Ugly Charges Resurface (Ep 1067)


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Renewed attacks off aww all people. You thought you heard the end of it. You have not Brett Cavanaugh. Yes the Cavanaugh Conspiracy Theory Start Again Ladies and gentlemen sadly it was a stack news weekend. Welcome to the Dan Bongino show. I'd welcome producer Joe but I gave him the Monday off. Today's doing some behind the scenes production stuff didn't WanNa overwhelm at work and just an FYI for a regular. We Love You A. Really appreciate your loyalty to show. We have a bit of a screwy recording schedule this week so the report drops we'll get to that. Don't worry we're going to have you covered either way but I've got a surprise announcement. I'll make at the end of the week or so some good news. It's nothing over one but you want to stay tuned for it but it's kind of tinkering with our recording schedule. Let's get right to it. got a stacked show for you today. Today's show brought to you by our friends at Ali. 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I've got improvised the Joe Armacost Bell Story Number One Brad Kavanagh fake news and the New York Times Round six hundred seventy two million five five hundred twenty six thousand two hundred twenty four astonishingly the left and by the left. I mean the New York Times Washington Post the Democrats the liberals the activist groups and almost people out there will not let this story go now. There's a reason a lot of this Brad Kavanagh stuff at surfacing right now. Here's a story in the New York Times as we saw this weekend so you see what I'm getting but there's a thing going on behind the scenes about cavenaugh. I'll let you know in a second so here it is New York slimes break cavanaugh fit in with the privileged kids she did not of course we gotta do an identity politics thing throw that in here Deborah Ramirez Yale experience as much about the colleges efforts to diversify its student body in the nineteen eighties this. There's a new book coming out on Brad Kavanagh and there are some resurfaced allegations about cavanaugh and some trying to keep the show family friendly. Let's go sexual activities or that ladies and gentlemen. If if you're if you just take your Democrat blinders off for a minute you will see these are deeply deeply flawed charges at best now of course course New York Times is going to write the story from Deborah Ramirez a young minority woman and disadvantage and cavenaugh. That's because they don't really have any evidence not about making a case. The New York ORC Times is about slandering tarnishing the image of bread cabinet because they're they're liberal. Activists is what they do. It's not a serious journalism. Allah now what happened well in short a person surface then I'll get to him in in a minute and claim that well at the same university. I think there's a new allegation that Bradtha Cavanaugh Cavanaugh was at a party and folks. It's not just the charges orgy so ludicrous because I don't even understand how this happened the charges if this guy witnessed at a party bread Cavanaugh's thing downstairs give him saying that one of his true legs that he witnessed someone push. Brent Kavanagh's ause thing into someone else not like just I'm trying to be but uh we got to cover this story because it was the big news this weekend that someone witnessed someone. Push that item not into like you do but like touching someone else if you're if you're trying to imagine what I'm telling you. I don't get how this happened either if you watch it on Youtube I'm I don't know the mechanics of this exactly a a charge against cavenaugh amongst the litany of other charges that have been almost entirely discredited the issue with the Story Ladies and gentlemen about this guy who witnessed the other person do what I said and you'll probably trying to figure out what I don't know either the person that this allegedly happened to and had the thing pushed into has no memory of the incident role kind of an important component of the story policy that important part of the story. Thank you sake like producer. Mr Producer Rich Levin show. He doesn't even go over to the white person who this allegedly doesn't have any memory of the incident folks. When is it going to end. I'll get to what's really going on in a minute. Thank you national review as a great story along with Matt Palumbo on our website was another great story about the connections to the guy making the allegations but i John McCormack national review. Please read the show notes today. They're really good. I've I have matched a bunk. This story to in their master wrote Review The New York Times Anti Cavanaugh Bombshell is actually done ladies and gentlemen. There are two big problems with this. I The time story I'm going to go in reverse order they. They're trying to claim that the Ramirez story which is a different story that Cavanaugh having are exposed himself to this woman Deborah Ramirez that they're making it to an identity politics story national review points out kind of a big problem with the Ramirez Story to check this out again this. It never ends folks. This is about the new book writing all these allegations surface write the book isn't release until Tuesday but the excellent molly hemming hemingway by the way got a copy and she writes on twitter the booknotes quietly that the woman Max steer torstar. That's the guy alleging about the pushing of the thing into the person thing the booknotes quietly the woman Max tire name this having been supposedly victimized by cavenaugh aw and his friends denies any memory of the alleged event omitting this fact from the New York slimes story is one of the worst cases of journalistic malpractice this in recent memory folks listen virtue signaling by telling you and I hate that term and I really do because he can't say anything without someone claiming virtue Sigli something but I feel the need to throw the caveat in there obviously sexual assault substance not a joke. The problem is