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It's time to eat. Four sit down and get ready to consume an abundance of fantasy football knowledge from Ross. Tucker and Joe Dolan me now. On the fantasy feast, eight and podcast. Let's eat. Maybe is the fantasy feast eating podcast? It is presented by fantasy. Points Dot Com for two very good reasons number one. That's my Guy Joe Dolan works for as a CO owner at F. G. Underscore Dole and he's the star of the show, so we're gonNA give him some love. Give his site, which is awesome, some Oh, and by the way when you use the code feast, all capital letters at fantasy points dot com. That is how you get to go against me NGO in the next best. Best Ball ten draft were about to announce the final two entrance for the June best ball ten draft, but we got a whole other one still to go in July so ten more of you. All you do is go to fancy points DOT COM, all caps code feast, and I gave this tip on some of the other Ross Tucker podcast network shows this week. You one other thing that you know you rating review. The show Amazon. Order might be just what you need to get over the top. This is also our first fantasy feast podcasts. That is also on Youtube. We have a new youtube page. Check it out. Check out the link I. Think we enough subscribers to have a custom URL now. I'll do that later today, but I can give you a specific url, but right now you'll get a chance to see what Joe Dolan actually looks like an i. get a chance to see Joe Dolan for only the second time ever. Joe? It's Ross good to see you buddy I. Ross Good Morning. Good morning, everybody, who's listening to the show or watching the show? I am not typically a morning person so this is a little bit horrifying for me, but Hey you got to adjust to what people want right of course. It's it's ten oh five am. Oh Yeah and the the. That's still a morning thing for me I'm still drinking coffee. You. Get on a better schedule by the way I understand that, but I am I'm a night owl. I am very much a night out well as you say that because I know a lot of people that are like you and I am the exact opposite I get up between four am and five am so like. Oh? I'm almost ready to say good afternoon to you, you're you're like my mom? My mom up when her Jim closed down. She was, she was our fide, because St would go to the gym at like four in the morning, and it would be the same like three people there, so my mom was like social distancing, but I mean it's three people at this huge gym at four in the morning, so she is the exact same way. My wife is a morning person I am not never have been. It benefits means some ways and not in others as long as you. Here's how I feel as long as you're getting it done whatever you need to get done. If your best hours are midnight to two a M, go for it if your best hours like me or like five am to eight am then take advantage of your best hours. My name as I think most of you know is Ross Tucker former NFL offensive lineman five teams seven years now. I think I have five podcasts a bunch of them yesterday the. Awesome tips for NBA NHL MLB betting on the even money podcast, Andrew. Brandt dropped some bombs on Prescott. July and others on the Ross Tucker football podcast. You can check me out at Ross Tucker NFL across the various social media platforms. We are at Ross Tucker Pied an intern Casey. Who was part of our virtual happy hour last night for the are patrons of the raw soccer podcast network? She is phenomenal. She's helping us out. Out with the social media clips that were posting youtube page. which guy should all checkout so here's? Why Joe is awesome. Okay I don't know about Joe Shirt right now, but he's got a fantasy points hat on right now, and he keeps sipping his coffee every three seconds because it's a fantasy, points dot COM Mug, joke, you right now are reminded me of Wayne and Garth in in Wayne's world where it's like newprint little yellow. Ross. If you're going to put us on video, I have to take advantage and by the way. So, I know you can't see that. It's actually it's really comfortable so at the. Time, to be talking about that, but of it yeah, it's a I'm a. it's going to be half my apparel soon so just just by by nature of of of having the company's just can be half of what I'm doing I'm like a pro wrestler like like like when. Steve Austin would wear the Austin three sixteen shirts all the time. It's like yeah, by the way I am Stone Cold Steve Austin. Yes I do work for. Dude I think it's great. Honestly I should wear tiger podcast stuff more than I do. Why not right I mean? That's your business. It's a it's our small business on the podcast network. It's your small business on fancy points dot com, which is growing because of all of our awesome listeners impart like the last two winners of the June best ball ten draft. It's Eddie Hanson and Levi store, so we now have all ten people better going to get smoked by you and me. Joe Expect an email in the next couple of days to find out when. When the draft will be how to access it at Cetera last