off well outside of a couple of small hitches. Here they're now agree in Roger. Goodell's not exactly Mr Personality we know he's more like robot than a human being. I I give him credit for at least throwing it out there. Japan's virtually boom and keep the annual tradition going but even that went over like a lead balloon. I mean at one point I remark to you. Look like you is reading a hostage video As harsh as that sounds like I just got like no charisma personalities monotone. I thought the the highlight of his performances Remember who was date to? I believe he just finally gave up and sat down his easy chair. I felt like I was watching some sort of Christmas special. Maybe going back to the being. Crosby your updates on. I don't know but other than that. Like you said. Technically given all the the thing about the inputs in the Wi fi and whatever sort of connections needed audio video I thought it went off pretty well on the ESPN side yet and at the Trey. Wingo with that many people talking on screen and reading off the picks and him being the lone ranger there in Bristol. I thought he did a good job. I do that every now and then I can go ahead and do what he could. Although you're right in doing in front of six million people I think that was pretty good. Shot by him but still there was some points where they were talking over each other in those kind of little glitches. That stood out is something that they could have managed better. I think if there was just some audible cues that wingo gable but more like what I do for you Chris. Or when you're on with Jason and I will actually say. Hey Jason do this that that that had our Chris. What are your thoughts on this? You know it's just making sure that that person has the audible cue. I think it's simple to do. Sometimes we forget about that and I even forget about that sometimes when I'm hosting more than one person but still I think it's something that he could have been a little bit more Congress and now throughout the show but I think for the most part. He handled it pretty well. Yeah he did a tough job and by no means of my. Trey wingo apologised but You know it could have been a heck of a lot worse but all in all I mean look I think We had a few interesting draft picks a saint a least bill belichick dog made an appearance and I think the end of the day. Everyone was happy. Absolutely it's the dog was happening. The dog is probably in better spirits than Bella. Jack Del Checking Gore back. Maybe the dog would have chosen a quarterback better but it is what it is. I'm not gonNA argue the Patriots because they've had a lot success even other right now. A state of flux of what's going on but yeah I just think right now that it was the best pretty much the best that you can handle it given the circumstances some to complement the NFL in that. Even though you're right there should have been some chestnuts and opened fire. Somewhere within Roger. Goodell's house at that point in time. Yeah definitely was what was fascinating to see memorabilia. Books Shit laid on the man the legend. Yes exactly so I just wanted to ask and let you know right now. There's some good things happened in the NFL draft. I know there's some things that you were very upset about. And you relate that not only to meet privately but you relate that on instagram have absolutely likes or being announced especially for your New York giants. So we'll get we'll get this out of the way we'll get this out of the way wars things that made you the most disturbed about what went on at the NFL draft. So I think you're partially to blame you. You say you like my Dave Gettleman rants nine to put it out there for the world through partially my fault in the fall quotes but We put it out there on the inside sports instagram page. I put it on my personal page. My family and friends that are giant for their amusement. But yet again I told my son. He's twelve. Dave gettleman will never cease to disappoint. You did it again. And we knew the giants going to take a tackle. This guy's on somewhat actually probably someone you WanNa play poker against tips his hand so will and they go and take tackle Georgia name Andrew Thomas who you know. Some of the animals were being polite and said he was a safer. But I don't think he was anywhere near the top of most experts draft board. You look at where Sir Becton I think those guys have more upside. But that's who he took and let's face it. Dave gettleman is a man whose job is likely on the line and his job is to protect annual gills. Skit SAQUON Barkley Room to run in the hopes of getting some semblance of a winning season. Put together here in the near future. So I was happy with that Yeah go out on a limb. I'd say Isaiah Simmons a Clemson whether you beat linebacker safety was a good pick and I think the cardinals gotta steal their fall. The fell to them. The giants defense is atrocious. And I know you need offense Lineman but You know unless the guy's a surefire hall of Famer I duNno