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'Killing Eve,' S2E3: "The Hungry Caterpillar" | The Recappables


Welcome to the ringer podcast network season. Eight of game of thrones is underway, and you can stay up to date with the ringer staff. As you make your way through the final episodes of the series on the podcast side listened to bench benchmark game of thrones with Mallory Ruben, and Jason Concepcion the watch with Chris Ryan and Andy Greenwald and a pre capable series on the recap Ables feed where we'll make predictions on episodes to come. In addition to her Sunday night Twitter after show called talk. The thrones are YouTube channel has tons of other game of thrones related content, which you can find at YouTube dot com slash the ringer. And for even more thrones coverage head over to the ringer dot com. And welcome to another edition of the recap -able killing eve, I've out the Herman. I'm here Tate. Hallo? Hello. He was but ten rose from her husband, Harry style. We had a moment where Villanova eve moment where I was like staring at behind him in there. There's a lot of that vibe in this episode. And so it feels like the proper or for us. I just wanted to say thank you for recuperating sufficiently that you could be here. You're so welcome priorities are truly in the right place. If you thanks. It was tough. But I made it. Yes. So we are here. You are here to talk about the hungry. Caterpillar, the third episode of the second season of killing eve. Thank goodness. We are there so much to discuss. Yeah. I would say we like to have fun on this podcast. We so do the fair description. I don't necessarily call this throws fun episode. But it was certainly eventful. He was. Only about fall. I think it was pretty fun. It was fun as opposed to like the last two. I think we're we're kind of like setting the table for the new season. Yes. It was definitely the media's. It's just also because of that like a lot of stuff with higher stakes than right? Villanova's fun interlude at a habit. There's a lot to get through but bite-sized two hundred eighty characters or less. What's your review of this episode Meyer view this episode is sometimes an apples to Snapple? And sometimes it's a psycho sexual message left for you. Buy your insane assassin girlfriend. It's hard to tell you know, you never know you never know which feeds into my view, which is just spies aren't built to be married. Are they it would seem not? So this was a very tough episode for the Niko eve union. Yeah. But I also do not think it is a coincidence that it is off handedly mentioned at one point that Caroline has been married. Three times. Right. Yeah. That we know of a lot of tension in her personal, life and standards. Is notably not currently married. Right. So I don't know if this is the lifestyle you want. If you want to be going to your teacher, husbands, six o'clock work drink feels like now, I'm going to say, it's a no, but yeah, it was a tough one for even general. Yeah. I mean, a better episode for Villanova, which might be related to one another right? We'll parse that out. Yes. But before we get to the various interpersonal developments. We're just going to be with section this time called plot corner, which were designating as like this is where the espionage developments go. It's like our number one priority. I don't think it's the shows number one priority is nice, which we support mostly more into the, you know, flashy outfits veiled excuse for why we are here. Right. Right. Right. Right. So just on like Eve's investigation side of things we learned this episode that the ghost, although the twelve admire her work. Work is not actually an employee of the same organization. Right. So they're kind of you get the vibe that they're half competing with our and a half like scouting her a little bit. And like kind of like trying to figure out how to stop or how to make her work for that. Right. Was at the vibe that you got. Yes. I mean, another thing we find out this episode is that apparently there is a market for like freelance assassin we're going to get into that later. I don't know if there's like assassin linked in how this is organized. But yeah, there's just like a whole parallel professional universe that has like multiple employers, which eventually it's going to expand and connect to the John wake universe. We're going to be like there's a hotel for them. Hotel in this episode, right? Actually, I would literally kill something to have invoked Shane on this show saying things like excommunicated. Oh. The universe. Just. Yeah. Right now. Yes, thank you for actualising this. So we also find out that Villanova's target in this episode, which again, we're going to expand on his operatic murder later, but his target that she kills the beginning was a hedge fund guy who wanted to acquire the peel company and also repeal was the one who was murdered during his pedicure in last. Yes, it's also speaking of how like plot is not necessarily this show's main concern, and one point eve is like what does the Piel company do and her coworkers just like everything on the internet, yet, everything you care about on the internet is what they want. It's just like extremely precise and descriptive elimination of these targets. But yeah, basically that means peel was murdered. If he has to someone who's not the twelve, but the twelve also