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Food Heists, Taco Bookmarks, and Angry Vegans: Food News, September Edition | House of Carbs


Face but you may forget what happened three seasons ago on that show everyone's talking about but you will never forget a delicious be lt is he made unforgettable creamy hines. Bandai's slather it onto a mouth-watering Turkey club mix sit into a luscious garlic. AOL E or layer it on thick cheddar cheese burger and because of that unpredictable cremedas hours there's later you're going to be telling everyone within earshot how good it was try something new. Try unforgivably Creamy hines men as and the new hines mashups Mayo Chubb Mayo Mayo Must Ed's Bahamas today's House of cards brought to us by our terrific friends at vital farms cage. Free eggs assured a sound nice but did you know that a cage free men only gets about one square foot of space at vital farms on the other hand. All the hands are pasture raised with at least one hundred and eight square feet beat her hand and outdoor access all year round. Those are happy hens vital farms pasture raised bullshit bullshit free look for them and the Black Carton at the grocery store visit farms dot com slash coupon for a special special discount. Today's House of cards also brought to us by a movie that is in theaters as we speak super size me to holy chicken and in the fifteen years since the original the Oh gee super size me the fast food industry has undergone a makeover today chain restaurants food. That's healthy and organic filmmaker. Morgan spurlock explores this new reality with an approach even more immersive used in the original. He sets out to open his own chicken fast food franchise super size. It's me to only chicken is now in theaters and on digital rated. PG Thirteen for brief strong language language tastebuds dinner should never be boring. You know this that's why old El Paso never stops bringing the fun of Taco Geico night. You're home. They believe Taco. Night is the one meal that gets everyone excited to come to the table. Even the pickiest seven year old older Paso is even design their shows in soft tortilla bowls to stand on their own leaving more time for talking and filling and less time worrying about massive Aston spilling old El. Paso grabbed the yellow box. The taste buds by culinary comrades hung homeys by friends. We've done and we're back. It is another delicious addition house of cards food podcast hug of people by the hungry people full honoring our podcast network. I am you're hungry. House Joe House it is time we're overdue. My taste buds for some food. News News very special guests this week. The rigors own Liz Kelly is here to lead us on a delicious path of brand new stories stories in the world of food. Let's get an belly with Kelly. It tastes much. You know how we do it here at House of cards. It's been a little while since we've checked in on the news all of the latest developments since this summer. We were lucky to get the chief. Craig gains came on and we went through a bunch of stories. He's but you know the seasons are turning and the stories are as well. We have a very exciting late late summer early fall edition of Food News and a very special guest for this edition of food new. She is the co host of all the Ti- time podcast she is co host of the four realties podcast featuring the pod daughter Zoe Simmons. You may a recognized the dulcet tones of her melodious voice on a whole variety of ringer podcast promotions and Information Shen List. Tell you what's happening. Has How do I even respond to that inch. I've never been so honored to be on a podcast ever in my whole life. This is Kelly S. It's just your bio. I mean that's the life that you lead over there. At the ringer I in addition to running everything and in fact it is that that role of you running everything over there that that makes this an overdue moment for us to be connected here because we'll we'll just share this with all the hunger homes out there. You and I collaborate on every single outside. Food would interests that comes to the ring says hey. We think we'd like to have a little bit of an appearance. Little flavor with the House of carbs folks folks. You and I collaborate on all of those now. Let's let's tell all of our culinary comrades Liz Kelly. I'm GonNa put you in the form of a question. Have I ever said No. Take taste of our food friends literally not one single time I do is for a couple other shows and I can always rely on you Joe House to have like ten thousand exclamation remarks all caps. Lotos lot of as you've never said no one single time now we should just just as a way of establishing for the hungry homeys out there while it well in the food realm. Obviously I'm saying. Yes to anybody that wants to have anything to do with the show I I think I have said no to one or two other folks out there from different walks of life. I I the only one that really comes to mindless. Kelly is a hair hair restoration product it just just about a little too on the nose. You know what I mean has. You don't need that stuff. They need you but you don't need them us so that's why that's why you're here. I mean honestly flattery will get you everywhere yeah. We have some unbelievable stories. I saw the rundown but I wanted you to choose Let's start talking about some some third stories. Okay great first one shining small. Is this small beans. Petty crime comes from Fox News Radio. I'm listening okay. Dunkin Sif fails to open register flees with five to six doughnuts instead okay police in New York City are asking for the public's help and identifying a man who attempted tempted to rob the cash register at Dunkin in Manhattan's