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Somebody's tapping their fingers. Please don't Aviation's most wanted list. I aviation museum curator's most wanted list. Yeah no i. I like this now. I haven't looked closely enough of this to know what it is. So is there an actually a wishlist in this article. This article from This is aaron spaces website. Aaron space meg dot com. And i don't know if this is if this is A reprint of something. That was actually in print magazine but generally is and yeah september this year okay. So aviation's most wanted list the airplanes and artifacts that museum curator's dream of finding It's kind of ironic. That there's a photograph of amelia earhart as the lead picture here well as well. That's a good question. They lead with a picture of her. Of course yes And the last item. I think is of course is indeed Amelie i'll at amelia. So what are some of the things that they are wishing for Well are are kind of as terek off for example When the beatles arrived in the us for the first time They were on a pan-american boeing seven hundred seven. The airplane is not the issue here. What is at issue according to this particular part of the article Is the air stairs that they used that were in all of the photographs of their arrival. And there's a picture that exemple picture of the fab four as it were With the pan am air stairs in the background with with blue globe logo and yada yada and Well no question that would be a really cool artifacts to but i. I'm amazed does anybody think that they could actually identify those particular stairs. They just want an example of the model. That's a good question Is there a record of what serial number air stare was being used that we see matters. But okay all right well apparent. Apparently it was a vehicle. Not just the stairs right okay. It was like a pig pickup truck with the stairs mounted in the back. That kind of thing. Yeah okay what what happened to the vehicle is is is what this curator's and i think you've made a good point there. There will be a record of which one was being used that weaker that at that location and whatnot. So okay what else do. I'm just kind of scrolling through the list or anything else jump out at you. One little bombers here as picture. Well some of them did ditch. I think it might be at the bottom of the ocean now which doesn't bode well for longevity preservation. But that's at least from my reading of the article. And i didn't read it in detail but that's that's one one item. They want artifacts they like to have one kind of curious The the rod bing ston a curator at the pearl harbor aviation museum in hawaii and they looked at curator's and museum researchers and whatnot from over a wide range all over the world of aviation museums But i want one item this gentleman Talks about is the pedo tube. From the north american f one hundred super sabre the pedo tubes like three feet more more long jutting out from under the nose the jet intake of of this fighter and said it's very distinctive pedo. Tube says one would think that pedo tubes in reasonable condition it would be more or less available. Does the one the jet they have on display apparently does not have the accurate proper pedo tube and apparently they're just none of them around. You know it's one of these unobtainable things now. Of course we're talking. Something that was built in the originally designed probably in the fifties And long since out of service. But you'd still think there'd be a an An part number somewhere in a box that would be a particular item so who knows but a lot of little stuff like that another one. We lindbergh landed Spirit of st. Louis in paris the airplane and he were both mobbed by by parisians and a lot of people apparently Cut pieces of fabric off of the airplane. The airplane was rendered on airworthy in in this episode It was later repaired of course One of the pieces of fabric was from the rudder and it was the ryan aircraft company's logo which is a winged are and it's on the right side of the rudder that particular piece of fabric was was sliced off it was it was gone missing. The left side of the writer had the same logo on it and still exists On the spirit of st. louis that's hanging in the in the gallery apparently But somewhere in paris is that missing arm. Okay somewhere somewhere in paris kind of start to a long story at a bar one night right. I was just watching documentary. A this is not about aviation. But this is about the reality of you can find. These things I was watching a documentary about the video game. History video games The day and they were interviewing the developer of one particular legendary video game from the really early days of personal computers like the commodore days. And things like that and this this guy had had created a video game which at the time was was very popular and very well known And but it kinda faded as the hardware changed and then bye-bye bad coincidence. He lost all of his data files from the development of the game. this is a personal independent game developer. Just one guy and in a move from one home to another couple of boxes of stuff went missing and he lost his his running. Copy his source. Code is not lost everything. Okay and now whatever. It's at the time as documentary. It was like you know twenty years later and he was just talking about having lost when the documentary. I went on the air. The word went out to a couple of game history history of gaming forums and so forth all right and and although they didn't find his source go and that stuff all right At that point no one even had a copy of the game let alone anything else And people step forward and one person in particular step towards that. I've got a copy of that game. I've got it right here. i'd be glad to give it to you and they've since since found it and made duplicates and they're actually running it on an emulator on the internet now so that you can play this legislative. Yeah so the ryan logo from the from the saint louis spirit saint louis could could. Well turn up and it's a. They said that problem at the white house. I remember hearing stir reading stories about Visitors touring the white house. Used to be notorious for for discreetly cutting pieces of the curtains and stealing them at. This goes back to like the the age of abraham lincoln kind of that period of history When apparently coming and going in the white house was a much easier thing much more casual thing and apparently it was just notorious that the curtain they were constantly having replaced. The curtains or the curtains were constantly looking tattered. Because people were they'd clip it. Still hold curtains. Apparently but they'd also it was very very common for people to take bring a knife out of their pocket and cut off a piece of the curtain or a piece of carpet. Or you know things like that. Can you imagine getting into the white house with a knife in your pocket today. I know exactly exactly so david your awful caught. Do you have any of these things in your garage. No i've got a couple of beatles albums from but like this. I was looking at that picture. And i was thinking the picture of the beatles