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Tuesday, Feb. 11: Sen. Amy Klobuchar


Subscribe to our podcast to get hot topics delivered every afternoon. And while you're at it rate us and Labor Review your next hours bugged because the view is live. The Battle of New Hampshire as Democrats. Descend on the next key campaign. Stop Bernie's he's not ready to celebrate his lead Hayes on foreign but winning elections are more important and his candidates make a final push to voters. Jill Biden pushes pushes back. Blood presidential candidates senator. Amy Klobuchar is live on the view. Does she think her. Standout performance at the debate and surge in the polls can take our all the way to the White House and New York Times columnist Berry. Wase is our guest co hose. The House topics is in session with worke joy. Sunny hoskin and Meghan McCain Now let's getting started. We have the little here. We will be back tomorrow and joining us says guest host today. Please welcome New York Times columnist. Barry Weiss various right to politics because at this moment Democrats are on the ground reaching out to voters at the New Hampshire primary and front runner Bernie. Sanders told the crowd. Why he's the candidate? America needs right now. Watch win this election. We have an unprecedented multi generational both on ritual of millions of people. It's true Bernie is in the lead right now but Mike Bloomberg. WHO's not even in New Hampshire and wasn't even in Iowa is gaining ground to the latest Quinnipiac? Paul has him beating trump by the widest margin in general election. So is this coming down to Bloomberg billion the real billionaire not the fake one like we have in the house house versus Sanders these so-called Socialists. Yeah I mean it's very strange place to be in. I mean to me. The thing that strikes makes me is. It feels a little bit like deja Vu from the last election. Everyone I know is insisting that Bernie Sanders simply cannot be the candidate in exactly the same way that they insisted that trump couldn't be the candidate Obama right well even more with trump and I just think that if you look at the fundraising numbers. Let's Luckily Bloomberg side for a minute. Because he could fund himself into eternity right but leaving him aside Bernie's raising the most money he has the most energy and we're living right now in an incredibly tumultuous populace moment and I just it's hard for me to conceive of the Democratic base going for an independent billionaire over someone that whose slogan is we not me or I don't I think that there's a movement afoot for Bloomberg that's going we're gonNA hear it everywhere. I go same saying for me. You know I've said this before about Bernie hasn't told us who he is. He is not a Democrat. He has registered in two thousand twenty four to run as a senator as an independent. How many more times does he have to tell us that he is not a democrat? But the Bernie jair sunny. They don't care but I care. I think there are a lot of people. Take care that he is not a Democrat but he's running to be the Democratic nominee and so you know and he's pretty far left. I think for people all that are much more centrist much more in the middle in the Democratic Party and there are a lot of independence that I don't think would ever vote for him. I don't know that he is the candidate ended it that can be oh. I agree with that. I'm not saying what is probably I would strongly prefer Bloomberg to Bernie. I I think the real question would you vote for Bernie. I mean you know I would vote for Colonel Sanders. I don't Democrat. I don't care what does it matter who the question is is Bernie trump or Bernie McGovern if you think about the policies that Bernie has pushed banning fracking phasing out nuclear power. He went on his honeymoon to Soviet Union. The and the year before the Iron Curtain fell he was an apologist for the ayatollah the Iranian regime that kept Americans and all that no one talks about any of it. All we know is promising all of these amazing things but also no one's talking about the fact that he just had a heart attack and I'm sorry but if Hillary Clinton had a heart attack a few months before for the New Hampshire primary the media would be screaming bloody murder. They're real health questions. Thank you for everyone saying yes as well but we just forget that he just had a heart attack. And he's seventy eight years old and I think putting your eggs in this basket and again health has never been off the table. I don't like this conversation. But it's something that media never ignores so the thing I don't understand is I have heard from the last four years on the left identity. Politics is the worst. We can't have any old white men. You have the oldest whitest extremist battling the other older white extremists. So I don't understand where Democrats socialists whomever Oliver Burns Inter supporters divine themselves socialists. Democrats whenever I don't really care too extreme for me but I don't I don't this logically is not going to win over in the middle of the country which. I'm sorry you need to get to the White House. And I just I think it's the old adage that Democrats but with their hearts and Republicans but with their heads and we'll get in line and Democrats. That's only if you choose Bernie you only care about the period test. You don't hear about it and you have to remember. We're a more diverse party than the Republican Party. There's a lot of different kinds of people oldest whitest man to represent