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Matt Chandlers Failure is Cedarvilles Problem


He we're going to be referring to a blogger named todd wilhelm and one of things we're going to do is we're GonNa talk about this toward the end of the show almost at the very end. I'm going to be referring to an article. He wrote and he's going to refer to the fact that Cedar Ville does not mention a doctor more as a faculty member. Todd called me as soon as the live show ended He wanted to correct me on things. We do not agree on several things however he did correct me on something that I wanNa make as a correction in the later part of the show. I'm going to point out the fact that he states that. Dr. Moore's not mentioned as a faculty member and we're going to mention. The reason is because he wasn't a faculty member in two thousand seventeen that happened later and therefore We assume that he may have known that he did not know that at the time he learned that after he wrote that blog blockposts and he is talking about correcting that. So I want for the record that that is corrected. And now here's the show it's it's fascinating to me how easily someone one religion can find the fallacies and biopsies and another religion. I think that what's fascinating your. Raise your razor sharp on your your your criticism of Islam here and but what I find fascinating. Jeff is that you recognize that with other religions. But you don't do with your own because I may be the case and there's confirmation by filling up again. Politics live to answer your questions. Your hose striving for eternity ministries grew rap aboard All right we are live apologists. Live here to answer your questions. Any questions you may have. We will do an open. Qna at the tail end of this show but if you saw the title of this show we're going to have some more difficult issues to cover and we're going to be dealing with some texts of scripture because I'm very frustrated and what I've seen in some reporting in the news and so we're GONNA end up dealing with that in a moment. Let me I just to get out of the way not that. It's not important but we want to get onto the show I do want to let you know that we we are going to be doing on. May Thirtieth a free seminar. It will be Justin Peters myself at snatched them from the flames home edition. We will be covering the topics of the sufficiency of scripture and the How to interpret the Scriptures? Justin Peters will take the first one on sufficiency scripture a cover the topic of how to interpret the Scriptures. Then what we're GONNA do. We're GONNA take a lunch break after that. Justin Peters will deal in a little bit. Detail can be a longer session covering how to discern false teachers and then after that I will do. I'll go through the whole book of Jude. And so that's going to be longer than an hour. Probably as well and we're going to deal with. How do identify false teachers? So that's May thirtieth you can go to striving for eternity dot. Org and the information will be there If it's not there now it will be there soon so just go there and look for the information to register and that is free of charge. Justin I because we're not traveling. There's no sense in a kind of charging 'cause we just It's it's really our time. That is the issue so And Justin I both of us do not take speaking fees. We just ask for travel to be covered so neither one of US wanted to to put a fee to that so what we want to also do is let you know that. This is also a podcast. If you WANNA go to apologize live on any PODCAST APP. You can subscribe and listen to these regularly. you can go back and listen to old episodes. They're helpful and the we do. Put this as part of the Christian podcast community. So that's if you are a Christian podcast or someone who likes to listen to Christian podcast you can go to Christian podcast dot. Org did listen to all of them and we will be having tent. We have a debate. That we're trying to set up. Tentatively may twenty eighth it will be Baptists and Lutherans? And so they're going to deal with the issue of baptism and so we're trust. We're trying to work out all the details on that. So when I get those I will give those to you all right so what we WANNA do. Is We want to cover some issues here that I think need to be addressed. If you have heard there is issues that are going on at Cedar Ville University and I'm GonNa Bring my mic guest host in here Anthony. Dr Anthony Silvestro You and I've been doing a bit of research on this these this issue The issue deals with Civil University and it deals not directly though we we want to say from the outset Both Anthony and I are not going to address the specific issues of whether we think Dr White at Cedar Ville has has done wrong or not because we're waiting for the investigation. There's investigation that's ongoing there. We're GONNA explain everything that that has happened. But we believe that Internet bloggers are. You shouldn't be jumping Beyond what actually could be known and I'm going to show you that. There is some a lot of blogging. That's going on about this and some of that is I'm Gonna. Argue is for purpose People who have something a possibly against Cedar Ville and Dr White I also believe that there may be other other reasons and we're going to get to that but I do i. I will say that I do think that this problem. That is that Cedar Bill now heads to deal with is the fault of someone else and that is Matt Chandler of Village Church and so for full disclosure because I think Anthony wanted me to make sure I. I mentioned this for full disclosure. I do know Dr. Thomas White We we have communicated. We've spoken at conferences together I find him to be a man of integrity and this is going to be a thing that I believe. I'm if I see someone who has a history of integrity. I'm going to be more likely to believe them over. People that have a history of lack of integrity. And we're hopefully going to explain some of that this program so any any things that you want to bring up Anthony before we get started with some of the clips we have. Well no I think I should reiterate though that that Right now Thomas White is innocence. Right I mean he's innocent and unlike what's the metoo movement has been doing in recent times as well as just lots of the people as they're very quick to take allegations and propagate him to point of being true or almost true and and slandering people so much so that even when somebody is found to be completely innocent that they're the reputations are destroyed forever and and that's the part that could be unfortunate in a situation like that so we just have to. We have to keep in mind the despite innocent right now And also before. Before you go onto that I are you telling me the metoo movement I mean Joe Biden's automatically guilty. Oh wait a minute. That's not so so. Let's I mean 'cause this is this is actually bring that up. You know the metoo movement but this is a good example of something for folks who didn't see like page thirty five of the The New York Times when the whole thing came out when when Brett calving off got you know when he was in was an FBI report. That was done and there was a gentleman. I forget his name now but there was a gentleman who was in that. Fbi report who admitted being the one that actually raped that woman so all of those Democrats when they were arguing either they didn't read the FBI report that they didn't want released they wanted the FBI investigation. They didn't want it released but if they read it they knew cavenaugh never did it but even till today you still have them arguing the off is guilty of rape and yet Joe Biden now Kevin off. There's no evidence that they actually that he and this woman actually met. But with in the case of Joe Biden. She actually worked for him. There's actually records that she's been saying this for a long time. That can be documented. Unlike the cabin off case were they were documented. She came out of this years ago and it was just kind of brushed aside. The other staffers. So so we do see a double standard that we do see a standard. Where if you're in the right side of History Party politics? Whatever really social justice you get a pass when you do the very same things that they accuse others. I mean I think it's a great illustration because they knew Kavanagh was innocent. He never did it but they turnage does reputation anyway and this is why I think we have to be careful and deal with this properly and look at the evidence. We actually have not what we assume staff. Yeah absolutely and I think that. That's this cavenaugh in Biden issue. You know there's there's been charts floating around and facebook. I was trying to pull it up right now. I couldn't grab it right away but it goes through a list of like ten or twelve things down the left column right. And you've got cabin on Biden at the the top two columns and it shows that a when you look at allegations and the allegations. It seemed to be more tree versus others. You can literally check the box right on down the list for Biden because of because of the proximity like you already said of the of the accuser. The not only in time but also in space right as well as so many other factors in all of this and yet cavanaugh was put through the ringer where Biden has been given a completely free pass and so it goes to show that the METOO MOVEMENT. They they really. Don't care about the females that they say that they're trying to protect they care about an agenda that they have what their what their major agenda is and and you know. I guess it's a great segue into what we're dealing with right now because you so andrew you might be able to to give viewers a little bit better of and understanding than than even I can. When Thomas White came to Cedar Fill he had to clean house. Yeah Yeah and I think he did it in. This is GonNa be part of the thing is that Thomas White is very conservative and like the Bible. Yeah Yeah Okay just making sure that we were were and I should throw up Ethan. Saying Cedar Ville is his second choice for colleges right now. Well I I would say Ethan. I it would be my has been my first choice for people because of Thomas White So when Thomas White got there the the the seminary is are. The school was going more liberal. Like many lemony seminaries have done. Many Christian universities have done I we may I may bring up some some other things with other universities tonight that we see where they're going more liberal and it takes a lot to turn that around. Thomas White did something when he got in And I had heard about this. You know after I had This happened before I knew him but what he did was he. He basically gave the doctrinal statement. First Cedar Ville to all the professors and he gave them You're basically their contract. Said that they had to agree. With the doctrine of Cedar Ville now he realized that as with many universities You get professors. Who Don't agree but it's kind of accepted that they they've been teaching there. They get allowed to keep teaching there. They get tenure. What what he did was he basically wanted to clean house so he offered as far as I understand. He offered all the professors that anyone who could not agree to the doctoral statement of Cedar Ville they would be given year salary. They could work for one year. They could teach that year and then they would be let go and get a whole year severance so they had two years to go look for work and still get paid however if they signed the document saying they believe in it and it is discovered that they do not believe in it they would they would. The agreement in the contract was there. Let go immediately now. What that did was that. Got a bunch of people that saw the writing on the walls. New is better to take the package and leave and so it was a very good way of kind of cleaning house and still respecting the professors who had been teaching there and had been Some for years but they can move on and but he wanted professors that were going to teach basically the Bible when when my daughter I should as full disclosure my daughter attended Cedar Ville and loved it My son in law also is a cedar vote graduate and Pastors Kids. All our. I've spoken in Chapel there so I mean we. It's not that there's not a relationship that we have there now. Anyone who's GonNa Argue? Will that makes you bias. I'm going to argue that. I think that the people breaking the story have a bias as well However I will also say that people who know me people who've watched this program for a long period of time. They know that I have a record of respecting other people's opinion not misrepresenting people and so. I think that even if I have a bias I haven't ability to put that on the side to be fair with information given and look. Here's the reality too is. People should be able to listen to this show and recognize that we are doing nothing but presenting the facts that are actually known the facts that are actually out there versus the rumors that are being spread by sources that have not provided evidence of what they are claiming to be at least at this point yet because then we'll get to the fact that claiming someone has evidence and actually showing evidence are are two totally different things and so one of the things that really impressed me with. Dr White was when he had all the parents at the you know in you. Take your kids to school. That first time the kids go and do stuff and then Dr White actually wants to speak to the parents and it was really interesting. I mean so. Much of his focus was on training and disciple in Christians to impacts the world. He from what I know from A. You know someone who you and I have you know is a friend who also knows him. Doctorate knows Dr White. He said Dr Way could have been the president of any seminary but he said at seminary you have influence on churches where at Cedar Ville. He has an influence