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#21 G&Q Begin PhDs in Midsommar


And Welcome Gene Q.. Review you where. We reviewed the best TV and film. The world has to offer and sometimes some other stuff too the one and we're back jean-pierre review what's going on grant much Quinn. What up dude? Actually a lot is up in your life in my life in my personal life so it was actually yesterday. You're a superstar. You know the superstar on in your life. It's a lot of stories So I woke up yesterday and I got in my car. I was groggy and Shit. You know Tuesday morning on Tuesday morning and again in my car and go to like start it and I notice all my like change not it just like some random like papers on the floor and the passenger side. I don't like what those they're the. I don't my car's pretty clean gene. I don't really keep anything in my car. I was like wasn't didn't earthquake. Hit knocked all my shit from my console. No that's stupid that someone broke into my car your lexus es and saw saw that L.. They're like ooh. Let me break into this car here now. A couple of things one. I lost my car door. I don't I don't know did I forget I must have because there were no broken windows. Thank God thank God to a minute. Pretty Dan big garage with hundreds and hundreds this of cars. It's probably like I don't know maybe there was a thousand cars who knows super many forward hundreds of hundreds and hundreds and hands. I don't know if it was just some homeless dude going around pulling on handles that somehow got into the garage only taken then worker. Let's hear my stash not on my city Amazon sunglasses which I already reordered so were okay and then my fucking change in the middle console. I got a bunch of like insurance registration and none of that was taken everything that was poorly cheers. Change literal quarters dimes and but no pennies. They left all the pennies. Hell Yeah Dude. Fly With Panther. Think if you're at the point where you're stealing change at someone's car Har you would at least take the pennies. But they add up the they do. It's a nickel you took the nichols. So whatever piece of Shit scumbag did that. You know that having this morning or yesterday less so and China in That's I've never had that happen. That seems shitty. Yeah we don't wait wait. It's a way worse if the winner was broken. Oh yeah if I came down into the garage and shit was broken. I mean I don't even. There's nothing in my car that you can see. That would look enticing. There is yeah. It's just the numbers game. I don't know if someone's down there every night like pulling on handles so I talked to management there Disappointing as usual. So I don't know what they say. There's Oh there's an old triumph patrol will more Of course there's no cameras. There's anywhere I talked this. I literally talk to this girl like thirty minutes ago. And she was very confused she was like why I would. We have cameras down there. I was like I. I don't know Jackson's car. I duNNo. She's like oh I guess yes. Yeah like cameras so cameras dumb. But yes he live and you learn earnhardt. La Broaden work. Desk I guess I don't know I just didn't. There was disconnect. Yeah she both. My heart was assured because she was Security patrol basically fall and No that's whatever. Just wait and you know you down the line when we become famous. She's GonNa listen to this her feelings. It's GonNa be hurt that you call their dumb you know like you gotTa Watch out Clinton you gotta treat everyone respect. I didn't I ah delivery respectfully like I just wanted to let you guys know only Sir why would there be cameras. Why would there be cameras and and I was like can I talk to someone about the roles agree guys doing what? Other incidents like. This in the past concede this used anything. So I guess the last thing I'm GonNa do is shoot out an email to some generic email she gave me and and We'll just go it's her she's the only her email personal fake email. She gives people the thing that they're important. So yeah you're not important Quinn. No so that's that's me But that's I don't have anything anything as exciting on my. I'm sorry. Let the podcastone next time. I'm going to leave both my doors unlocked you. You would have box of doughnuts in shock on the past maybe in your apartment to a little trail. Yeah Yeah yes leading leading up to your apartment. Is your easier garage closed but is A. It's like a gate. You need a little thing on your car to get in so that you can tap it. Yeah it's a tenant only clubs saying you do you think it's a tenant who took No I don't know people living here probably don't need a you too. They trail I can think of two things. One homeless that filed a car in or some shit or to. I don't know some super drunk. and which is their car was nearby and then I don't know they pulled some hairdresser. Something they need change. The change is weird. I mean I think of Bali with Mike Har- but like no one would normally pick change change little little change change like that's why everything was so Massey's because you've got you literally have to dump everything. How do I would say if I was if I found myself in the position of stealing change inch if I were to probably them funnies? That'd be I mean yeah I guess if time is of the essence I gotta get Outta here. They could come down any too many. There's there's like ten of them I don't know they seem pretty deliberate Still Yeah it was. This