week we went over our initial best ball ten draft, so the other people I think all the other folks know who they are. Deborah Kramer Carson Right! Donovan Gymnast Mahindra Dick, Ari Angle norm. Physique, Bend Mullins and Nathan Chewed Yoni, but we got one more next month in July. We'll have another best ball drought in August. We actually give away picks spots in our season long draft, which will be fantastic the to all of us. Fantasy points dot com so I thought it was interesting Joe. Last week we really focused on best ball this week. We're going to dive into dynasty. Fantasy football with my buddy. Dan Lamantia from the dynasty fury podcast. You can follow him on twitter. At F- F coach Dan. Dan Welcome to the show it's Rawson. Joe Thank you for coming on it is an absolute pleasure, and as long as I followed you raw and Joe I know it doesn't matter what time it is. There's so much energy and passion on this show here today and I'm excited that your first episode on Youtube I think your listeners are going to get a tree. So before giving it in the year background Dan because it's really interesting for a fantasy football player. Joey might have touched on this last week. Is it fair to say. That dynasty and baseball are basically the opposite so beach other like best ball is the least involved you do the draft you're done. It's over and you see what happens during the season dynasty is like the exact opposite truly is like a year round endeavor. Is that fair Joe Yeah, and even even if your team stinks right so because if your team stinks dynasty that gives you all the more incentive. To, keep grinding, and you know sometimes it just redraft league. You start to lock out the teams who aren't GonNa make the playoffs from doing transactions, and you know to prevent collusion and all that stuff, and to make sure the teams to have a chance to win. Really are the teams that are pursuing. The players, the right players on the waiver wire and stuff like that in dynasty. If you're sitting there at and eight, and you know you're not going anywhere, will now it's time to unload you're you're better? Players? Go get more draft picks. Go get younger players to trade them to the wind now team, so it is the opposite in that man. If your team stinks, you might even be more active in the dynasty league than you would be. If you you're team was six. Or seven Brie and look into win a championship. Is that kind of how look at it and is that why you're such a dynasty? Love her. Do you feel like it's more? Similar to like real football in the sense that. Every years not a new year like you gotTa have some carryover from the year before with your roster and you really building something. I love building whether it was when I was a football coach, or you know owning a semi pro football team. I love that roster management building a roster. Only one think about being to eight Joe, so you know hopefully I never have to grind like that, but it is a grinded as a management You have to be organized. You gotta stay on top. Top of things and it's year round, and that's why I enjoy about it, too. You know here. We are during a pandemic, I still have football. You know yes, the Best Balls Fund I do my share best balls, but I love mansion that dynasty team in the offseason keep a knowledgeable keep ahead of the game and I think it gives me an advantage. So you should by the way if you like dynasty football, I know a lot of you. Do you absolutely need to follow them on twitter at dynasty, theory, F F and listen to or watch? Dan Show. It's on Monday nights right then. Monday nights nine o'clock were live on Youtube, and then we're on every online platform regular podcast. We released it the next day on Tuesday. Yeah, so you're absolutely should check that out. He also is a gigantic cowboys fan. I'm loving the dichotomy right now because we have on the one hand. Joe Dolan really is affiliate Guy Likes Phillies sports loves Roy Halladay and the flyers and the eagles. Hand. You Got Dan. Who's got this Dak Prescott fat had behind him. He's in his suite cowboys chair. He's got a cowboy shirt on they you have me who actually played for the cowboys, but grew up eagles fan, and is the Eagles TV analyst, so we've got like a straight battle here going right now. Yeah I mean NFC east across the board I just know giants representation here I don't think that Ross where you ever with the giants I know you've played for thirty eight teams, but worry ever with the giants now the giants of the NFC East Team I have no, no connection to. Not to. Or whatever it's interesting though Joe, I met Dan. This is important. For some. I met Dan. Was One of my other businesses. Go big recruiting for high school athletes because they couldn't me if I'm wrong. You were the recruiting coordinator I. Know You still work at Lackawanna? College, but you're the recruiting coordinator. Right? Yeah, as part of recruiting and coaching the running backs at the time I, think it was two, thousand, six, two, thousand, seven, Ross, and You know I think for your listeners that just shows a pays to be good people and follow your passion. 