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What's up guys? We'll talk to views the podcast where it's time to get his bread. Yeah. Right. On his bread this podcast guys ads. We got this week. We only have one ad. I think I don't know. What happened? I know you probably not gonna even enjoy the podcast anymore because there's no ads. Yeah. Maybe don't do it. Maybe don't even listen this one. I'm it's gonna suck. We're gonna we're gonna half ass this one because we're not getting paid as much. We're gonna actually have to come up with some content. David. And I will re directly from the New York Times. President Trump didn't think this would be his final stand music. What's up guys? It's abuse podcast. I'm here. I'm David Dobric. I'm twenty two years old. And I'm accompanied by one of my greatest friends, Jason Nash, he's very old and he's forty five years old, and he has ex prostitute of a girlfriend and. Sorry. What are their names go? Why hadn't barley shit? Charlie. Got one of also sitting right next to me. This isn't like a guest on the podcast, but I'm trying to spice it up today because my boy jazz pack just had a kid fucking brand new dad new dad alert, Josh peck. What's up listeners? What's up? Oh my God. This is so nice actually be talking to people who are listening my podcast assist for me. Private. Yeah. It's a private. How are you did? Wow. Guys. When when when people see Josh they describe him they say daddy s fuck now. Now, you are truly daddy as fuck you have become the daddy. I'm I'm a father. Jason, you know about it. Right. Boehner right when I walk in. And it looked at you guys taking care of something else. Besides himself one of us one of us. Now Jason, you know, we're we're fucked up. You're not take care of you. That's true. That's true. Kind of all of us. Okay. So so when congrats on the baby, thank you. So theory mean Jean Oakland just died in your baby was born coincidence. I think not or who's gene Oakland. He was this great wrestling announcer for the WWE at eight talk like this. I think your baby has a little mean. Jean Oakland reincarnation in him on the podcast. I know end Bob, Einstein all my old people on the podcast. Kidding dead ever. By Thomas Jefferson. Yeah. Harry troop me. Okay. So you're baby. Yeah. Max, Milo Dobric pack Dilbert pack out of the Dobrica in there. Then the we gave him the middle name of his godfather. How is it? It's it's awesome. It's everything people say, I can't believe it. I can't believe I'm that guy unit. Pull them out yourself. No, no, you cut off here. I'm new to this. Because they hire someone hope you, right? You'll post me towns, grab it right? Did you give seeking someone to pull it out? Okay. So you did cut off the umbilical cord, I cut the umbilical cord, and how is how is the house that? I can't imagine cutting something part of human with scissors. It's a strong court is it. Yes, it's incredibly, Sean. You don't hurt the baby by cutting down. I'm asking the most basic shop Josh headlines to ten do it in a fruit ninja video. A big sword. Yeah. You cut it. And it's amazing. How like when you're cutting through like power cord for like an intend to sixty four. But it's amazing. It's like their lifeforce its connection to their mom. And so when you look at that thing that is reinforced is it still connected to your wife at the time. You're cutting it. No, they cut it. I separate the baby. So they cut it on their end. So now the baby's loose. Now, the baby just has an extra like Leon it, basically, they they're kind of just doing it for you. Okay. And that's that's that's an American tradition is it's not we're what I I still have my house the court q. Source of his greatness. No, I think I think I don't think dads do it in other countries. So so I have no idea about anything. Well in other countries facts here. No. I mean, Russia they've never done. Wow. In a Stony a- poll say it's in Europe and other countries. They don't do circumcision. Yes. And so for me having a boy and being a Jew, of course, circumspection it was like a given, of course. But it's so funny because the next mornings do that yourself. I didn't I handled it with the OT win my incisors. But what's funny is? So the baby was born Saturday night. And then Sunday morning. They're like, okay, we're gonna take him to get circumcise. And it's amazing because in that moment own the only in my head was his fucking Barrick. Beric? This is crazy. It's complete mutilation. Did you have the Moyle come and do it? Now, the doctor I didn't go that hard body religious Jewish thing the moral. Why it was done? We had a Moyle come to the house. Yeah. Eight days after. Yeah. 