Anthony Yarde Offered 4.2 Million For Kovalev Fight By Russian Billionaire


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So save some cash and look good doing it by getting twenty percent off with the Napa bucket while parts helpful people. That's Napa know how no effort -ticipant enough all the parts stores. Exclusions apply. Minimum three items may not be combined. With other offers offer ends four thirty nineteen. Welcome back. Ladies and gentlemen. If it feels like deja vu, it's not we're really back with back to back episodes on Anthony yard. But it is the rumor mill, wow, you can see every one of Mike Stif doesn't mean that this is true. Now, it does feel true being as though that Mr. Gye has sent this particular tweets different people kind of gives you the indication or the assumption that this could be true. What could be true Ness, while I'll let you know, our good friend of the show Spencer Feron tweeted out today. I have just heard from a good source that mister Anthony yard has been offered. Four point two million dollars from a Russian billionaire for the crusher Cova lift fight. Is that true Sunday Gye if so a one a new win with the emoji of the car and three laugh, it will four eleven lot of movies. So our question to you guys. Do you think this is true? We've been here before where you know, people from Saudi Arabia or Dubai, or you know, just everywhere have wanted to stage a big time boxing event. Does it really happen before argument's sake? I'll say Pevec ins Russians promoters, always get the money. Always find a way to make it happen. If they win the person that being selling me introduced my co hosts and get this thing started. If you wanna give your opinion on this subject, all you gotta do is call in the number is one four to five five six nine fifty to forty one. You can also add Nestor Gibbs on Skype. Download the Skype absolutely free both on Android market. And I phone and you'll. Be able to call us absolutely free while you're there you might as well download that patriot at head on over the patriot dot com forward slash and receive exclusive concept from TB. I mean, Boorda wars foot is training footed smart footage on top of Monday's episode of untitled Tuesday's episode of film study Tuesday's and we got more coming later on and on page. John. Let me go out sue big Mike in Indiana. Spots was dot com. Stuff. Comeback. Dot com. Yoyo? Yo yo yo was good everybody. TV universe, man. Yeah. We Bank with another one back to back empty yards. Just now house in the shower man came back from nice day at a gym bam. This news comes up any no maintenance a reason to tune they try to get him on his show. We should be having him on Shirley and. I just let him tell you. But. Yeah. Man, four point two million Russian billionaire really while a con man what's going on. What's up guys? What's up guys? Defense show that we did we did actually new to the fact that if this fight was going to happen, and it's remained is confirmed. And it's happening in Russia, surely meant the yard go paid. And with this news coming out now is seems like he go. Hey goes, some some real money's. He's been awning. That's more than heavyweights that's more than of these heavyweights earning. So that that's real own. They any her often dealing white bear for AJ freight. Exactly not that some big four million was actually one of the numbers that they offered Dillion white four million pounds. It was four million our wealth. Yeah. So. Or million right Russian money pounds to what's up. Been reported in has been reporting. And right. Dollar so four point two. He even negotiate. I know I wanted to title to be something like Anthony yard receives highest purse for prospect because holy shit. No one's of done this broad. Has it been a light heavyweight that was offered that in the not five? There isn't a fighter that hasn't had a contender fi and been offered this many just think about this in perspective, right Keith Thurman, and Danny Garcia Boga one point five to unify or something like that two million unifies cues me keep terminent Sean got one point five on paper where their back end checks. Maybe maybe not right. But that doesn't sound anything like for points. Mill. Definitely don't man is isn't credible Medicare man, go ahead getting my gimme bag quick people laughed at tune day. Everything is time speaking becoming all these fancy believed him say he's he's gotten Anthony yard the wrong way. He's not putting him in tough ice. He's not giving the proper simplifies that he needs to begin. He find Kovalyov Knicks four point two million for the WBO title. What more won't from his man. That's all I'm saying. I he I. Yet. I'm in my bag right now. Nothing else that guy can do that that. I mean, this is an my opinion incredible management by Tunde, go hit a car. It was a I agree with that last part is setting. It's incredible management. However, Cam can we really credit gift oldest credit day or did a Russian billionaire. Just come and say, I want this fight hair. How much is it gonna take? Let's question last year. Last year your chance to get a IBM strength would better be twenty