that that permeates the world every career. And that's what he was looking to do and that's what he was telling us parents he wanted to see. These kids be strong Christians so that they would take their faith series. They would go evangelize in the pharmacy to you. Know the business world The computerworld whatever career path. They take that they would be strong Christians. Vandalizing and making disciples so much so a couple of times as he's talking to us he's going they're going to get a good education to almost like that was a secondary thing he was like. You're paying good money for this. They're going to get a good education to and the reality of this is that I saw that with him We saw that When there were issues early on with Page Patterson. Who is one of the trustees Thomas White was very quick to remove him as a as a trustee before the others. I mean he was one of the first to take action. So you end up seeing that there's he. He has a history of being quicker to take action to do. What's right and you know I've I've been able to see. I believe there's some things I've seen that show some integrity that he's willing to do what's right and I've I've had some private conversations with him on areas such as social justice and things that you know go on with within that and he is taken a good strong stance on that and I I see him as a man of integrity. All right now could he be so. Let's get to what the issue is. And then we're GONNA backup to. Why we we think there's issues with with Matt Chandler. What the connection is there is a doctor. Anthony Moore was at village church and while he was at village Church It is now reported that he had He he's a man who's married. I think he has two children but at the time he was a pastor at village. Church Fort Worth Dallas lead pastor at the Fort Worth campus. And so for folks. Who Don't know the way that is. Is You have guys who are Li her pastors. In this case lead pastors of a campus even though Matt Chandler is the Pastor. That's over several churches. There are churches that do that. And what happens when it comes time for sermon time? They bring a screen down. And you have like a a satellite church. But they have local pastor so he was the lead pastor at that satellite. he was a as the record seemed to show now he was leaving his phone at least five times in the shower recording one of his other staff members a subordinate to him This is someone the victim and Dr Moore went to school together. They had There seems to be a very The relationship between them was the victim. Described it as very dependent that that Moore was dependent on the victim that the it seemed that It was verbally abusive emotionally abusive that. Dr Moore's verbally and emotionally abusive to the victim and so the victim one day discovered this phone in the shower and found it was recording him. He downloaded four videos of himself in that he had found on on the phone so he had a record of it. reported it to village. Church and Dr Moore was fired About six months later Dr More. It seems through the influence of Page Patterson who is a trustee page. Patterson seemed to be the one to to try to bring him in. Brought in Dr More Thomas White Dr White would not allow him to be a professor however there was some strict. He said that he had spoken to Anthony More. And in that conversation he felt that this was a from what he was told. And this is what he is blocked Thomas White and so this everything saying you could see on his blog that he was told that it was a short term thing and it was kind of like a one time. A one time type of happened there was it was sewn with video and sexuality so it wasn't. We're not sure whether the church was told village. Church will get to that in a moment but it doesn't seem like I mean you could have assumed as I did when I first heard of this that it might have just been pornography and maybe it was a one time failure So when you at that it had to do with with video harming someone else And there was some immorality in it now. If Dr White believed that this was a one time failure not something that occurred over many months that he he said that he was willing to go forward with the idea of it being something of a reconciliation. Now he was he was told supposedly that Dr. More is not qualified for any ministry so he was hired in an administrative role not a ministry role not a professor rural. He was not faculty. There was rules he had to be at every chapel. He had to have weekly counseling with Dr Jason Lee. He had to there were restrictions. He wasn't allowed to be alone with students. He had to meet with all students and faculty in in public so there were or the students in public so there were there were rules and there was things that he had to do in steps of a five year reconciliation plan and as Christians. I think one of things we we do have to recognize. Reconciliation is something we should be looking to do. We don't just write people off and rejecting. Okay so I I WANNA believe that. Dr White had good intentions of reconciling now. There's claims that he knew all the details all along those as far as we know our claims. I've looked through many excuse me many of the blog articles that. I've seen and probably have a lot of them listed in the show notes and you can look at them yourselves. I didn't see anything in them. That showed that there were claims of emails. Claims of proof. But they didn't have it they didn't show it. So you actually Andrew. This might be a time if I can read a couple of things. Yes we have. They're the only email that has been leaked out as this potential terrible evidence. Let's let's listen to what these words are right so this is a letter that that's dated. It's an email from Thomas White in July of two thousand seventeen sent to his board of Trustees outlining this plan. He has for Dr Anthony. More so he writes this cleese. Allow me to request a prompt response to this first item. If you're not comfortable with direction I'm working with a young man named Anthony more. He was a student of mine at southwestern seminary worked for me there and I consider him a friend. I know him well. Jason Lee was also his peachy. Supervisor knows him well. He is a conservative evangelical African American with a winsome and charismatic personality who has peachy theology. He was serving passer. The Fort Worth campus. The village church in January hit a moral failure and had to step down. His failure in general resulted from being sexually abused the age of four to somewhere between eight nine years old which caused struggle with same sex attraction while he has a strong marriage in three kids. The scars of his passionate rebel with during a dark moments of questions. Temptation and curiosity. He acted in perversion. Technologically with another person there is never any physical contact but these actions were wrong and caused him to step down so if if we just stop there in this in this email it's we could interpret this all kinds of different ways. The two people want to interpret this in the absolute worst way and yet this could very easily be interpreted wake was our job is to give the benefit of the doubts especially to guy with with the type of pedigree. It's a the times white has had in his life in terms of his being. Upstanding we look at something like this. This could just be pornography I WANNA say just right. I mean just that that is. That is what I assumed when I read what Thomas Right blog about what he wrote to the trustees what he wrote to you know as a supporter of Cedar Ville he wrote I was I was in a group of supporters known. As the president's club he wrote to us he wrote to all the supporters. He wrote a letter to the trustees he wrote a blog he spoke abounded in chapel. The thing is he immediately took action when he found out there was more details he merely fired and anthony more not only immediately fired him but he went out of his way to be public about it. And we'll get to that in a bit so well I mean in that letter. That's really all there is is pertinent to this but this would also be very similar to what is in Thomas Whites letter that he wrote in his blog just in the last week right so he says I believe it was Saturday. January fourteenth two thousand seventeen when I received a phone call from a friend former student and former employees doctrines anymore. I I met Anthony around spring. Two thousand six one answer the call. I knew immediately from the tone of his voice that the purpose for the call was not a joyful. One he told me he had wronged another person in a morally serious way using video technology but his transgression was not physical in nature. He also told me that he was. He would lose his ministry at the village church. He was repentant sobbing and crushed. I was heartbroken for my friend his family and all parties involved in so we see a another very very similar blog camp very similar wording in the blog here as what the original email was This according to we have evidence wise it his train of thought here no physical contact something with video with another male and so let's let's look at the scripture that he that Thomas White used for what he was doing. And that's James Five nineteen which says my brothers if any among you wanders from the truth and someone brings him back let him know that wherever brings them back? A sinner from his wandering will save a soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins. That was his intention to to live out that passage. He's Dr White in all that I've read has kept a consistent story that becomes important because someone's lying. They usually give out a little bit more detail and you pick up the lies that way so far. He's been consistent now. You could argue. He's consistent because he knows he's going to be investigated and he's worried about his job. Okay that could be. Maybe he's just really intelligent. Well actually he is really intelligent but is that the purpose. Well he's he's it seems in the communications he made years ago not recent but years ago in letters to his trustees. It was the same thing the goal of reconciliation. So Oh go ahead now I so this is where I think the trouble comes into play and I don't know if you're ready to to transition towards village church but here's here's what I find troubling and I think we're GONNA lead it off this way in Thomas Whites letter. It's a long letter. Read it. It's great for people to read but From the part that I read just a moment ago I'm going to go a little bit further down. Now he talks about his plan of restoration for his friend. Dr Anthony More. And he says this year and you're reading the blog article I'm reading from the actual blog talked up while you read it. I'm going to assume that those were your right there. Thank you perfect perfect spot. So he writes. I took the following steps in my efforts to develop. This plan spoke on the phone multiple times with elders at the village church. Okay let me repeat this because this is gonNA be really important. Spoken the phone multiple times with elders at the village. Church Matt Chandler's Church. Thomas White spoke to them multiple times. Okay it's gone correspondent an ongoing basis with the village church as we design in our plan so not only did he speak on the phone with the elders. Multiple Times. The Village Church. He also corresponded on an ongoing basis with village church as they designed the plan for restoration. He spoke with members of the Cedar. Bill Cedar Ville University Board of Trustees to gain input an expertise acknowledging the risk of attempting to restore someone obtained a letter of support from someone who had been meeting and working with. Anthony obtained a letter support from accounts. There been counseling with Anthony over the previous six months. Okay interesting. There obtained a letter support from a pastor. Who Knew Anthony is a high school? Student officiated his wedding and Counsel Anthony. White through this difficult time talking with Anthony several times with Dr Jason Lee Dean of the School of Biblical Theological Studies at Cedar Ville and others about the situation and about the need for ongoing counseling and accountability in order to proceed with restoration performed a criminal criminal educational and employment background check which all came back clean on July seventh two thousand seventeen criminal. Yeah criminal and you know the reason why to bring up the criminal aspect of it is because according to Texas law what he would have done is a criminal offence and there was a investigation that we have so we ended up seeing is there. There was no criminal record even though what he did was a criminal offence. Now we're going to hear why that may have been what I WANNA do is kind of move to the fact that why is it. I believe that Matt Chandler Village Churches guilty or has the the responsibility to bear? Let's start with scripture to good place for us to start Let me bring up a passage of scripture that deals with how to deal with pastors. So this is first Timothy Chapter Five. I'm starting in verse. Seventeen and you can see it on your screen. If you're listening on the PODCAST. Then you'll just listen to me read. And don't mind all the markings that I have in my Bible just the way that I do my study on my highlights in different colors and things see I have. I have a blue letter Bible right there. Luck blue letter. I'll tell you the color. Coding and as you read it you can know anything. That's in blue. Their balloon bolted like that Those are are definite articles. Anything that's read in bolted is a command in Greek. It's an imperative. And then I just kind of number things so okay. Let's let's look at this. Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of a double honor especially those who labor in Preaching and teaching for the Scripture. Says you shall not Muslim Talks. When it treads out. The green and the laborer deserves his wages. Now here's becomes the issue verse. Nineteen do not admit a charge against an elder except on the evidence of two or three witnesses for as those who persist in sin rebuked them in the presence of all so that the rest may stand in fear in the presence of God and of Jesus Christ and of elect angels. I charge you to keep these rules without prejudging. Doing nothing from partiality. Do not be hasty in laying hands on On laying on of hands nor partake in sin of others. Keep yourself pure right so these are instructions to Timothy. I really want us to focus. Starting in verse. Nineteen this is the instructions of what we do. When there is a sinning pastor? It's we do not take it lightly. But if a pastor is sending you don't just take it on one person's word you have to do some investigation. You already saw that. Thomas White did some investigation into this To to verify things. And that wasn't for pastor position that was for an administrative position so but when a pastor does sign on verse twenty what is the command from. God. It's to rebuke them in the presence of all if you have one who persistence in this is not a sin. One time this is a pattern of sin and in Dr. Moore's case this went on for six months with five different videos that were recorded so this was not a one time thing. So what description command for Matt Chandler to do in this case Matt Chandler? If you notice I told you that red bold means it's an imperative the word there for rebuke is an imperative. Let those who persist in Sin. Those who those pastors who persistent sin there to be rebuked in the presence of all so that all would stand in fear. There's a purpose for that. In fact I would argue that. That is the best thing that you could do. For a sinning pastor if a man is persisting in sin to make it public. It does several things one it makes the congregation realize we take sin serious here where we're concerned about the purity of the church okay to it. Lets them know he can't hide? Because what many men do and this is a problem that you have in Matrix. I've counseled dozens and dozens prior hundred churches. That have gone through difficulties. And I've always given the same advice especially when it's a pastor be public about it. Don't try to put it under the rug and most churches. What they do they try and take it easy way out. Let's not mentioned things. Let's not talk about it. Let's just be done with it and what you see especially with pastors that sin. I counseled one church where they had an associate pastor who went to a young younger ladies. He was older than her went to a younger woman. Single Woman's apartment to counsel her. She wanted to meet him at the church. He wanted to meet her at her house. He made sexual advances counseling. The the preaching pastor through this situation. Here's the thing. Though what ended up happening is in his investigation. He discovered that this same pattern happened at two previous churches. And what are those churches do they just said a so and so's stepping down. He's resigning or the one church. Didn't even mention a sin. That was it. He's he he resigned. He's moving on another church. The Second Church just said he. He had a failing and he's he's resigning and he's moving on. And what did he keep doing? This guy just moved onto another church in another church another church because the sin wasn't public it allows for pastor to do that. Exactly what I believe Anthony. More did here is Matt Chandler and why I say Matt Chandler's responsible. I want you to listen very closely to what match handler says about the reason that they had to let Dr more go now. You have all this that you've now heard of what actually happened. See if that fits what Matt Chandler says. Does this fit. With First Timothy Chapter Five verse twenty or did he violate scripture and sin and allow Dr More to move on to other ministries. Maybe things without knowing all the details this is what was said to the church in the presence of all so I I'm saying this and I just because I want to be clear that you understand. The scripture gives us a clear indication of what we have to do. All right so let's give a listen and you you make sure that you can hear this. Let me know if you can't Yup last week. We learned of Sin Issue. That is required. The elders of the village church to make a sober and serious decision. Anthony More Fort Worth campus. Pastor has committed grievous immoral actions against another adult member disqualify him as an elder and staff member based on the Biblical text in I Timothy and titus chapter one. He has been removed from his role as a campus pastor and as a village elder due to these actions. Anthony acknowledged his sin when meeting with the Fort. Worth elders and the three passers of the Village Church and we want to make it abundantly clear that we believe that he is unfit for ministry this time including speaking engagements at conferences or other churches our hope and desire is for him to walk in faithfulness and repentance. We believe he is in need of deep healing and strong counseling for an extended period of time. We did not plan on sharing any additional details about the nature of the Senate issue at this time. Although we completely understand the desire to know more we believe we have a duty to protect the person who is directly sinned against in this situation as well as Anthony's family your account so what you see. There is what what was their concern. The concern that they had was not for the church. It was for the victim which I understand and Anthony's family but he shirked his responsibility to the church just as the churches commanded to have qualified pastors when a pastor sins. It is not something that you say. Well we're just GONNA to protect you know people we're not GonNa let you know what he did. You could have explained exactly what he did without naming names and made it very clear that Anthony had not this anthony by the way the one. That's here Anthony. More that he could've could've said Anthony Moore had videotaped another man in the in a shower without that man's knowledge. It is a criminal offence and for that reason he has been fired from village church. He could have said that he could have been said because he's he recognized that people want to ask the questions he could have said that they're doing this and don't try to figure out who the victim is because the whole thing he's saying we're not going to give you the details to protect victim. You could have done the same thing because people still are going to ask the questions what happened. But if they were clearer on this it would be very clear to any. There's this is the simple thing and this is why we titled This. That Matt Chandler's failure is Cedar Villes problem. If Ma- Chandler did his biblical responsibility of being public about the sin or as says rebuking him in the presence of awe so that the rest may fear had ma- Chandler done that. There'd be absolutely no way. Cedar Ville could have hired him for any position because the thing is is that that was a criminal act. That was not reported by the pastor. Who knew about this Matt Chandler? He is a mandatory reporter. And you say well okay but there was an investigation that went on yes. There's an investigation with the sheriff but Matt Chandler has a responsibility to report it to different agencies that would be within Texas that handle these types of crimes and because of that it would have had that criminal fence. Because you look Anthony. You and I have we Frank Mola's who who has often spoke with striving fraternity people. No he he is a professional counselor to sexual addicts. He deals with this day in and day out right and this is the thing that you end up seeing is that there is reporting that goes on and once that's reported there has to be different counseling with the state that goes on. You get marked where you are you. You have to show through counseling that you're no longer going to be a repeat offender of things before they're going to let you. You're on a list of a an trying to remember. I forget the name of the coolest now but basically on a sexual a criminalist but you know Dr More should have been on. That had the church done their bit their Biblical and legal responsibility when Dr White did that background check. It wouldn't have come up clean. It wouldn't have come up clear so everyone. There's people piling onto Dr White and yet he did his due diligence. But let me ask this question. Because I think there's a reason they're going after Dr White and not Matt Chandler but let us I see. I know of nothing else in that I know of in. Dr White's pass to show a pattern of him. Turning a blind eye to sin or or things like that however remember that verse. We said that when it comes to passers and things that you you do these things you confront them in front of all. And you don't prejudge and you don't show partiality well. Let's look at some other things of the village. Church and Matt Chandler. I'm going to read this. I'll put it on screen for you. I'll make it a little larger for people like Anthony. Who are older? I'm actually older than Anthony. He just looks older. All right. This is from the village church where they've had to put out a statement we want to update you. Regarding regarding our review of the village churches current care and discipline process specifically our desire was to repent we have sinned against those who have treated with WHO and have not treated with love care as call to as shepherd so what was their sin. Well here's their sin What you have here. Is that basically two pastors Matt. Chandler and Josh. Patterson sat down with Karen Hinckley. Who wanted to annul her marriage because she found out that her her You know that Jordan route who she was married to Was a foreign missionary He was had involvement with pornography and things. And what did they do? They disciplined her out of. They disciplined her not him they showed preference to him and they had to put a public apology out. Okay and this is dated may twenty seventh but when was the hold up this is this is June tenth of two thousand fifteen where he goes through this story as an apology. Okay that he's given to her because of trying to discipline her so so right off the bat you see. They did enhance. They have a. They have at least one case where they haven't handled things well. I would argue to cases now but unfortunately that's not all we have this gentleman. This is a gentleman who met tap tone town. I'm not sure how it's pronounced whether it's tone or ton I'm going to say I think it's tone but basically matt head sexually assaulted a girl in two thousand twelve wall he was I. I believe he was on staff at village. Church if not a pastor now the thing I want to point out. Here's something I want you to notice. Okay this is from religion news but notice this comment that I've highlighted the village. Church updated updated page included a video from September. That's important remember the date from September. Church service in which a a popular lead pastor. Matt Chandler shared that. The police were investigating a report and a report that an adult had allegedly sexually assaulted a minor in at a twenty twelve camp. The church attended okay. Mount Mount Camp Kids our kids camp earlier in the year. The child had been report had reported and the alleged incident for the first time he said so in September. The Village Church website said that the police were investing in an allegedly sexual assault on a minor. Why is that important? Because Matt Chandler told his fellow southern Baptists. You can see that. I have this highlighted. Chandler told his fellow Southern Baptist. That tone who is a family friend was fired from the church last October. So this is a month after the video that says the police were investigating sexual assault. He was fired from the church last October because he had been repeatedly drunk in violation of church rules. The church was unaware at the time. The tone had accused was accused of abuse. He said the victim's parents claim that he had that he that they identified tone as the as the alleged abuser before he was fired according to a lawsuit. So what you have there. Would you end up seeing? There is Matt Chandler in September is saying that the police are investigating a sexual assault but in October. He saying well. We fired him back in October a month after the knew about the investigation for sexual assault a month after that. He's saying well. We fired him for for being drunk. Too much okay. Does that sound like he may have taken an easy road out? Does that sound like he did what I timothy? Five commanded him to do if he knew about that that the police were investigating tone for sexual abuse. Then tone should have been publicly outed for exactly that. Because if he's a pastor that's what you do all right and so the the the girl I think I want to try and look real quick. I think the girl was like eleven years lobby. I pulled up right now. There's a there's a lawsuit that came out about that last so wrecked and so so. Here's so this is now three incidences that we have with Matt Chandler Village Church and what. What IS THE PATTERN. That we see the one pattern we see is that he is he. When when it is clear sinful allegations. He's not going to the Church and saying Oh this is sin. This is the specific sin. No he he's in. One case he sang. Drunkenness will drunkenness and sexually assaulting an eleven year old are very different things drunkenness. We're we're going to deal with that. If if this guy was to go to another church and want to get into leadership at another church the church is going to handle that different. If they think it's drunkenness. If they think it's drunkenness. You know what they're GONNA DO. They're going to say okay. We'll council you for drinking. We're GONNA work. We're GONNA watch