11 Trivia Questions on The Toy Story Trilogy


It's eleven questions on your favorite Pixar trilogy. Toy Story with the big one coming up just around the corner this summer Toy Story for this is trivia with buds. It be and welcome to another episode of the trivia with me podcast. Thanks for listening to this show. Thanks for hitting subscribe, and your device to get up every single day. And if you like pop culture, and if you like movies, especially Disney movies during the right place because today's episode is all about Toy Story to ask you some questions the first three films, and then the bonus question at the end of this round is about the the new film coming out, which I just saw the trailer for I have a little bit of a mixed feeling on the new trailer kind of looks like the same thing where they're on the same kind of mission to save somebody. And I hope that it's different hope. It's a pleasant surprise and help there's a lot of cool unique stuff in this one to me. It does feel a little bit unnecessary because a how well the third one wrapped up everything with those characters and the stories and the kid growing up with his toys and passing them on. I was really surprised they were actually doing the fourth one. And then I'm like, oh, yeah. Money people like money. So they gotta keep making these movies. So we'll see if it's as good as it is it could be and like I said the trailers got some really cool parts. So hopefully it lives up to all the hype comes out this summer. I think it's June and who's not going to go see a Toy Story movie in the summer in theaters. That's what this world's all about. Right. If you like movies, if you like Disney, we've done Adenaur, dozens of other episodes of movie related trivia, and probably at least ten episodes of Disney related stuff marvel to Star Wars to Disney animated Disney to live action Disney. So just search the word Disney and trivia with buds on Google, and you can find all the episodes that have to do with Disney. It's super easy to do or you could scroll through the feed of over four hundred different titled episodes, all the episodes of title by what the trivia is about in the episode. And if you liked trivia, check out some other great trivia podcasts, like the trivial warfare podcast pod quiz that comes out weekly with James and the UK, and I feel like nostalgia checkout. Friend wreck my podcast. Jordan and Cam and Craig O and a bunch of other people check all that stuff out. It's great for nostalgia. If you like Nick toons, if you like nine if you like eighty stuff that is easy to find to search wreck my podcast. Okay. This episode was recorded live at a place called this twisted. Vine or twisted sage I think it's called twisted sage in sandy, miss, California. And San demus is going to be put back on the map again pretty soon because Bill and Ted three was just announced Bill and Ted face the music. Maybe they'll go to some locales in San dem- nugget to meet Yano Reeves would that be cool John wick threes. Kiana reefs. They'll be great. But yeah, check that out. Check out their announcement for the movie, it's very exciting. They did at the Hollywood bowl. And yeah, this was recorded at twisted sage in San demus where you can grab a nice bite to eat and a bunch of different local craft beers, including some from my friends over at high point brewing where I'll be hosting bingo every Sunday from four to six PM from here on out. So check that out if you're in the sandy, MS California area four to six, bingo, totally free tons of prizes. Great great beers. They have. Beer, allow her called river water, and despite the name one of the tastiest beers. I've had in recent years, and that's the first one I've tried. They like sixteen drive. So I'm excited about this Sunday. But yes, we're going to jump to this episode. This was recorded with the inland empire. Pub quiz trivia, meet up group who invited me to play trivia with them. And we won first place with our team name quiz in my pants, and it was a fun time and contributed more than I thought I would to usually some more academic trivia, which is not my forte. But I helped out with the pop culture questions in rounds quite a bit. And you can listen to the whole group. Chime in on these Toy Story questions. You can pause. You can play along. They do answer pretty quick. So if you're trying to play this one yourself keep that in mind here, we go with eleven questions on the Toy Story trilogy. Here we go. Sit here and sandy miss California with my pails from the inland empire. Pub quiz trivia, meet up group has everybody doing. We just got done playing some king trivia, and we won our team won Lindsey. That was pretty cool. Right. You're kind of like the team captain, and you get everybody here. And what is the hardest part about getting a tribute group together other than personality complex. Where cheap bastards and we'd rather spend money on beer than meeting up. Very cool. We'll think so invite me tonight. It was a ton of fun. And being on the other end of things for me is always difficult because I feel like I don't know any of the stuff, but I actually feel like I helped out on one specific roundabout neighbors tonight. It was neighbors from cartoon TV shows, and you literally just turned it to me, and I filled them all in I felt pretty good. So that's going to my live journal