Part3:NHC 2020 Live from Las Vegas


Form now early days yet things can still change at that. Trend does look like it has a chance of continuing David Snyder with his five million dollar dollar bonus potential if he were to win with that entry seventeen forty cents some work to do there and then Brad Anderson rb the CBC winner his Second Entry Is Okay with thirty to twenty but his three million dollar bonus two dollars eighty cents so We might not have a bona story story to to track. It always happen. How how is it that that just doesn't it? Is it a pressure cooker. Or why do you think it's been so challenging. I think that it's mostly probably random but I think it probably is a little bit of potentially a little bit of panic to. We've we've seen. We've we've talked to dave good freund when he was playing for it. I guess that was just last year and I did sound like He. You felt like when he was looking back at it he may be got in his head a little bit baby effect that a few things and he did get up off the floor and make a run on day two. It was not happy at the end of day one so I do think it's mostly random is one of these years and it could even still be this year make no mistake. We'll get a really fun. Bonus story sorry to follow but it is also possible that the that one's going to go away by the middle of the day Tamar I know we're we're still trying to find a champion to win twice. Yes I mean there's been never been a two-time winner very very difficult to have a big run super difficult. We have seen a of past winter. Make AK- final table. We're seeing Ray arsenault now up on the leaderboard that'll be fun to follow Stanley Babylon not too far behind that is. That's the story more than the bonus story. The story I want to do is the time the two time. Winner Steve Wolfson. I guess is came ridiculously. Close winning back right away and then And then running second the other the year so we did we did get the follow that all the way to all the way to the end or nearly Hanging hanging Paul. Paul Dominic. WanNa come chat for a minute. He's looking picture. You have all your pets in. Don't sit down and work so is is that that the two lanes sweatshirt the one sweater t shirts on. Is that the famous Tulane sweater. That is g shirt that is your good luck charm. Yes is it working today. Yeah I guess so. I tried a new strategy with one ticket and You know those two bombs probably knocked me out but it was on the bubble okay for a while you know like a fifty dollars or something or forty so basically. That's an th that was five two twos and two two ones and three two ones that I just put in the first thing and the other tickets blanks we were talking a lot. ABOU- Golden Gate and synthetic and that potentially being an ended advantage on a day like today. Where with the East Coast tracks diluted that a player who plays woodbine might would have a little bit of an edge in terms of familiarity with golden gates? And all I can't I can't I can't six. I don't follow Golden Gate at all that plays the same or you know. So what are the factors for you in synthetic handicapping that are different than betting dirt or turf that it's it's basically a fair surface. Most of the time I I just hate factoring bias into every a lot of players look players that big money do it and you're the second person to say that on so I don't really care villas fair every day. Hey would you know I i. I'll be fine. I'll be more than fine. Just don't give me a don't want to buy it. I don't want that horse. I've been waiting for to get over Beca it's plain speeder. Her closers and you feel like sent generally speaking fairer than than any the surface woodbine house right now. The previous one the poly all tracks they had it was basically the opposite of a dirt track. It was seven white closers all day and all night you know and I think keeneland had the same track and and that one was blowing at their backs in the lane just handicap. The last two so the new the new surface. It's it's everything is just most days. I don't even pay attention to the bias like I don't even keep them for the for the synthetic I wouldn't mind your thoughts on the new Woodbine Turf Horse. Did you play much of it last year. You're looking forward to it this year. Yeah I was playing playing it. It was all right but you know I just. I snuck on a couple of times after rains jeans and seem pretty hard but I'm no track specialists or anything right and even more important. I didn't run a horse on it and and I have someone who's doing an indepth study good handicapper. That has nothing more time than I and he goes. You want me to do something. You only woodby right because women do something over the winter some stat I will. Yeah tell me how the horses coming off the inner turf races I would mind. How did they can come with a number you know how did they all come back overall? was there a trend very interesting. I think I think there is one. But that's just kind of thinking about a day to day meeting. You WANNA share. Sorry you WanNa share your theory on what you with your hypothesis really. Yeah yeah talk more about that goes on. How's the summer How's The wicker down in Florida? It started off badly. I spent the first five days in the hospital. Oh my God At Idiots a Toronto airport made me take my cat out of the bag right then. Don't break my balls on twitter or some please guys but this poor cat security yelled let me to take it up like twice so I took it out of holding her and she's neurotic and she. She was fine and then she looked around and she started just sunk into my hand three times. I'm gushing catcher at the other end of the airport under so my something. She bit me again and I find it locked and she went in the age and we got infected off five days. I five days in Florida. I've been to a hospital. It's not good. KNOCK GINA recover. Okay yeah it's almost the middle finger kind of locked in the morning. It's like tendon thing. But no offense Tommy but I was more worried about the cat. My Cat's great now. Because you know what's she's really scared of everything but in my backyard. There's this manmade lakes it and there's squirrels and little lizard big lizards which ducts with Whitehead's and. She just stares at the window imagine murdering them all. Today's nine to one shot is going to be second and Faisal watched shot two to five or three to five is going to go down Royal insider for Steve Leave NAP with Yego. Pierra is five to one at twelve dollar winter and the nine to one that looked like Who did all the hard work? And I gotTa tell you that horse the five Kyle L. More the Gary student that went to its nose out of the gate and so that was a tremendous effort by the five nine to one and a lot of people. The yelling presumably more nine to one and the winner but option plays dwindling. I'm sure a lot of people participating there. How many places do you have left timing? I don't know how many are alive. But they're all in I'm done for the day. You put them all in early. I one ticket all in once. I got the scratches and and had to go to change the law races. I A couple of Laurel races. They were censored by the way who you. If if it's not you in this tournament who you rooting for Justin. Do two dollar ticket on them so for anyone. So Ray Arsenault was up there doing pretty well you sitting with him. You sitting with Toronto. No no no no no. Where are you with well stocked around? I'm trying right you know. I don't want to bug the Toronto guys side. Saw Tony's I'll share so I know probably till four o'clock I'm going to have all the allegra shows up. He's been bouncing around here. Don't he's been beside me and where you know. We talked for a while. Once razor started perfect guy to sit next to He's he says the same thing about me because I can really start talking and you know I'm so like today I was ready. I had nothing to do but you know handicapping to do just a little bit thinking so I was read. I've been ready for the last few days right so I can sit there and talk talk all day tomorrow. It's a different than how excited are you for the Breeders Cup betting challenge to be back at Keeneland this year. The site of your great victory. Oh Yeah just to get. Even though it's a a two day trip just just to be able to go to keeneland three times in the year instead of two I want something. It's your home away away from home in many ways. What do you like about Cain lintels? I don't know I just I don't have always hated. Going to places that are crowded compan- no one likes to hang around about drunk and you go to a place where everyone is drinking. The odds are so the first time I went there. I never had. Everybody was just one thirty. Everyone around these hammered right and and it was never problem. You know what I'm just saying. Okay so I got over that then just just got to relax. Don't they. Don't relax and then the money. I want like heroin. Never mind. Relax relax you subtle make you want to. I don't know what it is. I feel magic every time I go there now. What whether it's getting see people get the C. France but I'm real sweeping? Don't sleep for a week before the because I going to go there and kill him ears feeling. What what what what? I'm confident I don't sleep. I asked Jim Goodman what he thought. The connection between you and your success excess there and he cited confidence. He said you feel he feels like no horse. Blair is more confident than Tommy. Massa Keelan do you think that's right or are you that confident I've I've won every way possible team Lynn's got back to the hotel room then even though I wanna catch twenty four thousand because my horse was scratched and I got the favourite and a big war all kinds the stuff like that. They were watching as executive branches Even money winner Chad. The one four four seventy two so no help in the nightcap at Oaklawn for anybody really I mean unless you're just for some reason how to play left and decided to get involved but unlikely to shake things up the way we've seen we should be due for new leaderboard fairly soon. Well we just saw John Kosten. John Walked by. He's got royal insider. The Steve knapp Napa Winter Nineteen dollars combined and so a nice little boost for him and we'll look forward now to the Santa Anita This will be excuse me the seven. I should say we already had the cows come up with the winners back to where exactly right now. We're looking ahead head to the seventh and our. We have two more mandatory as things have just whistle by the this. Oh and by the way actually Casey. I'm sorry Casey asked me a break break an hour ago. We just ran through two hours since the last break unbelievable. Let's take the break here. So the Casey Chop up the segments on the website site. We're coming to you live from bally's Tommy masses. The Hammer is with us and look so distinguished with the with the glasses blesses. My aunt calls me the Macedonian George Hamilton back after the apparitions with Steve on Sirius Sirius. XM radio develop by horsemen horse. 