Week 10 Waivers & QB Streamers, Dopesters


Dropping gear up and compete for glory and pub g mobile fight in explosive one hundred man battles to be the last player standing experiencing credible realistic graphics and a variety of play modes. Download the official mobile version of player. Unknowns battlegrounds for free go to your Android or either us apps store type P U g mobile collect a special reward using the link of promo code provided in the episode description play. Now does Eric Dixon NFL hall of Famer. And you're listening to the fantasy football podcast. Welcome to the fantasy footballers podcast coming to you from draft dot com studios with your hose, Andy Holloway, Jason Moore and Mike Reid. Let's go. 'nother almost upset in the books my friends each and every week you can count on it. What? Okay. The same for the matchup shows. I said I nailed it was it. It was Tennessee game hasn't really an almost. Well, it sure upset I get credit if they almost upset or win. That's true. That's how I choose to frost them. I thought that game line was in Saint six points when we did the matchup show Dallas that was that was crazy, but Amari Cooper, man. Yeah. We'll talk moving a little bit. Yeah. You're gonna force feed him. But I I saw a breakdown by Brian Baldinger. Did you see that? I did not he showed this single play with the offensive line for Dallas in slow motion. And this was a play where they had their entire line. And it looked. Like, you had blindfolded each linemen and told them to randomly block, and they all blocked random people and nobody blocked the linebacker. So the second that Z got the ball the linebacker was there in everybody else's busy just doing random things. It was it was basically just saying what is happening in Dallas. Well, they did fire their ovens of London go. Yeah. Last week. So maybe they replaced him with nobody. Just. Go out and block water. Well, welcome in to the fantasy footballers podcast any Mike and Jason back again, Tuesday, November sixth Brooks is here Brooks. How are you doing this fine morning after your team got a vis rated at home? I'm still doing great. That's what's so great about Brooks bird. You are also got beat at in our dynasty league with the second most points in the league this week, which has happened almost every time. We it's it's unreal. I feel so bad for you Brooks. I was you know, touting my own sad stories of having a super team that was struggling to begin the year. But your team in our dynasty league is just are you the high? You're the second highest points scored on the season. He is the highest. Oh, the highest fantastic. Congratulations on your sub five hundred record. So Brooks is the highest and he's foreign five. He's I'm the second highest six and three. Yeah. You need to up your defense Brooks, you gotta defense your horse. You're letting everybody score all. Twist in the nine if I'm glad you're always, okay, bro. As fancy football. That's fantasy football in Italy. I'm sure it's our fault. Our advice. It's probably our focus. We beat you parts through. But we did have the Monday night game last night. We can recap that a little bit. Don't forget to follow us over on Twitter at the F F ballers, and then YouTube YouTube dot com slash the fantasy football. Did you guys hear that? They're going to get rid of the like button on Twitter. I've heard sin discussions, Mr. Jack, Jack Twitter. He does what he wants. And I won't like that. Well, he he says it's because he wants to create more positive interaction in actual discussions. Yeah. He's going to replace it with an interesting button. Yes. Whatever it is. I'm going to get a lot of them. Yes. You are very Marcus mariota twenty one for twenty nine to forty and two. Ran the ball ten times. Even though it was only four thirty two yards. He did run in a touchdown. Derrick. Henry was barely on the field. Stola touchdown, but Dion Lewis had a career or not a career a season high touches takeaways from both sides of the ball last night. Well, from the from the Tennessee side, and you don't pay it not use Rochman. Yes. The clear dart off the microphone. Okay. Hold on. Hold on. Go. I don't think the Mike pick that up. Don't worry. Yeah. No up smoking them. Dion Lewis, Durkin resp- lit that. Is the most thing living. Well, exactly, they they they said, hey, you know, what dealing Lewis is our best running back and we need to get better as an offense. And we're just going to use him. Derrick Henry is going to become maybe a goal linebacker. Maybe a short. You know, if we need an inch powered up the middle with the big otherwise it was completely Dion Lewis and reminds lyndale white you remember him. Oh, yes. Who was actually valuable say he was on Tennessee watching only the goal. I'm back launching Derrick Henry is it's so painfully frustrate. But does this does this now say do you have a true asset in Dion Lewis because if Dan Lewis is getting this kind of work nineteen Carey's he's going to be great. He's a talented running back for fantasy. I would I look he start worthy yet past couple of games has been good. I mean, I'd rather have Dion Lewis than. Elisa mcguire. Aladin collins. No, give me Colin's. Yeah. Key. Mccown's I I think I would rather have while four for sixty through the air was solid Lewis Corey Davis. Six for fifty six didn't score should have scored ten targets. This was a better game for Tennessee. All the way around the offense looked like it could, you know, do