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How To Increase Sales And Reviews On Amazon & Work With Influencers #WednesdayWithWyan


What's up green capitalists? Good evening. What no wine with Wyan climate? You look different. Change a little bit fats are rapid change. Really your hair is different areas. Different Anez Montano the secret to my success. Cheers. What are we drinking tonight? So I recently went to Italy to drink a lot of wine and learned a lot about Chianti. And so I picked this one it is not one from my private stash because I want to start testing what I learned from Italy or so so can you in in sixty seconds or less yellows how to pick a good one. Well, year location depends on the flavor. So it's all very different in all very specifics. I can't give that to you in sixty seconds or less than is. What's the greatest challenge? Facing the world right now. No, we need to salt tonight. Having more fun with. I agree. Speaking of fun. We just got back from the capitalism conference, and this was your first one. Yeah. On the team, also the capital and loves it. It was super exciting. It was super awesome. Everyone seems like they were learning and having a good time and connecting which was what I I do enjoy that a lot I want everyone to connect and hang out and realize we are all in this together. So so capitalism conferences, a three day experience where we bring in keynotes in our community, and I like to call it what we did mystify impossible results. So it just becomes normal during the course of three days of people talking about one hundred million dollar businesses billion dollar companies. There's people who are bringing like here's what I here's where I am. And here's where I wanna go and then following up with them on Wednesday completely new paradigm. Just because of what has been normal lies, our brains are normalizing machine? It's wild like if. If you take somebody from the year eleven hundred and you plop them into today. The Dow, right. What is on this plane to the sky? What are these things on roads robes are advise, everyone, speaking English? Why am I thinking in English? And and the reality is three days in it would be normal right because our brains are really good at normalizing. So when you get into a room read have individuals who have built incredible businesses, and you're surrounded by people who are running in the same direction as you comes normal for you to think the way that you need to think in order to achieve amazing things do amazing things. There are a lot of people who came into the capitalism conference that were saying like I just wanted to go from here to here. And then when they laughed it was like, wow. The plan of where I was going to go was so darned small that. I'm not like thinking through the goal and have a much clearer vision of what my life and my busy. This is going to look like I haven't. I haven't told you the story yet. So our friend Cameron Herold just did a podcast sewed with the president of the Cleveland Indians. So so, of course, I listened to this. And he said something really interesting if he's the president of the Indians. But before he was at the Indians, he was at Proctor and gamble from Procter and gamble Rhett heard on the they do tied yet and bounty and Sharman and like big brands these are hundred million dollar billion dollar brands. And so what he said this is so interesting to me he said, so when I cannot have Proctor and gamble in sorta working for the Indians, you know, the Indians are I think he's like a hundred or three hundred million dollars a year company. I had to start thinking about will now after run a small family business. It was like oh my goodness. My like goal like my vision is chump change to somebody else. Benkin so small. It was one of those moments where it was like where were you realize you're thinking about it wrong. And how you think determines the actions that you take and where you go. And it was like it was like is like he opened up my brain reached in when. And then put my skull back on it. Like, if you've been stuck at a certain point in revenue or business or net worth or whatever you're working on for longer than like a year. You're probably thinking about it wrong. And so a few tweaks in that or few changes in that mindset, just change the way that you operate will. You know, why people do that? Right. Tell me because they're scared scared of being super successful. Okay. I don't know of I agree. But I have kind of why yet. So tell me tell me killing me the fear of success is what scares them the most because it could be it could be it's obviously it's personal on most levels. So could be they're afraid of what people might ask them. They're afraid of that. They can't do it. So there fear is like for me to make a million dollars next year might be you know, what that's easy. It's tangible. I can touch it. It's possible to say I wanna make ten million like, Aw, that's just too hard. And I don't want to do the work. What if I fail it it? And what if what if would have fear that holds you back from going after the ten million one in theory, you should be going after the hundred million? Are you are you actually afraid of the ten million? Or are you afraid of the feeling that you will put on it? If you don't hit most likely that is that if you fail does that mean, you're failure. Like what it says about your son? Yeah. That actually makes sense. Yeah. Just say that people, you know, people just get scared of what they think is impossible when it's it's very possible with the right mindset, the right adjustments, the right people on your team the right? It's all you know, it's not just you. It's having everything in line that will get you there. Great point. And I think I think a lot of the fear that comes around that is the idea of shouldering the burden yourself. Right. Right. Right. Figuring it out doing the work making adjustments you being. At risk. So to me the fear is like it was almost like a survival thing. So here if you fail you fail. No big deal. It's normal fail. You go forward and move on. Whatever you start the next thing. That's not the case everywhere. It's not normal over