Lost Tracks: Nazareth Speedway


uh-huh welcome to another episode Tain Parlay Welcome to a special episode of Pit Lane. KARLA WE'RE GONNA call this First Episode D. We lost track sedition. We're going to start with my home track in Netzer speedway and I enjoined by one of the guys from these. Save Nazareth's Group here with Tim Sullivan. Tim Thanks for joining me tonight. Thanks for having me. I really appreciate you reaching out to be from You know so for those who may not be familiar with is located near me about an hour and fifteen minutes north and Tim Tickets through Steve Founding in the real old school of What was then called Nazareth national speedway all right right So I'm not sure how many people actually no There was actually a horse. Track closer in the the middle of town back in the eighteen fifties Sounds like your old style you know. Of course I think it was like a mile milers half-mile but it was around. Like nine thousand. Nine hundred are so they moved out of town to where the site a where the track is right. Now in the bill a half mile track and that's currently like where the giant in in all those stores are a a on one ninety one and two forty eight so they didn't actually start Auto races until about nineteen ten so in those were like those like motor Polo. I don't know if you've seen some of those screen shots or they were the old like tractors. I guess if you will and it was like water polo or like a horse like the that we're used to seeing in booth polo stick and you're driving around in a car. You're smack balls around. I didn't last very long but the note that was. Actually yes. It's funny. I'm just reading my notes here wikipedia calls at Auto Polo Ended it actually drew a crowd of at the time which I guess is pretty big in ten thousand eleven thousand people which is pretty substantial for kind of a rural area in northeastern Pennsylvania. Yeah so gone. A bit further down The I like large raise was hosted after after world. War Two BY TRIPLE A. IF I'm not sure like a lot of younger people are of course saying younger. I'm not that old either either but a lot of folks that don't know about AAA and other things that they used to do like that back then and then and for a large race was about thirty cars or so in a crammed in with eleven thousand people or so. That was a pretty big that back then So a second track was built in nineteen sixty six. So that was the larger one mile BURTT was actually one one eighths the odd length. But you'll probably know that there was actually two dirt tracks there Jose oval at and. Then there's a smaller half mile. Sounds Bill Sixty six. which is the current ration- in early Exact location of that track So like during the during the a A one thousand nine hundred sixties. That's when the bigger track hosted like you sack events and whatnot and it was actually. I think it was in in sixty six. That Ellen Serbia Mario so like the big big time hero you know was beaten out out by someone. That's not from the area so I'm sure that was a for for a fun thing to watch. Yes it's funny Everybody a associated with the track with the ANDROID. Obviously since they will now pretty much all lives down the street or nearby but Alan Sir is actually the guy who on the first USAK race. They're big names like Alan like like a Was David rudiments. Dad buzzy rude. Yeah Yeah like you had this old school names that like l. a.. People think about it because they just go. Oh it's Nazar has got to be ready right We had the large oval Closed down around nineteen seventy-one but the smaller tracks stayed open. That hosted your weekly dirt nights stuff like your like your modifies in your life. Your legends sort of stops that went on on while that track was closed in it wasn't until nineteen eighty two where the were both tracks were purchased by a local businessman. Blendi Cardi already. A lot of people know that name but that was like a local up. PA Guy That he has attract promoter and whatnot so he he bought both tracks but sadly with running both tracks that gets quite expensive so in eighty seven a it was a seven that does purchased by Penske and then the large over was paved over was actually slightly shortened and and then paved over in the small oval was sold. Elaine Co which for those people that don't know about lane cotswold grocery store. Chain for as millennials. You may or may not be old enough to know about that but like after that was paved you handler like the the Nascar Busch series in the trucks will and modifies. They had carte Obviously so then I'll ran pretty much up until it closed in two thousand four and then you know the track was Paul also as Penske was getting out of the track game which they own which he own Michigan and auto club and so it's like Houston only get out of that and he was starting to sell those off so he actually sold at two. I C which is your your international speedway corporation bloomer. Hatim that's up up the US oppose so as like the big expansion was happy with Nascar. You have these. Bigger corporations is biology tracks. And what they would do they would go. Well there's a market somewhere else so as opposed to having somebody else owning compete. We'll just by encloses says he had to happen to tracks over across the US so they actually moved. The Nasdaq dates Watkins Glen. And I'm sure there's some people that may not know but those