was weird is very very weird. Sure but you know that's life. Yeah and but that's not what we're GonNa talk about today grant. What are we going to talk about? WE'RE GONNA talk about the first movie that we deliberately or not While we went off track when tracking to I'm DB two fifty And this is the first one that I came from. It's not recent events it's not something in in media. It's something that I had friends recommended me. And so I recommend it to the podcast and we watched midsummer spill over the summer. Mid So mayor is how it's spelled but they say midsummer only but mar maybe mid Somare. Yeah but yeah I I would assume mid so so mars the pronunciation in St dish. CD's Because it took place in Sweden uh-huh the majority of the film and they only do say mid summer and I was very confused because before I watched it I looked up how to say it. And they were saying like mid Somare and then in the movie. They're saying midsummer house. It would summer Somare. I guess the confusion started right off the bat but anyways we watched mid Somare and it was it was yeah so just some. It reminded me of a film called the dog tooth. Where it's very it's it feels feels foreign a could have very well informed? That's what foreign films feel like it's in English I don't know if the director is foreign put it feels fucking foreign In the sense that it's not traditional like Hollywood plots The there's not really Li a traditional story line at all it's very odd There's not a solid arc. Doc You know of characters There's not really heroes or villains Yeah I don't know it's interesting thing it it. It was very intriguing. It was never boring. Let's put like fat boring Sir. Yeah I'll say that I was never bored but I was also like I don't know what the fuck is going on. I tried to at some points figure out what was going on and then eventually I just gave up and I was like I'm not beginning. Get any sort of realistic interpretation from the movie. I thought it was straight. It was confusing. I I but it's I mean it's about a cold that a sacrificial cult rate simpler in its simplest sense that there. What were you trying to figure out like the call meetings since some deeper cult shit versus like we are original shit too? We celebrate the revival of life. So we need to sacrifice people. I don't know the coolest the thing I liked about it was the eighteen. Years is spring zero to eighteen. Is your spring in your life Eighteen to thirty six years years old is your summer thirty. Six to fifty two right was a fifty two thirty six to four. Yeah fifty four thousand four hundred seventy two his. Yeah to fifty four is your fall and then fifty four to seventy two is your winter then the the bitch is like Yo what happens avenue seventy two and then he's like yeah since you throw away ah mind you got a little bit more discreet if you are going for that Do we want to talk about the plot Oranges dive in. We live in wherever I mean. I don't have have. I felt like while watching it. You know how they're They're all peach will most remember. PhD's students except for for the girl and she was. She doing design or something younger than them. She might have been getting baffler since I remember. They asked about the finals and she hadn't finished her finals yet. Because of her rent's X.. which is a very cool way to start the movie and that ended up playing very little role in the film? Yeah I I. I was thinking about that as well. I didn't know where that played in. If that was basically the first what the first scene The act maybe. He's the first act of the preface of the film. Home was Her this girl named Danny. Who's the main protagonist? She's the main character I would say towards at the end. You didn't really know until the last hour forty five minutes but anyways her sisters bipolar and ended up killing herself self and her parents which so Danny's sister and parents died in one night she's funneled two car exhaust into the House to car exhaust and Lake attached hoses to warm. I don't know and then put one on her face ace and the other in her parents room. Yeah no shit was messed up in. I could see how that would have a lot of effects when she's more. I don't know the more I think about it though. It's a good opening scene because it's right in action but I don't think it's a good opening. Thanks for this movie because it didn't really fucking do anything. I think it. It caused some uncertainty in distress. While she's doing all the psychedelic drugs eggs plane other people. I mean that's always going to be in the back of your head. Yeah so there was is that I mean the whole fucking movie felt like one big nightmare trip hut though I will say in terms of special effects facts and the the cinematography and John Role of someone tripping. I think this job didn't ex- probably the the Best I've seen a movie do in portraying a trip I I think so. Yeah it's dripping yet. Yes subtle not like your four on hallucinating. Things blurring together and like the first trip when she's freaking out because the what the guy named marks says family and like she's obviously thinking our family and she breaks out and she's like I'm okay. I'm okay I'm okay like Yo I've I've been there even not tripping you know like you're trying to calm yourself like if you're on something you're like down and now we're good. We're good we're good. I'm okay everything's good. I thought I don't know the people who wrote