doesn't want someone to acquire his company, right? Not a large amount of time is dedicated to the, but we figured we should just check into before we get into the meteors stuff like Eve's not existed were life. Balance is extremely skewed. Right now, it is not balanced, she poor Nico again. I just want to say, we're extremely pro. Nico on this podcast episode has not changed that there was some tension there. But again, we sports. Yeah. I think this episode is maybe where my protect Nico allegiances have taken me to the point where I think maybe it is a Nick owes best interest that he is not married to somewhat. I wouldn't be this is not working out for either of them. So the first the first of any kind of that is a problem is that e walks in and realizes she forgot Nicos worked drinks. Yeah. I is this like the first time we actually learn what Nico does for having. I could not remember him being a teacher before. Now. So math maths maths. Little britches. Matt's teacher, I guess like middle school age. I don't think elementary schoolers have about Fagor is. Yeah, I think in the last episode. She was like, oh, I wanna make another complaint or something maybe less one to eight hinted at his job in the last one. I think it's very telling that we are now on the lake eleventh episode of the show, and we are just finding we care either. Apparently, which is not much so yes, she forgets his work drinks for the third year running basically he's pissed about that. And then he's like, but it's okay. Like, I know you're busy again, very understanding. He really has a lot of patience. Yeah. It seems like this is also a dynamic that has pervaded the villain L saying, right? She's just very interested in his life. Got her brand. Not it doesn't really go both ways. He's a little more concerned. I think for her. Yes, he's supported her not so much the other way around and then in the beginning of the episode. We also have on it where she makes him breakfast in bed. Delicious. What is it? An omelette. I think like maybe the biggest indication we've got amazing supportive husband. He is who performed so much emotional labor is that like, quote, unquote, omelette is literally the most disguised as horrible thing. I've ever seen. It is worse than the completely raw chicken that you've tried to feed him not agree run for her baking wise, cook. And he's just like, oh, that's so sweet. Thank you so much and does not eat a single bite of it. Yeah. Just probably good because I would be concerned for a safety raise. Oh, Amy also like did you murder someone and she doesn't realize it's a joke? Like, maybe kind of tried to only possible. So they also have at the actual work drinks. There's this woman Gemma who's has a crush on NICO's flirting with him kind of trying to minute like that. But she's talking to eve she meets eve for the first time, and does like this flood of compliments, you know, where she obviously is like jealous of her. But also trying to seem really Norman really supportive of their. Chip. And she's talking about how they were imagining eve to be all different jobs in this amazing person because they've never met her because she's forgotten this event three years, arou- and eve she sounds better than your actual and goes, oh, she is. Throw a little bit from Nico. They're totally justified. Yes. So all of this rapidly goes into the toilet when mid well. First of all eve, just like blatantly provoked by jealousy after declining to have sex with her husband right at morning, right? Much like a middle school child that Nico teaches sees that someone else wants her husband Choi. Yes, let me jump your bones in this classroom. Yeah. Do some role play. Yeah. Not great. But then. So then she is kind of all on them on the best looks down. Sees an apple on a desk. So she saw the apple in Gabriel's hands. Yes. That apple had a bite. Very pose. Yes. The connection that like this was a sign the Villanova was sending her this time. She just looks down season on March just a regular out very normal thing to be in a classroom, overly normal immediately. For example, is like it's a sign from Bill and is like we need to leave. And I'm going to pull the fire alarm thereby ruining this entire event. Evacuating everyone from the building and just of all the things to assign significance to like an apple just like eve-, like just take a breath not everything is assigned. Unfortunately, in this case like a lot of things are signed. Yes. She was it's still not clear. Whether that's specifically was played by villainy night. But Villanova was indeed she was there. And I was going to later, but the problem is that like even is always right Villanova was always escapes anyway. And then it looks like eve is wrong. Yeah. It's like she. She's a very talented spy. But not in a way that anyone else except villain. L? Can appreciate right. Right. Right. Right. Yeah. She's like so tuned into house she thinks and how she works. But then Villanova's always slips up, and then it looks like he was in the Nico points out. This is literally the only time you showed up to support me in my place of employment, and you somehow manage to make it all about you and your job. Yeah. And then he's like, maybe you should just go, which honestly, you go is like a good way to move forward in aspect. It's like a street uptick moved to be like, hey, see that was blatantly