you for drinking but you know what they're gonNa let him be around the kids because they know nothing about the fact that he sexually assaulted or at least allegedly sexually assaulted an eleven year old so now they'll pastors will do this all the time because it's a it's easier to get rid of a problem. It never gets rid the problem. What that does is pass on your problem to someone else's church in this case Matt Chandler passed on his problem of Dr More Onto Cedar Ville. You know the the part the part with all this that to me is really disturbing is. It's it's not like this is all of a sudden this new issue that has popped up the United States right. This is an issue that we have criticized the Catholic church for for decades correct especially and the Mormon Church too and the Mormon Church. But it's much more well known in the Catholic Church me it's in the Mormon Church it's in the Joe was witnesses right. I mean they've lost a lot of members because some stuff in recent times too but the Catholic Church has been well known for for taking for taking Priests who have sexually assaulted kids and and they have just quietly transferred him to another church. Cross town different state. Whatever it is and they've just recycled people over and over and over again and it leaves a trail destruction in the background. By that one person who's allowed to continue in that abuse cycle? We see that also in in in the regular public enemy you know. I have a friend who is abused in that when she was a child and by uncle and nobody in the family believed in except for her own mother and then what happens years later turns out that he He had abused many her other cousins over the years after she and her mom or cast out of the family so to speak he left a trail of many other cousins. That were also sexually abused could have been stopped way back in the beginning but but it goes to show all this is is that let's say worst case scenario. We don't know anything yet. But let's say that at Anthony Moore went to Cedar Ville and did the same thing there with students. And then it comes out over over over the long haul. This is Matt Chandler. Problem this is. This is them not stopping this when they could have doing. Exactly what you said there. Which is I timothy. Five being able to being able to bring this out publicly and it doesn't mean that somebody. I think maybe we should talk about restoration. Andrew because there is there is one thing in we talk about. Restorations restoration is onto the ward right in repentance. But it doesn't mean that you restore somebody into a position again where they could fall into the same type of send in so inside. I don't know if you WANNA speak to that at all here. So here's here's the thing. We should be people who are as Christians. We're looking for restoration. We're looking to to have people that are going to You know that we would follow a process. A Matthew Eighteen of reconciliation. And I think one of the things that and let me just put this up on screen. I'll put this in in the notes but we have on at at striving fraternity we have a process of reconciliation chart. And if you can see on screen. It's a flow chart why because this is not matthew eighteen. This is side one matthew teens on the back. This is all the steps you should do. To Re when reconciling before you get to Matthew Eighteen but because reconciliation is extremely important for the Christian in Fact Matthew Chapter Five would say that. If you know you your brother has something against you. You should leave your offering and going reconcile with them. Matthew Eighteen would say if your brother sins against you. You'd go to him so so if you know your brother has son against you or your brother. You should be going to reconcile. We should of all people be people seeking reconciliation scriptures clear that we're to restore a brother we have in first thesselonians. We'll have it that if your brother sends you the those who are Should bear one of those things that if someone is is weakening sin they there we others should come alongside them now. The issue is we don't neglect the sin. Though the sin is there and should be mentioned. It's it's not that we ignore it has to be out in the open to deal with and this is the issue because what you would. We have to be doing in this. Is We have to be looking to go through a process of you cannot reconcile with someone if you're if one or both parties don't agree on the issue in other words if Dr Moore was saying that You know he didn't do this well. It'd be a different processor reconciliation because because then now by the way the victim has met with Dr More at least two times after Dr Moore was fired from village church but as far as I understand. There's no reconciliation. That's that has happened yet. And so you know I'm just looking. There's a question in here from drew. Can you speak to the necessity of pastors to see the process of reconciliation through and not just make a plan and not fulfil it? And that's the problem that I think many people have. Is You know you have people who are. You've passers at the though they make a plan. Look Thomas White made a plan for Dr More. The thing is he was following through and he kept up on that to make sure it was followed through now as Stephen. Wolf is saying here that that Anthony Moore was apologetic and asking forgiveness. That's a totally different situation. If Anthony Moore was refusing to admit to what he did wrong or not seeing it is wrong making excuses for it. You would handle that very differently if Anthony Moore was came to Doctor Y. And said can you hire me idea and do the things they claim I did? That would be very different than a case where he said. Look I am wrong. This is what I did. I'll go through any steps. You WanNA reconciliation. I'll do that. He seemed repentant. He seemed apologetic. He seemed asking for forgiveness So these are things you would. You would need to see but if you have two people that are you know one is saying well you've sinned against me and the other person is not a sin. Okay you can't have reconciliation there so let me ask you this. Andrew from pastoral perspective did Matt Chandler and staff not only have a responsibility to to make public the issue but the also have responsibility for a plan of reconciliation within the church rather than just firing him and tossing mouth. I'm go yeah I mean this is this is a this is a bigger issue anthony. And I'll tell you why I think it's a bigger issue because it is the failure of the way we do. We hire pastors okay. The way we hire pastors unbiddable all right the way you see pastors hired you see I Timothy Titus and what do you have their chosen from within the church or everyone knows their character so when you we do this thing where you you go outside the Church and you get a guy that comes in for a week you do some homework on them and try to figure out but guy can fake it to the Church for a week? You know exotic. Yeah you can. You can hide the things but it's not someone that you've lived with so you don't really know him. You don't know his character and other qualifications required character and so many churches have problems with pastors. Because they don't know the character of man you. I guess I'M NOT GONNA be taking over for Macarthur retires like no I guess not. I think there's some others there at that church that Breguet it before you decide but but you know what you know that. When I was pastor at Chinese American Bible Church I was. I was in attendance for a year as someone just in attendance. Even though I was I was preaching once in a while and I was teaching this Sunday School. Then when it became time to make me a pastor they literally the way was the chairman of the deacons just said in two weeks. We're having a business meeting one of things where we voting on the budget. And we'll be voting Andrew as pastor. That was it. There was no Q. and A. None of that was even needed. Why they knew me to the point where when they had their meeting my family and I went out to get a meal and we come back and no one even told us how the vote was. I had to finally go up to German. The Deacon say what was the result that he was like Oh yeah. It was unanimous. You're you're the pastor it was because it was just not a big deal because I was already there right. That is a very big difference in the way we do things and because the way we do it we bring a guy in any comes into the Church. Not as a member really. He comes in as a pastor and so what happens when he sins. They just fire him. He leaves that again. I think if you have a pastor who sinned. I think that he has to stay in that church. Four reconciliation and accountability because they know the sin so not only is it made public now. Everyone knows it yes. There is a shame factor. Sorry but when you when you're a pastor and you repetitively this is not a one time sin. Remember what the Tech said in I in I timothy. Okay for those who persist in San. That's the difference the persistence in sin. If someone who's persisting in sin as a pastor yes there'd be should be shame that's the reason you rebuke them in front of all so that all will fear. Okay this is a failure of the church so I think that yes and village. Church should have kept him in that church for accountability. That guess what would happen if they if they had done net anthony. He wouldn't be able to go to Cedar Ville or any other church see. There's nothing that stopped. Anthony more from going onto some other church. That wasn't maybe known village. Church give some excuse that he left in a bad way. I've I've had this. I mean look we had. I had a pastor who I was on a Papa Committee. We brought a guy in. This is what we really got me to realize the problems with the way we we hire pastors. We had a guy who came in and everything looked good. Everything was clean got glowing reviews and when he got there this was w- pride filled arrogant. He's just very with a self agenda that he didn't care for you just wasn't a shepherd and it was. It was opposite of everything that we saw in these in these reviews and I remember calling that church up and I said Hey I talked to the chairman of the elders and I said you know we got so and so here and we got these glowing reviews at but now I'm looking at this guy and he's not matching the reviews and literally. This is what I heard from the chairman of the elders year. We're sorry we had to do that to you. We couldn't get rid of him. Every time we told the truth in a review they known would hire him and I was. I was shocked. I was like well. You had a responsibility to call him out on his sin. Which is what I ended up doing but you needed to to confront him on his sin and fire him not let them go onto another church damage in a church and by the way he he ended up getting rid of me and I ended up leaving that church but guess what happened within six years that the church ended up and this guy's a problem that leaders in the Church started confronting them. And what does he do before they could vote him out? He runs away he leaves he resigns effective immediately and goes starts another church in in the neighborhood so he's a natural which had problems all because now you have three churches affected because one group of elders didn't follow Matthew. Sorry I Timothy Chapter Five. Had they done that? And in this case had Matt Chandler and Village Church on that Cedar Ville wouldn't have a problem today. Here's the and so It's not a complete parallel but it's it's it's pretty darn close. Which is it so I don't know I own a dental up until eighteen months ago for like sixteen years or something he judges you buy your teeth. I do own for Lonzo whites and they're straightened out now. Oh thanks for doing that. He took it took a hammer to my teeth to get him painful painful. Show that picture one of these days. We do not gagging you that impression material. It was hilarious that day. You can't because Justin Peters was in the background getting his teeth whitening in my office I I almost choke to death and you thought it was funny Great so you know in in for for me who has been in charge of hiring people for years and bring him in the office there. There is actually legal responsibilities that I have to make phone calls to the previous employer in our case. My wife did that for me. Who Acted as office manager but should make phone calls and get reference checks because if you would hire somebody who had ended up sexually abusing somebody in your chair in your chair and then it was found out that this person did it at a previous office and they were fired for it in. You didn't make those reference calls and find out you could be held liable for that. Furthermore if the person who gave the reference didn't disclose it they could be sued for that as well. I mean there. There's legal precedence in this stuff. And so I bring this up because imagine if let's again let's say let's imagine worse case surrounding us. Anthony more on this. But let's say you have. Somebody who actually molested children in a church is a pastor. They sweep it under the rug. They fire him quietly and he ends up getting hired by another church. Who does a reference check? Let's say that reference check was very similar to what we think happened with village. Church here and Anthony more were. They hid a lot of the stuff he goes on and sexually molest. S- more people at a New Church. And then they start to make the connections that this would have been that this could have been prevented. Had the first church actually brought this out to lights and actually provided proper reference you just described the SBC walking away fortunately chandler SBC Chandler Specie and and this is the problem right. I mean we. We have evidence that that village church see at least seemed to not be forthright in term. So th Anthony more if if we believe and we have no