'cause smelly like rabbi showed up and all the coal cuts and then cut his dick off. Yeah. Well, I mean, look, I figure jus just like ceremonies because it's an excuse to eat, sir. So we I'm sure there was a beautiful spread bagels cream cheese and foreskin. How how is what does it? What does this feel like, I know? I I'm putting this in my block tomorrow. We talk about it. But how does the whole how does it feel like being a dad like what is this? What how is this love different than other type of it's heaven. Yeah. Tevin you said earlier. What was really interesting? You said it's like it's not like learn love. It's like almost like instinct show like what did you? What did you say? Yeah. It's like it's like something. That's always been inside of you. And then someone just turned it on. Yeah. As opposed to like. Having a like fall in love with someone. And and then you get that huge rush of it. And then that goes away, then you have to reconcile why you love them. I see I feel like I didn't feel that at all. I think there's something wrong with me. Well, to me like, you know, few months, you said your baby was gross when it came out. I mean, I'll babies r gross when they come out. I mean, they're covered in blood and piss or whatever. But yeah, I didn't feel that right away. I interesting, and that's common. You hear that from a lot of debt take. So they don't feel it. Right. But I do relate with what you said about it being like, yeah. It's just like how you love your mom the same way the second. I would I would see my kid. I would hundred percent fucking faint a hundred percent faint. Yeah. I have no idea what I would do with those types of emotions I've pretty emotional when it comes to like weird stuff like that. And no idea what I would see like the person that's going to be a part of my life for the rest of my life. You fucking freaked me out you cried when Jason gave Tricia Hamilton tickets. Your emotional little Cup. But no, yeah. I'm definitely excited for when I have a kid of my own hopefully soon, but I talked about this before because it's funny as a man, right? You grow up, and when you're young, and you're kind of like sleeping around and meeting people everyone in your life, who cares about you sort of makes it very clear like do not get someone pregnant because it'll ruin your life. Right. Like, you get the wrong person pregnant, you're not really in love with and it's bad. And then you find the right person you marry them. And then everyone's like, get her pregnant pregnant how the kid and like I feel truly fulfilled. My duties now is a human on this is what's so crazy. Yeah. I was I was telling Josh like I feel like if I was to have a kid it would almost feel like a weight off my shoulders rather than other task it almost feel like it almost feel like fuck. I don't. At least maybe for the moment. 'cause I don't I don't know how it'd be realized. But I'd be like, oh, I don't have to work like this vlag, or whatever my work is currently like that's not as important as this human is like, that's what would feel really cool to me. Like finally like feeling something for someone that like other than myself. Do you know what I mean? That'd be really interesting. Did you connect any of it like with your dad or anything like that? Did you have any mixed feelings only? I thought it was weirdly kids make that it was a boy. And right like writing the wrongs of my. Yes. Yes. So you you wanted a girl I wanted to. Yeah. I wanted a girl to with me. Yeah. Yeah. He threw fucking fit. When I was born. Yeah. Why does my baby girl have penis? Clinch on my baby girl. We're gonna do that for the block. No, no, he didn't throw fit. But how how did you feel like you're still I always think about this? Baby gender reveal videos. I always I always the match because I think it's always so funny because whether it's a blur girl you have to be excited. Right. So like when you first saw that it was a boy where you like damn it. But yeah. I think my reticence with having to boy to is like I'm not the one that teach them how to play catch really like, no, I'll do it. But like, I'm just not super boyish where why cannot throw a football or basketball. It doesn't matter. But he can play the sacks. But yes, so there's certain things I just don't have that like natural boy manly thing. But it's it's yeah. It's joy in. What was cool was that? We didn't know, you know, till the moment what it was going to be. And so I'm there with my wife behind the curtain coaching her on. And then the doctor pulls the baby out and says, okay, Josh stand up, and I stand up, and she's like what is it? And