flirting with me earlier. I'm going to go talk to her to be. Oh, so in that brief moment, I did sympathize with eve. Yes. But then also later when eve is like stereo hypnotist sleep, and you realize that his total his nightmares. His darkest thoughts are just about like alphabetical filing extremely relatable, exactly most lots lots of great little workplace moments on this show. Yes. That was truly. It's like oh. So what does a normal job and actually worries about it? But even just being shitty person to the person she's married to now. She's also evening around. Poor Keti she's being addict, Kenny, and we're even more pissed about it than we are Nico literally. How dare you? This is so rude how adorable face and his little shorts and like his socks that are pulled up too far and be addict to that face. This really this is like maybe the hardest episode for Kenny yet. Yeah. I mean, his own mother was just like, yeah. I've been hedging my bets and don't actually care about him that much horrible extremely tough episode for Kenny in the eventuality that maybe he is murdered in our line of work that I brought him into horrible. It's horrible. We're going to get into that scene later 'cause I have a lot of thoughts. But eve basically walked Kenny do this. And he's like that's about I d I don't want to. And she's like do it. I'm your boss, and then he's just like, okay and like walks away. And then the later he's like I thought you were different from my mom and other various and sundry spies. But you are not. And then she literally cannot even muster response. She's like, I'm not doing this for me. I'm doing this. Because. And just like goes in a loop is just like because because because because she's ought to be doing it for herself why she be pursuing her assess girlfriend across the this is the line that honestly, I was like this is big like being addicted. Kenny is too far and he'd be back. Fucking takes Kenny in order to bribe Constantine with the location of his family members just to find your girlfriend who tried to stab who like low key wants to murder you and your husband. It's yeah. I mean that I told like, oh, they're not even that far away. Don't you want to go? I really crossed the line. She's going to the dark side, man. And we get sort of the climax of that in the hotel where she's just kind of like losing it straight up. She comes in with all these six people. Yeah. Constantine 'as told her this ratty hotel in the middle of London where the twelve apparently keeps their assets and Villanova has been headquartered while she is conducting her business, and so eve takes all her mix. Whatever the British equivalent of a swat team is and they bussed in and there again eve is right. And she knows she's there and she likes senses somehow that she's in this room at the end of the hall, and she just escapes by the skin of her teeth. They bust down the door. She's not there. She literally has just left like out the window. But it looks like it was wrong. Yes. This is one of many scenes where he has arrived to find the literally just departed. Right. And she's there with Jess and Hugo she's like freaking out like like like chugs a shop from the mini bar. This is a normal reaction to a professional disappointment lay. Maybe I go wall media yellow a little bit in her little bit snap. You do not read the hotel minibar and just immediately chug lake several shots of five to calm yourself down and poor. Jess and Hugo primarily Jess who's been like pregnant Jess has been dragged along just cosmic professional just here ready to support like find this assassin Saturday lives do her job as she doesn't do fucking eat fluster like chasing after her girlfriend, and I just feel bad for like just poor. Jess I decided that I think they're gonna go the whole season without mentioning just as pregnant I like that. It'd be like an extremely baller move. And I support it. But I also support if they find a way to integrate it. Yeah. Well, see so far. It doesn't really look like. Quits because of Eve's horrible conduct. Jesse? We also find out this episode is like an X men t of Caroline's. Yeah, she was like majoring in Arabic and like Carolyn recruited her which implies the time where evil no longer be the apple of Caroline's guys, which this episode suggests is going to be sooner rather than later. It really does so scene of the week. There were some fun months. There are also just like some fun a little like throwaways. Yeah. I my nominee received the week was just we finally get villain l like out in the field playing dress up. Again, we add a new accent to Jody. Komo's extremely intimidating repertoire she can do Irish as well. Growling? Can't she do nothing and she quarters of financier in an elevator grabs his tie. He tells her it's or maize she I feel like there's literally like nothing more offensive to Villanova in the world, then counterfeit fashion. So she really strangled him. And. And this is like the villain elver tion of boring, and discreet is strangling someone with an avenue, she. Yeah, she moved all the cameras. Where's it from? Oh most. No, it's not. It's a fake. There's just something really fun about you know, she's been like critically injured the last two weeks and to see her at her full powers doing something kinda goofy writers clearly have a lot of fun staging it. And then of course, you get that