pulsing lighthouse beacons. NASA plans to use neutron stars to navigate through the solar system. This is innovation now. Neutron Stars are the glowing cinders left behind when massive stars explode made up of exotic states of matter they appear to pulse goals hence the name pulsars once installed aboard the international space station NASA's Neutron Star Interior composition explorer or our national mission will study the extraordinary physics of these stars. Here's Dr Love Netra Tate Program Executive for game changing development at NASA. The Space Technology Mission Directorate to explain G CD has delivered our station explorer for x Ray timing navigation technology or sextant to the nicer mission. Sexton is almost like the software the payload on nicer this sextant nicer mission will provide autonomous navigation incapability at large distances from Earth using x ray emitting neutrons stars as beacons so in common terms will use pulsars as navigation beacons begins to provide high precision measurements of neutron stars. This sextant technology could prove to be our guiding light anywhere in the solar system for innovation now. I'm Jennifer pulley. Innovation now is produced by the National Institute of Aerospace Through collaboration with NASA.

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