the film obviously have done drugs. Sure I think in in in all those kind a psychedelic scenes. Even I was looking at the background just very small trees in the background. Things were like moving like Dell's world. Yeah like and what they did a good job with that S- I sometimes. She thought she was a plant and then inch kind of became a plant that you become a point. She didn't oh room with like flowers. That's okay that the only thing I thought. Are you talking about her. Her sandals like grew into the grass. I'm saying while she took her when she first started taking the Drugs and magic mushroom powder liquid. Tia She would. You would see images of her looking at her hands or feet and then she was like becoming nature and then by the end since she won the May Queen they crowned her with the flowers and then she was basically covered in flowers and couldn't and couldn't move very simple. What's the symbolism learn? I don't know what the symbolism and that is. She's part of the family. She's part of nature they are nature through that Christian guy died because is he decided he wanted. He gave into peer pressure. Unless what killed him. They tried to give him the tea at the end and he's like Nah. I'm going to have a bad trip. And she's like no do and he's like fuck it and then he drinks it and that's what killed them. I think he resigned no matter what birthing if he was Sober sober. He had a much greater chance like they needed him for that weird sex ceremony you know. They needed him to have sex with a girl and the only way they would Have himself sex with a girl he was like on drugs. Yea to one way or another yet. The God. I also like the imagery the there's a lot of like symbolism Scher but it almost felt felt like a at times is weird to be weird and a lot of. It's I mean still very fucking creative because someone had to write this in and Direct it and come with the choreography and all the yeah. It's like the Dan. Yeah I'm not saying like it's not a lot of work but it seems almost like this is just You know jarring to be jarring. It's yeah you get what I'm saying. Then I know I I think so it would definitely require a couple more passes to I dunno get everything that is in the movie as a watch. It again is that that's the thing I don't know if it's that deep or it's just weird that's true I guess I don't Neier make me think yeah comes off as deep it comes off as like it's full of symbolism there's a lot going on ought to read into and honestly after the I watch I can't tell you if it is that deep right and and also I. I mentioned this equipment for starting so disclaimer. I watched his today so I wish this is more on the movies that I wish I really slept on and honestly probably had a few days on and maybe even discuss with someone else because this movie is just chock full of images images and and just so many scenes that almost could be. I mean our entire points of. It's like A. It's a movie full of short stories. Almost knows where every you know what I'm saying like you could discuss just one little story for an hour about someone and probably pull some maybe pull some symbolism and Together and come up with some deeper meaning right. I think if you were talking to a buddy that would be good to kind kinda go scene by scene because even were like jumping around a little bit and it's I don't know if it does much good because it is every scene does feel a lot different than the other scenes but yeah I slept on the movie and let me tell you grant. Nothing changed still still solving mysteries. And your own and saw I was thinking and then I try and get somewhere and then I didn't really come up with anything and maybe there's another person kind of bounce back ideas. Yeah but still very very chaotic. Let's we bounce back the ending. What do you think having any The ending okay. So they all burn in the yellow. The House and the Yellow T. P. L. T. P.. I guess so I mean they had a sacrifice nine people right. Yeah nine. Nine people had to die if it happens every ninety years the nine people I guess yeah. The boyfriend dies for different reasons than the friends. The I guess. If you disrespect right uh-huh yeah but that the girl Danny was sacrificed her own boyfriend of four years in two weeks. uh-huh yeah dude. He was an idiot. Man He thought they were dame for three and a half years. He forgot her fucking birthday day. He he didn't tell them like tell her that she is thinking about going to Sweden in the first place because they made such a big deal. And we're going to get there and I've everything or whatever over and he forgets the birthday. Oh 'cause he was. Is that the whole reason. They did the something to make a little bit more believable. Like he really didn't know that that will go this son. We've only got dark for two hours or something. I don't know I was a little lame. It was a bad time at the end. Oh what it happened mark. which ones mark the dude from like black dude like meet? The FALKER was called moving. No he has also vander snatch the guy that you know the the Bro. I don't know in the borough with with dark hair. Who went off with the girl? Oh the guy who's vaping all the time. Yeah looks like sid from Toy Story. Oh Yeah I think he. He's I like him. He's a good actor. He got killed because he pissed on the tree. No but no but before for that I mean after the work after that after pissing on a tree but before you killed the black dude. I