amazing. Jody Kober facial transformation where we know villa likes to look her targets in the eyes as they die. But this time she can't do that. So instead, she you just you're like a little smirk, and then I'll also just like a little like. Yikes faith. She's walking out of the building such great facial work by Jodi calmer, and this episode just little like, I laughed out loud and multiple times it just like things that her eyes were doing and like her little facial expressions. Just so many of our rigor colleague daddy Chow sent me has never seen an episode of the show and just sent me a gift this weekend of like her in the car with Julian. And that's her face kinda goes from lake resigned to like disgusted just and he was just. The single handedly made me want to watch the show. Yep. That's the correct reaction. My nominee for senior the week was the scene with Caroline and Constantine in the kitchen, which we have we've had very very few scenes on the show that aren't either from like e reveal anals perspective, or at least like involving them in some way. Is that safe to say, I'm I was trying to think when you brought this up. It's like we've seen glimpses of Caroline Villamil having some kind of meaning. Yeah. But we very much experienced this entire world through the point of view, these two character. Right. And Caroline and Constantine like serve very similar kind of mentor supervisor roles them, and it's really interesting to see them outside of that. Yes. They had this scene where they were, you know, laughing at up and like eating together, and they started having this very serious conversation. Where Constantine's like, where's my family counts? Like, I'm not gonna tell you don't ask me again. And she just like flips from like goofy and laughing to like extremely serious. Unlike don't fuck with me, which is incredible. And I love. Her but have this conversation about families than having Kenny worked with her. And we alluded to this earlier. But she says I've always been careful I'm constantly like about loving your child and she says, yes. And like you just are waiting for her to respond, and you're like don't fucking say. Yes, that's not what you mean. But it is. Yeah, they really vibrate on the same frequency. Although I also think you get a little more insight into Constantine lake Constantine is someone who is not necessarily as in control of his emotions as Caroline rice. We actually maybe now it'd be a good time to play this clip the monologue that gives this episode. Its name is Constantine talking to eve about villain L. And like what she does to people. She was the site eve, she gives into your brain. She eats you up to make space for self like the book with the hungry worm. And all that food close to medals the hungry, Caterpillar. Yes, that's her. Dick lows. Adorable. Yeah. Like the full speech, which is pretty serious. Like, you think she loves you. Then make her hate. You hate is something she understands. It's manageable. Look at what happens to the people. She loves she'll love you to death look at Anna and Nadia and look at me. Yeah. And yet by the end of the episode. He is once again with villain L. Right. Yeah. He very clearly has not been careful with his feelings for millenial, which obviously has sort of like daughter like feelings towards her, and yeah, it's just like a very interesting contrast between Caroline and Constantina and how they've sort of gone about these figures in their lives. Yes. And also the takes place in Caroline's, frankly, breathtaking kitchen like Tomase, we've never really seen this part of her house before they're a couple scenes in the kitchen this time, I would like this huge windows amazing last panel would table just what a beautiful place to eat your breakfast in the morning szeswith Carolyn we're gonna come back to her. Yeah. And we have a few. So in addition to this Caroline Constantine seen there to like a couple of very small bits that we wanted to highlight mostly just villain l like almost almost almost coming into contact with e right again. This is the me staring at Harry styles energy. So the first one is when eve is at the event and she's looking for villa now. Because she's seen the apple she thinks she's there she accepts that she's not there. It was just in her head, and as she sort of like resigned and like her shoulders slump. We see villa now. Come up behind her slow-motion drop something into her purse. Look at her sort of like be like, oh, my God of obsessed with you like be pulled towards her and then walkway. Yeah. I honestly didn't notice the first time that she was dropping a lipstick into her bag. She was like almost going to touch her. Like, her body language is like she physically holding herself back from like actually grabbing her and touching her. And being like, I'm here. And then the second one is when at the hotel there staring. Well, they're not staring through the door to each other Villanova staring through the people at eve and eve is sort of looking towards the door. I mean like oh shit. Yes. Just like I can sense her presence. Yes. Which like, yeah. Even though no staring at each other through closed door is like this show condensed into a single image, and it's just an incredibly tense moment. Yeah. And we just wanted, you know, every near-miss between even millenial is kind of like the friction on which this show