going scrolling back to it here so the air stairs is in the background. And that's what they're asking about. The the little pan am travel bags that they're holding. Their hands are pretty damned adorable. And i'm just thinking and that's the kind of thing you might actually still be. You know aren't could probably get those on ebay well but i'm talking about that one. The one that one that that george harrison is hold. That's that's wait a minute. Let me see if i can recognize them. I believe that's john lennon john lennon on the left with the pan am bag. Yes that's who george harrison to the right next to the For what they they bring bag looks like that does that. Also say it's harder to read but anyways every now and then you know a piece of of personal property like this will appear from a celebrity. You know because it's been in their closet for our somebody's closet for you know and it'll get donated so The pan am bag that that would be a bit of history right there right. I see what that is. What harrison's holding what is he holding back at the time. Back in the early sixties There was another arab british airline called B b british european airways. Or something like that okay. Be and harrison is holding a bag that says the beatles spelled b. a. t. l. e. s. as it should be But the but the be. A part of that is highlighted in with a red background. Okay but it's a be bag as opposed to pan am back because product placement is not a new concept exact yeah. I wonder whether these weren't perse class. Spiff probably yeah which is ironic. That that's what back then would pass his cloud that can linens hand. Here's two bags two bags and the second one i'm thinking is like the bag. Harrison is old. I believe you're right. Yes leads right so anyways collectibles well anyways listeners. If you've got any of these things There are museum curators over the world who would love to become your friend and In only to those guys that are still alive. Yeah well that happens what else. I don't know why it's so it doesn't say on our list who posted this but the candy bomber thing feels like a dave item. Is that you. David actually put you did. We'll see there. We go see this this actually. So that's interesting. This will come up in a in a future meeting as well. But what's the story with the candy bar. Candy bomber is a pilot he was he flew for the army. Army air force or the military air transport service back this would have been in the late forties. I guess During the berlin. Airlift when Soviet union basically tried to shut off access to berlin. The allies started flying supplies into templehof. The only airport in berlin time only open to them anyway at berlin was split into zone. Right if it's still split into sounded before the. The berlin wall went up but The soviets were being Soviet and the city was basically running out of supplies running out of food running out of a lot of different things. And this guy who was a key pilot Fly in dc four's dc3's and like that Got to Panning candy throwing candy out of the airplane. And he did it He he tidies little parachutes onto the candy. And they'd come into land templehof heathrow. They'd throw these these candy bars with a little parachutes on them out the door and it became a thing and it was It was a sensation as it were in the media at the time and he he came to be called the candy bomber. Yeah and it was. It was life magazine all that kind of coverage at the time the still alive he just he just turned one hundred years old. And there's a petition at the white house on white house Website to give him the presidential medal of freedom. He's received a lot of other awards over the years for this. And i'm probably sure i'm sure other thanks But he's not receive that particular award and there's a petition To give it to him up on the white house website and it's not a bad way to you know when you care enough to click This this is certainly a good thing to do. That's that sounds great. Yes no i agree. I agree when the link the the link will be on our site and they need a whole lot more signatures. So everybody dive in okay. We'll do yeah. We're we're really running out of Of living world. War two veterans It's it's where know. I kind of vaguely remember going back what it would be like twenty years ago so now when the last of the world war one veterans past and and i it it isn't gonna be much longer so the so that there is this gentleman. This colonel halverson A living world war to that Let's recognize him while we can. And he got a lot of recognition back On the fiftieth anniversary of the berlin airlift futures ago and it. He's still kicking and still deserves to be recognized for his enlightened approach to his job sounds good sounds good so so jack. What have you been to. what's what's going on with. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. So why don't you go ahead and respond. that's right. I'm one of you to answer the question with all that going on though i mean we own talked in a couple of weeks since we've had some some hiccuped jack. What have you been up to i. i'm doing just fine. thanks for asking it's I although here's one notable event that that will make jeb lie. David will probably go. Yeah no big deal but It was seventeen degrees fahrenheit. This here this morning In in new hampshire. So that's a thing right there Which i the sound self inflicted to me for some reason. I just well i put my finger on. It is a little self inflicted i. I'm predicting i don't know if this is this is this is a proper to the podcast. But i've been spending a lotta time lately thinking about How my ptsd is going to affect itself when when the pandemic is over and And and and no longer tolerating winter. Maybe one of the ways that i kind of You know have have thinking about your ptsd stressful myself. I find. I think i'm finding. It is a way of coping. But i'm looking forward to losing my mind I m right now see. It sounds like making fun of people with ptsd. And i'm not. I'm not i'm not and and but you know when when the when the pandemic starts to run down when we start to kind of re they'll be a tipping. We'll pass a tipping point. It'll be different with everybody but sometime next. Spring or summer will pass tipping point where we'll be more like rely. Roy moore return to regular life than we are now. And and my theory is that everybody's gonna have you know gonna kinda kinda like something's going to change. We're going to go all. We're all going to like suddenly look up and go holy holy cow. I could have died. I i need to live my life in a particular way because anyways here we were in twenty twenty. Yeah i know right. You know so Self inflicted living in a cold. Climate is is going to is is on the list for sure But you wanna live in a colder climate. Yeah that's really what i wanna do that. New climate never gets this cold. So jab jab lookout. You could have a roommate. Yeah yeah. I'm i'll take that under advisement. That would be a different kind of self inflicted. There's there's all that going. But i would suggest to you that you have the power. I have the power the situation. We're also a couple of weeks into the arrival of a standard