'cause it connected me what you and here we are many years later. Yeah now dynasty theory is part of the Ross Tucker podcast network, but so Dan has a background in recruiting as a coach as a player and Lackawanna I duNno, Joe. How familiar you are jost from up in the eastern area. Right Joe Yeah I'm from the Valley and. Just a just to throw out there. My brother-in-law is a coach. The offensive coordinator at Moravian College in Bethlehem so he my brother-in-law coach the tight ends for a year or two at Villanova, He was then the he was then the quarterbacks coach up at up at. Mercy, Hurston Eerie and now he's He's coaching. He's the offense coordinator. Moravian College so a lot of Pennsylvania connect. He was actually Ross. a quarterback at Lasalle College, high school and in the Philadelphia area, so he so we. We have Pennsylvania. Football got on lockdown here and then Lackawanna Joe I. Don't know how familiar you are the listeners, but they have like twenty guys. Go D one every year. Not White played there the former number seven overall pick in the draft for the bears. I don't who else went there Dan that people might know. Brother Xeres a linebacker for the chargers right now. He's competing for a starting job with them. Mark Lewinsky's the right guard for the colts. He just signed a new contract. He's doing excellent there in Indianapolis. We got prospects all over the place. Right now we got Dijon Warren. WHO's got scholarship offers from about twenty five different institutions probably selling them short. They are Alabama Georgia. Penn state we have a bunch of kids at Penn state right now and we been high, and it's a great experience. When I started there, Ross. I really learned what work ethic in film study is I. Can't tell you how much film I did. Get the opportunity to watch. Watch in Kinda like your boy. Greg cosell analytics, guys, fantasy football, and there's film guys I love watching the NFL film and I learned a lot like want college to help me do so well. That was going to be my question right, so you're really a dynasty fantasy football. You've been emailing me last couple of years about how much you love it. You listen to the fantasy fees and everything like that. So most of your decision making is it fair to say comes from Your coaching background, and actually studying in watching the players. So then like how much time do you spend watching the rookies? So you know who to draft? Yeah it rookies has been like the next evolution for me. You know it starts on football Sunday I've got three TV's on I got the ipad on a separate screen. I picked the players I wanNA watch each week during the week I'll watch the subscription to the NFL access I'm watching you know things. I might have missed. There are certain players I wanna see, and then it's trying to keep up with college football, and then when the season's over you know absorbent, as much college football as I, can't it to catch up with the rookie class, and it's you know, believe believing in my eyes and a combination out of much knowledge. Knowledge as I could soak in listening into the analytics, guys follow in your show Ross with an incredible amount of great guests. You have you've always had your thumb on. I think a lot of the best talent in the industry The word Joe's doing over there at fantasy points with the Dream Team of staff. He's put together there and I'm not blowing smoke with that, but that's part of my strategy. I have no shame in my game. When we're on the dynasty theory podcast we, we give credit where it's due. You know because we see how hard people in the industry grinding so I. Try to combine my film study with. A select group analysts that I follow religiously and just Kinda Combine Nuno, the analytics with the film study, and you learn the market value and apply at the dynasty football all right so I think most listeners know what dynasty football is you know I think. I mean guessing it's fair to say Jomon. Ask You about this is fair to say. Everybody knows redraft is. What percentage of people jody you think know what best ball is. What percentage you think, know what dynasty if Well if you were to say to the typical fantasy football player, are you in a redraft league? I think the average fantasy player would say I'm Min of Fantasy League? I don't know if they'd know that term specifically. I would say. Oh, God. Twenty percent of people who play fantasy football. What best ball is an I'd probably put the same percentage of people to at least know what it is on on a dynasty link, which is different of course than a redraft keeper, League which which a Lotta people are familiar with where you can keep two or three players or one player, or whatever in that a dynasty league is like the. NFL you carry most of your roster over to the next to the next year. So Dan. Let's dive into it then with some of your. Roster Strategies for people that are in a dynasty or want to learn more about it. What is your sort of? Do you