East village only to give up and grab a few donuts before clean so he didn't get any money he only got five to six Donald Donald such as what Ford four and a half dollars yeah so any of understand that hustle I kinda get did it house. I wish you could put a done. She didn't you could put a done on each one of your fingers and make out with ten donuts the fact that he only got five live is a travesty all the fact that he was in there now failing to crack the safe failing to get into the cash register in the first place means the clock taken chow so he. I it was literally like a donut smash and grab. It feels like I wish that he didn't steal donuts though because it feels like Dunkin donuts if you if you make the case you're in in need in a position of need part of the beauty of the Dunkin donuts experience. It is communal if you were genuinely hungry I think you could walk up to pretty much anybody inside Dunkin donuts and say would you please by me four or five donuts and I bet there's like a sixty percent hit rate about that. I think you're right and he's also has other problem was. He says the suspect entered the Dunkin location just after nine thirty thirty. AM on September twelfth nine thirty am is Prime Coffee Don at time. Not only was that like location probably super crowded lot of hungry. People is probably hi. WHO's extra stress couldn't get into the cash register panicked and then fled and this doesn't seem like this robbery suspect really really thought through this this particular crime that's GonNa be by my polite. Take on that. One yeah also an important now. It's as before before fleeing. The subject punched thirty eight year old employee who attempted to intervene get this guy. All of these stakes are so low five to six donuts slow sakes punching punching someone you're going to rob a Dunkin donuts. See it all the way through. I WANNA see a knife. I WANNA see some dangerous to punch a Dunkin. donuts employees just unnecessary just to be clear weird house of CARBS. Don't condone robbery of any. We definitely don't want included. We don't condone violence. Violent bribery lists Kelly but I will. I am obviously on your side in terms of you know. I think this guy just chose poorly like ain't you. You know agreed. Also it's got to be the case under the influence of something right at nine thirty in the morning underachiever. That's what it is for sure also I'm. I'm just trying to give you exciting. News feels like I wanted to start off small so that we could like s gray as we go on all right move up okay this one. I'm actually particularly really interested in your input because your father cracked. Im Okay great so this is Let's see where this is from. CBS News Reminder even be my kid okay so important father input is needed for this next article so according to CBS New York it says New York City is considering a ban Dan on chocolate milk in schools so it's obviously a lunch staple but soon it could be a thing of the past it says. The Department of Education is reportedly considering a ban Dan on chocolate milk in city schools. it's actually nothing new back in two thousand six when city public schools banned whole milk it was briefly considered to also so make a ban on flavored milk because of the high content of sugar. I think chuck is one of the best beverages in the world and I feel like taking that joy joy way from small children is unfortunate and we should avoid it well. I have a couple wrinkles for you. In the first place. My kid is alerted milk so he drinks he drinks a dairy alternatives calcium in him a different way but I think at the guts of this story there is a tension between the most effective way of delivering calcium. Two young folks bursts the enormous sugar content in in chocolate milk. Now you hit on an important attribute that chocolate milk possesses which is a adaptability an option people. WanNa drink chocolate milk kids love to drink chocolate milk and and so if there is you know any kind of measurable health benefit to the chocolate milk and feels like you ought to keep it around but I don't know you know if there are other ways for these kids to get calcium in their diets. I agree and I accept that answer so some influences it's chuck milk has about ten grams more sugar than regular. Milk and children should limit their sugar intake to about twenty five grams so that's fine and also you're right. There's this big issue about children eating too much sugar. The next paragraph says according to the Department of Health Foreign every ten elementary school children are overweight or obese so understand the thinking of it but I believe believe we should cut out cookies or chips in the cafeteria. I think chocolate milk just provides a little bit more joy than regular milk and added sugar should should be you know. Take it out and other food items in school lunch. Yeah I do appreciate and this is occurred. during our lifetime. Liz Kelly the attention that has been paid to upgrading the school lunch and and making it something that is nourishing. I mean the food science has really developed over the last couple of decades in you know in back in my day a hot dog and coke was like a you know a not only a daily daily occurrence but supposed to be sufficient for for the whole day plus whatever athletic activities. I might have going on afterwards and I'm glad that we've all gotten a little bit smarter that that's probably not enough in terms of the dietary input during the day. Yes I was GONNA ask. What is your average meal school meal now? Look like for your kid. Obviously we got plant based milk not regular milk and then what else so he brings things his lunch in okay. We make it at home but he's he