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L. o. has chappie so i'm feeling just slightly angry at the moment incredibly hungry And should be getting a delivery of pizza coming soon. My preference is meet bull. How paint so. I'd have no if that's what everybody else would choose. Or if that's a set of accenture choice trying to you might might. This is what my body clock saying. Just a constant cheesy single. I can almost smell nassau. So i'm a little bit. Maybe who knows. But that's going on in my head. So welcome along to the podcast. It's keep calm and kelly flour cheese. That's the name of the podcast. It's a sort of indulgent williams e- into decadent cobb laden weld where we'll houses made cobb's not just gingerbread and Do you come to the dole. And there's probably the unicorn looking rob light baked potato wrapped in bacon. Something along those lines may be scooped out with cheese potato and maybe a small dash of Hot sauce on top the baked beans it. Fill the overlays matanza. Sorry as. I said i am slightly hungry. So anyway let's kick off the show is actually It is episode episode. That he sakes all the podcast. And i thought today instead of You know maybe doing a strip tease. Because i think i am going slightly insane because the food situation in the hangar games beginning onto my belly at the moment so i do think i'm going slightly insane hit but what i'm gonna do. I'm going to give a real treat today. Days gentlemen just mantlepieces. I'm going to actually step a stripping off because he is on. I'm i'm i'm going to stop putting on extra clothes it again moment at union. Jacks nineteen abuse smuggler. I'm going to add to that. Perjury tweet then maybe a striped button-down embraces some hyping. Extra thick sock. Sorry i think oh you know what the long john take serve food and i'm going to slip on a pair of swatting yellowing grandfather. Those i'm slipping those right now over the top of the around your laden and covered with our old friend of the union. Jack speedo anyway. So i'm going to now put on slammed and one fishermen swing on top of and maybe some some over they'll tables and talk about and then and then they year she'd skin coat scott little clouds on there as well ballots from pat. And then i would never do the beanie. Mrs no yes now. I'd never do. But i would do the tweet back on top of that on top of that and may be one of the acrobats. Scott maybe moral nine hundred seventy mascot on top of that. They will do that as well. And i don't know what we should finish. What should we finish up. Maybe some shade. i'll and swelling. Finish off the whole ensemble. Okay let's get into the show mighty hot and i tell you so your show today. We're talking about Maybe teach towels bench and where you get a free beach towel about that david. The introducing to nuno nuno also we misfortune this week. A wealthy ciancio fiance is on his girlfriend. Sue boat y'all and the weight of misfortunes county Florence learn the found over the over the fence. If they're late school we will be discussing that as mobley story about a british airways pilots out of the cockpit. An attendant quarter and work to the and making it harry left the next is next sick of in the dictionary with the mexican. Why are want kamala is sit and what would not djelic do. Nineteen coffee again to be happy. Populace need is having no shame. A your tumor. Great talent on the hitchin to mendez card offense. How show cameras can help. In auto and shakespeare and company revealed his office guilty. We're actually going to have the thumbs addition of false this week. We're going to have one. Like the morrow is. Wow and i'm actually thinking you know what i screaming. From abuse grace and energy charged be to nazi. I'm unwound up like a coiled spring in reading the offense around like a slinky going down staff so we have substandard like dr moosa sparkle tenders. Well ladies and gentlemen you're very very welcome and welcome to the podcast and several down into your most comfortable chat you can even snuggie on some slightly fluffy slippers. Maybe some of those that have misshapen ones include. Like a if a partner unicorn will something in just Just slip plates mate fate into the slippers and justice. East beckenham tech breath. And i'm still waiting on the pizza so you know i. This is a good appalled. Cost is decent distraction. When one is angry. I think without a shadow of doubt so i know that particularly original headline bet is ba. The asks how british pot it was sucked out of the cockpit. Twenty three thousand feet. That he is a flight attendant. Colton the incredible tale of how a british airways pilot was sucked out of the cockpit mid flight and survived as resurface that. He has on some twenty seven minutes into the flight in plumbing and mallika as the plane was traveling ever oxygen to the six cult. Pit windows shattered. captain tim. Lancaster was ripped from his seat and sucked out of the window at twenty three thousand feet the full also blue the cockpit door open from its hinges knitting knocking flight attendant. Niger locked into the ground. Mr ogden rushed into the cockpit and managed to grab the pilot's legs as you disappeared out of the window. Mr ogden told the sydney morning herald. I whipped