have like a core philosophy when it comes to your team? Yeah most. Certainly you know and I'm a little bit newer to the podcast circuit in the industry, but I'm far from new from fantasy. Football had been playing since I. was you know in the ninety s? Back when they didn't. Have you know the fancy software that does the stats Fria Joe Ross getting that USA Today or whatever that newspaper publications I think you know. Greg Embryos had back in the day and I would do the stats by hand for my league, and people would win wonder why I always would finish first or second I had such an edge doing adding up the stats and. I started doing keepers and redrafts, and then dynasties like potato chips. You know you can't just have one. And I take that coaching mentality and build a great team around me. I'm lucky to have you know John Bauer Mitchell source and over there at dynasty theory they got about no word of lie, one hundred plus dynasty teams between the two of them, their wives have got to be saints all right, and it started with me getting in one dynasty league, and I became friends with Mitch and he's GonNa. Get you up to five or six and then five or six now. I'm about twenty dynasty teams and. It starts with all that knowledge I talk to you guys about in our listeners. Sometimes they get intimidated by dynasties God's a lot of work. It's a lot of time, but utilize my time wisely I got about two acres of land, so I'm on the line more taken in about three or four Ross Tucker shows a couple Dole. Fantasy points shows. Absorbent all in I'm listening when I'm in the car. I'm in the shower. Driving at the gym. The podcasts are always on I think our listeners have got to be on twitter. If you're not on twitter, you're missing out because it's like a cult, their fantasy football knowledge, and then he should be subscribing to some lists I've got less than you could subscribe to mind. That are for just some of the best in the Biz when I want to just you know, eliminate the clutter and just get certain analytical takes, and I've got some larger groups. And then I'm doing my film study like I said in the I've got a good gauge for market value from there I love tears. I think organization is very big piece of this I. Love Joe Pippi in the black book. He does a good job of this of rank and tears by value. So when I'm drafting I'm looking to hey, you know if I have a mid late first. First Round Pick and do I take Travis Kelsey your George Biddle, that's GonNa. Give me a big advantage over fade and tight end, versus maybe taken a hopkins or a Julio and I could fade wide receiver a little more than still be pretty strong at the position, so I love draft in tears and trying to create an advantage throughout the draft by grabbing guys higher in the tears. Now, there's not one-size-fits-all biasi format. There's GonNa. Be Some people that listened that lake trading their first and second round picks. Adding draft capital and loading up in the fourth fifth sixth seventh rounds. That's not my style. I like to win now and still build a young roster. I like the train. My draft capital because a lot of those rookies don't always pan out and I have very confident. Might trading ability where fighting get a guy? I'm going to trade from somewhere along the line. There's going to be an impatient owner. That's going to give up on somebody and I'M GONNA. Get Him. So I try to get an advantage in year one go to win now. Trade some draft capital. Get a two three hundred point advantage by building my roster early. But then as I build my tears my rankings, I'm targeting. Those guys based on all the information I've taken in young have upside could break out, so maybe you. Don't have it all in year one by an attractive roster and you're too so I felt a little bit short i. still have guys I could trade. I'M GONNA be strong year to and I've done really well. I think I dynasties. Kind of supported Christmas, the dynasty winnings. You know last year. I was cruising. You know I think up till about week. fifteen was a little bad to me, so I had a lot of second and third place finishes, but profited, and it paid for Christmas and then. Then I do some DFS that pays the bills, but I try to draft young. I tried to anchor my team a running back. Ross I, think especially now this Belco. Running backs are very rare. WanNa. Make sure I got at least one. I like to have two good running backs, if I can to get an advantage at that position, and then in Dynasty I. Try to make sure I also like Super Flex format, so I like to have two quarterbacks anchored by at least one study very often this. This guy I do some shares of Mahomes Russell Wilson Deshaun Watson Young Superstar quarterbacks, and then my roster always has at least one superstar, so this off-season evaluated my twenty rosters. There were one or two that I wasn't really happy. The direction they were going in, so I had a super superstar that I could trade get a lot of draft capital still find another good player to replace him, and I kept those rosters strong, so that's a