represent you and you're the most diverse party. Okay argument is he doesn't need to win. The middle of the country is if he can just get an enormous turnout. Then you look at Iowa and was terrible well so where's dot org APP also. We'll be African American votes. He well I say it all the time no Democratic nominee has been. No Democratic candidate has won the nomination in thirty two years without the African American. Vote if you look at that though what was interesting to me that I just learned this morning is that Biden still holding onto his lead. Among black voters. That lead has plummeted from forty nine percent before the caucuses to twenty seven percent and guess who is in Second Bloomberg has twenty two percent support compared to the seven percent. He had late last month which just goes to show that conventional yes and the conventional wisdom on Bloomberg right was that black voters would never go for him and rescue. But then you see this poll and it just goes to show that the same thing we've been seeing over and over again from black voters they want someone who's more moderate and practical and can win and we'd want yeah August. I feel that event at the end of the day. The Democrats will coalesce around whoever the candidate Bernie. It's GonNa Convince I'm sorry. The establishment Democrats do not Bernie to be they still hold a lot of power and sanders. Supporters are going to go absolutely insane at the idea that it's going to be taking on the establishment I know but I think that Bernie Sanders and his coalition of Bernie Bros.. Are going to let this one go. This is his last Hurrah. This is the Alamo. He doesn't make it he's never going to happen if you think they're going to go down quietly so you don't know anything about politics. I'll look at the end of the trump is taking away middle hair care cade. I mean people should be aware that he's ready to cut. I think we agree with socially serve as Louis voter. It's we're talking about young Bernie rose. We're not talking about the joy behar or already does know that if they go more what you think if they go down the wrong road they're going to get stuck with trump and of the four year we'd be disaster with Democra- versus trump. That trump wins. God you know why because well darn born poll but a new poll Quinnipiac poll says every single candidate beats trump Bloomberg fifty one to forty two ZANDER's one forty three Biden right in fifty to forty three Buddha Judge Forty seven forty three Warren forty eight to forty four because everyone seems to of all time and it's higher than Obama's was at this time in his presidency. You can't underestimate arrested last week to the Iowa thing when people look at Iowa Normal Americans they look at the. I can't swear on television television. They look at the thing that happened. There the chaos and they're thinking these are the people that want to run our health care like that's what normal is getting good notices. Yeah yes I agree. Screw it. I'm not even GonNa mess with the primary. 'cause I'm just GONNA take people looking at Bloomberg and they're saying well. This guy ran in New York City for twelve. Years is a lot of problems in New York City. We'll what and he managed the city very well. I was around during that time. But you're also during the fact that today is going to make a huge huge difference. No matter what it's looking like Bernie will be in the lead but I was sort of a clovis surge could happen because I know she's coming up saying we won't know we'll be able to read more tea leaves. So what about by different people will stick with him after a New Hampshire. Hello he comes coming on. You know he's coming here is there. He comes in fifth. It's it's bad news. I Love Bernie. I love a biden. Also I love. We camped at Bloomberg and I love Amy. I Love Elizabeth everyone. ooh I like any Democrat will just do better than this guy who is absolutely going to destroy the country country. I say that it sounds like personally. It sounded like all due respect. You thought he was losing the last. He's not saying he's GONNA lose. I'm saying that He. You better not lose if we want to keep this country see. I'm not in love with any of the candidates any of the Democratic candidates. I love them all you actually I but I got Bernie's any day and Bernie. I love a Democrat. He's not clear I can make that. The Democrat voted for him. I guess earned biding his is just. There's a lot of people. Well that are not. I know they don't have this position on the show. That's fair okay. We gotta do the time time for today's go ahead read that we don't have time we've been trying to do time. I'm not doing this in thirty seconds to stage Yes to do it. I am the captain now. Okay there's no time okay sense. It's fashion week in New York. Today's black history salute style. Pioneer Zelda Wynn Vol does is she was the first black fashion designer to open her. Own Boutique Hsieh's Zelda and quickly became one of the hottest designers. New York was superstar. Clients like Dorothy Dandridge an Bertha. Kit also a trail blazer for helping women embrace their curves she could fit addressed to anybody size sometimes just by looking at her client her gift for making all women men look like goddesses caught the eye of Hugh Hefner who commissioned her to help create the Iconic Playboy bunny outfit Valdez started designing for the dance instead of Harlem in nineteen seventy where she stayed for the next thirty years as the companies matriarch until she passed in two thousand one