something. And then Zeke on the other side he fought against a defensive front focused on him seventeen for sixty one Amari Cooper five for fifty and a touchdown. So Zeke did have four for fifty one through the air. So he does the design streets to him this year have been fun. His fantasy day was was fine regardless of the poor rushing put. Yeah, I think owners wanted a little more always want. Boy, he he's outside the top twelve. So I don't think that those. Okay. All right. The Amari Cooper usage was. Expected you knew he was going to be forced fed when they gave up a first round pick for him. I thought it was okay. The offense is broken. Sure. Sure. I've even wolf I every I mean, even even the Monday night crew got in on the hey Garrett. Maybe throw the ball on first. And just every once in a while. It's terrible. It's disgusting to watch just make sure the defense says has to actually think about stance, we know a thing or two about VAT offense about running up the middle and I down. Yeah. The play calling is the biggest issue there. I think more so than Dax play more. So than talent, you know, they they have pieces this tip could win. And by the way, the coaching change these happen immediately. I forgot about for a good part of the game. I forgot about how bad the announcing lows. Yeah. And then I on muted it. Oh, I thought it's true as genuinely try meter data. Oh, yeah. It's Monday night. I genuinely thought Jason Witten was. This was by far his best. Really? I didn't like like booger was talking about Jason Witten. I still he wasn't there. He would refer to he wouldn't say you he would refer to him as Jason Witten. Jason Witten was missing on this play Jason Witten. I was like just aren't you talking next to him basically is in the in the mobile. Yeah. All right. News notes. News and notes from around the league. Well, I don't would you say the aged green news is if panic worthy. No. Because it's kind of good news where I mean, let's fill people in. Yeah. It's it's we already knew that he was going to miss some games. The worry was he was going to need foot surgery. Maybe miss the rest of the season. If if news went sour, and he does not need foot surgery still going to miss at least two weeks. So it's I mean, I don't know. Can you call it? Good news. Not really, but it could have been much worse. I would call it. Good news. If you have aged green. You saw the alerts coming through you were in a panic trying to figure out what you're going to do. And if he's only going to miss two games that definitive though that is not the definitive report. The report is at into after a couple of value going to be reevaluated. And I have some concerns about the long term health of a guy. That's missed prolonged stretches of his career TOA injuries. So that's fair. You know, depending on your situation, I'm not saying you're not gonna be able to count on him for the fantasy playoffs. But I made. A decision in my dynasty league that I I wasn't sure. And I'd had a lot of injuries. So I moved AJ green. We know at least it's gonna miss a couple of games. This week is a very good on paper matchup for Andy Dalton and the Cincinnati Bengals if he's missing AJ green. But he's at home against New Orleans. Are you okay with the other options there? I know we talked about it being downgrade for the offense. But you do have other weapons. How do you feel about? About eight seeing and Andy Dalton Joe mixing and calm still. Okay. Playing him. You have their first round pick of John Ross from last year. He's returned to practice. We'll see what he can do. Josh reynolds. Most people probably haven't heard about him. But he was a fourth round pick. He has some juice like, I don't I don't think Josh Reynolds is a complete bomb. So I'm not I'm not going to just say, you know, I don't want anything to do with the. But the Cincinnati. Yeah, I'm sorry. Josh Malone is so I was thinking of. Yeah. That makes more sense. Yeah. I was like why not Reynolds, but Josh Malone just Malone. Jason I don't like Andy Dalton, but I I'm still fine with Boyd and mix and personal issues. Well, ever since you dressed up as yeah. On halloween. He's a soured to me. But no, I I think. I think without AJ green. They they will struggle. I I looked at the match up almost made anti-doping, my surname streamer, and I went. Yeah. Now going to do that. I thought about it too. But the upside wasn't there for me without green. Sure. All right more. We've officially reached the point where the Levy on bell saga is as annoying or more annoying than Zeke one last year agreed lead bell tweets. Farewell miami. That's all. And then there's this weirdness seems weird at first that Adam Schefter saying, hey, he doesn't need to come back at all to be a free agent. Everyone was saying, oh, you he's you know, has to be here by whatever it is the tenth in order to accrue free agent status. It's really the exact nothing has changed. Basically what it is is he's a free agent next year, but he can be franchised tagged. If he doesn't come by. Then then they can franchise tag him at the exact same tag cost and at the time, which trade it doesn't seem like they'd want to do that. I wouldn't imagine. They would wanna do that would be some digging in on both sides. They did that then it's like, okay. We'll just take your career away year by year. That would be unbelievable. That'd be so stupid. That would. I mean, would you want to be? A free agent and go to Pittsburgh if Pittsburgh was