there. And that ends up dictating what you do what the tribe. The society says is normal or scary that you perceive is going to give you status among those people. That's how you all are making decisions. And so if you're in a group of people where few fail or succeed your satisfies the same or if you fails and underside is higher in Silicon Valley. You actually if you try something and fail. You're more likely to get plugged in than if you didn't do anything at all. So because of that you can kind of hack this by who you hang out with and how you look at the problem you're trying to. Address. Do you know, do you know that I have the world's most unimpressive reality TV show real? No. So I was a finalist for show. I was actually on the roster for show on FOX called utopia. From reality mastermind John to mall, and it was cancelled before I was ever on it because it was a shitty show. It was so bad. It was the most expensive reality TV show flop in history. What they lost fifty three million dollars. It didn't even make it three months. It was so much fun to watch. It burn utopian the world Wade's from fucks. So that was one I was of finalist has done a me and one other person for big, brother. I heard I didn't make it on. And I'm glad I didn't make that one because that ended up being season where like pretty much everybody on this show is accused of being a raging racist allow some didn't make that one up. I've been a semi-finalist for the bachelor of semifinalist for survivor. I was on the roster for a show about religion that gotten cancelled before my flight away. So I have the most. Wow. Yeah. They called me the day before my flight. And said that they weren't doing it. Yep. So I've I have the most unimpressively now that we have to make our own. Of course, he did. All right. So maybe three day. Let me put this out into the world. If there's anybody who is well connected in the reality show world, I've got a bunch of ideas for business themed shows, which I think it would be really fun and timely. Right. So is it your Madigan FDA because it has to be dramatic to need to introduce some love interests. Yes, you need to spice up the kitchen. Various you have to spice it up so peop- business. Basically, I'm liking this is going. Okay. So it's going to be steamy and profitable. Yeah. That'll be the day. Steamy selling anyone, I think we're okay. There's a fine line. We got to walk. On that note. We had a really good question submitted from a Mr Jonathan Sears. Oh, he did. And Jonathan Sears asked. A what are the most devastating WWE? Wrestling moves to practice on other entrepreneurs. Okay. And obviously the answer is the tombstone powder. I ever. In the last ride. The undertakers to moves very very common misconception that it's a pedigree. And it's not is not the pedigree. Had agree is remarkably easy to escape. Okay. Ask me how I know. Stephanie McMahon tried to pedigree me over and over again, Maxine of capitals and conference. But invariably who sits in loose. Wiry and quick on the yoga, and I was I was able to escape right? It's all that seven times. That that's what. Now, she finally connected and got a pedigree on me and hurt like a mother liquor. It did, but I would still take that over over a last ride from undertaker. What's up? You're live on wine with Wyan who we got. Something that what can I do you for trying to promote our friend on infant on Instagram and get started? And we're trying to use influencers to get their followers to come to our brand. And I was just wondering what tactics you were seeing work best to do that. No. Number one. Do you have an amazing product that influencers want to talk about actually do? There's a lot of in it called happy nuts, and it's for your balls. Tenure forms product. Though, it applies of Aleutian and it tries is like a silky smooth powder that fights against moisture wanna see good prevent cheese thing and cuts Knicks shaving. So did you say I'm sorry. Do you say it prevents cuts in Knicks while shaving because the focus new the layer when you get water on it it actually like acts as a buffer you mean like for due to her shaven. They're nuts. Yeah. I mean, I do but that whole. So look a lot of people want the hack to get influencers. There isn't one you have to find the influence, or whose message absolutely aligns with who you want to be as a brand if the product's fulfills a need for that person's audience, and they would be proud to represent it. Then getting influencers is really really easy. What most people are trying to do is force their product into the influence, and you can't you can't force it unless you just want to overpay. And you'll have some people who talked about it just to get a check. But you don't want people just talking about it for that you want people talking about it because they believe in it you want people sharing it naturally that. We saw this with poop ary, right? A kind of a similar market, right? We're talking about poop before it was cool to talk about poop. But it was done in a way that communicated to the audience that it was okay to share it. It was the. Message wasn't about poop or about the problem. It was more about women than anything else. And so as a result you have natural sharing the bed. It's easy to get influencers for that. And the way you'll know is does it make the influence, sir? Look good by sharing it if it's make you look good. Does it make the influence or look good to share it? If so you have yourself a winner, and you won't have any problems. All right. Good to chat with you. He didn't seem in the news at the end just said. Yeah. Malvo was at work. So I don't know if maybe you don't want. Maybe maybe he's got mixed up ball. Maybe the ball. That's it man. You gotta you gotta believe in your own stuff. Man. I got this. Great product for called happy nuts. Happy nut stuff com. Deperate Bronx that conflict to solve that problem. Is this Chris Aimez the island? Chris this is this is Ryan and you're live online with Wyan. With regard to myself, personally, call it twenty grand a month that I could put in the Bank. I'm trying to decide what to do with it in this current economic environment. And I just want your