has carrots. He has an applesauce pouching. They're Nice. He gets a the little container of almond milk based chocolate pudding so we're not against we we like the idea of giving him something that that you know entices that awakens the the taste buds a little sugar in there and then we cook up chicken tenders and there he has a delicious another they end up being kind of room temperature is by the time we can't serve them hot but it's you know either that or a couple of Turkey slices. That sounds like a really good lunch and also definitely not too much sugar. I feel like he could throw in like chocolate almond milk or something like chocolate soy milk and it went harm. I mean he's a little funny he. He hasn't really taken to chocolate quite yet. He taste buds are still developing. Oh my God really well. He likes it fine. He just doesn't go bananas for it. Okay he'll learn over the moon for the chocolate flavor Helen. Okay so you are in favor of banning chocolate milk. Is that what we're getting reading from this article. Well I think if if you know in the esteemed judgment of the school officials if there are alternative ways as for these kids to get calcium into their diet that doesn't require the chocolate milk but I I mean I do regret missing out out for these kids on something. That is an elemental part of our childhood let Liz which is you know. The chocolate milk had kind of a nourishing affect an a a psychological effect. That's different from just basic like going into school and having it oftentimes was kind of a sneaky treat. You weren't always drinking chocolate milk at home. When you're at home your parents or monitoring and so you you're not having it and you know it also does is shared shared the other aspect of that psychological profile. It did feel a little bit like home. It was a connection to home. You know what I mean. We wasn't like It was a way of of connecting the home school kind of relationship. Maybe I'm taking it all too self a wedding kyle just in awe staring at each other here you really we know how to sell it. Okay you ready for the next one. Let's Talk O K so this one is completely shifting gears but as a little bit more entertaining -taining okay so this from Fox News. It says a library book was returned with full Taco shoved between its pages so a bizarre image recently went environment showing a Taco smashed inside of a library book and the photographer didn't know how the TACO ended up in the book but joked that it had been used as a bookmark so this woman Amanda May tweeted this and don't have a bookmark. Try using a TACO and this is an actual photo of an actual book found the bookshop at my library in Indiana a few years back house of you click into this article or I can describe it for your listeners. It is a fully stack TACO. I see cheese. I see me I see a maybe some avocado spread smushed as if it's like a papyrus into the pages of this book Liz is Kelly. I clicked it open and I'm looking at it right now. I just want all our culinary comrades. We started this thing off with with kind of a lightweight kind of low impact burglary story what we're looking. I'm looking at right now is. Kelly is a Goddamn full felony. This is a crime time. Crime has been committed but who is yeah who is at fault here the woman renting the book at a person who put the Taco in the book uh obviously the Taco Insert her like the and that person's not just a Taco insert or their Taco Caesar and that is a crime crime against humanity. Now I far be for me to get up on a high horse and act like I've never taken can a food item and used it to hold my place in a whole variety of different walks of life but I'll be gosh darn if I ever abandoned delicious item. This is a full-on abandonment. This is an Awol Taco Liz. I can't blue is damning the evidence there has not been a single bite taken out of this Taco. It looks like it was recently made because the cheese is melted inside of the pages. I don't understand the mindset in which like if you had fully prepared. It looks like it was a big Donovan. Put it in your place. That was obviously your meal or like a hearty snack for you to be reading in the middle of this book to forget about a Taco and then forget about it for so long that you return the book and all these months later someone finds it incomprehensible to me. I'm right there with you it. It seems honestly like not really physically possible like you didn't smell it. You couldn't feel that the book was like slightly Ajar slightly askew the pages weren't touching when you carried it back to the library I mean I wonder if it was possibly a kind of civil disobedience gesture. Maybe this person had an axe to grind with the library. Maybe this person didn't like the book It looks like a kiss. The IT looks like from the picture there might be some poetry or does. It looks like a sonnet yeah. Maybe this person you know what and and and let's try generous. We're always trying to be thoughtful here at House of cards. What if it was this person's? Oh Mosh to the to the to the story I mean on this particular tale on the opposite page. Click on it and get it open big enough to read the words to try and see if it's a Taco Mosh I still I can't condone it but if that's the mindset if that's what this person was after I can at least you know connect the thread and and and and have an explanation that starts to to at least provide a kind of a a story here but I I can't understand it and I definitely don't condone it. You know it's who also has not innocent in this is Amanda. May who found the book if she rented that book she must have had the same pieces of evidence that the man who or woman men who put the talk when the book