reason to doubt it right now but if we believe everything. Thomas White says that means that Anthony Moore lied to his friends about what actually transpired and to his counselor Dr Jason Lee and he did and village. Church did on multiple occasions right because Thomas White said he had multiple phone calls them before hiring him and after hiring them in talking about the progress now now chandler has supposedly stated that he said that Dr Anthony. More is not qualified for any type of ministry. However he wasn't being hired for ministry retired. Yeah exactly. He was hired as an administrator. If the reconciliation process went through he may have been able to be hired as a professor. So and that's really clear. Let me I want to share some things that came out about this because the guy who broke the story. It is kind of interesting in the way. This is even the way. This is worded. Let this century before you say this. Let me just read this to sweet. Finish AT HERE IS I. This is the transcript. Anybody can go to to the same video that you posted channels two minute video. There's a transcript posted on there and I'm just reading this from the one twenty six mark on just for a for a couple of sentences in says that We want to make it abundantly clear that we believe that he is unfit for ministry at this time including speaking engagements at conferences or other churches and our hope desire is for him to walk in faith repentance we believe he is in need of deep-healing and strong counseling an extended period of time. Now if you just take what match Chandler said there in this video dated back in January two thousand seventeen two weeks after Anthony wars fired that seems to be very consistent with what Thomas White actually did is. He brought him in not in ministry position. He brought him in a not to give speaking. Engagements at conferences is not not for other churches. He brought him in for Reconciliation. Here not in ministry type position and And so I. I'm seeing consistency among what Hamas white has said and what we are seeing out there. I am going to point out one more thing before you kind of jumped ship now to the next to the next step of this the video that you pulled up. Andrew is dated January twenty first. I think If I'm not mistaken January twenty second two thousand seventeen yeah okay. When was this posted on Youtube? Check that April Fifteenth of Twenty Twenty. Twenty twenty now okay. I don't understand something here but hold on this. This was that's let's be clear with it though. This was posted by a guy who I think he said he went back and clicked it so this is an on village. Churches website just to be fair. It's the guy who's writing the stories about it. I don't know if it's on I don't know I think he might have gone this from village. Church way back when but it didn't come to light 'til this clip didn't come to light to laughter until afterwards and then this. I think is the perfect lead into what you're getting into right now is that this was just brought out. Yeah and and this is what Steve Office saying in the comments. Yes this is what bothers me about Chandler's handling of this. It seems deceitful to not let the next church know what happened. I know it's pretty much the point of the show tonight but it really doesn't make Chandler village. Look good at all now. Here's the thing I want to point out. That village church as I showed earlier has a history of this so remember I said you got Thomas White who has a history of integrity village church who has a history of mishandling these things and not doing the biblical command just out of the gate. Who am I GONNA? Trust without having any information while I'm going to believe Cedar Ville and Dr Thomas White Now. Could I be wrong? I could be but I'm going to wait until an investigation but I think what you see. Is you see people that want to and I'm going to show that there's a reason that they they want to harm Cedar Ville. I think there's an agenda behind. I think there's a reason they won't go after Matt Chandler and they will Cedar Bill. So and let's be clear right even if even if as you just said. We don't know everything let's assume even if Thomas White knew more than what is being said right now match handler is still in the wrong grasped. She's still in the wrong for not seeing something ahead of time. There never would have been opportunity for him to be hired. Cedar Ville had this stuff and made public the way it was supposed to had met. Chandler done what? He had been look responsibility to do then. This wouldn't have happened at zero. Okay but here's the thing with this. Not only that but the issue is more was hired for an administrative role. Okay so the guy who broke this in who put up that video you were just referring to it. It's this guy taught todd and I don't know if I'm going to pronounce his will helm. Will I want you to just look at the time? He's he's a guest blogger here on on this site because they they ended up saying that You know that he's of that art the man that he's a guest blogger here but look at the title. Are Some Christian. Colleges like Cedar Ville University becoming a dumping ground for fallen pastors slash theologians like Anthony more guest posts. Biota wilhelm. Now you look at that title just at the title. This title is poisoning the well. It's a logical fallacy. What is he doing just in a title he is? He is giving argument. How many fallen pastors theologians has Thomas White supposedly hired one? That's the count so far so when you say. Has it become a dumping ground? How is it a dumping ground when there's only one but before we look into what this guy is said why I think why do I think Matt Chandler? Being given a pass is for this reason. Let us take a look at who taught is this is his own website now. This is what he says about himself. No let let me just read what he says. I've highlighted if for you. I've always been one to fight for justice to take up the cause of the little man and confront the abuses of the rich and powerful Anthony. Their son you and I address all the time Does this fit into a definition of something that you and I address. Yeah it seems to be a social justice warrior correct. This is exact language that you get from Social Justice Warriors. That they're they're they're about justice for the little man. The the the abused person which it is justice to stand up for the person who is a true victim but notice and look by the way this language has literally right out of Communist Manifesto. We noticed it's not it's he's not for justice of the wronged no the little man against the rich and powerful in what he has written. He is assuming that if you're rich and powerful you're automatically wrong. Yeah that's Marxist philosophy. Yes so Ma Marxism. But maybe maybe we're just guessing. Oh but wait. L- let's let's look whereas the article he wrote here we go so he wrote an article. This is in two thousand fourteen. So this is before Thomas White was at Cedar Vill. Okay so because I believe Thomas got there in two thousand fifteen. So what do you see Cedar Ville Page Patterson Al Muller Tough TIMES FOR FEMALE PROFESSORS? That's the article now. Look at the lines. I'm going to highlight some things and read these things to see. This is the guy who's breaking the story. Cdl on everyone's taking with this guy saying and just see you can see. Here's all the articles he is he has written on Cedar Ville Except for that one that I showed you So this is if we if we go through these We have One two three four five six seven eight nine ten articles on Cedar Ville with one of them being why Thomas White should resign an open letter to Thomas White and so he starts a petition to get rid of Thomas White Right. He's got this open letter but he had the issue with with CDL long before as as we ended up seeing here. And I'm going to. I WanNa read some some parts of this For us to to see all right so this this Guy Todd Wilhelm rights for his. His blog is called the the WARTBURG. Watch so this says quote. The WARTBURG watch commit community extends it sympathies to female pastors who have been mistreated solely due to their gender at Christian colleges and universities and seminaries. Now that's right there. Sounds like he's putting some stuff in here. That sounds awful. Lot like social justice that it's just because they're a female now. He makes arguments here with Al Molar about conception and adoption he basically makes the case that these guys limit their families are muller page. Patterson they don't have big families like the Doug Doug are also wrong. They should be adopting people. But here's where he gets into Cedar. Ville Cedar Villas is experiencing an exodus of female faculty. And so he. He says no no a watching noses he says W that's for the. The WARTBURG watch has been contacted by several on several occasions through the years by anonymous female employees at Cedar Cyrille. Why anonymous. Well he's he gives some reasons for but you know going into the history but the thing is that if they're anonymous do we know that they actually existed no okay. We don't know that they could be making it up to do I think he is. I don't know but listen. There's a thing about the bloggers December bloggers typically guys that do disarmament pattern. They start off typically the guys that that start off the break some big story and everyone checks that out and then they got to keep that going the break another story another story and then they gotta keep that that pattern going. So what are they doing? They start cutting corners. They start misrepresenting people and a lot of times these guys outright lie and they justify it because they say well. It's okay because you know this guy is in the wrong and you'll find a lot of those discernment Bloggers Never Attend Church because no church agrees with them And I don't know where I don't know if he's at a church or not but but I want you to want to skip down to this and see You know so. He says suddenly women's start resigning and can't say anything because they signed confidentiality agreements. I do not blame these women. For signing these agreements in the business world severance payments are often tied to confidentiality in in other words. They may need that income to support their families. So it's he's reading into the the what he's doing here is leading his audience. He's he's he's not giving actual fact he's leading them into believing something that he's just assuming something and then give some personal opinion but the fact is that he doesn't prove that they're actually leaving because of their gender that they're being forced to leave okay so he ends up saying the university is Cedar Vale. Has Says it has plenty of women in each department. Okay so I guess this was when when Dr White I got there because it says White said that nothing has changed so I think that As Women Department. So here's the thing if this was when White was here then there may be a different reason why they were leaving because what we said in the beginning of the program Dr White was giving them contracts and if the if these women were social justice warriors you know they were Egalitarians and knock complementary ins. They wouldn't have been able to sign the the doctoral statement and they were left. The navy might have had an ax to grind. They come to a blogger like this now. Are they wrong? Well if you're if you're hired by a Christian University and you don't agree with its doctrinal statement. You shouldn't be there. You should have the integrity not to be there so one of the things that you know. He goes on with some stuff. But here's where I wanted to focus in notice what he says. Here women teaching the Bible to men is quote UN Biblical Unquote in university settings as well question mark. That's a question that he's asking. And then this is what he says. That the blogger. I find this unsettling many of the complementary stop there if he was a complimentary in he would say many many complimentary or many of us. Complementarities put them as an outside group. Leads me to believe that. He's Egalitarian. That he's again more evidence that he's probably Social Justice Warrior. Many complimentary claim that the only place woman cannot teaches within the local church. Don't believe them. It appears that they will also extend this teaching far beyond the local church and seminaries in an into academia who knows how much further it will extend now. He goes on to talk about some stuff with page. Patterson I find this kind of interesting. Though at the end his conclusion he had something about how Muller Says L. Muller Southern Baptist Seminary also has also has some concerning statistics with women faculty He says there's ninety five men and five women now as of today Anthony. How how many. What's the mental women ratio at Cedar Hill? Well there's more female students I'll say that I then male but male sixty two percent and female thirty seven almost thirty eight percent okay for the ratio know. I don't know if that's outside of the realm of a secular college. I mean it wouldn't probably wouldn't have been at my university my Alma Mater. Excuse me but would you end up seeing is. Here's what he says to sum this up and pointing this out. Because I WANNA point out that I believe personally that maybe this blogger. Whoever wins using to go after Dr White and and poison the well before the investigation? They're assuming in all these articles. The assumption is that village. Church says they say gave all the information. They're saying they gave all the information and so the assumption is village. Church wouldn't lie. It must be Thomas White. Who's lying however we know that village church has a history of not naming the sin when a pastor sins okay violation of scripture. We know that they take these. We know that they've also disciplined someone who was in the. Who was the one being wronged? They've