round in seoul. The front windscreen disappeared ten. The pilot was going out through it. It'd be sucked out of a seat belt. I could see was his legs. I jumped over the control column and grabbed him around the waist to avoid going out completely. It shirted pulled off his back and his body was bent out with doubled over the around. The top of the aircraft is legs with jim. Forward disconnecting the autopilot. In the flight dole was resting on the controls sending the plane hurtling at nearly six hundred. Fifty kamal's of our through some of the most congested skies in the world. He was gradually slipping out of the window. He held onto the pilot. But thankfully second cabin crew member john hewitt came running into the cockpit and grabbed him by the belt. The added are still holding. Tim but my arms are getting weaker and then he slipped. I thought it was gonna lose him but he ended up. Benjamin you shape around the window. His face was banging against the window. Blood communities knows in the side of his hand head. His arms flailing about seemed about six foot long most terrifyingly his eyes wide open. Never forget that sight. As long as i live while the copilot asked the action took over the controls a second flight attendant culture. Simon scraped himself into the third pilots. Sharon helped hold onto the chain of men missed. Ogden told the sunday times like remembers looking up at alice to ashington co-pilot struggling to get the plane under control and shouting mayday mayday into the radio. God knows how but while it was going on alistair managed to get the plane under control. I let john takeover in cabin on iran back to look after the passengers who had had the bang. My poll colleague sue prints be looking off the plane on their own blessed. I scream brace brace. Everybody knew the series services of the situation. The pressure on alliston must've been tremendous. Life was in his hands but he brought down the plane perfectly. The pain landed at southampton that whether they're met by the men's services missed ogden lakes left. British airways went onto for the salvation army captain. Lancaster did fly gain. According to report the incidents that branch off to the incident affected us the wrong bolts The screen the report said the windscreen fitting prices. We have twenty seven hours before the plane took off do nineteen ninety was characterized by series of poll wet practices judgments the whole incident was recreated for documenta. Cold air crash investigation. Blowout ed on the national geographic channel. I bet you often that Off if i was the pilot in that situation. I would have broken into the judy for a pull myself. Very large scotch and probably let the hammett seagal. So you love the champs in chapas must be very proud of your host because during that During that two lost the little story about the Pilot being sucked out of the british airways cabin thirty years ago the pizza arrived and i am being incredibly good and i'm not being tempted about eating the piece before i finish the podcast because i mean like old Great amazon as opera singers musicians. Anybody who sings says he should not aid whilst before you perform. So i'm performing the moment. And i'm and i can smell the pizza and it's almost like is like i feel like i should be the rats following the pied piper. That's how the smell wafting up the stairs and i feel that I need some that cheesy goodness but few the listener remaining while i'm actually strapped into my say. If i'm being honest i i gotta a lot strap and put it round the waist and i strap myself into my seat so i'm not going to be tempted by the cobb loaded. Goodness downstairs ward wonderful and in slightly teased and That i am currently but this is a massive amount of willpower. I think that's what you have to. You have to dolph your cap if you're wearing a ball we're troby or any type of hat at the moment notre beanie though norrland bainian this amendment. You could off your being a tremendous artist in having immense willpower. oh so accordion starts playing. I know many of you thinking what happened to my dear oscar uncle. I've known us at the moment. Go miss i think. He's i think he's a low somewhere. Probably laden with three and paul divall von. I would imagine. I would think around the holidays. He'll raise his head again above the above the above the tarts and we may hear from him but anyway in the meantime this music is playing because we have maybe one of the finest stories to come across the Newsprint and of the french schoolchildren asked parents not to throw their cates over the fence. Discourage practice turlov ondraskova now being all students to enter the premises off. Eight thirty in the morning. Some parents have found a way over the matter. An elementary school in france has put up a sign. Stop throwing on farms the friend over the fence. The french fry of the fence as bizarre as it sounds as being observed that many parents resulted to this practice. when they're running late tra la armscor and having all southern from maintains a strict schedule for the students and doesn't allow them to enter the premises off in the morning. Once a gate closes. There's no way to get the children admitted and hence some of the parents take the