which is like pages. Kinda messed up there. Kinda ruffled somewhere in the middle. We don't know Amanda May Story. We don't any info besides a mystery st person put a Taco and really innocent book. I feel bad for everybody involved. It's very interesting tail here because US House or not a smell associated basis. It looks fresh sale. TACO doesn't smell great this. There's meat and cheese here. Those things go bed. I I will say doesn't it look pretty recently made to you though house like none of the cheeses moldy the Tortilla looks like in really pristine form. It really does so whoever it is that that it I whether it was a mistaker intentional. Whoever committed this taco crime it was discover quite quickly? After the person returned the Taco Book and you know I admire whoever it was that that had the idea of taking the picture. I'm not sure if it was Amanda. May that actually took the picture. There's a lot unanswered here and I am afraid that we will never get the answers that we need house. I think the Butler did it. I think I think it was the study with the okay so producer Kyle. thinks that it was a setup yeah. I think she gets the theory. I think she did it. You're right. It's very recent unless it was like one of those. McDonalds things like McDonald's will stay in the box for like a year or something lease old McDonalds unless it was like a Taco bell one or something like super preservative or something like that. I mean I think she did it home made to me house it. It looks homemade as well because it's it's more of a Tortilla kind of shell than a like an old El Paso. Shell rather yellow box okay. Are you ready for your next one. Let's do it to it okay. This is somber okay. 'cause I feel bad for these poor residents in this small English county okay. This is from Yahoo News. There's the title of the Article Unhappy Meal residents angry that MacDonald is finally coming to England's smallest smallest county so in this market town of Oakham in the county of Rutland in the East Midland. Any of those places are we're in England okay. We're talking by McDonald's. construction for this. McDonalds is going to go ahead to this tiny town of under forty thousand people and all the residents in this tiny town counts are really upset because they don't want this big brand in there. They don't want franchise. It seems like very cute and quaint little mom and pop shop on these. It's like streets so it says more than fifty people have made official complaints about the plan with one submitting the comment. I'm proud that Rutland is the only county not to have McDonalds. This is big fast food coming into this tiny town. I feel bad. I'm not sure I have mixed feelings on this takeoff. Hang on I fifty people fifty complainers out of forty. Thousand residents feels like you know McDonalds is big enough these days that they don't have to force themselves into places where they're not wanted self-serve you'll feel like they and they also have the means to do some market testing to have have a point of view to develop a point of view as to whether or not the the branch is likely to be successful rain. Maybe I'm giving them. too much credit got it in terms of of the the research they do before they go into a community but I also just wonder now the pictures that is that I I clicked open the story and it is picturesque. It's very lovely old kind of a sloping roof low profile file brick stone homes and if the McDonald's folks could see to it that their their own structure this brick and mortar that they're putting up was in alignment with the architectural profile here and maybe they could get like half of those complaining cleaning people on board. The complaint is we don't let this garish bright red and yellow. It's on the border with the Pallet. The you know the the way that this town looks our our our town Color Palette. I can kinda understand that I might MacDonald's. Try more than anything. Else wants to be loved. I believe Liz Kelly wow the way speak about food is just really astounding to me every time. I don't know why I'm still shocked. You're absolutely right. They should be like really quaint queue outside side so it looks like all the other mom and pop shops and then the lucky residents can still enjoy the make flurries. The big mags everything else. I think you're right. That's the perfect solution solution it and it can be you know a welcome additional community gathering kind of place. I mean maybe we rutledge doesn't have enough rutland. Pardon me part sorry Rutland. Rutland county doesn't have like you know two hundred coffee places or or other kinds of places for convening and maybe McDonald's could help fill that niche. I I'm willing at this day's Liz to give them the benefit of the doubt. Even though you know there's lots of reasons to be suspicious of McDonald's. I want to give him the benefit of that on this one. I love and a high now before I tell you the next news article I I think he got some sponsors to talk about speaking of sponsors. You and I clearly vetted these sponsors lead. Let's take a break by hunghom is quick break it from these unbelievable stories with Ms Kelly WanNa tell you about ziprecruiter hiring used to be hard multiple jobs sites tax resumes as confusing review process but today hiring can be easy. You only have to go one place to get this done. That's ziprecruiter dot com slash carbs. Ziprecruiter says your job over one hundred of the Web's leading job boards they don't stop there. If powerful matching technology ziprecruiter I cruiser scans thousands of resumes to find people with the right experience and invites them to apply for your job. 