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This is paul five weekly christie with the pylons quickly here this week with a guy who has gone from toby. Christie dot com. I racer to a fulltime cup series rookie and just a couple of seasons. How excited are you anthony. Alfredo to get your career started with front row motorsports. I'm very excited. You know it's a. It's a huge opportunity for me to go competed highest level stock car racing fulfill its childhood dream of mine with just a great people who believe in me and really made this come together. Everyone happy front. Row motorsports five jerry. All of our partners. It's very exciting. Definitely as it hit me fully yet. It probably won't tweet get the daytona but it's going to be so great compete every single week in and around a full time schedule especially at this level the cut here's get very diverse now to as far as Going more road courses and things like that. So i'm looking forward to getting more experienced overall and becoming a better race car driver and building chemistry with the right team as well. Because it's something that. I hope to be long term. You know i feel like i'm it was it was. I wouldn't call it a long road to get your fat but now a couple of almost feel like i'm i'm just starting now. You know like. I hope to start of a long term future and i am looking forward to getting the season started. Yeah definitely definitely i mean. That's that's exciting stuff for sure. Obviously with you jumping into the cup series so young with so little fulltime experience in the nascar national series level. You're going to have several people about what this guy hasn't owned a full truck series orcs series. This point. what does he deserve to be here for What do you have to say the people who are gonna be your detractors. The season well. I think the biggest thing is that. I don't have unrealistic expectation. I know that it's going to be learning curve. And i'm prepared for that. So the biggest thing is going to be working with fordham the simulator. And all my guys in the thirty eighteen to to learn as much as they can port before we get this evening chart and then from there take it week by week and Get new a rhythm. Get better and develop some sort of consistency and it'd be competitive. I'm i'm looking forward to the challenge. Like i said i already know. It's going to be You know running these longer races going to push me physically and mentally probably more than ever. I'm excited about that. And then on top of that just the experience and learning and getting more laughs than my belt's going to come join us some new race tracks And and hopefully developing something long term. Like i said. Yeah certainly certainly. Do you think that possibly going into this season as a rookie is maybe more of an advantage than it's been in years past with some of the tracks we're going to have on the schedule coda. Y- one hundred percent. I think for sure that that was you know. of course. part of the decision was Starting to develop something long term and with the new cars coming out in a year Everyone's optimistic about that and and excited about it as You know they continue to test and improve it for you know when when it raises for the first time so Learning tracks that are going to be on that schedule and getting experience with the length of raises the strategy involved to complete a cup race You know successfully and the kinds of things are going to be a huge help for you know what else would be another. Hold on when the car comes out. Yeah i think a lot of people are positioning themselves to to strike when the new car releases for the cup series for sure. Now you know. Two years ago you're making your nascar national series debut and now you fast forward two thousand twenty one. You're going to be a rookie in the cup series. When you're making that first truck series start in two thousand and nineteen. Did you ever hear wildest dreams. Imagine that you'd be a full-time cup series competitor. Just two years later. No definitely i definitely not. Probably i mean i wouldn't. I wouldn't say that. I think the biggest thing that means. Just you know. I've always been focused at the at the task at hand. If that makes any sense you know. Of course you kind of have You develop what you might call a long term plan of course and and set goals for yourself they want to achieve but Especially running part time the last couple years. I've always been focused on making the most out of each opportunity. I've had because some of them have been few and far between at times and I'm just super thankful to have the opportunity. I have this year i truly feel blessed and have so many people to thank especially everyone at front row and our partners and the people behind me. It wasn't a decision made by myself. it was. You know this goes back to you. Know other team owner. The girl for everyone that you know believed in me and we all agree to great the best opportunity for me to take the next step in my career so it's Like said it's going to be a challenge. But i'm definitely excited about it and i always hoped i would get to this level but when it when that day came which today it's definitely Still pretty thrill definitely down that you you mentioned that some past car owners and other people helped you make the decision here. Were there other offers on the table for the cup series Maybe where there are some other full-time truck or extend the options on the table. As well there were some other genes. I say when the season started. And and we you know narrow down and some came and went and things like that and You know this is the one that we put his the top of the list of the best opportunity for me. And i'm really glad able to make the most of it because like i said i think it's a huge opportunity for me to grow the driver and then start developing