nine. Now, we we we quite there yet do credit him for that. Percent. I would bet seek with a bitch with letters here. Now for point two million. Okay. One hundred percent, but Mike bear in mind. So you'll essentially saying that Otis talk of stadium fire arsenal sixty thousand capacity. This was all part of the plan to secure that bagging Russia bra. Brew not in Russia. But to to elevate the purse, I believe I believe by put it out there. Put the narrative that you're not leaving your home country. The your home country provides something you already made the mentally go in their their vote and get the big bucks Vaccari what he alluded to last night with. I didn't know what he meant by eighth amendment. You gotta we tricked him. I'm like what what what you're saying. But this apparently is what he was a loon two nights though. Four point two million men. Omar goodness that that is a nice chunk of change for a I I wore title shot that might be. Insane. How much cove is getting? I mean, we got to see how true this is. Right. Like, just because it's it's you know, Spence affair on insane. It's coming from a good source. It still hasn't been official. It's not manmade official. But if he can pull it off if he can get this this fight at that purse. I think what is it leads to us giving some element of truth to it. If that yesterday within twenty four hours Byron comes out, and he says, I've been told by Kovalevsky people that they've agreed times. Then suddenly you have ten day coming out and saying, yeah. With ethnically going to Russia, and then this figure comes out, and he's said to Mike, and he said to Jack finally exactly why wanted so it just seems like they definitely got paid. Whether it's the exact figure being reported. We don't will yet to to know, hopefully, ten days shed, some light on it. But knowing day I could easily see him just run with the figure anyway. Because it's out there now, and it is only gonna benefit his guy. Even if he's not getting paid that. Exact exactly like why would you now come out and say, nah, we ain't getting that. It's not that much. My like, if anything he's your mind, look, man, he wished it was cameras. So he could just smile at us because that's e ain't gonna to confirm or deny why do that. Accept his request on. Oh stamina for sale. I see I see. Now, he really gonna be selling stamina. Everybody wanna sign up that four point two million dollars. I check. Sunday Ajayi was going on. The lester. How you doing? I'm good, man. I'm good. I was just telling my how I know you wish this was video. So that the world could see you smile him. Right. Because I mean. Dream believe the company. So so look lab all here. Are we going to get a confirmation or denial on this offer? Is this fake news? Real news. Come on, you know, the rule, weddings? We don't disclose figures. The rule ones. Don't disclose figures. I mean, there's a figure out there is this at least in the ballpark because this is gonna make history of this true. No one before Anthony yards to receive this much money for first title shot. So I mean is it in the ballpark would say. With a that's what I would say. I would say that from the get-go. Let me ask you this. Mr. giant, you came out and said that there was no way that you guys would go to Russia now, it leaves me. There had to be a sizable amount of money on the table guys to go to Russia. Can we? Fist you finish that Christian, sir. First things first. What does India Jay Coolum cell? On on Acer Graham on on trail. What's the heading to their? Then what did you see? Mike Mike's chief of my if nobody following me. Say you missing Ryan. Master jeans. Schools. It's cool to a war. Lee the enemy one way. One way and do. Shijie? A wise man once said to me. Cake. What comes out of a man's mouth for Gus? Because. It's what's it is mine. That's true. Now we rule into social media. We get to fin. And again, I'm gonna be there. Michelle. I'm charvis. I'm by saying that we get sucked into social media. You leaders that we should believe this tweet. Is that you shouldn't believe everything that you hear don't make. We weren't. We wanna know should this to you the rule ones? Don't discuss figures. So what you would would you consider Mr. Feron real one? Me and Spencer grew up. That's what I'm saying. So we were used to do we used to do that so prouder on the roads, and I keep telling with from the dirt. And when you from the. You're looking up you can see things. Most guys looking down. The people are so far down. Call see what's going on on the floor. But we have a we we don't have that. So we have to start from the worker up to the top. So we work away every single let never sometimes the guys at the. No more than the guys at the top. Because it survive the lands in the Chem we done our way on a time to turn up show up blow. How involved were outside sources and making this night, excluding fray, Warren and Bob Arum and main events. And you. Yeah. That's that's. Today is Brinton day from the stop at a muscle. Anthony. We've taught at me trusted me chest, in my opinion. You know, it's a great thing when you know, somebody believes in one that is not the man out near the one that doesn't, you know, have the big car road. Tv, you know, for for young men to believe in a month. Just said the all new Toyota RAV four asks what if what is your ride was refined rudder the same time. Introducing the new four high two hundred eight combined horsepower and standard all wheel drive. Make it the most powerful four plus with its head turning style. And breakaway speed. It's bound to change the way you think of the all new rat for hybrid, so iota, let's go places horsepower ratings achieve. Is required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of ninety one premium fuel is not use the forms decrease. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now get out there, hit that high note, and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry pitchy. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing coverage match limited by state law truck. I'm not gonna let you off the hook that easy because you. Wants don't disclose may whether his show Tom do. Flows. His dissolved do ages disclosed this is his highest purse yet was when he's maybe in America. So I get all those dues real. And they that the top of the food chain. Okay. Does affirmation maze? How'd you know that is a roof Igam? The sauces ESPN. You know, the people that are writing the articles. I mean, I mean, you can't. This trying to say. Everything you read. And most times nowadays everything you see is not rule. How many times you see a kid? A Amanda young or old man on Instagram standing outside. Did it you don't notice story of suit Peprah, though, you know, it mpc they will make money and they won't make nothing though. Although they were saying they was making money they were making nothing. So I can't be food on this case of being food. I'm just going to take ESPN AJ Floyd anyone. Would for that. 'cause I don't know. I don't know them. I don't know the true the truth. Yes. We can take their words. Yes. We can say they're rumors or no. I don't know. That's why I'm trying to say I'm never gonna get taken down. The puff were at disclose. The figures, I'm not you. And you can't make me do let's say t-, the real ones Hodan. Do we know how much but barons these back? Also that question, but we'll know how much age bang. Do you know how much Oscar de LA Hoya had back? You don't because guess what they will never tell you. How much have city is for us to this show Tota wound that we've got a we've back. We don't know the one the one that really the promoters the the rule manages your much, they go how much can we do the Gordon a bike? Come on. And when you spend doctors way way in this year. Nobody. Listen. Pelota? We all watch. You're spending you spin. 'cause you don't know you're avoiding the question. You don't know how mercy grow because he's here you smoke because they are real. Because they don't go there. Fighter. Listen to me. I'm saying for a minute you. There's a reason why you don't know how much they ain't going about. 'cause they ruled Bank going to disclose to you. I wouldn't down the Trump of telling how much people how much how much money because listen, I'm from the roads. Sometimes you the figures amendment be outside the house. I do that. I do that. Doing that. So that's I say the rule ones telling this. I'm here to boast how much money I've got gifts for Kim. They a window for the legacy 'cause money don't give you legacy. Money. Don't give you legacy missile to. I'm telling you Nesta. I'm Mike money. Don't I'm here missing. A hundreds of thousands of kids on the streets of London looking up to us. Why would I not boasting about how much money I'll go then gave kids? Spinning again, you ain't. You don't say listen. Let me turn their JiJi said we got this Univer heard. Stand on my boy. But that's a different narrative. That's a different narrative. Say right. Like, of course, no one wants you to come on and boast or. Those guys. This showing up on poor people people that don't have that. None of that. Is you take an angle because foot I. Let me let me. Let me explain my art. Victor. A young kids may whether gets fifty million dollars coming out of Michigan. Wanna try boxing, a young kid from London? The streets of London sees Anthony, y'all get four points. Yeah. I wanna follow in those footsteps. That's what it's about is motivation. Natia dish. Hello. Can you hear me? I. This show is now code. Be the box in invoice. Now, let me tell you something the young kids. What you're what you're referring to in the books in clubs. I come back. Any about money that went they can to that books in Jim then thinking about money death thinking about the Spruyt and the love of the sport. This is why our Lee was the greatest you never him a hundred dollars to earn point five point eight hundred snow. I mean, that's why he's the greatest I've you will never hear the giant or a way is money. Happening. 