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That's healthy organic and natural. We're using air quotes rattle. Those words filmmaker Morgan spurlock explores this new reality with an approach. That's even more eve Mersad that he used for his first film go to open up his own chicken. Franchise we follow on every step of the way from raising poultry conjuring recipes designing the Brandon scouting a location spurlock brings his disarming humor to uncover the truth and lies behind this multi billion dollar industry street. Don't Miss Super size me to holy chicken now playing in select theaters get it on digital gauge the a day rated. PG thirteen brief strong language my food friends Taco night. It's a magical night. It's the night where everyone can't eat happy the night conversations are engaging the mood like no matter how you feel it everyone has their perfect. TACO GEICO but what if your self all over your tortilla dumps all that great onto your plate complete devastation kids crying mail road game baller why risk the chaos grab old El Paso all passer shells boulder own their standard stuffed shells won't fall over there. Tortilla bill are Softbank's won't spill your perfect the Taco they have even created many tortilla bowls for kid has four appetizers with old El Paso. You can spend more time enjoying the food and company and less time scooping the meat and cheese back to the show the top it off. Their seasoning is the number one favorite in America food friends. You know I won't steer you wrong when they're talking about these mini tortilla bowls all spur appetizers. This is right off the House of cards could angle this is how we get down a little bit of a delicious Barbara Coa that you can make right at home simple barbecue recipe right inside one of these mini tortillas to sprinkle the cheese Adolfo had sought sauce and and you are getting down and flavor town all Paso Kathy yellow box you want more taco ideas yourself over to Lord El Paso Dot Com recipes recipes products and so much more all right. Let's Kelly we're back. Let's do some more stories okay. This one is more a public outrage house. Okay this comes from Fox News again. Popeye's customers slam new B. Y. O. B. Campaign people want fire. Whoever came up with with this idea? I don't know if you've seen this house but Popeye's has his new campaign to be why. Ob which is bring your own son and make their own sandwich so I believe this is all in jest but they had this whole campaign where they asked all these like actors posing as customers to bring inbred separately and they would just serve them the tenders and they would make their own sandwich. Nobody liked it. Everyone hated it especially with all the big commotion about the Chicken Sandwich which I'm sure you've covered endlessly feel like this is just a bad idea. Popeye's needs to lay low for a bit I mean whoever that made that. Last comment is one hundred percent correct is that you is that your view who fires ever came up with the city or no. These are the people that are speaking no. I'm saying whoever it is. The Popeye's needs a lay low. That's right need to lie low yeah from listen. I know so this. This is dumb and you know there. There's a perfectly acceptable solution for resolving we did as you anticipated exhaustively passively cover the Popeye's chicken sandwich phenomena Danny Chow and I lamented that we were both out of the country not in these United States of America win. The Popeye's chicken sandwich strapped. Oh my God neither one of us. We're we're arrived back in these states as it was August in time to sample one of these sandwiches so I still haven't had one. Danny hasn't had one. We were fortunate. We Got Sean you on the Line Sean. You came on and gave us a breakdown of what he went through. He stood in line. He walked in ninety degree heat. I mean God blessed on you. He he had the sandwich. We did some rankings some preliminary taste testing and a ranking of this thing but you know part of the story around this. Popeye's chicken sandwich is the unexpected expected. customer demand the unexpected. You know interest in this thing. They're terrific moment that they enjoyed on social the media and then in in mainstream media at that creating a phenomena they weren't prepared to meet consumer demand either in terms as of serving me preparing enough of the the the ingredients to build these sandwiches that is having enough funds having enough of the chicken breasts that they serve and the ingredients nor did they prepare their franchisees. The good the good folks working at the Popeye's restaurants with the onslaught. There was nothing in terms of of anticipatory. We you know we might need to extend hours. We might need to think about work shifts and there were people in those first couple weeks when this phenomenon really got going that were you know capturing the bad experiences that the people inside the Popeye's were making thousands of sandwiches for the hungry homeys chicken sandwich man so that's not very clever or cute and the thing to do. Popeye's is exactly what Liz Kelly told. Did you do lay low. You've had your moment comeback with a triumphant return. Don't get cute honest. Pop is no reason to be cute about AH comeback when the sandwich is ready. Trill Popeye's is like that star that Burns too bright it exploded. It's the Britney Spears of fast food. It just went too to hard to fast ninety. Soleil low couple years like Britney did re grow her hair comeback with like a new career second coming of Popeye's well. I don't want him to wait two years. Though I mean I I understand they might be ready to drop these things again sometime in October feels like the right time. Don't maybe wait two years ready for that okay so you're also