leader. That was my beta countless for today, and we doubled up that round. And the last one you did well to. Yeah. Not they won. That was pretty good. The exit was named ten movies where you Jack in place wolverine, and we only forgot the wolverine and jed pool one we put in its place, and he's not actually credited and deadpool one. But we all learn some stuff about Hugh Jackman, screw here we go. This is a roundabout Toy Story trivia, you guys can just yell out the answers when you know, let's see how many of these questions you can get right out of eleven k how many as a group. Do you think you're going to get out of eleven eleven? Eleven out of eleven and Juliette quick favor. Wait for the whole question to be read. So that people can kind of play along at home. So here's question number one in which way story film, does buzzes voice setting gets switched to Spanish. The answer is twice twenty three. Nice job the newest member of the group, right? What's your name? Joanna Joanna where do you live? Thailand, California nowhere place. Very good. Toy story. Three buzzes voice. Switch to Spanish. What are you guys? Stick Toy Story four so far from the trailer. It. I try to keep indifferent thoughts. Do you like this sport character or not so much? Sure about fourteen it'll be interesting. We'll find out see boys. Fine. I if somebody knows he's still it's like, we'll find out number two what toy company makes Mr. potato head. The answer is Hasbro or play school or playschool. Nice job. Number three. What does lotto huggy bear smell like Sherry? Wow. Wow. She's kicking by strawberries is correct. Mary good stopping draw berries is correct. In by the dizzy further they scratch up his right shoulder. Number four. What is the main color of Andy's cowboy hat Brown? Answer is red cowboy so red with a little bit of yellow trim. What he's round Andy is. Number five in the first film. Hamm says Hobo will you look at all those presents. Yes, sir. We're next month. Blanc Blanc fodder for sure what do you think the bland blankets? Yard sale. What do you guys think? One of is grudge sale. I would have accepted yard sale shale fodder for sure we're halfway through the first round here question. Number six, what type of toy creature is Trixie and Toy Story? Three dining full. That's right. I try Sarah tops is Iraq. She's kicking butt number. Sounds number seven. And. Is that true? Younger of a different type. That's great number seven and Toy Story two and three what toys do Mr. and MRs potato had referred to as their children. Little green men or degreen aliens. Yes. The green aliens with the three is from the claw machine. Kgo eight what way responds to Woody don't count on it when he asks if he will be picked to go to pizza planet. What toy responds don't count on it to Woody when he asked if he'll be picked to go to pizza planet. RC Mr. potato, computer, speaking spell. Final answer was actually the magic eight ball on. On as weird responses. Yeah. Number nine who's the main villain to buzz light year in his universe? It is hurt. Z are Jeanne meserve number ten whose toy bar is a venue that the toys visit until a story too. Hails toy bar, just like L boy. Tool time. Bach AL's toy barn and the bonus for two points. Toy Story four a new character made by the little girl who now owns the toys, what main item is the character made out of. I might have ruined his earlier. This is a score. Yes. A sport named sporty. Those your choice questions. I think you guys only missed one one two nine out of eleven. That's pretty good. We don't is anybody wanna plug anything about the group or anything in general before we take off these Facebook. If you want to join this group you live in southern California the inland empire area. Where can they find it? Lindsey. They can go on Facebook. And our group is called inland empire pub trivia, yes, thank you guys for invite me tonight and hope see again soon. There. It was a fun fun group. If you want to join this group, maybe you live in the inland empire in southern California. And you're like I wanna play trivia with these guys they sounded like a bunch of fun people. You can join them. There's a Facebook group just search inland empire pub quiz, you'll find their group and they play at two or three places a week. It seems like and they frequent my locations quite a bit. This this week. I think they are playing at Lord's Berg tap house with me from eight to ten pm on Tuesdays. So check that out if you want to join them any live in the area, if you ought to be on the show, just like this whole group wise, you can always Email me. Ryan buds gmaiLcom love to have you on as a guest over the phone or in person anytime if I can work it into the schedule. So just let me know what you want to do and what you want to promote, and we will make it happen. If you want to support the show monetarily, go to patriot dot com slash trivia with buds and join one of our tears from one to fifty dollars and get all kinds of rewards mailed to you some. Digitally, sometimes physically and be part of all the fun are trivia loving community over on the discord app chat for only a buck getting that chat room for just a buck. Thank you guys so much for listening. Thanks for telling a friend, and we'll see you tomorrow for more trivia with me. Cheers.

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