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XM Radio uh-huh the we're back on the music is playing but PEOP- compete nine headed to the metro and rich was saying hello to somebody and I ran into Andy Burg and and and he started to talk to me speaking of music music. I got some comments on the music that was playing on the feed before you came on today and I couldn't I couldn't remember first of all was super positive about The quality of the music but it was it specifically. It was about the GIN and juice bluegrass cover. Who's that WHO's the artists on? Yes and Casey and I have been. That's that's that is that plays haven't really used it. We haven't used it In show but it plays as we have a K.. Cases got a pre show and kind of OPPO show tape and I'm and I found it originally. I want to say say case. He'll tell me a second. I completely forget I founded years ago and I said I knew because I knew case with would go crazy. And he'll give him a second. I forget who it is but it is. It's awesome pro player Sean. Bormann was very excited about hearing it and said you know if for you if we need to take a break we could just play that again. The GOURDS gourds. Yes the Gorz. Yes there it is thank you. Thanks case Steve Out to make the suggestion to you in DC. And the Pete some of the interviews that you just had here with those people when when you when you put together a Like a best Delvin love and taking a day off but if if you could cut off as some of those interviews man oh man tremendous tremendous interviews well and it's funny. Elite people seem to love the coverage from here and at the same time when I when I run. When I'm off like we'd have I especially especially the June July break? My tendency is to run. You know at either final table Sunday Sunday tape or you know whatever and people say. Oh it's boring to listen to contest. It's not interesting. What do you mean it's not interesting? Are you not interested in the kinds of people because we're not just talking about the I mean we talk strategy but what about everything else that gets it gets discussed and incites set approach and tools and I. I'm I'm surprised when I when I hear that from some people. I'm surprised I I would say for for example Roxy Interview with with you folks if he was a paid consultant at a gaming conference he pipe big money for a lot of the stuff he talked about hundred eight percent. If you if the quality of guess we've had nothing that we've done but the quality of guests we've had today yourself included rich if you can't learn something and be entertained by by them. I can't help you well. Here's a compliment as somebody. That's enjoying the show. Our partner in the horses. Steve Garland checking in listening listening on the beach and Costa Rica. Oh now that's how it's done that's how it's done right. Not so bad not so bad. It feels like some people have left Steve. I'm looking at the crowd is thinning out here for some people they put in there too they must there's still to Mandatory so they must have made their mandatory plays and they're gonNA go watch it from their roots dangerous because of you know late scratches and whatnot agreed agree. Maybe they're close enough. They think they can get back here. I don't know TQ. Tom Quickly walking by. He gives us the mets quickly quickly. It criticised rocking the trademark aloha shirt and looking really good quick you put in their Their last mandatory about a half hour ago Oh and then went up to the room and took a nap and say they were like in Fifteenth Place. If they take a look at the standings at the end of the day they might be fiftieth. I mean there's there's a lot going on is coming. Well we've got a full field coming up a seven to five favorite for Peter Miller for the Rosen's going to vegas going to Vegas. How about that seventy five here? In the seventh race at Santa Anita let's handicap this and how about how about ELISSA WITH I. I saw her daughter. It's gotta be your daughter Right. It uh it would appear that way on the feet Making a giggly appearance. And what's the secret of we're going to hear here from Christina Oliveras blacker tomorrow and What's the secret all these quarter horse trainers marrying up marrying up the TV the to go become a quarter horse trainer to Landa Right TV? They become an unbelievable. It's unbelievable looking ahead to this seven. Here it is. It's a maiden eighteen. Seventy five going a mile on the grass and fielded nine quick A quick glance. Let's look at this field. Doug O'Neill stretching out violent speed of violence philly for great friends racing Out there and you're looking get a twenty one to one third career start. Hasn't done a lot to recommend her as of yet Flamingo Bay. An Irish bred the holy Roman Empire for an an and May Her brother or brother. Her husband is a bloodstock agent mail Mail Lloyd I think right they eloy. Male Loyd is I think the partnership this is another try sources over five got one the show performance newtown or stunned actually actually bread and thirty two one four two one on wine at sunset a second time starter. Eric Cruel Jack and by the way earlier one of those nights so I think one of the Nice Prices Matthew recently and that is the. It's not respectively. It's not the kid road on the East Coast. This is the the the the veteran or is young. But he's still a veteran who wrote in Hong Kong. And it's reese Poli Reese Poli reese he's like like reese Poli Poli Walk Poly. Rose Reese Poli is how you pronounce that I got that directly from Mir Ahmadi. So it's gotta ought to be right now. He was master of pronunciation. Eric Rule Jack is using him to great great success He's getting a lot of good mounts but cruel cruel Jacko's with Mike Smith in this spot Wine at sunset. And you're looking at four to one off of a ten to one morning. Line Cosmic cowgirl Ritchie. She bought this for sage racing and partners. She is with responded and eight to one here and Rosario Road last time This one is moving to the grass with Malibu Moon out of a yes. It's true mare bred by casselton lions. I give up the five Hector Palma seventy-two With the Pierra puts the blinkers on. Lucia's design Craig Lewis. WHO's won four races here the first COUPLE COUPLE OF MONTHS COMING OFF. A bullet work says two one then. Some prices thirty five to one on heat the storm Turkish Angel with Jose. Valdivia Junior. I I love you. More mean Michael McCarthy going back to the grass after a trip to Golden Gate was actually a decent third in their up at the s African and thirty thirty eight to one and then three two two on going to vegas who is over six but four seconds. Isn't that a career. Megan might might just might just have have that look about it. Maybe an interesting place to try price against this favourite despite the hunch play name. Golden Gate is in the gate and the eight after this will will be the last of the mandatory and there's only three races left on the day for everybody and looking here at a field of eight. You've got got an eight to five favorite brother Chichi. Oh and You've got to shot seven or stone grow for Tim. The Cana trying to win his second of the afternoon looking for the quickfire double up there at Golden Gate keeping an eye. There is my man. How you you doing John Lennon Netco Louis up there we go John Nichols having himself day up into fifteen place as I think he was about ninety five dollars turning for home and every raise the golden gate like like you said they all live across the top of the typical poly track? It's unbelievable this quite a Finnish Bali track. Did you play here now Now the two wars eight to five favorite and here comes five to one inside three seven one shot as typical polly chaos. You have eight horses. Assist seven of the eight were separated by a like the corner. That was a crazy craziness. I look at the three Gallup out. This is Juan Hernandez aboard for Dan. Marky seventy one. Dan markel a smiling tiger four year old gelding and this is a nice mutual. Sixteen dollar winner John. Talk About Your Day Got Lucky early. In the day with the off the grass race at Gulfstream started looking at the race and really didn't like anything now went back again. I looked at the force a little bit in the pocket. Lopez like the rider changed him and the mayor or the Horse three times I start on the dirt that well really took a little money. Came back around on the grass twice and didn't run a separately. I got to look and I said this horse bred for the dirt and mud Justin Adjusted Philip Philip out of the. I can't remember kind of Mary was the thunder Gulch. Maher is mud on mud. I thought so I took a shot with him actually better my pocket too so that paid eight thirty four dollars. Four dollars Just Andy Berg from dumpster and the ad that horses and then got a brutal be huge double chickens double ticket. These live for fifty fifty grand opening of those of you who don't think the contest players are betting. There's your answer after