add on B. Y. O. B. Bring your own done. It's it's not a funny or clever. Ploy the way to continue you know your Popeye's bus just chill. F- buzz will be back when the sandwiches back you can enjoy all of your accolades again Popeye's. You know it's bad when Joe House doesn't think something is funnier entertaining because you're like such a joyous mad that the fact that you're annoyed. Popeye's is really really bad news for Popeye's. Were you know what I don't joke about Liz Kelly. It's the availability of chicken sandwich. That is not a laughing matter. It's okay I got another one for you ready. I'm ready okay this more like a PSA. Really it says hines finally solves ketchups slow. Oh poor predicament okay so everyone knows in those glass bottles for Heinz Ketchup doesn't come out and then it comes at all at once. You got way too much ketchup. It's like ruined burger the French fries whatever but hines Canada announced the new bottle design that shows fans exactly how to hold it so apparently holding the bottle at a forty five five degree angle puts it at the perfect pouring position and then when held like that the ketchup should easily slide out of the bottle that any tapping on the side shaking gain or anything else in those sticking the knife in their apparently this is like the perfect solution to the headship problem. Okay okay. I'm listening. I don't hate this now. I want to get to the bottom of something in the first place they solve this by by way of the squeeze bottle title so hines for for all of the world resolved the great catch up you know dilemma by a producing a bottle that lets you have exactly the amount that you want in exactly the timeframe the speedy timeframe in which a taste bud might demand but let me go in a slightly different direction hairless. Kelly and I want your experience with this as well over the years. I have come come to appreciate the unique and somewhat out of ordinary and I'll call it extraordinary ordinary in that way experience of getting catch up out of a traditional Heinz Ketchup bottle because does it really is. Is it makes you put on the brakes with your dining experience and over the years. I have come to really love places establishments. When I walk in and see on the table a Heinz Ketchup bottle it it gives to me ah both kind of sentimentality but also a stamp of authenticity that this place cares that in the first place it's going to serve Heinz. Which is it to me? the preeminent catch-up. I love all the innovations by all the catch manufacturers out there these days the Spicy Ketchup folks the Saracho Ketchum Champ folks the cer- Kensington makes a catch up so don't let be act like you know there are other great ketchups out there are but I grew up with hines and I love the rite of passage I now look back at it as as a cherished rite of passage trying to get catch I chop out of that thing in the right quantity and at a speed it really does help build the anticipation of whatever meal just delicious ketchup chip is going to go onto and there are a lot of ways a lot of creative ways over the years folks have come to solve that dilemma like you learn pretty early on if if there's any danger whatsoever of smacking the bottom of a full ketchup bottle and a quarter of the contents dumping onto your food item well you can you can do that same thing to get the catch about just to the side and then you have some ketchup that you can apply to your sandwich or to your French fries or whatever your food item may be in the amount that you want and you have a nice little reservoir to the side. They're a little built up ketchup pool available at your discretion and I think eight. This is something you know over life like I haven't introduced my own son to this because we have squeezed bottles but he's nine years old. It's time for him to get a Chi- a Heinz Ketchup bottle in hand and learn how to pour that sucker right. What what was your experience with the Heinz Ketchup bottle this Kelly my experience. The Heinz Ketchup bottle is half. My life was glass and then half of it. I got so used to the squeeze but I will say I hate the squeeze Heinz Ketchup bottle so much because it got the gross residue all over that plastic group two younger brothers to maybe that was more than the Heinz Ketchup fault but it felt like that thing was constantly constantly disgusting with like week sold Ketchup. I love the bottle find an old diners which is now just like archaic. Nice thing to do and I spice ago. Oh and relax. I'm with you. Although I will say this feels like a healthy middle ground because you gotta keep it in the glass bottle but now people the public know how to do it house can be like you. It's trial and error a producer Kyle. I know the year barely eighteen years old tease. Did you have the Heinz Ketchup bottle in your life yeah of course and I thought we had already discovered this 'cause we. I knew that you had to hold it on an angle but I also was told that you had to fifty fifty seven on the bottle. There's a on the neck of the bottle. There's a fifty seven and there's also one on the like on the label because I think it's like fifty. Seven is a fifty fifty seven. That's where you hit it. That's what I was told and everything else it works. Most Times also sometimes doesn't work but I thought we'd already discovered this. Did you ever hear about like hidden a hidden fifty-seven that's where you got to tap it all. This is what I'm talking about. This is the beauty of of everybody having their own unique experience in their own unique way of solving this problem of course I heard of this in fact at one point in my life I was a administering a gentle karate chop seven I would take the bottle and