is being treated as a joke in a farce by people at the New York Times who are now adding to the stigma that sadly surround some victims of sexual assault or have a serious story. Take and sometimes may not be believed because of reporting like this you think it's an important fact to note that the person listen this. Guy Star oh by the way we have an interesting connection to him in the Clintons in our debunk this back style who who's been a noted rival Abrek cabinet for a long time and by the ways been curiously under spoken about this incident since he reported to the FBI during the background check. You think think it's important to note that the guy who reported this incident against this person that the person who had allegedly happened who has no memory of it folks what's happening to cavanaugh is a cosmic disgrace. I have not seen in my lifetime well. I shouldn't say that I remember it to Clarence Thomas and of course always led by horrible awful people who claim to be liberals. They're not liberal at all. Tyrants Paula Paula might try. Is this making sense this story. I don't have the audience on Budget Joe with me so I need your feedback. You get what I'm okay. There's another allegation in the story free from the National Review. Check this out. This is the Ramirez said I was going to do. What a bit backwards. Ramirez is a different story. There's been some allegation that cavanaugh exposed close himself there but the national review as interesting take on this too we already knew before cabinet was confirmed last October. The corroborating source for Ramirez claimed again. A different claim the one style or put out there. The new one that the source for Ramirez is claimed classmate Kennett apple was not present when the alleged incident occurred but apple told the New Yorker. He was one hundred percent sure he heard about it from an eyewitness. Shortly before Cavanaugh was confirmed the New Yorker reported that apple all supposed eyewitness said that he had no memory of the incident ladies and gentlemen. I'm telling you what's happening to this. Guy Is really unfathomable the moral stain on their country that we're allowing this to happen with our media and trump tweeted out at this weekend and I agree with him. Cavanaugh needs to start suing people. I know he wants to take the high road. He's a Supreme Court justice. I get it listen to me. This is he's never ever. GonNa stop so you understand the first story was made by a third party the first story talking about stars this Guy Star he's. He's not not the victim. He says he knows of a person who was a victim of capital but the victim has no memory of it then we have this woman Ramirez who says well he exposed himself. Here's my eye witness who says well. I wasn't an eyewitness but someone else told me about it and the person he says total about it says I have no memory of that at all ladies and gentlemen. This is real. This is real. This is really being reported. As Journalism Cavanaugh I agree with trump and his tweet needs to start suing immediately for millions billions of dollars life savings people and I get it. There's going to be liberals. Did these people are survivors. They shouldn't be sued know ladies and gentlemen. There are legitimate automated survivors of sexual assault that they're of a serious case to me. Unfortunately the evidence should drive the case everybody in the United States no matter how evil vol- the charge or allegation is is entitled to a presumption of guilt and due process. This is out of hand right now. You have an eyewitness who's not an eyewitness who says he heard it from an eyewitness witness who says he wasn't an eyewitness and then you have another case. A third party says it happened the guy seemingly disappears has connections to the Clinton atmosphere and then all of the Sunday shows up again leveling charges against capital about an incident that the victim of incidents says they have no memory of cavenaugh cavenaugh needs to start suing the living daylights out of everyone who does this. It's outrageous. You are destroying due process in this country and the credibility of legitimate survivors of sexual assault and people who have been sexually harassed and assaulted. You're destroying because you're not adhering to the standards of journalism. Your adhering to the tactics of the liberal activists crowd and it is deeply disturbing now i. I said I get this. What's really going on two things number one ladies and Gentlemen Donald Trump before the end of this term. There's a possibility don't read into this at all. I don't have any health records. I'm not a macabre guy. I don't wish ill health on anyone one you saying. I'm simply suggesting to you what I'm hearing from. Liberals not conservatives. There may be another seat that opens up up May. It's very likely they'll be another supreme court seat. It opens up. If Donald Trump is reelected follow me. There may be a seat even in this term again. I'm not giving I don't know if anybody's health records. I'm simply suggesting to you the obvious that there's a probability that could happen. The liberals Berle's are talking about this. They are terrified. Why are they terrified because right now they thought they'd lost through a conservative majority with the appointment of Cavenaugh. They thought there was going to be at least for the temporary of five four conservative majority because we have five alleged conservatives and for the liberals kind of SEGUES depar- to the Liberals have successfully frightened John Roberts into being the new swing phone. John Roberts is not really stuck to his guns and his principles on anything. He's no longer an originalist judge. He's become kind of an activist himself. Once in a while you get a decent rule out of adding ruling out of the chief chief justice who of course was appointed George W. Bush but he's become a big flop and he's really become a politician. He's easily influenced. He's frightened by the OP ED columns columns so the Liberals have chalk this