run. Yes. So we wanted a full that into the seat of the week. Yes accounts. We don't have to follow the rules. We don't. But we do we. All the things the Jodi Comber can do to us. This is Tony Comber can our favorite segment segment without further ado, Jody Kober can attempt to sabotage my job through heated. Prank phone calls about my classroom misconduct. I wish had gotten an example of one of those. I really wanna know. Like what specifically she's saying about Nico? I'm sure I feel it's very creative. Yeah. Yeah. She really. Yeah. She wouldn't do anything like super bass Elsa. The little girl voice that she's another great action Illing. Jody Comber can bum. Cigarettes off me, a high school stairwell. Negmi me repeatedly and coach me on the subtle art of manipulating a married, man. As she mentions. She really knows what it's like to pine after someone guys. She does. And they could really help each other this kind of made sense for them. It's a strategic alliance. Yes. Jodi, Kober can call up my counterfeit fashion in Irish accent before strangling me to death with it in an elevator. What are we to go? You know, you got Jodi you've got the fashion. You got listen. He led a very boring life and finance. He did probably the most exciting thing that ever happened to him. Totally right. Jodi, Comber can buy me coded cosmetics with hidden weapons that will seriously injure my face when I attempt to use them. Yeah. Really striking final image there. It also reminded me of like, did you also have paranoid suburban parents. Who thought like there was razors hidden in your Halloween, candy one hundred percent you had to check. If it was wrapped at all. Yeah. This is like what if that actually happened? But with make up I know I was horrifying. Also, I looked up to see if this lipstick was available for purchase, and I could not find it. But if anyone. Knows loving elevate. If it's out there, that's like more like an opioid nail polish shade to me the name of a song. I believe it was a CDC could've been Aerosmith. I don't really remember might focus more on finding the lips day. Eighties five and I could not find lipstick. So if anyone knows if it's actually out there Sohn's razor, please let me yes. But speaking of cosmetics. This was the triumphant resurgence. Thank God a week. Thank god. Because we wanted as we deserve. Yes. Last week was as we mentioned just not great times, the fashion plate perspective. But now the villain L has a budget again card attached to her room. Yeah. Actually, maybe there's a great moment where she sorts out who exactly is going to be paying for her brand new wardrobe. Should maybe revisit now. Yes. Deliveries few. Downstairs waiting to be paid. Is there a card that touch the my room on math? My bus Raymond said, they would pay for anything I want. I'm quite sure it's rather vote. Yes. The to the Bill. Last like that last line. She has so many of those little lines in the Bill and the facing extra. She was like, ooh, she does this too. And she pulls his pants out of this bag. He goes like mall. She is face masks. Which again, thank you killing him for being attentive to the skin care. Routines and women also Jody Kover leak it unbelievable skin. I have to soon face massive part of her process. I R L. But yeah. So the first of the week is she pulls you silver pants out of one of these bags that she's just purchased and they're like like not spangled, but they're like very much spiny shiny sparkly. They've got like ruffles a little bits, and the uneven part is when you see the completed outfit. They're not even necessarily the most attention. No, no. So she's got the silver pants. She has this like purple roughly blouse all the way up and then a blazer over the top has horses like a print of horses is already like very. Question silhouette already riffing on the writer thing. Yeah. And you get that. And then giant black boots again, which is always a great. And I love her and breeds whenever she pulls out the braids shits about to go down. Oh, yeah. And it's like she puts her hair up. But like never there's ever casual ponytail. There's like elaborate pleading going on. Yeah. Also, we don't really get to see a lot of it. But there is a moment where she is ominously spying on Nico at his school and observing the inklings of that Gemma flirtation. Yes. And if I you're like, oh my God. Is she going to pull out a blow dart poison him, ever know, what's happening? But you're also like, wow. What does that amazing blockbuster where? Yeah, it's got like shoulder puffs. And then she's again got her hair like twisted back into a fancy up. Do. Thank God, we're back. Honestly. I know. I mean, like, even when she's not necessarily dressing for herself, right woman loves the cost to you. Really? Does we'll macaroni art that. We did admit some like raft project. Incredible. She kind of does like this art teach. Professor tra- Lonnie. 