tight. All right. So first things first how much do you need in the Bank for you to be like good and chill and not worry about money at night with the family and everything worker Andrews more than enough. All right, cool. So take the first two months and put it in the Bank. So that you are good for a year. No matter what right from there. Now, here's where I'm a little bit hesitant to give advice. I do think that were at the top of an economic cycle. I don't think that paper assets like stocks and real estate have any more room to go up in paper value, and I also have been wrong. Long about the economy and the price of stocks for a long time. So I have made the habit rather than trying to predict stock market or economic cycles. I have a certain allocation every month to go into dividend. Paying stock that meet my criteria inside. The one percent. I have a whole lesson on how we pick dividend paying stock. But the when when the signals are, right. I buy dividend paying stop I don't care about the where we are in the cycle. I care about the the signals and the yield being what they need to be for me to make a strategic decision. And so the thing I'm by most regularly from a month among standpoint is dividend paying stop if you wanna be extra conservative than one of the foundations of my investment strategy is. Is and a wealth warehouse, which is a place to park cash like a second Bank account. It's tied to the market. So it will go up in value. But they never go down in value. So if there's a market recession or correction, you don't lose any of that money. You're only tied upside Tony Robbins talks about it and money master the game. If you wanted to we could come up with other ways from there. But if you did only those three things have a years worth of expenses regularly invest in dividend paying stock and park, casual wealth warehouse, you'll be miles ahead of most people I'm gonna look into that. I'm gonna rewatching alive. I'm going to be the I appreciate that you bet. And look look at the lessons that are inside the one percent. They'll really help you out with if you're spitting off that much cash. You any touches in. Yes is Dan yet. Welcome to Ivan wireless, and call cannot be completed. Dan, Dan, it was user error. Dan, you're killing me here, man. Maybe I had too much wine. It was their wine Sark's different kinds of ring. Hello, dan. Tell me about your business. So I I so kind of not a very concentrated or a very focused line of items I have seven items on Amazon now, but I'm kinda stuck out at this point. And what what does that, Dan? Well, my sales aren't going up to the point where I'd like to be. And then I also have a couple items that I don't have enough reviews feel like okay, do you want? You wanted to do you wanna know this secret to getting a lot of good reviews selling line products quality product selling plants want in love. Selling a great product that you're core. Customer wants and loves you don't have a core customer. So if you want any sort of success, easy to pick the two products in that line identify who the core customer is cut out all the rest, those two products related are should I should I pick to dispatch your best it you you should pick a lined products. And if you have to pick just one that's fine. You're still going to outpace the growth of what you do trying to chase five rabbits at the same time. So you pick the one that you're going to build a business around not an opportunity machine, and you identify who that person is is behind that purchase. And you go all in on that. And then you released product number two three four and five over the next year to that same core person. And you'll have a different business year from now. I appreciate it. The man thanks for the call. Have a good night IT sin. But. So. It's some point in your business. You have to seven while there's the wine. At some point in your business. You have to make this pivot away from just opening up the next loop and building what it is that you want an in order to be ineffective entrepreneur that requires you to be able to see into the future and make relatively educated guesses on what the future is going to be. Meaning I knew who my customer is going to be. I know what I want my business to look like. And then we pull that into the present. We start building that your job as an entrepreneur, and many people are looking into the past employing that into the present and trying to reverse engineer a certain result. But they never really build anything. It's chasing money when you're just opening up loops which totally fine. But if that's the case the need to own that and be honest about it and say, I'm building a business that is all about maintaining really really healthy cash flows and having solid EBA. And when you do that, then you can rally other people believe in that mission. You. Can compensate them based on prophets, and you can have this this machine just spits off cash if that's what you want. But most people are just opening up. Loops looking for opportunities rather than actually building something and it gets in so many people's way special. Thanks to buy right hand woman. Anez Munns Yano don't mess with her. Thanks for hanging out with everybody. Welcome back to wine Wyan, we'll see next time. Have a good night. There are two new kinds of people in this world. There are members and members if you are enjoying this stuff you have got to join us inside a one percent. One percent members get access to our courses on building businesses and investing the profits. They get access to experts who are bringing in lessons on a regular basis. Some of the best in the world and they're joining regular calls with myself or members of my team to keep the community growing. The one percent is a community of entrepreneurs who are actively building businesses and investing the prophets and every month, you get a community newsletter to see what's going on in your community. And what the opportunities are to create the change that you want to see in your world. Join us at capitalism dot com slash the number one. That's capitalism. Dot com slash one.

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