October 3, 2018


Good Wednesday morning. I'm Anna Palmer and welcome to your politico playbook audio briefing sponsor by pharma, and I'm Jake Sherman the president sent a letter at a package of clips to Capitol Hill Wednesday, his first major outreach on the trade pact. He cut with Canada and Mexico. The letter on White House stationery says the trade deal US MCA has received antastic reviews. It will go down as one of the best ever made. And it will also benefit Mexico and Canada. The letter came with the New York Post opinion piece in Wall Street Journal, new story. We thought it was worth noting Mr President. If you want members of congress to be wowed by the coverage of your trade deal, pull local clips for lawmakers that show support in their regions of the country. The New York delegation is about the only group of people that will care about the post coverage of your trade deal, but it's good to start reaching out. We've got a I in playbook the congressional leadership fund the house. GOP super Pac has raised one hundred thirty two million dollars this cycle and forty million dollars since July first. The super Pac led by quarry bliss has forty five million dollars in the Bank for the last thirty four days until election day. See, left will file October fifteenth. So then we'll be able to see who is stroking the massive checks to try to save the GOP majority. The president was in south Mississippi last night for a campaign rally where he mocked Christine Blasi Ford's testimony before the Senate Judiciary committee. The stunning part of this almost every conversation we have with Republicans looking to save the house revolves around their trouble attracting educated women. The monster story of the day. The New York Times is a special investigation which runs fourteen thousand two hundred eighteen words reporting that the Trump family engaged in suspect tax schemes. The New York Times even says it engaged in instances of fraud. This was to increase the fortune he received from his father. The reporting is based on confidential. Tax returns and financial records showed Trump received the equivalent of at least four hundred thirteen. Million dollars from his father's real estate empire. The Washington Post is reporting that Michael Bloomberg is dumping twenty million dollars into the Senate majority Pat for Democrats in the twenty eighteen midterms. Bloomberg also said at dinner last night in New York that he would double his commitment to the league of conservation voters victory fund to five million dollars. The post is also reporting that ahead of the trade deal with Canada and Mexico. The president said, Canada's, foreign minister hates America and Darren Samuelson is reporting that special prosecutor, Robert Muller is downsizing with the departure of to prosecutors in what may be assigned that the Russian investigation could be nearing its final stages. Here's the latest on bread Cavanaugh the Huffington Post is reporting. The two of Kavanagh's former classmates have withdrawn their support of him because of the nature of his recent testimony CNN's Elizabeth Landers tweeted that Dianne Feinstein has indicated the FBI report on cavenaugh should not be made public. Deborah Ramirez lawyer. John Clooney tweeted that Ramirez both to the f. b. i. for more than two hours on Sunday. He called it a detailed and productive interview. Clooney also said they have great concern. The f. is not conducting a serious investigation Alana showroom versus Everett report that Christine Lasi. Ford is demanding an interview in the FBI probe. Here's what's on tap. For Trump's Wednesday, the president is having lunch with secretary of state Mike Pompeo. He will also meet with UN ambassador Nikki Haley at one forty, five pm subscribed to playbook at politico dot com. Slash playbook.

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