up for victory and their biggest victory yet was the citizenship question. Remember this one remember the citizenship question. They wanted to put on the census. Liberal activist groups sued John Roberts came out and UNIM- unbelievably ruled now the trump team was perfectly within its rights to add to citizenship question we just I just don't like the reason no good the liberals. How did that happen. Now you regular listener to my show. Remember this story but don't forget this. Roberts was likely going to vote for the rule of law and allow the citizenship question. The liberal started writing op eds. They can frighten Roberts. He's not a very robust kind of like I don't want to. His skin is very thin. I'll get I'll leave it at that. They started riding up. It's if John Roberts rules against us in this citizenship case he'll read this credited forever and Roberts wants to go and eat and drink fine wines and eat flog raw the DC cocktail parties and he wants to be beloved by the left the the OP. Ed Columns frightened him. My point here is ties into number. One put these together Paula audience on Buds Manhat- stopped me if this doesn't make sense liberals no now that they don't have they haven't lost. They have a new Anthony Kennedy John Roberts so they know on the hotbed issues. They will win in the court system. They know another seat opens up. They're not going to get that with Alito. Thomas is the best one we've got. gorsuch solid cavanaugh wishy washy but generally pretty good. They know now that if they get another seat and it becomes six three that the intimidating John Roberts is not going to do them any good you get where I'm going with this you see where I'm going so now that they own Roberts through the op-ed columns. They're sending out flare. Shoot shoot flare. They're sending out a warning signal to Cavenaugh your next Brad. You want these charges. Just go away. You want these. I mean you want to talk about thin gruel. No evidence charges that continue to appear that I mean can you imagine Agean being on you have kids you go to church every weekend and you have to read in the paper about charges about you exposing yourself and your touching touching something and there's never an eyewitness and the eye witnesses at the eyewitness and the person. Who can you imagine this how embarrassing this is for this poor guy liberals are trying to do what they did to. Roberts in a more personal vitriolic malicious way they are trying to frighten Ayton cavanaugh into submission with a little. Hey daddy o you want this stuff to go away. You give us a few good rulings on our side. Maybe we'll let this go. Ladies and gentlemen do Footnote Rush Limbaugh. Thank you for this great expression. Do not doubt me and I'm sure rush would tell you the same thing that is exactly what's going on right now. That makes sense thank you you sure all right good. Now I know among all right. I got more news. Don't go anywhere. The I report has has been concluded that does not mean. It's going to be released anytime soon so everybody stand tight on how to get to that a second also. I don't want you to be misled by some of the news. You saw about Andy McCabe this weekend. The media's added again there. There's a reason they're doing what they're doing about the McCain story. Stay too and I got a lot more ahead today. 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The Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been assigned to investigate the abuse of the Fisa court suspend the trump in the report what is done but ladies and gentlemen that does not mean. We're going to see it anytime soon. I suspect we'll see it within a month to a few weeks. Possibly it doesn't mean it's going to drop today on Monday again. If it does don't worry due to the screwy recording schedules week I will get you with either special edition or immediately get on the mocking. Leave any of you behind this is important to maybe put got out of high quality show so here's the epoch times piece. It'd be in the show notes. Please check it out by Peter Straub. I G report on alleged. Spying abuse against trump. Campaign may still be months away. I'm not sure it's going to be months but here's what's going on behind. The scenes folks the. FBI and DOJ are now in the process of determining what in that report is going to be classified classified and declassified for consumption folks. I can guarantee you. This is going to be a battle. Y The answer's obvious. I don't need to spend a ton of time on this. You probably already figured it out the F. B. I do not trust Christopher. AM sorry the new director of the FBI. I don't know the man it's not personal. He probably dislikes me. 'cause I've spoken out against them in the past. It's not my job to be as buddy. It's my job to get you what I believe to be. The facts Christopher Ray has clearly been an opponent of disclosure and transparency and I believe the new director through the FBI is going to do every single thing in his power to make sure the FBI doesn't get a black guy in this report and they're going to try to redact as much as possible. Remember that story. We discussed a few weeks ago. NCIS report on the whistle blower where they redacted the word not remember that there was classified information when it was when it actually said that was not classified classify different and they redacted the word. This is the kind of stuff. We're going to be expecting now having said that to leave you some good news before. I move onto McCabe. I don't think bill bars. It's going to have that if it's a legitimate national security reason the burning of a source whatever it may be fine but bars going to scrutinize that I'm sure of it again. I don't trust anybody fully but I think bars done a decent job in his commitment to transparency far supersedes that of ray who had any commitment to transparency at all. He just wants to make the FBI look at that process is going to be a bit of a back and forth. I would expect a couple of weeks to a month but could be