amazing. The woman has died. That would have to this next. Senator Amy Klobuchar is live on the view to talk about gaining Clo- momentum after going after peed Buddha judges ages lack of experience and reaching out Bernie Sanders die hard fan. I birdied in the political view is on fire in his first interview. Since the primary Joe Biden is hitting the table with his wife Jill and later. In the week we've got each Array l'Equipe stanfield and Lucy Hale this week on the view. Amy Klobuchar Char's writing high into today's New Hampshire primaries she surging in the polls and saw three million dollars spike campaign donations after powerful performance. At Friday night's debate she's joining us now. Live from New Hampshire. Hello senator how are you. Hi Sunny honey. I'm doing great. I'm whether it's a little cold that's good for me. Even though I'm not as thin this Sunday people call me sonny anyway. What a joy Ami Amy? Oh I can't see who's that's right so let's go as I mentioned you're riding high right now. I thought you did a great job. In the last debate you were very powerful Halifa couple of polls even had you third place in New Hampshire heading into today's primary ahead of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. So what are you going to do to solidify your place in the top three joy. We're doing it right now. I go everywhere. I've been at Dunkin donuts. I've eaten PATINE. I have been and I and diners all over the place and I just reach out to people and I think that is what we have to do if we're GONNA win. Not just in the New Hampshire primary but across Austin country and I think part of what happened at that debate. I've put a lot of hard work into in my heart into this all year but people finally saw that heart and I've been talking a lot about my ideas for healthcare and education but I was finally able to tell them why running and that is that I think we've got a guy in the White White House That lacks decency but doesn't have empathy for everyday people. He can't put himself in their shoes. I can My grand bad was He was an iron ore miner. My Dad was a newspaper man. My mom was a teacher. I'm the first woman elected to the. US Senate for my state. And I'm someone someone who had to work hard like so many Americans for replace I've gotten right and that's the case I made in that debate. So you didn't inherit forty million from your father. Okay so I want my dad's save money in a coffee. Can My GRANDPA in the coffee. Cannon the basement to semi Athletic College. That was my family's trust okay. I WanNa talk talk about something that bothered me. That's bothering me. 'cause we saw video captured by. CBS reported that went viral. From last night of Joe Biden pushing an angry heckler out of a rally alley and then we find out that CPAC champion match slap said the other day that Mitt Romney wasn't invited to his conference because he couldn't guarantee his his physical safety after his patriotic impeachment vote. This seems to be a threat of violence in the air these days. I wanted to know if you'll have felt it on the trail and and that's coming from Well I think when you have a president that is cutting people down all the time belittling them going after immigrants that it feels a lot of anger and I just want to say something about Mitt Romney as well as my friend. Doug Jones from Alabama. They took incredibly courageous votes. I didn't like that impeachment. Hearing turned out and I'm no you've talked a lot about it on the show. I think we should have had witnesses and got into the try right but what I saw sitting there. When I saw Mitt Romney practically in tears talking about how he had an obligation that he took an oath and that he was not going to back down on that oath to me? That's courage when you have a leader that makes tough decisions. You know always popular dealer and that's one of those points I made during that debate and I make to America now. I'm someone that looks. People in the eye tells them the truth and I don't ever everyone. I don't agree with me when I do that. But one of the reasons I've been able to bring in independence and moderate Republicans as well as a fired up democratic base. Like we're seeing here in New Hampshire is that I have been able to build a coalition a wide ten. And I think that's what we need right now. People want Atri Chisholm. Check on that guy. They don't. I agree with everything we say on the debate stage. I don't agree with everything that said on the debate stage but I do know there's people out there that are trying to decide. Do they pay for their childcare or or pay for their long-term care for their parents. I know them and I'm going to fight for them. Okay if you decide trying to figure out how you make your paycheck stretch to pay your rent I know. Oh you and I'll fight for you. I think we need someone like that. In the White House. Hi Senator Koba Charts Barry Weiss at Friday's debate you very hey at Fridays. Friday's to beat. You went after Pete. Buddha judge for being a newcomer without experience and then Biden put out a blistering at against him. I'm wondering why it. Is that the moderates like you in this race. Seemed to be spending more of their time attacking one another rather than going after Bernie Sanders. WHO's really at the extreme? It is very clearly at least right now. The front runner honor. I have spent a lot of time on the only one on that stage. That when asked Do you think as socialists should be leading the ticket. Do you have trouble with that when George