Navigating the Corona Economy (Part 1) | Practical Steps You Can Take to Thrive During the Corona Economy


This afternoon we're announcing new guidelines for every American to follow over the next fifteen days as we combat the virus each and every one of us has a critical role to play in stopping the spread and transmission of the virus. Emma Society were We see so much distance already now. We physically distant and a world where there is so much loneliness now facing Self quarantine isolation president trump holding a lengthy news conference with an update on where we are with the fight against corona virus. The government essentially Publishing a set of new guidelines many have already been surpassed by some things that we've seen on the state and local level. Perhaps the only major difference is A now a suggestion that people not gather in groups larger than ten and that certainly consistent again with some other things we've seen happening around the country as the president was talking. The market was in a free fall. The Dow losing Down almost three thousand point I missed the percentage of about thirteen percent a loss. There's SNP down free twenty four. So I wouldn't transfer you my energy. I wouldn't transfer Mike. Panama here is my God. Emma on you have a great our garbage man on today's show we talk about navigating corona economy. How do you succeed in a world filled with fear? How do you persevere in a world where most people believe that tomorrow is going to be worse than today on today's show we talk about the importance of faith the importance of believing that you can succeed and we are going to supply you with that encouragement that you need to succeed and lead in this world of the Corona virus? My first thing we have to nameless unreasoning unjustified para paralyzes needed interrupt band. I'm shows don't need a celebrity narrator to introduce this show this show us two men. Eight kids co created by two different women thirteen multimillion dollar businesses ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to thrive time. Shaw Yes yes yes yes. I'm thinking of a song right now and it goes like this dude. Doo Doo Doo. Doo Doo Doo. Doo Doo Doo. My Corona do do do do do do do my corona too soon but to to relevant so the show we're doing today is about fighting fear false evidence appearing real and so. I'm going to start off with some facts and we have Paul on the show. He's a CPA. I'm GonNa give some facts. We've got Josh within water on the show here. I'm just GonNa give some facts and as you did studying mathematics in college as well as becoming an optometrist or my correct. That is correct. We have a bachelor's of science in the art of mathematics what I'm Gonna I'm GonNa read off every fact what's going to happen is if you disagree with the fact. That's fine and you could say that's not a fact that's fine. How political debate should be. But they're not and then we're going to toss it over for Paul Hood to give us a hot take on. We have a lot of fun with this. Josh can chime with a hot takes real right now at America today according to the US census. I put a link on the show notes. Three hundred and twenty nine million Americans. Do you agree with that? Perceived fact doctors. Yes that's close enough for hand grenades and horseshoes to count. I'm not exactly the number but China has one point three eight nine billion people. Does that sound accurate to you? Sir. Yes and they have a lot more rice to pets now. In one thousand nine hundred the life expectancy of the average American was forty. Six point. Three years in age do agree with that. Wow where'd you get that back from all of these things? I'm citing all of these things on the show notes this comes from the Census Dot. Gov this I do then I will agree with that. Okay now in. Nineteen ninety nine. The West Nile virus Paul Hood. Do you remember the West Nile virus? I remember the name. But it's in the past. So I have no recollection maybe truthfulness then but the the West Nile virus is an infectious disease that first appeared in the United States in one thousand nine hundred nine and the infectious. Mosquitoes spread the virus that caused it and I remember very well. When was in high school? It was a panicky situation. Do you remember the stuff I do I do I do? People were panicking about this since mosquitoes loved me so much I. I heard that the average risk for catching West Nile. They love your body now. Nine hundred ninety nine through two thousand Paul. Do you remember Y Two k? I remember y two K Josh. Do you remember Y Two k? Yeah I was in the military in Vegas during Y2k and it was pandemonium on the Strip. Is that a boy band. While I'm trying to think Y two K. That boy band was an early boy band than ever really quite got off. The there was rumors of. It's contagious. Nece but it did not okay. Y. Two K. It was a shorthand term for the year twenty for the year. Two thousand commonly used to refer to a widespread computer programming shortcut. That was expected to cause havoc as this year. Change from ninety nine to two thousand and it did not. Do you remember when people were panicked about it? Yes and people very close to me. I won't name. Names are very close to me. Were STOCKPILING BOTTLED WATER. Beans and other sundries in the garage and just shaking my head going. Are you absolutely cray? Cray? Now I'm going to fire through a lot of facts and open it up for discussion here. Okay so September eleventh day that will forever live in infamy. We all know that. Two thousand nine hundred and ninety seven people lost their lives. We all know that ten billion dollars of infrastructure was damaged. We all know people who freaked out and thought he was the end of the World Two Thousand Eleven September