that after that I had the Saint Lawrence Gulfstream and other than that. I just grinding it out. What how how how you approach mandatory? Yeah I'm not the kind. I don't go reach for bombs until I have two of them. I mean I'm more logical player. I go look for value and everything. Thank but if I'm still said okay I don't go out just play. Twenty two one demand worry. Just play twenty two once. I'm GonNa take a horse alike or horse. I'm going to actually play the race right. Actually using a gimmick bet him to win but I'd use them in the gimmicks next. What was your goal coming into today? John One hundred dollars ninety Already Pomona next to you. Plays in our no what I'm got so you have a and you're you're done with the optional. Yeah so you just got the two dettori left. We got a top of the hour or about eight minutes away from the Santa Anita seven and then now the nightcap at Golden Gate actually these are both nightcaps right where does golden gate has one more after the nine altogether nine racecar interesting so there will be hanging around for that. I guess. Yeah we'll get we'll we'll have a we'll have the leaderboard going into the day. Let's got eight minutes Decapa how we just shot on the three. Didn't know I figure Mike Smith ride had them the first race English Channel stretching out. He's taking money now other than that. That's that's the only way I could really come with. It might offer offer little value. But he's been better off the board kind of good sign. I brought up the fact that cruel Jack has been writing recently in you know a lot of a lot of resources and so I thought also that the Mike The the Mike Smith was a bit of a was a bit of a flare. I mean if I wouldn't up close right now I wouldn't know if I'd go. Forty four to one. I'd go for something else in the Stabat but this is where I'm at now I've gotTa take him this play logical. How's the rest of the table doing over there? Francis Francis Truth and sixteenth. He's in there he's he's the table next week. With the Matisse Jesse's in my table he's right up there right now we've got the bet with our table able Jonathan Blake Jesse all of us against the HR table US head to head scores. And go you're looking pretty good right now What what what everybody on the on the on the hook for one hundred and fifty nice like twelve hundred altogether? It's a fun idea that he'd on the other competition. I don't know if it's a table to table but it's kind of fun. The ten strike a partnership and the Little Red Feather partnership have a little bit of a head to head going. I think they did it a little bit different different. They're GONNA do like best three scores or something. And there's a charitable element to that one as well so it's kind of fun. The all the competition Titian within the main contest and then tables amongst themselves and entities amongst themselves as well. You have a pretty good record in that head to head against the bay chocks don't you. I wouldn't involved. Yeah I was always on the Mideast table and they were the table next to us but I know they won the last two years. Insure I love what what's been the dining. You've been here a week you almost a week. Yeah we're going to the steakhouse here in the Tonight Look Nicer. Pete and I went to uh-huh tire restaurant the other night today last year. Last yesterday I was worn out early on when a lunch date. Any fog eating at night here here that I know the feeling feeling what What how much work have you done for tomorrow? And I've looked at about five tracks already. I'm already gone through the preliminary stuff and I'll finish up in the morning. You keep on east coast time this morning at three o'clock Vegas time which is six nine slave their toy for five o'clock vegas time it'd be eight lifetime well at home at home you're churchill by duet ten five. I get there. I'm there. Track them down there at five o'clock just like Mardi Mardi gave me. I've seen he's beaming there once. I think I've seen their one night though when we're still on the old press box when I was a great story Marty. Don't don't cuss me. That much. But but This one we were still in the press box Derby Week and he's now go during the break. I walked back the restroom back in the back of the book I looked down the press frozen. The lack they had the whole road where the press during the Derby and there's Mardi laying on the floor and Indians curled up in a ball talking more during the break always taking a break so fast fast none other. He's he's Tampa What Speaking of which what what. What your impressions here about? How are you? You're not gonNA go anywhere now. Visits more for a week or so. It was like to have a little time off. I go nonstop from. I'll start at Keelan at the end of March and I'll go pretty much seven days a week in a few days off here and there till the end of November who suppressing ring as we get Kinda Roland now nobody really I mean I don't I don't get too excited about him. This early in the year to me horses too much contained with a horse between now and then and I just want to go into the race so now I just don't I don't fall. I've I've gotten to where I don't fall in love with anybody. Now who's who's Jake like I don't know he was. He was going back. He called me last week and he was headed back to Louisville after the draw on Saturday to see his girlfriend. I guess and he's been so busy. Now it'd be Allie. He's gamble is needed for channing. Hill and Joe Talamo. I mean it's like a real working. You never thought you'd see what the kid growing up. He's all grown up. It's unbelievable to funny. We're talking about Jake Romans of course Who who John? Who Harasses John for winners for as long as I know that I've known him since I was a kid and his grandmother? TAMMY's Mommy's actually babysitting me when I was a kid so I kind of feel bad for you gotta look out from a little bit but aw he used to hang out the track with all these guys. It's when actually go the track. Every day be down by the paddock. He was like nine or ten. You come running up this to see who I liked. And we'd watch him. Go Run off until these other guys. He's big betters and everything. So was there one day he comes up one day. I'll look at them. They're shake my head. He goes over to Winfrey Winfrey pulls kick it off. Pocket flashes. Adam J goes run off little say that was a losing ticket. Merlin a day. It was random number on it so they kind of learned after that the next time you talk to jake asking me all that storage straight too funny too funny body they're heading onto the turf course And have the odds moved at all. No Not really twenty five to one and thirty two one for the inside runners that violent speeding beedon flamingo bay. John's worts the four three is four to one wine at sunset. The cruel jacket Mike Schmidt six to one cosmic out girl Maltese. A couple of nine to two shots money spread out here. Five a horse I give up a Becker Palmer. I mean this this going to vegas doesn't this is a horse. That's been second. Four time had the worst marks of a play the right for yeah exactly right. I mean you don't WanNa bet this so you don't want them actually GonNa have golden gate the worst. I took stretch between now. Oh goodness well. I'm glad we flagged you down. Go back to the room one to five shot now in in in that Golden Gate Eighth. Now that's unfortunate. Wow Mandela Mandela. Sent the Horse Up to got horse up Golden Gate after. Take a look just on principle. That's GonNa try to beat. You gotTA wonder five and a three to two. So let's see what happens as they load them up going to Vegas now seven to five. And I know Steve I ran up real money on the four pocket cosmic cowgirl cosmic cowgirl or Rich and wind at sunset for John. Frank Mir Ahmadi giving the The contest the shout out participants this is a maiden claiming seventy five thousand dollar maidens going a mile in the grass Cubans This is Greg. Shout out for the Love Groove Leo Rich James Leo Fluorine Fluorine. Sima not sure. Who else is in that group of there? They're all able they do of course take you there you go. There's the there's there's the five of them there's the table there is the table. The leaderboard continues to roll. They're giving us a double uh a double look and they're promising a Breath update after After this as we just click past seven o'clock doc. This has been the fastest Friday yet and we thought with with some of the difficulties. It was going to be tough here we go. Let's listen to Frank Mira Monte. The second last mandatory day this out of the gate violent speed along inside is very prominent by give up also up close with cosmic cowgirl taking third there followed by three go racing inside all of you more is designed why that subset of the distant trailer is Turkish Angel. I turn it's violent speed in front by go into data for big obey the rail conflict cowgill between three one. Three of the kids that it's all if you talk to design when at sunset and the distance to Turkish Angel Jordan while Polston violence speed we there live from Vegas second I give up to their outside next the cowgirl two and a half ranks you decide it inside. Libya board is for the bill to war to sunset and Turkish Angel. This trend through you go into Vegas takes around the form germ violence speeds second this. It took tame seems to please the champion scare business. He seems designed was sensitive. It sets in completes the assuming well. There's a maiden breaker at took seven tries. And I I Jon. Your Mike Smith was standing up going onto the back stretch and didn't ask for a thing that was that was. I didn't get slow paced. Who there's no passing there? It didn't Jerry Jenny Reese they can Getting the getting a little little Kentucky Kentucky Anna going so sixty-five winner and the six four to one so no real You know modest takeover now steve power right and that gets us through the night nightcap and seem to remember you're GonNa Handicap again. John it's going to look back at it and it was