'cause I I'm which I try to go in to go down in history as examples. Money because guesswork. Yes, one man have money. But what about the hundreds of millions of use that don't have money from the roads, we showed him. Yes. Obviously the money is the result of the hard work. What don't look at the money? That's why. And that's why the Pete on the road when I out. My old ends. They say you my other really could you look flushing the money on us. You're showing us dreaming believe it the coming in Jeannette believe coming those dream the Neva Andre million. Jeannie, believe it coming. You. Don't hear mentioned the money is what inspires the kids not money. You know, you're so go of any top a though any any pucks ever made a Markle issue Tyson. They weren't talking about money. You fooling me with that? Trick. Number two about I never disclosed him. 'cause the month them on the roads. That message t you know, why you 'cause you money slashing enough. See? So you've come correct. I keep telling you you dealing with with the new age, you are dealing with the new age, but you know, dealing with the guys we wanna fresh on the pro people where he'll trying to stop the killing the mud is. We can about money what you can about positively. So yes, I understand. There is a Rena for that kind of two. But as I said at the top of the show, the rule ones don't discuss money 'cause you don't know how much is go. You don't know how much Franken go in the Bank. You don't know much delahoya go in the Bank. You don't always us. Shall we know? And that's why the real will company. Late to the mayor's and the resident guys showing initial to Russia to look away. What doing we're going to go back to the ends on the hood and show them and them show might people that boom just wanna say don't think I'm only talk about black. I'm not I'm talking about the human race. Going back to the end the show in that loop. Yes, you're starting in the dirt. But guess what? If you believe in yourself. I then nothing that cost of p and whereabout the issue 'cause you ain't never seen this. Have you certainly seen it since Hamadani next question turned a ten day, actually. Wait, wait. So you compare yards Li listen man, what is wrong this keep telling you guys, what is in China to well, you can never be Mamadali. 'cause science will teach you that. You can't be another person. Wouldn't you say Mohammad-Ali is more of someone to look up specially way the world is today that. Expires whose name a mentioning because everyone's on their journey. I'm trying to be on. Try to be that we can ever be Mohammad-Ali. But this man stood for song. And you never hear Dottie to buy money. No year just on still with ESPN for eight hundred minute Britta, which. What we're bringing it back to the good old days. I let me tell you. They are good old days days when people cannot be built with money. Two thousand seven Indian. World. I said, no, sir. Nasha three wall tat office money on the table. I said, no say. This year. I said. The timing known because guess what a proven we've proven that. You can buy us with money. Re hits create legacy. Amazing. Don't get me wrong. We have. Everyone wants to get their mothers fathers at could and their families live. That's always say your day once camps for people game today too. Never forget your day was remember you will once on the roads. Remember, you will was to inserting you will get up Noche in your house. You leave the milk con on the window sue to get cold to drink Neurath crispy to the restaurant. Visit the morning. This is what we're coming from. I want you to understand, and you ain't gonna trick me pleasantly. But I I was up by my father on an estate of single mothers that took me principles lows and what we need today. Miss them. This is the fight game money is a given. And that is something I teach all my guys do your job properly. -pecially about and then you're gonna get money, and as you can see. Boy, Spencer is billions and billions spent. So that I would do that we together we was on the road doing things to give Spencer. That's how he wants to do is think and I support number of ood away, but you get into their day to about no money. That's my business. That's not business. I hope of spun off your debt at Mr.. Yeah. I kind of hear from the UK as well. We never I think when you said, you don't talk about money, and obviously. And people in London have said, they like you guys because you're real you don't show up on them. You don't make about money. But then when you really know are aware of what goes on in London. There's knife crime has drugs people get into kids from your gauges. They get into drugs and all that stuff. They would look at someone like I'm the yard. And no say he's made it from the kind of thing he disciplined himself he stayed away from getting into trouble. He's always training, and he's making it successful. So they're not going to see the books, invoice. They're gonna see a headline of Anthony yard offered x amount of money. They're going to see that's going to encourage them because they're going to say that's why at the end of the road. If I were caught if I follow in your footsteps, it might be books thing, it might be being an accountant it might be in being extra university. It might be setting. I'm on busy. If I follow your dedication, your your plan. What you the plan that you guys have Anthony yard if I work