doing something like that. I would think twice. I wouldn't go. A superstar. But I mean, well money talks if it's works giving you the biggest contract. Sure, you're going to go take. The what's interesting is. Does the player sort of win. I know he missed an entire season and is going to miss out on a lot of money chooses to sit out. But if he's if the Steelers don't retaliate him and now, he's just a free agent and gets to go sign a contract. He won. He got exactly what he wanted. Yeah. I would agree with that. I would agree with that. And they save a lot of money, and they have a backup that they just tried out a year early. So Geronimo Alison big news. Packers wind out may need core muscle surgery, regardless of whether he does or not when you listen to their Mike McCarthy talk about his injury. He calls it significant big. He's missing time. No matter what. We, you know, Matthew, bats one of our writers says it carries a six week recovery time line. He might end up on injured reserve this is going to speak into our waiver show today. Yep. A big time Paul Richardson's going to have surgery on a shoulder and knee. He's going to be out for the rest of the season the Redskins as a team. We're just destroyed this last week. You lost two starters from the offensive line. You lost another lineman in and out during that game. Four of the starters are now gone, or you know, this is a huge worry. And then you lose you arguably your number one wider oh wide receiver. I don't know if there is a a clear cut number one there. But I mean, it's bad vibes for the injury bugging in wash. The same exact thing that happened last year. They lost their entire line. This is them in what Los Angeles need to work on their conditioning. Adam Schefter said Sonny Michelle is likely to return on Sunday against the tight. Here's the thing. I want to talk about rob gronkowski because rob gronkowski missed the last week. There's a chance he's back, but they have a bye following this week. And so it is to me the likelihood is that gronkowski's gonna sit another week. Do you guys agree with Denison, do unfortunately, it's been a bad year for it has has been extremely disappointing. Yeah. And look in so we're we're redraft show. But let's just real quick take a dynasty pause gronkowski. I mean, there was already all these talks of he's going to retire. He's banged up. The the patriots whispers from the bushes. At least we're going to trade him away it during this off season of said, no if you train me I will retire. So then teams didn't wanna trade for him. You have the is Brady coming back is Bella Chet coming back. What is the actual dynasty value of lashed you as of last year? Gronk was the number one clear cut number one dynasty tied in. Yeah. I mean, I is he is he even in the top three for you and dynasty terms anymore. I yeah. I said this coming into this season. Gronk in dynasty is. It was a must trade his value is high and the the time line left looks so short, and you could get a lot for now. Now, it's a little worrisome of how much you can get. But no. What are you? Are you gonna bail out though? Would you take what you could get for grown right now? If you if I could get a decent offer. Yeah. You won't get a decent dynasty offer for gronk right now. If you here's here's how from team that's trying to win. Yes. If he's even help right now. I mean by the time they had deadline goes by you're going to be what he'll miss this week. You have the by week. You probably won't be able to get. I think you're stuck with him. And he and I don't think that's a big deal. If I had to project a future for him, and I've got him in my dynasty league. I just made an acquisition of Josh, Gordon. I think you get one more year. I think you're going. That's my my intensification is you're going to have another year. Brady, you're gonna have another year gronk, and I think they actually ended up signing Josh Gordon to a one year deal. That's my that's what I believe. So. We'll see we we don't know. But I think you're going to get one more year of that core together. That's what I believe as of right now now whether or not you get enough gronk he has to stay healthy as to get healthy. But you need to make plans to live without him this week because I don't think he's going to play agreed. Put me in coach. Whole bunch of teams returning from the bye week. The Bengals cardinals colts eagles giants. And Jags your friendly reminder that those are. Those are some of the more ignored players on waiver day because they don't have a high point total from the week before people have let them go and they forget about them and everybody's reacting to who perform this past weekend. So don't ignore those six teams heading into week ten the Vikings Texans. Broncos and ravens they're all on by. And those are some teams and players that you might see hit the waiver wire following when it goes through tomorrow, and those could be players that you could sneak back onto your Thursday. All right. So let's go ahead and get into the wide receivers. I think we are all in agreement that we have the same favorite. Yes. And that is Marquez Valdez scaling. Yeah. He he should be the clear favourite across all positions this week. I you know, he is a bona fide wide receiver to or better the rest of season with the injury to run them. Oh, alison. Even winds run Runamuck was out there. We've. Scene. Marquez now, the scant Ling have famously production. But now he's basically the