time which makes the makes it get darker earlier which triggers my I'm going to have minor. Pta's and i've always had minor sad and so i'm just kind of trying to every year at not just a pandemic year. Every year this time of year. I kind of go just need to get through. This just need to get through. This doesn't last all year. Eventually light will come back eventually warm. We'll come back. And so i'm right now in the mo- mode where i'm looking forward to. It's just a little over two weeks early december when we have the shortest day of the year. And i kinda that's big milestone for me. It's not that i learned sympathetic. But you know this is if you can't raise the bridge. Lower the river kind of thing. Okay could be if if you can't adjust the daylight and adjust the the lincoln the nights in the temperature and all these kinds of things. Maybe she go somewhere where that's different. Yes that's right. Well you could always come up here. Because it was in the high seventy yesterday and shelby again today. Kansas hell eared weather. It seems to me. I've ever since we've been doing this podcast. I have observed that. Kansas does not have the weather i would've predicted for kansas. It's just like. I remember way back in their earliest episodes of this podcast. I one time comment about you. Know being ignorant northerner. i thought that kansas was in the south. And he hugo go. And i don't not really it's like and set me straight over the years but the fact that it's seventy now and you were talking about freezing. Last episode is recall. And and then you get these long crazy stretches of hundred plus in the summertime and so yeah kansas. We are in kansas city. Kansas it's not for wimps no matter how many times you click your heels together. We're not in dorothy anymore. Except we go continue to play around my iowa's programming to play around with the motion graphics. having fun with that Learning more and more doing more writing. I you know. I mean you guys right every day. It's literally part of your how you pay the rent. I'd never really paid the rent as a writer. I've just always been an avocation or a part time. Vocation and i'm doing more and more writing. I'm i'm kind of enjoying that and Some of it may actually become public at some point. Maybe i'll talk more about that in the next in some upcoming episode but But i will throw out this teaser. Which is that. I'm thinking about reviving the around the field series which is used to do for a long time and for a variety of reasons. It kinda faded. And i'm thinking about reviving it in a couple different ways so more on that later on anyways virtually or. I don't know how much i want to say publicly just yet but that virtually i mean it. It's probably not ink on paper. I mean that's your question. It's going to be need an editor. I know a couple of good ones. I you know. I definitely need an editor whether or not i will be able to afford. An editor is another question altogether but anyway it's more on that later on we'll talk more so Were we yes. Virginia there is a seven thirty seven. Because i was trying to come up with The seventh united states like all the jokes are gone. Now right you know. We've been saying for two years now. Yeah know the thirty seven. Max is still grounded. Well apparently not or at least close to being not grounded. Right signaled is not. It is not grounded now. well it's not. Yeah okay. I don't know what the definition of ryan yet either right conservative because there are still a bunch of things that they have to accomplish in order to do this. There's various inspections and well. I think you're gonna do. It's reaped program the sims match the new configuration of software. And then. they're going to start retraining. All the seven thirty seven and pilots that are gonna this thing something and attention to detail on the special systems on the max something that they got stat for not doing when they started sliding max's into service three years ago four years ago at any rate the epa lifted its order. The administrator flew the airplane of right. he's he proclaimed it fine. Now he said. I'll apply my family. On it so once the pipelines reestablished gyms changed pilots. Trained requalified start trickling back into service. And you're looking at a lot of airplanes and a lot of time before they're all back on the line off my family on a to as it happens. We don't have any trips planned for the next ten years or so That's unfortunate of course. But that's the way the way you know and i don't know how i'm gonna react to this whole thing. I i part of me Yeah so i read somewhere. I made a note that that maybe it was radio or something where they're going to call it. The seven thirty seven dash eight well. They're already used a dash eight hundred and a dash nine hundred seven three that are not maxes and economy. Okay well how's that going to work and at this time by that point. You're like you know. I really don't care well because it really is a question of whether people are going to be willing to fly on the max If given the choice and other carriers. I don't know how many i don't know which ones are saying. They won't exact any change fees for people who don't want to fly on the max. Yeah but yeah ok. Last you know three months yeah right. It's also unclear. How clear how they're going to. How ticket purchasers are going to know what aircraft they're talking about or you fine print when you when you buy the ticket i guess is the quick answer fine print. It's not. It's not on your face everytime i've made a air purchased an airline ticket online in the last few years somewhere along the way the type of equipment pops up. Yeah so it's not. It's not rocket science. And it's not something you have to really go in search of you. Just have to to look. The average passenger isn't doesn't know doesn't really care what type of airplane. It is Unless got boeing fetish and airbus fetish or something that one down jeb. David go ahead. What they care about is having the seat. Be there as it sold to them. What they care about is being able to pick a seat in the exit row possible what they care about there being enough peanuts on the flight things but yeah it really is gonna take a long time just just from very not even talking about regulation or requirements. Just just the act of getting all. These airplanes kind of cleaned up and ready to go is to i think jeb. You're the one that put a called a by way of twitter. You referenced in article yeah. Air transport news was in. I was an maybe. So i didn't read the article i was talking a little bit about About what the steps that boeing. Because they already plan as you can imagine smarter them of what they need to do now to get all these. Airplanes out of mothballs and this particular article was apparently talking about the undelivered. Seven seven thousand seven maxes on that have been sitting on ramps and various places in various levels of of you know if it's mothball but in storage and it was quite a process that they have to go through to to activate if you will one of these airplanes It was interesting to me. Go ahead jeb. Well you finish. It was interesting to me that the