I look and I see this Bill cord, which I think is the dick for a second. I'm stoked then I'm like damn it. It's not clear that and I just see it, and I'm like two boy and everyone in the operating room was like Harare. Now. Let's get back to this is like when we were in Vegas and it landed on red same thing. Same thing. We totally know childbirth is like not the same thing. I'm not even maybe I don't know is your is your kid going to be an actor. Oh god. I hope not really what are you in a perfect world. If you can like assign him a job right now. I know it's fucking crazy. But. What would you want him to do? That's what field of work. I don't know. I mean entertainer or a regular civilian who works at trader. Joe's and gets moved up, or is a businessman accountant trader Joe's, I heard they have great benefits. Yes. They're sick. Hawaiian shirts. Yes. I mean, I guess most parents want their key to be book. I've realized we want our kids to be be professions that have a high barrier. Eventually, right. So like, no one dabbles in piloting or being a doctor like no one's a in weekend. Lawyer like because it takes so much work. And thus you can be that and then make money. So that's why you wanted to be a doctor lawyer because you know, that if they've put in that ten years, no matter what they're gonna find a job and probably make over one hundred grand a year. So Dr YouTubers what I'm hearing from you. Yes. Absolutely. Very I feel like Kellyanne Ryan asking this question. But are there any other third little? Fucking six. Can we see the little brother sister, perhaps? How much fun once? I expect anything. Tell us about how you made the baby. I was thinking about that too. Right. Because like there's no requirement for having having a baby and yet like or becoming apparent and yet making them is so fun. So so dangerous. Right. There's you spend all your life practicing. You gotta make sure that the moment is right like practicing fun. But you remember the second impregnated your wife. Wasn't like oh that was the one. Does it feel different? No the thought was tied. Because that is probably how it ended, but you made a new life, but I broke through. Yeah. Yeah. You you may love to your wife, and then went to get a chocolate bar from the fridge little did, you know that you created another life not h hawk bar to. That's that's incredible. I'm really fucking him. Wrapping it up on the Ellen show. I'm really happy for you. Josh. Traffic. No, that's that's fucking guys. Look under your seats. Right now. You're going to get a copy of Josh PEX new book. What do you want to be on those shows like would you die to be on Jimmy Fallon or well? Well, I wanna I wanna try. Yeah. Yeah. I know I d- how it'd be that situation. You'd be great. I don't know. I don't know that at all. Yeah. That's like a different type like nervousness that I have not experienced yet. Now, you David thing like the questions, which is what like you just like in the middle of things. Yeah. Like, I don't know. I feel it'd be easier to be on the other end of it. And interview people I really like interviewing people who's the first person you'd have on the pot. If you could have anyone. It'd be LIZA like a full on blown get like full-blown guest. Yeah. It'd be lies because I told that should be the first guest. We haven't done like a full on guest yet that saves for the entire podcast and we've gotten close, but I make sure that they leave before the podcast is over. So it doesn't count as a guest. Well, thanks for having me. Only three more minutes. Wait, what what what else is new in your life? Yeah. I mean fuck. He's got an interesting projects coming up. What about you? Jay, what's new in your life? Fucking hate myself. Do you are you? Yeah. Out over that yet a my life fucking shambles. Tell me that's what I'm saying. How he's doing. So. Well, so well. Everyone pays I logged that he talks about paying taxes. Like, he's the only person plan that doesn't everyone pays their taxes. Everyone gets taken out. I saw I saw Jack lag opening YouTube channel the other day. And I lost it. I said today was well, that's it. It's over. It's over for guys. Like me, there's the let me talk about that. Jack black started channel, and it was a vertical video that he shot on his iphone. And it was like, I actually I don't know. I could be wrong. But it was it was like a low quality video whereas Jack black a making a YouTube channel. It's a minute long. He got a million subscribers in a day. And then the next his next upload was him. It was literally vertical video shot on his iphone saying thank you guys for millions of it was thirty