twenty seven. He do you remember that. Yes I do remember where I was. You remember where you were actually on a cruise I was on Alaska. Cruise is a Tuesday morning and I didn't have many channels on the TV on the cruise ship. I remember waking up in the morning rolling over and seeing that second building get hit and think wow are. We are country's under attack State University in two thousand and one September eleventh and they stopped classes to watch. The thing happened and we saw the second tower collapsed. We saw the actually. We saw the plane hit the tower on TV. Then two thousand and one that same year we had the anthrax scare right. I remember that you could package. Two Thousand and two at the SARS scare So far does anybody to refute any of these things. I mean Josh. So far. Do refute any of these accountable as fact thus far. Sir Paul with CPA's you're an accountant. You're very accurate man. Do you refute anything. I'm saying so I I totally agree it. All fact checks and what they one thing I have to. Yes I have to point out that I really want to. I don't WanNA spend a lot of time on sure but the idea that Josh would be on the Strip for Y2K pandemonium. Is there any time? You're on the Strip in Las Vegas. It's pandemonium I know this was I mean I mean. Super doctors owner ten seconds of life that look people dislike running around stealing chips shooting each other up through the foul was right in front of the MGM. Gentlemen Okay and climbed up the stoplight. And he climbed up there and he's up there and he's counted down ten nine. No way loses his balance at like six caught him. Nobody spread like. Oh No. That's that's serious dead serious downer. That's what is so we move on. We left we did two thousand and two SARS remember this all Yasser were worried about this respiratory infection. Two thousand ten H One n one. Do you remember this Paul. H One in one do swine. Flu does wine flu wine flying in fact. I have gathered here. I gather the facts from the CDC the Center for Disease Control they estimate checkout these estimates between forty three million eighty. Nine million people were infected. They believe that's a big range. Forty three million to eighty nine million right of a population of three hundred and thirty million. We know that twelve thousand four hundred sixty nine people died which was thirty. Four people per day at the peak of the swine flu again. Would you agree with these? Yes yes josh. You can see the links on the CDC website. It's accurate tried there. Okay so we're GONNA twenty eighteen. The flu the flu was a thing. Twenty eighteen there was the flu and the flu of two thousand eighteen in most years by the way takes out an average of about one hundred and sixty people a day a day. Sixty one thousand people died of the flu in two thousand eighteen. I've got the links here you can. You see the links. There can see these things. Paul can you see this thing in okay so these are all fax so now twenty eighteen? I've got a link here to CNBC. They showed in two thousand eighteen. Two hundred and fifty thousand people died from accidents in hospitals where somebody hit the buttons. -I oops they said oops go. Hey did you turn that guy's respirator? On oops oops six hundred eighty four people. A day are dying from oaths now. We got to corona virus. Doodoo to to to to do really it's Cova one thousand nine hundred nineteen pood- now so so far as of the time of a recording. Today's show which is going to go out tomorrow. This is March sixteenth. Sixty nine deaths in fifty five days. That's one point two five deaths per day so in two thousand nine hundred how many people died and someone should write these things down how many people died from homicides in twenty nineteen. I know because I'm the fun guy. Three thousand nine hundred and ninety six people died from homicides car wrecks three thousand thirty eight thousand eight hundred people died so heart disease killed six hundred forty seven thousand people from heart disease last year so I have a plan. See I have a plan and then you and Paul and Josh can help me see if this is a good plan you actually missed a very big thing in our lives to HIV. I remember HIV. Almost like you couldn't even look at somebody. There was a period of time when it was like I mean it was. I know early on my gosh. I forget the year on that. That wasn't on your your your what you floetry. Blake played doctrine through things. I try not to focus on at all. So I'm GONNA give you my plan in Paul. You can tell me if you agree with the plan. Take it all in here folks. Here's my plan. Step one we know that. One Thousand Seven Hundred Seventy. Two people died from heart disease sweeney to ban all fast food one hundred sixty seven people die per day from the flow sweeney to ban all events Olivennes. One hundred and four people died in car accident. So let's just ban car back. I had my mic moved further away from you at this point. The point nine people die per day from homicide sweet to band guns and because the corona virus has killed one point two five people per day. We need to just ban everything out so blanket. Paul you've been on the planet longer than I have. What's your take on this because so many people been texting me saying clay? What do we do? What should we do a we are speaking to the London? Lives about a half million people. Seriously what what do you think should be done because right now people? Fear is false. Evidence appearing real fear kills capital fears kill success. Fear Kills Dreams. Hope what's your take on this? Well you know we face this every day and it's in business or marriage or in in raising your kids fear people fear the unknown and my Bible teaches me not to have a spirit of fear and it talks about that that