bring the bottle down and by chop up and the chop wood hit the fifty seven perfectly and then at an angle and sometimes you know you could get it out in the quantities you want. I also resorted to the you know you smack the bottom. Who Want you want a nice shot out the bottom and honestly let me tell you this. both of you guys that works in a a lot of walks life. I'm just leave it at that. Bottom works at a whole variety of scenarios of what catch-up Success Okay. We're moving now. We only got two more news stories okay and I'm saving the best for last. FICO gotTa Save Your Energy and all your thoughts like the last one even before the call is Kelly. You know how we do it. I got it in in reservoir. Speaking of Roads catch-up reservoirs. I got the energy reservoirs when it comes to house of carbs never never in doubt okay next son. A tourist was charged over sixty eight thousand dollars for quote the most expensive a beer in history. Susan Australian man visiting England says there is now a massive hole in his finances after he was wrongfully charged sixty eight thousand thousand dollars for a single beer during a recent outing to a bar in Manchester so apparently this beer should have cost him six seventy five okay. This is according to BBC some hard hitting news but things quickly took a turn for the worse so then he was charged dismounts sixty thousand dollars. He did not realize he signed the bill walked out of there didn't realize until days later and then had to solve these issues. Hold Up. Hold up hold up. We might have to hit the brakes here on this who has a credit card that allows them love anybody to run seventy thousand dollars on it. Has you talking to me and cow. We we have no idea this is not in our realm. I got one and it's used for anything. I doubt the podfather has a card and we know I mean the the the the life that the podfather lease like. I'm trying to think of the richest person that I know. I can't imagine that anybody well. I mean you know I I do bump into some some people with some some means but seventy thousand dollars like here's my car. Just go ahead and run it seventy thousand dollars sure why not I I'm. I'd like to know more about this. This the unwitting victim. I'm here yes. How does this person well. How was he able to front a card. That has seventy thousand dollars on okay so the story gets worse. How's it says here field the old that he didn't have his reading glasses on when the bartender presented him with the receipt this is an Ip by the way this isn't like gold flecked beer. This is just a regular old. IPA and he said he didn't think twice when the employees quote had some problems ringing up the transaction then he was overcome with a sixth sense that something had gone on wrong he was dazed to learn he'd been wrongfully charged incredible some for the drink in an apparent accident so this is two days later that all this unfolded two days house but it's it feels like there's been a lot of failures here first of all. I mean I'm a grown ass man with a with a mortgage agent and you know obliga- obligations. I don't often go a full forty eight hours with checking in on the bank account. Just it's just to see how how fortunes are rising and fortunes are falling. You know what I mean like. I don't go real extended period of time without checking in just to make sure everything you you know. The trains are hitting the stations on time. Yeah you just add something happened right house. I'm not at liberty to discuss further. The outcome is now on a nephew referring to I was on the bill is podcast Sunday night with cousins sal invited myself to some guessing the lines and then specifically we invited myself onto parent corner and I shared a story about my son and his particular aptitude with the IPAD and a game in yeah purchases on a particular game and he's made several hundred dollars worth of purchases and I'm in the middle of working this out with apple right now. It's an unsatisfactory conclusion but I did. It was brought to my attention by one particular way out of order charge that showed up that hit the bank account with with this apple purchase on it but the other day. I just want to go back to this gentleman. How did his bank mccollum a column. How did nobody in that whole financial chain call to anybody's attention like how is it that the restaurants own financial canceled financial institution didn't call to their attention that they were running a seventy thousand dollar charge. I can't imagine that the place that serves beer gets a lot of seventy thousand dollar days right right. I also will point out. I think you will not be shocked to learn that it was actually this man's wife that called him and informed him about this transaction and Cantu make it worse a one thousand seven hundred dollar transaction. Charge was tacked on to that receipt so this man was screwed in multiple ways. He says he has not gotten it refunded with visa yet and it will likely take nine business days to process this poor man. I I would die in nine with like that amount of whole I think account or that's this is the thing that does drive me absolutely apoplectic anytime you're on the wrong side of a financial transaction action where the wrong amount was taken or you were double charge or something like that this idea that they hold onto your money for three to five business days before the refund this is we need some genuine consumer protection in this country. It didn't take you three to five business days to grab that money yeah yeah so why. Why do I have to wait. Why am I. It's a float. Why am I lending you this money for you and your institution to go earn whatever interest you're gonNA earn by having