complete commit at pick four that I the draft so an over. The dolphins and charges are happy. They got their future quarterbacks. The giants malign before the exactly saw I will say this that they even other. I guess some head-scratching maneuvers by the New York. Giants and a couple of other teams. That were making reaches. I think especially in the middle of the first round there were some reaches there but players that were barely even in the top. One hundred on most people's lists on most these draft experts lists that somehow managed to sneak into the first round overall pretty much most the team's picked accordingly. I think obviously it comes to the point. And there's a lot of focus that was shined upon the number five number six picks between Miami and the Los Angeles chargers. Some you know it went through to form. Most people thought Miami would go ahead and pick to a and obviously after that the Los Angeles chargers needing a quarterback also picked up a quarterback as well so I wanna hear your thoughts on that because it was true to form now that the dust is settled. Do you think it was the right. Move by both teams and you look at the dolphins going into the season. Everyone thought Oh cash tag tank to they were going to go in. Sixteen there trading very veteran players like console in minkah Fitzpatrick for draft picks. And what happens to it goes out and gets hurt? The dolphins are bluffing. Saying they're willing to trade up than they were sending out signals that they didn't want to. They wanted Herbert and they played everyone for the full. They sat put their a team. That even went on win. One a few games down the stretch and football fans everywhere to thank them. They beat the Patriots Week. Seventeen and a comeback for the pats loser by week and then they go down to around one. Gets the tights thank you? Brian Flora's team. But I I think if two is healthy and let's face it. They did their due diligence. They got the clean bill of health from a doctor. I think this could really be good for them. It's their quarterback of the future. And should he be healthy? I think he's got tremendous upside now. Will that translate into? He's a Ten Year quarterback future hall of Famer. No-one knows it's all crapshoot going with the data and the opinions we have now. I think it's good and I think the chargers to look got hand it to Tom to Lesko. Unlike the giants inky Philip rivers around for a year draft a quarterback and create an instant controversy. Let rivers go told people tyrod Taylor is GonNa Start which Everyone knew either forestry lost his mind and got his men in Herber and I don't know if he'll be the answer a six six he can run we'll see how he handles the NFL game but again the charges enough to give up any draft capital to get the guy they want. So I I think as it stands. Now it's a win win for both. We'll be right back with more fantasy football. Check out what's been going on with the pop culture cosmos show and the PCC multi-diverse. I see the potential for the basically like a another net flicks kind of paradigm shift. Where here comes this other major player? They have a ton of resources. Apple could change the way that entertainment is assumed. They say it's the only time this year that you'll have stars from each brand battling each other. We know it's not going to be the case. But they like to say that and more power to them I guess. Well it's a big first step bringing all those superheroes together there. Were definitely some parts of the movie that I that I really enjoyed. And then there was some parts that I thought. Just kind of fell short of expectation. Part of it has something to do with how it's being promoted and this is a thing where audiences do not agree with critics loops. The pop culture cosby show and the PC multi-diverse every week on apple podcasts. And over a dozen of your favorite streaming and podcasting options so with the chargers. Then they're playing it so fi stadium. They're no longer at Carson. I believe correct correct gas. They're going into this big new stadium. Unfortunately it looks at this point. I even know there's talent across the board. There's going to be really. No one that I think is going to be giving a whole bunch of faith although tyrod Taylor is effective and can lead the team probably to maybe even a nine seven record. Maybe what not I think he can be effective enough for that he he turns the ball over a minimum at least that he can do very. Well it's just he doesn't give you that extra. You need sometimes The pocket so even though. He's a very safe quarterback as far as low number turnover. He also doesn't get you that many touchdown so I think that if you WANNA go ahead and put the more exciting option or the more or the the option with the bigger potential in just in Herbert. You'RE GONNA go ahead and have the bumps in the road you're not gonNA be able to go ahead and be as effective right off the bat so. I think it's GonNa be if they if they do that. If there's