'cause yes, thank you both for like, oh my God. It's like the kooky divination teacher from Harry, she's got like the wig and the like Kaftan and the glasses and the macaroni necklace. And that's what she wears to go to the school which. Yeah, again, even like her costumes are like she's back on our bullshit. And I'm so happy. Yes. Obviously villain. Al is the focus of the segment. She is not the only fashioned played. She's not eve is wearing notably the dress that she was online shopping for last episode a hell of a lot like the dress philadel- bought for her last season. It sure does. And she looks great at us. He does like great. Yes, we won the Nico was like that one sexy. So she whereas two drinks. It looks great. Honestly that color blue. So is up so much throughout this episode? Caroline, also wears incredibly dark teal turquoise jumpsuit at the end when she's lecturing eve, which we're gonna get tuna minutes. Kenny has the same color on actually in that scene. Wow. Good. I believe I believe that the crows call this a color story. Great. I'm. Really into that like -til. So that maybe that's why I notice and then of course, shoutout to that guy is extraordinarily strong fake tie. If you're working at a hedge fund, why do you need fake fashion? It's a great point occurred to me, and it makes no sense. Yeah. Yet more reasons why he clearly he's absolutely got. So we actually have a lot of candidates this week for the rat holding a cocaine award for excellent dialogue. But this this segment rightfully belongs to Caroline. So it really does. Maybe we should start with Caroline's shining moment from this episode line is by some needle. Some needle keep from New Zealand the filmstar Jurassic. I know who he is. If you do not follow Sam Neill on Twitter. It is truly like a Bom in this terrible world. It really is. So he has this whole like very internet popular thing on Twitter, where he like is on a farm, and he has pigs wine and grapes. And like it's been really like a popular thing for like a couple years. I honestly I thought he was like some random farmer that everyone decided they really love. And then I it took me a while to connect the dots that this is that Sam Neill because he was like a very normal name. And also makes a lot of her like some random New Zealand sheep farmer to be like you Neil. He literally tweeted about his grips yesterday. I was just on Twitter there. I see a reason highlight was he was talking about pig farts at one point it how you know, the really smelly. But the pigs are durable. So it's worth it. But someone else who's very aware of this apparently, really hairless heroin the news Twitter. I love it. And then we also have another great quote from the whole stairways. Scene with villain. Al's sort of manipulating Jemma was just full of gems. Yes. Especially this part. You can do nothing die alone. Do you have cans? I have. Yes, you. Maybe you should just kick. Absolutely savage. My favorite part of that scene is put GMO's like isn't that kind of live? And then Villanova like, yeah. That's why it works. And then she just proceeds to like blatantly manipulated this person into doing exactly what she wants. Yeah. Poor jemma. She's didn't know what she. I don't think we've seen the last of her. Although I think it's very possible. We might have seen the last of her before the end of the season. Yeah. I think this is going to end well for basically anyone involves probs not maybe we should on the more serious and of the Caroline spectrum. Yes. So we've seen her in Constantine. But then at the end of the episode when Constantine and Villanova escaped she kinda dresses down, even very scary, boss fashion. Yes. Getting the eve it makes me feel sleepy. So you just have to imagine that I sound rather angry when I say this. Never ever go behind my back. Again, if you will by no means the only person I work with but you take up a disproportionate amount of my time. And my time is very valuable to me. I have hobbies. To understand that eve. Yes. Shoe? She has a hobby cut her off like ice cold. She was hobbies. Okay. Quick break. What hobbies do we think Carolyn Hax hot? I'm no idea. I have like formulating some guesses. Beautiful table. Maybe working. Oh, sure. I could see it. Maybe scrapbooking. Oh, why not all her three husbands? Maybe she likes to cook. You know, first of all she would be a great cook. 'cause she's just great a following directions and very organized, obviously has a great. I sure has a great kitchen in which to spend. Yeah. I also feel like scrapbooking is good guest because she loves like nostalgia. And like reliving old stories like whereas itemizing things like keeping trying to those little feel like solid. I mean, she's she contains multitudes. She's I know renaissance. Sure, it'll just be something like even more unexpected that like retrospectively will make so much. Then I really hope they tell us what her hobbies are. I I'm not optimistic, but we can all always hold out hope. So there were a couple that I really liked from the reunion with eve and Constantine in the hotel room moment moment. Yeah. Says she comes up in the elevator. She's been told that there's someone else in the hotel. You don't know if it's someone threatening to her you don't know if it's another assassin is it was like the ghost was in town dares. Same. And so she comes out of the elevator. Sees this room with the door. Open constantine. And it's not clear if they're actually is like grandiose Russian music playing or whether it's just like in Villanova head. I could see either given the two people we're dealing with. Yes. But she starts. She has a knife out starts running towards him imagined Villanova sprinting down the hallway like the knife out. A very scary expression. Like, it was not clear what she was going to do. And then she just belts him in a bear. This