stands on the front stretch or actually the stands that I used to sit in when it was here. So so it's Kinda like kinda frustrating when you go Glenn like those stands don't belong here kind of like the general rundown of of like what transpired so you know there's a big tracks like Indianapolis that you know that's been open since nineteen fourteen or whatever. Yes there's always binny's track here will whether it was in town or smaller drove lord larger one lights lights There's always been something there as kind of you know. It's kind of sad to see when I was born in ninety one. So that's that's where my dad took me. I lived up the street so I could hear it like I was not even like a mile away as cart was there. I'd go outside like Michael's well here. Michael all excited and you know but we don't have that anymore sadly so yeah I'm sure people on the show of heard me say a abundance times. They used to run around the grandstands while my dad was still working for car but it was such a cool facility Some of my notes that I'm going to share with with everybody here attract when it was paved was actually advertised as a one point. One two five mile track again. Just like the track I'm sorry a one mile paved track but the actual measurement was a l. less than a mile so teams figured out how to really get good field strategy there and once it was officially measured it was actually point nine miles so and not really young not quite a mile although it's essentially the same thing and the I. R. L. In the last rests on two three years of the track Used a measurement of point. Nine three five for timing and scoring although NASCAR car kept it as you know one mile until two thousand four and I do always laugh. I don't particularly As everybody knows pay close attention to NASCAR but when you see Watkins Glen you see the standard really familiar. Remember before I first time they were up there. The grants were there. I feel a little sad. Dad was the first place. I saw any sort of racing in one of the first tracks in the northeastern area. Another track ET AL cover in the coming weeks is Trenton speedway which is also very unique. Very very unique he can vary early. Nineteen hundreds tracks of another one. That's kind of a forgotten area By both the open wheel and NASCAR standards in today's world. But obviously we have richmond coming back next year which is great Let's look at some of the winners here as pretty cool Danny soul than actually one in Iraq race. Here as you mentioned Al Unser won the first USAK racier. Mario Andretti won the second USAK. Zachary's here something no was the old Marlboro challenge us to run run. Their back was delay eighties. I think it was like the Big Lake is basically the all star race but cart. Yeah it was Those were those refund races to watch which If you can find them online they're they're definitely good Let me ask. Let me ask you a question here. I'm GonNa this is typically something I do to my co host but let mrs you can Guess here the only person to win the race here in back to back years would be. What driver would be nineteen eighty nine and nineteen ninety man? Dan I don't I don't WanNa say now for some reason I was GONNA say Little Al but that's that's not right you'd be incorrect on that one I honestly wouldn't wouldn't would know to be honest so now it's all good I appreciate all your insight on the on the earlier of the track here. I know I didn't tell you that this would be going on beforehand. Dan Did I. It's actually Emerson Fittipaldi. Who wanted with Patrick Racing and ninety one with penske Nigel? Mansell one here. Paul Tracy you see one the Twice at Nazareth and then The late Great Dan Wheldon won the final race here in in two thousand four. Let's see some interesting notes. Be Two thousand race was actually. I believe the week after the indy. Five hundred because it was postponed due to snow. Yes yes I remember that year I was supposed to go and I think plus Elliott in April and like the whole the whole tribe governs no and I didn't and the being able able to go because then my mom went and stories issues like yeah. Yeah we went and Michael crashed or whatever and then like she's like crashing flames or something. I wasn't actually there so I don't actually know that crash happened but I was like Oh man and you know just had snow in April that would that'd be very common for the for the northeast of those who aren't from the northeast Like Tim and I. It snows really weird times here throughout the year but some other notables Again another unfortunate late great driver. Greg Moore won in the cart indy lights days Roy Swan in the Cart Art Atlantic Championship Christiana Demata. Let's see here rob. You'll everybody's favourite. Mike Groff won twice year on indie lights. I think GMAT will get a kick out of that one because I brought up his name a couple of weeks ago and I believe. Correct me if I'm wrong here. But this was Scott Dixon's first I win in two thousand one or resists second ever on a Salas's I could cook as I remember on facebook when they were her car was doing like I. I don't know those acidic to Scott or if it was deleted as general events throughout history but they streamed that race on facebook live. And I'm pretty sure I way back then. It was pacwest racing Matt's favorite driver Elliott Casher. NEVA's one there in two thousand three the second so last