Stephanopoulos asked that question. I'm the only one that raised my hand and said yes so I have focused on as well. Even though Bernie and I are friends friends. We came in together. I just don't agree with them on a lot of things I wouldn't kick one hundred forty nine million Americans off their current insurance in four years so if you look back at the debates eight that has been my focus. As far as the mayor I have a lot of respect for him and his military experience and what he's done but again Dan. I have something else to offer as I like to tease him. Fifty nine is the new thirty eight to a fresh face. But I've also betty been able to to get things done in Washington DC. And that gridlock. And I've won. It's not just talking points. I've won in rural areas in red districts bringing in Republicans tends bringing in independence and that is the kind of wide tent. We want to have to take on Donald Trump and in that poll you just mentioned I beat Donald Trump by six points. It's more than two of my opponents. That are out there already with a much more limited bank account so I'm really excited about the meant momentum. We're seeing senator tip jar. It's Megan For small congratulations everything. You've been working in cold New Hampshire shaking hands and meeting people And nuclear making an impact. Jack is one of my best friends called me after the debate and officially endorsed you clay. Aitken he's very excited to be on your team now and Mike and Mike Bloomberg on the other hand is not doing the hard work doing. He's nuking AD markets for Super Tuesday with his billions. He spent he spent ten thousand dollars just on Sushi according to his his last. FBI report do. It seems like he's trying to buy the election. Isn't it unfair that he's totally avoiding the process while people like you are going out and doing a hard work with voters and why is the DNC giving him such a past few answers there. I don't think people look at the guy in the White House. Jason Say oh I want someone richer. I don't think that's true. And one of the advantages to me actually is when he does get on that debate stage and I think the early states rates are important. Because you're able to reach out to smaller number of voters in actually meet them and talk to them but once we get to the debate stage. I'm going to have a chance to meet him on an even playing field. I'm never going to beat them on the airwaves but I can beat him on the debate stage so that's got to be my moment because you you know. He's has billions of dollars. I don't have that I rely on small donations at Amy Klobuchar DOT com. That's how we've raised all this money since the debates and from regular people title but he doesn't have to take money from any lobbyists he gets his own money. I don't see that as buying the election. I really don't all right. We're going to have more with Senator Amy when we come back Tang in there. We'll be right back. We're back with Senator Amy Klobuchar senator. This is funny. Hi Sunny High. I hear you yes. Well Washington Washington Post poll from last month. Had You with less than zero point five five percent of African American support. That's lower than even mayor Pete. Buddha judge he has two percent and I've said this often on the show you need African American support to become the Democratic nominee. Now you're tough on crime approach when you were a county attorney in Minnesota is criticized for disproportionately harming Black Black and Brown people and when I look at that that record you failed to prosecute a single killing by the police during the eight years you you head prosecutions and there were more than two dozen police involved killings in that period. That's just one example. How do you defend that record? Okay well let's start a lead out to the support but I wanNA start with my work as county attorney We all know their systematic racism. I'm in this criminal justice system. There's no doubt about that and I worked really hard to when I was there and I'm proud of the work. We did to go after white collar. Criminals teased drug in court. In a big way we had a very successful drug court and we actually saw found a Got A twelve percent. DECREASE IN INCARCERATION RATES FOR AFRICAN THE AMERICANS And I also diversified the office. which I think is really really important but there is so much more work that we have to do? And that's why when I got to the. US Senate. I started working on things like the first step act which we passed which has decreased the criminal penalties and allowed Some nonviolent offenders to get out to prison get out of prison. I think we have to do that in a bigger way as well and then as for my support in the African American community I've always had strong support in my elections at home and I have a number of key leaders in the African American community from Minnesota that have gone and campaigned for me in places like California and Iowa and that will continue so my challenge is to get people to know me my message of economic opportunity of investing in our the schools. I think that matters. I think that my focus on voting rights sunny. I am the leader on the bill to register every kid in this country tree when they turn eighteen. I think that is going to matter. I'm the leader on the bill to get rid of Gerrymandering to get rid of voting purchase as my friend Stacy Abrahams. So you go senator. You know I think that your your record as a prosecutor matters as well and when you can paint show the Senate You site at your prosecution