nine six five eight and and three nine six five eight three the nightcap you money in Santa Anita so we've got to racist left to on the race day Dave Golden Gate's eighth and ninth haven't looked at the nine yet but three. What do we know that that we'll have a look right here? That's right 'cause that's it for Santa. So we're we're and then there were two you can use the last race as a four thousand dollar claim to eight horses. Signed up for that one would manager the two to one favorite Jonathan Walk so people will be trying to beat. Jonathan one needs to release the next one race. Eight coming up in ten minutes. I would imagine a lot of people's Day. We'll be wrapping with this Mandatory in Christian hellmers sitting at eight hundred eleven and everybody. Everybody needs to go blindly. Hit a number back spin the wheel. RANDOM NUMBER DOT ORG number one through you John. Thanks Nichols everybody One of our favorite people around the country when and We're doing our thing. And the two weeks we get to spend John so accommodating to the invasion of his of his private sanctuary Mary He Don Winfrey and Beat vestal they're up there by themselves and and Oh my Gosh Barest the the recording the recording numbers we are but say hi rich resnick. How're you actually grab that preppy grabbing the and here's Jay Jay French wonderful full experience? You have to talk about it. It's a much different experience than going to the track with your friends You have to be physical Shrink Pink Siren at Sire. This really and I hope we can get him next year. What the your your next next year? What's going on this year? You're in trouble radio. I'm hanging in there. Somewhere in the low sixties. I haven't seen well. That's that's that's not bad. That's nothing wrong with that shortly today. It's four dollars. Yeah so just sixty dollars now and I think the last where he said Golden Gate's pretty wide open the the nightcap not not the mandatory take this one Are you going to try to end mandatory. I was not gonNA play boys. Wow this is okay so this is a starter allowance. I have not looked at this rate. She had thought on the Thurber of sheets. It was a very close race is interesting at and let's you're my third graph the user of the day and talk a little bit about the. When did you when did you discover Jerry Jerry for Scary about thirty years. Twenty five years. I remember when she's written on small five by seven graph graph paper and when we went to Saratoga we would pick it up at the diner when the bus came in. That's so They knock the building down. The dog also swims with the Fisher House. What it it's gone and I think it's a it's a wonderful product? And she's become a he's become a friend and this is terrific. This is terrific. How did you qualify I won A feeder and then a qualifier one of the twenty seven dollars one hundred sixty five dollars and were in great horse racing stories it was a twelve race qualifier and in the last race was picking prey which I think is terrific and in the last race I had a twenty two to one shot. Just please don't ask me if I made a bet on it because I the answer is no I was twenty eight dollars behind the winner and then My wife is screaming out in Iowa. So that's great this as a small bucket list item for and of course in the Pan and the pick and pray that you you pick that horse in the last race you really liked it that was. I don't have that opportunity. Just reach for prices. That frustrates people in the live format prior people picking it just because they can do math. And that's that's the event they need can pray. You set your own line and you can't just take a stab. Yes I've read your book twice. Oh No that's awesome. Thank you and I listened to your father when I was asked. Where did you From Manhattan Bronx Broom. We're at McKinsey Manhattan. Which were dad was from his dad's family there? That's very cool. It's always great to get a chance to talk about him. And you know I always make joke when you when you were a fan Dan. You let me know you're a fan of my father immediately. Know three things about you. I'm old great musical taste of a certain age. No doubt no doubt very very cool. Well that's good to see everybody and keep doing good work. Rats are that's our obligation. It's our it's our mission and delighted that you get here and How much work have you done for tomorrow? Well I took a quick look at the mandatory my daughter and granddaughter flew in from La to be here and go out to dinner tonight. And I suspect I'll have my usual solid twenty three hours sleep and down here three thirty thirty tomorrow morning whatever. Hopefully the weather will be good for everybody. It can knock out what it looks. I have on fairgrounds grass racing. I spent a lot of time on them. Didn't that a nickel off the turf races. Everyone's in the same boat right absolutely absolutely thanks. That was great. Thanks rich resnick and one of one of Jerry's kids as I like because all of us that That are that are disciples of Jerry Brown always good to bring in that star graph after user perspective and served in pretty well today. That's not a bad spot to be in as we approach the today one obviously tons of work to do tomorrow but I would say you know if you can get a number close to that holding serve total. I'd be feeling pretty good about that. WE'VE GOTTA GET WE'VE GOTTA get What is going one on there? We go We gotta get hold of get Ahold of Michelle or or Keith. We gotta find out the leader of the inventors be willing to find out what about this. I don't know I do is. Hopefully I mean very very likely to be the leader at the end of day once Hopefully they'll be digging. Do they did. They do the booklet this year that we have a yes. But it's if you didn't like basic is because he didn't qualify insulate Gotcha goes through December. Okay well let's take a look and see I'll see if they can find about our our leaders while you go on the Well you go on the mission there's We've got three minutes to this last mandatory Golden Game here is the this is interesting. They player profiles. Yeah there's a ton of information this buck lately we. We're drawing live to find something interesting out here rich. Did you look at this golden gate forest to the favorite Horse interesting little bit. One was three tall. He's only two to one in the bedding right now. The other one is a little more price was the four it. It was really woke up with a huge huge race last time out as a million Bentley Norsk repeat every repeats outrages. She's actually got a pretty good shot from trouble before is eight to one right now. Drift out on that favorite out to three to five live and I would think this potentially get some people yelling especially in this favorite dozen fire some pleasing prices on the Lord some folks GonNa GonNa look to try to get back in this thing. Hurry as we approach our last mandatory race it appears that now being j benton qualified after after the deadline to put the book together because his name is not listed in there so no help from his book. The Miss Yeah we like Men and women of a mystery in this tournament. So we'll we'll get the skinny before too. Long Steve's off on a fact finding mission Somewhere I have have a somewhere I have a list of where people are sitting. That might offer a clue as well we we can go. We can go to the horse's mouth as it were but I'm pretty sure what happened in terms of building. That impressive leading total is must have had those quick fire cap horses thinking he must have had both of them so that was a good. Yeah that's the quickest way to get to the top Cap Cap Cap. Take a look here. one minute to post now at Golden Gate two races remain and oh we might have our man here we do. That was impressive. Steve Holly that was Halley Short. Got That so we were speculating. Albion as to how you built your big total did you have those quick fire cap horses. Interro what was that experience like coming up with those two and having that all happened within such a short period of time. Unbelievable unbelievable will it. Just put me in a position where I can manipulate. What do the rest of the way? Let's I can't let let's catch up up on on your background. It's your first time. Yes yeah did you qualify for qualified on horse players. I got really really hot in August. I I just started rolling after the four day and then just going from there and am I ended up getting bailed out with junior Alvarado in the last race Saratoga. Talking one day he had the news on the eleven hoist and he was seventy one and he got there for me and I walked over twenty people to get in amazing. Or are you a New York area. Guy New Hampshire. Oh New Hampshire very nice very nice and how long you been involved in racing. I've been since about two thousand one mile alkyl owns racehorses These take me rocking apart and definitely need to play the sport I love it. It's great unbelievable animals most they they're athletes. They really how how did you. How did you get pulled toward the contest side Well believe it or not. I watch I watch that show that it was first players actually came in from that and I said you know what I think I can do this and then I was talking to the life and I'm like I think you know if actually sleet devoted some time to this actually be pretty good because I worked three jobs so this is what is your profession. I work at Walmart at their a distribution center. I'M GONNA unload their I worked for my buddies cleaning company and Believe it or not I still deliver pizzas to this day. That's been there twenty three years so that's right. Where do you find time to play the horses with that schedule even or not? I put it all in before the pick and praying to pray realistically. That's amazing and you play a lot of the feeders and things like that Yeah I played most of them. MM-HMM for me. It's pretty much Friday Saturday. Sunday for me is the only time I really free chance but when overtime comes back at work you know what I mean I just put