disciplined victim and had to apologize for and they least admitted it was sin. But look at what this guy. This blogger that everyone's referring to has said to sum up this that he has on the on the academics with female professors summing it up the `authoritarian gender driven crowd appears to be making a full court. Press to get women out of Christian academia however it was sure nice of them to be able to limit their size of their families so their wives could lead conferences and seminary programs designed to make sure women have lots of children and stay at home. No that that's what the the beginning part of the article he's talking about conception and adoption and things like that now notice what he's doing. I you can read the article. You're not gonNA see anywhere. Where all molar or page? Patterson are saying that. The reason that they didn't have a large family was set. Their wives could Speak at conferences or lead seminary programs so just for the record that is a logical fallacy. Okay he's he's coming to a conclusion with absolutely no support and the whole thing. What you end up seeing is he. Is he poisons the well and he's doing it throughout this whole articles this way. Okay now he does say please understand deb and I Did stay at home with our children. I don't know what he does for a living that you know. He could not actually have to work while eighteen years. His kids were being raised that he could just stay at home just saying but but he knows how he described the authoritarian gender driven crowd. This does not sound like a complimentary in this. Sounds like an egalitarian. In fact this sounds like a social justice warrior. Now why do I bring this up? I bring this up for this reason. He's calling for Dr White's removal. What do we know about Matt Chandler? Well Matt Chandler's woke in other words. Matt Chandler is now becoming a social justice warrior. Could it be that he is not going after Matt Chandler for Matt Chandler's failure because he's more interested in getting Thomas White who's not woke a conservative? Who has the nerve to take liberal professors and say you can leave if you want to those female pastors if they were Egalitarians and they left because they couldn't sign the doctoral statement. They got two years salary. They got to work for one year if they found a job in that year. Guess what they got a full year's salary bonus because they went to some of the if they're making eighty. I think the average college professor Christian College so to make the average college professor makes about one hundred thousand dollars Christian. College may be sixty. But would you think it is a good thing to go to another university and be able to make sixty grand. That'd be nice I you know I don't blame people. I would love to be able to leave their job and get a year salary. Be a nice thing. Yeah you'd like that right after I wait you fired yourself unsold your business not order your order. We actually wait a minute. This just dawned on me. So did you fire your wife as well sit down and eating or the staff let them further. We sold the business. I actually made the joke that I fired. Julie and I said that I sold the business and I got this nasty Jillian standing there. Yeah I guessing that would be good for a video and reason picking this up. Is You know this guy. That's doing this and writing these things. This has now been picked up by Christianity today. And it's getting a lot of attention but what's what are you have? You haven't all coming from one side from a potential social dresses warrior. That is that would be after Thomas White. Because there's there's very few universities left. Look you look at the universities. I I know of two that I recommend Cedar Villes is been number one in master's universities number two. Now if you're going for business degree master's would probably be better because they're more business degree oriented if you're going into the Sciences Cedar. Bill is going to be better. I mean masters just doesn't have much in the way the scientists like Cedar Villainous and but that's about it and look they tried to get rid of Macarthur. What happened with Macarthur Macarthur? They tried saying. Oh like soon as if you remember Anthony. When when we came out with the statement of Social Justice in the Gospel we waited for MacArthur to sign that when Macarthur signed that. That's when when it was released when he when we got all the the edits and he he signed it and what was the first thing that happened. You had a whole bunch of people that tried to go after master's seminary and Master's University and they tried saying Oh his son does does contract work for the school. It's nepotism and they actually did enough where they actually got it that the the accreditation organization remove the accreditation for Master Seminary Investors University. Okay and they were trying to say what ended up happening. Macarthur left He. He stepped down from that role passing. He's he's old enough he's eighty you pass it on to someone else and they and it was reinstated okay. So they went after Master's university who did it Social Justice Warriors? What do we have here? I think you have social justice warriors. They're not gonNA go after Matt Chandler for failing know they're GONNA go after Dr White because he stands firm on the scripture. That's what I think you have happening. Now you say well. What about Liberty University? Let me throw that in mixed now I I really I did not sway either of my kids when they were looking at their schools We help them but we told them in. The decision was there's my daughter looked and she came down to liberty and Cedar Hill. And because she's her degree has molecular biochemistry. It's not exactly a thing. That was a strong strong at masters so she ended up choosing Cedar Vale why she said she could go to liberty to evangelize because they accept non believers in the university. She said I can go to liberty and evangelize or I can go to Cedar Villain be disciple. She said I'm right out of college or high school. I'm right out of your house in your teaching I really wanted to to. I want to go somewhere where I'm going to be disciples to live for Christ on my own or did you just catch yourself. She came out of Your House from your teaching and therefore she could no meaning that she was her father was. The was the pastor of the Church so being being that she was she would just grew up in a pastor's home. And so you know. She came out of that she wanted to she wanted to be disciples. She wanted to be going to where she was going to be. Taught Christianity not going to evangelize. Okay afterwards I've actually had communications with Jerry Falwell Junior. I'm not going to release the emails Because I just don't think there's any benefit to it. But he and I had a very long email exchange over the issue of the fact that Jerry Falwell's Liberty University hired a homosexual. They were very proud of that. They put it in the school paper in the school paper. They were bragging that they hired this New York Theater Drama. Guy I forget the full title of it. But he's a guy that does clip art fear where the setup where he'll show people how to dance and how do the drama and he was working with them on Mary poppins and when it came out. That people said wait a minute. This guy is a known homosexual. What did Jerry Falwell do? He went up well. We didn't hire him. It was it was a contract. Who's just a contract with Jerry? Fil actually told me this is no different than hiring. The guys. W- there that screwing the light bulbs you know. We don't check all their backgrounds. I said yes. But here's the difference. The Guy screwing the light bulbs is not putting his hands on student saying no stand over here. Not Directing students not in a position leadership. He's a janitor who screwed lightbulb. No-one's looking at him as a leader. No one's going to be meeting with that person alone. Possibly there's a big difference. There did liberty demand. Jerry Falwell resign. Oh no social justice. Warriors all got behind him. So what do you see you see? Social Justice Worzel defend you know someone who's hiring homosexuals. You have the you see that they're not gonNA call out Matt Chandler. And so what do you see here when you have someone who is a complimentary and who is strong again? Stand up against Social Justice. Who strong on standing for the Bible. What what is it? We see what we see a guy who's a social justice worrier probably and he's going to write a bunch of blog articles and everyone's taking those blog articles and they're signing petitions because this guy's put a petition. And what does he do? He links to all these different blog articles. He's written and other people are looking at these articles and they're looking just at the information he says and he says Oh. We have emails if a guy says he has emails but doesn't give you the emails. Don't believe him. If and then we have this mark spence POPs in and goes. That's quite a library of books. Yeah by gender. Thanks Mark I. My books are practicing social distancing until I can move to Pennsylvania which this quarantine is not helping and our governor saying no. We're not gonNA release things until June seventh. You know so so I'm actually going to be. I'M GONNA Weird Position Anthony. I'm going to be in a position where my church in Pennsylvania is to open. We think mid-may right we in a couple of weeks. We may open but my governor is going to say that it's not essential so technically would I be breaking the law driving to church in another state where my church is open so that I could preach? Yeah well I guess I'll take my chances because I'm not you know once we open church. I'll be at that pulpit. We're not GONNA do zoom meeting or something like that into the church. I won't do Matt. Chandler does every week zooming him into of her Satellite Churches. Are you what our Church We finally open this past Sunday to eliminate limited crowd and then we went full blown last night for Wednesday Bible. Study and full blown this coming Sunday you for our grand reopening you call it from corona virus and at outside man the seven weeks that that we were on zoom meetings. It's just not the same. It's no use to what a do at true journeys out. Yeah we've gotten together. You know some of the folks from church leaders from the church less than ten. You know but You know we we've been able to at least meet and Drew says look at liberty and Ergen kanter issue when they covered that up He says he's an alumni from from liberty Please don't hold it against me. No we don't hold it against you drew but but you see the dilemma there. Why why do they let certain people off the hook? Why I mean you can look at this pattern. Whether in here in politics we're talking about Biden versus you know versus Breath Kavanagh's Brookhaven off. Who actually was innocent. And they knew it but they wanted to go after many way because social justice warriors. He's not on the right side so here. Here's the thing my position until proven otherwise. I believe that Thomas White is in the right. Sorry I run didn't planet but and maybe that should be our our cry until proven otherwise white is in the right. Okay doesn't Songa you. Yes that is true. Social Justice are really going to get upset. So that's true. It didn't James White get accused of racism because it his last name. But but so what are you end up seeing? What this would you end up seeing is that we need to stand up for Truth and not let a bunch of bloggers who are social justice warriors probably to destroy his character before the investigation. Even begins okay. You know this is the thing that we have to do is we need to make sure that we're standing up for truth all right and I and anything more. I know we have a couple of guys. There was someone matthew who is in much earlier. It's going to try to bring him in. He dropped A. I don't know what he would What is questions were But I I We do have some others. If you guys who are in the backstage if you have questions just put it into the private chats that I know what what You Guys WanNa talk about. But Vincent isn't back stage in one. The things he brought up earlier was he made a comment. We're talking about the pastors. The way we're hiring pastors and the way these passes behave you know. He made the comment that these are earlings and not shepherds in other words. They're they're hired hired for the job and they're not really doing and so they're not true shepherds in it in that sense But but I Guess Melissa likes it. She says white is right. That doesn't sound right either. Social Justice lawyers are gonNA like that one. Either we'd better do our Ken. Ham thing really quick. I'm not white. African Americans aren't black or Brown. Yes sure we get that right. One blood one race yeah expenses. Mark is saying someone mute. Andrew I would we get Mr Smith's why don't you get in here? Live in this up We we could talk about some stuff going on with with you guys. They're living waters. I I should say now I guess now would be a good time to say that If you do go to living waters their school of Biblical Academy is on sale. And I don't think I think it's only for like ten more days so we do have a discount code. You can get where you get half off if you put. Sf as the Discount Code You get a discount and with that You know you get it half off and I think you may get an e book I can't remember but But so go go to living waters dot com go to the store check out. the school biblical. Oh he says I'm actually on the way to the beach with my family. That's right because he lives in a state where they've opened. The beaches like did would them in California I? They did go onto the beach. They I think it's L. A. Did that and now everyone's now what's happening is even more people are going down to San Diego to go to the beach now. You have more people because they limited