longer. It depends on what happens and I believe there may still be some information out there which as as people start to talk could open up some other opportunities. If you know what I mean Ari all right moving on this is an important story more news at broke this weekend and I just want you to be misled. I've got a ton of stories to get through today and tomorrow. I'm going to be packed. Shows luck on awesome economic stuff to what else he oh. No Oh the debate. I still got something debate. I missed so don't go anywhere. There's a media narrative out there this weekend on on Andy McCabe and the narrative out there. I want you to be sure you understand is being done again for reason. The media narrative is this. I Andrew McCabe lawyer believes Bromwich who was involved. I believe with the Blasi Ford case and Cavin intend to connect the two stories but this guy clearly has some allegiance to you left leaning causes. The lawyer put out a statement saying well. I thought we had a grand jury member. We covered this last week. A grand jury impaneled on on on McCabe. If there was no indictment then what my client what he didn't do anything so we should put it out. There was no indictment and we should all move on folks. This is such a you tracking me here. McCain's and listen McCain's got the constitutional right to a solid legal defense. I don't I'm not knocking his lawyer because he worked for liberals lawyers. Warriors can work for whoever they want. I mean even John Adams represented people who at the time others considered suspect one of our founding fathers. I'm not knocking talking this guy for getting an aggressive lawyer MC McCabe. I'm like I'm not a liberal. I'm a conservative. I'm not a tyrant. McCabe has the right of the presumption of innocence in a court of law at into a an astute smart vibrant legal defense but the lawyer's statement nonsensical the lawyer put out the statement McCabe. Listen you need to but out of state was no indictment you move on. He has no idea what's going on. Grand Jury Grand Juries the preceding secret. He doesn't know that Andy McCabe excuse me Andy. McCarthy has a complete dismantling of this must read Nassar of you are of this nonsense. Andy McCarthy was a lawyer himself. A skilled won a brilliant an analyst National Review getting a lot of work from US than why it's unlikely the McCabe Grand Jury voted against Indictment September fourteen two thousand nineteen Andrew McCarthy in in the show notes today. Remember the media's interested in getting this story out there in conjunction with McCabe's lawyer because McCabe is anti-trump doesn't like trump the media hates trump and they're not doing journalism so they're trying to put public pressure out there to speed up the Department of Justice to make this whole Indie McCabe thing go away because it's going to look bad for the anti-trump conspirators. Is that makes sense audio sound bondsman. You get it Jim paying attention me other. You're not right Jeff. You're not gonNa tell you not Zimmerman. She answers I nod when she doesn't I sit here and look confused so that's the story the Bromwich which and McCabe legal team they wanna make it appear that eighty McCabe did nothing wrong folks. This is nonsense. There are a couple of points in this McCarthy piece. I'm GonNa give you the inside baseball on what really happens with grand juries. Grand Juries are not juries. It is not a trial a grand jury is a secret quick proceeding that is not adversarial it is. I believe eighteen to twenty three members. You don't have to have any unanimity. The grand jury proceedings are secret. They are not open and the defense attorney does not get an opportunity to present this case. What am I trying to tell you. Mikheyev Story and his lawyer here that there was there was probably no indictment is if there was no they didn't seek nobody seeks in a in a federal court system and doesn't get it you ever hear the online you could indict a Ham Sandwich folks. It's true. I'm sorry but it's true. I've sat in Grand Juries as a federal agent and testified there. If you'd what's in if you don't get what they call a true bill or an indictment diamond venue you only need twelve grand jurors. You'll any twelve of the twenty three if you even have twenty three if you have a quorum and you get twelve you only need twelve of them if you can't get a true bill out of an indictment. I'm not kidding at any lawyer. Please email me if I'm wrong. Email me if I'm wrong with this. If you go to a grand jury and they don't give you a true. Bill Ladies and gentlemen you may be the worst attorney in the history of the legal profession freshen. I do not know of a case I worked. I worked about twenty to twenty five as an accessory and the case agent. I have heard of offices in of agents agents in my office and in the other. FBI Hoover I have never ever amongst all of my work with Da irs take whatever they were at the time customs and Border Protection. They were the customs and and ice was separate back then immigration. Grayson naturalisation service I have never heard ever in my life of a US attorney walking into a grand jury to get an indictment and not walking out with a true bill or an indictment Edmund on for ever you were. I can't even imagine the humiliation you would have to do the walk of shame on steroids down the the office. Everybody would close their door. You would books would be written about your incompetence. Ladies and gentlemen almost never happens now. I kind kinda hinted at why but I'll go to a couple of reasons. There's no double jeopardy in the grand jury you know with double jeopardy is for trial if you try and Paula for felonious and the degree and me and Paula win the case the government cannot bring that charge again for that crime. They can charge us for something separate. That's that's over. There is no double jeopardy. You do not get two bites at the apple at a trial ladies and gentlemen that does not apply a grand jury there you can go oh back as many times as you want and try