going to be some rebuilding in suffice stadium between them and the rams because the rams don't exactly look like they're at a super bowl level at this point in time either. Yeah they're really in cap held to say the least although they're trying to at least rebuild on the offense aside a little it looks like through the draft. But I agree with you. I mean Taylor is a nice. Nfl backup quarterback. Maybe Katrina herber. But regardless I don't think anything they did past weekend's going to move the needle having a problem selling tickets. I don't see it getting any better. You GotTa make sure you have those visiting teams go ahead and buy up all the tickets because that's what happened when they were in Carson. I mean when was the last time? The chargers play at home game. It was when they were in San Diego exactly and even there they were having some years. Where the sides? The raiders achieve some Broncos fans or showing up a drugs. So we've got some of the teams that I think did fairly well. I also think the Arizona cardinals where they had a chance. I think with top flight with a really really top flight linebacker You know it just really seemed like they did very well. I also think the Baltimore Ravens did very well. I mean like I said with the Arizona. Cardinals. I think giving Isaiah Simmons was just Steal Baltimore Ravens adding so much more to their offense. Jk Dobbins Devon Verna. I think those two really made it special for the Baltimore Ravens and they were just letting these picks fall right to them and I know Cincinnati Bengals. They got job so really. It looks like something that they're going to be able to go ahead and have a cornerstone quarterback for the foreseeable future but dare. I say it could the team with the best picks in the NFL draft and one that the team the team in my opinion that had the best draft overall could possibly be the Dallas cowboys. It could be when you consider how. Cd LAMB fell to them. And I'm still scratching my head to this day and when you think about on top of that they kill the second bird with that stone because they kept him from going to the rival Philadelphia Eagles so They are going to be a team to be reckoned with on offense now. I don't know how good they'll be on. Defense may have a shootout every week. The good old. Afc west of the Nineteen Seventies. But I'll tell you what from fantasy perspective there are so many weapons on that side of the ball. You you can take your pick. I mean part of me is like why do they even need to resign? Amari Cooper to that big deal with the wide receiver depth in this draft. I'm second guessing and everything. Tony Twenty. You didn't know all these even though like you said there's a bunch of wide receivers heated know someone like CD land was gonNA actually fall down to the cowboys. No one could have predicted that though I I know that but there were still some wide receivers around I mean you look even going into the second round a Guy Lake. Aj Hamblur. Who the broncos. God I was very nice. Pick of there's a lot of depths at that position in this year. So I'm second guessing in the sense that you're gonNA give all that money to cooper I don't think is a big money. Wide Receiver spread out across your defense or maybe invest in raw fence of Lineman. You know you get yourself a young wide receiver Gallup's a good receiver. So that said I think they just completely luck into land good for them although he Greg grabbed a cellphone back from his girlfriend. I thought that was one of them. Using highlight of the draft that and Jerry Jones drafting from the yacht with so many people. They're just just amazing. Absolutely passing. Yeah that's a Sitcom waiting to happen. Right exactly yes it is. Well I think that for me. The Dallas cowboys are Winners of the Draft Baltimore. Ravens did extremely well and Arizona. Cardinals were also three of the top teams for me If you if you're playing fantasy football that does me now. Mind you CD lamb. You can't expect him to produce at a top level right away as a rookie especially on team loaded at wide receiver but still. That's just another option for Dak Prescott Dak Prescott is in the fans. Mind all over the place as far as good or bad but as a fantasy option I think he becomes a bigger option and not only top ten quarterback but someone who could sneak into the back end of the top five as well with those kind of options. Yeah he could and when you look at the teams in the NFC. That'll be facing six times. This year I don't think any of them are going to have a formidable defense here in twenty twenty so that'll both welfare of as well so I had my three picks. I know you've got three teams that have in mind as well as far as which teams had the best outcome in the NFL draft. I've also got some bad teams as well but let's go ahead and go off of your three teams that you think did best in the NFL. Draft will you You stole to a mine in the cardinals and the Ravens definitely agree on that. But I'll I'll throw a