risks. And how the kids over to sixty fence of the school. Campus fallen repeated occurrence of the school is a no throwing sign outside the engines. Donald you lose those do not long jenna. Laws may on power which english translates are. Do not throw my children gates. So what does the other game then. The laws a forum. The notes is also carries instructions for the parents to be back at the designated slots at ten. Am all three. He had when this when the school gates reopened again. Some parents were literally throwing children. Defense said asana means in principle of law school. It was quoted by the local media. She added that such incidents very frequent. They would prefer to address. The situation is getting too risky and must be stopped before child gets hurt with the notices. She is warmly responsible parents to refrain from doing so. The pressure of making school runs as modern common. And people around the world have to deal with it since since school cannot be asked to compromise. Its academic schedule. He understood the children reaching classes on time fails in the barents and fools on the parents but surely there can be other safer ways to deal with issues value. Geology is not meant for kids growing up new disease it as well. They probably just wanted to go off and get that palmer shop alarm at the cafe and wanted to push the children over the fence and be done with it in mice that did so there is a there is a rob a wonderful story book. That's cold french children. Don't freud food but it does seem that parents should for the children over the fence. Eva if they applica- maybe they could Land on a fluffy kitchen of panish chocolate. Who once again. The smell of the pizzas wafting. Now i'm thinking of a fluffy hat also spanish. Aqua so words of the meghan and harry of left but makes it is still in the dictionary to stay is about breaking a bond with long standing institution. It's divided britain. The to council may never see eye-to-eye foyers oft the vote for brexit came exit a term for the departure the duke and duchess of sussex from rural. Jj's it became so popular. That addiction is named it. One of the woods yet collins which monitors word usage by studying sources such as newspapers and social media found the megs. It was one of the most popular new entries into the lexicon. Terms have gained unwelcome prominence in good lockdown And also key work session distancing fellow megs. It was first recorded in two thousand. Nineteen when newspapers used to refer to people leaving the duchess's household but it took off the january. The when the couple announced their intention to step back from the royal family compal is not a paid in a headline in the sun on january. Nine it immediately called on due to its seconds of brexit collins said the use of medicines night has been taken some courses identifying the duchess is the instigator the withdrawal anyway so onto another topic The crown so i i so the crown is very very good television series. I'm catching on moment. I'm halfway through the season and the the full season is just being released now identified any television show has won a fumbling around on the phone. Google trying to google. If did this really happen is the crown storyline rail oil all day. Making it into a slight soap-opera That's the debate is going on in my head and across the country. I believe Has his undoing. Hugh grant nicole kidman less of a soap opera in the crown. Well this this next new series of the crown is going to be very very interesting. Visits introducing two major protagonists of the very late seventies into the eighties and nineties. Princess diana and margaret thatcher. I'm very interested. I know the mccaren who plays a who plays. Diana is getting rave reviews fantastic reviews. She's meant to be a main she'd been looked like a has has diana's mannerisms down Catch nash And vulnerability. But i don't know about gillian. Anderson is margaret thatcher. Now ahead looks magnificent. I'd love my head to be his booth. Font is that. I mean that that is a wondrous has style and made margaret thatcher was wonders anyway but however they got that to stand up i mean this is like a beehive you probably have thousands of Worker bees and many queens in that bomb. it. I would say But it is an absolute delight. But i don apparently jen. Anderson's voices ravi to husking. Load the margaret thatcher. I think it's an incredibly difficult role to play. And i'm very much looking to see how Gillian anderson dead. But that happy. So tell you i think. I'm going to get one of those aggressive myself. So a two million year old skull belonged to a distant cousin of that humans to million-year-old skull discovered in the south african cases by identified as he elliot's nine example of a distant cousin of early humans. The discovery of a scallop a small brains human. The goose coal principiis robustness cousin. Species to hammer erectus Lack of erectus. Which is salt to be the direct ancestor among humans should have fed help us the understanding of the visionary prices although the two species were around that same time parameter is robust is had Thought allow tweet tough flaunts. Maybe it's closer to the American friends with big teeth. It probably went white back in