to get that in. Deir is so this is why this story is so ridiculous not that there's been vigneault indictment that the jury would have turned down absurd attorney of just go back and ask the jury what they're missing remember. It's not a trial trial. The jury the grand jury's instructed you are not convicting this person. You are simply stating the evidence. I'm giving you remember. There's no offense attorney to refute the evidence there. It's all secret you are simply stated. There's no probable cause you just don't believe me and in the US attorney what what what problem did we have guys and it's really if the if the case is really faulty to grant baby the USA USA doesn't go back the attorney but they would've never brought it in the first place if it was that faulty so number one there's no double jeopardy you can keep biting at the apple number two again. There's no defense already talked about it number three. It doesn't have to be unanimous. You only need twelve twelve people at a twenty three. You can even have a few usually. They are unanimous by the way because there's no defense attorney you just walk in there and tell the story you. WanNa tell you can't lie obviously when you're a federal agent who this guy did it for this reason. I swear this is true. Another big deal about this about the McCabe by what I believe is fake news story. There may have been an indictment in may have been sealed just because there was no public announcement of an indictment admit this weekend doesn't mean McCabe Scott free. They could have been sealed because they're working on other cases. Finally I leave this story. Just want to give you some behind the scenes because so many Bush league legal analysts out there and folks listen. I'm sorry but I'm not a lawyer but I worked in the legal system as an agent for a long time. Um You don't have to be a lawyer to figure out the basic mechanics of the legal system. I mean seriously you don't have to be a doctor to figure out you've got a runny nose sometimes more complicated problems. Yes you want anti McCarthy to address it down. This is a simple one. No indictment came out this week. There Might Guy Scott free. No Dude Dude. You don't have to be Alan Dershowitz to figure this thing out. This never ever happens. I have never heard of it. I've never seen it and either as McCarthy where we're A. US Attorney walked into a grand jury and did not get an indictment on. It's unheard of don't read into that. I'm telling you that's fake news. Let me get who are less sponsor. I WANNA get these red flag law thing too. I this pay close attention. This is a troubling troubling story sponsor the today show also brought to you by but he's my Patriot supply. The world is changing a sadly you see it all over the headlines. Dangerous Storms Emergency Strike Ladies and gentlemen. The time to prepare for an emergency is now while you're not in an emergency because you know what happens in emergency. We've seen it down here in Florida not lately. They've been doing a better job at this but I have. I've seen it even in a place as prepared as we are. The grocery store shelves. They run dry when a hurricane hits. Do you want to be that person. God forbid an emergency. It runs out of food. 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Prepare for what's coming and save one hundred dollars. Go to prepare with Dan DOT com. That's preparewithlars dot com prepare with Dan DOT COM okay. I've been warning you about these red flag laws otherwise known whereas Gun Violence Protection Orders Ladies and gentlemen. I am adamantly of vehemently against these listen. I understand I get. It is a sensitive issue issue. It is worthy of our time and attention gun. Violence in the country is not a joke. It's not meant to be toyed with. It's not funny and it should not be a political talking point. There should be some bipartisan consensus on how to keep firearms out of the hands of the bad guys. Not The good guys the problem I have with these gun. Violence Violence Protection orders called Red Flag. Laws is ladies and gentlemen. Your due process goes out the window. The left is we started talking about today. During during the show doesn't seem to care about due process anymore. It's their tyranny streak but we've seen some Republicans jump. On this Red Flag Bandwagon as well now to point out to you with this is really about these red flag laws somewhat up on the hill through a little addendum into the red flag law legislation which let me be clear and please because I get a lot of emails when people misunder. I do not support them at all. I don't support them with a appendices. I support them with amendments. I don't support you. WanNa take someone's fire away then prove their either a prohibited possessor or take them to court and convicted of a crime crime. I don't want people with political motivations calling in fake threats on me and everyone else they don't like because we're conservatives and and having police show up at my house on a fake threat saying hey we've got a red flag goes from who well your political opponents street is like no. I don't support port that having said that an entrepreneurial congressman up on the hill put a little amendment into this red flag bill check out this story by Western Journal title. This should get your antenna going up you think the Democrats would jump at this for red flag out no no story by Jack Davis Western Journal Democrats Reject Act Red Flag Amendment so law enforcement can't target gang databases up Red Flag Laundry Field folks. This play needs review so let me get this straight again. I do not support Red Flag. I don't care what's in their period but you're GONNA put the Democrats on the spot. This is is an interesting way to do it. Some Entrepreneurial Congressman says hey I got an idea. We're going to do this red flag law in other words you can say your neighbors some kind of a threat and get his guns taken away despite the fact he you can't convict him of a crime. I think we should be able