year and and See Bobby Ray Hall another semi East Coast Ish favorite one in Nineteen ninety-two. Let's see who on Michael. Michael Andretti won the year. I was born that's Nineteen eighty seven for those keeping track at home Let's see here. What else we have? We had some. We never had NASCAR whatever. It is like Cup series was back then but we had the busch series in some of the the truck. serey yeah there was no I think it was Kenny Wallace. I don't WanNA throw one of the bus but I remember there was a race. I think it was him and he was there and he was complaining about it. Being five turns does sound for it does sound familiar millier. I don't know either It probably was Kenny walls because he says a lot of ridiculous things but I don't I don't recall And if you follow Marco Andretti you saw a more recent picture of Nazareth which is kind of depressing but I will find that and put it on our social media four when we released the episode here But the trek looks like it's probably never gonNA come back but I'll We'll end our short. You know lost track. I lost track segment with Tim. What do you know about a what's currently going on there and be? How can people help out the save? Nazareth Earth's speedway group are so. Here's here's lowdown. Let's see back in September of twenty eighteen. Gene it's been actually just over a year. I started a petition and just as as a disclaimer. I never really Believe that I was actually going to do anything I've got. Some flack online from like any car. Read it and stuff. They're like oh just because you make a petition. Does that mean as GonNa know actually happened unlike it was always meant as a focal point of people's voices to go. Hey the we all believe in this day okay. So I started this petition. First not as a means to bring the race track back to life and being bring racing because I I always fell fell not to be morbid but I didn't really think it was going to come back so I I mean as a by myself and I wanted to have I racing scam track like if something was going to be something good was going to come out of this. I wanted to at least have it for virtually saved for as long as there's the Internet that somebody could could at least enjoy it in run a virtual car and at least kind of feel you know the ups and the downs and like five turns like doesn't really happen on over right now So that kind of like took off like the first few months. Few thousand people signed a personal friend of mine. I bought a a copy of the deed to like read through it. Just understand all the INS and outs and I I still have a copy of it and the clauses like so in-depth of like. You can't do anything that's related to motorcycles. Anything that has an engine in it like it could even be go-carts like they won't let anybody run a Go-cart as long as there isn't a ticket to spectate a go kart like it goes as deep as saying that you can't sell racing memorabilia like you can't sell video games have racing on that property like they didn't want anyone to do a damn thing with nothing so that was always like like the big hurdle so like when When the current owner bought the track you know for Sam people calling him on the phone? They're like with all these ideas says like. Hey let's do this. Let's do that and I call them on the phone and I was like hey started this petition. Got A few thousand people signed it like I know nothing's going to happen but I wanted to bring this attention and I felt like there was some sort of confusion. Maybe not save being older. Does that but being the computer age I wasn't quite sure. There was a disconnect of being like. I want the races game video game or racist videogame. Can we scan it and he kind of took it as like. Oh we're going to have to clear maintain it like. I'm not going to spend the money for that. It's GonNa be like five hundred thousand dollars. I was like I like like a volunteer group or something just to kind of do Adele. Juniors do Rangers go the lawn Mower Lacquers or whatever like of course is going going to be a bit more than that but you know just to get fresh enough. Were young going there. Do we need to do and just let it go so like throughout that that year. A contact Steve Myers and I kind of feel bad. You know about Steve Myers. He's the guy that was kind of the face of IRA saying basically and I've probably hit a chord because throughout the times me or somebody else around me or just somebody else has spammed him about about scan Nazar skin as an points like. Don't even talk to me about it like I already looked into. It can't do it. Don't care whatever the case so that's Kinda Kinda Kind of upsetting. But you know I. It is what it is so like through two thousand nineteen. I kind of let it go for a bit because I was getting burned out like I was the only person calling all these people calling the owner. And I'm like I can't do as a result says let it go forbid and then add a nowhere like February so people started contact me and they're like. Hey that person that made petition. Now's like yeah what's it's up and like yeah. I feel strongly about this. 