them but so if you WANNA be the I'll tell you the school bill of and I think mark wrote most of that book if not all you get a book that's like Yo Thick and Y- they have it is more than just evangelism. Don't be fooled by the title. It goes into evangelism. It goes into discipleship. It goes into theology. It goes into world religions. It is really covers a wealth of topics it is on sale from one hundred fifty dollars for seventy five dollars a great deal just put in SF when you put in the discount code and it looks like you pull the book out of the shelf and it looked like it might have been a j Lewis Book Jay Lucas. I know there's people who've asked I've had a lot of feedback. Mo- almost all of it really good feedback but When I did my facebook live video last week and then followed it up a couple of days later with a with a part two. I talked about You know for for those of you who know me you know that. I love teaching on precept apologetic at a level and will andrew does to we enjoy because I think the way that we teach it allows people to actually learn how to use priests up and use it properly versus a Lotta vandalizing this Walla vandalizing. Evangelizing rather than just using catchphrases. But actually how you think through precept and engaging Lucas is a guy I learned. I mean obviously learned a lot from injuries well over the years but Jay. Lucas has some wonderful books. And this book called the Water Rights Fight Walks through and I know Andrew. You love this book to I through where rights come from. I read that book kind of in a single setting as as single setting because a J. gave it to me I was on. I was on my flight from Ohio back to Jersey. Started it on the plane and finished most of it on in flight. I'm a quick read. I back then I was a very quick read now slowed up as a gun older but I would. I read most of it on the plane got home and I got home late that night. It was like one two in the morning and I just I couldn't go to bed. I wanted to finish it and it was. I've argued that is one of the best books on presupposition apologetic. That's out there and and you don't even realize it. That's what he's teaching. He doesn't talk about that. Yeah it's a great up. He has a book called. Ask them why where he teaches precept through conversations and then he walked through prese up in this book and gives a spin on it about where a rights come from morality things. Like that. And it's all precept style. It is just fantastic and Some more expenses giving us the link right there so I'll leave that up. Thank you Mark Look for ray try so and he actually liked the video that he did last week. I sent a clip to mark Spencer. Jay Lucas Gauge is that. Because you're promoting. His book is at more on it. I just I just did it and I said I'd come back and promoted later. I want to turn it into a fifty five minute sermon. Talk in an actually teach people through this. I think it's important. I understand having said I want to go back to something We're about about this issue of of church abuse being covered up. And you know there's a Houston Chronicle article. That was done three years ago. You have to pay to get the article and The Guy The reporter lists the number of pastors. Were spend where they've abused whether it's been covered up or not. Do you have that onscreen? She do have pulled. Up is is a website now. We don't know who these people are. We don't know what their background is or anything but they have a site called Baptist accountability because apparently the wife was Abused in her church growing up and so they saw that. There is no accountability out there in and they put up a site themselves in in. This is where you know as we have talked this entire show Anthony. More is on this list anthony more. I don't know when they put him on this list but it seems like it's it was done very very recently so the the website is called Baptist Accountability Dot Org. And he's on this list. The you see that he is There's two articles that are quoted in here on a summary so somebody more than likely has just Submitted it to this website very recently and And has put him on the list. Now here's what's interesting is not only. Does this list have the is who did the abuse where it's verified or somewhat verified because they have different lists on here convicted not convicted whatnot but they have his list and and then you can connect him to other people and Guess? Who's he's he's acted to on this site? Thomason and Jason Lee but not but not is Matt Chandler is no nobody else is is connected to this now. Of course I found the spot on this site or it says you can submit an entry so guests. I did before the show tonight is I submitted an entry for format Chandler and I connected the Youtube video and And hopefully they look at that here. You should Smith Matt Chandler for Dr More you should Smith Matt Chandler Four Tow Tomb Tome What his name was again For thome you should do it for Karen Henkel Hinckley I mean you and I i. I didn't do a lot of digging to find these others. That's the sad thing is if we do a lot of digging. What else might we find with Matt? Chandler are there other ways that he had times where he has because look the reality there may be other men who let go that he did even less speaking of maybe he said like in this one guy where the guy was being accused of sexually assaulting eleven year old and he saying he was drunk. I mean you know yet. Maybe he was drunk. Also but you know you needed to mention the other one because the other ones needed to protect our children from a guy like that okay. This is the problem with guys like this when when they when you do not when you have churches that do not practice. I Timothy Five twenty and again. I'll read it. As for those who persist speaking of pastors those are the pastors as those who persist in Sin Rebuke them in the presence of all so that the rest may stand in fear and when you have pastors or churches that do not practice. I Timothy Five twenty. What they typically end up doing is passed them that person onto the next church and let it be someone else's problem. I don't have to deal with it. Will you know what you were saying earlier? Anthony if there was any cases and as far as we know there are no cases Cedar Ville with Anthony. More with any students faculty or anything but if there were that's on Matt Chandler and Village Church. They should have handled it biblically. They should have handled it right. Not Take the easy way out and pass it on for others. That's the issue. And this is where they failed in their responsibility and Vincent Sang in the chat. Here private chat. That's as bad as Roman Catholics moving a priest from around. This is a little different because what unfortunately with the Catholic Church. They take more blame because they actually the guy around and put that guy in another church here. What you have happening is because Matt Chandler and Village. Church chose not to say what the real issues were in multiple occasions. Those people can move on. If if someone had someone says hey I got fired because because I had an issue with drinking but I haven't had a drink for ten years now. A church could hire him. They might even hire him. As a youth pastor not knowing he is sexually assaulted an eleven year old and still has that desire in this case saying well he did something. He within subordinate. You know I think the way they worded. It was some with video that was with another person but there was no contact. There's no physical no physical contact contact. You could be thinking that. He's he's trying to get an a fellow staff member to watch porn with them. I mean that's what I when when I was reading it. That's what I was assuming. It must be that would be the most logical conclusion you can make based on the wording of that. Yeah Willie you would never imagine that it is a video camera stuck in shower while somebody showering either would never pop into your mind so these people who are saying well. Dr More is allowed to be a basketball coach. Assistant coach not a coach. He was not allowed in the locker rooms alone. It wasn't allowed with any students alone. He wasn't allowed in any place with with. You know You know to be had to be public. So so we end up seeing his. They had rules for him and he seemed to be living up to it because what they thought was going on and what was actually had happened or two totally different things sir. Counseling them for the wrong thing and he may be going but he wasn't being honest. Soon as doctor white ended up finding out the full story then he ended up finding out who the victim was and going to the victim and getting victim side of it and finding out that that Doctor Moore lied to him. He was immediately fired. And then what did Dr White Do? He made it as as did as much as he could to make it public that he always now he fired for in this case he was fired for something that happened at village church. The Village Church didn't make public that he found out about an he had been lied to about it. So where's Dr were doing. Well yes is he. Can you say he's pushing the blame back onto village church well in a sense? He is because they didn't make it public which they had a responsibility to do. And so you could argue that. He doesn't have a right to to make public. But here's the thing I find so interesting if I if these blog articles I've read are correct Matt Chandler Village Church the victim. They all seem to be wanting to blame Thomas White for hiring him. Oh he must have known he. He knew supposedly You know the thing that I find interesting with. That is that they weren't willing. The victim wasn't willing to Even though he moved on his now over at nine marks a mark diverse church there as an intern but as from what I understand which is kind of interesting. The blogger knows where the victim is now but no one knows the name of the victim. it's kind of an interesting things. How do you know he's over with Mark? Dever just curiosity but you know what I think is that you have guys that it's much easier to go after Thomas White who they might not know to go after them to go after then rather than to be outed in your own church where you know people okay we. We don't know anyone suitable. Yeah we'RE GONNA blame bill for hiring the guy but the victim you know what you. He had a responsibility to protect other victims. Then as well here. Here's interesting too. I mean it seems like there's an implication from Matt Chandler and Village Church that it's like Whoa. We told Thomas. We told Thomas Wade we let them know is stuff three years ago. So here's here's my question if they knew this three years ago. Okay let's say. Let's say that they're horrified today. That Cedar feel hired him on and has had him on staff and they informed Cedar. Fill of the truth three years ago. Why Now? Why didn't the village church come out six months after they hired him and said? Hey guys public just so you know this guy can't say the grievous sandy never should have been hired a Cedar Ville. We told him exactly what happened. Why was that not out six months ago a year ago year and a half ago two years ago? Why now and like. That's this whole thing. Just doesn't seem right. Image Church side almost as if the blogger who broke the story maybe knew something and because and this is what I said to you earlier this week is it sure seems like Matt. Chandler is using this using Cedar Ville to get the story out and to do cover. Hey We told them. But it's exactly like you said if they if that was the case if they felt so strongly about it they would've told Thomas White do not hire him we. Can you know what I know of a situation with a pastor who sinned? And what did he do he? He immediately found another church. Who's GONNA leave from one church and just rush right off to another church? Okay and just move on. And some people found out about it. That he was he was going to be hired and they went to the church and said No. We can't recommend this guy this time now. I do want to bring up something that was said in that. In what Matt Chandler said in that video he said it was a grievous sin. Yes but we can't. He's not qualified at this time. Which means even village church was acknowledging that there could be reconciliation on this now they make it sound like no we said he. He shouldn't be fit from any ministry. At least according to what the some bloggers are saying so it sure seems like the bloggers are giving cover to Matt Chandler. Who saying they're just they're taking what he's saying verbatim but questioning everything. Thomas to sing when Matt Chandler is the one with the history of not practicing meth. I Timothy Five twenty. He's the one that has the the history of of disciplining the victim and having to apologize for it. You know this is the thing that you end up seeing here. The Ma- is the one that has the history of saying in September that there was someone that was being investigated for sexual assault of a child but in October. He says he was drunk. Okay so he isn't being clear. So so who's worked? We believe it's really this simple. It's really this simple. There is some one thing that I see. That's a one to one analogy. And that is tone because tone what Matt Chandler supposedly claimed is he was fired for. The tone was fired for for drinking for petty drinking. Not For allegations of sexual assault to a minor. So if this is the case you now see what you know. He's done this once. He's done it again with with Dr More. He didn't say exactly what it was to the church. So you have two different cases where you have a lot more. That went on that. They didn't make clear. So are we to believe that he really made it clear. Thomas White that this guy was really wrong and there was all this you know history. They gave him and said you can hire and Thomas White just ignored village church and Matt Chandler and hired anyway. Now