to target gang members and use the gang database. The lips were like way out. No no no gang members not why. I don't want to curb gun violence so you're suggesting that red flagging people we we just through the red flags here. We need a soccer card red flag red flag here suggesting red flagging dangerous people will stop or reduce gun violence significantly conly yet known gang members and I'm folks. I do process to not so I'm just telling you because I don't Wanna get emails at Mississippi Safe Life but you're suggesting known gang members who if anybody has a probability of using a gun and a violent act our gang members. You're suggesting they should be exempt from this. I would they do that policy. You know why I'll tell you. Don't worry my dear. I will tell you why she said because that's the narrative for them. Folks Oh Yeah Yeah Oh yeah. How do you think it would sound to the Democrats. If Donald Trump was it six seven months ago put out the tweet. Maybe a a year ago and you know me with time. I'm always all over the place that got for audience archivist studio. That was actually two years ago. Remember that tweet about about Ms Thirteen Gang members and how we should secure our borders because we have gang members coming across the border. Remember that narrative didn't work so well for the Democrats why because they love open borders they they've always loved open borders. They don't believe in borders at all. The Democrats ran from that to remember them defending. Ms Thirteen Ladies and gentlemen can you imagine how bad it would be a red flag laws if the government opened up the gang database and we found out that let's say fifteen eighteen or twenty thousand members of gangs Ms Thirteen included. We're all in the United States where potentially here illegally and we're being red flagged all of a sudden that red flag law isn't the same narrative. You thought it was remember. The Narrative Donald Trump is an evil awful person and it's his rhetoric. That's inspiring all these crazy easy people to go around and and shoot up the towns in the movie theaters all around us and we need a red flag to warn US against all those wink wink nod nod crazy trump people pull out there. Yeah a lot of those red flags are actually illegal immigrants who came over in the country and our gang members. No not those people don't report on that story. Sh- not not that one Senorita you get it now. Thank you seriously to make sense. They don't want that story. Remember the media is here to tell you a story not thus story and the narrative the story they WanNa tell you is Donald Trump's rhetoric. He's such an evil horrible persons inspiring all of this stuff and we need these laws to go get the guns from those evil trump supporters. Actually a lot of those people are or gang members who may be in the country. No no no we don't want that. That's a law and order narrative that fits into the trump. We can't have that. We're not here to journalism. We're here to do activism. Liberals Liberals are not here to stop gun laws. This is not a fake news story by the way this story about liberalism into curses. It's become if you really support these things. Gang members should be the first people you target. They get an exemption. You must be kidding. Me Always Peel the onion ladies and gentlemen. There's always a story here always story beneath the story all right moving on. I serve a really good story in the economists. They print a lot of left-wing garbage but they occasionally have really good stuff that I'll read and look into. I enjoy some of their stuff. They had this great piece up. Just I kind of a quick aside on economics and productivity and how we become wealthier and why were the greatest country on earth in an economic powerhouse and a lot of times. My economic stories could be rather macabre up and down and desperate and reek of despair. Ma The debt. It's out of control it is that that is out of control but we should worry about it and I talk about it all the time and I don't think we're going to be able to pay our way out of it but I have said to. You often that if we could just get the government out of the way away and let our economy flourish we may be looking at an era of productivity through material sciences the sharing economy healthcare and and medicinal innovations since I mean think about what a cure for cancer would be worth. We may be looking at an explosion in productivity and wealth in this country that unbelievably could pay off the debt. If our economy gross remember the rule of sevens right if we can eat like anywhere close to seven percent growth the economy would almost double in ten years. If you hit consistent four percent growth we double in about seventeen eighteen years which would make our debt appear smaller. I saw this piece in the economists was fascinating about how computers the title is chips with everything everything how the world will change US computer spread to everyday objects the Internet of things will fundamentally changed the relationship between consumers and producers. It's is a couple of different angles goals in this piece one of them the big angle take away. The piece is a little different than what I just said but I'm GonNa try to that how productivity and how these things will get better but the angle and the piece is how when you buy products you think our products and services now. You're not really buying a product anymore your Bryant a service service to and they give the example in a piece. I think it's a Washer and dryer. You're like come on man. That's not a service. We're not buying paying someone by the hour to wash their clothes. You're buying a machine. It's a product question. Is it really they tell the story and the piece. Oh all these products now in the Internet of things and in the future are going to be running. Complicated software probably more complicated than wanting to the apollo thirteen mission computers are going to run these things they're going to sense. They're going to report back