few more further down the list for me. I really like with the Indianapolis Colts. Did they got Michael Pittman Junior? A some people feel one of the more underrated wide receivers coming out from USC and they also got Jonathan Taylor. The running back from Wisconsin. He felt that over the second round. Whether Philip rivers is a long term answer not I think he's got himself some more weapons this year and then later on they waited around and picked up Jacobson University of Washington. A big arm quarterback jury still out on him. He is originally a Georgia. Then Jake from beat him out for that job. He transferred to Washington. Scouts got a lot of good things to say about his arm and The good thing is at the very least for a year who learn under rivers and Reich. So that could be a nice long term play and then I also like what the Broncos did in the sense that if Jerry Judy in the first round Hamblur in the second round from fantasy perspective that could bode well for drew. Lock really looked like a like a good quarterback down the stretch so In terms of fantasy production. I think that's a team to keep your eye on there. They brought in Melvin Gordon to play running back and as long as he doesn't hold out he should be a good fit there and then a little further down the list and like the lions in the sense that they got a good shutdown corner in the first round and then in the second round they gotta running back that felt Andrea Swift. George I have no idea how he ended up in the second round. I know they've got a running back already but you know the NFL. You can never have enough running backs the age pretty quickly and I think that's a good value. Pick there for the lion so I don't think they're going to turn it around but I do think those are two good picks which is kind of uncharacteristically. The lions isn't it yes it is. It's something that still amazes me when the lions go ahead and succeed in the draft. Because they've had so many failures in the recent past overalls a franchise. They've not done very well in the NFL draft so any type of success they can have is considered a just a success for them even more so than other teams because they're they're not able to overcome some of these mistakes that they made in fact they've not been really a competitive team for so many years outside of maybe a one-season out of here there were they make like a first round of playoffs and all that definitely in. Matthew Stafford's aren't getting any younger. I guess they want to give it another go into this year but at some point you think they've got to address that to the quarterback so we talked about some of the teams that have really done well in the NFL draft this year. Now I gotta go ahead and talk about some of the teams that I feel and you feel did not do so. Well I've really got to. I mean I guess you could say three but for the most part I think there's overwhelmingly two teams that are really not well thought up. I guess you could say three third place I would give the New England patriots. I don't think they first of all. They didn't draft a quarterback which I thought was kind of scratching my head. I think they loaded up on tight end a little bit too much as well in the draft and getting a kicker when they did Someone who was not as highly thought of as some other kickers that I think was a reach as well so new England patriots. Maybe they know what they're doing They've known for so long so maybe they know a lot more than I do when it comes. And some of these draft picks versus wells. What they picked for the draft number two. I would probably say I wouldn't even have to lean towards the Houston Texans. Texans Bill O'Brien Somebody get this guy off their their leadership team coach because continual mistakes donor mistakes just maybe an average drafted best nothing. That really gets them something. That's out there. I mean they didn't really have a lot to choose from at the place. They were picking off so I guess you could say they did. Okay at best. But still I mean the the stench from the one of the worst of all time into Shawn Watson stills there and I think that's GonNa make anything that they do unless they can find a player in this draft that can really produce a high level. It's going to hurt them and haunt them for a long time to come and then lasting these. Oh go ahead. No she can stay completely agree And then this bill O'Brien's ammo continually and he never ceases to disappoint those now. He doesn't and I just wanted to go ahead and as a final note the worst team to draft in this year's NFL draft was the Green Bay packers somewhere. Aaron Rodgers is still fuming. I know he sent along a good word for the kids. They drafted as a backup quarterback Jordan love. But I'm not sure. They had a lot of pieces that they need to fill for team. That with the right steps can still be a solid playoff team and compete for a super bowl. You never know. But they didn't get it done in any of the draft picks. They really help them