PMS 2.0 005 - Two BCS Champions


It is September eighteenth in a beautiful one at that. I'll tell you what this past weekend was a bismuth for the brand abysmal for my gambling. In last night, it did not get better. I hammered the Seattle first-half over at seven and a half points. They were plus two turnover chart. He managed to score three, and that was a long from Sebastian Janikowski, but I'm not to upset about it because I donated my money to a gambling site. Then his are back from the jump street and that is my bookie dot AG. My bookie dot AG is the absolute greatest gambling site on earth. Let me tell you why Todd, okay, you'll can gamble on anything. Their foods ball obeys, the ball. Hi. I'm not sure about highlight. I am not certain if you can give on reality TV the Emmys relaxed. You could gamble on that. You could gamble one wrestling. You can gamble on everything and it's not gambling. It's investing when you listen to shows like this coming to you live from the my bookie studio. Use promo Kopat one signing up. You one hundred percent bonus on your first deposit. How much hotter percents? How much is that Zito all your son. That's keep it one hundred. That is a hundred percent match on your first up two thousand dollars, a soccer crazy and and more and what you do. Your little thing there after seven pm American standard time eastern standard time for pm. On the west coast, you get an extra twenty five dollars. That's them saying thank you for waiting until the evening because you listeners crash their site by signing up after listening to this show. They're like, listen, if you could call off the dogs a little bit too, about seven PM we'll be greatly. Us, how would you be? They won't give everybody twenty five bucks. I said, well, God day match and twenty five dollars. I said, absolutely. So let's very nice you my book dot AG promo code Pat. Let's get into this today. We get an interview with MAURICE cleric. That's going to change your world. It's good one. Change your life. The thirty thirty happened about him is whole life that you know the story from back in the day at Ohio State him, leaving him, wait until I asked him to real questions. No real questions. When I was hearing about a story, I wanted to nurse certain things. If somebody's gonna become a drug do that. I want to know about how we wanna know about the scripts get because, hey, hakeas you run scripts. I want to hear about how good you running out there. You know what I mean? How good are you? Don't down the streets. Do you have a gun? Yup. Got arrested with one, we'll see how that goes. You're gonna enjoy his very inspirational conversation with MAURICE Keret I absolutely enjoyed it. Also former teammate, Amman Joseph, Edyta joining us Joseph Di coats, fans, and LSU fans by Noah's a monster monster running back now. He's full. Time father, good guy and Houston was also one of my very close friends. Whenever I was early on in the colts, a lot of people would never have guessed that. Joe's very close friends one. The only people that really took me in whenever I came to it's very nice and can't wait to him and we have all the news stories happening in your world, our world v world. Let's get right into it. Last night, Todd, mccombs sent out a vitamin thought tweet that really it sucked me to my core. Oh, before we get to that, my house is on it. We knew that already. AM new evidence. It's bad. It's bad. What happened seminar lane in bed list? Yeah, ten, forty, five. I'm kind of dozing in and out. I see a drop kick happen out of nowhere. I get a bunch of text from you. Guys. Go drop gate, just dropped them. Like, what do you mean this app and rewind? Monday night football. There's the Emmys going on Monday night raw. There's Monday night football. It was a wild Monday on TV and I was just tired and I go to a mall recording so I could catch up on everything in the money, and I go back to drop kicking like that. Wasn't that impressive. And then I see the internet just as a live with it. I'm like, oh, so maybe that is impressive. I honestly, he was such an interesting technique thereby by Carol mostly because Jankowski is one of the greatest onside kicks in the history of the NFL. Like anytime you played the raiders back in the day, specially on that baseball field, if Jankowski was kicking off, you had to be very, very scared to his left because he would just run well, he would want to and then he would. He he's a big boy adding to eighty five in the knife in foreclosed wins, set. Jason Witten, very terrible. That is a hell of a punchline much better. Last night he's getting better. It seems as if like every it drops out from him, it drops out. Did you drops out? It seems if you'll be talking and no one will just drop out. Next time you listen to him, check it out because I think he runs out of breath and then he has to catch his breath and go. Doesn't stop. This guy's really got motor. The need to say, mother fucking. Sensor amount. It was very interesting. That's a hell of a punch line though. So whenever they took him out in favor of the drop kick onside kick was that after a safety? So he did to drop kicks there is the first one deep? Yeah, he did the first the first drop Cam was after a penalty from the fifty. You're trying to pin them. That is a very difficult kick for kickers do off of a t. by the way to hit the ball short like that because it's like a fifty yard pooch, which is very difficult to do off of a one inch t. two inch t. highschoolers can do it all the time. One inch t. it's a little bit lower Jankowski. Also he is a home run, fuck and hitter to cuss does. But the second one was after a safety. No, it was just because they scored late. This was like twenty seconds left and they needed to get on side. So it wasn't after safety? No. Okay. So it makes no sense that they would do that. I enjoy the fact that Michael Dickson is an absolute animal by the way, ten yard punt last night shift. Nobody sees it because he had a sixty two yard out of bounds out of the end zone, which is huge pot little shake because of bats, not bats, napkin ultra everything because it's a timing thing. It's time thing. It's like a homerun derby, you know, whatever Harper's dad was missing zone a little bit and you didn't helper dinger's there. That's a big deal. That's what that's why the snap is very important part of the brand. I don't give them enough love, but they kinda you fuck up the rhythm. It's a big deal. So I just kind of went around that him doing the dropkick. Awesome. He's an Australian incredibly talented bulk. I love it, but the onside kick makes no sense to me because John cale ski is literally the one of the best on. I mean, there's a person speaking microphone who probably go. Janikowski as you say, talent, the guy, the reasoning they gave last night and then they have no idea. Got no fucking just like whenever upon his down inside the one and the the coverage team, bats, it is soon as the coverage team touches it. The play is automatically basically just a bonus for the returners. So when whenever Cohen was Cohen? No, no. He picked it up and walk him, picks it up, and then he gets tackled in the end zone Jason Witten. I. The doors, Jason, and then like listening, you fucking idiots have no idea. The returners are taught as soon as coverage team bats it, it's just bonus from there. You can. They could take that thing all the way down. Ninety nine yards back the other way fumbled on the one. The punt team covers. That thing goes back to the one year about it's just all bonus after that. So funny last night. They're saying, sea bass is horrible. Yeah, because they said he's never had one recovered in the fourth quarter ever and his entire career. That's a stat look. Look, just look at film. He hits his, he's because he's a lefty, first of all. So it's going the opposite direction because righties kicked to their right Janikowski in onside kicks her tough to recover. That's just that's something that it is. But I know that a drop kick straight out of bounds it either. I know that's for sure. Jankowski might have lost it with his old age. He's good though. He's, he was something you had to fear because he had so left-footed toepoke it put the ball right into that fucking baseball, dirt Oakland, and the thing would showed up. Was he where to game jersey though? Was that a fake jersey I wore one of those jerseys looks like from Dixie? Yeah. What the sleeves loose. Is there a reason why you choose that or is that just because I was fat that euros two fifty. Go ahead and let loose a little bit. I don't need to skin-tight operation Jankowski thinking the same thing. I got big. I wear big jerks. Guys the best I love Jankowski though. That's the team's terrible. Yeah, they are bad Russell Wilson, not go to football right now, and it might be because he's scrambling for his life at all times. But man, they were talking about, he just has no help. He has. No, because they paid them. When you pay somebody like that, you put the whole team on his shoulders, and that's what happens. The Thanos get thing is we ended now that I am a big time superhero gut. I love that mov-. That's the Seahawks team is just completely been torn apart. Doug Baldwin's hurt like he doesn't have him and Brandon. Marshall's I receiver, but he's been the league for twenty years. He always seems to just not win. Brandon Marshall ever been. All career. So I watched him with the Broncos play against, get fifteen touchdowns in the game. He played us. I think he had maybe fifteen touchdowns. Yeah, it was one of the most absurd things I've ever seen. Then you see them just on Showtime, he has a show every week on their, he's so well speaks, well, he's, he's all these stats and everything, and he just never wince. It's just like shame like show Thomas like Joe Thomas one of the best wide receivers in the history of the game, just never ever win. Never ever win. This weekend was fucking wild. Patrick Mahomes is an absolute doll. He's a beast. He is an absolute dog with a cannon. By the way we used to have show on Sirius XM somebody called in patch Mahomes MVP book it, and we're like, well, let's get crazy here, but we should have trusted a cool, eight man. Andy Reid. Whenever he decided ship MVP possibility out Smith out of town and say, we got this young guy who's a monster. He's so good if I think we all knew he was going to be good. I don't think we knew he was going to light it up like that. This is Andy Reid season though the first five games. This is Andy Reid season Kool aid, man, Andy Reid. This is what he does every year he comes out swinging every year. They're hot, everything like that. But I mean. I just I don't know how you stop tyreek hill, Travis. I don't know how you stop it. I