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The Morning Briefing: Monday, May 18


Palo roy danny boyle with the briefing from the telegraph. It's monday may. The eighteenth and returning commuters can expect new controls on their journeys so railed and cheap services being increased from today but there were phase of communicates and overcrowding passenger. Numbers are expected to rise by as much. Quarter this week off the johnsons cool for britain's to return to work if they can't do so from home but there's hugely limited capacity and rail operators of urge passengers to travel only if really necessary an army of transport. Police is being deployed to stations. Passengers could be blocked from boarding trains if they're too busy with one way systems in train carriages and the removal of seats. We've got a guide to what's being changed and many of costa decision to go back to work rests on the return of schools. The row about whether it's safe for primary people's to return to the classroom is rumbling on a major studies today. He concluded that corona virus doesn't spread widely in schools. We've looked at the findings now. A vaccine for nearly half of britain's could be available by september deals being brokered between oxford university and drug company astra zeneca that could produce up to thirty million doses if trials a successful. It's the oxford vaccine. That's furthest along in human trials. We've got everything you need to know about the project and we were worried about how health at the moment both physical and mental yet. Despite the gloom there are flickers of hope the lockdowns produce some surprising health benefits. We rounded up some reasons to be optimistic right. If you're listening on whatsapp into those links. Now if you're listening on spotify apple or wherever you get your podcast you'll find them in the show notes as what as links to some non corona virus material including the latest on e. You trade talks is michelle bonier agents and the hardest working royal. You've possibly never heard of that's it you're up to date. I'll be back with your second briefing of the day the evening.

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