those days. I'm beating eating vegetables and ended in just a of Of mammoth i suppose But interesting so so. We've got erectus and Principiis robustness a small brained creature. I wonder if he was slightly orange and embalmed with very long red tie around him could be similar but yes relatively large teeth in small brains represent divergent evolution experiments says angelina jolie opinion intelligence in the australian that research team in latrobe university melbourne. While we were full linear should one out in the end. Two million years ago the fossil record suggests that prompted us. Robusta was much more common than hummer erectus. Scape andy harris. Never member of the team said. The scottish showed the beginning of a successful leniency Robustness that allow themselves to survive in south africa for many years like all creatures on a to remain successful. Our ancestors adapted and evolved in colds with the landscape and environment around them. These changes took place during time. South africa withdrawing out leading to the extinction of a number of Contemporaries and mammal species is likely the climate change produce environmental stresses that drove lucien within the this robustness decides not a particularly attractive looking looking scholar. But but i. I honestly think it's got a slightly yellowish to pay on on top. There is a slightly cheeto orange color to dig deeper and find that two extra long Extra-long tie and We might we might know the origins of our incumbent president here at the moment that sound you can hear the background. Sounds like sneezing. It isn't me trying to snow up. A lotta tea leaves. It's actually m jack. The rat terrier becoming Robert sense nostrils incense with the smell of pizza so he gain is saying how you doing man. Is this up stasio pizza. Maples downstairs. And you're recording his gutty pug cost so with thanksgiving coming. next week. I think his nap. Time to discover what nigel lawson with do with a nineteen new kitchen rules to copy so she first of all she says Put up the christmas tree now in our first glimpse of niger. After sunset of reich. Conic bridge as open with bridget. Jones's sandra in the background. She sitting crosslegged on a well as lever armchair surrounded by t lights wool affair lights in the visible gun. Behind it There's more water than a winter wonderland in relation. You get christmas tree out now. Normal rules do not apply because of the pandemic. Let's bring some cherry holiday. Christmas spirit into your living rooms right now. number two pick lee road. Just just been steeping off means of red onions and vinegar for wile. Then you won't be able to follow along. Luckily i'm sure you want apply to anybody reading this. I'm pickled. Onions are an essential along without milk. Sourdough bread she likes it pickler onions. Apparently now i think. I think it'd be a wonderful gift for anybody close to you to get you know. Create a guard jarred pickled. Onions is not difficult to make. You just need the malt vinegar and the permanence hair and you know in by rounded Maybe one of those bomb jaws on his old-fashioned joss but the pick london's in there. I think i think it's a lovely gift for everybody. Shrift endeavor fossil also make your mob. I think that said. That's that's a destiny type of has we've had the pub. Which is the posh bob. After victoria beckham. Nigel is messy long. Bob is called a mob. i'd now i'm shorter the size long on taupe so i didn't think i could do. The mob never knowingly under salt is a good mantra for life although impotent on your t. shirt you might get sued by. The antisocial delivers her into the pam with flair. New wrist flickering of matador downsize. You'll look said niger favors. A mini lecture said in the shade of pasco pink. I do like the orange micro says to em nice casserole pulse pasha condiments one hundred. Always push up the condiments. If you would like to be a condiment queen aid you need to do better than catch up careering gudrun paste a the put on some korean fried chicken chinese crispy. Chilly date molasses english mustard. Oh moscow the kalman's Swap fresh fish fingers. Fresh isn't breaded. Which is the best bit than cook it. Along the an on the packet for optimum christmas. Nigel loses uses them in the form. Engine baltar amash vegetable dish popular india and bangladesh abbott. She also does love fish finger sandwich. So do i fish finger sandwich with some tassels vinegar absolutely delicious. No more chef's knives cost nominal leg if you cook something nice. Don't cook anything toll. Banana bread is dead. No more the banana bread. Some bay believe ebanon is to get a little bit too right as i said in an early podcast using to haney wrong. You've just wrap your head around tahini in savory roasted cauliflower sorta way than keep up a fearless approach to boiling water. Get a tea. Kettle is less less time. That's the key. That's akiva boiling anything of a pastor. Get yourself the bloody tea kettle. I think that is the absolute case as a lot of time. Show on the new cleavage. I didn't know i couldn't do. One of nigeria's black talks. I think kim the the be robert mugabe go on. I think that egypt common appreciative silence. i didn't know about vats I have to tell the talks to