it in and go to work. I'm sure it's a blur but what do you remember about what you liked about those big price winners. You had today while I just love how they both sat awesome trips and and you know they. They came right growing needed him late and they just held on delay which is which is awesome for me handicapping methods and a tools computers algorithm name. Mary Kate and I just run through. Stop the rams. orbs words have a program that commercial staffer proprietary thing I got him through a buddy of mine who works pretty interesting and yeah hey gives me shots anyways keeps me in there and you know whatever happens tomorrow happens today and so in in some ways. You're basically you're basically just picking winners off of us. There isn't that too but I but in terms herbs of but in terms of the format as opposed to as opposed to playing. You know playing cash money how you know. How does the the wind place format format? He'll fit into your approach It's great because I know I have lied bombs. I just have to wait for him. You know what I mean. And that's one of those things. Thanks I I was sitting on lease it. I missed a horse earlier. Gulfstream four horse ended up winning dollars. Voice I just haven't got them. What did you hear this mandatory Three US I just think they had the had the trip he added ozone way. He's still can win. So I the three who had a little bit of trouble and a strip irrefutable myron older today three two one now. Nah then you can do four to five on the Mandela Klondike Creek. Gio Ponti a seven year old. Run down the one voice in fourteen. The one mad at money The Ray Bell Twelve to one shot. And then you've got Electoral that Alvian is taken to irrefutable. The Board is seven two one five stretch choline six is sixteen and the outsiders American thirty five to one as they're ready to go. Here's Matt Bittermann. Take your has a clear. Lead appears to be going beyond their ouster agreement with track tasted second the second lease recruitment and he's very again in the data from reading in the rear end of office. Leader sloughs things down the next link behind a bit closer that sick Zeeshan American prince third leader role going pretty right now green green as the seven runners. We're sick reading still bye-bye bad apple. Irrefutable again insisted re-instill showing the link Shuli Snack position. BURPING troop hits the Third America's neck. Listen recall seriously. You repeatedly trying to steal reclusive doing ninety ninety three take command on doing well even money with her. You could just hear the air go out of the room in the last. That's fifty yards there. When it became clear the chalk was going to get there? A lot of people had the longtime leader. You look good for second there. He just it didn't find well and and it's funny because Anthony. Georgie was sitting still. I mean he was. He didn't didn't. That's that's what I thought too swell glance here waiting these numbers you gotta you gotTa turn that air. We go little little committee. I'm the only one wearing a headset and Dinner was blaring through hundred. Seventy eight forty You'll you'll finish for the day and The the closest pursuer is twenty five dollars. Back that's John Bale who was the first the first leaderboard update of Of the day He was on top so he that he kind of floated down and floated back up so probably twenty dollar plus lead the going into Saturday. The perfect awesome. What will you have to change game plan for tomorrow? It'll be editing. Just pick winners and you seem very comfortable at the high end of the of the odds versatile obviously in the mandatory there at a a five to two shopping seems like your preferences to reach the longer while the funding is so my buddy is is that you know going through this I i. I'm very very restricted and contests races. This is the first time I've been able to just take playoffs in play. Would I want That's interesting so good point. Did you do anything special to prepare for. That applies valid six hours. After I sat on the tarmac for two hours took a six hour flights it ended up being eight hours as wired for sound when I got into now. It's just go back at it. I got so many races to look at you. Got To try and find what is logical for a priceless. What's your goal at this tournament? My goal is forget around two thirty ready for tomorrow but obviously we're we've done very very good so I put myself in positions firm all I would have loved to be here Sunday to play for Sunday. The man upstairs us we do that. Keep finding horses like you did today. You're going to be Withdraw and live to win the whole darn thing Melendez Coletta today take care of itself and move on tomorrow and just keep going. I love this is a tremendous restaurant. What's the rest of the night? Hold I think I know the answer. Yeah think it'll be merryman government governments leaving God speed man. Thank you for coming by. Welcome guys Albania. Benton tremendous best tomorrow. Cheers Buddy Golsby. How great is this and About as the media media's over that this is Chris Little more story yes it could be to go. You know a a real proper rapper force players horse player comes here. Gets the shot gets hot shoots to the lead. We'll see we'll see if we can keep it going like Chris little more it working three jobs mason. That's that was a real working man when these -cation yeah shots dot Gov awesome. That's great My friend Vince Stevedore Vince is asking. What's the day money I think the day money is ten thousand thousand? It's the BBC entry. Okay I think you get an entry so very likely. We don't a jinx the poor man and he could happen. I suppose in the last but he's looking very very. Are you good looking to get that day money about that. And he's got he's got them he's got jenny receives got the Frank A thanks recording and The press will be rooting very heavily for for for not a big upset. EXAC Jack exactly the deal being motion and then also have to interview somebody else it. Let's take a look at and we got a nice. We got a nice opening here here in our last. Probably half hour of coverage We Are we're GONNA hit it right at eight o'clock it looks like Let's scroll through and Hit some of the names and and see where things stand that obviously that mandatory is not going to move anything to know for the most part But the Albion Benton one seventy eight forty as I mentioned John Vail One fifty three twenty. John Fail a good story. uh-huh hot early hot late and one fifty three twenty there Brian Sullivan in third with one thirty four twenty trae styles. NHCD Hall of Famer fifteen plus qualifications for this event. I'm not sure what is best finishes but He's doing great today and thirty. Two Robert childress in fifth at one. Twenty six forty at Peter's Pantini from the Derby Trail Forum one twenty-one twenty best finish in a contest so far a second at the Breeders Cup betting challenge looking to better that here in this mythical money three day format seventh Robert Magneti one twenty sixty former champion. Ray Arsenault arsenault in eighth right now. One Seventeen Sixty Sean. o'malley in ninth at one Sixteen Melissa Margolis top rated female player at the moment. One fourteen eighteen sixty darren. I'm having trouble reading that name from this angle. Looks like spelled J. Guys Geilo or Gilo. One twelve forty Christian hellmers walking right bias. There known more for his live prowess but finished something like eleventh or twelfth. This event last year has got to be happy with one hundred and eleven twenty. He's got Michael Murphy and Lucky Thirteenth at one hundred ten George Bryant Fourteenth One zero eight forty William Holmes Fifteenth One. Oh seven forty todd far or open up their much of the day one oh six eighty Michael Otari co one. Oh six twenty. In Seventh Place John Fisher a very well known and well regarded regarded contest. Player dances all the dances one. Oh five sixty fisher. One of the many players looking for his signature win might get it here. Who knows James Morgan? We started out the day with two entries in the top ten keeps one of them in the top twenty by day's end here probably with one zero five forty. There's another name it just the the angle. Some of the letters others run together. And I don't want to put your somebody's name that you take one jerry philosophy rounds out the top twenty one hundred and five. Some names We talked earlier with John. Kosten John Sitting sitting nicely at twenty second out terrific to twenty Rick Broth last year's Katie winner. WHO's had a lot of high up results? He's keeneland winner in the past. Two One oh one sixty John Farrar one hundred twenty. Stephanie Davis with an even hundred Russell Weber also in that century club. There's here's Bill Schanberg Ninety seven twenty and The other Morgan entry and see their and thirty third. So he's he's in very good shape. John Don Nickles and we talked to ninety four twenty sitting now tied for thirty seven kind of push down a little bit from the fifteen the his highest the slot. Stanley Stanley babble issue did have a lead for a moment. Ninety two forty. He hasn't really moved since we talked to him. No but that's That's fine I think you know if you're ninety or higher here feel really good going into Going in today's to Blake Jesse we talked about earlier. Ninety one sixty trader Mike Denney. I didn't realize that one six genie was in my city. Ninety one sixty Bill Sherman. WHO said he'll talk to us tomorrow? I like it he was going to. He was take pass until tomorrow. Ninety one bucks. The the the the sibling rivalry could get interesting brother. Paul of course has three top ten finishes in the history of this event. He's a past tour winner of second. Nobody's got a resume like him. William Sherman Bill Sherman as we call them looking to another looking for that signature. Victory to move things along how `bout the scandals That of course. We're the point of contention the contest. Gillian queued via the beard. Rule for that appearance