little bit of what I'm doing Ross. Just keeping on top of. Of the knowledge I think the last thing I'd say. Is You I? Stay really organized with my charts. I try to get one mentor even each year last year I spent the year working with Nelson Soza is like a redraft shark. You need some other business and he. He had a little service. They are and I just sponged knowledge from a year and plied something to my game of do the same thing this off season. Learn from someone else and apply it to what I'm doing enough fantasy football. Dan I love it. That was a very thorough and perfect explanation of kind of how you go about it. I want to get your thoughts on some specific players for this year, because that really transcends any of the different fantasy formats, but i. I hope you already have the draft. Kings sportsbook APP on your phone Dan because you live in Pennsylvania and Joe. You should as well because you live in Pennsylvania it's the top rated sportsbook APP and is putting you in the center of the action right now. They have a sign up bonus of a thousand dollars. A thousand dollars so get ready for NBA. Always got Dan shown it to me. whether it's NBA NHL or right now we've got. Got You know NASCAR golf people. Everybody on twitter seems to be loving betting on golf download the top rated draft King sportsbook at now use Code Ross. When you sign up for a limited time, all new users can get a sign up bonus up two thousand dollars again. They're going all out right now. They're not messing around. Sign up bones up to a thousand dollars. Just make sure you enter the code. Ross when you sign up only at. Boards sportsbook be twenty one or older Colorado. Only owners comprise meet first deposit bonus any I bet match Egypt of five hundred dollars deposit. Bonus requires twenty five times. playthrough restrictions apply see draftkings dot com slash sports for details gambling problem. Call Joe or one eight, hundred five to two, forty, seven hundred. That would be amazing if instead of telling you the number right there. If you have a gambling problem call. Joe Here's his cell. They'll try to talk you through it, but I'm probably just going to be talking. About what picks I actually had Webb Simpson to win the tournament last week, so that was very nice. Much did you win? Over thousand bucks I mean just because of some of the offers that draft Kansas presented. This is not this is not part of the read by the way like draftkings had a great couple of offers, so if you combine the fact that I made the bet with the fact that I got three dollars for every stroke that Webb Simpson was under par, which was twenty, two under par, and then also that I got an odds boost on an American to win the tournament yet. I clear cleared a four figures for like for like twenty five dollars worth of actual, so that is amazing because I'm moving. I'm moving to South Carolina soon so I have to get by the way draftkings get on that. Get somebody in. Get Lobbyists in South Carolina a Philistine state when it comes to when it comes to sports betting Trust me when I tell you. They've got somebody on. It everywhere, yeah! My added Yeah. They're working on it. Just make sure you use the code Ross. If you're in a state, that's legal right now. All right. Dan, let's get into a couple of specific players, so whether it's redrafts or I just I'm in a fantasy football league Joe said or dynasty or best ball. GimMe Gimme. One Guy, give me one or two guys that you are really high on and you're. You're looking at a lot in your different leagues. A good point here for dynasty. Strategy Ross when you get these tips in it, and that's what I do. When I listened to the Ross Tucker show or fancy points, Joe or you guys are collaborating on the fantasy feast soon as I. Get that inside tip, I'm going through my twenty twenty dynasty leagues, and seeing where I could trade or acquire them. You know it's hot. Quick News in your stay aggressive in a couple of guys, I like one. I heard on fantasy points, reichheld Armstead You know when you hear that insight. That team is very high and organizations high on a player, and you know they want to move a guy like Leonard Fournette and I love Leonard, Fournette, because as you know my shameless plug. I got to play basketball with a few months ago, but if I wanna both Gimme. Leny Gimme right cal like lenny ends up going now. I got two good running backs on my team so. So you know at an ADP of to twenty eight late in a draft armstead's a nice guy to get I by the way, and you didn't hear that on fantasy points forget enough fantasy points. Okay. That was last week on the fantasy. Fees podcast as Joe and I, talked about my stellar best ball draft where I got it right Keller Reich well I. don't even know I always call them Reich well they are. Brought the fifteenth round or something deny Joe I got. Gray you did. It was an awesome pick and he's a guy. I've drafted a ton of so yeah I mean it's just it just makes sense. You know that the Jaguars tried to trade muntarbhorn and you know he's been suspended