story started out by saying that. It's a two week process. All right and i'm reading it. I'm going well wait a minute. It's a two week process for one particular airplane. It's going to take way longer inside. Read further along the article. The article said that That they will only have half of the queued up. Seven thirty seven maxes delivered by the end of next year. So by the end of twenty one they still able only delivered half of all of the ones that are kind of been piling. You can't you can't make a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant. Yes here's here's here's the thing wouldn't when the mascot grounded after the two accidents Spirit and boeing spirit. Aerospace here in wichita builds the entire fuselage for that airplane and boeing did not stop production weeks for weeks continued to produce in spirit was producing seven thirty seven. Fuselage's not all of them. Max but at a rate of about fifty a month and about half of those were max. Airframes i understand. So right now boeing storage. Lots have according to this four hundred and fifty newly manufactured seven thirty seven max jets or in storage while another three hundred. Eighty seven of the narrow bodies were in airlines worldwide when it was grounded. So we're looking at over eight hundred airplanes here yet. All you have to be reprogrammed brought up to date checked out cleaned up And some of them. I imagine we'll get some new environmental systems just to cope with the current Right corona virus pandemic of back into service and here one hundred and fifty new ones and three hundred eighty seven holy counts and all the above. Where's the demand for all these new. The all these airplanes to conserve. That's a good question. At this time. There may not be nearly enough demand. Hopefully we're although we're in a really bad place in the pandemic right now. There is hopefully real genuine light at the end of the tunnel right. Now it's not an oncoming train. Yeah exactly but you know. Some of us are optimistic hopeful that next spring and summer things are going to start to tipping point. I alluded to minute. Ago will pass. But even then you're right you make a good point. There's a lot of airplanes with a lot of seven thirty seven. Max is whether their brand new ones that haven't been delivered yet or ones that were already being flown. That are sitting someplace that are just waiting around. And so you're you're a carrier. You're a domestic us based Major air carrier you have some international routes You've had you've taken it in the shorts with crow virus. Yup you've had to cancel a bunch of flights. You've had to change your schedules all around. You had some maxes That you're trying to operate you sideline them. You grounded them you. You put them in storage. You've had a bunch of other airplanes out there that you've had to put in storage Some of them are wide-body. Some of them are narrow body. Some of them are airbus. Some of them are boeing. Some of them are 737. How big a deal is it to you right. Now that you have to you have to go out and put into service a bunch of maxes. You're already running a reduced schedule. Probably the i was trying to find some recent data probably fifty percent of what you were running this time last year on a good day Why the big rush well. It's your max is back in service when maybe there's you know there's no demand maybe the fuel savings in which is really about the only reason i can think of to to get amac's back in service as opposed to another later model seven thirty seven If if the fuel savings is that big a deal Fine go right ahead. It perfect sense but you've got training costs. You've got a transition costs you've got all the all the the cost necessary to to go through and run. The checklist boeing's published a to Bowie the faa. I should say have approved to get these airplanes back in service. Why do you need to do that right now. What's the man if you're already meeting all your demand with your existing service fleet. Why do you need to go. Put the maxes in service. I don't understand it. Well and i mean i think you make a very good point which is that. Maybe they aren't going to bring them back. You know maybe there's going to be no rush to you. Know this this article that we're referring to about how boeing's going to go about propping and delivering all these ready you know new aircraft. It's really just a plant. We don't know for a fact that they're going to do that all right. I don't think we even know that they've started yet And so you're right. I mean this is not a good time for a lot of different reasons for their suddenly to be a glut of new airplanes available on the market and Yeah maybe they will. Maybe they won't get woken up and brought back online. Look at the other side of the coin here all those airplanes at The newly manufactured that any others were ordered slash for a reason back when they did it. a lot of those reasons still exist for example. They might want to put their max. An airline might want to put. Its max jets in in place of a seven hundred or eight hundred based on seating capacity and reduced fuel consumption. That the max offer. So getting them into pipeline. There's also contractual obligations. So we'll start to kick back in Progress payments boeing depends on the deliveries for cash flow They're gonna wanna get them delivered an out the door as quickly as possible. Because they've taken it on the chin just like the airlines so I don't think that there's going to be a lot of time wasted agonizing over how the public's going to react and for the record these airplanes were already known as the seven. Thirty seven max. Eight and max nine when the accidents happen and the they just got short handed. Seven thirty seven max. There were actually two versions. That were grounded right eight in the nine right. So there's there's reasons why airlines bought these things and some of those reasons are still going to be in effect. No okay make a good point. I'm not sure about the model designations on some of these airplanes. Though in that you know there is such a thing as the boeing seven thirty-seven eight hundreds. We talked a moment ago. i there's a nine hundred I'm not sure. I'm looking for reference here while while i'm talking but I'm not sure that Seven thirty seven max. Eight and max. Nine are the same airplane the magazine different than the eight hundred nine hundred. Yeah okay that's that's kind of my point. If they start mixing up the the designations is going to be confusing and not necessarily a service to the travelling public. Well i got you though. I did find the data i was looking for and this comes from flight. Aware they publish Weekly or similarly regularly regular Updates on on traffic business aviation commercial aviation worldwide united states and all the The quick stats for Week november tin show year-over-year change from two thousand twenty two thousand nineteen as a forty six point. Five seven percent drop in activity. Us commercial airline traffic in similar numbers for commercial airline traffic worldwide where the demand for becoming into the market and all show up on that point. Yeah by the way it's