but has another entry apparently and doing quite well. Stephanie Davis Her Cousin I would imagine we set her name before as well. So team up there. Lee is here. I'll go you one of the most beloved figures in the contest world and a shout out that Frank Mir Ahmadi gave the Eddie Logan crew. Leo Did you know that was going to happen. Nor nor nor I didn't put doesn't surprise me the Franks He's a big supporter of all of this week. He is A true A true horse player at heart and definitely pays attention to all the things going on. What are the vibes? Like at the so-called Eddie Logan Table here at the treasurer tables in one's like a cemetery in action wasn't we actually really interesting wars. Were just talking about the war in front. He had regained. Hey but after that I mean. You're the hunt I mean. Not US guys shouldn't ten bucks right now tomorrow make the cut us it right Ya. Yeah the cut line looks like it's going to be at the theoretical cutline as of the end of today. Looks like about one eighty bucks eighty six eighty six right now season you look probably what percentage of the people in the room that play Golden Gate that they already wasted all there so That's what we were just talking about right now with with with the guys at the table is like you know anybody can anybody right now. There's nobody out of it right. Where is your ticket line on that? I'm not I'm not playing support is here. Yeah just here with the guys you know steak lobster. Every night. I get a funny story. Yeah about that. I've I've been listening to two big constantly pretty much every day. I don't Miss Because I get on the road. I got an hour drive to work every day so I try to get out about missed the first part and there's a guy that I like But that was years ago but it was. It was funny because when when he's talking about when he's here he it goes to del Rey and had been there a couple of times and then I should take my wife there and the last four five years we go there about thirty five times is a year so if you ever have a bad day where he reservation you can't get in. Just call me and I can get you can get you in. It is so so funny. You told me that story and then I met a couple I met a couple. It might have been here or no. It just may have been at Santa Anita Nita was at Santa Anita and they said you know we used to go to when we were kids when we were like a young dating couple apple we used to go to the Dow all the time and then for whatever reason we kind of moved in we were we were within range but we all of a sudden we didn't go for fifteen fifteen years and you started talking about the Dow Ray and we looked at each other one day and said why have we not gone back to the Dow and all this time and the same thing now. They say that they go almost twice a month now again. Yeah Yeah we don't we don't miss it. Was We started going back to my wife. Ordered the same something like the first two years and then she finally shake. She's she's finding she's right now. She's on the Chilean Sea. Bass right. That's that's the biggest. You'RE NOT GONNA get it if you're not going to get a pepper steak Chilean sea bass. I'm funny I should have gone to the Super Bowl party last Sunday. And I I'M GONNA kick myself that. I was in town for Super Bowl and actually I didn't think to call you my go-to guy was Richie Silverstein. Because he was dating. Yeah Yeah Yeah Right. Is he still. Data's yeah yeah she yeah I think so. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. So it's retired. He retired judge agents. Yeah the funniest other things you know you like fossil men's right. Yeah and I grew up like three blocks from there. I grew up from three blocks from there. Yeah there was a there was actually before you don't probably with the time you start going there. There was a liquor store on in the corner called Dornier's and that's you know I have about five things that got me into racing but when you walked in the door. He's as a kid. They had the winners. The Guy who had a owned a bunch don't you horses and he had the winner's circle pitchers and they were like I mean they were. They were like eleven by seventeen like those big black and white around the whole around the whole place itself so yeah so we go to Dorney and get soda and and we get the green sheet right and we get the green sheet so this is funny J. Privilege so we get the Green Jackie and then we would go. We're like eleven years old right then we would go to the park right and so we played in the summer. We'd play Football Basketball Football Baseball and then at five thirty we stop doing. Put a Horse Jockey on right. You take which you know what that is. That's that was a real race recreation show. That was popular back in the day. Jay Richards right. Who's still alive and they've got a really funny story about that so but So we would do. We would bet so we were. Betting is like eleven we were betty. So we've been ten cents we take returns and then I. I was always a clever when I was trying to pass post like I was trying to fight it out before I can win the money but it was so funny because in the sweet was funny as I've I have something big scores. Something I'll yellow horse and jockey or whatever like that right and so Mir Monte he One day after we're talking in a button horsing jockey comes up and so he clicky he gets his foldout right and he calls Jay Richards on the phone so Jay Richards is still still alive and kicking in town. Right Out Vegas. Yeah Yeah Yeah you gotTA. He's got an incredible story and he went from that that he went from there. Doing the horse and jockey came to Vegas Right. He did the when you went to the Racing sports book when he went through the racing sports book after after. You know. This is when they didn't have you know he had no video. No nothing you'd listen to the races and it was j richards calling the races. He did the regime town. Yeah Yeah so you know they jump from one track to another and it was all racist creations from the right absolutely. Why not guys up the guys up? The you know like the hotel across from Saturday. Getting the service right and he he run and tell Richardson I were friends. WHO shuttle human? He was my predecessor at the Las Vegas Review Journal. He worked there ten years going when I was doing or in writing the columns and the handicap turf right when he was going to retire and do the Hong Kong thing with the Hong Kong the Hong Kong. Hey the Capris I him and Rosser recommended to his bosses forced. That's all. I got the job at the Journal. which helps how it was funny? Because you know freight how how how how funny he is and he has. He has Jay. He'll do his call. Oh you know person jock powerful speech or you're not so we have a lot of fun. We have a good group of guys on lowering since to my right James Lee House there. We have guys coming in and out and or Katya who runs the place right. It sounds. It's a special place has a place as you know when they talk about like magical places like there's a lot of spores that happened in that place so it's tough for me leaving because of the product but of course you know we're we're loyal customers have weeded free time. We we we still. They're still showing up reporting the room. Where you support Sanam Leo? You're known as a player sharp handicap. But I think of you as one of your particular alert skill sets as the ability to write tickets and and construct. That's yeah so when you've played in this tournament before do you feel a little bit. You feel a little bit handy because you can't you don't have now. I'm not I'm not out of my comfort zone but my strength is I pick pick pick pick six multi. Take a waitress funny because I was thinking about what are they. I think Hawthorne does is anything where I know Jonathan. Yeah he had a sixty five today. Yes so I think that's my strength and so it doesn't define me as a player. I think Nick Paton on. I think it was telling you it's like you said you'll don't chase it you'll next here's another year so that's the way kind of looked at it right and then you came yesterday. I'm here with my friends We're having a good time and and You know it's the place to be. You set it man definitely definitely Kelly is and hopefully. We'll get you back playing in this next year. Yeah yeah it might start earlier. Maybe this year yeah all right. Great Cheers Leo. Leo of monitoring is one of the great players need any logan sweet and just a just a real a real positive person. Paul Yeah that. Follow him at polyester. Yeah he's contests player a cut. Come on the last New Year's just the last year brand new at it he's just these these absolutely torn it up. Yeah and UH UH came here came here with a chance. Don't know how he mentioned how he ended up today. Leo mentioned Dave Good for the the artist formerly known as maybe curious to get an update on him. Let's take a look at standings linked to see where he ended up tonight anti on August. We're talking about last year when he was playing for the bonus started off Chile. Chilly and ended up ended up in pretty good shape fifty three and Thirty eight okay. Well within a cap horse or ran away a lot of people look at it and I think at the end of the day you can say hey within a cap horse of the cut line on people will be happy with you know at the at the end of the day. They'll have to have a day tomorrow but why if not why not fall. Kush forty seven six taking the context where seven hundred entries if told you at the start of the day so you could finish eightieth. Yeah that's right because you're imposition. And the you know the real running in many ways starts tomorrow especially with the cancellations we had today. There's just of options available tomorrow with the better weather expected tomorrow. Moving Day here at the age. See the top sixty nine players will want want to compete in the semi final on Saturday on Sunday at about halfway through the day. Those sixty nine we'll get winnow to the final ten we'll go on to compete