that may be the difference is if I look at the facts that we have so far. I have to say Matt Chandler. Adam minimum no matter what happened with Cedar Ville Matt Chandler and village. Church needs to step down and for for this blogger. Who wants to say that Thomas White needs to step down but not mentioned Matt Chandler? I think it's because he's a Social Justice Warrior. Okay completely biased. It's completely biased. Because Matt Chandler passed the buck. He didn't follow scripture. He didn't do as I timothy says he did not Repu- him in the presence of all and as I said earlier in the show that word rebuke there is an imperative. That's a command. God is commanding this to be the behavior you have with pastors and you know what I can't. We can't stress enough that Matt Chandler in this video that he did a week to two weeks after the allegation in two thousand seventeen. He said we believe that he is unfit for Ministry at this time. Just like you just said at this time that softens what he seems to be backtracking on now because I don't think he would say at this time based on the allegations that he's claiming right now what he says he told Thomas Way. Okay so saying at this time softens it it allows for for restoration. Okay and a job back okay. And and being able to job in the future leading everything for Thomas White to think that. There's there's some possibility there. So he what does he do? He sets strict counseling and process of reconciliation. It's GonNa take at least five years. He did did all his homework. There's no police report. Why because Matt Chandler didn't do his responsibility as a mandatory reporter in Texas and report the crime. He didn't do that so he they. WanNa blame Thomas White but no one wants to blame chandler. This is the problem. Matt Chandler failed he he sinned by not twice now twice he did not for those who persistent Sam rebuke them in the presence of all and that failure is costing Cedar Ville and every wants to go after Cedar Ville they're not going after Chandler and village church and I would say that if anyone who signed the petition to have Thomas White resigned. You better start a petition to have Matt Chandler and Village. Church resign as well. Otherwise you're a hypocrite. Because they send as well but their sin is what caused this one at a minimum. Because even if let's let's take worst case scenario say they did tell Thomas. All the information K. if Chandler was public about it Thomas would never been able to even if you sit there and say well. We told them but he hired against our our instruction okay. Let's assume that happened. Would they be able to hire him? If Matt Chandler made this public the answer's no if all this if you're the argument is that that. Somehow Thomas was trying to help a friend because this is the argument that Thomas White was trying to help a friend and get them a job and so he was lying to his board of trustees and lying to the faculty and everything else. If that's the case had met Chandler done his job everyone would have known it and Thomas White wouldn't have been able to lie about it if the if he did that. They're claiming right so it's very simple. There's there's one place to start this blame. There's one place where we know there was failure. How do we know it? We heard it tonight in his own words Matt Chandler. Read the statement that he and the pastors the village church put forth to be read and it didn't rebuke him in the presence of all. It was watered down mild gave opportunities for reconciliation. And they let them go being that they that they have that pattern. I think they are to blame. I think that what we end up seeing here is that someone should start to petition for Matt Chandler to resign and those at village church. That also didn't follow. Matthew five twenty. So why do I keep saying Matthew I timothy? I've done it consistently. I don't know why it is I timothy. I think I know what it is. I'm preaching this week. In in in mark to where Levi or matthew comes to be a disciple of Christ so I guess Matthew. I've been studying a lot of matthew at this this week so I guess that must be eighteen as well could be. But that's not why I think so. We ended up. Seeing is is that Matt Chandler did not practice I timothy five twenty and he let a sexual Predator move out to another area now. It wasn't ministry. Oh this is one thing I did. WanNa show let me show one more thing that I think is important with this blogger because I want to show you what his tactics are. Okay because when you read these blog articles I want you to know you need to put critical thinking when you read these things. Now what you have here is a list of of Faculty. Okay new faculty from two thousand seventeen two thousand eighteen. And so if you go through this list Dr Moore was hired two thousand seventeen and you go through this list. What do you notice and this guy says it? If you've noticed that Anthony. More IS NOT PICTURED. You are a sharp observer. Does anyone other than me. Wonder if emitting more is just a coincidence. I'm sure there's a perfectly valid reason or maybe not. Here's the simple reason you know. He's not listed with the faculty in two thousand seventeen. Who is this like a million dollars? Go for what. What's The answer Maybe Kizzie wasn't faculty member Vans Right. He wasn't as faculty he was hired. As an administrator he was in the admissions office for now. This is the irony. The Social Justice Warriors should be defending more. You'd think he's an African American who is hired in admissions to to help with diversity. He was someone who was sexually abused as a child to me. Let's see how many intersection points this. Anthony African American Ding Ding Ding. That's one sexually abused to. Diversity is his is he's he's and Versi homosexual tendency homo ding ding. Okay four points. Four intersection outy points. He has homosexual tendencies. But as you've as you've heard me teach intersectional you have one factor that brings you right back down zero. Ns in Christian and hopefully we made our point. Well at least Steve Wolfe here. Not that he's a wolf. That's just his last name. Immune I guess what you know these guys with these names. I mean see rappaport. You can't use you know Silvestro. You can't kind of mixing but but Steve Wolfe says. I Agree Chandler. Village is ultimately to blame in every bit of this and of course anthony more and he's right. Anthony Moore should not have lied if that's what he ended but he had at a minimum would have been you know lying to Jason Lee unless there he must be in on it too right keeping it from all the faculty the this is the thing so I really. This is not something that Anthony I wanted to do but I think that maybe I had a little bit of a righteous indignation because of the fact that I saw everyone piling on with one guys one guy who broke. The story writes ten articles about it. You I've already shown you that he he probably. He seems to have a bias as well. He's had this issue with Cedar Ville for a long time from from when white got there and people started leaving because they were liberals that's why they were leaving. They weren't conservative Christians. They were liberal Christians so they were leaving. This guy had an had an issue with that. He seemed to to have this. Hebrew breaks the story. Everyone's using his articles and he writes several articles. That will the that does is. It gets you a lot of clicks. It's Click Bait but what do you see? Would you don't see as as we've seen he claims to have evidence doesn't give you the evidence over and over again he he uses logical fallacies he leads he poisons the well he's he's leading you in conclusions and so over and over again? He's appealing to things that prove that his arguments are invalid. Okay and so. This blogger should not be trusted as source you know who should be trusted as a source the independent investigation that Cedar Ville Trust the trustees. A Cedar Ville hired to do the investigation. That's where we should start to trust and they haven't ruled yet they're still investigating so anyone who signing the petitions to remove Thomas White. It's way too soon. You have the information. The only information you have is the guy who started the this stuff. Who's writing all this stuff? Who's a social justice warrior? Probably as far as we can tell and who quite frankly is lying to his readers. Why because there's a very simple reason. There's nothing nefarious on. Why Anthony Moore was not pictured with the faculty in two thousand two thousand seventeen? Anyone should be able to pick up on that as anthony did because he wasn't faculty they're not listening the janitors in their either. They're not listening to any other administration there either. I wonder I didn't do this but I just thought this now. I wonder if we go back and see. Did they announced faculty advisors or advisors administration new new administration. I wonder if he's listed under new administration. That'd be interesting because if that's the case then we know that this guy didn't do his homework but the simple thing is this and this all this this. This whole show is to point out. Two things really well. A couple of things might be more into one your doctor white. As far as we know we trust him to be innocent until proven guilty. We we assume that he is right. He's kept a consistent story he's had integrity and for those reasons we take his story especially with the fact that it's all hinged on the fact that the claim is that he knew everything from the pastors at from Chandler and the pastors at Village Church when they have a history of softening things. They're the history of getting things wrong. We've demonstrated that as well and you know what the irony some of those things. We demonstrated our from the same guys blogs some of the information I got from things he said and I followed the links so he should have known better. He should've known the background was there. So here's the thing you should assume until proven otherwise. Thomas White is in the right. You should not be signing petitions to have them removed. You should be signing petitions however to remove Matt Chandler and Village Church. You should be blaming them. Name Thomas White and not matching learn village church. Then there's only one word for that hypocrite. Because they're the ones who failed and caused the problems for Cedar Ville so Cedar Ville now. It's the deal with Matt Chandler's failure to do his biblical responsibility. So this is a thing. Couple things that we were trying to express one. Thomas Whites we want to assume is in the right until proven otherwise Matt Chandler needs to repent of his handling of Dr more a tomb and these others. Anyone else that he may have fired or let go. And Not Rebuke Them. If you're if you have pastors who are doing this if you're in a church keep them accountable that they should be doing this. They should be saying exactly why someone is stepping down and what the issues are okay. A so as a way of closing out. I'll just put this Steve Wolfe says. This has been great and highly informative but unfortunately I have to run hope to all next week wolf out. Well we're signing out as well Again may thirtieth. We WanNA remind you Justin Peters. I will be doing our snatched them by the flame snatched him from the flames seminar. But it's home edition. You can watch it in your own home. It will be free of charge no cost though we will accept donations if you want to and but we will be Doing this may thirtieth we. We're going to start ten eastern time seven Pacific and we're going to go up until six o'clock eastern time three Pacific so we have a full day schedule for you. We have four sessions again. Justin will start off with dealing with the sufficiency of scripture. I will take over with interpreting scripture. We'll take a lunch break justin. We'll do a longer session on discerning false teachers than I will do a longer session going through the book. Jude in identifying false teachers. And then we'll have a Q. And a. So it'd be a good time of teaching. This is something that is for any Christian that wants to know God's word how to handle it and how to use it to discern truth from error. I hope you'll be there. Hopefully Anthony will be doing a seminar. Not that I'm putting them on the spot. We'll have a date soon for Anthony's seminar on creation science from precept positional view So we're hoping that he'll have a seminar. Maybe he and I'll do it together. Maybe it'll be just him. We'll see but he's got enough material on his own But hopefully he'll be getting that out soon so we'll be looking forward to that we might be doing more of these home seminars We've learned something with this cove in nineteen and the quarantine we can literally. I preached in the Philippines. I'll be preaching an India soon. I've preached in Washington State all from my home We may be able to do more of these seminars or conferences where you can watch it in your home online at your convenience because we might be able to do it where you can watch it afterwards as well so those are some things we're working on here striving for eternity If you'd like us to come into your church when we're allowed to do one of our seminars interpretation easy creation. Science presupposition apologetic Evangelism any of those topics you could feel free to reach out to us at striving for eternity dot org. And if you'd like to help donate to us to keep these this show and other things you can support us at striving fraternity dot org slash donate and there's some I don't remember what it is but if you give over twenty or twenty five dollars you start getting some books. Go to the website and look it out. Look what it is quit those are I. Don't remember but just remember to strive to make today in a day for the glory of God and we'll see you next time.

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