number two wide receiver for Aaron Rodgers. I mean that is a super valuable since two thousand eleven that's basically been the wide receiver fifteen and he's looked great. So it's it's time to I I would spend up on Val, the scheduling, I I usually don't spend more than ten dollars on fab. But I would I would burn my waiver priority on him. I would I would spend twenty dollars. If you're making a run at a guy like that got one hundred yards or touchstone in each of the past four games, he's been great for fantasy purposes. And now, he's the guy. It's the same reason back a few weeks ago wins Rana was actually on the waiver wire because he had been a little bit banged up. It was you gotta get Toronto. You gotta get that wide receiver to from Green Bay. But now, it's a new guy. So pick them up and win this season started we knew it'd be a sifting process of sorts to figure out the running. Back and the White House. Yes, -sition there. But you gotta take advantage of it. When you can now Jason how does your philosophy change with the ten dollars a fab per wide receiver when you're trying to acquire somebody for the stretch run. I mean, do you adjust that when you think you have the opportunity to go grab a guy that you can start? Yeah. I mean, I I'm willing to spend up now is the time of year where when we tell you, here's the percentage, I would spend or here's what it is. You you have to do the work because the number were giving is nonsense because you've got to look at how much budget is left for your ten percent. I'm going to bet your league. You know, look at your opponents who needs a wide receiver how much fab do they have spent a dollar more than they can or dollar less? Are you set for the playoff run? Make sure you don't spend all of it saves some of your save five dollars a fab for that playoff run. So that you can grab the tight end away from an opponent for dollar when they're out of fab stuff like that. You've got to just use your your your brain, use your brain, solid advice. All right. Well, FE's football DM if Allison's out do you have any interest in a flyer on equity Saint Brown? No lot of four wide sets. You don't think he's gonna earn more significant role? I mean, he he might. I mean, he he played a lot of snaps, but you we've seen that Rogers finds the guy that he likes Russ. And then he goes to that player Rogers seemed frustrated with e q a couple of times this last week. I I'm not really in love with Brown. Okay. Let's go ahead and move on here. Do you have any other favorites that are jumping out NBS is the clear top favorite for me guys that I'm also, you know, decently interested in. Are you guys like KiKi coming off the injury and the bye week? The addition of Mary's Thomas, I think that he I don't even think he's back. Really? Yeah. I mean, he he said he's not coming back until he's one hundred percent. I don't know his practice report. Maybe he's practicing in full, and I've missed it. But yeah, I mean, I if he doesn't come back this week coming off a bye, then I worry that it's going to be even longer. So I I am not super excited about. Okay. You actually he's going on by he's oh even worse. Yeah. Apologize because he had missed a couple of weeks. Yeah. You know trae wants Smith is still a guy that I'm interested in. Okay. Being the that deep receiving option for drew Brees is usually valuable. So I'm pretty I'm pretty happy with that. All right. Some other interesting names. I wanna know what you think about the Williams guys. It seems like we talk about him every week. It's a bit of a guessing game. Neither of them had a significant amount of targets three for tyrel three for Mike Williams. Both for the chargers, obviously, just three targets. But both score one of well, maybe one had a ghost touchdown one of them had a legitimate still bitter against my point. Oh, no. No, no. Yes. Very much referees. What are you watching? It's ridiculous. But I would prefer tyrel I'm gonna take the gazelle personally of Mike Williams Williams's he's a fine flex play. When you're out of options. What about John Ross? Are you guys making a move to pick him up in hopes that he can step up with the absence of AJ green the New Orleans? Saints matchup with out by weeks this week, if you're desperate, Mike, you know, the break the glass players that you've brought. Before. Sure, John Ross at home against New Orleans is a break the glass white out. He he made plays in preseason. I think that he you know, when you lose AJ green that is a big red zone opportunity. A big red zone target. Not that he's a prototypical red zone guy. But eight touchdown or two from Andy Dalton should be expected in this game. I think you can break the glass with him and CJ us on it's a deep threat to. I mean, how often how many times per game does AJ green get a sideline bomb and that will be John Ross now. So yeah, the problem is John Ross is. No, no. He's known agent. Green. Sure. All right. Other names that you could be interested in trae Kwan Smith twenty eight percent owned. Yeah. Jason and mentioned him. I do I'm still very interested in him. Even though that the volume has not been there reports that Dez Bryant is being worked out by the saints today. Yeah. That that would be a great ad for them. They're at the point now where outside of trae Kwan, and Michael Thomas, they don't really have like last in years past you had that goal line. Jimmy Graham, line him up outside opportunity that seems like the one crucial