for the eight hundred thousand dollar first prize and the title of forced player of the year just about three million dollars a year on the line. It's going to get very serious. Tamara state well. And just you know not to not to Belabor some of the people that have struggled. But they're going down the list from from zero up and one of Roger's one of Roger's subpoenas do tickets has struck out and he needed. There was a price eyesores that he needed. That looked like it was going to get them going Then we look at some of the some of the smallest numbers. Joe Corey Right Joe Rogers Roger his other ticket five sixty Rogers Struggled today Carl Broberg. I see down there with seven forty seven with a bunch of horses and tomorrow. You'll wonder if you wonder if he thinks about the daily. I wouldn't but you know when you're so busy like he is i. It wouldn't shock me. Pete dresses joining us here. How did you do today my friend Pete did you Did you get off the off. The mark today extremely mediocre. uh-huh what does that mean to you. Fifty dollars nothing wrong with ash well within a CAP horse of Of being above the qualification cutline. What was your goal coming into the day? I wanted triple figures but I had some good prices that got third and that seemed to be coded quite a a theme for table. Does it change what you're looking to do tomorrow or do you come in with the same approach looking for that hundred and figure that might get you where you need to be Probably follow a lot of the cut. Line is kind of project some stuff out. I mean I just have to probably sounds somewhat obvious but just you're successful at at the choices that I have confidence in a couple of years ago you were the NHCD rookie of the year. How has the development bent for you as a contest player? You playing as often as you did that. Rookie year I I do. I play off and on online tournaments pretty busy guy and we don't have we don't have tracks like my home track in Saratoga. I live in Boston so Yeah I mean I enjoy it. It's a nice way to spend a weekend afternoon and night. You know my my son and so A. He's a man now he's twenty four years old right you know. We do our trainer together. Go to some football game things but that that's it. Where did you qualify this year? A couple of online tournaments. So you're you came here double-barreled. Yeah what's where's your second entry. Forty two okay so both in yeah in that range a lot worse offering you that makes me feel so you're not looking. Ah Damning with faint praise here. I didn't mean to do that to you. What's the plan for tonight? Going back to study or you're going out now have a nice meal I I've done most the cards of fortunately did not do act. They didn't waste any time on the smart and I will. I will do that. I will wait until tomorrow to see what's going on there. Looks like it's GonNa be okay just. FYI But yeah. Ah What the tracks doing regular fair enough Erin. I that that's a work in progress. I mean we're getting ready to load for the final final race of day one here at the NHCD The nightcap race number nine at Golden Gate fields Still a handful of people around. I imagine. Imagine they'll be some serious rooting going on here. You have any place left or you. You Rat Paul Paul Sirven. He touted some minor values values or competence level in in the big bomb. Here the two so I said you know I got one play left. Let's do it and you're not kidding. Thirty four to one which which is the longest shot on the board Eight to five favorite comes from Jonathan. One four thousand dollars flavors and eight to five. I've On the seven. Unusually Green unusual heat nine year old. There aren't that many unusual eats still running That's that's notable second choice. Wish right now. Five to two on the one blamed right with his main man Juan Hernandez The one horse color me happy a seven year old gelding five. Two two two nine two two on get like me. Sightsee Tamayo with Francisco Monroy aboard and then a six to one and shot the recipe. Six one is the five worse than the whigs up nine to one thirteen one on the three moonlight blue and twenty eight to one pocket prints that were rooting for Peter for cap horse. Capsule the two here we go win. Burley's GonNa go and snacks. The second and like eighty right outside of possible. dachshunds racing with on the wings of pocket grits the grave boards. The red was Thrill deal the one-sided pocket second land in unusually making their way towards the let them work on light blue him. He's on the outside. They open up links on on the links. Strides into third with Koch. Sabado made ape clear after breaking the outside closing score legs off the piece the blackjack gap to the rams racing with the eleven year old lock in rich in a pro scrambling to sixty five favorite has seven path and links to make the final mile color behind me. Light blue contentious turn color me happy in a light blue space of four on the wings of being sent back to the pod. Aw Brown at this point excreting asked by getting like need also leave grim filling Nakisa the woodland owners the rift grinding with Chris. Raillard the script cleaning leader. Kim depending the rim on the other be happy wondered should be activated second is usually green and occurred and they thank you everybody. which great night haven't I say? Get your work done. I and we'll come back. We'll talk to you tomorrow. You got another hat for Tamari wearing the same one. Of course he does of course he does the Great. Yeah I did finally by a hatbox for the for the topper. I couldn't I could've brought it but I'm recycling this one good stuff. Peter Jackson's who ever heard US talking about contests world Three four years ago and got involved in is one of the great One of the great stories that what are the really good stories absolutely seventy-two winter color me. Happy that is the Blaine right trainee with Juan Hernandez. Who of course blamed used and along the way with with his with his preakness horse last year Those days now escaping me my brains to Friday holy cow. It's in there somewhere but my brain fried but it sounded like a lot of people might have had that we're sup- almost surprisingly but I mean I guess if you're you're opposed to the favorite you come come up with a logical. You're you're nearing that sweet spot. It's actually smart just to grind. There's no reason to reach here at the end and should assure that we've this is great normally we'd We'd have to hang around a long time. Find the day one winter. We we did that already. We did do that. And nobody's going to leapfrog past Alvian in Benton and everybody out and a lot of smiles no matter what the scores are Justin in Moose starring. Guns he was reaching out to say hi and color me. Happy nine dollars in change so somebody will pick up. You know ten eleven points are GonNa come in very handy tomorrow this time tomorrow. It'll be chaos. They'll be all kinds of human drama people. Waiting people sweating ten cents in a place. Price is GonNa make the difference for somebody between getting to advance to day three and the not so consolation tournament which will be happening on Sunday as wow. That's a very good point. Six six or eight or ten dollars today. It means a lot because moving the day to take those dollars moving position and trying to get into that top sixty nine to earn the right to play on Sunday. It'll be a lot of that going on. Well we can ask you should not burden necessarily Obliged to wait for the the final update L.. Send out the link and send out some some snapshots of of the way the board finished up are being the Jimmy standings. Things are looking while says. He needs the Silky Sullivan. Finish for we'll see we'll see how it works. Though guy like Patti Daddy can get hot and get moving. There's somebody with zero who's GonNa make you know. So we should mention speaking of some lower scores Bring up the date date on team Matisse because Paul was sitting well down thirteen eighty not where he wanted to be for sure Duke with twenty seven twenty and twenty forty. Yeah I mean a little bit better and those guys never out of it you could see them adjusting and getting back into the fray for sure but but clearly not the day that they were looking for where Jonathan end well. We don't know yet because his last race but Jonathan Sixty four forty eight. He's going going into the end My goodness I just got kissed by somebody. S O Joe Scanty out. Nice this guy. I hope that wasn't like like you know after after everything that went on I. I hope that wasn't like you know Michael and make on freight Freida beat. You're broke my heart and I had nothing to do I. I report the news and I kept his name out of as much just five thirteen call at fourteen twenty which is which is really good. Good points that was actually. The worst was basically four to one. it was a tick away from four to one all the break out a little bit of a drift. There got to be happy with it and it will change some of this positioning being at some stage here though. Certainly not at the top of the leaderboard where Albion Benton is gonNa Punch ticket for the Breeders Cup betting challenge and look really good heading in today's today to here but of course you know lotteries tomorrow very early days and we're going to have to see what happens. Let's all right. That's all right. Yeah Yeah Noah James James and in the sixties. Let's get a couple of updates on some of the Defenders says some of the former winners Chris Little Moore's his high ticket eight sixty. It's not bad at all. That could be developing story tomorrow. What about some of the other champs we saw Steve wolfson making some noise? Seventy seventy one forty seventy one forty before that last race that the other new hall of Famer Rich Goodall playing this event the two thousand eight champion forty one twenty no no. I wouldn't mind being higher but not bad at all sally. Sally has struggled Sixteen forty seven sixty imbalanced professional player. Jim Chicago and