future in the sport. Great stuff on the final lap weekly so far from anthony alfredo So where do we stand getting a A italian food sponsor On your on your car. Your name's anthony alfred. oh And it just makes sense. I think it would be a great tie in. Do you think maybe this is the year for olive garden to finally sponsor you get point definitely. We've been we've been trying to make that happen for a while now and maybe now that i'm at the top level in our sport we can work something like that out. That'd be great. I think that'd be the perfect representative and it could be marketing magic to have Have some sort of anthony's fettuccini. Alfredo or something like that. On a member of had downtown restaurant daily can see that now also e. Sports are kind of taking off anthony. And you've been kinda the forefront of that you've done a lot of streaming and things of that nature. I know in the pandemic said in that kind of accelerated things in that aspect for you as well Has that may be kind of helped you your twitch streaming and stuff like that help. Elevate you to be more kind of worthy of sponsorship In this aspect. And maybe that's why you know people want to move you to the cup series so quickly because sponsors want to attach themselves to you. Yes it hits you did level and you know it it gives opportunity per not not just myself and the driver to build my brand to you know on and off the track for our party who you mentioned the highest level so this is maximum exposure if you will for For our partners and new partnerships that we're working on so. I'm i'm excited for that too because i've always been very involved in the off track side of thing with my group behind me and team management and You know working with partners talking to new partner is an. I've enjoyed that process and You know it helps get me to this level. I feel like it's going to be able to continue to do that and and out that's really need are there any talks to maybe revitalize reinvigorate regenerate The the pro invitational series. I hope so. I hope so. I'm obviously a that was a that was a blast for me as a average and Or not average. Avid i racer its and blast. And i've always been doing doing racing competitively on the simpson. Do with other real life drivers. He's really cool and and funds for the fans it was. It was really grayson. Do that of course when we aren't when we weren't on track and real life. So i love to see us be able to continue doing that Course i have a great relationship with cincy driving simulators an ira seeing themselves so Hopefully we can do that. And we can capture some virtual during the season as well you need to maybe even get some practice or qualifying and since we don't have that the majority of season definitely definitely and You know in talking with you over the years in your way up the nascar ladder your guy who values family quite a bit but chasing the nascar dream. Your family's from candidate you've had to put a lot of things on hold. You've missed a lot of birthdays. A lot of different Anniversaries things like that does making it to the nascar cup series. Make that that Sacrifice worth it. And what does your family think about the fact that you're finally you've reached the pinnacle you you're a nascar cup series driver. What does your family think about that. Well first off does this has been Old of mine and and i've had I've sacrificed a lot. But not only myself. You know my family has and It's it's really rewarding. And i'd say it's definitely a very emotional day for my family is a whole. You gotta remember before even four born. My parents were as tending nascar races and and coming down to charlotte from new york to go visit the ray shops and see the coach. Six hundred and stuff like that so to think that. I'm gonna be racing in those very same events that they would go to sit in the grandstands watches Before i was born. And that i watched growing in is definitely surreal. I mean even. When i was racing the last two years and trump inexpensively i would still drive by girlfriend to see the darlington or the coakes hundred than any you. Can you know we could be. We were there I've always had that. You know maybe a different perspective of the sport than some just because i'm a first generation racer and and still love watching it and and enjoy so i think every time i you know it's a little bit of a different Perspective and a different appreciation. Maybe so to be here is. That's partially what makes it so. Surreal and yeah. That's that's pretty crazy. I didn't know your family was fans of the sport for that long. So that's pretty wild last question. Any who is the person that you would credit the most Four year ascension to the nascar cup series On your path up the nascar. Who's done the most for you to get you to this point definitely multiple people and it was. I got off the parenting arts. My interest in racing in You know made it pops. Each day get started rates thing and go cards in cars and eventually late models and from there on out I i honestly would thank everybody. Who might you know driven. And everyone who believes in the partner then adds of late Austin dillon and his group at team doing management austin craven and all those people as well. Because it's definitely not it's crew effort. I care and there's been multiple people involved but none of this would would have even started without my parents and Meet spartan sparking my interest in it because of the definitely definitely great stuff. Thank you so much. Anthony alfred and best of luck to you this year near rookie season nascar cup series. Thank you that means a lot and we got we get you back for me. Rl raises to. I gotta figure out what we're gonna do with them. A little bit been now. But for sure mike us at facebook dot com slash. The final lap like us.

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