seconds long. And when he posted that video he was already a two million subscribers, but it was like this. Thank you guys for two million. Dick did there here. Kidding same. You know, the truth. Josh you're threatened by him to. That's nothing. Does he have a kid? Actually, it's three. To write tests. But as, you know, rightly let's talk about that, no matter what it's kind of like a stand up comedian comes off a massive show. But hasn't done stand up in a while, they'll give you the first five minutes. But if you're not funny after that one hundred percent in Jack neck, it's funny. Always larry. Really funny, but like Will Smith, you know, not on the trending page every day. You have it. How? Yeah. How will jackpot hole up on YouTube? What do you think? I've no idea. I I don't know enough about Jack black, but I'm sure he'll I'm sure kill it. My my point was like, okay. So yes, like keep up with the videos every day, right? Or or he doesn't whatever I was saying no like Judd appetite will like produces videos. That's what I think's going to happen. Maybe also you can have Martin Scorsese producing you two videos. But like what does that mean? You know, what I mean like you can have Daniel Day-Lewis at all of your YouTube videos. But that doesn't mean that it's a good video like YouTube is in is in like, it's not making its on making a movie like it's people wanna see like lower quality stuff with like it's like a weird mix like they don't wanna see a movie on YouTube. They wanna see the perfect balance of like shit, and like enough like it's like, it's like a weird like you can't you can't put a fucking movie on you. Don't give a fuck. They wanna see your personal life. But they also want to see it like on crack, I think which is I think it's a very tough place to find low fidelity, high-concept, whatever that means sure that was said to me in a meeting once. I watched the movie Bumblebee the other day, the what? Those movies are made for people like you. Fuck you, you, you know, I love Steinfeld and one of the one of one of the the quotes or whatever like the, quote, it was I don't know if they made the caught up or whatever. But I thought it was really cute. It was the darkest nights produce the brightest stars. Yeah. I love and you show uncouth you are. Michael a rich man at interesting story at the. But he like owns the franchise. I understand thing. Having me at the grocery store yesterday. I love going to the fruit guy. I always ask the fruit guy. What what's good, you know? And then I house like walking in there. And I walked up to the fruit guide, I go. Hey, how's the water melon like that? And he was African American. Oh, we had a moment. Yeah. That sounds tough. That's tough. Racist. Just went like he just went like he didn't even goes being racist. He's just like. He took a second. He's like it's not not very good right now. He's like it's winter as. Okay. I see some rate. There was a long pause. When you said that because I was trying to decipher what you're exactly saying. That's why it was awkward, but no, I totally see what you're saying. So it was like the watermelon. Okay. Okay. I see I get it. So it seemed like you're being racist. But you're generally just asking on the one amounts that was racist. What was racist was after he answered when you said, okay, cool. Find me Coltrane. With that culture is it African American jazz musicians. Waning him fucking world bulb. Creates like. Who are you gonna use big words? Fact man, fucking Dicks. I gotta I gotta make sure to keep a budget younger people on the podcast with me. All you. Why? How we have. Oh, yeah. Well, yeah, we have been wanting talking about how many times do you poop once once you. So you poop every day. Yeah. Yeah. Tricia, saying Trish shows as Jason's girlfriend. She poops often I want to say like maybe once a week or once a couple of weeks. Dima poops once every two weeks Dima looks malnourished. Anyway. Yes. But is it? This is your body. Just do that poop every day. It's just from bad. It's bad diet. Living, but Tricia eats eats. Yeah. He's horribly. She's a Mook bang everyday. She's chicken tenders every day. Right. She would think that you would have to or maybe just lying. She's a girl. So she just like, I don't at all. But maybe she fucking. She maybe I bet you Tricia takes nasty shits. She has to there's no way. There's no way you can eat them any tenders. Yeah. I'm gonna I'm gonna put a secret camera toilet, and I'm gonna send it to livestream footage. No. But Josh thinks joining us. I think that's my cue. Tricia, she knows. He has plug your podcasts. Oh, curious podcast. It's my podcast with Josh