role that you could almost use deaths for they're not getting nothing out of their number three guy. Cam Meredith has been a disappointment to them. So I it makes sense that they would look at that. I think does go to the lines personally. Go bay big slot man up in Detroit, the lions are they're on the way down. But yes, yes, I get it. The lines are going to spend money. They just shipped out golden Tate in part to save. Yeah. How about MAURICE Harris? Are you guys interested in Reese Harris because I it s I I am as well. I mean, this was a that is a washing that is the wide receiver. Redskins. He really really good. He's he has looked good this year on very very low volume, of course. But this this week you knew that someone was going to have a at least someone should have a good game for Alex Smith, and that was Harris ten for one twenty four head at twelve targets guest to play Tampa Bay. He's running it primarily as a slot guy. For them crowd has been banged up. Paul Richardson's out for the year. Josh toxin is good for his three super ridiculous catches of the of the week, but can Harris step into the role and be the actual number one for this team. I think it's plausible. Would you rather start MAURICE Harris at Tampa Bay, you know, ROY Moore John Ross because that's it all depends. How Jamison Crowder comes back for this game or not agree of Crowder's out? I'm very I'm contra playing Harris yet tin. Targets. I'm sorry. Twelve targets ten receptions. If Crowder comes back and bounces hairs from the slot. I would start Ross. Okay. Yeah. I think I leaned that way. But if if Crowder is out Harris's extremely interesting this week. So you'd put your waiver claim on which one not knowing because I would lean towards I would I would prioritize Ross personally. But just because I know that green is gonna miss a couple of games. I'm not sure what's going on with Crowder. Are you interested in chasing points with Curtis Samuel? No, no. Are you interested in Anthony Miller five forty nine on six targets rookie wide receiver for the Chicago Bears? I am interested in Anthony Miller. He's looked good. And we I haven't heard any update on Alan Robinson. But it does not seem like he's you know, just he was almost out. There seems like he was not not close to being there last week. So if if a rob is out against Detroit this week. I like Anthony Miller quite a bit. All right. Are you interested in Cordeiro Patterson after the rushing only is out? Yeah. But by all accounts. It sounds like Sony is going to be back. Okay. All right. All right, cool. Let's jump into running backs before you do that. I wanna thank twenty three. And me look as the loved ones get together this thanksgiving. You can discover more about your genetic connections that you share with twenty three and me, here's how simple it is twenty three and me sends you a kit. You spit into the tube. I've done it. That's the sound of spit, Mike. Thank you, welcome. 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Tell them that you found them from the fantasy football podcast. All right running backs guys who are some of your favorites from the main waiver wire pickups, and these are names like Duke Johnson. Right. The big week nine for seventy eight in two touchdowns through the air. Mike Davis with Chris Carson banged up by Davis went out caught seven passes had fifteen carries big week for him. Elisa. Mcguire surprising snap count fifty five percents. That. Seven thirty on the ground, but three thirty seven through the air maybe filling in for below Powell there. And then there are other names. Shannon Rashard Doug Martin, Royce Freeman could be back soon who's your favorite my up where are you spending your fab where you blown your waiver priority? Unlike some weeks this week, I don't feel like there's a guy that is a just a, oh, my gosh, you have to have this guy agrees. And which means I'm looking at this week. I'm not looking rest of season. I'm saying who do I need to pick up to play on my by. And to me. It's Duke Johnson. I love the matchup against Atlanta for pass catching running backs. A said this last week Duke Johnson is a guy that I'm happy to play this week. I mean, his not just a break the glass in you can play them off the waivers. Yes. He's a good player this guy where when when he's on your austral ready if he's not available. If you've already picked him up, he's probably someone you should consider putting in. That that flexes week. Yeah. And then would you just real quick question since you liked the mansion for do Johnson? I believe the Packers face Miami this week. If you're blown away for spot, are you prioritizing Marquis, Valda scheduling or do Johnson. Yeah. I I mean, obviously, it's a little Rosser dependent because you're talking about two different position. So I would prioritize if you need a running back, then you gotta do you. Gotta do what you need. Neither if you'd want to either. Want to your team? I would much rather have Marquis. I agree. I agree. And then the other running backs allies. Maguire is very interesting. He's like I said in the rising star segment. I don't think that he is going to just win you weeks. But I think he will be a reliable source, especially in half full point p PR of getting you that eight to ten point a week baseline. And then Mike Davis is extremely interesting. But that all depends on the health of Chris Carson who missed basically the second half of this week, peach peach cobbler, peach