get down the something delicious on the table. Slept at spoon. Nonstick spatulas in you. Hans don't paleo veg- She chucks in pill carrots. Ginger banana shots. I grew that she. You don't need pill you carrots and ban the scales scales the enemy of joy To be honest in america every done by cops So it's a little bit more rustic out here and don't use like coconut. Use the full fat heavy. The ocean people so i wanted a gun on the wondrous Instagram gang social dilemmas. hitting high. If you haven't seen the show is a constant feature on the podcast where i rated versions that specifically for me now who'd wear cablenet cricket sweater and tuck it into the jane's somebody heard me told me about it also would i look like and said we're going to appetizer cricket sweat of this young eccentric fine chap but anyway there was an advert advertisement this week for san free beach towels. I mean how can you do son. Free bauge dow I mean i would like to an invention for a sanford bottom crack when you become one with the beach. You didn't get sand in every orifice. Okay so over the moon. Why not try some numale once. You create an new ritual with your kids. Health empower down the screens expand the universe refund bedtime stories and settling for the night. Learn how to make moon milk. That trendy wandering you see on instagram is a tasty way for you and your kids to cuddle up. Wind down is tough to those cold. Winter nights is not only steeped in tradition of centuries of listrik indian tradition new note recipes made using real ingredients including one of the original farm-to-table through real dairy milk. Ladies and gentlemen say warming warming and drinking warm knelt before bed just helpful sleep gloss of real note infused with your favorite flowers and slaves sunny will bring you down in the kids. To level of comfort and relaxation is a soothing way to end the day and helps your entire family meet three recommended servings of milk and milk products per day. This new spin on traditional is almost like a commercial renowned should be getting closer cheers provided you by moon milk. This new spin on additional nighttime ritual is easy begins with milk. The farm fresh variety basis absolutely delicious and wholesome rich nutrients absolutely delicious rich and wholesome mixture favorite flavors from the herbs and spices herbs and spices like cinnamon nutmeg to fruit. And honey off you. Warm it up. Donna's regrettable flowers herbs were drizzle sweetness. So what we go ahead. We've got the kanta mile mood. Melt steep district tetons favorite with milk. We've got strawberry milk. Mix a sweet summer fruit with a fresh zing jinja. We've got katamon cinnamon honeymoon note than to disney flavors of asia katamon and send of honey and you've created lights prevention routes. You got cherry beat lou. Milk makes a summer favorite free chinese tasty fruit vegetables in the fall in love with his delicious blush. You got lavender cac how we note. He's got peaches and cream notes dreamy dayton. We know there's nothing wrong with time to combine real dairy moat with sir. It's one that just meant to be small mom lou milk. Oh my gosh marshmallows. Rasberry moonwalked blue magic and golden milk. An adult note is is the one that really will guide you toward slum bald delicious delightful dreams. You'll ever have okay. So we've got our little game of wheel of misfortune and misadventure. So we have to spin the roulette whale and see where it lands and see. We'll tell we have this week. Give it another tall surrounded at once as one. Most spin him We have the will of misfortune legend demand so this week's wheel of misfortune is Is based around a a wealthy financier and his girlfriend to sue exclusive yada wobbly rutta and the smell of rotten eggs on bold five hundred thousand luxury racing yacht. I wonder if somebody hid in a hit. A number to shore on the boat indra which covered weeks later David harbour and elena. Lakota bolt the soviet in twenty seventeen this serving the company was sold them the vessel. The couple claimed the rudder doesn't work properly. The tap smells of sulfur. A wealthy power couple is suing a top boatyard over wobbly rudder and the smell of raw eggs on that five hundred thousand dollar luxury racing yacht league financier david who des elena lefkada splashed out five hundred sixty two thousand five hundred thirty three on a on a sleek sylvia code selva ten but that prize new acquisition turned out to be riddled with defects including a dodgy rudder strong of salt rotten eggs from the tap water the kitchen sink and the perez lawyer told london's high coal the smell was contained by the being contaminated with bacteria infection being left more than the polluted estrin water. The couple claimed the contamination means is at risk of pot security. That also complained the boat. Has ill fitted jarring rudder which vibrates successively when the bolts are all concoct and. Don't come knockin mr hookah missiles of tower bridge road south london now suny alt- deny the danish manufacturers deny the opted did not conform to the contract in the manner alleged so so apparently gain that the acquisition turned out to be riddled with defects dodgy rutta strong smell of rotten eggs from the tap water in the