as hard as you guys do. Successful to me too. So the money thing is always going to be an element because people go off and do bad things in the name of money. So if they can see young guys doing good things, and then at the end of that, they get money. It's the thing where they look at you guys, and they say, well, I can be I can follow in your footsteps. I wanna make I want wanna do what you guys do it. I don't wanna make quick money and land up in jail. I want to go for them young run. And that's why I think the money thing is a thing where young kids will look at that and say, wow, we're got us the wherever it's five million ten million one hundred this is someone that I've seen down my road. I've seen after the trade. I've been to your press corps for years. I've been I'm seeing him get paid. This is a big deal. For the yard. Yes. Okay. Thank you for that. I love you. Now. Let me also it's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the hey, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. This is your daily pep talk. I know it's been rough going ever since people found out about your Capella group mad harmony, but you will bounce back. I mean, you're the guy always helping people find coverage options with the name your price tool. It should be you giving me the pep talk. Now get out there, hit that high note, and take mad harmony all the way to nationals this year. Sorry pitchy. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing coverage match limited by state law. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's employee of the month two months in a row. Leave a message at the hi, Jamie. It's me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for our song about the name your price tool. So when it's like tell us what you want to pay. Hey trombone goes, blah, blah, blah. And you say we'll help you find coverage options that fit your budget. Then we just all do finger snaps while a choir goes, savings coming at ya. Savings coming at ya. Yes. No. Maybe. Anyway, see you practice tonight. I got new lyrics for the rap break. Progressive casualty insurance company and affiliates. Pricing. Coverage match limited by state law. Real threatening from the hood. Come on. He grew up Dinnie groping accounts with state to my asleep checker. Right is Ian rat from the hood. Eating started is writing style from the hood. They're london. Is not crime is highest and these guys have got money. Dade shown us that you can make money. Why is not crime highs ever? I'm waiting. There's many many many knife. This many many reasons as to that also I don't think of stars on say. Good, bro. Listen to me that when Cambridge University. I come from the roads, you told me what I'm telling the teacher. I'm kidding you ways. Now, let me tell you something. The kids the money as if you listen to me from the get-go, I said, the model is a result of the hard work. I don't need to go out and say a fifty minute one hundred minutes driving the hood in a rose race. I just need to show them that Tunde your brother used to equal Komiya rice with has become successful. And show them the positive side. C show them that look go Jim chain heart cannons. Occasion. Don't even by the money coming Cenci showing. For every action. There must be a reaction. I just know MSA into you that really to not have to stay the obvious. How come you don't hear Stephen Jeram to combat money? How come you? Don't Gary Lineker to care about money. How come you don't? If Gus going guessing probably a good example nowadays, how come she live here? Alex, Ferguson, the manager that ever knew behind us some Bengal. You never came about mother. But yet, you know them. The author is this young man is because what Alex Ferguson's documentary. Discipline. When he came go. No, no bruiser. No, subbing. Tube out money yet. So what way about you? Tell me this studied this live. What's rep people? It's not about showing them about the. This is a toll. Much different outlook. What's been happening? Not the money. The money's coming though, you this. Probably somebody's coming about make a big issue. I think his rook Gus what ruinous? Beckett. Ruinous Reema's not showing on the that ain't got nothing releases. Okay. If you care about so much, come to Catholic losses in the end. Couple books in crosses in EMS. You know? Take ten kids from the roads and bring them to the house. Bring them to the motion. Shoulding the nice sub afford them through to eat. You told me you never had no one to lettuce. Never never in the in the history of books. You never nobody ever Philarete. Rub. I'm in the barbershop every week. In the barbershop. You got about twenty don't kings. You got twenty eight mayors in the dunking in the barber shop, and they never know. Minimum pound yet. But everybody's opinion is what I'm trying to say why do we have to continue to earn Monday show up on poor people? Tend to. But we never actually said you needed to show off. This is the thing. Question. You went with that question. It was never about. I know that me going. I know that with me, I look at the people that I've looked up to folks on the burn Jay Z someone