by the team for conduct detrimental to the team. At at a point, you know each sat injuries. What am I missing here? Why is Leonard Fournette a third round pick? And why is Reichel Armstead? A fifteen sixteen, th round pick I? Mean that just. Drafting him. Just make sense. Maybe he's not there back in the future. You know maybe you have to keep in mind. The colts tried to colts. Not Try to they did. They traded in front of them to draft Jonathan Taylor, so we know that the colts were at least scared that the Jaguars draft on at the Taylor but they did it. The Jaguars didn't get him. Reichel armstead could have an opportunity. I mean he is like. I'm not even sure it's fair to call them handcuffs because I. Think he could have legitimate opportunity this year. The there's just so much upside for that level of pick I I. Don't know if hype is getting out of Control in dynasty, but it's still really hasn't gotten there redraft so. He's going like seven eight rounds after Alexander Madison which no Madison showed more last year. delvin cookies holding out I. Understand all that, but I wonder if there's a similar level of upside there. You have another Guy Dan. You guys were locked and loaded for your show pal. Another guy like his drew lock. You know a little bit more of a popular name, but still being going a little late one fifty ADP. They're We had woody page on dynasty theory. If there's an episode you WanNa Watch is the one with woody he's. Drinking. Tequila and going off the camera and tell us some great stories about Michael Jordan. We talked about drew lock with them, and he's been covering Denver for thirty years and just being around the team. He's like he's got it factor. And I believe what he there you know. He eats his off. The Judy GonNa Denver before. The draft even happened in Denver. You know they're telling you what they're doing. They are invested in drew lock. They establish so many offensive weapons around him. You Know Sutton's back. They bring in Melvin Gordon. Jerry Judy gets drafted. Hamblur, it's a very talented offense, so I have high hopes about a young quarterback drew lock this year for Dynasty. When it comes to drew lock. You know it's a different. It's a different thing that John always doing like he is tried ever since losing peyton manning to retirement he's tried to. band-aid the quarterback position bringing in case keenum a bringing Joe Flacco to be fair. He did rap Paxton Lynch. It was a horrific bus, but he did try to get that quarterback of the future but this year we did the right thing. Do I know the drew lock is good. No, he was the second round. Pick for a reason and I mean that both on the positive and the negative. There's a reason drew lock wasn't a first round pick in the NFL draft, but there's also a reason. He wasn't a fifth round pick in the NFL draft and I think he showed more of those positive traits, but we got this five. Five Games it was a small sample. He didn't drop back to throw all that many times, but we saw a lot of positives and I. Think John Elway made the right call surrounding with talent. Bring in Judy, bringing Ham or bringing Gordon they drought drafted Ochoa Bonham the tight end to go with no fan. They have a lot of tight end. They have a lot of weapons. They're Andrew Oxen Athlete. He's Got Kinda Cutler. Ish Quality to yeah I would buy right now. He's getting a little bit a hype because of the weapons around him, but I'd I'd invest in a young quarterback like that G and Dan I'm looking at your. Notes you sent me about guys that you like? Irv Smith Ian Thomas Tyler higby Gerald Everett you get a lot of tight ends. Bro, you're a lot younger ends that you like, and you know in a season. Where if you're not getting to me the big three there of Kelsey kittle I'm very high Mark Andrews number three, but if I'm not getting them depending on how those first couple rounds were Faden. Faden and everyone who has one or two strategy getting the big guns, or you're fading and they're the guys I'm targeting a very high and tight ends this year. I think Herb Smith. Super, young talent I think he's going to be us like a receiver from what I'm listening to. You may be the number two option in Minnesota Ian Thomas. He flashed on. On film for me last year he definitely pass the eye test and you know he's replacing alleged in Greg Olson where things are going to do well in Seattle or talking dynasty here I, really like the and Thomas and then higby Gerald. Everett. They both look good on film to me. You know I mean. Hagi was awesome last year and it kind of. Of goes with Jacksonville strategy where you know Joe was talking about for net and Armstead. You know that he likes. There's two running backs. They're so. I'M GONNA. Draft them. Both Everett's a free agent after the season. Then hopefully, my dynasty roster has to starting tight ends next year, so I'm playing for this year, but also help myself a year from now. Joe Does, it. Make you like I'm curious when Dan called it the big three. And it's Kelsey kittle, and Andrews and he's other