peck. That's me. The it's amazing guests on there. It's one of my favorite podcast. I have yet to listen to. And. Yeah. Palsson comparison to this. But welcome to my life. Girl was guys. Thank you for having me by you've got real tax questions. So turbo tax live has real tax professionals who can answer them for you. They've CPA's in EA's who are on demand ready to give you advice answer questions as you go their tax pros get to know you. So they could offer per slice of judges and find all the deductions you deserve. Whether you're stuck on a specific question or need guidance working to your return? They're tax experts can give you the confidence. Censure? Your return is done. Right. They got hire someone that can read. Turbo. Tax live with CPA's NEA's on demand. Cd tales at turbo tax dot com. It you know, what sucks is like if there's like younger because into this probably are they don't understand what taxes are explained to them. Yeah. I mean it just fucking inches. Just awful. It's basically like, okay. It's it's like this. It's like since we're on newborn babies. It's like you have a newborn baby. You just got it this year, you're sleeping. It's a beautiful calm night. Someone breaks the window of your house sneaks in and chops off your babies leg. And it takes it away and goes sorry. We need this. That's fucking tax. It's horrible. And there's nothing you can do about it because it's the fucking law and the best way to describe taxes. If you had a lemonade stand and you worked really hard, and you built the store chopped it together. And then you're stupid brother took all of the money. Yeah. For no fucking reason. But I mean, I I guess it makes sense. Because I mean, the reason people pay taxes our roads can be paved even though there's so many potholes on my street. So so the roads can be paved and things can function. Right. I dunno. I tell port now. But fucks, you don't even need to pay taxes, really know. But I thanks turbotax. If you don't know how to tell. For us. Turbo tax. It's pretty pretty simple to do. I wanna talk about this on the topic of pregnancy. You're pregnant yourself, aren't you? No, not that. But f- gained a little inter wait that's out of necessity. But yesterday what I wanted to ask. But what I wanted to ask is like water breaking how does that work because your water breaks? When you when you're when you're when you become pregnant, right or like, sorry when when the baby's due a women's water breaks. What does that mean is that like a little bit of a drop of water literally? Yes. I I don't think it happened to my ex wife, but I guess water Ken fall from your vagina. And that's what it is. Yeah. Like peeing or is it like is it the water that's holding the baby inside it's like chamber. Yeah. It's just like the baby's coming out. So whatever liquid is in the chamber is coming out to chat, your water, breaking is chamber, the proper term. I don't think. So look it up later. So I just make that up it's chamber school one hundred percent good. Dave. Thank you. I like chamber, and then also what I wanted to ask because I was trying to Josh about this baby stuff. For awhile is baby. Switching thing would used to be thing. Like in hospitals. So many questions about baby. Sometimes that's has happened. They give people the wrong, baby. And then my Uber. The other day. There was two Korean guys named Kim. And I got the wrong one, and I went to mirror Dory. Instead from the airport, actually. Two guys named Kim. No, ding, the guys it was ding two guys named ding. And it was a Toyota Sienna, and my mom, and Charlie and white and we got in fucking and I walked in. And he goes he goes. Jason. He goes. Yeah. Yeah. Jason. But then it turns out it was John. Oh, my fuck. Yeah. The wrong direction took marina Delray. But then you found out halfway there had to pay him cash. Take me, take me home. Really? Yeah. Was your other Uber funds? Like, did you check your app, and your they went all the way they want to your house and on my right? I tried calling them and the guy was like fucking pay for this shit. And then you got home. And then you realize John was at your house having dinner because he dropped off there. I thought that I thought home and John was having sex attrition. Hooper off your accident. Man. You saw how was left to the whole thing. Really? Yeah. Tricia went she likes Tricia memorial. I tried making this joke yesterday, but it were able to work here after Akron. She must have been aqua woman. You see it doesn't work anywhere. I guess she must have been woman. Yeah. You know what? I mean. Like Jason momoa got wet it that does work does. Because I said