world for years. There's other people in the photos for years. Ended up. That the money is coming Vinci who can about at work at the dedication. And they've showed you can do it. Right. So and woulda gone into. That's not really what it was second. Jason do I know him personally know, exactly. Wedding come from wedding lives me ES. I'm from London. I self. You took it about a month on the opposite side when I went to Vegas when not sat out in the mansion will trae a kingdom of doing the same thing. Are you saying that Akon is from the rich side a conic? Akande? Listen to what I'm trying to say I made con. I may. Have you combat just still for fifty mill just? Just tell me when no no, no. You misunderstood me. My co host from London's name is a con. And when he said where he was from you said he and the other side of the road. So does that mean he's from the Nike? Seconds said said LeBrun James, you don't know James you cut me late to LeBron James. The the issue at the moment is London this lives in London. You're talking about money on the. That's where you're wrong is again. That's where you're wrong. I didn't say the issue wasn't in London. Didn't say there's things I'm doing the help. Give my to help encourage the use in London or the ones that I'm around saying to you my whole protein would. T would as you're growing up. You could argue why I'm telling you is this have never heard someone came comes from the same road as you to the way. I'm tool kit. So listen, it's quite obvious. The reason why I'm saying this is over years that yes, the money is a result of the hard work. But guess what not crime is is higher. Several. So don't you think we need to change the method? Awaiting you. Our knife cry. I is is high it most definitely. Needs to be done. But then again spinning out of what we're staying these things. Because this show wasn't about are saying you need to show with money for yard. We're not saying you need to gold Rolls Royces. Either. All we said was this is come out. And we're saying amazing news for yard yard is about to be paid. If you're a books and your little kid switching Anthony, Joshua. Wishing Anthony yard in London. You're gonna think. Okay. Wow. After seeing a news Oscar, I've just of the put cost they yard is about to be paid. You know, what I'm going to work extra hearts more in school? I'm going to work off the street. Which what we would say, you're. Because Neste said to me said Hello. I am here. Let's dissect to me is there any truth. And what I said is the rule ones. Don't discuss men now it's going to another conversation up told you why I'm not discussing money. A now you're trying to make it like, I'm some bad guy. When you're supposed to be supported in to say about you week brothers. You'll week. We also fully. You fire. We've got you on. Let me see you from London, you're making outlet, you're supporting us. But you know, you how. I know how. Because I'm telling you, I don't know you educate some you sound like you're going university or something I wrote. Correct me if I'm wrong have you been university yet it. Exactly. So your perception the new people that you'll mingling with have a certain view, your environment is not the environment on the roads. The processional the rose I'm telling you why note. About how we support you're not because you'll come in listen to. 'cause you don't know what's going on you have gone university. Not that is nothing. One bit your mother in a certain environment. At unique you on the roads your money. That sounds very to kids trying to go. Just saying that just because you go degree. I just say. Listened to me. I never not. You're the cream I want my check that degree when he's ODA. Currently is crystal pilots football club. He's gonna be a he's been a top is ninety years old. I'm owning agreement with education. And that's what we're trying to say. The question was the show. Can you about this figure can you disclose confirm or deny this figure? Thankfully, I am educated. But guess what? My foundations is the road. So I as I said at the top of the show, I'm the that's up to the Trump, and I'm showing people how done it. I never done it. But to the Trump in showing of the people at a bomb. I don't mean to do it because it's a give them. It is a given. If you what caught Chachi so believe in yourself. Positive what card is going to happen. I don't need to show now many cars go or how many houses go I can only seep in one bit at night. I can only wear one periods of goals at time. So so is coming from. Me. Never you in your day unless you come in on the routine because I'm a rule Bredow. You understand? I understand what you're saying. Dumbed down calm down. Going back and forth for little while crossing. Monday about one. No, wait, wait. Wait, wait. Wait. Wait. Jay, jay. A team to. Thank you to. We wanna thank you for your time. Like that. I. Guy. I'm really. Funding. Hold on hold on. Okay. So. We have a we have a con who you've been speaking from London now. Now, a cane has jumped jumped on who goes to your gym in as interviewed you badge at today. I don't know what's being done. I came from the jackal. Sure. We