interesting. I'm listening to you. Say those numbers. It's interesting to realize that those dramatic drastic sounding numbers are actually description of a recovery It's you know it's like compared to what it was back in march and april may. Well that's that's a very good point and if you start going back and looking at march april may era data. That was like twenty twenty five percent of acme numbers. It was it was horrendous. But these numbers aren't going to be bouncing back A anytime soon be perhaps the at all for the next you know several years a lot of companies and a lot of people have figured out. They don't have to travel nearly as much as well. They can still do business Especially the middle management types. Now agreed agreed but for better or worse the seven thirty seven. What used to be called the seven thirty mac. Seventy seven maximum may be called. That still has been approved for a return and it's been quite an adventure. It's going to be interesting to read the book or watch the documentary and and learned the details of how this all played out anyways and the the defecation will get the oscillators. These goes down for unrelated reasons. Oh well that's true that'll be a story but let's not. Let's not even fantasize yano worldwide. Chances are yada yada yada To say yeah. Yeah so david. How're you doing what's going on with you. So it's it's winter in wichita right. Did you say well. Not not a bishop. Until december twenty one of course but but it was seventy david. All the leaves are all the leaves off. The trees wind's been blowing bat outta hell for the last three days. We had overnight gust here in the forties of which is basically cleared most of my yard of leaves and and bless them on my neighbors to the north seventy odd myth upper seventies yesterday here which made it hard to do what i should be doing. What i'm trying to do is keep in my nose. Grindstone getting some writing done. That is passed to as so. I got some stuff done yesterday. A finnish another one today. Hopefully a third one tomorrow. So i can go into the weekend with nothing on the nothing on the work list that has to be head. A little upgrade done to the bammer this week that had been waiting on a part for six months and and close levin that. It's a simple door handle pull that somebody had tried to clean with a solvent in dissolved rubber and made it gooey and sticky so we got a new one on their sunshine up. There's about three dozen canada. Geese just launched simultaneously from the meadow. Next two miles. Now those guys are great at formation. Takeoffs i gotta tell you don't get me started by end. My office says a straight stellar view of the park. Just trying to keep the rock going uphill And i've been dragging my cameras out a little bit more lately because it occurred to me that there's a whole lot about these sony said i have not yet explored and if i don't get out and start using them then i'll be behind when the inevitable happens and we're all allowed to go back to events that are allowed to happen. Yeah so so. You're you're saying though up until this point except for the last couple of days maybe all the leaves are brown and the sky is gray. No disguise bright bloody balloon. He got it. Got it though. Oh i i. I recognize the mamas. And papas heard go okay. All right sounds good. Chat church on a cloudy day so david some some kind of sad news from florida this past week. What this is the three of us. You are the closest to to their activity. What's going on down there. Well most of you probably heard about the most of you probably heard about the dilan aviation showcase and it's really great little sport aviation evatt into land florida our old friend from c. Bring jennifer philip she Spark plug this got this community behind. It they built a big infrastructure for the show. They had already moved scheduled for this year. Show once from this month too early next year. Now circumstances in Kobe land being what they are. They're boosted all the way back to two november of twenty twenty one. Yeah so we're not going to see another dilan showcase this year now meet valley a valiant attempt to manage to do an addition of that show this year but It was. Yeah it's it's florida right. That's just mean anything. You want it to mean right. Telling it's really funny. When they moved the and dates from november to january in my mind it also moved in terms of location. Ever since all along as i've been thinking about this january version of the dilan showcase. I've been picturing it in my mind. Being held in c- bring and i was just thinking when i heard the other day that that they they finally had to give up the ghost and the the january version. I was thinking. Oh i guess that means it gets to go back to dillon. Now wait a minute. No no no. That's not the way it work. It was always going to be into land because they're building quite a nice facility there and you know they tried but like every other event in the world They were just not able to do twenty twenty version of it. So so yeah too bad. And and it's a pity because They've they've really built a very nice infrastructure for sport. Aba shit liars down there. I attended the first show. I unfortunately haven't been back but the first show for a first show Was really stellar. They had a great crowd at a good turn out And it's just gotten better since then but you know we're all we're we're all slaves to kobe land and a pandemic and this is one of many the i'll be honest. I'm kinda holding my breath for the twenty twenty one schedule. Because i fear that in some cases the twenty twenty one version of those shows is going to go the same way as the twenty twenty version not happening because of the severity of infection rates. In some of the locales. And i'm looking at you florida. Yeah i mean. I think the first half of the year is very problematic. No question about it. And i have friends who say that. The second half of the year is problematic to maybe. You're one of them. But i i'm i'm i'm maybe recklessly optimistic about the second half of the year. We'll see how it goes But yeah so well. Best of luck to our friends there at the land showcase and wish them well and they'll be back eventually. Everybody'll be back eventually. I think most everybody back eventually david. What's this story. We've got another one hundred year old. This is the you know. Twenty twenty is the year of hundred year olds. Yeah for some reason. Well we got a gentleman here hundred year. Old harry moyer who has suggested stir to. I'm sorry david. I don't know why i signed it to you. Go ahead keep going get dave. That's say jeb do well. Y'all did the leader. Harry moyer this article on military dot com. Which is Kind of commercial stars and stripes publication year. Old harry moyer Fought in world war. Two he was a flying tiger He served in north africa. Sicily italy As well as in china Flying of course the p forty. And i'm sure some other airplanes The guy still flying. he's flying his own mooney given given rides and and This kind of thing. And and apparently I'm not sure about this. According to a military dot com He he just completed enough flights or or whatever. The