know Steelers did pretty good stopping them. They hit zero catches in the first half. So. Peterson could stop them. Killed Travis. Kelsey wide open in the middle. It's just one of the other. I'm gonna hold off annoying Patrick Mahomes the next great one yet. Like let me see more than two games. Really? Yeah. I mean that he is lighting. Patrick played good for two games to we think spectrum all of a sudden a great quarterback is twelve th year in the league. Yes, speaking of get your fits magic right now, although fits magic has been trademarked by Minka fits batches. What the FOX mink Uffizi. He was the first round pick for dolphins this year from Alabama. He just playing chessman. So I thought this was a porn star. It's Patrick was a porn star. And I honestly believe that this is another football player on this first round pick for dolphins replace corsair. This is another football player cocking another. Yeah. Oh my God. He's that the union, I. Off last week ago, a dick. Beats to the trade market guy. It's been in the league twelve years. Harvard guy just now having a good season. Yeah, just found the Asians. It just now. All right, but that the Harvard guide to the trademark well, Fitzpatrick studying filming the Tampa Bay Buccaneers PR job s. should be locking that Don. Fitzpatrick he doesn't k now he's twelve years in a league quarterback. He's gotten so much guaranteed money from little stops everywhere. Yeah, by the way. Great shirt coming off. So right now, show dot com. Go grab it. I, it's even if you're not a buccaneers fan, you'll love. I'm gonna wear. I'm gonna wear until maybe not this week where it after this week playing Steelers still has got no fucking shot. I'm not against Ryan Fitzpatrick. He's he's making plays right now on the run scrambling laying out. And then you just got the real housewives of Pittsburgh happening with the Steelers Browns at trade me today. Gruden's shaving really wanna be traded Pittsburgh's the most blue-collar fucking nose to the grindstone city there is and all they got to deal with what their football team used to be the vodka steel curtain back air mean Joe Greene, Mike Webster, all these, Greg Lord, you're talking about bam, bam, more keel. KEO Monto mall. His banner after bad ass and now they're going to deal with bro strip up wrapping. He's on jetskis morning. Live in his best life danger tasha at it. It's all showed a bus. They say, money can't buy happiness. Have you ever seen somebody on jetski met. Levin join us Dana Taj. You're spot on about that. Then you're gonna Tonio Brown asking to be traded. Ben roll. This burgers heard all of a sudden again, right? Going to bad elbow or something like this is every year. But as long as saying, this should not become this should not be the norm for the Pittsburgh Steelers. And you know why it is. It starts at the top all the way down. If you hand all this bullshit off season, it's not a big deal. Now, granted are the players asked him for too much is soon, but in Tonio Brown yelling and his offense coordinator for not get him to ball. And now you've got the reporters in Pittsburgh saying, Tonio Brown's, the problem, the best football player and football is the bra that was mind numbing to me to wake up after game, giving up sixteen and however many yards three in regards into see them bashing AB because he yelled at the offense coordinator, the entire Pittsburgh media wants to be next Cabela's. So they just write stuff that knows is gonna get fucking reaction ins. God, no hope against the Tampa Bay bucks lost. Do Chicago last year in week three and they barely beat the Browns week on the same as last year. They're gonna go fucking twelve and four. Again, you guys tied a team. That is just a perennial poor decision maker. The Browns deserve to be in my barn of bad decisions to be all day, Josh Gordon to the patriots for fifth rounder is just such this, you know, whenever they're thinking about trading Chris, Paul, I think that a Lakers Commissioner came in. It was like, this is something that you would hope Roger Goodell just like, no, we know you can't fuck and do this Bill. This can't happen because this what's going to happen in the dog pound doesn't deserve this. They've watched Josh Gordon for years and years. Bumble fuck is career way smoking dope smoking. Newydd not paying child support, not showing up doing this doing that. And then he's going to go to New England. You know, it's going to happen. He's gonna walk in that locker room and Tom Brady Bill Belichick, and the rest of the group is going to be a, hey, man. We don't fuck around appear k. you get your shit together and get the fuck out. And he's going to be like, well, I would like to get rich and be a Super Bowl champion. And Tom Brady is gonna be like, that's what we do here in his life on the straight narrow they got, we. It legal, Massachusetts, keep them away from it. They'll just keep moving and somehow some way the patriots are now favorite's probably to win the fucking Super Bowl because they got a deep threat again and it's all she wrote for everybody. Finally, the patriots human. They lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars, which they should've lost the AFC championship. They lose in. Everybody's like this is it me included this? Is it Bill Bella checks, losing his dodge the old school, pissed off guy isn't gonna work anymore, Tom Brady with the yacht Giselle. Right. Mechanical. Campbell gronkowski threatening retirement, Julian Adam, and taking supplements. Nobody knows about it seems getting rid of handsome, Danny amendola. It's like this is it. This is the collapse of it. And then all of a sudden whammy bring in an avatar, bring in a guy that can take the top off of the defense and all of a sudden they're back in the game because Cleveland can't help, but act like Cleveland, they're the fuck worst. I hate that fucking city so much, not the city small cities. I don't think the dog pound in city of Cleveland deserves personal. Braun, personal Brown, yeah. Yeah. He wanted to leave the city shit. She's, you need to. Tosh when is working Braun, James Lakers shirt right now wouldn't have been caught dead with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Go head LeBron's hairy. Grow Zeno. You need to do that. Zito got the spray paint hair on his head from balanced the barber, say the bears are wanna know with my new hairline. Yeah, they are now every morning you're at the wake up early enough to shower, hopefully put some fucking socks on and spray painting your head. Again, this is some that's gonna come home in the morning routine. I have talked to Mike and I am on the way of buying all plus for that might the Barbara comes in every single Monday and just does work that people's heads. James, Connor, which got criticize roughly. A white guy didn't fuss white. I did not do that. He came in, he trimmed up my my beard as if it was like chinstrap back in the day a little bit too tight for my liking. But I'm not going to say anything because he sprayed it down with some shit to make it look thicker too. So I appreciate that. Then he gives you a hairline all of a sudden, I appreciate what he does, but he needs. He's taken easy. Rawson trying to shoot. Good. I appreciate that. But in today's I'm not gonna be able to do this. This is like an artist on, right. And in today's whenever what hair what is do gross, I can't fuck and do this. What am I supposed to do? He hasn't like perfectly shaped, what am I fucking like? One of them campuses he should have made a stencil for you. That's all you're facing shave around. That's what I'm going to need to stop with the put a mirror in front of us because we never know what he's doing because we're staying at a blank wall, put a mirror there. Yeah, I fell asleep too. It is relaxing. He's really good software. But the Browns can't help themselves. They can't help themselves and it's a shame because it seemed like they were gonna have a good team this year. Fucking. So the kicker, Zing all is they knew he was hurt growing injury. This sounds like xenon Gonzalez's people PR spin here what it is. I think so, because if you're growing hearts, it is a big deal for kicker. 'cause using a lot of groin hip flexor. I mean, it's a lot of pool there and now with that being said, toward all compound you through that, let's unless it's ripped, which if you're hitting fifty two yards wide right instead of normally if you're hurting, you're going to like duck hook because you're pulling in. So the ball is going to go left. It's going to trail left, but also if you can't get through it, you're gonna push it right, but having a fifty two yarder spray that high and that far right makes me think it wasn't a ripped grind. Might have just been a little bit of a pool, which definitely sucks for shore, but toward l. can take that away. I don't know saying taking total or not, but that's definitely a rough outing. For Gonzales. And if he was hurt, they probably give him nauseous sit out, but he sits out. He's never going to be on the team. Again, it's an interesting situation. You know what I mean? It's one. I don't blame them for cutting Amita. We have to Mike Zimmer by the way. When he was asked why he cut the kicker, Daniel Carlson, and he responds with. Did you wash fucking get. Coach wide. You cut the kicker. Type of fucking. He missed three kicks one being thirty five yarder to potentially lock up money line win for. In Indianapolis, that he bet his barking house on that was unbelievable. He did that in those for the brand videos. A lot of people ask if I film them live or not. Just go ahead and watching that one back just here the max drain my Bank account while he misses that I was ready to lose my shit for the Viking Karlsen. I was ready to do the Viking clap, thin. But instead here we are worse gambling weekend in my life double at Donald fucking Russell Wilson last night. So you covered for like the press conference, but for Bosnia for BAAs worth, how does he bounce back was well buzzwords the, he had to. Yes, right. I don't. Yeah, he's over thinking everything right now. Whenever we drank with Boswell at the Cowboys Saint place, Todd Haley broke hip at same place that has a little person as the main security guy who's awesome. By the way, James Boswell was there and Jordan. Barry were there the punter so we were all drinking together BAAs is a smooth cat by the way, had a chain on. He's, he's lice, fade nice, great fade. He had a Texas Houston fade in. There was real tight Paul wall. And when I was talking on like, man, you hit the ball just so pure because he does. That's what he hits the ball. So pure. I'm like, what are you do is like, man, I just swing. I don't really think much. So then once you see him start