#172: How to yellow car your way to your little weirdo


welcome back to the face on business podcast i'm your host and which founder of the face and business playground i'm here with mentoring accountability on this podcast help you be you that ratio in a weird so you could make jesus ceo of you like a business and of course i would love if you come and join the free faith in business gronk report facebook's because well having conversations around a little bit different continents coming up through the political baseball dot com for slash groups slash you christian entrepreneur and that but i will put a link to that in the senate however that's crack on today's episode this episode i should won't you from the getgo is one of my favorite topics but people listening to this you a long time this is or if you're in the playground on facebook you will know ready while i'm gonna talk about i had in my notes as because he'd been to you being a do you being you and embracing in a weird day but i'm calling this episode how to yellow call your way to you only two we do we all talking about the meticulous the active aging system is one of my favorite topics as you know because it's so clever i love the way the the called created all right so then the quick version of this because i don't i these episodes like kim succinct but also i know lots of people listening would have hit me say this before but the original activating system the pop is a little bit the back of your brain that doesn't many things it regulates your body temperature amongst other things but it also actions and so the reason why including the yellow car i have eight bright yellow call as of two thousand and thirteen i think i had that call and i don't know that off the guessing my call i suddenly start to see you know come all over the place exact same cop one time we went from the holiday a one time i did see my exact call but it would accept it which french like bringing five to try and find it of meat mike hop hop lumps identical french version of like how about around town i don't see the exact same scott a but i do see yet accounts all over the place now the reason why that happens is thanks to the vet you activate it will happen to you think about this very moment if you've ever had and occasion while you but when you come on seventy east on income like your or the place or maybe a friend of the family bug bites and you call i quite often one of my daughters his best friend her mom hasn't really cute baby blue collar on on i see these baby blue caused quite often around time is when i know when i when it to although she gave her a great big weight and so when i see a baby blue collar coming towards max look and see or not but it's not just comic obviously you know the other examples of issues if you find that you're expecting you're baby or somebody within your close friends or family is expecting a baby you're suddenly stopped seeing people with christian in from all over the place because your brain will filter in the things that things are important to you if you would consciously notice every single piece of information that comes up a year and a day you would go on 'cause you're like nothing done because you spend you're holding them to sing just such a save you from going completely anonymous or from being paralyzed by oversee formation your brain axes offense in a similar way to the facebook algorithm this is my concrete well real world example for you they're out there how many said they said well how many posted on facebook in the day but facebook's quickly discovered it would be too much if you but if you show you let me every single piece of content and the pages that you liked the groups that you're in the people that you're friends with it would be too much so instead facebook's stilted what it shows you may stomach things things you like so the things you comment comment on the things you interact with with like love and i go and those buttons on the things you click on links not signals the facebook algorithm that stuff is important to you and they stop the show you more of the same that's why my advice to you as an aside if you don't like what you're seeing in your facebook feed still clicking on stuff consciously stunt clicking on things that you we want to interact with it that's why the anger button i mean he tried to avoid using that angered by john i try to avoid interacting the things that make me cry because i know otherwise icicle shammy more that and i don't wanna see that so how this works and your brain how could you signal gio braveheart important so when you buy a new car we find that you're pregnant it becomes just focus if your attention i'm this relates to you embracing you'll have to find out more about who you are i want to encourage you just stop thinking about starting to see things ready make you smarter so had conversations with four with people about happiness now i maintain the not chilly day today happiness contentment joy it's not about doing real stuff if not about having more holidays is not about taking the children to eight place the is fun for example instead it's about noticing were already makes you smile in a day because by doing that your brain will start to work for you if you couldn't they just were ready lights you up it will signal hill right that's it's important to her and she won't end your brain will stop so turned into more of the same as if you start noticing those little quirks and eccentricities things that make you moved to sing yeah and actually if you feel so inclined the colts have been some i take offense to grow i have i have a habit and everytime i saw an orange slug of taken a photo of it if you haven't seen in orange agents night on whether i just whether they died off or whether my brain doesn't think it's important anymore i do keep mentioning on the podcast and trying to signal to migrate in the espy's orange legs it's still important to me but tonight avail but but if you can record it in some weight like meditate and you'll go do something concrete became dot com action is another way of signaling your brain but not stuff is important to you and all these two things they go together to make a difference they will make you smile but i would also help you as you figure out who is dispassionate god made me to be on as evidence that reminder as well off go to show you know we you will notice things and get those not just from garden you might be going about your day and he couldn't eat thanks to the hattiesburg you'll get there is not two of what those things are but sometimes we were so busy and so they focused on doing the work we don't get time we don't allow myself to see that so i guess review the press stopped everyday is open my eyes helped me to see see you know there's a story of iowa's but it's like jet relationship one of them he's his seven always helper is co worker or wherever couldn't see the full days of good that were surrounding them until go utterly joy like shack whichever one prayed god open their eyes and so i guess the crime everyday is open my eyes just see those things like i said i'm going to help you see those things like you who is it who had like one of the comments that we have a conversation we had in facebook's in the group a last week was wouldn't be quite honest assessment not i don't know who i am one of the one of the statements and that was echoed by somebody else's well if you don't no stop noticing the times when you gina hospital help you see more of what looks like i'm your brain then because go designed it outweigh will also help you as well so is your writing prompt or however you recording i remind you that is the right thing from is well already lights you up well already makes you smile will already oh how were you were anti being you were already all those quick snacks and two cities lots of questions in that but they're all basically the same question and we're gonna wrap up and you know what already lights you up makes you smile helps you to be you start noticing things a recall them in some white ideally coming shana moving the face but great because well we could talk about this together but stop saying i'm going to say and then you'll brain were filtered more examples and the more you see the easier it becomes just see it's like some couldn't possibly have fun with that like i remind you if they know lighten up a five minute don't get to like angst about it there on environments

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