sixty. They're they're all sort of you know just hanging around and they put some you know. Put some points It was Kinda first half a story right if any one of those people that you mentioned with those scores gets like one hundred fifty one hundred and seventy Mile Bang. They're right up there. They have their Albion Benton Day in in there and they're going to be looking looking good drawn. Live to make it to that final table trying to think who else who else should we What we check on the bonus baby? Here's what we're looking at one right there in the tour available for a huge bonus I think off the mat a little bit thirty five eighty so that he's got to feel good good about that given he was nowhere hour ago absolutely acid. That's good and then Brad Anderson was the other There's there's the Maven twenty and thirty eight forty Anderson the BBC winner who just walked by. He didn't look unhappy. I wonder if One of he hits something sixty eight eighty but oh thirty three twenty. It can't feel too bad about the sixty eight eighty. That's the one that he won yesterday at the last chance as a very very fun table able with the reigning champs. Scott Kohl's and Brad Anderson they each one in and where did Scott in eighty four eighty eighty four eighty four hundred. He's not have a bonus in this one eighty four eighty. He's gotTa feel excellent about that when I checked on him midday there wasn't much going on And Yeah and he he obviously put A little bit of movement in Let's see where Ray arsenault finishing up for any mental don. Lose some glasses of that one of the venting missing Zingani Glasses here. All the important stuff getting sorted out at the end of how are they going to read the handicapping. David is somebody who left early. Unfortunately for them you learn a lot of things when you punch these letters in A. R. S. gets US Scott Carson Marshal Graham and ray ourselves three of our friends so ray as we mentioned before it looks like he'll finish the day in the top ten or close one seventeen sixty Scott Carson sixty seven forty and Marshall grams. Thirty one sixty another another in that category of not where he wants to be but Couple of horses away from launching himself right back into the situation. Have we heard how John O'Neil's health is by the way no is Robert Ramirez playing in the tournament this year. He would know if we can find him. Yes yes one dollars. We'll find his table tomorrow. We'll get a John O'Neill update hopefully. Hopefully good news helps. One of the nicest men are just love him did we. I should AH NO JOSE. Arias aided qualify this year. Patty County's health is also some question not great and I betcha mentioned Jamie And let's see where he is ending up The way things are I thought I saw a decent seventy eight sixty. Okay yeah lots of former champs drawn life to make day three. That's terrific not not bad at the wall. Well a little less than a couple of minutes really. Don't say goodbye on this Friday evening. Almost eight o'clock back east and a have five o'clock here in California. There's I see Frank Sorenson sitting still and what's frank look APP. No he doesn't. It is not the captain captain. Frank Forty to sixty. That's not that he's not. They shouldn't be desperate rich gang. I gotTa thank you for a wonderful afternoon to noon. Yeah thank you for having me folks. I'll be back tomorrow accent schedule tomorrow. Steve same two o'clock to to the to thirty to thirty two to thirty the first mandatory is is that how is that is ten thirty Pacific Super League. They shifted this a little bit Wow we've does that mean we need to be on for it. I think we not not enough enough to be on for the first. They don't need to be on for that first one but that is trying to do the second one though That is well. You know what I I think. That is crazy early. But I'm glad I'm glad we showed up at two thirty would've been like hey to racists are done Dan. This is why it seems like they've taken a very specific composition of the race. Can't figure out what it would be. But maybe maybe I mean just randomly. Maybe it ended up. The fourth and fifth at Gulfstream were better contests type races than the stuff later in the car so the first mandatory about ten thirty Pacific Time Ten thirty is the first first mandatory that is really ever being the case before well and the last Dettori with golden gate is at four fifteen so you know about about where we were today but they really spread this out a five hour spread. Yeah that's borden that a serious it's going to be fast and furious action on a longer day than usual. Well I I think I think our ticket might be noon instead. Okay Hey that works. Just come in. We'll have we'll have an updated story but there's still all to play for. It's not like that's going to determine the course of things no not at all a and that there's an hour and a half between the second mandatory and the third this you know what's strange range about this is this is very different than the. Are you doing the charity thing I am. It's not the mandatory. The charity thing is no well no I. Pack does have it does have have the fourth and the fifth. There is one rate the OAK. They're not using the king cotton for the contest. They're using that maiden special way to Gulfstream instead. That's very strange. Should be mandatory is but but there was one that they that they swapped out that they swapped out So all right. So let's let's let's call it noon tomorrow. We'll or out along the same day it is. It's the same it'll be the same instead of instead instead of two to eight. It'll be noon to six basically noon to no not even noon eastern three two nine right. 'cause we know we'll we'll be done right. I'm sorry we'll be done by five o'clock Pacific time local so eight so it's so it's noon to eight. Yeah Eh long no no. It's not no it's three. It's the same five hours. Okay right because we're taking eastern three. So annoying I want rich. How are you the sorry guys? Take you take you to make the full adjustment moving from east to west. I felt comfortable after maybe a year. We're here at the beauty of it. Guys is when you're watching ball games on television because the three hour time difference we get to see everything out here it. It is great for sports yup three hours behind the world but great for sports. Well there you go. It's that's a wrap day one and we us the new leader board. I think not that I see any. I don't see any significant movement. I Man Rob Robbie Courtney Courtney right on the bubble right now. That's a story. I'm looking forward to following tomorrow. That's cooled there's marginal I think there's marginal change here. Ed Peters hit ED. Peters hit that last That last race I think to get up to eighth is that right. What was he he was? He was the top ten already was he the baby. Is that updated on this big screen. I this one looks updated. Well the this this update update. Yeah this updates just as quickly on them and Melissa on their Yes yes yeah. There's no it was eighth. There's no major major switches. Know whether it is all right. I'M GONNA GO Casey get home. It's been a it's been a marathon day. Obviously for case on the Board Award and back tomorrow we're GONNA tell you noon to five eastern time. Excuse me noon to five Pacific. All three eastern can add three to Polish three days. Hey this is exactly exactly exactly. Get a bite. The and rest up the vocal chords. Actually John John. No this this is this is updated because John Nichols is up to twenty fifth. He made his he got us. Yes he did one on one sixty oh so he made so when he changed in the Golden Gate Scratch his horse. Scratch that Golden Gate and he ended up getting something yes he got something yeah he he got pilots hadn't seen him yet at very nice well up today We'll find out we're GONNA find out not that ended. Yep Good dinner plans. How am I supposed to remember? I can't I can't remember the difference between East Coast and west coast time. Oh my God awed Steve You gotTa See five seventy. Oh that's killer. This is amazing fabulous more of and t shirt with the iconic Obama campaign poster design but with more of the bet runner. This is my new favorite t shirt. That's responsible for this. Yes I I am. I cannot take the credit for the art. My girlfriend did it all. She's she's pretty good with this stuff you know she doesn't do it for a living. But it's it's fabulous. Look at the look at the pocket. Oh that's great moisture. Asthma colored shirt he wants and he goes Brown. I'm like I'm not finding brown long eared around pocket shirt anywhere. So so what's your next year. He goes black long season. Like I'm not buying long sees. We believe we got on any confirmation about whether or not you you're not the youngest pat stitches the youngest five-time qualifier to the your second. That's something mustache. Bring you luck today. Fifty Comey writer and conditions first. Half that's not that firing away we like like to hear that. And you're in good shape for tomorrow so I gotta get second drink tickets. You're you're winning so if it starts to go wrong long you'll start getting after it on top of a decent deal with conscious. That's that that's what it's about and obviously a lot of smiles. Great Work Eric. Eric don't go too far. We got sort out to dinner plan. Veep thanks so much thank you. My friend is one of the great pleasures of the year to be here get to interact interact with so many players and I thank you for the opportunity. We'll be back with you tomorrow. Noon Jewish capital Pacific. Three o'clock three o'clock eastern time. Everybody when I look forward to talking to you then Rejang again thank. You can't even go through the list of visitors. Who many they out there? There were so many but Roxy Roxborough being the highlight without without a doubt no doubt about it Las Vegas Legend always great to spend time with him from bally's Day One and H C talking tomorrow apperances with Steve on Sirius. 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