missing, what happens is there's a lot of thought that goes into it. So it's just like in Gulf right? You get over the ball and you start thinking about everything. There's a good chance that they're you're going to over, think it and you're gonna, fuck yourself up. I mean, it's just always same thing with kicking same thing with putting any craft. I'd assume pitcher, same exact way if they start thinking about hitting the. Strike zone or something like doing this instead of this, it becomes paralysis by analysis, and I believe that is what Chris Boswell Boswell is happening right now. You get twenty million becomes a lot of pressure to become the guy you. You get paid in everybody wonders why college kids suck. Kicker suck. And I suck for a while in college kicking ninety percent mental. So whenever you add the pressure of having seventy five thousand people watching on national TV and you're eighteen years old nineteen years old, the only thing you can help is experienced some people. Got it. Some people don't and you throw. These kids are playing high school soccer, probably in front of forty five people in these stadiums, and they do a minute craft a very minute swing that you can either over think or not think at all. And I think right now boswell's in his own head hidden hypnotists do work with this. This is something sports. It is do work with it. I mean, there's a guy in Pittsburgh who's noted guy who does it? Yeah, hypnotist would work to kind of get him out of his own head. But also I think a nice rub and tug or. Some vitamins that happen because at the point now if you're Boswell, if you're at one out, I can't get any fucking worse rate home is all just go swing a mardi rich, like that's the thought that you need, but that's a veteran that you need to tell him that. So that's why they brought in a veteran punter that was potentially going to be signed today to them potentially. He would be able to go in there and be like, hey, man, just chill. Fuck out. This is not that big of a deal. You're you're, you can't get any worse. You're already rich, just go swing. It's one of those things where us kind of got to let it ride in. That becomes a big deal for a lot of people. Dana Carson, the rookie. I mean, he he's one for four and his career right in once you miss one, then he started like, oh shit, then you start over thinking and over thinking golf, kicking pitching all these crafts that you have to master the analysis in your head can really become the brain the killer to it all. And that's why if you get the, then he started thinking about the when you're laying in bed at night and you can't fall asleep. You're like, why can't I fall asleep. And then he start thinking about why you can't fall and then you're over thinking everything. Next thing, you know, it's an hour and a half later two hours later in you're not sleeping at its thing, but in front of millions of people happening, it's really it's a mental game. It is a hundred percent of mental game, and that's why you see people like Zang. I said yesterday in the press conference, he's gonna need a passport, not because his last name's Gonzales, not because of that, but because he's probably going to Canada, maybe. But there's sometimes guys that can't get out of this. Just start over thinking everything you can never get out of it. And that's not a shot at the CFO. Obviously, if the CFO guys were good, they'd be in the fucking NFL so it's not get crazy. I think they're good, but it's all mental game. Everything's a mental game and all these guys, I think just got in their head now. Obviously, there's some technique misses that you can have everyone's Gostkowski Crosby these guys who are just perennially. Awesome. Whenever they start missing, you assume it's just a technique thing or maybe the hold was office spot inch, either way off spot is a whole MRs. Well, these, it's like setting up for a drive in having the t move right before you hit it. I mean, that's gonna. Fuck you a little bit could be anything like that. But for the lot of the young folks, the young guys, it's a mental thing and they just can't get out of their own way. That's it's a tough thing in for me. I was always to dump. So. Really, it was really, really cool. I would miss and I would be very upset about it. But the next time I go out there, I'm not like all I wonder why I missed it was just like I was. So I was like, I don't wanna get that pissed off at me again. So let's try to make it better in for putting. I had no clue owes happening. My first couple years, I'd hit a schenken no idea why. So it's not like I'm over thinking. It's like I have no clue why that happened. Let's hope it goes better. It was a pretty fun little thought like heavy. I'm nesia basically the best thing for kicker. Just forget it. No, no, because I don't think you should forget it either. So I used to get so mad at myself. I used to get so mad at myself for fucking up. Then I would not wanna feel that way. Again, everybody would be like you have to have short term memory. If a corner gets burnt, they can't think about it again. I think that is not accurate all the time now do I think if you just act like it didn't happen, just kind of urban Meyer it. I mean, that's not. Joe Paterno it or just any school in the big ten just act like it didn't happen on a bad play. But for me, I handled it a different way. I will get so angry. I'll get so angry at myself. Whenever I miss, I'd be like, all right. I'm not gonna feel that way. Again, I do not want. So I would remember like I hated how he felt there. I feel like almost busted a blood vessel in my fuck and head. I don't wanna do that again. I just think there's different ways to handle everything. But whenever you're doing the action itself, you just kinda gotta let it ride in just I think that's really the issue with BAAs I think that's the issue at Gonzales. I don't think he has any hope. I think it's going to be about a year or two before he can get that out of there. That becomes something very difficult. Charles Barkley said, what ten years? Twenty minutes. And it's also he's one of the best athletes of all time mentally. So it's just one of those things where you just got to kind of get it other goalies. Same thing Galway's getting their own head to this is if these situations that are these positions where you're only operating in a very quick time period, there's a lot of thought that can get in the way, and it's that's what happened to the brand on Sunday. A lot of things. I often wonder if it's my fault. They're trying too hard. The spotlight people are going to watch this. Yeah, I wonder if because Thomas morstead told me last year after he hit a sixty yard ball and Monday night football while he was jogging silent, he was like Pat better, fuck and saw it's become a real thing, you know? So it's it's a situation where I wonder if I just I'm not going to continue. I mean, like the athletes in in legends that are happening forth. If it's too much pressure, you could just quit, maybe halftime. Greatest thing I've ever seen in my entire life favorite move ever pulled off. I don't know that. But what I would think up not gonna go back up. Tuck down on me and now. Gore place by. What do you mean vaunting. I'll get my shit. Out. What do you mean you're out here? I'm. I would say, yeah. What am I supposed to tell them? Dell. The heart of him when he goes. I know people my dummy, but. Good. We buffalo buffalo. But when it came to really like. Bill. Favorite Prussian by far I love on team. Yeah, I was very lucky to be his team. He came out of Miami when it came to the coats and he was a wild animal in Miami. He had Ferrari. He was living wild. He was out every night. He and Joe Philbin didn't get along because he wasn't exactly the player that they wanted down there in. He's self admittedly said that Miami was tough for him. He said, I had a lot of money and there's a lot of options in Miami. So when he came into the coats, he saw it as like a a reprieve almost like to kind of slow down life. He got found a lady's got married, he's he was in hot sub everyday. An act like a vet hot tub coats training room, and I got a chance to be around him a lot a lot both in all the situations vaunted was a very good teammate to us. Very, very good team in that is whenever he get excited. That's how he spoke. He was, he always knew his job. He was a primetime corner for us. We paid him a lot of money. He was shutting people down people down. I don't know what the fuck happened when it got the buffalo, I think he he might have had because corner is a position and vantera always had an interesting gate when he ran, it always looked like he was in pain and until game time it was only was wide open corner is the most athletic position on the field because you were covering the fastest people on the field. So it's not like widely in the football community corner. We talked about this with Dion corners, the most athletic person on the field because you have to cover who a lot of people think is the greatest athletes on the field. And if you have one thing wrong with you, whether it's a groin a hip as a couple injuries, I think Hammy one point. If you have something wrong with you, you can get exposed quickly in whenever you're out on an island by yourself in if a quarterback season, I think touchdown or to happen against in the first half, I believe against. Philip rivers, I believe touch on happened in the end zone. I think something else happened is well, you get exposed quickly in that can become a very miserable situation. If you're an elite corner and you're not at your top game. Now, granted, does that excuse just leaving at halftime? I don't think so. I don't think that is a cool thing. I think waiting until after the game is probably the way to go because there's guys that could have been brought up to the roster that are on the practice squad could've played. There's people that could've got opportunities during the week to showcase that, blah, blah, blah, all that shit. But I do believe he said in a statement, he didn't think he was good enough anymore and he probably got his own in his own headed after he might have went and took a shit. And while he's sitting down on John. I don't. I go back up. No way. Phil river. No, I'm not a top Gaiman now. He goes back out and he's done with it, but the teammates that's pretty disrespectful. I could see how a lot of the teammates did not enjoy it right, but for me as a teammate with him at the colts like I can everyone's going after him and I sent out a video congratulated. Because I like vantera a lot. I mean, I like a lot, but that was a bad, bad, bad move. I think he would minute to like in a couple, maybe in a couple of weeks if he comes on