is. Then maybe you shouldn't have show me. Let's demand about them. I am to Mishra didn't kill you know, you didn't you aimed at my heart. I did I show you why are you mad at me? This is the perfect. I just love their relationship so happy they're back together. I don't think it's the craziest choice on guns and be inspired. Yeah. It's definitely not. It's not the careful move as Caroline would say. But what was so satisfying to see her hug him? She it's very touching. And also we finally get a resolution. I mean, we didn't think Raymond was going to last that long to begin with right actually when he like all but like openly threatened eve in front of Illinois ill. And if you've between Villanova grand, not smart, not smart. And it was also very nice to see concentrate like very jealous of Raymond and asking about how he was. How is it me? Oh. Yeah. Raymond is the best. He is so much fun, really hilarious and the well. Kind of sexy too. I would say Jones he was a big theme this episode. Yeah. You're you're probably right. Yeah. It's so funny. How like she involves him in a bear hug, and then she was like, oh, wait I'm supposed to pretend like you're not my favorite personally. One of the few people. I care about in this whole world. Yes. Yelich Raymond and Constantina different points. In the episode, basically use the ghost at two tante villain Allenby like eve is not focused on you anymore. Yes. And Villanova's like, no evil note was me. Yes. She's pissed about that. Yeah. And that was a big moment with her and Raymond, and then it's just fun to see constant villain. Alec talking about him. And being like, yeah. Barely raymond. Like supposedly is not paid in cash. He's paid in the ability to murder the assassins like exhausted racehorses waited didn't hate him enough. Just not a pleasant, dude. I'm glad really unpleasant, we won't be spending that much time around him. I really hope he shows up just to be murdered. We'll yeah, it's weird. Because like, I guess the twelve are like maybe supposed to be a significant plot element. But at this point. Village L isn't working for them and the ghost isn't working for them. Although maybe they're just gonna hire the ghosts to replace villa now. Yeah. Do we care about Raymond and his shitty? Friends. I feel like he will be back and she will murder him. And some amazing way. I'm really hoping. Yeah. We'll just fantasize about that until it happens. But with Constantine and Villarreal's escape, I guess that basically brings us up to date on the episode. You've has even still looking for the ghost has sort of successfully not really successfully Advil villas now escaped and Constantine offers to go freelance, which another relatable workplace moment. Villanova media response. There's not enough money in freelance. Yeah, there's not. But who knows maybe in the world there is and I guess they're gonna find out. Yes. And they go out by singing, listen to your heart in the car. And there's a wonderful moment where villain L breathes onto the window and says help inserts like making a pain face and Constantine is like what is wrong with you. I really wanna be attracting attention right now and villain, L trivial. Al fashion is like yes, yes. I always want to attract attention. Why would I ever not want attention? What are you talking actually from my girlfriend who may be distracted right now? And I need to fix that. Yes. So there were also some developments outside the world of killing this week there where it was very eventful on the show and off the show. So first of all Phoebe Waller bridge, the creator still executive producer of the show is apparently going to be doing punch up work on the twenty fifth JAMES BOND film at Daniel Craig's specific request, which I am choosing to read as Rachel Wise's specific requests through Daniel, Craig. Absolutely, absolutely. I first of all I love a power couple of taste, which clearly they are. They brought in PWB. But yeah, I just in my head like Phoebe Waller bridge. Working Audubon script is just wild. Yes. My first reaction is get that check. My second reaction to be perfectly candidates. We already know what if Waller bridge version of JAMES BOND would be it is called killing. You it exists. We love it. It's amazing. The new JAMES BOND is not come at me with like sexy female, assassins, and like weird homoerotic tension that makes that Harvey bird Dempsey and look like child's play. I not here for it. It's a great point. We can't do any better than what we already have. Yes. Also outside the world of killing you this week. Literally today it was nominated for Peabody. Yeah. I don't fully understand what the Peabody awards are if we're being fully on it. But it I wanna Peabody. Yes, they just they don't like nominate things they just know that one it. But it's honestly a great list. It's in great company. Hennigan's the good place berry. Pose I married, the Americans get this also seems I guess was the calendar year of twenty eighteen because a lot of the stuff that feels right? So this was technically for the first season. But it's always good to see our phase recognized his one more fun thing outside the world of killing you this week. Fiona Shaw published a travel diary and the financial times. Okay. I'm just going to be straight up. I don't subscribe to the financial times. And I could not figure out how to get around. The