think his name is Josh. That's right yeah Oh shit wait happened. Know what happened to mark face all fucked up and he couldn't really. That's where I thought they were doing. A Christian but Christian was like okay. They did something to mark his like is he couldn't really talk but you could still walk in like his is. We're all fucked up. WHOA Mark Mark being marks? The guy that pisses on the tree right. He's the guy who is on the tree but they the girl and they disappears than Josh Goes. Take pictures of the book at night and then mark catches him and I think he's naked faces all fucked up. He's looks like something yeah. Something's Oh maybe they took marks face and warrior. That's a good theory. Yeah they definitely didn't show what kind of happened them. Right like as the Josh He got josh got hit in the head with a hammer and he got buried he saw his foot sticking out and he was in the teepee. Yep according to Wikipedia is distracted by partially nude man wearing mark skin face and legs and his hit over the head with a mallet. Jesus Christ man. Yeah so so they just killed mark. Yeah the movie was very very brutal very intense. As I said at the beginning you'd never got bored and it was gripping I you know I had the DC all kind of all kind of ended flat to me though like all that interesting symbolism and like a what what is this and just kind of like. It's just a call and it still had that you know it's a full corso. I had those horror tropes of ad acting dumb right. Everyone acted dumb. Except maybe Danny what do you mean. Oh you mean mean like the Christian trip. Yeah you trip. When he probably should've Margaret went off with a a girl Josh was welcomed breaking the rules taken taking photos with his phone like Andy was trying to steal the book. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah. I guess you can pictures but I don't know. What would you the disabled kin? I don't foresee that these. I was waiting for the fucking reveal. That story story regular person that was his skin mask or something. I don't know though I thought well remember. One of the first scenes was the flash to this girl WHO's super super deformed was like one of the first right when they arrived there flash so like the face of the girl who sewer deformed and all that story story plot was very interesting. I wanted them to walk into a house of like where like all these disabled people were like treated like animals you know and they were like like in cages almost but that never happened. They didn't really. It was just the product of inbreeding. That's nothing is a problem with any Brennan because the made them pure so they could bright scripture or not really right scripture colored make colors with pain and then they could decipher the scripture. Yeah weird. I don't know why they wanted. Why did they want what are they need scripture? No why do they even want Danny the water they it was. I think from the beginning. It was pretty Apparent that they were treating her differently. You and even the Swedish dude was you know kind of getting getting close with her. I mean you but I don't know what do they need in her for why they just I lane now. Yeah yes yeah okay. And that's dom right. It's like they're talking to her because her parents died in her sister died so she has no real family. So she's the most is M- might be A A key. Social commentary on people who join Colts Maybe they've lost everything and the most susceptible because this is their new family only the yeah. That's the most You know the the best I can read it for you know. Yeah Yeah No. That sounds reasonable and so that you know if you realize that maybe there is the Tana symbolism. I don't know it I kind of want to watch it again. I kind of don't Kinda don't caledon. No it's just a lot to like I knowing what happens to I mean there's it's a lot it's not really something you could watch well with other people I feel like you would. I mean you could but yeah it's all it's all Minnesota. It's a lot and I feel like I. You know it wasn't boring boring but I think a big factor of the non boringness was not knowing what would happen now that you know what would happen it. It might be boring. I don't want to say boring but it might be. I don't know if it's deep enough to watching it might be interesting to catch all the foreshadowing because it was there and then I'm thinking Oh what which shadowing did I miss. But then maybe after the second watch it'd be like I've had enough. Yeah there's a Lotta stuff I drugs lend nudity but a weird cult shit our culture Like mimicking bull yet seem to mimic. I did look up A in a thread on on read it. I WANNA see initial reactions in Someo When she was sobbing she she walked in and saw saw Christian? Like fucking girl and She was sobbing and what the people rounder under was like they were mimicking or mimicking. They were repeating her sobs and someone in this thread was like that repeating thing that prime all kind of like feeling you feel super it feels really strong in out of worldly if like a weird experience. That's you know if they're because they're like they're you know the repeating you I don't know the so so I think that's the whole thing might just be very elaborate. Social commentary on Colts. Well I think from the brief I watch the videos online. Didn't have a lot of time. But think the director was describing it as more of a A break-up story there Damian Christians