the show couple months thinking, right. I wouldn't think in Addis thought I had to get Patty. I can't wait quitting hall of fame. I respect a quitter. He's in my whole fame him France. What have time to very fresh on day. He thinks something else happened like like the play and they're like, no. Imagine playing as long as he did at the highest level being great. And then all of a sudden you. God dammit. I can't compete anymore. That's got. I would fuck off to. I would be just so devastated member. Macy's remember in preseason what's his face? Did Jon Ronson John Ross arena four two. He literally turned vaunting in a circle and that one viral viral with the quickness. And that is something where I'm sure got an his head, kept him moving as like, man, I ain't God anymore. Suck waiting till the end of the game is something definitely should do, and just have a conversation with your teammates and coaches saying, hey, like this thing like before I retired everybody on the Team New that I was done everybody. I told everybody at this point I did on comedy central, whatever. What I think that was the, he owed his teammates at. I think I do think that I think you'll even admit that at some point like, hey, I kinda fucked this one up, but the NFL is nonstop. Action and football is nonstop action. There's so much drama happening at all times. Last night, Todd, mccombs who is a detective for twenty years used to use a sip people. Don on the table in interview. I want the truth. He would say to these people, you can't handle the say. He put out a tweet about urban Meyer's interview that really made me go well. I didn't know that I watched bull which is about doctor Phil's life as a trial scientists basically comebacks week. Yup. Monday night new time, which sucks by the way on Monday night raw and now fucking boom. I three favorite shows are on the same God damn night. They let you tell your toes brought this up now. So bull there's always like curl did. There's really there's always like a like, oh, your foot is facing the door. Many, you're uncomfortable. I want to exit mama, blah, blah, blah. But they never dug into how people answer or look Todd. You send out a tweet last night. Those very interesting about the urban Meyer. Could you explain the whole situation please? Yeah, for the people that spent for hours googling to let me know that I wasn't thorough enough in my explanation in two hundred fifty characters. Let me expand to forty one fucking hate the most. But anyway, body language, I said, body language to simplify it. So it makes sense to everybody. Technically it is neuro linguistic programming. Weight is simply how your brain react. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on those people, all Google it, and it seems like you Google it as well. That word you just use there seems like you look that up with the. Remember that's part of the school. It's a very basic. It's Listrik programming. But if I say that people, you know whatever body language makes it simple to understand. So neuro linguistic programming is what how basically how your brain is best. I recall reacts to how you speak how you communicate in language speaking. So it used to cops would say, retie off a guy looks up until the right. He's being deceptive. It's not that simple. Then it grew to whatever is your writing hand. If you look up and toward the side of your writing hand and you're creating because that's how you right, right. And if you look to the opposite side, chances are you are recalling from. Right needs notes. So so I thought it was. I studied this too. Of course, you watch one hundred. Basically when he said the, he had the hadn't seen the photo of Courtney Smith until we could go and then corrected himself. And he looks up to that side. I've mmediately. I was like, oh, that was interesting as a guy who sat in a investigative chair and had to interview hundreds if not thousands of people, right? Yes. Same way like if I was at detective in that moment, I just out of habit wanting to grab my notebook. Right, three weeks. Question Mark photo. Right. 'cause I'm gonna come back and revisit that, and but then I had export is eve right handed check that out. I did. I thought first pitch at a baseball game. Right here. So so what's that was? I was like, oh, that's interesting. And for the people that were due going for hours responding, yes, one behavior. One single behavior isn't a one hundred percent and the the. The business? Yeah, sure. They're Colt every big ten school seems like falling, which is good for business. By the way I'm not. I'm not gonna knock. So basically if the like, all right, so I'm gonna take what I saw there and put it in a police interview setting. Right? So his interview would have started with baseline questioning. I would lay out simple easy to recall answers like instant recalls. Like what your birth, what your address, things like this, just to get you in the routine of answering truthfully without thinking. And then I would expand the baseline questioning to question or three about something that you have to recall from memory that you would have no reason to lie about. So in his case, I would be like. How long exactly have you known myth. That's not something you could snap off. That isn't something he's been rehearsed and right. He's had. He wasn't thinking, okay, this is the questions I'm going to have to answer. That's something you get him off of his, like whatever a telemarketer calls you get them off the script that's office. Yes. Got it. So then honest reaction. Right? So he's think now the rules should be. He looks up into his left, but however he reacts, you note it all right, because I know he's telling the truth and you had no reason to not tell the truth giving three or four questions like that, and then you hit him with the photo photo question and you look for an abnormality or something that's different and why we had here, boom. I'm like, all right now I'm onto something if I was that simply what I was saying the tweet is this is interesting because normally this would be something I would Mark down and really dive into. So without being there for the baseline questions, you can't one hundred percent. Saying that he was, which is I'm sure what the high state people like. Well, you don't know. This could be different. Everybody acts different, the brain snowflake. Everybody's deferent- criminal. I on the wall anything. But what you're saying is that was something whenever you want. Oh, like then I would so from then, I would like to ban I was cut him away sitting that chair the one interviewing him, but any tomor any decent detective would do? I would then since I made note of it, I would follow up with like more questions about that required more detailed answering about the time line. I'd be like, well, we're, we're you when you saw those pictures and making thinking, then I watch. I react some. Now I'm looking for multiple signs of deception that for on the same topic, right? We all know he knew, right. We're all in that role in that boat. So of course he was doing an interview, so we obviously had to look and make eye contact and all that. Like if you were interrogating someone and they just kept their head down there is down the entire time and answered everything they were looking at like a piece of paper from them. Would that be a tactic that would be useful against you in terms of trying to not admit anything to you? Oh, yeah. That's poker players who are sunglasses or turtleneck. Yeah. 'cause their heart would beat harder on their neck and I would always wear a hoodie and if I wouldn't wear sunglasses because I want to look at the person, but it's there's always ways to beat that. Do you guys make people take everything off? You try to disarm them as much as you can, and that's where like separates good detectives from gray detectors or good interviews degree interviews like take breaks, you reset you, you're like, oh, he's he's being way to guard right now. I'm just going to shoot the shit shit. Shit. I'm not gonna talk about anything important until until I see him open up and see his body language change a little bit. I'm gonna criminals. Do you think he became friends with just certain shit with thought you're becoming friends with them? Probably all of them. Ninety percent of them. I still think this could possibly all be a stink Todd working here. Yeah, I still think this is the biggest thing. Longest laundry list of evidence by now. It's probably Grigson hiring them. I need some shit fucking McAfee. There you figure out whatever he can do piece of shit double h of the paid narc. Now that was interesting to watch as reacting, and I definitely think he's bullshitting. You know, like the question I wanted to ask him once I get to that point would be like, so you you're going to tell me right now that there's no chance that anyone else would have told me or anybody else that they shared that picture with you via text message or Email prior to three weeks ago, and then I wanna see what he looks like when he answers dot EU and a lot of its body. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. You want to narrow, he would ask for lawyer. The lawyer would do all the answering urban Meyer, yes, yes. Or somebody that status. Yeah, I think he issue here with her, but Meyer he's he's on such a big platform and he's supposed to be a leader of young men right night. It's this is that's like with Richard Rigas. I mean, we want a lot of games. There's no way that guy. That's guy that our our team looked each other guy. We. This is a guy we wanna be like, you know, it's one of those. That's the situation. It's like the university more so than even him in my opinion because the given the fact that they proved that he lied about having been arrested ever in his life while he's application when he was hired by urban Meyer and urban Meyer knew that, let's we're going to dive into Ohio State here in about a minute and a half. I think this, I don't want to say that this is a bash Ohio State podcast, but there's a lot of things that Ohio State has done strictly for money and power, which I guess from a business standpoint, you have to you can't respect it because that's all they're thinking about. But this interview you're about to hear is about there being I opener for Ohio State fans, I think for possibly just people who watched the NCW in general, how the NC double a. operates. Maury. 