call you back true. Dress is a good addition. This today. Listen, the reason why I'm happy that you earn right is because you've secured a global deal trying to you global Bill for. About money. They're they're there. Job. Do you know how big this would be? Do you know being on say just with? Just sounded though. We give you the you on the rows of London you coward. But is on the roads London to the. Let let me give you let me give you the pups this global deal everyone's talking about on the highest potential, plus he's ever made. I'm in a contract dispute with my employer gives out the minute. And I'm to for a new agent so happy for you represent me up coming negotiations. Big money one. Next the key. That's why we're here. We're not rules. Mongrels but leave it in a team. Perfect things the will here here being coming from the road doing unscrupulous things not convert late to the guys that galloping up say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents, you'll probably mold along and skip. Anybody noticed the lawn till people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again, good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance. Which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount on stage or situations. Bacon. Crumbles? Go to Little Caesars Little Caesars. The big Little Caesars large, HUD, ready, Bing, this pepperoni and bacon. Pizza wrapped in over three and a half feet of bacon for just twelve bucks. At participating locations steps. No, I'm Bishop. I can relate to them before educate in my chart account, a mother of doctor, but I came from the arose environment controlled me and a good here. And I'm here to boast about money. I'm here to tell the people that you can think big on your environment. You can get out gal global with Addidas get do a supposedly would maximum of probably the biggest protein Nutricia supplies in in England. Most certainly you can get with silent an eight to combat no money yet. Nesta Jack the truth so Onis brothers. He went university. Come from London coming on air, man. A appar of kunas and stemmed up. Your bravo. Don't make it like it's is money money money thing. Yes. From the road. Just let me the biggest chain guys on the road note that turn their don't wait you. St. Britain's Mike Dunn interview with Mike he saw me wearing the chain. He by voting around the ends on TV with no big chain. I don't need to do that. Because I'm Cheri change. Something we are trying to chase something what trying to show the guys that muffing, Brooke. And you guys broke in you guys lack is allowed life is competition or though you're not really competing you. You're out to be the best you can be. And I'm just trying to say that I'm Chevy, and guess what? People can go around and do as they've done Kumi Kumi some crazy guy who may not the name bed that may not caught me Belen cooling older that because guess what lack is up down left rank would bad pleasant negative. There's is opposite side and not focus on the positive side. And for me disclosing how much money getting showing the world that show enough because as I say, I never you don't know much blue his bike. You don't know how much more. I'm buckets Gwen about. So why do we have to keep our show enough that eight no example, that ain't gonna tell you something if money was the trick? Then explain to me how my crime gun crimes it continues to rise. You've been to university Akron. Tell me your own. About ten to the end of the day. I I respect you as a trainer manager don't for your boy. But ended I think if you go over what you've actually said in this conversation. You realize you realize? Dictating opinion. Anyway. So I'm I'm I'm going to go back and forth with you because it seems like. Traina because again, you're trying to destroy I respect you as a trainer and manager on a stand. Joe managing to respect you. Traded from the rose again. Not to do color from the roads the first Edlow. Do. The to in Peckham, not the press to instruct with Hatton house than spilt Newton. You you. Respect for that. We ought to respect for that. I don't know. I don't mean to say make him rubber to say today going. It's just a miscommunication the bottom line. And I'm sure again, Akeem don't stay communication you. Learn what junkie about. What? Miscommunication. You have true. Let me turn. Let me let me tell you where the network on the truth. Time for you guys yellow sun tell you guys I'm keeping you Montana. Elegy I'm to the tree, and I'm trying to show you that regardless. If you think there is a big mouth disarmed up. How come I sit down with the global guys will not Jesus chambers because they know what they know that just being the Bessie come be bringing. No, I'm not going. What would I lie going into a trillion dollar company to combat one hundred million? I've just one hundred minute that eighty million dollar with ESPN, then the commander his food. Don't you know, we print money? So I'm trying to the different. So yes, I'm not I'm being. There was a woman who run this country before she was I am lady. Margaret fracture. This is the treatment to give the people off most