'cause I wanNA join you scalise things and I was like sure great. I mean it. It was hard enough doing a by myself. Sure so we went through all the rounds. You know we we've reached out the MARLINS readies business manager. We had some back and forth with him on that You know some people of the Ingenio Jedi families you know reach out to the page in saws posting Ness adjust and basically out of that. Front it just kind. Anna gave the impression that they felt like the community abandoned the track in some way because they were noting about Pocono. I know and like Oh you know. The fans don't support Pocono and it seemed to strike some court of if people didn't go the Nazareth. You know like people certainly did go so I don't know a Understand the disconnect of of where that support may have not been nor may have been there but that was sort of the feeling from some of the members are not going to disclose any sort of names field. That's not good but you know it's a seizure only should at sort of a whoa is me like you know like like were you people then sort of thing and I always stress. I'm like I'm in my twenty S. I was a teenager when that track close so people like my age that are Kinda like rallying around me and you know sort of all I born in the late like like the late eighties early nineties like we were children like a it would have been our parents to stand up and you know do that. Then now it's Our turn so like you know we reach out them and we spoke to different people in the community and we as far as we got was does we we we we reached out to. I think it was the American like Motor Sports Association or like the United States Motor Sports Association. I think is what it was and basically what. Doug a nonprofit and they they work with owners that WanNa like like do something racing That WanNa do something related to Racing whether it's it's like they own a track and they wanNA bring something back and they want to build something and they kind of do a cost. They like inspect affect the market around them and see like gale. Take much to build this much to repair or whatever and then come up with a plan and go. Okay here you go. Is that what you will cost is how much rejected the make. So I got as far as reaching out to a source to where if the current owner really wanted to know how much it would would cost which. I'm sure he probably did. Because you know he bought it. So I'm sure it As a business planner and you know a business owner would do. I'm already did that. But that was certainly resources to us if if I could like point them together and go hey guys talk like he could have reached out to to them and and they could have come out and inspected the area and go. You'll caused nailed this much money to repave neo rebuild. Whatever but that's kind the ball's in his court so as far as that's kind of where we are? The only really really new thing was that that which I find interesting. There's been a few articles that like Mario. You know he went to the track. And a somebody coaxed him out and then they walked around down and it wasn't a name drop but he did kind of hint at Lake you know. Hey guys like the this is. This is gone Mike. Why are you still doing this? Like support the tracks that are still open. Which yes I agree supported supported transversal open? But you can all you can do both but you can still want to bring back something that you care about. Also the same time as make sure things that are still alive stale like I never understood this notion of let it lay Complain Law of Dogs Lie. You know so but especially with pocono being off the schedule will. It seems which I don't necessarily blame the community like I do. Four of the Hammy Racist. That came back and there. There's plenty of people. There is Nascar Pack Field but I me answers any car like there's plenty of people. There's I'm not quite sure of if it's like northeast staying or or whatever but The the final thing I'll know is that the current thing that might be the thing about is that since I S C was bought out by NASCAR and there was that merger. It might be interesting to find somebody in the NASCAR community. Any maybe be like Don't junior or something to where he has a voice with them that you could make the point that now the legal ties that bind that property or now with NASCAR as oppose I ac- because now because they merged because that's so if you really wanted to go go to nascar now and be like hi you know maybe Dale Jr. wants to bring back northward. Squirrels scamper I racing. Whatever like there seems to be some sort of grassroots S. roots movement that that might be the only hope now is going the NASCAR like you know the fans are complaining bounds on short tracks? You know we want more of unique ovals because he has a mile and a half or signing to get boring like there's something to be said we just need a voice tach to it so we'll see what we can do. I love man. I will put a link to the Public facebook group in our itunes. Show notes here and along along with some pictures and stuff I will on our social media but Thank you very much for joining us in our First recording of a a lost track type segment. We'll be doing plenty of these throughout the off season to keep everybody entertained in bringing you guys some some new content. Tim Thanks for joining me. this evening I look forward to seeing how everything progresses thank you. I appreciate you inviting me. How I'm always happy to talk about my home? I'm tracking anything that can help do something with it. I'm all in for. Google will have a great night man. I appreciate your help. Thank US well sir.

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