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I think you're gonna join this conversation. Ladies and gentlemen, joining us now is a man from Youngstown, Ohio. He was a running back for the Ohio State buckeyes and lead them to a national championship. Some contrivances followed led to him leaving the Ohio State buckeyes. His life story is one that I cannot wait to dive into an incredibly talented human who's been through a lot ladies and gentlemen, you can find them on the business in biceps podcast with Cory Gregory and John Fosko. He runs the red zone, a mental health and drug recovery agency. MAURICE chlorate. Pretty cool intro. Hey, I appreciate you MAURICE and I, I don't wanna take much your time here at loved the dig rate him because you have one of the most fascinating stories in the history of football, and I think your story does a lot of motivating and inspiring people about overcoming adversity and stuff like that. So let's get into it. You go to state you're being talked about is the greatest running back on earth. Is that some of the most precious times you've ever had in your entire life. One most precious. I would say yes, very notable. I think four for any kid, you know, when you when you playing football ultimately, you know go to a premier college in half success. You know, I think is is is a gold at that a lot of young guys have and that winter and to, you know, just teammates that were made practice. Our had memories, even though they were short lived. Those things were those things were better than great. They're fantastic and to accomplish so much in high school and then immediately go to college in our ten thirteen month span to accomplish. You know what we did in college. You know, I wouldn't trade memories four for the world. And you know those things happened back in two thousand two and three and still to this day on a matter where I'm at around the country, we were, I'm able to steal talk about those at least oppression to people that are lasting. Buckeyes fans love you for what you did for them with that being said to thirty thirty thirty thirty came out about you, and it seemed as if the AD wasn't the biggest fan of MAURICE claret or he wasn't the biggest fan of possibly the situations that were happening. Is there bad blood there between you own Ohio State? Or if bygones be bygones since then. For the story they made it. You know, for the national story came off, like, you know, I had a problem with a house state what it was actually just me in a in a tiff between Nath lake director. And at the time you take everything context context, you know, you know, he may have felt like he's got slighted for me. You had two big egos that were basically going against each other and you didn't culture, you know power and you do what race, you know, I'm inner city black kid who comes and makes his big splash on TV, and then I'm just being totally irresponsible, my power, and then you have him who who's not going to push around our disrespected by this kid who thinks he owes the university. And so I think if we we both had a chance to do over again that we will do it are we would do it in kind of a where it was, but you know me, you know how state we've never directly had problems though, is just a disagreement. Away of how do things at eighteen, but you know, eighteen years old and I'm pretty sure if you taking eighteen year old and you give him a tremendous amount of power in tremendous amount of a just leveraged oversee. We have more people saying, yes, rather than no, that that that they make the same station. So everything is between me and Ohio State now I don't make it down as much as I would like to be, you know, just a distance from universities about forty minutes from our thirty or forty minutes from my house, but usually make it to a couple of games a season. And I'm just happy to see those young off doing great things. These I don't wanna dive into the negative, but I feel like it's a huge part of your story in a huge reason why you're so inspiring your exit from Ohio State revolved around a lot of situations. There were death threats. I heard being involved. There's a lot of there's possible money involved. There's a rest. There was a murderer, I believe involved. What is everything? What is your side of the events that unfold there for you in Ohio states kind of kind of interesting separation. Oh, it was the, like I say, everything was dramatized on TV. My my reasoning forgetting left are leaving. How state was something like a fifty dollar check all of the allies that told insead overlays. So for every lie that told him that they went to investigate, you know, they, they gave me a sanction for anabolic hundred and twenty five sanctions, and they were asking me in this amounts of questions about teammates and things that may have taken place. But I, I didn't have a situation where I was taking chains and even a thousand dollars I didn't. I don't have a situation. I was taking thousands of dollars from boosters and cars from everywhere. Used a car for a used car dealership, the coroner broken into it in the process of the car, getting broken into our report, it the car being broken into all campus. And from there that was the extent of. The car situation. I happen to like an April of two thousand two thousand three later on that year they came back and they say, you know, how could you as a college student? Have you know, eight hundred dollars and three or four hundred CD's though CDs? I used to be back back in the day in those big bookcase, it's because you have those things and say, well, those things where they were actually in the car that I used to dealership because a car got repoed and the dealer kind of us the car because it was a cool looking vehicle at the time and that raise so much suspicion as if these are my items. And literally, if you if you go back to look into the and all that stuff is easy to get your hands on his public information. I didn't get to spend it for anything like that. It was like a fifty dollar check. I heard seeds for your fifty bucks receive from gentlemen to come to a kids party line can insead overlay about my whereabouts where I lived at odds condo, and I thought that that was legal at the time, but I li- him about where I was living at and just being formed coming about everything that they ask before is essential. Why got suspended? The turn came from this. Most people don't realize that when you do get suspended, your your university has to recommend the sanction in the in the crazy part about it at the insead delay shit that they would have been fired three or four days, but that you know, I actually recommended the entire season to spin the indefinitely, and that's where the bad blood became guy because he had an opportunity to say, hey, I'll sit you out three or four games. AA would have been totally fine with that because it wasn't like, you know, I accept fifty grand from a booster. They like this guy is lying bunch, which is pretty Monory, correct. Action plan. Excuse me, you know, slap him on the wrist or do something like that and getting back into the game. But the university wanted to make a bigger statement. The bigger statement was made because they knew they had Jim O'Brien, who was the basketball coach at the time getting ready to suspend this. They wanted to act like they were harsh on the stuff. So JIMBO ground who's the basketball. In the United. They're real good friends. And so the last heart tamales the disrespect he's given LS land white on Jim O'Brien, the basketball coach, a lot of politics, lot of stuff and found out after the fact, but you know, that's hotter debris, but gave you the story just because you know you act hopefully it was too much. It was amazing. I just learned so much that I never knew before because the thought the thought of the Gestapo NCWA finding down a sanction for every lie in eighteen year old tells them who straight out of the streets of Youngstown who's finally going to chase it alive like the adults didn't seem to act like the adults in this particular situation. They seem like they acted a lot more like Childs children. Here we go. The situation was calm Corey. So I had a booster in highschool gentlemen who was a booster club of high school friend our, he's a clip of art. He's a friend of program in getting shell from junior year ice Bill, right? And every month that he paid field, I was a different fraction. So instead of just saying, hey, you use a cell phone and it was legal Cavs, cellphone ice-cool every month that the Bill is paid. The people gave me an infraction. So. If you if you could round up, you know, maybe thirty six months. I was thirty six hundred and twenty-five fractions. You know what I'm saying. So you know, when you look into this, if you go look at other people, suspensions our highly notable and they got like a quarter of a million dollars when you when you shake everything out. You know, these facts aren't hard to find everything out. This is this is not not like some big scandal where you know POWs of money, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars just wasn't like that. There's more hand to do with Jim Brown versus AMP Geiger and MAURICE claret being person who disrespected anti nurse and, hey, you know, these guys lot about sending the home. So this was a pissing match, but it. But nonetheless a lot of learn from it. You know a lot that I wouldn't. You know, I wish I didn't have to go through, but nonetheless a lot with learn from it in a better person because that's all I can say eighteen years old though. I mean, so they fuck you over. You get suspended for a year that. Kind of turns your life into a complete different momentum that it was at your at Ohio State leading them to a national championship. I'm assuming the thought is a grind in this off season. I'm gonna keep it going, hopefully, NFL hopes with our everybody's talking. Instead, your life goes in the complete opposite direction in my correct. So you guys are spend it in probably the biggest time and you know, from being just football player, right? You know stress performance, but if easy, you know, if you wanna get better in the weight room, you go this way. If you wanna get better for speed and Juliette standpoint, you know, you go in, you know, run through some ropes or lift more weights or whatever you think you can do Tebessa to better become better. Asterix code actually happened was I've never dealt with personal stress. Right? And so when I was dejected from the actual university and I was kinda like put on the Sal on per se, I didn't know what to do it myself. I don't know what to do all that time and and dealing with all of that when it realizes that I found the the mood changer back in the bars, you know, back drinking back drug in back smoking, and you know, all this stuff just wasn't apart of my program prior to going to our state. Right. I was going to be like the next golden count and go with a couple of Heisman trophies and. You know, work my ass off. Eventually, you know, become, you