process was to potentially become the oldest licensed individual to complete a solo flight in the world. Not around the world but in around the world now not not around the world but by so really old the oldest licensed individual to complete a solo flight period. Okay which is not not an unenviable achievement. Now this is this is someone that that has definitely paid attention to david ogden. Right now. Because dave higgins old but because david ogden has a thing he likes to say right right. Yeah yeah yes time spent flying. I'm curious i was wondering if there was any hint in this article about whether this gentleman flies under a traditional medical or whether he flies under basic med. And there's no real hint to. Here's there's no way that matters to me. But i'm kind of curious At this at this point. I'd kind of cares. Well yeah medical one hundred year old guy. Who's i know flying tiger. Yeah well that's great congratulations. I'm sorry harry moyer. You're very cool. And congratulations yeah what part of the country. I'm just jumping around your. Where is he from his california hills. California very very cool neat eight suggest. What are you up to the same old same old on her hurricane hurricane i just you know twenty twenty. It's just been a sucky year. Oh that's what it is. It's twenty twenty twenty. Yeah no it's it's a we had I forget what the tropical storm was Month or so ago. Right came through an eta. Had eh last week man. I'm talking about about a month ago. I forget you know. Yeah i know right. Yeah because after another. Yeah yeah ada came through last week and it rained for like thirty six hours four inches six inches of rain here alone and dumped bunch of rain elsewhere. I still have standing water in the yard. After that. they're still places. I can't get to with the law gore. Because they're too soft and we've got some nice weather here though We've got basic seventy five. Eighty low humidity in breezy and cooler and nice even open the windows and and turn off the air conditioning. So it's getting to be quote winter unquote in florida. And that's a good. That's a good thing other than that. Been tinkering with various toys. They had to do some headway. Doubts and parts to fix a lawn mower and that's always frustrating got a got a motorcycle running trying to get rid of actually trying to train it for to somebody but old nineteen seventy-two bowl taco al to fifty. If wow anybody knows what those are It's all back together. Had to put some new parts on it mainly associated with the fuel system but It's it's sitting in the hangar ready to go. All you gotta do is put fuel in it checked for leaks and give it a couple of kicks cool but yeah sounds like you're having some fun there ken So you guys are used to raining a fair amount of wet environment. Certain times of year down there can can your can can this infrastructure handle four inches of rain in. How bad does that get. You said standing water. Well i have standing water in the low spots. Obviously they're low spots. And i got a lot of low sponsor editors some hammocks got a lot of yard. There's some some hammocks as i call them Which are just kinda low spots with some trees around them and whatnot The pond slash lake Filled up Thanks to add ada and it's it's absurd substantially drained itself down since then it's just a matter of of neighborhood drainage and not not adequate but You know surly all back to normal. No damage never is any. It's just frustrating to see all this water And you know another week or so. We'll we'll be For all i know. We'll be into fully into the dry season and they'll be having bans on recreational burning or something who knows things can change very quickly. So no i i agree. I'm laughing at the phrase recreational burning. I well you know if nothing else we have. We have our pyromaniac. I know i know all right well. Cool yeah yeah. So that's gearing up for the january issue of aviation safety and Try not to take on any other work right and actually Okay i'm kind of happy. Just doing what just just magazine for right. Now there's no. Because i'd like to do some other things i have. The time sounds good. Sounds good speaking of recreational burning hot spots here so I i guess. I didn't know so. I'm looking at an article from jay news November fifteen it's a characterizing as a question from the cockpit when you're hot you're a calm and they're referencing something called hot spots which i hadn't realized was an actual charted thing so apparently the the The airport diagrams published by the faa. Have for some time now. been designating spots with our places on the field that are known to be. I'm now i'm can you tell me i'm describing. This correctly are known to be kind of traffic. Bottlenecks places where You know Tangling with another aircraft is more likely than average And the debt the example gears. This is a chart from san antonio texas where there is a hot spots too hot spots very close together here at a At the intersection of two runways. And i have been around for a while. This this whole hotspot designation on the chart been around. You're kinda recent. I mean if you doubt if you count two thousand one as recent okay. Said they've been around and david their recent about ten years. I might have gotten blocked. But the 'oughts right but in and I'm not sure that there are certainly a criteria involved in establishing hotspot These are generally speaking here at sarasota. We have one and one of the criteria is that two airplanes collided there several years ago off. So it's certainly something to be aware of Anybody with a Electron with electronic flight. Bag app Or similar is going to see Is gonna should have the option. Anyway of pulling up an airport diagram yeah And on the published faa airport diagrams. You may see in kind of dark brown or medium brown Caller you'll see some graphics that designate the hot spots there actually labeled as you know there's more than one hospital on the airport it'll be hotspot warrant hotspot two hops too hot spot ian And you know some of these airports My have a long runway with alive intersections. A lot of taxiways and whatnot. Maybe they're high speed taxiways coming off or online. At each of these little intersections along the runway along the taxiway can be Designated as hotspot economy bans on on. How your airport managers are so You can certainly see where on these charts see where you need to pay extra attention I would suggest that you need to pay extra attention anyway. even if there aren't a hot spots designated for the airport you're operating at and You know just as we talked about With that video couple of that three episodes ago we're on the low seventy two touches down and then immediately goes around as another one. Seventy two taxis across the runway in front of him Any such intersection any such a movement of aircraft can turn into a hotspot immediately. So some of this is is well and good. If some of it needs to eighty we need to understand what hotspot is when it's been designated published but i would suggest that all these areas are hot spots right now these. These designated chartered hot spots. Are they just advisory or are there