acution of sixteen year old black teenager Mayan Burrell as an example of having been an aggressive prosecutor and it gives me no pleasure to say this because as you know I was a prosecutor later as well. I've reviewed the facts of that case and it is one of the most flawed investigations and prosecutions. That I think I have ever seen When you look at it you have your homicide? Detective on tape offering informants five hundred bucks apiece apiece for names. When I looked at it I also saw that? Mr Burrell's alibis were alibi. Witnesses were not looked at his his surveillance. Tapes were not looked at. I mean how do you defend something like that to someone like me. Who is the mother of a black boy? Oy A black teenager this case. Be My worst nightmare sending. I'll start with this. I've I've been very clear. All of the evidence needs to be immediately reviewed in that case The past evidence and also any new evidence that has come forward. I've called for that and I think you and I both share that background and I have always believed that a job of a prosecutor is to protect heck the innocent and convict the guilty but protect the innocent has to be key so this case Involved in eleven year old African American girl who was shot doing her homework at her kitchen table. I got to know her family and I worked with them But I would say I think any prosecutor Peter who cares about justice and always been on the side of justice would say all evidence must be reviewed immediately. And that's what I think has to happen here you're using senator bringing in a US senator. Now you're powerful woman. What do you intend to do to right this? Yes well. I've called for the the office and the courts to review the evidence. That is what we must do in the justice system. I've also worked extensively with the innocence. Project In my previous job and we reviewed all the serious cases we had that involve DNA evidence. This one didn't But we involve review though the fingerprints are we prosecuted. It must be reviewed you sending. I think you know that I care so much about justice and this case must be reviewed center club. Try this is making a gun Over over the weekend hi. How are you Bernie? Sanders said and I quote. He said I think being pro-choice is absolutely essential part of being a democrat. And you you got some attention over the weekend because you don't seem to think that you seem to think that there's room for pro-life people in your party I just want to confirm. Do you think there's room for Pro Life Democrats to vote for you. Oh well I I say this. I'm strongly pro choice. I have always been pro-choice but I believe we're a big tent party. And there are the pro life Democrats and they are part of our Party and I think we need to build a big tent. I think we need to bring people in instead of shutting them out out and that also includes independence right here in New Hampshire as well as moderate Republicans. Well thank you so much. It was lovely to have you on your not not here in person. It was really lovely to talk to me. A senator close charcoal tonight were clueless surge. Tonight's it should be great. We're excited I'm looking for it and I look forward to coming into the studio sunny. I can talk more and we're just watch for us. Tonight's New Hampshire likes. I'm just surprised the nation and that's what I want tonight tough. We'll be right back when it comes to hiring. You don't have time to waste. 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I'm a bad bitch. I don't have a they call it crazy. Place like nightmares in life a lot. So it's fine. You know I really. I don't really never did as a child either. Not really now do you dream and not really know. Honestly I don't drink that much flooding brainwave wildly. I dream all the time I dream like in technicolor but then I have nightmares and I had the same ones all the time either. I don't graduate. Didn't take enough courses. Yes right yes or or I showed up late for the exam and I missed it or all my falling out. I think those are interesting. The one of the most common whenever Heiner always teeth falling out your hair falling out or I'm supposed to graduate and I realize realize I never took enough math classes and that's the truth. It was like I got good grades and then it was like straight C.. Minus went to college together. Barry Barry I wouldn't call together. We're all new by think. Teeth falling out loss of control. And maybe I don't yeah I don't I don't have them either. I just have sex I do. I have tons and tons. Yes turns into nightmare when somebody like Alan Dershowitz comes into but prior to that all right now. I have great sex dreams all the time famous. The people you're never had a sense about a famous person as we. Somebody slept with once or sleeping with presently. Steve Steve Who John Aware. Yes I do I do I dream about him. I dream about them doing things to me. I never have extremes but I live with on an airplane. I fell asleep and and I had a very vivid sex on the airplane airplane. I woke up and I was like humiliated like if I made a sound in the middle of dream on the airplane and maybe I don't know you know what this team falling out dreaming technicolor. And you never have extreme you do is when you when you're married a long long time like I. I am long time having a sex dream and you think yourself G. Somebody's lying here right next to me. Why am I wake him up? And then you go. Ma'am too tired. The right back to sleep. How tragedy of Harry Chevy night? We'll cheap