know, become a one to become, but that's not kind of things played out. And what happened was I was just stressed out and so confused. And so you know, fucked up from the moment just to be blamed, but what you just smoking weed and popping pills and drinking and having a ton of sex with actually felt better. You know, when I look back on it, I wasn't doing nothing, but just trying to alter mood and an escape. Actually, you know what was going on. So you know, there's a few things. People can't teach you in being famous as one of them. You know, saying nobody tells you how to Stewart the saying that you that you receive on your either a professional athlete are collegiate athlete, and chances are if you don't have a good support system, you know when a huge adversity hits you, you kind of stay in the same situation, the fucked and literally kind of ice related myself. You know, the more success in guys feel felt like life was passed me by and innovation. I kinda like myself. You know, drinking and drug and became a thing, and I'm just trying to like less away from the world. You know, went out to southern California. I really thought that a hooky with Jim Brown going to excuse me LA at the time. He had a a program called American. We're helping guys transition from prison. I thought like is being around l. but when I got to LA was a completely different culture. You can drink and drug all day. Nobody says shit and still when I got out there, it was just it was. It was more of the same stuff about doing I o. And you know, when nobody's gonna like there to check, you are countable, you could become self destructive and not even know it. And that's what happened. And eventually, you know everything kinda cop to myself without going to the combine. I wanted to combat and thought like wholehearted. I was like mad. I'll go to combine and perform very well. And I'll kind of re correct everything, but just the abuse from prescription pills, a party, anything that kind of stuff and around everything came to a head on and eventually thing. Just kind of went downhill from there where you running. Were you selling drugs and shit like that? Or did I hear that wrong. Yes. So I was done with football, have a way to secure myself. So a little bit, you know, what am I going to take care of myself back into the streets? And so just like any other guy, you know, who's participating straight activity, you know, in between some dope marijuana? It was just kind of like my thing to do. You know, kinda how took care myself, you know, when you look back on it, you know. And I just wanna midget because you platform so huge in often times of these young guys go to universities and we actually think that were beating system by by going to these bullshit classes. You know, like when I was our state, I took, you know, officiating golf, -ficiating, softball independent studies and women's studies. And in the time in that time capsule you think it's a joke you are beating system during the football is no longer an option and you can't physically play and that universities in part of your life. You know when you've got kids responsibilities, and you have all this other stuff that is. That that are real things in life. You start to realize that you weren't hot shit that you were basically push those system and used for athletic ability. You know, a lot of these guys and we myself come from failing school districts, and I just think there's a responsibility that the university should take that, you know, even if we're not going to get you the of scholarships from here you can academically perform. We should at least take an initiative to raise your current level, reading their c- mathematics and everything else. And so that was just my two cents on this happen. You know, just turned back into the same character. I was, you know, before football started in Finchley you know what was doing before I got in football, I was into crowns and and I wanna stupid shit like young kids and football kind of saved my life. But once football didn't factor in my life anymore, I wasn't able to play turn back to the same key big ass game. You can play football who thought that, you know, just being gangster was more important than growing. Fuck up. And that's the nutshell, if that makes absolutely. It's at West Virginia. We had a lot of guys who couldn't even read, but they were there. And it was just a situation where you really do watch the university, just used them for their ability. Now, granted, they're getting a lot out of it to write a potential opportunity to get out of the streets, move up, move on, potentially make the NFL and all that shit. But if it fails, there's not a lot to fall back on. Whenever you degree is athletic coaching education, there's not really much can do. So I see that all the time and I respect you coming on speaking about it. Let's get back to did you work for gang? Were you being by yourself? Did you try to build your own empire? Oh, no, no, I really by myself, you not ran with Gaza my neighborhood. I come from Youngstown. We don't have gangs or not super prominent guys are are are more geographically. They are. He from the south side, you can hang from southside neighborhood are north south east side or west side wherever you have. So we just pretty much activity amongst me guys. My neighborhood too many talion two times. Yeah, yeah. We do have a. Wouldn't put a bunch of Italians, but we do have a bunch of talian in a rich Italian culture within the city of young style, too many man. I'm from Pittsburgh to many fucking Italian. You're right next door. Yeah, you're right. A lot of Italian. So now I see you do a speaking circuit. You're out there basically telling your story, and I assume that's to inspire motivate others that they can overcome adversity as well. Why don't you talk about that a little bit? How can people book if they want you to come talk your stories, incredible, and you coming out on the other side of this as professional in clean as you are is very remarkable. I hope you know that. Yeah. So I mean, most of most of my speaking engagements are booked that MAURICE click online dot com. I, I do three things speaking is probably the least of what I do is probably the most visible. And so I do think in the Gators I've spoken probably the over four hundred times to different universities, businesses, whatever, whatever you can name probably poking all on these different platforms, these different venues, but everything is booked through. Excuse me. I'm already online dot com. Also wanted on other bigger things I do is a business and biceps without Cory and John Fosko. That is one of the things I think I call my therapeutic platform, love those and what we're able to do on a weekly basis and also run the red zone. The red Zona where mental health recovery agency for adults and Atta leci- probably employees about one hundred and fifty people. Now where both in the city of Youngstown also. Oh Columbus, where I live at travel back and forth running both offices and places in a lot of alert either through mental health, I call it mental wellness, the importance of mental wellness and people being mentally fit in the whale and understanding that his thing just as much as we understand that physical fitness thing. And you know, if you wanna bare chest and triceps, there's many different platforms that you can go and find that, but understand that mental wellness Mitchell fitness to endure all the stresses and traumas and situations the life that those things and ultimately neglecting my mental health is kind of put me in a downward spiral for ten years, and I'm using a platform, and I going to speak to people until my story. I'm talking about in raising awareness and given that you that these are things but be through be personally speaking the platform to podcasts or the the, the, the technical part with our facility, social workers, counselors and everything. I love working with those people because you know, we we directly tie into. What's going on inside of the country. A lot of people going through personal shit be at trauma, the stress and being everything to you, I'd make and relating your mental mental fitness arguments condition in the linkage of the correlation to it is highly important. I'll just try to use my story to inspire to motivate and to encourage. That's fucking awesome. MAURICE, your hell of a human brother. Hope you know that from the streets Youngstown to what you're doing now is absolutely incredible. I, I do hope you know that you are inspiring, encouraging and motivating humans on a regular basis. I can't thank you enough for coming on the show and quick question though, an owner bring it back at any point that you think you were the next publis Kabar anything. When your sound. Just like everything else. I think every kid e- even when they're doing illegal activity, I'm saying, I think that every kid wants, you have success and they want to the best and what they're doing. And I'll say, just just to make it known. You know, some people say internet where they take things out of context and that nothing that I promote. You know what I'm saying? If I can do it all over again, I probably wouldn't do most of the stupid shit that I've done, but I'm happy to come out on the other side because you know, like I could've been dead, I could be in jail for lifetime. Couldn't be on his platform farther to you and and just being here being healthy being sound mind and being able to speak, you know, from where I'm at right now is a blessing to, so I appreciate the opportunity. My brother is cool. Like I had no clue at a platform was huge as it was just because I wasn't doubt into internet even though I'm only internet all the time dowdy, but. It's cool to see you transition and say what you've done. Two different heights being fellow football. Well, I appreciate that in not a lot of people know that I'm a monster. MAURICE itches. Live out. Out. I hate you so much man, marine claret online dot com. Business and biceps buck gas is a very good one in what you're doing with the red zones. Incredible. Thank you so much for opening up here, and it's nice to know that you do have that elite mindset, the no matter what you do, you want to become the best. I respect that so much ladies and gentlemen and absolute legend of human man. It's gonna leave a lot more good than any of these small negative. He has done in this world. MAURICE clerics. Thank you so much. Hey, cheers, manteca. Thank you. I loved it. I absolutely love that conversation with him. We got it yesterday in last night. I thought about it a lot. How about them stack and charges? Todd, like cops bullshit. It's a state trooper move right. Thirty six and fractions for the