cobbler, coachspeak care. About Chris Carson, he sore? He's not gonna do much at practice this week. So this is a u pick them up. And you're not sure that you're going to be able to plan. If you have Chris Carson, I would prioritize picking up Mike Davis. I mean, we're in we're in handcuffs season. So you should be protecting. Here's a pretty interesting dynamic there with my Davis do Johnston. I do Johnson's forty eight percent own. So he might not even be available in your league might Davis much much less own. But but my gave represents this volume, right, right? Whereas Duke represents the passing game and maybe some opportunity. Dave Davis was seven for forty five on eight targets. If Chris Carson is actually out Davis in Davis. Davis will still get targets an carries on ground. So it'll be twenty twenty plus touches. Yes. Yeah. I if if Carson's out, and we're just going ahead head then Mike Davis is going to be higher in the rankings for me, Duke. All right. You've had time to think about this. Andy. How? Yes. What is your temperature? Check on Josh Adams. Are you still wanting to pick him up and believing that he is going to be a successful fantasy option in that committee? That's the running back. Philadelphia. Eagles rookie. Yes on Josh Adams is the best of that group. Now, whether that means. You know, that's going to be. I don't know if it started this week. But I think he's going to win out in that role. I think he's going to be the guy that has the most opportunity, you know, Doug Peterson came out and talked about the fact that he's going to be little the legare blunt of that offense. He's got more size. It's got more juice been Clement than Smallwood Smallwood za, Jack Clement has a role. But yeah, I think John Adams is the one I'd want to own and I think he's a great opportunity to pick them up. Right now because coming off the bye, okay. I see I worry about upside there for any of them whether or small wood Corey Clement or or Josh Adams, just even when Jay was there. I had always happy because it's like he's just he is one third. They're pretty happy with blunt last year. And the thing is is. I'd rather debate the merits of the of those guys becoming something on good offenses than I would you know, the Derrick Henry Dion Lewis situation. Like I want to buy into the Aaron Joneses. And Josh Adams and find my gold there. And maybe it won't be maybe it'll be too much of a committee. But if I'm able to grab three. Yeah. I mean, you'd still take Dan Lewis over Josh Adams. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I would do that. Okay. Yeah. Any other favorites? This week jam Rashard could still be out there. Yes. I would pick him up. Doug martin. This is a good. He's he's gonna get these gonna get his he's going get goal line work. He plays the chargers, which probably not the best matchup for Doug Martin. However the following week. He will get to play Arizona and Doug Martin will be a very very serviceable running back in that matchup. Are maybe maybe we'll have you know, we have to we have to wait one more week and see because the cardinals changed to the four three and shut down. So if that's did actually change how they were losing to the running back which on one week. It looked like it did. But it was it was the nice. This is the week now that we're by obviously you still have by weeks, but we're past the week nine by Pokka lips. Now is the time where I would start looking at handcuffs as well at running neck. So if you you know, if you've got Kareem hunt. Sure you pick up Spencer ware. If you've got girly get Malcolm Brown, though those situations. There's there's not a lot where you know, the guy to get. But now's the time. Would you pick up or I should say? Are you interested in THEO Riddick? He was on the field right back into his usual role eight targets it only came through with seven for thirty six. But if you're in a PR that you're happy with that. Golden Tate is gone. I mean THEO Riddick saw he was lining up in the slot. Few times. He's out there running routes. Are you interested in him? Let's I'll speak only specifically for peop-. Yeah. Only for P PR leaves. And I would be mildly interested also another handcuffed that I we haven't really talked about. But I think he's one of the most valuable handcuffs out there. If you have Christian McCaffrey, you need to own C, J Anderson because should an injury happen, nor Turner. Is a workhorse guy. C J Anderson is more talented than Spencer ware or chase Edmunds or Maori around. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. I don't think he's more talented than any of those. That's why I was. So I think he early not more talented house yard rusher. Last season. You don't get to like take his great years and give them to them for the rest of it was it was that was last year. It was it was very into this season. And the thing is he's not not on the field. Because of his talent north Turner. This is what I was saying before the season Christian McCaffrey was going to be used as a workhorse back because that's all Norv Turner's ever done for twenty six years should an injury befall, Christian McCaffrey. C J Anderson will be a fantasy football star. I think he'd be very valuable and also Dover get about geo Bernard. He's back at practice. If Joe mix and MRs time that Uber nerd is. Extremely valuable. Oh, no. This this terrible news, Mark. Wow. We haven't heard from Mark Wallenburg in a long time. I haven't done nothing