to the homeowner on an APP when the close when the length is building up so it's interesting that what happens when that software code becomes obsolete and they write in the piece. I love this story. The WASHER and Dryer won't work anymore and they're saying problem. They're having a lot these companies that sell what you thought were products did really selling services that services and around the product doesn't work either so what happens if five or six years if if you buy a joey bag doughnuts washer and dryer and it's great and then a company goes out of business they don't upgrade the software and then there's software craps out ladies and gentlemen your that's so well. If you know what I mean you gotTa Washer Dryer that don't wash dry anything because the service component of that is no longer valid and they tell an interesting story and there's as well. I believe it's a Microsoft and how Microsoft had this e Book Site People Accumulated these libraries of books and the Microsoft shut it down and everybody lost has three books like that was the end of it so the that's the downside the upside in the Future Ladies and gentlemen this is that productivity heavy is going to explode. Do you know how much time we're GONNA save in hospitals in businesses on inventories having having this vast big data pool of when products and services are needed and we're gonNA become available and what seasonal and what's not seasonal anymore and how medicines since can be tailored produced towards flu season cold season here and whatever single season a retirement community how hospitals are going to have Berkshire Scans that are going to be read by automated robots and optical scanners to Tau when their medicines are running low that order just in time so they don't over accumulate and you don't we'll have medicines and food spoil anymore folks. This is going to lead to such phenomenal productivity of Worker Productivity Computer Productivity Automated Productivity that we have the potential to see our economy explode in the next generation. It's a fascinating piece. I have it up in the show notes. It's not very long. Sometimes they do really really long piece. I enjoyed it. They take while well this one will get through quick but it does bring the ups and downs. Oh this is great. Thanks putting that I forgot I give you that from this is interesting sip it from the pieces that was opens up. It says on August twenty ninth there's historian tracked towards America's East Coast Hurricane Elon Musk the boss of tesla the Tesla cars. The electric car maker announced the get check. This out folks that some of his car makers in the storm's path would find out that their cars. It's suddenly developed the ability to drive farther on a single battery charge. You Ask House Dad right well from the peace like many modern vehicles musk's products are best thought of as an Internet connected computer on wheels the cheaper models it turns out Tesla's lineup have parts did their batteries but parts of the batteries disabled by the car software in order to limit their range yet at the tap of the keyboard and Palo Alto. The firm was able to removed those restrictions and give drivers temporary access to the full power of their batteries call story. That is just just scratching. The surface of the phenomenal productivity is producing more output more stuff. Stuff makes us wealthy stuff medicine food water cars homes. We're going to be able to produce dramatically more stuff with even fewer inputs and we're putting in now that is the essence since of wealth and it's going to happen here if we could just get the liberals in their big government policies out of the way speaking of liberals so one of the debate last week I did. There's some debate coverage. I didn't think we went overboard with it because I knew you'd get a lot of it on cable news and I wanted to kind of let things simmer sit a little bit before I digested all the Wall Street. Journal is a great piece. I guess by James Freeman is very good. It covers one of the things we had his chamber. He says it's a rough night for socialism talking about the debate and he says welcome critiques of government run health care and the Venezuelan regime at Thursday's Democratic debate folks. You know I covered this a lot. It's kind of an evergreen topic doc on my show and I honest to God. I don't do it where you had a lot. If you'd like it very few of you don I get very few emails complaining about it but this whole topic of on debating with my liberal friends and they're telling they're not socialist their democratic socialists like they are in Scandinavia Ladies and gentlemen the Scandinavian Economy Economies. It's it's not one specific place or country. Finland Norway Sweden Denmark non Scandinavian countries countries Canada but other countries Japan frequently cited by people like Bernie Sanders and others who by Bernie Bernie loves Commun- on Youtube talking about the wonders of Communism Socialists so let's not pretend Bernie's but burning out trying to change his tone and say what he said the debate. was you know we're not talking about Venezuela Halo. which was he praised Castro? We is talking about minutes. Well we're talking about the Scandinavian Socialist Countries Ladies and gentlemen the Scandinavian countries are not socialism Eliza Okay I. I don't care what modifier you put in front of it. Democratic Socialism other-worldly Socialism Cosmic Socialism. I don't care air. It's not socialism. They are market economies now. I have a couple of takeaways from this. Here's a piece from the Wall Street Journal Mr Sanders rails against the trump cuts and business tax rates but get folks digest. This ferment limited remember. Bernie Sanders says he wants to be more like candidate Scandinavian but the Canadians and Scandinavians have gone even farther even after the 2017 trump tax cuts that combined state and federal corporate income tax rate in the United States is still higher than the rates in Canada Denmark Norway Norway and