I Just Died In Your Arms ToZeit 12/20: Dwayne Wade, Steph Curry, A$AP Rocky, Eddie Murphy


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Your sweater looks like you're wearing like I'm wearing a sweater sweater around my neck because I want to be able to pull it up if I have to talk to people in close quarters You are kind of too close to me already in a you look like you're nineteen year old Brian. Silverlake try and kill me. I swear to dramatic all right. We're GONNA go through a bunch of things trending right now I just died in your arms tonight. Oh did not get that. I just died in your arms to fight. You didn't hear me saying that I heard it but I don't know if that was your Aka or thousand ak today. It's Christmas PSOMAS Day so I'm checked out and I can't believe become in. This is Christmas Day. No No. It's a joke all right guys. Let's talk about Jack Jack Susic. He doesn't know where I'm fine dwayne Wade shoutout to this dude. I've I love a a standard Dwayne Wade But he is proudly opening up about watching his son become into who she now is is how he put it in a people the magazine article. I guess he did an interview for podcast. He did an interview for a podcast. Like I said but he I don't I don't know is very being very supportive of his son There there was a photograph of the family at Thanksgiving where the sun had like. Annalong acrylics on and people were like. Why is he wearing a halter top and Dwayne Wade was like fuck off and now he's kind of being a little bit more open about it and you know that's too you want to be as a father I would? I would say also his eldest sons I air posted. This is something on instagram. After that and it was like we didn't ask for Y'all opinion. Br Yeah that's nice. Yeah I like a good Supportive father other. I do too makes me feel good Steph Curry speaking of support. A father's his Dad Dell Curry one of the great three point suitors in NBA history. DIJANA that yes he comes from a lineage. Yes also one of the great improvisers Dell Curry close. Yeah Yeah No. You improvised a great joke there. you clearly. A student of the game. So steph curry a His photo there is a photo that leaked. I haven't seen it yet yet. I emphasize it's going to look at No I don't really care like I never looked at the opening photos because that feels like weird and exploitative but on this one I'd be Keta look at it because it's just steph. Curry started to look at it. And then you're like you're like wait what am I to. That's it's true that's also true. I probably won't go out of my way to look at it. I am just curious. What the what? The big deal is Like Y Y why it is number one trending story the Steph curry photo leak. What we know you? uh-huh caps. USA Today is about it. I don't get. What is the photo I think it's a nude photograph of him? Look it up hold on Happy so yeah I don't know we'll we'll be tracking the story. I guess I don't know what Lake it's people are saying. It's not him. Oh well there you go This just one day after the asset rock'n sex tape. ooh Do you see what his comment on it. Getting defensive right he was like no I can fuck. That's basically like the video is love somebody else because better tweeted something. It was weird looking at. I mean the one thing that people are like he has weird Body Tattoos isn't so you know it's him but he's also a fashion icon that people might imitate when it comes to his body tattoos. My Penis and I woke up to the alarming disturbance of a video Jio clip today as his defense attorney. Were prepared tonight. Any slow strokes or lack of killing the pussy. A long list of satisfied women can attest to but the real punch light is seeing people who never fucked him rate him all right. All Right Eddie. Murphy is trending Because because he will be hosting. SNL This weekend That's GonNa be fun. Yeah as it's been a little weird this season isn't snl had like had that fortieth anniversary show where he came back and like refused to tell jokes. I'm curious what what does is going to be like but people are pointing out. You Know Eddie Murphy saved Saturday night live back in the eighties. I mean Saturday night. Live wouldn't exist without Eddie Murphy. Still like because they like they had the original cast west than the original cast went away. They had like this weird all-star lineup learn michaels left and they like put together like billy crystal and all these different people And that that didn't quite work out and so they were kind of trying to figure out what they're gonNa do with it and then Eddie Murphy came through and was like the. MVP is like the Michael Jordan canal to eighteen or nineteen and just the funniest human being on the planet. So hopefully hopefully it works out. Hopefully it's funny I can't imagine that would be a difficult reading assignment to be like all right. This famously reclusive comedy genius. This is here for the week. How are we going to pitch sketches and also he has all these famous sketches from before? Like how how do you do that. It'll be tough and Redo every single one seen by shop by shop for sure. I just wonder if like the theme of the season. which kind of seems like? They've been censored a bit. We'll continue murphy they're censor it. Feels like it's been like it. Feels like they've taken it down a notch specifically