kitchen sink very very distasteful as situation for all concerned. I think and that's all it a will of misfortune that you don't want to stinking yacht smelling of Rotten eggs which is absolutely disgusting and told me about eggs. I cannot do hard boiled eggs under putting it out there now. Soft runny a runny delicious. Soft bodak with some soldiers in a perfect china. A little cup is absolutely delightful. But i cannot do the hobo ones. Do smell at the wrong exit on the ought. I have to say one of my favorite twi- zooms towards the sites is very british problems and they give it loved to countdown. Hit of how to enjoy the rain. A number one. Stand at the window inside Number to put on t. drinking hand on the hip number three sip. T. from the mog full. Mata look at the rain is ready coming down now. The gop needs the and then say good job. We got the cushions in and the washington as well and finally all the biscuits okay so we have skelly gas anyway. Don't yeah we got the wrong song. I told you is the week. Nobody guess what the deliberate mistake walls and it was. We had the wrong. We had the wrong tune on we had. We had the tune for Fora medieval tincture tenda. And we didn't. We'd said he didn't want that. So all right here we go. This is live pulled counts action here and this pressure or every some scary way dealt steady and the app who's in pays and we have a nice Wrestling plights meet. And we'd get some scattered so you take the most famous headlines transall week and equate the game dot so we have a. We have missing the ball. We have the triple twenty bullseye anchovies special. Owns okay so this week. I think missing a board this week. We have a strands of elvis presence. Have sex effect six thousand dollars adult this week. So we got the king of kings have six thousand dollars. Lock dealt with presidents have is one script of unclogged. Bava is expected to fetch around. Six thousand isn't actually six thousand pounds fortune. The strands belonging to a lifelong fan tournament win snapped at the having twenty seventy. I'm selling it now. So much enjoyment from my showing my elvis memorabilia to friends over the is other people do enjoy boys and have the same enjoyment at the king of kings marks. You like a heart shaped locket who knows. I mean i would love to get the elvis's quest on the door i mean. I'd love to attach the kings quiz to the front of my hand. You could actually. I may get a new selection in my barber. Barbershop my live barbara lee. Show dyson wind and form it into like pomodoro or into orange famous people's hat you can have a stall with the cliff like elvis. You could do a trump weasley to pay you. Gotta harry styles harry happiness and you could even move things towards a more boisterous selection of bushes. Get our triple with triple. It's a brandt. Britain's premier beach bench reiter becomes a global hit. Listen matthew berry rates rates seats. So sam wilmore turned his chartered appreciation for good bench into an instagram account. When which is grown beyond his wildest dreams travels the country public seats out of ten. The bench level has become a global hit the rating britain's and benches out of sharing is unusual passion with the world and pows. Yesterday she cried an instagram account. His bench so have a dilly. Dally at that sam is rated over two hundred outdoor seek dragging nearly eight thousand followers in the process. The post history bank graduates bristol. Said i've always been a fan of sitting in my office. And i've had an eye for good bench for many a time. I wanted to right the bench of wish benches Neat nip pass cheats I mean i would be pretty impressed with. Maybe if we started to bench pressing on the bench you know. Walk on the beach or something along those lines. But you don't want to the knicks dot quality. Absolutely awful that and Anyway so we have our side of the week. Here we've got to recruit a new. Bears be launched an inoffensive not better. Joe biden is launched. Us breweries launch a new bear. Bearing the name of the president-elect biden beer was Was by the coca company that biden's supporting their boss describes the new bear as inoffensive anoxia. Better he hopes to bring more progressive politics in progress toxic bid to minnesota very very soon. I wonder what will the trump will be. There probably be redubbed crumbling. Views van big to be silicon infused and boris's bid could have an essence of horny goat weed. So we'd go off our dash actually champions happy special rise. What do you do the block of year and frozen urine on your house play. It sounds wrong at an aeroplane waste nine to escape aircraft and there. It's rare to ever hit your home. Here's what you need to know in case it actually happens when traveling aboard if he wanted where things go down. The toilet room is a floating around over the years. The waste is flies out with bottom of the plane left to his own device. The fortunately monday across the design the holy tank. Then there is an offloaded post landing. Sometimes things get wrong. The stalled sewage escape the plane This is also known as blue eyes and engage in the garden. Two thousand six is an eighteen inch wide block of yet frozen. Aaron crashed onto the crashed onto the roof. Just full from where