in. I've been out there. Trying to be like, hey, coach put me in. He's like, no, you're not good. And I'm like that hurts my feelings. So how do you mother the for me? Yo my feelings. Yo I dunno. It's not me. That's martin. Smarter. It's been a while. Tight ends. If you're facing the gronk situation. Maybe you're facing the Jordan Reed situation, which I'm advising people at this point. They'll move on. I mean, I'd rather I'd rather have Jack Doyle that was the question. I got one hundred percent then Jordan Reed. And look this is the time to go grab somebody if you're in a tough situation, and and you can't chase. Jeff Hier men's points there on by in Denver. So CJ Zomba Jack Doyle, Nick Vernet, Chris Herndon earned. It's been very interesting four consecutive weeks of increased utilization. He's always looked at around the goal line when it warned for sixty two this past week, which was nice. Yeah. When they get around the goal on Herndon has been looked too. But the first two guys you mentioned are the clear cut winners to me. If you're asking who are my favorites CJ Yuzawa against do Orleans without AJ green, his utilization should go up. But Jack Doyle, I would have even ahead of him. Off the bye week. He'll be available in a lot of leagues looks like he's only thirty eight percent owned and ESPN. So Jack Doyle's going to be out there. I love you know, getting pieces of a great quarterback. And you know in Andrew luck has been awesome this year. Yeah. It's if you're facing the tight end problem, this is kind of lucky week to have that happen with two really great options. Are you are we buying into Nick Vernet had eight targets? He ran more than double the routes of red dead Dixon. Jason I stand on principle. Not be picky us. He's playing against the Rams. So we've seen the way that they we call it the quote funnel defense where things can just roll through the tight end. Oh, man. Oh, man. Strength been Watson came through with the big game against the Rams. Are we buying into Vanette? I I'm okay with it. Okay. Because we we saw obviously a wheel dismally do. Do some work earlier in the season. And when you look at the target counts at the White House are getting Doug Baldwin. It's like four targets Tyler Lockett was like four targets Nathan ahead at eight targets. So I think he's interesting was a red dead's targets with. Okay. So this week you can play Nick net against the Rams Chris Herndon against buffalo or Ben watts and against the bangel, which of those three how would you priority? I would genuinely order them been Watson, Chris Herndon, Nick Bennett. I actually would as well. I'm gonna go with the better the best offense. Then Watson looked nice Chris Herndon on the upward trajectory. And then Nick, I'm just I'm I would go Watson is my number one of those three I'm concerned for Herndon. Because the Buffalo's defense is not terrible and Sam darnold has been a turnover machine. But I the nine this game is going to be the nicest special that the the nice thing about Hernan his they will because of buffalo and more. So because of Buffalo's offense there will be short fields. So I think that's really valuable for a guy like darnold for him to get touchdowns. He he needs a shorter field right now. At this point his rookie career and Hearns looked at near the goal line. So I I think they'll have a couple more red zone opportunities than they than they had last week for sure Hernan has been eight or more fantasy points for four straight weeks. He's interesting. Yes. Interesting. But in just if you're looking for a long term value he's playing Buffalo's week, and then he's on by right? So you is if you're saying I'll crap I need a guy for a few weeks. I would ties the other guys, let's us alma Doyle been Watson. All ahead of him. Hopefully, don't need Herndon. What defenses? Are you looking to jets? All the jets and in even buffalo they play each other. Yeah. This is going to there's going to be defensive scoring. But if they are not available. The jets have forced Twenty-one sex and fifteen turnovers on the season, which is great. Yes. And they go up against a team that says you don't have to force us. We'll we'll do it our surprise. Then the chargers get to play the raiders that's going to be a very solid play. The eagles coming off the bye week. Maybe you can snatch them up and playing against Dallas. And then Green Bay versus Miami him. I'm okay with that as well. All right. Let's get to the quarterbacks. Full stream ahead. All right. Who's your streamer this week, Mike, I'm going with Baker? If he's available and we've got him down as a thirty eight percent owned guy. He gets to play Atlanta. I know that the the Atlanta defense Chi. Kyw they showed up so to speak against Washington. Alex Smith did have over three hundred yards. He just didn't come through with that second. Touchdown. That would have put him over the top to be a great quarterback play. So I I like Baker against the falcons Jason I'm going with the guy that I'm terrified of yours. Oh, I like alumni overtly oppose it. Oh, we'll see by by all means try. I'm going with the guy that was benched two weeks ago. And he's got a snake at a snake man Blake the snake lake is overtly rooted against by everyone every single including those fee. That's really true. So you're out you're out there going Jason, what are you doing? This guy was Benjamin game put up two fantasy points two weeks ago. How in the world can you stream Blake the