like we update. It feels like they can't say what they really thinking game. You think it's because Colin Jost is the love of Scarlett Johansson's life and Oh yeah let's blame scarlet graceland. Joe Yeah you know she she probably who's to say but anyways Up Next Airbud is trending hell. Oh yeah well what's going on They apparently What had happened was is that Airbud is real? Air Boat is a police dog. I usually don't stand. Police called Airbud Jesse. Now okay. Canine do then. I'm out. Yeah never meant Moving living on. It's a police dog. I actually can't find the video because even though there's a link in the even though there's a lincoln the doc it's not coming up uh one tough What happens in the desert like Ariel jump into a car and tackle somebody? That's very cool dogs all right. I don't like that at all dogs. don't care for that's like like like I would say again. The world's greatest dogs on Disney plus. It's a police shooting and then a police dogging I guess. A police dog is better than Josh shooting. But that the dog definitely is athletic as yeah violent they shouldn't put this image this video out. Yeah they have no standards also. The dog like breaks through glass. Isn't that dangerous for the dog like we'll get caught up. There's a whole that they shot in the window and then the dog jumps Sir guy was going anywhere necessary. They looked like walking police. Yeah Yeah Yeah. He had his arms up and they're like get them boy and then the dog just J. through the window and like attacked him which seems unnecessary would agree with that Oh my God and it probably got cut by glass in the process. You know what this is. I don't like this. I do not like this at all. ACE attack no no. He doesn't do anything attacks. The Mike Lynch John us to Gupo where we at Doug how much Shit all right. Let's do this and be done with it. I actually let's talk about the morning show apparently has a good ending. It does that's what that's what we're hearing. That's what we're reading. I've been trying to watch it it reverse J.J. Aj Abrams it. It has a slow beginning good ending. Everyone's related to Obi Wan. Yeah did you watch. How many of the episodes of you watch him? I've I watch like three and a half. I watched like five minute intervals before I get distracted. Where does that a spoiler for Star Wars? No because they I literally do you think me of all people would have a star horse spoiler. No no idea. I'm not even fully sure. What a star war is okay? So you don't have to don't worry about me he he. Then that's why would you say that allowed. You have to lay a hair baby yoga. Yeah it's an infection anyways it's supposedly has good ending I do want like J.J. Abrams might being capable of of love. No because like so lost had one of the best the first couple of seasons and then like a terrible ending and then Damon Lindelof was his partner on lost. It's clearly not his issue because he and did What's it called leftovers and watchman extremely well so it might we might have a JJ problem bad robot Morlin bad ending her Geoffrey? Woo Ara Guys Hey. This has been The last trending things AAC ICED of twenty nine teen It was fun it was a pleasure having you guys. Thanks for. Thanks for joining us as Sophie. Where can people find you? Follow you enjoy you Instagram Oak. Okay what's your handle sophie. The undertaker ray underscore of underscores sunshine. But also listen to a podcast produce those Uh at worst year at vassar loved. It could happen here. I don't know it was weird appeared. I don't like plugging myself Okay well you did a fine job of it anyways. Listen to anything Anna's Yeah Plug Anna instead of playing anything from you know. Where can people find you? I'm at Anaheim Snia on twitter. Great follow on twitter. She's one of the greats. It's Yup I'm going home for the holidays so you're going to hear all about the weird somewhat racist things. My Dad accidentally says it has corrected on and then doesn't understand ever type fifteen to twenty minutes. Why was racist until I explain it for him and then he goes? Oh Okay I won't say that anymore. And then another fifteen for him to say it again because he's forgotten what I told. ooh This is going to go on for forty five minutes buckling. That's my life so get ready for some tweets about my dad's weird comments. You can follow me on twitter Jack. Underscore O'Brien That's going to do it for today. Come check us out on tour And he has in the New Year I regret have a great holiday holiday. Everyone we love you. Yeah I if I'm still sick the next time you hear from me then well actually. I will first Monday the one. I'll be better times after that. All right bye I by miles future of phone service is here and it's called visible For Forty Bucks a month all in you get unlimited data. You get message. You get minutes on Verizon Four G. Lt Network unlimited usage guys if you're ready to learn more switch divisible then head to visible dot com slash. Td's to get twenty dollars off your first month service when you sign up. Yeah that's good of a deal for an exclusive special offer just for daily Zeitgeist listeners. Who Miles doesn't think deserve nice things? I didn't say that I think you guys do and just go to visible dot com slash T._D.'s e.

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