basically we should make decisions today based on the best facts today and not project out tomorrow. That's full of fear and based on what we don't know because what we expect or what we fear is always a thousand times worse than what actually happens So my my deal on. It is just you know. It's it's one of those situations to where people are just being in plain silly. I'm sorry Klay. But they're being silly and they're they're the stock market and all that's going on but the reality is is is Warren Buffett has a saying clay and he says the stock market is a place for the transfer of money between patient and impatient people. And so what's going on right now as people were making rash decisions. They're making decisions based on fear based on emotion instead of what's the value of what's out there and so you know. Warren Buffett Office also says that when other people are greedy be fearful when other people fearful will be greedy in so this is a great opportunity for people but people are gonNA miss. There's just like everything else in life. There's there's going to be winners and there's going to be losers financially but the reality is is people are GonNa get sick with this and from what I read. I'm not a doctor before what I read It you know the occurrences and the the the Bad part of it is dramatically less than the few then the flu and Frankly from what I hear about it. I'd rather have it than the flu and you'd really need toilet paper with the flu but you probably don't with this thing. Now I lead. I lead with the facts. I led with all the facts here. So I'M GONNA GO Z. You're going to get to chime in here. And then Josh. Whatever he says one open. I mean the guy has a very successful optometrist. Me has an auto auction. He he's up. Thomas owns a bank. But he doesn't. He's not a certified expert of the Corona Corona. Says the Josh Own? Don't even though okay does send him. He's like Yoda with with knowledge. So don't underestimate Z. What's your take on the the krona virus and half the listeners out there should be responding to it because again everybody. Ten years ago did not have their own television network called facebook. They didn't have the ability to participate. Twenty four seven. They weren't connected to social media. Eleven point three hours per day. Hold nothing back my friend. I will run for cover. Whenever you see a new strain of the flu you know. What would they do? The flu shot every year. They do it because they know the flu. Influenza more in comes out with different versions of itself every year and so what they do is they kind of see the trend. What's going around the world and they come out with the virus come out with a shot for it and you hope when you get your flu shot that you covered the ones that are coming through the United States this year. Right right right. Everybody in this room's had the flu right. I is that point lights. I mean it was beautiful virus. Have you had throws and you had a virus. Saw probably had probably had when the versions of Corona virus. I mean a lot of times. They'll have a sore throat and be sick for a day or two. It's probably it's not corvette. Nineteen I WANNA I wanna you know. There are different versions of that family of viruses and I scratch my head. I was just wondering today. I've had several people reach out to me and ask me and they go go. Why is this one? So celebrated by the media. Why is this one so kind of lifted up? I mean from October of year to February of this year anywhere from twelve thirty thousand people died of the flu influenza and different strains of that did that one hundred sixty seven people per day right okay. And we don't we don't pull out that strain and go. Oh my gosh social distancing. Wash your hands shut down. Businesses stop all concerts. Eighteen hundred people a day. Die From heart disease. I think we should run around and tell people stop eating. Well I mean that's probably true but to think about it as people have to understand these viruses don't develop to kill people viruses they'll want the dead host. They're actually they don't want to kill you and everyone live so they can spread them around their whole thing is so it's only people that are immuno-compromised. It's only people that are not healthy themselves. That's the come to these viruses. That's why we have so many people die every year. The flu in why is that. I've been an epidemic. That not been talked about for years. Well this is the same the same media though that remember when trump tastic was elected. Many people on the media. We're talking about if you watch the television that we should shut down colleges to allow the students to mourn the loss of a Democratic president right. I mean there's an it's the same media that likes to. I think don't they make money if we all watch Fox and CNN? Isn't that a move? I must be on these things? You've got to follow the money because I'm sitting here going. What what what is this? I mean the economic impact of this pandemic. They're calling it. Which is I don't agree with and and like I saw a little bit of the of the trump's news brief today and you had several doctors on there saying well. If you think we're doing take over reacting and we're probably doing exactly what we need to do and I'm kind of going you know really and they said well the young people and Healthy People. You'll be fine. It's just we don't want you to spread this to the elderly and the sick and I go. It's not the way it is with every flu bug. That comes around here right. I mean ever. I'm sick I immediately run to the nursing homes to spread the good news. That's what I've always done before out of my hands so this is a new thing. I've decided this week. I'm going to do it. I'm going to go into the nursing