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AP One Minute Headlines Nov 22 2018 05:00 (EST)


Introducing the amazing iphone tennis you'll love on team. Oh, but most loved and wires. It's the perfect way to stay connected to those you heart. Most fall in love with I phoned ten s on T mobile and right now trading. Ineligible. Iphone and you'll save three hundred dollars. Visit a store or call one eight hundred team. You can't service remaining balances to while service and finance agreements required to seventy nine ninety nine down plus thirty per month times twenty four full price. Nine hundred ninety nine zero percent APR for well-qualified buyers plus tax on full price allow eight weeks for rebate at my taxi business. We know the meetings don't stop when the festive season starts with formula. Wait times ten thousand drivers and automated reporting Mike taxi wants to make your work life easier. No matter what the season for hassle-free setup at no cost. Visit business of my taxi w e I'm Rita Foley with an AP news minute. As you sit down later today for your thanksgiving meal. Here's something to think about from Carmen Rotenburg, the top food safety official at the department of agriculture. Bow ninety seven percent of the time, but Sumer should have washed their hands either before preparing the meal or after handling Rami and poultry they didn't wash their hands or they didn't wash them properly. President Trump has publicly feuding with supreme court Justice John Roberts, the president ripped a federal judge who ruled. Against his migrant asylum policy as an Obama judge in a statement to the AP. The GOP appointed Roberts strongly rejected the notion that judges are loyal to the president who chose them saying there are no Obama judges or Trump judges the president replied on Twitter there are indeed Obama judges with a much different point of view than the people charged with the nation security AP Washington. Correspondent saga megani reporting? I'm Rita Foley lay. Have you heard metro by t mobile now includes Amazon prime? Yes, enjoy the best of shopping and entertainment movies, TV shows music, free shipping and much more all included for just forty dollars per line for three lines all on the T mobile network. Discover the smarter way metro by t mobile that's genius one offer per account offer subject to change twelve ninety nine per month. Value offer valid for new Amazon prime members at your customers made undis- reduce speeds for some t mobile customers video at forty p capable device required. See store for details and terms and conditions.

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