cellphone. Not just you have a cell phone each month. They paid is an infraction a sank Greeks and move bullshit. It was just the latest in. I've been anti for a long time. I think I might have been one of the leaders of the charge to bash the way back in. It's because I watch things that happened to my teammates in watch stuff happened. There's a lot of people that love the answer. I think does a lot of good too. I mean, college football, college, basketball, all the everything is just solid, you know, but God damn there some real badge, heavy sons a bit. I just don't know how they can sleep at night ruining. I mean, trying to ruin kits ruining the kid. They legitimately ruin MAURICE correctly. Yeah, they, I mean, steak I did as well, but the end of lay helped. I mean, that was ruining his. They sent him on a path of destruction back to discreet s- back mazing person, but usually. Wouldn't have had to hit rock bottom. Seems like they're just punishing not helping reform. You can do both. You can punish him for the. You can give them the sanctions, but you can also help him and guide him. So he doesn't fall into that streetlife day. Didn't see any more cash value. Exactly. So they just cut him loose. That's what it comes down to asking him if he thought he was gonna be blessed. By the way, I was very. Trying to move passing. Gotta ask. Did you think you're going to be a good drug dealer released? Did you like? Yeah, I wanted to be the best. He said. I know gangs gangs in his own little operation, respect, entrepreneurialism that business and biceps guess pretty cool to listen to the guy started muscle farm and sold it for hundreds of millions of dollars, Cory Gregory from Columbus, Ohio. John Fosko, who's a UFC agent, I believe back in the day and MAURICE clear at Chattanooga. Life is cool. I think you should go check that out that red zone things really cool. He's given back to the community that he felt probably he was a part of for a long time. That's awesome. It is really cool. I'm thankful MAURICE Klitschko. Yes, he was really, really open, really, really cool and very very thankful. Another guy who was really cool for me guy took me in under his wing when I got to the NFL. Ladies and gentlemen joining me now is one of my favorite teammates I've ever had in my entire life. He's a BCS national champion, a Super Bowl champion. A man who was a first round traffic for the Indianapolis Colts running back standing at five, eleven two hundred and fifteen pounds wore the number twenty nine Jozo of core who do. Died june. I love it. I love it. How are you? I'm doing I'm doing real good. We're down in Houston right now on full-time daddy duty, fulltime husband duty just live in the world down there. All this. I mean Houston. Taking the wartime here when I was in when I was playing ball, it's crazy. Enjoy being a father down there out again, I'm joined every bit of it. Good of your kid Jalen plane. All the musical instruments, dancing, you got some talented little kids down there. Locate, look, man. One thing I learned about football, man, and this is a serious part of it not put all your as one basket to call. Right? Oh, man, football is so controlled. And what I mean by. Who go to the NFL or the NBA and we know so many people short and they get hurt or whatever. So my thing expose even he likes playing football playing about about one or whatever. 'cause my can grow a little bit more. Well, I respect that a lot. That's good fatherhood by what will you let your kid play football? It sounds like you are letting him play football and stuff like that. I went to a whole with him, right. So the first time you wanted to play, whatever I flag football just to have fun in the next year. I actually took him to a little league football game the whole year. So insitute action to the ladies. They come out to play football because they player on TV catch the ball, and they don't really know what is going on out there. Right. So I want him to really understand understand the injuries understand all letting with their pet that they wanna play. So. I to be with him or whatever. I kinda micro manage him and make sure they not taking on any big hits or whatever. So he can enjoy the game as a running back. You're talking about a position that get slaughtered on a very regular basis. How's your body? How's the brain? You are a BCS national champ Super Bowl champ just the a running back legend. How's the body? Has the brain feel after the wear and tear man aren't? Do we have twice a week. You're trying to maintain their my back. My showed of having a little little interest of whatever lingers on the running back position. Man, I loved it, but that's something I would not let my kids play because of what you just said that man, you get hit you you when you have the bug, you get hit when you. Protecting every place. So that's something that I do not play that to this d. Do you watch Todd Gurley or the running back position now in, do you understand? Why do you feel for why left bell is not performing, not showing up, or do you think he should for fourteen million in the franchise tag be there? Or do you feel like, hey, he's gonna get drove to the ground here when this is just a one year run a player basically for the Pittsburgh Steelers, I'm man. I don't know the hears about what's going on him, but I think about life after football, right bail ever died in. I'm selling tickets that his judge was sold them thinking about all day. Not gonna come out on top meaning his body, his mind, right once team to win the bag is one dollars visit. So I think he wants to get his money up front and on that. He don't do a lot of damage throughout his political. I don't blame him for trying to get more money. Me neither by the way I was not at all pet man. Listen Costa me. I have something that man, I'm limping. I saw your video man. I have to go use the bathroom on thirty minutes to get to the restaurants. How old are you? Thirty five. God damn living like seventy down there like an old as a pill someday look good, but some days it gets bad man contract. I talked to the fan. I kiss Pittsburgh still saying yesterday at my phone's concert, and she was talking to me from a point of view, and I understood with fans. To be entertaining. I get that part of it or whatever, but they don't consider everything. They don't look at the bigger picture. You get don't come in from from what somebody. So it's not so much about ODI but making money. This is the standard. This is the standard or whatever. So they have to live on the standard. It doesn't mean, oh, I'm I'm getting a million dollars on bliss million dollars is a lot of money. But when you look at it from that perspective is not a lot of money. When you think about you're doing the same thing that other guy that dawn on your payments, just bigger these other guys or whatever you want the same type of money. I get that. And when I explained that to she understood it, you were one of the greatest teammates I've ever had in any sport, and I'm saying that as is the, no, you took me in as a friend when basically nobody else. All the white dudes were all super odor. The only other white guy really in my draft class was a Mormon who was fifty five and married. So you you. You in Clint session. Took me in when nobody else really would you're the greatest teammate I've ever had, man, I'm glad I could be that. Could you man. I remain a friend man, outsiders football. That's one thing that I love about this boot ball man that you have a long time with you man. So I'm glad can be that person till you man, Clint session, dumbest human. You've been. Fishing. That he's a different character. That's what I'm saying. I love that. Dude, man, I, I love that. We'll talk about other day Clint session. Is somebody that made me join pleading for the cold man, this coming to meetings or whatever. Right. You know, you're going to get something crazy, Clint. I remember once I was a Clinton house and I was, I think we're in his living room and he had NFL network on TV. And some talking head was saying something and he made me stop talking. So he can listen to this talking head and I was like, I'm sorry. And he was like all day money gave me some clues on what they're going to do. This. His acquaintance. Yes, like Clint remote. You know what we talk about a whole bunch of stores, Clint, but I don't think it'll be appropriate. You already know what. Right? Especially though he has some crazy stories or whatever that he only believe that's the that's what makes Clint Clint Clint led the coats and tackles for like four years straight. And it was so interesting to me on how he had. Ofensive football for dummies book in his liver. I never I. I was on vitamins over there and I was just looking around his guys like elite linebacker. Mike wonder why he's so good. And I see this offense for dummies book like it has been red, and I just started crying laughing. Twin. Something like that. It has to be him right. You like that type of guy. To house your whatever works bag. Clear Clinton knows how was your Mario Kart game? He's still play with your kids. I played with my oldest. He understands that game, but he's more into mad live and fortnight lead or whatever. So sometimes I'm on the Mario Kart my some of the guys or whatever of not being around like red meat, rich talked about myocardial tall. He wrote up day. How was that that we Glen? Yeah, some of the play in trying to Campbell, whatever, man, I don't. Because they into the new stuff. Now, what are you gonna do? Are you going to get into to chatting about football on TV or on the radio, or you just kind of hanging out, what is the future? I mean, I I have have a gym on the no side. That's that's one thing. But before this is my perspective on sports period or whatever. I, I don't. I don't watch football like that. I watched the coat and watch LSU. I may pick a game on extra game on Sunday to watch, but I'm not watching football like that to the details as far who's doing what, even when. What was going on, but I don't know the ins and outs of what's going on. So I don't think I'm there yet to be able to have a full conversation about what's going on in the NFL. You cut them dreads. I cut it was too hot. Oh. I want to act. Donna. This is my first time on a gun even though my parents from there. This is my first time officially going to gun and thinking not just had in gun the way it is a huge. It's all done is, oh. Not only that, man, I'm getting older and not to say I don't the childish thing, but I have boards than I do want them to see me different from them. So even approach to the way I dress or the way I look, I want them to be as daddy and not see me as their equal and drizzle was one of those things cut