homes if I feel sick. I'm changing my life. How many people died in the? Us alone last year from the flu from the flu that the best stats I have here for. You would be the fluid self in two thousand. Eighteen killed a total of sixty one thousand ninety nine people hundred sixty seven people per day and the swine flu of twenty two thousand nine when we did not have the social media like we have now and two thousand nine the swine flu infected according to the CDC between forty three point three million in eighty nine point three million people thus killing twelve thousand four hundred sixty nine people or thirty people a day. And so when you think about I mean there's ten people die a day of homicides in the. Us Josh install sprinklers for Olympia Sir. Which is why I lift you up. And I say America. Lind's IT'S ERICA. To you and says you are good installing sprinklers or tell us how your prospects because you're you're a small business owner right. How are you processing this morning? Are you lamenting? Are you hugging on shore flow of water? What's going what are you doing? Well I mean. I know that I'm a big expert on this than Dr Zellner. Sure I mean obviously obviously you processing doing so for us. We're not doing anything different. I don't know if I should say I will say that one. You one loss of life is too many. I will absolutely positively say that point trivialize anything or anything at all and I did have a Monday morning meeting with our team and said. Hey we're GONNA go to work and if that's a problem for anyone please let me know and we will. We will absolutely discuss that in the kindest gentlest beautiful way came we. We went to work and we sold some sprinklers today as rainy so we didn't get any installed but we did go service some and we made some phone calls today. We scheduled some appointments. We we just went to work. Sir Paul I want to get your take on this year. A CPA have thousands of great clients at Hood. Cpa'S DOT COM. That's great new. You're with the numbers you give the accounting filing taxes. They say they say two things. You can count on Paul Death and taxes so talk to us. What's your take on this? How should the business owners out there be reacting from Europe? Take well you know. We're we're there's two sides to everything and there's a the emotional side and then there's the The actual logic involved here but the the bottom line is as as business owners. We have to address both. And so what we're doing is we're literally. I WANNA protect my staff. Because that's those are my workhorses. Those are the people that that I need to protect and and often I need to protect from from clients that are coming in. And so you know. We're doing things like making sure all our staff. Have you know the little antiseptic you know? Hand Rub hand hands. They're wiping off the door handles and the but we're also going further and we're contacting her clients because with this is real or if it's just blown up which it is by the media you are small business clients have to address this and so we're helping them figure out. What do they do? You know if they if they have to send their workers home if they have to You know how do they take advantage of of trump saying that that the for small to mid sized companies will help pay for their time off? You Know How do you take advantage of taking a of of not having to pay the interest on your student loan? So there's there's opportunity and there's there's there's things that we have to do for our clients to teach them to do things but the bottom line is we have to teach our clients how to hunker down and and make it through. You know the things that are going to happen the next eight weeks weather. The media's blown out of proportion for political reasons or whatever which they are We still have to address it. I have a music here. To QUEUE UP Steve Curran's appearance on the threat to show this guy raps Lamborghini with Donald Trump rap. He clearly has no regard for his safety or the safety of others. So let me let me wrap Cova. Nineteen or something on a great idea. Dr Steve What is your. This is your music. I give music to you. Oh what is your take right now how he should be handling this situation. What should we do? I think if there's a time to turn off your notifications for social media today's Day and I think it's so many people are freaking out. It's a really good time. I built my mortgage company in the last recession. That's like when we built it so an eight nine ten eleven twelve whenever everybody was freaking out and jumping off bridges. We were picking up market. You police say the optimistic things. You're saying and more scurry tone. Please let me the listeners. That are trying. We're trying to fear mongering. Talk excited about this. I don't know if I can be fair like I don't know what I'm saying. I don't know if you listen to me. Get on social media. I heard a commercial on sports. Talk my wife and I WANNA get my my my wife on the microwave I can. We're we're on. We're in the vehicle listening to sports. Talk Radio Z. If you heard these sports talk radio commercials. Have you seen these things you know? We're on the road on. We're listening to sports talk radio and it's like I can't remember it was with Fox or ESPN or somebody and they're like attention sports fans we're GONNA make it through this tough time together but the music that was being played. Was this like in times like. Oh yeah tension sports pitching. We'll make it through this time together. Hey a friend of mine the other day and said Dude. There's been no sports on. It's been crazy and today I sat down and there was this lady on my couch. It turns out married her. She's actually pretty cool. Talked for like an hour. Didn't believe him. Oh my