snake? Here's how it's combination of a couple of click the button couple of great. You put him in your lineup and you click save he's on pace for five hundred and twenty two rushing your. Yards. His he and that's with being Benjamin, basically not playing two weeks ago. He's coming off the bye, I think the rushing baseline helps him enough. He's actually had several games this year where he's been very good for fantasy. Look, he's he's never been a great real world quarterback. But in fantasy he's always been fine. He's playing is not always been fine. Oh, yes. He has since his since I'm not a streamer season season rankings. He's averaged the quarterback eight over the last three years with last year being his worst year as quarterback threats of fish. I'm going to overtly oppose it this week eight turnovers over the last four weeks. What do you think retouched downs over the last four? Also, what do you think points four points ten point Andy, what do you think of Derek Carr? Good or bad that raiders offense. Good or bad that k- how how about two hundred and forty four yards three touchdowns. That's what their card did against the Indianapolis defense. I'll I understand. It's not a question of whether he could do it. It's a question of whether it's a why question why? Dream a guy who's struggling this immensely. Eight turnovers. Two three touchdowns over a four weeks man as a great time for not. That's a great question. The reason I chose because we we have to do then fancy go why because we're going to get things wrong. But what is the reason for the decision? I'm going with Blake the snake specifically over Andy Dalton because not because he safer, but because he has the ability. I think to have that thirty point game it, you know, if Andy if I if Andrew luck is scoring and they've got to use him. And he's running the ball. We just see big fantasy games from time to time out of Blake Bortles. And I will bet you Andy Dalton versus Bortles appeal. Waterbed like, we're we're not we're not yes-men on this show. We don't always agree with each other. I don't I think the upside of Andy Dalton's higher at home this games on the road. Derek Carr was at home against Indianapolis. I like, I also think there's a massive massive difference between the raiders defense and the Jaguars Stevens. So the logic of Andrew luck. Putting up a bunch of points against them doesn't make sense to me Jags now things make sense to me. Also, we're talking about streamers here. Andy Dalton is not available to St.. He is. He is. He is he'll be dry. He was almost my streamer this week. He's available in forty percent less than forty percent of leaks. Okay. Me. That's not a streaming candidate. All right. All right. So you're you're firmly in the let's go at the guy eight turnovers three touchdowns last four weeks. Yeah. Let's go against the the the defense that just allows top quarterback performances. If unless your name is Nathan or not Nathan Peterman of Derek Anderson. That's over emphasizing the match up to me. But guys this all about man. It hasn't worked out for Blake for four straight weeks. Why why jumping that fire? All right. I'm with it though. I'm with it. Okay. I'm my streamer. This week is actually Marcus mariota. He had thirty fancy points last night, ten rushing attempts. He faces New England at home. The offense looked like it had a little bit of life to it and New England is actually twenty-seventh against opposing quarterbacks in terms of fantasy points against so there's a lot of upside for Mario. There's also a pretty high floor with New England giving up that many points to opposing quarterbacks, and ultimately, I wouldn't be going there if they were on the road despite those numbers up in New England, but at home Mario after the win put up twenty eight points last night. I'm gonna go with Mario to as a streaming option. And the nice thing about Mario is he probably available in your leak flying. Yeah. You know, Kirk cousins to Shawn Watson, if you're an owner of those two guys on by you can look at Mario Baker Blake the snake? There are some other guys out there. But those are kinda the ones we picked out for this week. Yes. Before we close out the show. I wanna give a shout out to Tim on Twitter. He sent me. The the dictionary dot com word of the day. I've never heard this the dictionary dot com. Word of the day is dope. Stor dope. Stor dove. Stor who a person who undertakes to predict the outcome of elections sporting events or other contests that whole public interest? You're telling me, I'm hopes. Try definition. We are dope stirs. Oh, that's pretty dope. Stor. Wow. That I feel Sasso. Thanks, tim. So I'll have a in other words when we introduce our profession to our like, our grandmother, and those people that don't understand what we do we dope. Sturgis go with dopes. I'm adoped Stor. Yeah. Well, especially grandma. She would she get it. I'm going to I'm a dope stir fire until stir fire. All right. That is it guys. We've got we've got an exciting week ten coming up. I'm I'm ready to get into the match ups Slava's segment. Tomorrow, we doing playoff stuff tomorrow. Absolutely. Gonna talk playoffs checkout draft dot com slash ballers for all your daily needs. Tomorrow. Goodbye. Thank you. For listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast. Join our fantasy football community on join the foot dot com and follow us on Twitter at the SF ballers.

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