different regulations when you're paying now. They're they're mainly advisory. There's no regulation except you know. Hey guys let's pay attention out there and and this is one of the reasons why we need to pay more attention Well it's interesting and the charts is. The new airport. Diagram is the way to find out. Where they are on your. There's probably does the green book even still exist anymore and it's not been remained as is now called. The chart supplement used to be the airport facility. Directory is now. Call the charts. Apple has been for a couple of years. We need to talk about bef. Rv young man but anyway a happy to help but anyway the these are published none only graphically as in the airport diagrams which are in the charge supplements but also in the airport description in the chart supplement and other assorted places Not only published by the faa. But again some of the the people who jumped into this business over the years jefferson garmon for flight etcetera. We'll we'll publish the information as as part of the textual description of the airport. Yeah okay interesting stuff yeah. I'm sorry while you're talking. I'm surfing the net looking at different airport diagrams. Here as about half a dozen of them at boston which not not surprising. Because it's a big report on the other hand there's no indication of any at nashua or or Or sanford maine. You make sense one rule of thumb if you single runway airport with without a whole bunch of of taxiway intersections. Your might not have any hot spots at all If on the other hand if you've got intersecting runways intersecting taxiways etcetera. You might have multiple hotspots on that right i. I am a little surprised that so all of the airport diagrams that i've looked at here. And you alluded to this. I think jeb that they're in a different color. I've always thought of these airport diagrams as being black being mono chromatic printing and for there to be any color on them at all kind of a surprise to me. Is the the paper version that you get in those those End bound books. Are those color printing or you. Think the spots rate fair They're they're in color They are yeah. The the printing has changed on some of these things over the years. the pdf's in our in our electronic bag have basically are basically being reproduced on paper with with the colors and Right it's not all that much more expensive these days to printing color as it is in black and white some would say it's more expensive To print in black and white depending on how you do it. Yeah yeah okay. Flip side of that regardless the flip side of all that is there are so few people using paper charts anymore that it doesn't really matter in my defense that's why i was uncertain that the green book existed anymore. And because i believe. I get perfectly good safe and legal briefings but i've done it from paper. Paper resource in quite some time. Well in for for newbies coming into general aviation be aware if some old grizzled pilot and says oh you ought to meet. Is that the hot spot tonight. That's like being sent out for a bucket of propwash or a an exhaust bearing or any other crazy stuff. Even get your frame us adjusted can only do at the hospital right. Yeah okay finally this story about the the bigger plane. What is it an an twenty four That went off the runway. And i'm trying to figure so it's an interesting story. I guess you know what i'm talking about here is either of you know what i'm talking about. The next thing on the list year of a volt some reading from a tweet that came from flight rare drug radar twenty four. Which i believe is the twitter account of a publication twenty four has is eighty s aircraft. Spotting site got it. Okay thank you Volga knepper airlines. an one. twenty. Four aircraft suffered a runway excursion after an emergency return to new voice. There is my blue blue. The number two engine. Yeah almost off the airplane and Era a whole boatload of other problems in the bargain and Yeah getting back on. The ground was an achievement. And gosh darn. They ran about one hundred feet off the runway. I call that a. I call that a good day. Yeah no they seemed to have done a good job because it does look pretty dramatic. Maybe that's why i called. I put this on the list because of the picture here. That's part of the tweet which shows seems to show a pretty dramatic uncontained turbine failure. And where not only blew off the calling of the of the engine but clearly Sliced away at the wing leading edges and the fuselage it's It's kind of dramatic and antonoff and twenty four. So those are big. Those are big mothers. yeah they are they are there. There's a bigger one to twenty four. It has six engine soon. Only two of those in service. Yeah yeah one or two is. It's it's it's like that it's it's an it's an occasion when a one. I'm sorry i to twenty four comes and goes. Yeah so the man hats off to the guy that handled this one. Yeah no kidding. Uncontained engine failure during takeoff roll boy. It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if airplane can fly again in only matters if you can fly again okay. You should've saved that would have been good ending jeb. I'll regurgitate it later. Okay all right. We'll see anyways all right. Well i think that's it. I think we're done here. What time is it. Oh my goodness there was like hardly anything on the list. Once again we still go over an hour. But that's because it's so much fun talking to you guys. I really appreciate it And i wanna thank you for spending a little bit of your thursday morning with me here. My good friends here jeopardy inside is a freelance aviation writer and editor serving as the editor in chief of aviation safety magazine and is a regular contributor to other public aviation publications online. You can find jobs work at aviation safety magazine dot com. His magazine is also on twitter. It's called app. Safety mag You can also find his work at eight. Yay dot net abmp dot com and on twitter. He personally is burnside. J. and david and aviation photographer and aviation journalists in the us editor for london's ad buyer magazine. You can find his work. Online at ad buyer dot com dot net and on twitter. He is real higdon. And jack larson private pilot a freelance writer in digital media producer. You can find me online in most places using the all one word username jack hodgson for example twitter dot com. Jack hodgson youtube. Jack hodgson patriae jack rogers and still instagram. Although i'm starting to come to my senses on that one and you can find my e books. E books on amazon by searching for around the field and the book section inside up for my email. Newsletter at jack hodgson dot com. David was or something wanted to tell us. Well as we've amply illustrated in this episode of uncontrolled space time spent flying is not subtracted from your life span. I mean when you got hundred year old guys out there still flying. What's holding you back. And that's enough talk. Let's go flying and remember you. Fly the airplane with your head. Not with your hands and feet at uncontrolled. Airspace in the virtual hanger. The pilots were chatting but then heard a bang or annoys of some