falling out means sign of personal growth. You want to go back to an easier time when mom and dad everything control as I read like last last law. No doesn't say they didn't put that on my card renewed strength and self esteem. Rebirth all right. In fact we have to move on to another topic. We come back. We'll be right back regarding that last segment my daughter Roh. Tm I to me. Ah already this is the problem when you're on television and you try and say things so so this there's another story celebrate it. It's I think it's amazing. I think who doesn't want to have those chat as my husband feel about the fact that I'd rather go back to sleep. Got Another woman wrote to a Washington Post advice column after she found out that her ex-boyfriend was getting married and even though she's over him she can't can't stand him anymore it put her into a funk. Don't be girl don't be. Bitter troubles are just beginning. Yeah no I know for a fact you know. So what do you think are you going to be. You don't even want to guys like I don't want him but I don't want anybody else to have. I think it depends on what's going on in your life right if you haven't found the one for you even if you don't want him anymore you can't believe he found the one for him so it's like it makes you self reflect on we'll see you own your own care you don't care I that's not true. I don't know that this girl has even when you have someone of your own. You don't want him to be happy. Really that's what I was released without like Schadenfreude German. Yeah no that's when you enjoy somebody's misery array. She's going. She's miserable about his. There's got to be a German south. Yeah I think it's normal people like uh-huh yeah. I think it's normal. I don't know I'm friends with most of my exes. Yes comedy are there many a book genders to What do you mean both genders? You are looking at work. Exactly we re minutes so you can speed it up. How does that work? I'm curious I think. Have you never had an experience with a woman really never in your sex stream now. Just always Steve. It's it's always. I mean some of us are why haven't I mean I love women from the waist up but it's different. I have not what did so. You're saying your man and not an ass man I got it. I have a question also then okay. So how are you dating someone now. How does that with the fact that you're friends with so many X.'s? Because for me I don't want my husband to be hanging out with people that he has seen make it. I don't like liked it. What about you same same? We're the same the same. Yeah I don't I don't Care Hampshire. Primary is going on right in the second. It really care about this. I know everyone gets mad. But it's like I heard being bisexual is like the biggest thing you've ever heard it. No but it's fairly I I I look this election and that's presidency is making me. No I used to talk about someone. Sexuality is a pleasure for May yet. Take away the White House. I know what I WANNA know. where the poll numbers coming into Fort Dix right now like I'm sorry announce for me? I can't change my brain. I'm a married woman. I'm old as hell now I'm like married and locked down. Never you want that yes. I like everyone that I've ever dated a friend with all of them but I haven't signed relationship with all all of them. I am friends with some of them and it's because I view the person that I dated someone who's kind of like my best friend that I WANNA have sex way. That's the relationship person and you're for in relationships for a long time and then when you move on you've had a long history with the person so I don't mind sexual in my next life. There's I'd I very active sex stream life. Maybe that's going to translate into something else for the first time personal woman coming into your bedroom with Steve have everything you know. His W wardrobe not if the person decides to sized ten trust me. I'm in a row W I think it would be like you know something else in your life. That's wonderful. Why not well? I have a question for you really believe the way this is turning our relationship with someone now woman so how the about you hanging out with exit. Let's say you're hanging out with male ex. She's very very cool and also similar to me so it works out great for very every petty. She's also with a famous intelligent writer so that does not as it was almost over. We'll be right back funny man. Nick Kroll make Olympic history in his new movie. He's live on the view tomorrow. Plus superstar surprise. That'll blow our audience away and the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog. Show taking a victory lap right here. The animated Disney blockbuster frozen to is available now for digital download and members of our audience on anyone that's quickly. What's your uptake I? It's a first in the nation in New Hampshire. Dixville Notch voted for Bloomberg. Just interesting so people you gotta go what to do. Take a little time to enjoy the so. You just woke up. Your phone is lighting up with headlines and push notifications and a text from your mom saying how do I click this okay. Maybe that's just me but if you you want to get up to speed check out the new podcast from ABC News start here literally. The ground was shaking. I'm Brad Milkey and every morning. We're going to take you to the stories that matter with fast fresh in Silo Robert Muller Michael Cohen Calling all in twenty minutes start. Listen for free on apple podcasts. Or your favorite podcast APP.

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