up just to kind of Bill to the nays next phase in my life. Are you a hard asset. No, no dad man risks like with that, but we seen it. We've seen everything we've seen the ins and outs, and that's one thing about does man. You get so many different characters that you see and you can pick up on certain things don't come in from, and I think that's how I like to describe myself with my kids as far short of different things. The conversation. That's one thing that we didn't do a lot grow another help conversations and we know how much conversations to make someone grow. So that's the thing I'm always doing this talking to my boys and I may talk a little bit too much or whatever, right? I wanna make sure they're getting all of Mason, but I think I'm a likable death. Well, that's good. What's your favorite memory from playing for the colts. Favorite memories man with the fellow man. I remember. Okay. One member. Did I gotta my hitters ridge? Reggie. I missile Reggie about this man. I feel like he scares all those rookies that comes in fucking talk to the guy. Joe. I was at your house times a week. Pay. What's over Reggie pets way Loa he's going to be okay, right. I promise you rent came in stores, right? So when I came in right, I just like you say Macquirie person, but I came in pain, did what he did. You're listening thing. You need to let me know everybody over. We don't do what we do with any questions you have. Right. Just like a quarterback sit about, okay. He made me feel comfortable. Marvin Harrison, Marvin Harrison. Butch is my last name. He pushes it. He called me a data of something. All the news. You've been watching the draft and I'll get my name right. Anything? No. Have enough editorial how you doing. Then whatever. Now you come to Reggie, Reggie came to introduce themselves, but it was like a scary introduction, right? Reggie Wayne and I feel like on the one hand pet. He wrote my hands on his pants. He had something on. Right? Because the way he did it. Okay, I gotta get you gotta get the respect of the older guys. You've got this thing you have to do. Right. So. The first year, where did you cone all season? Joe, you're gonna be much my roommate pertaining China camp. Click. That would Kodak same thing? No, I was excited to be his role. Nate. You see what I'm saying? When you came and told me store, like I know exactly what you're going through. He's going through. He is a horror that he could scare someone eight years later. He never fucked calling. I thought he hit him white people. I know fuck. No, I never have a conversation with. I thought he hated white people joke. I thought he hated white. No, not at all out of there. I think that New Orleans righteous naturally just he has to disdain about or whatever, right? He's a great, but when you meet them you, you almost get you almost got a big twice before you go up the Reggie, and that's what it is about him. So he didn't talk to me for like two years. We just so happen to be on the same plane back from Fort Lauderdale back, Indianapolis, he's flying back home. I don't know if off season or something like that. I was down there vacationing and I got on the plane. I, I'm flying first glass. I've money. It's nice. So I get up there and I'm sitting in the front row and I got on early and I just, I Don, I might have passed out or something like that, and I wake up and we're already in the air like forty, five minutes into the flight in I hear a voice to rose back. That's fucking Reggie wait. So I do a little turn around and I can't see him because the seat, you know, and he's talking to this white guy and I'm like, oh, that must be agent or something full. Fool conversation laughing. They're laughing, Joe, like Joe vio- high fiving in then when the when we go to get off the plane, the guy goes very nice meeting you Mr. Wayne. On like this. All right. Like he. Joe, I was not happy about it. I was. Understand. I understand what you went through the you gotta get regimental on yourself. You got to you got to talk about this. I don't know. Robber. Math is one of the most intimidating humans on earth. Good friend of mine. You good friend of mine. Reggie fucking way knows your conversation, ten years of potentially knowing them. You look back on your time in the NFL positive, you say overall. I would say that I, I would actually say that I will say that man because once again, football man is the pie one. The only sport that you need for next guy to be successful you give coming from when basketball it doesn't matter. Point, guard shooting going. Everybody gets the chance to shoot the ball. Everybody gonna change the show, take skill. So the way I look at football in sports together, it's a privilege, right? It's a privilege to play it because everybody can get a chance to play. So in my mind is automatically a positive. You give them coming from yet ever reason if bars us running the ball, like toward the end of my career, whatever did go so well or whatever. I have nobody to blame nobody. But in the birth, whatever the case may be is football. It happens that way to me, I feel like it, it went well for me. Well, I think I would agree, man, your college, champ pro champ, and it sounds like you're dominating this don't think do. Now, granted take thirty minutes to go. Take a shit is an old man thing he might need. We might need to get you one of them buttons. Like if you fall in health. Lifeline alliterative life alert. That bright in the right now. I kept my wife every time. I'm going to the rest of them stuff. I don't come out. All right now. Hi, we'll tell the family. I said, Hello, Joan. So thankful you joined us, keep dominate. I can't wait to see what you do in the future. Once again, thank you so much for being such a good teammate and friend whenever I was young man, I appreciate that a lot. I have me all main anytime and getting a call. I won't put you on blast at the moment. Do who. Whatever it is. I got scared. You still dance with the vitamins every once in a while. No, your father force, you don't. All right, perfect. Ladies and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen. Legend of a human being in what I learned is when people say it's Africa, hot is wrong. Say completely wrong pet lifting. Maybe an indie wants to where and and you go to Africa, okay, you will be. But me being from down south being in Houston in Louisiana Africa's not this hot. I'm telling you that it's not it's different. It's I was sweating out there. Don't get me wrong because the climate, right. Anytime he goes to the tropic you don't feel it right. You go to Jamaica. You go to Bahamas. You feel something no matter what? Because the climate is different, but in the states when you go outside, you almost have to put on glasses. Right? Just because the state your whatever over there I didn't have to do that even I didn't have to do this all of that stuff I'm thinking about. I'm not side at two o'clock out there in Ghana Houston. I don't come to them and thirty. He'd come from the heater different or whatever, right? Like I know the world was that giving for the the temperature, I'm thinking every places hot Africa's had right the the perception of in so hot down there, whatever. Now you coming down, he you get chance to go down there and compared to is horrible. Man. The pause. The weather better to stay safe down there. If you don't make it out to seven thirty, you probably start making that trek from your bedroom, but six forty five to make it out to your front door, senior house down places. Beautiful, Joe, thank you so much for joining us. You're the absolute man. Are you on the internet at all? What are your social media handles people can follow along. Joke of a diet ever went three on Instagram, same thing, but I'm just on Facebook and Instagram. Well, we appreciate you so much lays gentlemen champion of life. Joseph died. Thank you. Joe. Hey, good luck with the kids. Donner. Hey, the vitamin answers. One of the funniest answers have heard mine. I have a good one man. I love Jomon these, the coolest man. I'm a big fan dude. He did a lot of good for the coach to the player. He was on his way to get a MVP SuperBowl MVP there the time we lost the saints. And then all of a sudden, you know everything happened, whatever it is and by the way hanging out with him and Clint session was a good time as they taught me a lot, something wanna life as he was also incredible. Mario Kart Joseph. Diana, Mario Kart setup in his living room. That was awesome. I go to possibly be Zito who's the greatest Mark or player I've ever seen on the greatest. I do believe there's a chance you are the greatest Mario Kart player? I think so too. I think there's a chance of the greatest a lot of practice. It's all takes. A lot of this is an open call by the way. Anybody thinks they can be cdo in Mario Kart. I would love to hear from you. We'll put it on the twitch stream. Keep moving. I don't think you can buy the I. He does the greatest, and I also believe that the underwear I'm currently wearing right now around my thighs taint balls and whole oper-. Ration- is the greatest pair of underwear I've ever put on in the history. We all wear ladies and gentlemen, Tommy John when it comes to comfort down below, there's underwear and there's Tommy John, the revolutionary clothing brand that's redefined comfort for Americans everywhere, including us. Oh, to put it simply Tommy John doesn't give if they give three of them fabric fit in function, that guy that guy that guy this weekend, watching the old mess. Tailgate that literally made me laugh. 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I'll be doing the show live with my friends from Orlando, Florida, doing some stuff with nice. No. Nice. The WTI, the WWE the you've heard, we might hurt him, hurt them, publicly traded company. Oh yeah. There's a lot of money. They didn't national over the WWF before that worldwildlife foundation came in, fucked everything. We'll talk about that. They hired the ring to come in and crates content. I'm excited down there and we'll be doing show live from there. I think it's gonna be good. Eleven fifty eight AM on my bookie dot AG. You can bet now on whether or not I will make twenty one corn holes in five minutes. I'll be doing live from Orlando, I think is important. Good, hammer, the fucking over. Let's let's keep it moving. It's the best of all time. We'll be back on Thursday, Radio, two point. Oh, tomorrow. Thank you so much has taken. Gang has taken game picture of awesome and also has to quote, I think we broke it. You probably already lost if you haven't three yet, but that's neither here nor there. Thank you so much fun with us. Schmidt hit the no music.

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