bay was extremely difficult. But I did manage to read it, and I'm going to share some highlights. It seems like you wanna Shaw is just like Caroline. But nicer. Which is exactly what you want her to be. She's incredible. And I'm obsessed with her. But there were two moments that she wrote about that I need to share. So I she was talking about taking a vacation endorse it with her wife before the press tour lovely, and this is what she wrote. I'm literally just gonna read it because I can't do any better than what she did flame-lit by the sinking sun are the Jurassic cliffs undulating like two hundred million year old vertebrae dinosaur, fossils. They hold. I can barely imagine one million years here, you are made to contemplate terrifying. And comforting notion that the planet is so old at our consciousness so recent but less comforting possibly are stay quite brief what a literary imagination look for so much Fiona Shaw joined the killing eve writer's room, honestly, please. And then of course, I had to say this. She talked about working with a silence to figure out her press tour looks like promoting the beginning of the season. Yes, we go through the various looks for the opening this handbag with that dress this underwear with that outfit. These trousers. I look longingly at the garden. When we're done I run out and plant cla modest and soak my tiny rectangle of vegetable patch. The birds will have nested when I return I expect the FOX's will run riot as they do until I the outsider will intrude again after the red carpet and Hollywood and the assault course of interviews. Assault course out of all three think gardening is Caroline secret. Hobby maybe like a crossover can use her real life skill. Yeah. I would love that. Yeah. So I take it a being on the watch with Chris Ryan was not one of her stops on the travel diary. I mean, maybe that's part of the assault. Course of interviews. Maybe beverly. You listen to that interview, regardless. It's very good. She's term as wonderful. Also, just like one last note, I finally broke into my fleabag season two screeners, I'm just gonna like blatantly flex that privilege. Do it. It's already to the UK's mission. I imagine it is obtainable by certain shelves extralegal means flex away. It is incredible. My God Fiona shies it for whatever. So say, yes, she shows up as flea bags. Very temporary, therapists. Oh my God. But she just like flexes that Fiona Shaw energy. There something on everyone has look forward to may seventeenth on prime. I it. For now to hold us over until the next episode. We have a few prediction we do. So we talked about how this is kind of a refreshing return to Villanova in the field. But now we have villain L and Constantine in the field doing whatever the fuck they want which is great. But it is kind of a return to like the dynamics from season one. We kind of had like weird crossover alliances for awhile. And now we're back to Constantine Avila now killing people in on the run from eve and Caroline and the mix squad. Yes, my prediction for the next episode was just basically every single one of the first Rapids has contained some huge Kosheh for villa Nelson leg she was in a hospital, and then she was in some creepy marae dudes house, and then she was working for the twelve again. And now, it feels like we're finally in a kind of stable place for it's like, okay. Like, she's going to be a working assassin out in the world. Having fun. Witty banter with Constantine. And like it took a lot of positioning to get her there where eve has just been kind of like back with them. I six rights exacerbating. So they're on the same page again. And then my prediction is we've gotta meet the ghost one of these days. It feels like soon like they've really been talking a lot feels like she in Vilna have to run into each other. My prediction is that. They will get the same target in the next episode and run into each other on the job. Do we think we're going to get Villanova goes hand to hand combat? I fucking hope. So that's really. Yeah. Some martial arts. I think is like the action the show has been missing. Yeah. Think Judy comers. Definitely up to it. I would love for that to happen. I want the ghost to be like extremely like straight to the point and Villanova just like being her like weird ASO villages showboat, and I need that in my life. And that's what I want in the next episode. I know it's coming. It has to be coming. I wanted to happen like from them like competing to kill the same person. Maybe like some Random House trying to escape both them. And it's just like one thousand eight just kill me already. Yeah. Leave it to number just like bickering poultry Corp. Yeah. And it's like, oh my God. Wait who is the guy? Whoville. It all murdered and put his dick in his mouth in the safehouse. Frank, frank. Yes. Like Frank Frank is like what the hell is happening. I'm terrified for my life. But also strangely rows, maybe could be haven't seen the next episode. So I really hope this hound either of us have was it happened. Exactly. Like this we're geniuses, and we we are promised without projecting killing you writer's room his sourcing from her subconscious. I write that until then much like Villanova and Constantine. We're going to go out to the dulcet tones. Listen to your head. Leave it. I like it.

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