Sweden. What Bernie arguing for a tax cut folks is anything. I'm saying here unreasonable listen. I know we have liberals who listen again. You're always welcome here. I wish some of your stuff wasn't so silly all the time but I'm asking you a common sense question. Bernie who's already praised praised communism in the past is now saying no. That's not what I want to be like. I WANNA be like Denmark Mark Norway Sweden and Canada Ladies and gentlemen the Combined Tax Burden there when you look at the income tax in the corporate are lesser experts that we have in the United States now. So what are you suggesting we should lower the tax burden now to be fair. Some of these economies have value added taxes. When you look the percentage of their economy that is removed in taxes. Yes some of them pay a higher tax burden overall but ladies and gentlemen that makes my point not Bernie's why put up that portion of the peace again the Heritage Foundation index of Economic Freedom Ranks Canada as the eighth freeze the company in the world with more economic liberty the United States which ranks twelve is Bernie lobbying for that to the Scandinavian countries are all in the top thirty whatever social services they're able to provide are possible because they've rejected the the Sanders Anthony Market Agenda and allowed businesses to grow a couple of takeaways here and misery was. I wanted to put that out there. I yes the tax burden. Overall in these countries is hi. I'M NOT GONNA lie to you like liberals do many liberals but the way they are taxed in these countries these matters number one. The defacto taxes of regulation regulation is the tax. It's a cost you have to pay to hire lawyers to comply with government red tape in some of these economies ladies and gentlemen are free or of red tape than the US economy Canada Canada Canada Canada ranks higher on the Economic Freedom Freedom in next on the United States. They allow businesses generally speaking to flourish free of a lot of the red tape we even have here is Bernie arguing for that too now. You may say okay but they tax their people a lot yeah but they tax them differently ladies and gentlemen. I'm GonNa get to this Joseph Sternberg story tomorrow and I've got another story about opportunities. I got some good stuff tomorrow to do stack today but I get this tomorrow the way you tax people matters Bernie and Elizabeth Warren these other class warriors have they not insisted to you repeatedly that their plans are going to target the evil rich Bermudas and brilliant now. He leaves the millionaire part because he's a millionaire. You noticed that he always talks about billionaires now. Because he's a millionaire the way the Scandinavian Countries Tax People Ladies and gentlemen are through regressive consumption base taxes folks in other awards these income taxes in the United States that tend to progressively target wealthier people with higher rates. They don't have enough money the rich to pay for all that so the Scandinavian countries absolutely soak the Middle Glass Japan Japan and others do value added taxes. You know what value added taxes are. It's basically a tax at every level of consumption and when you pay for the end product it is a monstrous sales tax on that transaction. Why do these affect who they affect more and I'll get to this tomorrow to see who does affect more as a percentage of their income think about it affects the poor ladies and gentlemen consumption is the overwhelming majority already of what people who are poor middle class. Do they have to pay they have to Guam by food that food budget for a wealthy multimillionaire potentially billionaire. There is minuscule folks. You can only eat so much. Consumption taxes on food and clothing for them is peanuts. It's one one millionth of their income. Come if that but for the poor the middle class clothing food necessities. That's a lot of money and that's a lot attacks so in other words Bernie's arguing. We should be like Scandinavia so he's arguing one for less regulation. This is what he wants if he wants us to be because they have less regulation some of them rank higher than the United States to he's arguing for lower corporate income taxes and income tax rates because many of those countries have lower rates than we do and third he's arguing that to make up for that loss and the corporate income tax rates that we should consumption tax people to death which affects affects the poor and the middle class and the elderly by the way as well who have to consume products obviously to stay alive and many wealthy folks obviously spend their money because they're at the end ended their lifespan. You understand that nothing. Bernie says to you is true. Everything he's arguing for is the exact opposite of what he claims. He's arguing for. He says he wants to be like Scandinavia. What less regulation lower taxes and higher taxes on the poor middle class. That's what Bernie Sanders is argument for. Don't believe any of the nonsense all right folks. Thanks again for tuning and again. I got some good announcements for you this week so looking forward to my book launches chew on next Tuesday but if you order an Amazon Amazon Barnes and noble now you will probably have it delivered just in time. It's comes out on September twenty fourth but I know Amazon delivers early sometimes so you can check that out. I'd appreciate it's called exonerated moderated and please subscribe to our Youtube Account YouTube dot com slash Bongino really trying to get the three hundred thousand subscribers would really appreciate that and subscribe to a lot of your show on apple podcast Google go podcasts available free and it helps us move up the charts. We really appreciate it. I'll see you tomorrow Mr Show. I got some good stuff. Take Care you just heard the Dan Bongino show. Oh you can also get Dan's podcasts on Itunes soundcloud and follow Dan on twitter twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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