andy stood. I remember she went is actually hit by a huge icicle off. Chicago's says towel one day. But i think it'd be even more traumatic if you get hit by poop cycle or pc from a huge height But you know what the urine urine block. A piece could be used if you do have an icebox at the beach for jellyfish stings If you scuba dr disrupt the peace ical onto the said jellyfish sting okay. One of the stories that didn't make the marks and spencers Shoppers left divided over the awkward. Kiss ineffective adverbs. Some is were impressed by marks and spencer data to sell. The pajamas dubbed the clip. I'm comfortable in giovanni asked. If the male model had bad breath saw the ad which features married model couple. And judah covid will see the past. Sheriff cheeky snuck in front of the children. Who jokingly cover there is but then not impressed by the kiss. One woman commented awful advert. It looks like she's been kissed by a man who had the most horrendous jala texas it did actually mind me of the scene. Said there's a very interesting piece in the james bond movie. Her majesty's secret service Did diana rigg deliberately golic before i bombed scenes and she had the truth behind a few george lazenby dane Donna rake died. The age of eighty two earlier in the year. Might have been the only bongo to get 007 to the altar. But she did not get on well with us co star. George lazenby the late actor. Who paid installed in majesty. Secret service is contessa teresa diva opposite. Lazenby spy the characters got married but the romance is short lived when the character was shot off to the wedding date. Absolutely fantastic film. By the way one of the best movies episodes. The film came out. It'd be repulsive tensions between riggan onset including a room at rig deliberately eight lots of garlic before love scenes when with lazenby and older the throw him off. Coding delays and b. The stores blown out of proportion. He said there was. There was a pressing that blew up in pinewood having lunch just pulled the love scene. And there's a lot of press around and they're invited that day. Diana rigg was having an about four or five tables o. n. and yelled quite loudly. I'm having garlic today. George a hope you are too and that's absolutely key. I think if you if you if you snogging somebody and you've had golic and i haven't. It could be a rav or uncomfortable. Short-lived evening But yes anyway so I think george how golic so he had to Have to suffer. Diana's awful golic breath so we've had a a rav Haphazard version of keep coming cauliflower. Cheese is episode number. Thirty seven All of you fans out there full of you wanting in urging for more episodes of count and cauliflower cheese your oral pleasure that's a will will will. You'll be satisfied tomorrow because we have enough addition. Keep calm codify cheese so tomorrow's edition. We will have a historical ten competition. We may have a butler. Farside goes story And i think we'll have another enigmatic english eccentric as well plus lots of fun frolics along the way but anyway so another very british problem today is being a contender. For the grays day of all time is being fist gray relentlessly gray adamantly gripe rigidly gray hilariously gray patriotically gray alarmingly gray boringly gray religiously grace stupidly grade. Deeply gray gray. Thank you for listening to podcasts. And wigging to end with a robin lobby calm. So today's poem is full thursday november. Little thanksgiving ode to thanksgiving ever. Since i can remember on the full day of net than the long before the crack of dawn elian on that frosty morn flurries and leaves wispy winds as a mavs long day begins placing pumpkins beside the front door. Settling table for twenty or more into a cozy kitchen. She goes creating tradition. She only knows a muffled climbing in our heads as we still slumber not beds then as if by some magical spells spicy sweet. Scans incense begin to dispel aromas in the atmosphere rise waking senses in opening our eyes cinnamon saffron nutmeg in sage stuffing the turkey. She setting the stage on the stove. Top simmering away delicious side dishes are at play deep dish apple pumpkin pie rest on the window sill nearby family and friends begin to arrive some a bit tied from the drive children running in and out. Happy loft all about the smell of turkey. Sweeping the thanksgiving time is finally here out of the oven. Old golden brown techy is all crown dad with his big wide grin slices of turkey. Nice thin smiling with a dimple. So sweet she knows thanks. Giving is complete now we give thanks to the lord above this bountiful blessing made with love many november. Have come and gone. We tried to carry the memories on but one thing we cannot replace is mum's sweet smiling. Dippled face so all of you out there who may be having a slightly lundy thanksgiving please. Please indulge in the podcast. We're going to be Back again tomorrow to recall number one. I know i know anything like radio. Music tv gets people through these learning times. And i'm very happy to To add to the pleasure and give you a little comfort. If you're if you're learning over the holidays anyway all the best. I will be back tomorrow. chalfen how.

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