than those three. Do you think he's correct. That hurts. If you don't get one of the top three, you fade everybody else or is this. His Eagles hate as a cowboys fan who saw his completely healthy more talented team choke last year against the Eagle. This is his cowboys hate spewing from Dan Lamantia. I don't I. Don't know about that. because. There is some rationale to I mean Erz is getting older, so there's there's two sides of the same coin with Earth's. He was never a guy who kind of one with explosive athleticism. The way that the way that Kelsey kiddle Andrews can do. So the question is. Does somebody like Zakar fade away earlier because he didn't have the next level, athleticism or To bring up a Dallas Cowboy. Does he hang around and produce deep into his career like Jason witten because of the ways he wins as a route, runner and move in the chain, so I agree with Andrews's number three for for dynasty, and by the way it's, it's not just speculating Oh Zach ertz getting older because Travis Kelsey as well. It's the fact that the eagles have a really good number. Two tight end in Dallas. So there's both of those things if I can get it. For cheaper I have seen him falling downdraft, or it's not just in dynasty, but in redraft that I'm going to buy in, but I've typically employed the same strategy more so in best ball than dynasty this year. If I didn't get kindle, kittle, Kelsey or Andrews on kind of waiting, and I'm going to get two or three of those later around tight ends. I'm really on Herb Smith I'm in on Ej. Hopkinson this year Hayden hearst. Guys I'm, GonNa I'M GONNA build with those guys as opposed to drafting Hunter Henry Oren, Evan Ingram or a higby in the middle rounds because I really liked the way my teens look if I go early tight end or late tight end I. Don't love how they look. If I go in the middle, Ross, you and I talked about that on our best ball podcasts where I took evidence Ingram I. believe in the seventh round and I thought it was an stake. If I could do it again, I drafted a wide. Wide Receiver there. Joe As as the official here I'm using my challenge flag on Ross here all right that that dig of the you know the eagles cowboys game last late last year. The clapper's gun roses is a new season a new era in Dallas football and you know on the theory show Ross Tucker was a guest and gave us some great insight as he covers the eagles on how high they are in. Dallas got her. So I think there's going to be going elsewhere. The Big Three I gave them. Joe Do I do I get to win that challenge I think that was a cheap dig on on last season, which is over, and he forgot about the great insight. He gave his on dynasty theory. Well. I think you're right about the dynasty, though, but the cowboys should be embarrassed. They lost that game weather. Case. Frankly it was the eagles practice squad. Ted All their dudes and they lost the Elsa Carson Wentz and the broad street backups. It was unbelievable. But that's another story for another day. Make sure you check out Dan on social media at F- F coach Dan also his show dynasty theory at dynasty theory, F F two great show part of our network, and you can tell how passionate Dan is about it. And he kept sucking up to me and Joe by mentioning our shows and fantasy point, so he's got it Dan. You got you know exactly what to do. Because now we'll have you on again. Because flattery is everything, so we loved it. Thank you so much. Dan for coming on the show I'm a team player man love with both of you. Guys are doing always a pleasure Ross. Thank you for having me. It is our pleasure, and we cannot wait to have more of you. Guys sign up at fantasy points dot com, using the code feast all caps. Against when I in the next best ball ten draft, we've got ten more people that are getting a chance to go against Joe and I in a best ball tender, which by the way you can win, one hundred and ten dollars like. Joe It's like we're giving people a free ten dollars I. Don't know if people realize that we're handing them ten dollars absolutely and looking. If you think you've got the skills, then come come. Come at us and I gotTA. Tell people it's the best way to prepare for your actual draft for the draft. You really want to win one against your buddies. I get that, but it's the best way to prepare. The mock draft is dead. The fantasy mock draft is dead. Best Ball has replaced it and is better because you can win actual money. That'll do it for this week's fantasy. Fees will be back next week at a really cool guest in mind. Make sure you're subscribed. Make sure you're taking us out on Youtube. You can see how branded Joe Dolan is. It's incredible. I love him for it and other than that stuff. That was a pretty beasley fantasy feasts redone. Thanks for listening to the fantasy feast pot cast. Make sure to also subscribe to the Ross Tucker Football podcast, even money business of sports and college draft all available at Apple podcasts, Ross, Tucker Dot, com, or wherever podcasts can be found.

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