kind from behind the tool shelf. twas a man dressed in red acquaint jolly old elf. He opened his pack and he flashed them look any rummaged around any pulled out a book. The pilots all hope that there was something for them. They begged santa. Look in your pack once again. Did you bring me a gadget and gas container. He said no. You've been bad. I've brought just the disclaimer. But santa claus smiled as he read to them. They're his message of wisdom and safety and care for the gap members. Those wise old flyers are speaking their very own thoughts and desires. The folks whom they work with might not feel the same and that is all right. No one is to blame the stories they tell and advice while terrific. You take them as general and never specific when you're in your plane and pilot in command keep all of your training right there close at hand. Assess your own situation that day and fly your airplane. Just like my sleigh and they heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight. But you knew that already so have a good flight. So here's what i discovered this. Here's what i learned. So there's an acronym kids use these days. what is it t t. I l has a talking about what you start. You start a tweet or a social media today in life. No it's this. I learned what it is. I think that's the correct acronym the kids will will. Do you think any kids listening to this. Podcast only back seat of their parents. I know right. Yeah this. I learned though l. So the three of us are chatting throughout the week as we are are want to do and and david just kind of casually trots out. Yeah back when. I was traveling with the band and i think jeb and i both kind of woke up and said wait a minute you were in a band david you show you. I mean i guess to a certain extent the those of us up this particular generation all thought we were in a band at some point in our twenties and teens. But it sounds like you guys actually played like did gigs in the whole thing david for for a couple of years Yeah he had. We had a good time. We made a few bucks. I i have a question when you're ready fire away. Yeah go ahead the question. What was the name of the band. Oh yeah okay yeah. What was the name of the band. David i'm trying to remember. That's a good name and then so what. What instrument did you play. I was drummer. You were that part. I did not. I did not know that you had been drummer in a rock and roll pan. I that's just something that as long as i've known you david that never came up exactly exactly and i just. I started playing drums in the junior high school orchestra and and liked it. I played the company. I played other drums and a company being the big kettle. Drums with a foot pedal. Let you just the joan on the fly and a couple of friends of mine were Starting up a band. I wanted to Get in a ban. Get a kit. Save my pennies and a full kid of ludwig drums with symbols and has them serious as drum bass drum snare drum two tomtoms three symbols of i think in nineteen sixty five at cost about seven hundred bucks. That's a lot of money for. Yeah yeah it took me a while to get to that When my buddies started looking for a drummer to round out there When they were after they've practiced enough to feel comfortable getting up and playing in front of people. They invited me to join and for about six months. I had the drum set up in the forward bedroom. The house that we lived in at the time and i would practice to music on the stereo or on the radio and from what i understand I had fans as far as three blocks away so to speak. Well that's okay. See i live and learn who live and learn well. We played some private parties from time to time. A busy season was spring and summer when the boat marinas were all open and there were a couple of marinas decided that having a bunch of high school kids in rock and roll band playing just off. The docks was a good way to get people to come in and buy more than gas. So yeah we. We'd play Friday and saturday nights holidays. If i remember right we netted twenty five bucks a head for the five of us to see for member. Okay yeah yeah and of practice twice a week in between. And i have to ask a couple of my buddies when i get back to indiana this christmas if they remember what the name of the band what about. What style of music are we talking here. What i mean is there. Was there any particular band or or type of band that you were emulating. We were emulating everybody. That was playing on the radio. Okay we tried to We tried to incorporate all the stuff that was current and people were expecting to hear at the parties. So that's what we practiced on was no particular band but you know rock contemporary rock and roll for the middle to late sixties and and we We would listen to a cut and then play it at our at our rehearsals and And then like i said buttoned up in the forward bedroom to house on indiana avenue and and and try to imitate drummers on the rock and roll music that i was hearing on the radio and that's how i learned to do it. It was a lot of fun. So jeb what is it that i don't know about you that i've been missing all these years. It certainly has nothing to do with being a musician. Okay okay trying to know quite honestly i. I was trying to think of something. I can tell you about me i i. The problem is that we don't think these things about ourselves are significant And then others discover them by accident in our astounded. I don't remember who. I was with It's been a couple of three years. It wasn't either of you on driving. Down the road. And i see a tractor With a sickle bar. Well i call a sickle bar mower attached to it and whoever i was with communist. Well there's someone out to go cut some. Hey and the person said what are you talking about a b. How do you know that as well that particular more is not a rotary more. It's it's a. I call again a sickle. Bar has a it has a reciprocating set of blades. Inside a framework that moves back and forth in his. When it's in use it's it's folded flat parallel with the ground and the tractor rolls log in it sticks out one of the tractor and it cuts tall grass to make. Hey that way. It's not it's not in a rotary more where it gets all bruised and torn up and stuff like that with the sickle bar. More it gets cut and it just falls down flat behind the more as the tractor moves along in his personal. How in the world do you even know something like that and well. I used to bail. Hey my my neighbors in illinois. When i was growing up had one of these head of field with that. They grew hay for their horses. And when the when the grass was high enough to cut and make hey I would go out there and help them. They they had a baylor and all this kind of stuff and we'd Odd watched the whole process and once the bales were made by far out behind the baylor. We'd get the bales and we'd throw them on back of the truck and move onto the next one and it was a good way to spend the afternoon and people are just like what in the world are you talking about it. so how. Yeah okay now. That qualifies jeb. That's so i've now i've got rockstar. Dave and farm boy jeb farm boy jab yes yes.

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