yesterday, I didn't get to full car of people, and I was driving. So I really couldn't see everyone's reactions, but it was fucking silent, man. So I imagine that no one was two ecstatic about it. You're gonna see a bunch of tweets ago doesn't work day. I wasn't chief. I saw it advocates pulse pounding action. But I read it wrong. I thought it just said ending act hunting, which is pretty pretty on par. Perfect for Tricia, exactly what you wanted to go. See how how's your New Year's? Oh, great. We went to see a Queen cover band with white and Charlie. Oh, yeah. It was rice. You know? We're still miss. She. I he called me two weeks before. And she's like fucking Jason wants to see a Queen cover band with his kids and me for fucking New Year's can at least convince them to go somewhere else. I hate that. She goes to you like, the godfather, I called you. And I'm like Jason come with us to this ranch. And you just decide you wanna come. Yeah. I didn't wanna I don't wanna leave them. I left last year for new years. I'm not gonna a lot of New Year's with them their moms in fucking Portugal three weeks. Wow. And I have a nanny. And I just wanna leave him. We were we were our new. We went to a ranch looking really nice ranch. Buddies family that owns like, a huge company, and it's a it's a seven hundred square foot ranch seven seven hundred acres. Sorry. Sorry. You told me before you left you listen. I know I know I know and we looked it up. I know this is this is this is some other information someone else gave us, and we looked it up in the car, and we're like that's the size of California. That's actually I actually bought myself because I accepted it exactly. I was sold when we were driving up to the ranch. Someone goes to huge ranch. It's seven hundred thousand acres, and then I go what only fuck that's. Shoe try to go. Jason you come check out this ranch. It's seven hundred thousand acres Jason goes. No, I go. Yeah. He goes. Wow. Okay. On our way up we were like Google or like Ilya was like are you L E works plumbing? So he knows how much distances, and I'm like seven hundred thousand acres, and he goes, are you fucking crack his he'd own a fucking country. So then we will. I think it was like a thousand miles or something it was seven hundred acres seven hundred acres, which is still still Riddick. Dick, you like ridiculous hundred football fields. Yes, it's insane. And it was great. It was at a very beautiful house there, and I felt really bad because. The clock hit midnight or whatever and we did confetti cannons. And we just bloom all over the house, and I went to the security at the house the second they were blown and they're like guys you need to find brooms right now. And you need to clean up all of this. All this a lot of experience because I'm like, 'i confetti cannons at my house, and it stained the fucking floor, and I had three thousand dollars which is like nothing to them. Three thousand dollar however, much pay to get cleaned up. And they're like, oh my God picture much for telling us, and then they like a little bit. And they weren't they weren't cleaning it up all the way and I could already see staining. And then I went him like a right before I left I found on they're all on a smoke break outside. Like it was like one am I was leaving. And I'm like guys, listen, I hate to be. But like I went out of my way. Like I walked like maybe one hundred yards just to find these guys as hey guys breath because I was running because I had to go to my car's guys should really should. Should really clean up the confetti, and they go it's fine. We got it. Thank you. Appreciate it. It's totally cool. You're on a seven hundred square foot ranch. I think we can afford to clean up these fucking petty. Thanks now, they were they're really sweet about it. I thought you're on math or something. They probably thought it was. And then they signed me driving away they stopped my car and they hold on. Are you to drive and I go, yes, I am. I just really need those fucking confetti bad experience in my house guys on the next segment of this podcast. It's called Joes TD when you podcast. It's it's an amazing push the podcast where we give Joe who's our editor for these podcasts. Twenty five seconds on the pod. And he can say whatever he wants their one. Are we ready go? What's up weenies? How's it going today? We we have some special guests today on our podcast, and my special guest today is my friend, Josh peck, Shosh. Are welcome. Josh, thanks or signing the about coming today. Amy ties. So I had this topic. I wanna talk about you recently had a baby I did has she no word of mouth. Okay. Fully