people from England factual is running kinks. Things you case. But it was a no nonsense kind of silent. I'm the master genius unload onto no Blake on into my gym. You can't kick them our Jim and chat about. Yeah. I just wanna come in the team pre this. So. Borough the chaining train art throw away and use them for six months and ER. Pay pay our parents for money to pay Jim fees. Anthony argue this is the message on game through what were you wanna come against me own people wanna come against me from the streets and not enough, but guess for the same amount of people coming against the same people that love it. That's balance that's life. So my friend. You ain't never gonna win. No argument gives me when he took it about ironies, don't call me as no China. If say, the top level say to me, I kinda understand where they're coming from what you guys are certain level supposed to know that this guy must be more than a training 'cause you to about me. And antoon. Komo yours. Just we we definitely know that you're much more than training. We want to appreciate your time and your energy your spirit conversation. If you have any social media that you wanna give it out, please go ahead and give it up now. And like, I told you. Nice. Nice progression. And a nice guy to have yards career. Nisa? I wanna do this guys come from the inner seas. I want to show them, but I- slasher no money on them in fresh Julian. I'm just giving that kind of message. I won't I woke aid listen up being in the barber shop for for years. And it's the same and nothing. Eight changed anything. He's got worse. So I'm just trying to show the innocent. I don't even need to give out my social Migo, if you want it, you look for me, you say you had a man on the phone today that don't sound average. He sounds that one at you guys. Who are interested in you? You love the school books, but this money money money money being cut in you. It was a situation where our was on every week telling you how much he earned about a for my show. At how much us and pay per view figures. And if if Eddie Hon who is a big mouth Eddie hun. Jan lack the flesh of. But guess what the ruins relate to Eddie Hon because Dame put it up rose race day. Everything given to him. And I'm not trying to say that he's done never done the right thing doing the. Yes, that's why I'm gonna I'm gonna get my son everything, but I'm just saying on this journey to where we got dust. We did it without to care about money. So I wanna know who the second thought kicking about how much I made here. How much made it don't make no sense because guess what? My. Fundamental. Is to knock out SOGA covenant, and that's going to happen and money that's going to do is. So check a poor at Hanna pull up a stack to the button. Could arrive to the footnote by Mike Tyson. Uppercut? Please. Young man from London. Would you university degree make sure when you took into tune their j you different and accolades 'cause I've done stand that no one's ever done as manager Anna trae, no, you ain't never seen. No, one took a twelve five Nobis to orga scoop and a Christopher cause for those who have been fully my journey. You remember junior? Sarah who also had twelve amateur fats can convey goose fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen in nineteen birthday flayed said we're gonna sign he was due to make his professional debut on my Donna Floyd called to two days before the fat further medical good knows this. But guess what? Three years later back here again to show you brothers. No one pony of again. And I'm gonna keep doing it. It's flavorful, ULA king. I'm kingmaker. There's a big difference. Absolutely. Thank free time, brother. Preset your breath. Camp. There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Under the tree. There you have it later. Trainor tune day ajar, Jack and get some go ahead. No, I'm I'm saying, we'll talk about on on FaceTime. Absolutely. Thumbs up button health with ability show, if you wanna go one step on the head with the patriots last the bucks dot com and go ahead and sign up and yet, thanks for your time. People peace up. Let's say you just bought a house bad news is you're one step closer to becoming your parents. You'll proudly along and see if anybody noticed you mow the lawn. Tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complain about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to bundle home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance. Which of course, we'll go right into the lawn. Progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers discount not available in all states or situations. Terry, this isn't working is it because I still be living with me mutter. Is it because we mates be Scully wives? No, I like your friends is it. It's the pirate talk Terry Yar. Everyone's caught up in the obey official McDonald's. It's the taste locals crave. Craven our classic sandwich. Get two for five dollars either. Original or that old bay love. Yoho. Price and participation may vary. Cannot be combined with combo meal. Limited time only single regular price.

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