out. But getting Jordan love at this point in time you still have to three healthy years left for a very efficient and proficient Aaron Rodgers who we kinda criticized at times but still his level at times can still be outstanding so I understand. You may not be getting. Mvp level Aaron Rodgers but still as we talked about with a lot of other players that are great. Still even in their mid thirties and whatnot. That's still a lot better than a lot of other players that can never post that level. I completely agree with you. Gerald especially on the Patriots packers. You know one of the biggest mean can misconceptions about the legend. That is bill. Ballot check is great. Evaluator of talent isn't essential fine guys late in the draft to make players out of the but in terms of his early round picks and some of his strategies. He's he's been more miss than he has hit. I don't think they dress grafted offense of pro bowl player since Gronkowski in twenty ten. That's a full decade by get. You need a tight end but taking to that closely in that high in the draft makes no sense to me men again i. I don't know if he thinks he's got something. What stood him at quarterback or he just really didn't like the class this year summer theorizing. They're just GONNA tank Trevor Lawrence next year. I I highly doubt Bill. Belichick will do that Knowing his ego in the way his mind works the packers Just unbelievable on so many levels. So if you're gonNA draft Aaron Rodgers success which is Kinda funny how life comes full circle back for fifteen years ago Rogers drafted but if you really want to Jordan love that badly I really don't think the packers need to trade up with the dolphins to go up a few slots an easily could add. Admit dirty is he a future. Nfl quarterback. I don't know he looks like he's got a lot of ability. They blamed his poor senior season on a lack of weapons. But you're pissing off your franchise quarterback you're paying a ton of money right now and you're trading up and you're not addressing the real needs or you could use some more wide receiver depth than about you. Gerald. If I don't know what game mettler was watching. It's forty niners in the NFC championship but the defense was porous. The lease couldn't tackle yourself. Some defensive line helps them linebackers. That's really where the need was not a backup quarterback future quarterback. That's where I would have gone. And those are the kind of mistakes that have you not competing at the same level and have you falling a little by little by little next year baby falling. Maybe what a wildcard team. And then after that. I'll the playoffs because you're not consistently getting the players you need at the right positions absolutely than newly other team. I would add in there and I can't say I hated their entire draft but the eagles left me scratching my head. You know it's another team really didn't have wide receiver depth this year Mud saying they should have but maybe trade up in an elite receiver or Be Address that all of the guy they took look. I don't know the titter miss at this point even with wide receivers but bigger picture taking Jalen hurts and second round. Are you saying that you like him as kind of a he's GonNa Learn under Carson Wentz? He's not necessarily a quarterback of the future. You can use them as a tasty hell type with the run pass option offensive weapon in certain situations I get it but if you are saying that Carson Wentz is brittle then you've got another Roger Situation here we know the Philly fans and media love to circle when it comes to Carson Wentz and then getting hurt all the time and he did again in a wildcard game so I'm not quite sure anything with her is If they really thought he was worth a second round pick I would think you want someone who unnecessary is going to be a starter but you know is going to be there long. Term eventually a starter so illogic. What more kind of confounded meet their than the the overall draft itself may be headed to the replay booth. But we'll be right back with inside sports fantasy football for the latest news and Information Analysis and opinions on the Los Angeles Lakers and the NBA. Check off the Lakers fast-break podcast today. On wherever you get your podcasts. Well overall I think a lot of these teams made solid choices and the right decisions. Some teams like you said did not build for the future in the way they should have but it looks like overall it came off well the NFL draft this year. I was impressed by it. I think they handled it. Well outside of Goodell's little basement dwelling thing and cheering on the fans in a very Robotic Way and make setting himself up for some real trolling online and SORTA speak but overall came off well and my compliments the NFL. I'm just saying that right now that there's a lot of decisions that have to be reevaluated. And how these teams one about the draft. So we'll see the residual fallout from that. And as we go along into the fantasy drafts and take a