crap. Dude. Crazy, john? Thank you. Joe fucking aced. It you really do waste of how he's just sits in it. Like, it's a regular. He has forty minutes, and you know, the way so much time. He really my favorite part about it is like he knows he has twenty five seconds. And if you have some on the podcast like Josh hill like Asher question, and then he'll sit there and like really really act like he actually wants to have a full on conversation with Josh like it's about to take off. Yeah. Like, josh. Go ahead. Take it away. Like rather rather than like rather than promoting his stuff? I don't know whatever it's ways he won't be on. He won't be on next week. That's for sure we're gonna we're gonna try to avoid that. Okay. Yeah. I mean, we want him on week. Did you see that? There's this girl. I think in Kansas. She just she just graduated high school. She's she just graduated high school at the same time. She's graduating Harvard has our as she must have taken courses at Harvard while she was in high school. I mean, that's obviously that's like online courses or maybe or maybe she, oh, you know, what maybe she was doing. Maybe she was in Harvard, and she was doing online courses for high school. And that is you get into Harvard without a high school degree. Okay. Okay. Oh, sorry. It's not it's boys and his Braxton moral. He's sixteen and he may look like at teenager. But he's graduated for both his Kansas high school and Harvard University. He he can't even legally drink you, obviously, he took online course at Harvard extension school and studied at campus during the summer, and then he went to school regularly at his Kansas high school. That's fucking crazy. Much too soon. Yeah, he's gonna he's going to give the high school, commencement speech. And then a few weeks later Hilton graduation ceremony Harvard University holy shit. Fucking imagine being that guy's parents. How proud you must be or in debt that's fucking in same good for him congrat- Braxton have you ever done anything? Like that made me totally question. My entire life. Have you ever done any notable like that? Everybody's just like holy fucking stereo once in eighth grade, you wanna stereo what'd you have to do. Just sell some chocolates. It was pretty awesome. How much chocolates? I just bought them while they're all gone. I'm on the wall. My highschool. That's my proudest accomplishment for tennis on the hall of fame. It's for for tennis. It's nice. It's really good recall like seven athletes year shape when you played tennis. They know you were cut amazing. I was shoe per I mean, yes, I was thin. But that's just because I was younger, but I mean like from season to season know in the fall where you don't and I played sports. I played ties every day or did some kind of activity. I was running biking, and I was I was never a never had like six pack apps. I was never like and I played sports. I was very athletic. I could I could easily compete with anybody in most sports like basketball, whatever it was like was could always run fast. Whatever sprint do all that. Like, I was totally fine with it. But I was never in like super shape. Doing those always thought realize my legs, but other than that like upper body never really had any. You've got your license was did you get a car? No fuck. No. So what did you do? I mean, I celebrated getting my license because I wasn't able. To get my license because I took driver's, Ed. And as I was taking driver's, Ed. My parents were like, you actually can't get a license because you don't you don't have a social security number, right? Because it's so like I had to fill in zero zero zero zero as my social security number when we started driver's Ed because I just didn't have one. But no, I didn't get a car. Fuck. No. No, no. I couldn't get contacts told you this my parents wouldn't context because they said it was expensive and finally to hundred dollars a year, which is with my insurance pretty a pretty fucking good deal. We tried to have you on the podcast. We're in Chicago. Oh my God. Yeah. Guys. We almost had my mom on the podcast is Chicago. And she's decided she didn't want to do it. She likes choked up on for a while. We did we did eight or ten minutes. But we just didn't really it was us hawking shoe. She was talking because she was like choked up. So we were just talking about mom, which didn't want to be on it which had a couple of things. She said like four things. She said she said stuff like you're making fun of me. I don't wanna do this. I think she got on. She got on and chasing did her accent. Which I think is great. And they think is great too. But she's like, I don't want