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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. President Trump says White House officials will meet with congressional leaders on Tuesday to discuss measures to ease the economic impact of the corona virus outbreak as. Npr's Claudia grew salads reports house. Democrats say they're compiling an economic stimulus plan speaker. Pelosi met with her committee. Chairs and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss. The new stimulus plans. Which could be ready as early as this week. The proposals likely won't include a payroll tax cut as proposed by President Trump Pelosi and Schumer calling for a stimulus package to include paid sick leave and other protections for workers and children. Npr's cloudy grew salish. Reporting recent data shows that businesses in China are slowly recovering from a complete shutdown last month after the government there impose restrictions in response to the new corona virus. Npr's Emily Fang reports that China's first-quarter economic growth will likely take a hit. We think a digital bank started by Chinese tech giant tencent estimated based on aggregated mobile industrial and other data that sixty eight percent of business activities have resumed Nomura. The Japanese Financial Group estimated more than seventy four percent if the economy had restarted activity after weeks of closures. For the last three days China has reported zero new cases of the virus outside the epicenter of Woobay province but major cities are still on lockdown as they prepare for imported cases from abroad earlier. This week Beijing's municipal government recommended foreign residents curtail all international travel only Fang. Npr news be during the US. Department of Veterans Affairs says it slapping sanctions on several for profit colleges. Npr's quil Lawrence reports at the schools are accused of taking Gi bill. Money and giving useless degrees veterans advocates are praising the Department of Va for suspending new enrollments with Gi bill money at the University of Phoenix Career Education Corporation and several other institutions. Va says they use eroneous deceptive or misleading practices to attract veterans and their Gi. Bill money for profit. Schools aggressively recruit veterans and billions of tax dollars have gone to schools that. Have low graduation rates or give degrees. That don't lead to employment the. Va has an online gi. Bill comparison tool to help veterans. Make the most of their education benefit. The schools have sixty days to correct the problematic advertisements and enrollment practices. Va says it will try to. Support currently enrolled veterans as they complete their degrees quil. Lawrence. Npr news according to state media. North Korean leader Kim Jong UN has overseen Second Law Fire Artillery Exercise. In a week the reports came a day after the south military detected. The launches of three short range projectile off the northeastern coast. The reports quoted. Kim is vowing to build his artillery force into quote the world's strongest and most feared by. Everyone you're listening to. Npr News Turkey's ambassador to the United States is appealing for more international. Help to resolve the crisis in northern Syria is NPR's Michelle Kellerman reports. Turkey says it has lost fifty nine soldiers since early. February amid efforts to force rebels Province the trump administration recently announced another one hundred eight million dollars in humanitarian aid to help Syrians fleeing. It live but Turkish Ambassador Sir. Coolidge says the needs are far greater than that and he says Turkey expects more diplomatic political and humanitarian support from its NATO ally. Supporting Turkey in is not the most relational soliderity a moral obligation is humanitarian obligation. We are trying to defend the people from massacre in that region. Turkey is working with Russia which backs the Syrian regime to try to keep the latest ceasefire on track. Michele Kelemen NPR news. The State Department Wells Fargo says is board chairwoman Elizabeth Duke and Director James Quickly or leaving the company the announcement coming less than a month after the bank agreed to pay three billion dollar fine stemming from a scandal over its business practices including setting up fake customer accounts it also comes days before executives at the San Francisco based banker scheduled to testify at a Congressional hearing Asian. Stock markets are mostly higher. This hour following Wall Street's worst performance in over a decade. The Dow Jones Industrials Lost Over. Two thousand thirteen points. The Nasdaq dropped six hundred twenty four. You were futures are up nearly three percent this is. Npr News in Washington.

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