core message. I'LL LET Z. One Up me here my core message. I want to share. Today's I think that fear stands for false evidence appearing real and if you look at history. When Britain was being bombed by the Nazis Winston Churchill. The prime minister hopped up on the Mike. And told everybody be calm and carry on. And you can't just hide from life for the next sixty days. I mean the average American Paul according to a Forbes has a study on this they have less than four hundred dollars saved right the average. American is so you're you'RE GONNA hide for ten minutes you gonNa Hide for a week. I mean I mean you got to participate in certain aspects of life in for all that is holy. Stop Hoarding Clay. But Winston Churchill. Didn't have this this horde of fearmongers mongers that are just throwing stuff out every day and then a population that you know. It's kind of like they're sitting on the edge of their seat waiting for the next little bit. But the bottom line is for instance new cells. They get the ratings. When things are bad. You'll Travis Mayer the you know. He's he's popular people. Watch him when they're storms on the horizon. Oh Yeah Tornado. Watch him so that this is what they do and this is what they feed on. And it's it's fear based and it's total BS. Yes we it is it is going on and we do have to be concerned about we. Do you should be washing your hands anyway. Maybe you should elbow bump for a while instead of you know shaking hands instead of making out so I stopped making out over this whole worry this kid. I saw when I walked in a studio. Just stop here yet we longer share a megaphone megaphone things. We're doing very disappointing. Pointing I can media. Listen up everything. Okay I have three action items. Zia No matter what I give the listeners. You Me Wrath today show here. We go here actually. I'm number one but by fifty percent off discounted stock if you can from fundamentally successful companies my wife and I bought a bunch of Carnival stock. Do that why. It's like eighty percent off if you ain't gonNA afforded even if the economy rebounds to half of what it once was that's a great deal by fifty percent discount stock. The companies fundamentally sound as in like. They've been around for a long time right to show cleanliness. Just be. I mean if people are a little bit worried. Don't be the guy coffin in the elevator. He just gets them and sanitizer make a show of it. You know he like Erin getting a go. Oh my God this coronas just killing is communicate confidence with your team. No one wants to work for the boss where they say. Hey boss GonNa be. Okay and you got me. No one wants to work for that boss. Well I'M GONNA kill myself but I don't know what you guys do. You have a big meeting of all your employees. You look at the oldest wooden. Say Well somebody. Here's a high risk. We're probably going to lose somebody. That's fine you're not true it is but you know. Don't quote David Koresh in meeting. Just say once you don't make a bunch of cool. I'm actually stockpiling kool-aid Watch reds staff world. As we know it see what's your final action item for the listeners out. There what are you. What's your advice? I take a deep breath. It's going to be okay. It's viruses sicknesses and damage have been affecting this world for the history of Man. It's going to be okay. You're more likely to be killed by a number of things other than sharks cove. Ed Nine hundred eighteen. Okay let me recount the ways one hundred sixty seven of you will die today from normal flu hundred and four people died at different car accidents. I mean think about this they banned the NBA Games for safety. They should ban going together because people down the way two games that's attached dangerous. They save more lives by banning people driving to the NBA Games and actually being at an NBA game. I just walked to the game. I mean they just walk. Save lives won't say Save Save Lives Flock. Everybody walks cars. Fear kills economies cure ills. Unfortunately in my humble opinion I think he's going to be more horrible stories coming out of it and you already see that airlines are asking for fifty billion twenty. Five billion cargo planes or cargo lines were asking for eight billion dollars today in fund. Because they're gonNA run out of money there you're not gonNA have any seed one billion we given hot-air Christmas group goes picked the wrong week. Okay wrong corona back to you. So you're you're you're GONNA be calm. Be Calm Wash your hands for goodness sakes. Don't be touching your face youth proper hygiene. And how little social distancing if you see someone if you feel bad? Steinheim no no no riding if you feel bad sore throat fever coughing upper respiratory anything it is probably not covert nineteen but just stay home. Can ever rash on your inner thigh. Showing Coworkers Co workers. I have a serious question censure Dr a so I don't drink anymore but when I did drink I drink a lot of corona. Do you think I made like immune to it now? I think it might be for now with the studies. But Hey that could that could be thing. That's like allergy shots I wanted I wanted to it. I wear throw a Corona Party and the cost of insurance. Is You have to six. Pack a grown man who had been wrapping your Labor Guinea with trump pro-trump autograph has definitely decreased. Your life expectancy. I think that I'm just GONNA give myself corona virus like how do a video where I stabbed myself. And then follow her death. Okay thank you all right. So we've got a bunch of successful entrepreneurs. We're having some fun. Let's in the show with a boom and then hope the planet doesn't blow up. Are you prepared? Yes I am out and now without further ado three what pulled.

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