your account. That's not standard practice. It's not fair. Just put the money back money Paul. Okay that that is the perfect way to end that story and I hope you stay as fired up for the next. I'm about to say because his I feel just as infuriated with this next story as you do about. This choice being charged all that money okay. This is the last year Okay Australian. N. Vegan takes neighbors to court because she doesn't like the smell of fish being barbecued so fine that is a headline is fine then you click into the article says this is perfect. Vegan has taken her neighbors. All the way up to the Supreme Court demanded they stop smoking bouncing balls and even cooking barbecues in the backyard. She says they've put it there. So I smell the fish. All I can smell fish. I can't enjoy my backyard. I can't go out there so this is upsetting because she's a Vegan. These these poor people obviously have a family of their bouncing balls and blame Basque von. Shit like that. They're just trying to enjoy a nice meal outside and this woman has taken them to the Supreme Supreme Court in Australia well. I have a different word for this woman. besides is Vegan and you may think that I'm prepared to be unkind. I'm actually not this. Lady is just regular old crazy because all of what you just listed there Liz. That's antisocial behavior. That's a person person who who who gives the appearance of not wanting to live with neighbors. That's a person who would prefer to live in a place where they didn't have any contact contact with other human beings and you know what the world is a great big place if you don't like the smell of something or the way something nothing looks or the sound of something and all of that is because of somebody that lives in your community the great thing about the the freedom that that the folks the good folks in Australia enjoy is that lady can vote with their feet. She can take her all her grievances says and put them in a suitcase and walk the F. Out. I'm not sure what the are. We need to know more about what the legal underpinning is is right in Australia that gives rise to the idea that you can you know affect your because it doesn't sound to me like there's any crimes being committed it. Now we live here in beautiful United States of America. There are lots of homeowners associations where people agreed to live by the bylaws because there are certain you know you you can collaborate in a cooperative kind of way all these co ops and so forth that have rules and bylaws a community can come together and say we we are all willing to live under this kind of set of rules because of what we particularly want out of our shared living experience but but I'm it doesn't sound like there's anything about this story that these folks her neighbors are doing. That's out of order. She should go move move into the Vegan or the the Vegan a homeowner association and then she can have whatever complaints complain she wants to have about you know the smell is due keeney or whatever but not have you know people who have kids bouncing balls and people that they're cooking a barbecue you and and and you know try and alter the way those people see the world. What am I missing hairless Kelly again. You're not missing anything. She seems to be Maybe unwell all she says that also the sound of the children plane has been devastating to her. She says it's been turmoil. It's been unrest. I haven't been able to sleep so I think some kind of separate space for this woman is needed not in this. What sounds like a very lovely community Perth some of this tree houses. Yes really woods climb up high. Get yourself at that point. I I'm curious to know what the particular legal issue is though because this sounds to me Eli the kind of stuff that Xi get dismissed in small claims court you can't you know live in a community and try and dictate the the the basic basic human behavior of your neighbors. I mean you know we we all. The social contract is that we all try and not really mess with each other too much. We all understand basically how do that but these folks who have the kids like they obviously moved into that community with their kids with an the idea that their kids could go ahead and be kids. This lady doesn't want these kids to be kids and the words that you just used turmoil anguish like you just said it a minute ago go. This is an unwell person who thinks that about about the behavior a of children. I mean that's I. I can't offer her or any sympathy. I can't be gracious to this crazy Vegan. I'm sorry agree. I think the takeaway from my segment on this house of cards episodes children can and maybe should have chocolate milk and they should be able to play outside what they're basketballs and not be afraid of some crazy as neighbor. That's next door. We want the children to be happy house. Let the children live this Kelly. I think we've done it. Those were unbelievable stories. You're welcome anytime at all times uh-huh and I look forward to what's coming down the pike next in terms of potential sponsorships for house. Thanks House thanks Louise Kelley in Hungary Hamis by tastebuds another other house of carbs in your belly or your belly enjoyment and belly sourcing Roth next week but we shall be coming back. I mentioned Calvin Alexander from Thrill List. He and I are going to sit down face-to-face and chop it up about his new book. Burn the ice that is coming down on the pike. We also have a lot of other very delicious. Guests lined up. You're going to enjoy the fall that we have planned for you. It's time to start eating heavy again until next time. Let's say Hungary out there the new.

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