breaking up in a huge large orchestrated butts dumb. Yes that's what he's Those were the director himself said. Yeah I think there's okay takes away from film ton I was. It's not. It's not about Danny and Christian. There's so much more org than just Danny and fucking Christian you know how many people died. What because it's a breakup like maybe like lose friends along the ways that was saying like is it? All break-up story I what did he say. I never watched anything. And it's Cheez. Its leg a coming of age story on US where he's just like okay now. I don't know it's been done. So many times like Lee I'd rather make social commentary about called then. Then tell another story of a guy curl breaking up. Fantasy break-up break-up story. Yeah we don't have to talk to all right time to give the old gene Q.. Patented Review where we decide whether the true rating of the movie is over under the Rating Akron. Seven point three. I am to be what. What are you thinking? Seventy thousand votes seven point three ten. Um You know initial the I'd go under seven I WANNA DOC would not recommend it to people but I wouldn't recommend it any I'd be like it's fun. It's kind of a fucked up film but but that's about it. I think I'm with you there. Maybe I don't know I didn't even go a little lower. I just kind of gave up some point. Ain't like okay. I'm watching it because like you said it's it's captivating but falls a little short Afria didn't do it for me. They didn't give me my fix so yeah weren't weren't phone. It's it's no doubt no doubt But it's you know it's it's more it's interesting and I think I don't know like those films. It's yeah it's cold. Glad it was. Just the cinematography is is extraordinary. I think like the actual color is involved in what we said before is dealing with like like drug induced trillion on trips and in drug induced experiences. It's they did that all superbly In terms of plot in impact maybe a little lackluster. Oh man man. Oh there's all this gets there was a director's cut ruin re hours stories in thirty minutes. I guess. Twenty four more minutes. I didn't know all these director's cuts We're learning what the hell there's more ceremonies. Danny's invited the special ceremony of a young boy dressed as a tree who volunteers for another ritual after the natives the natives die he says the what's brave is going home and the boys about to be thrown into A body of water but at the last minute is let go having proved his bravery. What I don't I don't know just some other factious seen I mean it's twenty four minutes? Here's a bunch of them okay. I don't think any of them are two important. She was always taken sleep. Oh I was trying too hard man I swear to God God. I'll have to go back in the film. Last thing to say about this film is I thought when like they were putting the baby to bed. First of all that babies fuck braving. I hate that it was crying every night in the house. They put like scissors underneath. Its pillow or something. I'll go back and watch it myself because I forgot to do that and I just remembered but I thought there were like they put something under the baby's pillow that I thought it was going to get a job. Take jump cuts and disorienting. I remember scissors over member where they were somewhere. I'll check it out if it's worth at all. I'll post a little clip right. Oh we got we got next week coming up rant. So I guess it's It's my turn right. This is what we're doing the power of the the trophy. I'm GonNa give give you a choice grant even though it's my choice giving you a choice. 'CAUSE I got to move in mind and we can go down two different paths. Yeah one path is continuing with the cult aspects. Call Talk so it's a movie that involves colts and the second choice is Since we're wrapping up spooky season and A horror film. That was recommended to me. So I'm okay you size so I don't get another movie names just uh-huh I think tomorrow's fucking Halloween Spooky Up Bros.. Let's get spooky. All all right spooky is here. We'll save the colts for another day In that movie The horror movie is called Wailing Wailing Feeling Wailing. or it's the whaling. Sorry the wailing the underlying so a twenty sixteen South Korean supernatural psychological mystery. History fell L. along genre. That's right dude. It made fifty one point three million in the US box office. FUCKING president of South Korean film have never even heard of it up while run tomatoes nine nine and and we got to some point four nine to be okay. Yes Spooky seasons here. Better not be With with in in Korean. 'cause I can't do a couch so I can't do kid. I can't confuses me what is this fucking book on My TV the same. Yeah maybe I'll tell you the other the other movie I had in mind off air. We could swing back to it eventually. that discussion Off there will be on our patriotic the Patriots. Just it'll have all these benefits. We'll have already. It's ready to go. Anyone wants to donate to the cause. All right Oh last thing. The no I think grant you already Renault but G. key review dot com is up kind of at least redirect you to the right site But yeah you can follow us now. G REVIEW DOT COM. If you WANNA check also sweet so join us next week And in in the meantime you guys watch the whaling so we can discuss it Wayman next next up soon. Sounds good. Nice talking to you as always Clinton pleasure mm-hmm peace peace.

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