look. See what's going on for these teams will go ahead and evaluate. Just exactly how these drafts play out over the course of the coming season but before head on out my friend. It's time for the Doghouse. It's a final thoughts from you so take it over. It's time for us to head to. We'll prove the Chris Ordinary doghouse. Thank you you know. As much as I give Dave gettleman crap through his inability to draft the times. I've gotta give him credit here. We're going to be fair and talked about players at slip into the second round or third round the giants. Pick at the top of the Second Round Xavier. Mckinney's safety from Alabama Giants fans no years ago. They had a safety that fell to them. Similar situation named Landon Collins gettleman ultimately random at townie went to Washington is a free agent but They say he's got a lot of upside. They need secondary help. I don't know Djibril. Peppers is the answer back there and guys come in with a chip on his shoulder because a lot of people gave him first round great. So I'll give gentleman is through there. That was a good pick but then again as we know a broken clock can be right up to two times a day right so will remain to be saved. This is as accurate or pure luck. I also WANNA go ahead and before we had on out and give you a compliment my friend because over the weekend you straight away from the world of the inside sports fantasy football family to go ahead into your own vocation podcasting but this time it came with someone real special to your heart so you. Why don't you go ahead and give a shout up for your new show that you just developed with your on anchor thank you? Gerald and and full disclosure I Consulted with you I. I don't want to stray from the family. You know freelance. Maybe we have a spin off Sitcom of sorts but thank you for your technical expertise. It is called the Dom in Asian sports nation. Podcast play on words. My son's name is dumb and he's been talking about doing a podcast forever and a day and we figured now. While we're all shuten social distancing now it'd be time it's available right now on anchor and spotify we did our first episode Published it last night and we did an NFL draft recap and in an ironic ironic twist. I play the role of Geraldine or of the narrator lead the Q. and A. of more of the host the show. My son puts me to shame with his knowledge of College. Football players remembering everyone's names Old Man's not as good as he is. He watches a lot more college. And as a heck of a lot better memory than I do so it's a lot of fun we're looking forward to it Feel free to subscribe and eventually we'll get on all the big boys in terms of podcasts. The apples Google's stitcher so stay tuned in. Thanks for the plug in the advice but right now it is available on anchor and also spotify suit up domination that's dom with a hyphen nation. And it should come right up for you. Yeah had had to have a little twist to it. You WanNa make it a little funny. He said he wanted domination. And I talked him into the hype and play on words. That was compromised. But yeah it's You know we I I love the analytics on the anchor AP. Apparently someone in Australia. Listen to our podcast. So we're we're now. Officially International PODCAST. That's awesome to hear and I wish you and your son the best of success with your new podcast and anytime a new episode comes out. We'll be glad to promote right here on inside sports fantasy. Football you to kind. Thank you and for us. One of the top. Two hundred fantasy sports podcasts. That's now available on Apple podcast. Which is something that blew. Both Chris and I weigh in fact we almost get into the top one hundred the other. I was just incredible for us. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a shout out at inside sports F F on twitter or is fancy. Football at Yahoo DOT COM. Send in your questions would be glad to answer them as best we can. There's also Chris over here. Chris arguing if you want to get a hold of them directly at Chris L. Sports on twitter. So if you want to get a hold of him directly its accuracy sports on twitter. You can also find us. Both on Lincoln and reason why I'm pushing lengthens because he uses Lincoln a lot for social media and connecting with people and whatnot. And I've used some too so you can find us both right there journal Glance Chris Jerry I linked in if you WANNA go ahead well link up with us pardon the Pun yet thank you. It's been nice. You know. It seems like we get a decent amount of views on there. And I'm hoping that's translating into the numbers they see on apple is will tell you what it's been great talking to my friend. I'm looking forward to the next time we speak on the NFL and fantasy football all. These teams are reevaluating. How did it's going to be interesting to see how it all plays out? But we're looking forward to talking about it in upcoming episodes right here on inside sports fantasy football.

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