to be here. I go want to be on it. If you're making fun of me, which we're not making fun of her. No, we're just I don't know. It's it's literally what we we make fun of the Tony ins accents, or whatever. I know the same thing. But yeah, I mean, guys, listen, we don't have much time on the podcast know, why did you say that that's about it? You said it like your fucking happy. No. Someone's puck and ask you out on a date. No sorry. But it was New Year's Hopi is we're all safe. Hope you guys have a good year. New Year's resolutions. Go shower more. Wow. Stop spending so much money. That's tough getting shape. I have you showered. How many times have you shower this year? It's the third once one. Okay. So that's already more. I would say with once in three days I did too. I did two out of three days. I think I missed the day. But you're gonna you're gonna take the week off. I have to. Yeah. Water minutes at drought. Just one caveat. I had a baby for days ago. I've showered. Yeah. That's fucking insane. Hey, you're gonna film your baby or no, no. I am. That's not his very that. Is me. No. I asked him. He said he's gonna like he's like slow into it a little bit cool. That's going to be tough. It's gonna be tough for me to break the baby already as a channel. I remember surprise. That's fucking funny. Money is just sucks. It's the worst. Why? Because I I worked really hard this year. And I thought I was doing good. And then I just fucked like seriously money, it's crazy. Spend too much. I would say you bought your kids for pets month. And then you're living in ten thousand dollar place a month apartment, and you, you know, your girlfriends with the Queen of Zimbabwe who who needs to go on vacation says she says a lot. I mean, you're in like she says a lot on me you're living a completely different lifestyle. And you were when you were in an apartment to tell you what I lived in in Bellingham, and I had the little enjoy enjoy later sleep my room. I wasn't any happier. I mean being in a big, I'm not saying a bigger house. Makes you happier. I know you're not. But I'm saying, yeah. No. Yeah. No, definitely make you fucking happy at all. They should downsize. How can mean all your money? I don't know if that makes any sense, but by me for here. I almost bought you a Ferrari last year. That's how fucking nuts. Imagine. If I why didn't you because I'd be great now. And I wouldn't I wouldn't have any money. I'd be happy. I'd get your, bro. You know, if you bought me a Ferrari, I'd literally at focus a lot of money. I wanna just that. You buy me for Ari. I wouldn't let you do that. That's kinda shitty. There's not if you didn't do that. What if I because I thought familiar expecting you? I was like, well, maybe there's a way I can pay like one fifty and then he'll I'll buy it. And maybe he'll give me one hundred one hundred percent give you know. What if you bought a fuck it for our dog? Yeah. What you would do is. I you'd be like I surprise me. And you pretend that you bought it for me. And then you turn the cameras off. And then you'd have the series conversation with me where you go. I can't afford. And then I go I figured, and then I have now write you a check. And then we go on and do our thing crashed it on the one. Hey, listen. I ask you something. My tax guy says I cannot write off my mother's car that I bought her. I know is that true. Yeah. Fucked you on that you fucking asshole. You don't write off your Secours? No, you don't know. What are you talking about? You know, how I write it off how with my heart. Your shit. I know actually, I have no idea what you're talking about. I know you can't write off the cars the coast. You can't write the cars off, David. I've no idea. That's what he told me today. He's like it's a gift. He's like, but it's in the video, and I sat there and arguing the flick an hour. I was like I was like, okay. Listen to me, if I threw a forty thousand dollar party for my video. I can write that off. He's yes, you can. But so if I get someone a car for the videos like, yes, but it's a gift a gift must outweigh. I'll are you about my tax guy to how can a party not a gift party is a gift Tricia threw me because it's not a property. It's not like something not properties. It's not possession that you keep said absolutely one hundred per se, she'll radio I think so too. I and on that note user about tax, and we'll see you guys later. This has been a views podcast. My name is Jeff follows on Twitter Instagram. Go check out Josh's podcast, go check out. Joe? He's cool and foul Instagram trying to ten million by guys.

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